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tv   Today  NBC  July 13, 2019 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. barry batters the gulf coast. the tropical storm packing torrential rain and topped winds of 65 miles an hour is slowly moving ashore with louisiana, mississippi and alabama in the cross hairs. the biggest fear, flooding. millions at risk. the national guard at the ready. we're live on the scene. terror attacks. armed gunmen storm a hotel over seas after setting off a car bomb. at least 26 people dead with some americans among them. the latest on a siege that lasted all night. up close and personal. vice president pence visits a
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detention facility in texas filled with hundreds of chanting immigrants and calls it tough stuff. this is a day before a planned immigration sweep. >> shut it down. all that plus dramatic rescue. a police officer stops a car for speeding and ends up rescuing a baby that is having trouble breathing all caught on camera. courting a record. serena williams in the wimbledon finals this morning hoping to tie the all-time grand slam singles mark and win her first title since becoming a mom. and honoring an angel. >> the angels have no hits. the seattle mariners -- >> on the night anaheim honored tyler skaggs, they pull off a miracle throwing a combined no hitter. the perfect tribute for a beloved teammate. saturday, july 13th, 2019. from nbc news, this is
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"today" with shanel jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer. >> good morning and welcome to today. thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. let's get right to our top story. tropical storm barry moving ashore on the gulf coast today. >> here is the very latest right now. barry is packing topped sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. it's not the wind but the rain and the storm surge that is going to be the issue with this storm. >> president trump has declared a state of emergency for louisiana with 3,000 national guard troops poised across the state for rescues with boats, high water vehicles and helicopters on high alert. >> zeroing in on new orleans, the levies are expected to keep the rising mississippi river at bay as the river is expected to crest at 17 feet. that is lower than first feared and three feet below what they call a spillover range. >> we have the story with all
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angles. let's start with kerry sanders. good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning from new orleans right here on famed canal street where we're yet to really feel the impact of barry. that's still a few hours away. to the south down on grand isle, the barrier island about 600 people decided to stay put. right now they're really feeling it. power is out. streets are flooded and it will continue like that for a while. there are tornado warnings there and all the way up to baton rouge as well as into mississippi where a lot of people are basically weathering this now as they're going to ride this out. because barry is such a slow-moving storm, we're likely to see nasty weather here until monday morning. this morning it's not just wind. >> with the wind gusts we know that we're going to lose power. >> reporter: but the water inundating the gulf coast. around new orleans the flood gates are closed. >> this is the first time in the history of lubbock district that we've had to close every single gate, including on the river due to the river being so high.
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>> reporter: residents prepare for the worst. >> barry is a dangerous and life-threatening storm. >> reporter: ready for action, more than 2,000 members of the louisiana national guard and the u.s. coast guard shallow water response teams. along the mississippi river where 8 million gallons of water now flow into the gulf of mexico every second, the storm crashing ashore, a big worry. >> it's starting to push the gulf of mexico into a clogged drain. >> overnight in saint charles parish, louisiana, temporary pumps moved in to move rainwater out. >> so this thing is no longer a threat to our parish. >> ahead of barry, tens of thousands of tourists and convention goers packed up and left town. >> disappointed that -- uncomfortable. >> go back. we don't need you here. >> reporter: but in myrtle grove, louisiana, a low-lying
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town under mandatory evacuation, warren lawrence made the dangerous decision to stay put. >> i moved in knowing that when a hurricane comes or high wind comes, we going to have water. >> report: and in st. bernard parish authorities warning anyone who stays to keep out of flood waters. >> you will get a knock at your door. you're going to have to deal with us. period, the end. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers working with the national hurricane center, as you noted, have recalculated the storm surge in the mississippi river lower so it does appear that that threat, which was a lot of concern going into this, is it diminished. mother nature can be fickle, guys. we will wait to see what ultimately happens. right now especially here in new orleans they believe that those levies will not be over topped meaning that the water will not spill over which could mean that there's going to be less impact than was initially feared. >> absolutely.
