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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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down, we saw a park and no word of suspects or identity of the victim. we are trying to get more information from the police. nbc bay area news. >> our other top story, planning for potential immigration raids. communities are preparing for the worst. ice agents will target about 2,000 people across the country who have been ordered deported. they believe the operation could happen in any part of the bay area. protests are going across the country. look at a few of the many that happened earlier today. they are stale going strong this weekend. they are about to get under way and people are going to start gathering there and also for another one in palo alto. that's also under way. robert handa is there with the latest.
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robert? >> reporter: that's right. in fact there are a number of protests through the city. they are here at 1:00. it shows you how widespread the response is and many south bay groups, the response needs to be different from what it has been in the past. >> if you are at risk of being taken -- >> they acknowledged the image of ice raids struck fear in the hearts of many immigrant families, but rights activists want it to generate determination and action as well. >> how do we defend ourselves? >> the rapid response networks and other activists groups are spreading the word of a hotline to report ice activities and get advice, including having an attorney show up at their home. naomi is a network volunteer who has undocumented family members and said the hotline and community support is bolstering her resolve. >> it's difficult to process that maybe your parents or your friends can be taken away.
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>> all these things are intended not just to gin up the base, but to destabilize and make the community feel they have no power. >> nbc learned the ice sweeps are targeting immigrants with not all undocumented people. >> we can't trust them. there have been collateral arrests in the past. we believe that's going to be the same. we just tell folks for everyone to know their rights. >> knowing their rights is the rallying cry for me. community organizers and for protesters as well. live in palo alto, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> president trump said he has a resi directly when asked if advanced warning endangers theout. >> no, people come into our country illegally and we are
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taking them out legally. very simple. it's not something i like doing. >> democrats raid they are political. of the raids, only one has a republican mayor and that's miami. let's take another look from the nbc bay area sky ranger and they are sky rangers over the rally in oakland. we will continue to follow the story and the protesters, including a 97-year-old holocaust survivor who showed up to an earlier demonstration and why he said it was so important to him to show up. that's coming up in about 10 minutes. new details about a weapon stolen from an fbi agent's car in oakland. we told you about this at 6:00. someone approached the car at the shopping center across the street from the coliseum. they took a semi automatic rifle, loaded magazine and fbi jacket. they are not commenting on how the weapon was stored if it was locked or unlocked. the agency only saying it's an
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internal investigation. they are offering $5,000 to whoever can find the weapon. >> the weekend is here almost. it will be beautiful. let's look at the live cams in san jose and walnut creek. a lot of outdoor festivals including the clayton barbecue cook off and the los altos wine festival. what are we going to do? >> whatever looks good. there is going to be no problems as we hit saturday and sunday. this area of high pressure that is going to be moving in. warm up temperatures will push up a few more degrees as we hit saturday and sunday. the other thing is fog at the coastline. it will be a classic san francisco bay area weekends where we have widespread extremes. one of the warmest will be back in the east bay up to 93 degrees by the afternoon under those sunny skies. going to the beaches, santa cruz always a popular spot. temperatures can generally get mild. you will see at 11:00 in the
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morning we are 65 and start to clear out from the fog and then by the afternoon and up to a sunny 75 degrees. if you want a cooler forecast, go to half moon bay. temperatures in the low 60s. more details about a cool down coming up next week. >> speaking of half moon bay, that's the warning on the coast after shark sightings like this one, you see that? this comes before this weather is expected to warm up with plenty of people heading to the beach this weekend. nbc bay area's christie smith is in half moon bay. >> reporter: word travels sfaft about shark sightings. a few people told us they are making adjustments. >> it's a out and enjoy and stay on the sand. >> this family decided to stop surfers ardinea the
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leave. i said come on and get out and as they started to get out, a seal swam by. i heard that there was a great white shark sighting. >> four sharks were spotted beyond the break between pillar point and the ritz karlton. the pictures were taken when he and his friend went flying. >> they are white sharks and it's not the first sighting we have this week. >> jeff is a lifeguard where an advisory went up. >> it's a augz r cautionacautio warning. just a way to let the public know. >> advisories were expected after 24 hours, but because warm weather is expect and the attention this is all getting, they will stay up all weekend. deputy harbor master carrie smith said to be observant, but points out that attacks are
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rare. >> if you are knee deep in the water and bathing, you are not going to get bitten by a shark. not saying it could never happen. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. we have a follow-up on a dog flu outbreak in the east bay. it's spreading to the south bay. we told but it in late june. if not treated, it could be deadly. at the time it was limited to the east bay. one shelter had 55 cases and now dogs are getting sick. vets say there is a way to prevent the flu from spreading. vaccinate your dogs. >> please bring your dog in and have it vaccinated. it's just a good pet owner's duty to do that. >> symptoms include sneezing, coughing. >> crews will be removing a big crane on concord boulevard. that crane was used to rebuild