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we'll hope for that. kerry sanders, thank you. we want to get the latest on barry. wnbc's dave price is here for dylan. this is not the wind but the water today. >> yeah, and luck. we're going to talk about it all right now. let's take a look at where barry is at this point and where it's headed. 55 miles to the south southeast of morgan city, louisiana, with winds still at 65 miles per hour. whether or not this becomes a hurricane all an issue of semantics because as kerry mentioned, this is an issue of surge and rain. that's what we're going to be dealing with over the long term. it makes landfall within the next few hours and continues its path through the mississippi valley into the midwest and ohio valley before it makes a turn eastward. the other issue we're going to be dealing with is the speed with which the storm moves because as it sits over these saturated areas, the concerns for flooding exist. let's go through the alerts which are posted. 8 million people affected all the way east of biloxi and all
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the way to the west from camryn, louisiana, to the texas border to the north by lake charles. storm surges 3 to 6 feet at this point. 1 to 3 feet as we head inland and new orleans right along the cusp or we could see significant storm surge, but we're going to continue to watch as this water moves in and continues to sit over the area. flash flood threats even though we're focused right now on the coast line, it spreads inland and all the way to the carolinas where we could see rainfall rates through parts of this region at 3 inches per hour and a storm which just sits over this area. now keep in mind we could see upwards of 10 to 15 inches of rape and rain and in some areas up to 25 inches of rain and that's the big concern for flooding. kerry mentioned it looks like the levies will hold around new orleans cresting at 27 feet.
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we have 20 feet of room. all of that is before we factor in the rains. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. >> another major task for the gulf region, dave. thank you. breaking news overseas. a terror attack at a hotel in somalia. merges are among the dead. matt bradley has the story. >> reporter: this attack just ended a couple of hours ago. you mentioned 26 people who were killed. that number has been rising throughout the morning and local officials say it could rise even further as the day goes on. so this is what happened. al shabaab, a terrorist group based in somalia, attacked a hotel where local politicians and elders had been meeting trying to plan elections for september. so among the dead were some prominent local politicians, tribal elders and foreigners, at least two americans are thought to have been killed, but nbc news is trying to verify that with the u.s. state department and we're trying to get
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confirmation once they come in. al shabab is a terrorist organization that used to control all of somalia and they've been terrorizing the region, including neighboring countries like kenya, for years. now they don't really have any land now outside of rural areas but attacks like this show that they're still very capable of launching major terror attacks in major cities. so here's what happened. they launched a terror attack into this hotel and it launched a 14 hour siege that only ended at 7 a.m. this morning when commandos rushed in. matt bradley, thank you. we are waiting for what could be a tense weekend across the country. scheduled raids nationwide expected to round up undocumented immigrants here. on friday the vice president, mike pence, visited a pair of detention facilities and he got an earful from some of those being detained at one of them. nbc's molly hunter is following this story for us. molly, good morning. >> guys, good morning to you. on the eve of these raids, that's right, vice president
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pence has visited detention facilities down in texas. we have video of him reacting as he first walked into those rooms. he said later he expted the overcrowding because the system wasn't designed for this. he's firing back calling on democrats to end a crisis. grabbing onto the chain link fence, detainees shouted to the cameras. no shower, no shower they say. this is what vice president mike pence saw friday on his visit to a detention facility in mccallen, texas. journalists inside described a stench and said men had tears in their eyes. >> we are not terrorists. >> reporter: earlier the vice president visited a new facility built months ago that appears cleaner. >> are you comfortable? are you being well taken care of? i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work that our customs and border protection are doing at this facility. >> reporter: overnight tweet that go this is a prime example
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of why we need to secure our borders. the facility is over crowded and our system is overwhelmed. his visit comes on the eve of mass immigration raids set to kick off sunday. >> so people come into our country illegally. we're taking them out legally. very simple. >> reporter: the raids canceled last month after plans were leaked to the media, target 2,000 undocumented immigrants in ten major cities including chicago, atlanta, miami, new york, and here in los angeles. the operation is only aimed at immigrants who are now under court orders to leave the u.s. >> are your friends afraid? are your colleagues afraid? is your community afraid? >> i'm afraid. i'm a daca recipient. i.c.e. can pick me up any time if they wanted to. my family's afraid. my community is afraid. they're very afraid. they're not alone. >> reporter: across the country a show of support as so many families prepare for the worst. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: and advocates and attorneys hearsay as families go into this weekend, if you don't need to be outside on sunday, they're cautioning people to stay indoors. most importantly, to know your rights. everyone has the right to remain silent. you don't have to share your immigration status when asked and no one has to open the door unless i.c.e. has a warrant signed by a judge. a lot of really nervous people going into this weekend be. >> molly hunter, thank you. there's been another shakeup in president trump's cabinet. this morning his labor secretary is out. this after alex acosta came under fire for reaching a widely criticized plea deal with disgraced financier jeffrey epstein back when acosta was a federal prosecutor in florida. nbc's hans nichols is in florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. the president arrived back in the white house after traveling to ohio and accepting the resignation of the secretary in
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the morning. he departed under controversy. he's the first to leave for a decision made during the bush administration. this morning president donald trump hoping to put his past with jeffrey ensteen behind him by parting ways with his current labor secretary. >> i just want to let you know this was him, not me, because i'm with him. >> reporter: alex acosta resigning amid fallout from a 2003 plea deal with epstein which he tried to defend earlier this week. >> the goal here was straightforward, put epstein behind bars. >> reporter: but acosta faced mounting criticism for the deal he helped broker as united states attorney which resulted in epstein spending only 13 months in prison for soliciting prostitution from a minor. >> i did not think it is right and fair for this administration's labor department to have epstein as a focus rather than the incredible economy we have today. >> reporter: the president explaining his decision to accept acosta's resignation. >> the fact is he has been a
5:44 am
fantastic secretary of labor. >> reporter: while insisting that his relationship with epstein soured years ago -- >> i was not a fan of jeffrey epstein and you watch people yesterday saying that i threw him out of a club. i didn't want anything to do with him. that was many, many years ago. it shows you one thing, that i have good taste. >> reporter: the house passed a bill for 9/11 survivors after public prodding and shaming from jon stewart. >> this is necessary. it is urgent. and it is morally right. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has vowed to take up that bill before the august recess. the senate will also need to confirm a new labor secretary. and the news related to special counsel robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill, that testimony originally scheduled for this wednesday has now been pushed back to a week to july 24th to allow more time for the hearing. peter. >> hans nichols at the white house, thank you. we want to bring in
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host and joy read, she's author the the book "the man who sold america." >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> we're going to ask you about alex acosta. we're going to ask you about the potential i.c.e. raid and detention centers. republicans say this is proof there is a crisis. democrats say it's a manufactured crisis and it was created by the trump administration. how do you resolve this? >> there's no reason to hold people if the idea was to massively deport people who are in the country without documents, this he could simply do that. the fact that the trump administration is holding people for 20, 40, 50 days, long beyond what the law allows, this is something else going on. the fact that they pre-announced that they were going to do raids to take people who are undocumented into it, you wouldn't announce it in advance. >> what does it say? >> it says they're trying to announce to their base to show his base that they are evicting people who his base doesn't want
5:46 am
to be here. so this is visual. i think it's meant to appear cruel. i think that the cruelty, as has been said very often, is the point. >> let me ask you about acosta, his exit from labor makes another cabinet post not filled from the administration with an unprecedented amount of vacancies. >> yes. >> without confirmation, can anybody filling in in the interim really do their job effectively? >> what we've learned about the trump administration from a lot of books that have been written and just from reporting, donald trump likes the idea of having acting because it gives him, as he says, more flexibility. without having congress being able to confirm people, being able to vet people, he can put whoever he wants in there. they can be acting for as long as possible. he has more acting administrators than any other presidential administration we've ever seen. having that chaos allows him to get around a lot of the restrictions and rules that are supposed to restrict his presidency. >> can we talk about democrats in 2020? the real division among democrats is direction. we have a new poll, the first
5:47 am
from nbc news wall street journal after this first democratic debate. it shows that 54% of democrats likely to vote are in a caucus say they want sweeping change, big change. just 41% say they want smaller, more realistic changes they describe. what do you think the right path forward is? >> i was looking at a pew poll that showed it's about 50/50 between democrats and progressive and liberals and those that are moderate or conservative. it's a party that literally is pulling in two different directions at one time but the reality is any time that you have an incumbent in office, it's a changed election. so i think it's odd to me that democrats are questioning that. you have an incumbent in office. it's very difficult to unseed a presidential incumbent. >> is it difficult to go too far left? >> we have to define it. there is a numeric majority in the country for things like health care for all people. that's a majority opinion. >> yeah. >> so a lot of things we used to
5:48 am
think of as left opinion are now majority opinion. so i think when people are looking at a supreme court decision that could end health care for 20 million people, it's a whole different conversation than talking about, you know, health care in the abstract. people can lose their health care. most americans want americans to act as health care. these aren't left opinions. >> before you leave us this morning, let's talk about your book. you know this country is so divided right now. what do you hope that book accomplishes? >> i want to just kind of tell the story and make sure people know how we got here, the truth of how we got here, that it wasn't economic anxiety, that we do have a fundamental challenge in the country. we are becoming a majority non-white country. there is a part of the american poll particular that is terrified of that, uncomfortable, that is angry and is fighting it and that the republican party has given fully into that fight. so we have a fundamental challenge of having to confront what our history actually is and the reason we have the president we have and we have to confront it because now our foreign adversaries can use our racial
5:49 am
divisions against us. it's a national security threat. >> it is a serious conversation. not going to end here. >> no. >> nice to see you. >> thank you very much. you can catch "am joy" at 10 a.m. eastern on msnbc. let's check in with dave price now for the rest of the forecast. dave? >> we're keeping an eye on barry. as we head to the southwest, excessive heat with temperatures 105 to 115 degrees in sections of california and arizona. storm system rolls into the rockies. watch for high winds and possible hail. we'll have a cloudy and cool start throughout the bay area. we have a good marine along the coastline. right now through the south bay 57 degrees and clearing by the afternoon and another warm forecasted highs into the upper 80s, low 90s. morgan hill, 90 degrees.