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an apartment complex. here's the bottom line. all three lanes between go linda street and rio vista will know shut down. that apartment caught fire last year. you might remember the story and the building was under construction. investigators determined it was arson and no one has been charged in the crime. >> california now has a $21 billion fund for wildfire victims. governor newsom signed the bill a day after the state legislature passed it. utility customers are footing half the bill through a monthly $2.50 surcharge. utilities are kicking in the other half after they make maat improvements. the victim's fund was created after southern california edison might follow into bankruptcy. >> the embattled labor secretary is out of a job. alex acosta resigned after he defended his 2008 secret plea
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deal with financier, jeff epstein. that cast new secret me in on the previous role as u.s. attorney in florida. >> it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that is 12 years old. >> i want to let you know, this was him, not me. because i'm with him. he's a tremendous talent. >> renewed interest in the case forced president trump to answer questions about their relationship. in 2002, trump called epstein a terrific guy. he now says they had a falling out years ago. >> a tombstone found after 18 years. the strange place is showed up and the welcome home it received in oakland today. pl listen to the people on the street. >> we continue to follow the protests and the rallies in
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response to the immigration raids that are planned for this sunday. the very personal reason this 97-year-old has for participating in the demonstration. >> a sunny 92 in concord right now. i will show you how much warmer for the weekend around 5:19 tonight.
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continuing our live coverage of this national day of protests
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against migrant detention camps and sunday's ice raids. in oakland, people are gathering in front of city hall to denounce the raids. across the bay in san francisco, a powerful voice joined the opposition. sam brock joins us live where a holocaust survivor learn delivered a powerful message. >> the phrase today was never again. that means never again. the protest was just broken up and they reopened the street. we have seen a lot of protests in the last days and weeks and this did strike a different tone when huh a 97-year-old holocaust survivor and his daughter who talked about the urgency of acting now before it's too late. ♪ and you must build this world ♪ >> proclamations.
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and deeply personal experience. >> when i was in the camp, i didn't think i would make it out alive. >> a new perspective and calls demanding no more division of families and detention of migrants. >> he is 97 1/2. how long does he have to stand up and say not here, not now. >> the 97-year-old holocaust survivor showed us the number etched on his arm from auschwitz and compared experiences to the images he is seeing right now. he immediately thought of his sister who was separated from her son. should be from their family. i'm speechless. i am speechless now. >> signs nearby read never again n language]. gain for everyone.
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>> this young mother shared a moment with ben before she told us what it was like to have her daughter take friend her arms. they were reunite at sfo in january, the girl was initially frightened of her mom. [speaking foreign language] the abandonment will always be present, she told me. the sentiment of abandonment and fear. and cindy is still separated from her husband. he is in a detention facility right now in arizona. the protest here today could be the tip of the iceberg as another is about to happen on market and powell streets that. could be 1,000 people or more there. jean elle will have more from there. sam brock, abc bay area news. >> this could be a dangerous and wet weekend in the new orleans area. clouds right now are rolling over in new orleans. tropical storm barry turn s
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towards louisiana. the outer bands of barry have filling up sandbags portions o for their homes and businesses and some are trying to leave all together. a lot of tourism involved as well. people try to had the out before the storm makes landfall. barry is expected to hit land as a category one hurricane by tomorrow morning. >> prepare for heavy rain, slow moving still. this is what we are being told. this means staying over us for a while with consistent rainfall. >> prergntcy for lo will hold as more rain is expected. >> back here in california, it's one week since the 7.1 quake rocked southern california. a 4.9 rocked today as an aftershock that struck about 6:00 a.m.
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the epicenter is northeast of ridge cri ridgecrest near bakersfield. a separate earthquake in seattle. a 4.6 around 3:00 a.m. no reported major danger or injuries. >> if you have a ticket, you may not have to pay for it. if you did, you might be getting your money back. they are ending the red light camera program. it turns out that the timing for the yellow light at that intersection was off. the city is reaching out to anyone ticketed at that intersection between december 4th and may 20th. if you were cited anywhere else in the city at any other time, you are still on the hook. >> charming charlie is closing their door for good. they sell women's clothing and jewelry. they filed for bankruptcy and closed 100 stores and now 261
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stores across the country. a couple of stores here in the bay area. one in alameda and the other in brentwood. the sales have begun. august 31st is the last day. >> the case of the missing tombstone is partially solved. a modesto man found the marble slab from 1881 leaning against a telephone pole in stanislaus county. he located the grave where the head stone belongs and a team of masons reinstalled it in the mountain view cemetery. he said he was doing the right thing. >> it took a lot of research and time and energy. once we got aholdic museum, we had information with dr. hughes. >> dr. lewis hughes immigrated from wales and earned his medical degree in san francisco.