5:50 am
concord, 94 degrees. oakland, 74 and coast and bay can expect to see 50s, 60s and 70s through san francisco. and that's a quick look at your weather, folks. >> still to come, singer r. kelly facing legal troubles and behind bars. th u.s.e
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that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. we are back on a saturday morning with the weekly download. our look back at the week that was. >> yeah, the headlines were largely dominated by barry but we also cover the increasing and troubling allegations against multi-millionaire jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: in a "today" excludsive jennifer rose said jeffrey epstein sexually assaulted her when she was just 15 years old. >> did jeffrey epstein rape you?
5:53 am
>> yeah, no, he raped me. forcefully raped me. knew exactly what he was doing. what hurts even more so is that if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. >> reporter: epstein is now behind bars in new york accused of child sex trafficking. she is not listed as one of the victims in that case. nbc news has reached out to epstein's attorneys multiple times but they have not responded to our requests. tragedy at sea when a toddler died after falling through an open window on a docked cruise ship. the 18-month-old fell 11 stories landing on a dock below. michael winkleman, the family's attorney, says chloe's grandfather had placed her on a railing by a window but had no idea it was open. royal caribbean said it's assisting local authorities but has not responded to allegations of possible negligence. two men got more than they bargained for during the running
5:54 am
of the bulls in spain. >> amazing. >> reporter: recording the exact moment attacking them in the arena. he's been badly gored. >> feels like a car or a truck just hitting me. >> reporter: a local newspaper shows another american, a bull left him hospitalized. >> he was on me real quick. >> it's amazing and then horrible. >> hopefully i'll be coming bag a back and doing it next year. >> reporter: the first baby in america and only the second worldwide ever delivered from a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor. >> i'm quite confident that over time we will have come up with technical improvements that will make this more widespread. >> reporter: some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera, including the exact moment a huge lightning bolt struck this boat at a yacht club in boston. luckily no one was on board. a gender reveal party in australia went sideways and then
5:55 am
up in flames. fortunately no one was hurt. and a seemingly friendly elephant took a swipe at this girl, just knocking her down. a ticker take parade for the u.s. women's national soccer team fresh off their win. >> this is my charge to everybody. do what you can. be more. be better. be bigger than you've ever been before. >> i want to be like that when i'm older. and dr. oz stopped by studio 1a to talk about foods that will help you live longer, among them, grasshoppers. >> come on. >> you put it in a taco thinking that we would fall for it. >> carson decided to munch on dark chocolate instead. >> i didn't have peer pressure in high school. >> i left the party. >> and i'm out. >> i give him points for that. honesty. >> when they walk out with something like that on a segment, you're like, are we being "punk'd" or is this real? >> carson walked away. still to come on "today," the latest from the gulf coast
5:56 am
comes ashore that can drench millions. also, serena williams on the comeback trail. can she earn another grand slam title today? something that's eluded her since s take a look outside now. san francisco, good morning. i think san francisco's underneath there somewhere. quite a bit of fog this morning.
5:57 am
thanks for joining us. we are here with your forecast and a foggy one. >> it's foggy in the city. that first shot is one of my favorite shots. this is what it looks like down below. 54 degrees in san francisco. it is very foggy. we're still that breeze along the coast. expect to keep those low clouds and fog lingering through mid morning and that will burn off nicely warming up by the afternoon. right now in san jose, 58. look at your range of temperatures. the south bay in the 80s. morgan hill, 90 degrees. some of the warmest temperatures will be in the tri-valley. redwood city, 79. if you're heading into san francisco, you're going to get to see some upper 60s, low 70s and up through the north bay, 60s, 80s and 90s.
5:58 am
we're talking about a pretty good range in temperatures all day long. >> the message is if you don't like the temperature where you are, drive two minutes and you can find another one. we begin with the immigration crisis. there is fear in some bay area communities about what the next 48 hours will bring. president trump says he will begin i.c.e. raids. the call to treat undocumented immigrants with dignity is getting loud. protesters feel the need to act now. in san francisco hundreds gathered to make two demands. close detention camps and stop ice from arresting people with deportation orders. >> we see kids who have been detained who are coming in after detention who are physically and mentally ill because of that. >> if it weren't for the current
5:59 am
rules and policies that were happening, i wouldn't be standing here, a doctor in front of you. >> the aclu has filed a federal lawsuit aiming to protect people taken into custody this weekend. the lawsuit argues undocumented immigrants must have a court hearing before a judge before they are deported. ice is expected to target 2,000 people across the country. ten cities will be targeted, including san francisco. activists believe this operation could happen in any part of the bay area. coming up this morning on today in the bay, if you run a red light, you might not have to pay. one bay area city isn't just apologizing to drivers. that and all your top stories at 7:00. ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ you're looking live at the world famous canal street in new orleans. the calm before this storm as tropical storm barry heads towards the gulf coast. we want to get right to that breaking news this morning. barry is packing maximum sustained winds of 65 miles per hour, still a tropical storm. but it is the rain on the way that could do some major damage this morning. nbc's morgan chesky is in new orleans. morgan, a lot of people watching out for the water as much as anything today, aren't they? >> reporter: yeah, peter, that's right. you can certainly feel the sense of anticipation in the air as the wind picks up in this part of new orleans. i can tell you there is a bit of
6:01 am
cautious optimism here as barry makes its way towards land. i can tell you a big reason behind that is what is located 30 to 40 yards on the other side of this wall, that is the mississippi river that was already in flood stage well before barry made its presence here. one thing that we're hearing in and around new orleans, the river has crested at about 17 feet. it was initially thought to be 20 feet and the good news there is that it's not going to pose any serious issues so they think to those levies in those areas. the city of new orleans not taking any chances. they've gone ahead and closed down more than 200 flood gates in and around the city as a line of defense to make sure the low lying areas aren't seriously hit. outside of new orleans they've had thousands of national guard members put down sand bags because every little bit helps when it comes to the rising waters and saving as many homes as they can. in the meantime as we look skyward, clouds are moving in and the wind is picking up. everyone is waiting to see just what barry will bring in the
6:02 am
next few hours. peter, sheinelle. >> stay safe down there. wnbc's dave price is here. >> let's take a check of the stats right now and tell you exactly where this storm is and what we're anticipating over the next several hours. its location, 55 miles to the south southeast of morgan city, louisiana. winds still at 65 miles per hour. now keep in mind this may not become a hurricane, but that's not the issue. it's all about the rain, less about the wind. it's moving to the west northwest at about 5 miles per hour. expect it to make landfall within the next several hours. so we're keeping an eye on that. in the meantime, walk over with me here for a moment. let's try and show you a little bit about where we imagine the biggest concern is going to be for flash flooding and we'll overlay the radar to show you that the outer bands of this storm now beginning to dump rain east into the florida panhandle, into sections around mobile and
6:03 am
into new orleans and vicinity throughout the gulf coast now. we're going to begin to see that whipping wind and that rain begin to roll on through. we could see watches and warnings posted later on through the day. this is going to be a slow mover dumping a lot of rain and not going anywhere fast. so that's the concern. torrential rains, dangerous floods. the remnants of barry eventually move into the midwest and because it moves so slowly, that enhances the flood threat well inland as we watch it over the next several days into early next week. as we roll on through, rainfall we could see 12 to 24 inches 58 degrees right now in san jose. it is cloudy out there, especially if you're in the city right now. we have a good layer of fog really hugging the coastline as well. overall in through the afternoon, we can expect to see temperatures really warm up into the mid and upper 80s for east san jose. morgan hill, 90 degrees. we will get mostly clear skies.