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he died from tuberculosis at 31 years old. why his tombstone was move and found in stanislaus was a mystery, but it's back where he belongs. a happy ending. >> let's check the forecast. i felt the warm up and that's why you have the yellow tie. >> right on queue. >> subconsciously dressing for the weather. we are racing towards the friday night. we have a nice forecast here across san francisco. plenty of fog. weavhe city. that will help us to cool off fairly fast. out on the town,e your jacket with temperatures expected to be in the 50s. let's get a closer look at the saturday morning forecast, i expect fog and it doesn't look super widespread or thick. just know right here in san
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francisco, oakland, berkeley and half moon bay and palo alto, low clouds to start for tomorrow morning. the rest of us mostly sunny and by the afternoon, sunshine away from the coast. that's going to help temperatures to boost up. as we start off, we will begin with cool upper 50s and low 60s. really refreshing here for the south bay at 61. over to the peninsula, 59. and for the north bay, 55. through the afternoon tomorrow, numbers warm up about 1-2 degrees. for some of you, it may trip it over to the hot category for you. in downtown san jose, near average. 86 degrees down here in morgan hill and gilroy where we get to the low 90s. hottest weather if pittsburgh and antioch and mid 90s. pleasanton 92. over to hayward is 79. the peninsula is looking good
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here. san mateo at 79 and palo alto at 83. los altos, if you ared hadded there for the art and wine festival, drink plenty of water and other stuff. you are looking at 88 by the afternoon and sunny skies. have a good time if you are headed out here. into san francisco, the mission r mission at 70. you are at 64. winds breezy out of the west. into napa and sonoma, temperatures into the upper 80s. the forecast cools it off a couple of degrees through next week. no big issues the next seven days. really, really beautiful forecast. inland valleys in the low 90s and here we go again. back down to the low average temperatures. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. that's a magnificent july forecast. we talked about tropical storm barry. this will continue to push inland over the next three days. rain is the big problem.
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7 to 20 inches. winds of 70 miles per hour. we will have coverage through the weekend. >> that are could come tomorrow morning? >> certainly. >> thanks, jeff. >> coming up, all the snow to go somewhere. watch as it fills up lake tahoe to record levels.
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there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. if you are heading to lake tahoe, expect a lot more water. this is timber cove at south shore. the sierra snowpack is still melting and billions of gallons of water have to go >>soas that? >> that means much higher water levels.
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the lake could reach maximum limit which is 6200 feet above sea level. since the drought, the surface of the lake has risen eight feet. spectacular. a crane overturned in the middle of an intersection at the great mall parkway and center point drive. the crane was mounted on the back of a truck and toppled on to the street and no one was hurt. >> silicon valley is at the forefront of technology in the u.s., but china may be one step ahead. they are investing billions in ai. they track millions of citizens and rank them on purchases and traffic violations. nbc news correspondent richard angle got it firsthand. >> chine is betting they will
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bring them great wealth and efficiency and at least the government is not very concerned about the privacy implications. >> you can catch that on msnbc. >> up next, what will you do this weekend? we have the updated forecast. stay with us. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more.
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>> tonight at 6:00, the face off with the homeless. a bizarre cash offer each developer made that is a stunt meant to dehumanize the homeless. >> before we leave ow this friday, we have a lot of activities at all points of the bay area. >> everything is good, right? >> it's one of the classic bay area weekends that you look out towards the coast. the fog will help us to stay out of the 100s. it will be warm enough inland and we can handle saturday and sunday. and you have cool 60s in san francisco on the coastline. maybe even 50 no, sir half moon bay. something for everybodor the be. >> right. >> you are going cool. >> thanks for joining usneer.
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>> we will be back at 6:00. bye. . tonight state of emergency, preparing for potential land fall in the south. thebiggest risk, the potential for catastrophic flooding. as much as two feet of rain and a life threatening stor surge that could hit new orleans hard tonight preparing for the worse as the biggest storm of the season takes aim president trump's labor secretary is out alex acosta resigned a in late details, prosecutors now say epstein tried to pay off two potential co-conspirators. r kellie arrested again,s


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