6:04 am
concord, 94. redwood city, 79. that's a look at the weather picture. sheinelle, peter. >> thank you, dave. this morning the legal troubles are deepening for r&b star r. kelly. the singer is facing federal charges for child pornography and obstruction of justice. he remains behind bars this morning, two days after his arrest. nbc's kathy park is here with the very latest. kathy, good morning. >> sheinelle, peter, good morning. prosecutors say for years the embattled singer recruited women and girls through his network. a recent documentary put the spotlight on his accusers and initiated a new investigation. this morning grammy award winning singer r. kelly back in an orange jump suit. a federal grand jury in chicago indicted the singer on 13 counts thursday accusing him of engaging in sex acts with five
6:05 am
under age victims and recording some of the abuse. a separate federal indictment in new york alleges kelly operated a criminal enterprise and recruited women and girls for illegal sexual activity. >> when you look at how these victims were treated, how he directed every move, every word, the way they were clothed, the fact that he had them call him daddy. >> reporter: kelly's attorney responded to the charges. he and his lawyers look forward to his day in court, to the truth coming out and to his vindication from what has been an unprecedented assault by others for their own personal gain. kelly's crisis manager also defended his client but was interrupted by angry father of one of the alleged victims. >> r. kelly is in there right now in jail. >> i want to know where my daughter is. where is she at? answer that question. >> reporter: kelly was already facing more than a dozen charges in illinois including aggravated
6:06 am
sexual abuse involving four women, three of them minors during a time of the alleged assault. he pleaded not guilty to all of the state charges. some of the alleged victims share their stories in a lifetime docu series, "surviving r. kelly" released in january of this year. >> it's very painful. >> reporter: federal officials say these explosive interviews prompted them to step in. >> the lies are being taken control over by an individual who is in a position of power. >> in 2008 kelly was acquitted of all charges. his next court appearance is next tuesday. if he's convicted on all counts, kelly could face decades of prison time. more to come. thank you. hailing a hero, the police officer who saved a baby in distress after a traffic stop. up next, break out the strawberries and cream. we're going live to wimbdonle ♪
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we're talking tennis this saturday morning. serena williams is on the verge of accomplishing another amazing fete after pausing her tennis career to give birth to her daughter nearly two years ago. >> if williams can triumph today, she'll tie a title for the most grand slams for men or women. sarah harmon is following the competition. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, peter, good morning.
6:11 am
if there is one thing that serena has to put out of her mind this morning, it's that little number 24, the record number. she said herself she plays her best tennis when she's calm, but that's going to be a challenge today because she's playing to make history. this morning tennis sensation serena williams is walking on to centre court at wimbledon with one goal in mind, taking home the title. at 37 she's the oldest grand slam finalist in the open era. her opponent romanian simone na halep. they met ten times with serena winning nine of the matches. still -- >> just can't under estimate her. she's like a little powerhouse. >> reporter: serena powered her way in on thursday with an easy win in the semi-finals making quick work of her czech opponent and if she wins today, it will mark her 24th grand slam singles title tying aussie margaret
6:12 am
court for the most ever, man or woman. >> it's really not about 24, 23 or 25, it's really just about going out there and giving my best effort no matter what. >> reporter: serena hasn't won a tournament since the birth of her daughter, alexis olympia. now almost 2 and mom's biggest fan. her last grand slam title came at the australian open in 2017 when she was eight weeks pregnant. it could be a royal affair with dutch chess meghan markle attending alongside duchess kate middleton. on the men's side roger federer plays novak djokovic tomorrow. friday he knocked off raphael nadal in a heart stopping four set semi-final. a rematch of their legendary 2008 wimbledon final. this time federer won. >> i'm exhausted. it was tough at the end.
6:13 am
>> reporter: two tennis legends in the making, both with their eyes on one prize, a wimbledon championship. guys, nobody said it was going to be easy. serena's own coach saying this is pressure times 100. sheinelle, peter. >> goodness. sarah harmon, thank you. >> fun to watch. straight ahead, from tennis to golf, we're going to take you to lake tahoe where dylan oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? (announcer) ozempic® should not be the first medicine
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6:17 am
welcome back. professional athletes, musicians and this year one "today" show meteorologist are gathered at lake tahoe for the 2019 american century championship. >> let's be clear, this is a big thing. >> it's a big deal. >> this is a fun-filled weekend on and off the links with a field of 90 players. the competition obviously can be fierce and our friend dylan was fortunate enough to get an invitation to compete. >> reporter: for 30 years celebrities, athletes and fans have flocked to lake tahoe for the american century championship, a chance for us weekend hackers to play in a high profile tournament just like the pros do. >> let's see justin timberlake, 4 under par. >> golf is the great equalizer, you know? >> reporter: founded in 1990, the american century championship is the longest
6:18 am
running tv event of its kind and also one of the most unpredictable. nba star stef curry is making his seventh appearance. >> it is a bunch of golf nuts trying to master the game like they see on tv. >> reporter: yeah. golf is a family affair for curry. you have your daughter on the courts? >> yes. >> reporter: does she like it? >> loves riding in the cart. >> reporter: curry might want to keep his daughter away from the famed 17th hole perched right on lake tahoe. it's party central with fans watching from boats, a basketball hoop on dry land and sometimes even a football toss from quarterback aaron rodgers. >> that's accuracy right there. >> golf is so much different. you hit a bad shot, you're over over, 17 over in the sand and they're booing you. >> reporter: and when night
6:19 am
falls, the stars have a chance to let loose. celebrity karaoke with rascall flatts. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: back on the golf course, some helpful advice for my first time playing in the event. >> don't being afraid to tell people to back up a little bit. >> first off, you missed it. i have a bloody mary to start the day. >> reporter: okay. and then the moment of truth. >> this is one of the top meteorologists in the country, please welcome dylan dreyer. >> reporter: i started out strong with my driver. thank you. shaking. but my short game wasn't short enough. >> yeah! >> reporter: but it finally all came together. what can you do?
6:20 am
way down at the bottom of the leader board, but can't wait to play round two. >> so good. check out this picture. dylan posted this on instagram. guys, it takes a lot of work to do this bad. i even hit a ball into this woman's bag. the lady's fine and dylan is doing great. >> you put it into perspective. >> the gallery as they call it. imagine hitting a golf ball straight and hitting it straight when there are people around you the whole way. >> kudos to you, dylan. i promised i would watch today. you can catch the second round right here on nbc at 3 p.m. eastern. you see stef curry there, maybe we'll see dylan. you never know. >> go, dylan. still to come, how would you feel about your favorite fast food restaurant recording your license plate number in the drive through.
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
still ahead, the latest on tropical storm barry as it comes to shore in the gulf coast. >> and a police officer saving >> and a police officer saving the life of aaby in b so chantix can help you quit slow turkey.rkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery.
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6:26 am
good morning. 6:26 is the time. you're clooking live downtown sn
6:27 am
jose. right there is a mix bag of clouds and sun this morning. thanks for joining us. it's a mix bag depending where you are. >> exactly. we have everything. we have clouds and we have the fog in san francisco. you're probably no stranger to this if you are from here, but if you're visiting us from elsewhere, don't worry, this fog will burn off and believe it or not, san francisco is expected to hit a high of 70 degrees today. it will be a nice day in the city. as far as the inland areas go, it is 58 degrees right now. check out the temperatures into the afternoon. about 11:00 a.m., we'll warm up into the upper 70s and things start to get hot around 1:00. we're talking upper 80s for san jose. if you want to get away from the heat, head over to areas like pacifica. it's going to be in the 60s along the coast this morning. breezy this afternoon.
6:28 am
you may need a sweater for the beach. if you're from here, you're probably like i know the beach is usually cold. you have a good range of temperatures this weekend and i'll give you a look at what you can expect going into sunday. >> thank you. we begin with the immigration crisis. there is fear in some communities about what the next 48 hours could bring. president trump says he will begin ice raids in ten cities, including san francisco tomorrow. the call to treat undocumented immigrants with dignity is getting louder. hundreds of people attended protests last night. protesters say the need to act feels urgent. hundreds gathered to make demands to close detention camps and stop ice from arresting 2,000 people with deportation orders. the current policies have long-term impacts. >> we see kids who have been detained who come in after
6:29 am
detention and are physically and mentally ill after that. >> if it weren't for the current rules happening, i wouldn't be standing here in front of you. >> the aclu has filed a federal lawsuit aiming to protect people taken into custody this weekend. the lawsuit argues undocumented immigrants must have a court hearing before a judge before they are deported. coming up this morning, if you ran a red light, you might not have to pay. the reason that one bay area city isn't just apologizing to drivers, they are handing out refunds. all your top stories coming up at 7:00. right now let's go back to the "today" show. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate. today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology,
6:30 am
is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. good morning. breaking news this morning as barry batters the gulf coast. the tropical storm packing torrential rain and top winds of 65 miles per hour. now slowly moving ashore this morning with louisiana, mississippi, and alabama in its cross hairs. the biggest fear, flooding. millions at risk. the national guard at the ready. we are live on the gulf. terror attack. armed gunmen storm a hotel overseas after setting off a car bomb. at least 26 dead with americans among them. and honoring an angel. >> the angels have no hits. the seattle mariners.
6:31 am
>> on the night anaheim remembered its late pitcher tyler skaggs, the team pulled off a miracle throwing a combined no hitter. the perfect tribute for a beloved teammate, saturday, july 13th, 2019. ♪ ♪ kansas city. >> and dallas. >> celebrating my 56th birthday in new york! >> we're smiling in new mexico. ♪ ♪ >> here from florida for jamie's 40th birthday. >> all the way from illinois on my senior trip. >> we're excited to see new york city. whew! ♪ ♪ that's nice. get out and say hi to them in a bit. >> good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. good group outside in new york
6:32 am
city. our eyes are focused on what's happening in the gulf region this morning. >> yes. we have a lot to get to with team coverage across the gulf coast. once again with the breaking news about barry. moments ago we got an update from the national hurricane center. barry has strengthened a little. winds 70 miles an hour, just below hurricane strength. it's not the wind that's really going to be the problem with this storm, it's the rain. let's begin with nbc's kerry sanders who is in the heart of new orleans for us this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, sheinelle. we're not really feeling the impact here, but we know they will be coming. i'm standing on famed canal street. that clocking was down on grand isle. it's four miles shy of a category 1 hurricane. the real concern right now are here as well as grand isle, all the way up to baton rouge and over to mississippi is the tornado threat. there are tornado warnings in place already. they will be lasting much of the day because of this very slow
6:33 am
moving storm. grand isle, population of 600 decided to stay put are now cut off because of the tidal surge that has come in with the tropical storm here. nobody apparently having any particular problems because the homes are elevated there. but the roads are closed off and we will see what's going on with tropical storm barry here in new orleans and throughout the region for some time because it's slow moving. it will last until monday morning. this morning it's not just wind. >> with the wind gusts we know that we're going to lose power. >> reporter: but the water inundating the gulf coast. around new orleans the flood gates are closed. >> this is the first time in the history of the lubbock district that we've had to close every single gate, including on the river due to the river being so high. >> reporter: residents prepared for the worst. >> barry is a dangerous and life threatening storm. >> reporter: ready for action, more than 2,000 members of the louisiana national guard and the
6:34 am
u.s. coast guard shallow water response team. along the mississippi river where 8 million gallons of water now flow into the gulf of mexico every second, the storm crashing ashore a big worry. >> starting to push the gulf of mexico into what you call a clog drain. >> reporter: overnight in saint charles parish, temporary pumps moved in to move rainwater out. >> until this thing is no longer a threat to our parish. >> reporter: ahead of barry, tens of thousands of tourists and convention goers in new orleans packed up and left town. >> disappointed. uncomfortable. >> go back to where you came from, barry. we don't need you here. >> reporter: but in myrtle grove, louisiana, a low lying town under mandatory evacuations, warren lawrence made the dangerous decision to stay put. >> i moved here knowing that when a hurricane comes or high
6:35 am
winds come we going to have water. >> reporter: and in st. bernard parish authorities warning anyone who stayed to keep out of flood waters. >> you will get a knock at your door and you're going to have to deal with us. period, the end. >> reporter: a little good news this morning. overnight the national hurricane center working with the army corps of engineers. they thought it might go up as high as 20 feet. it's now down to 17 feet. that means the likelihood of water going overtopping on the levies is almost nonexistent. the flooding from the mississippi river appears to be a diminished concern. sheinelle, peter. >> kerry sanders, thank you. we want to get the latest on barry. wnbc's dave price is here. >> let's go through the very latest data we just got. the numbers look like this right now. the location of barry, 50 miles west southwest of morgan city,
6:36 am
louisiana. now keep in mind that measures the distance from the eye of the storm to morgan city, which is inland. but i think we're going to see landfall imminently, within the next 60 minutes or so. winds now 70 miles per hour and as we discussed, that's not quite at hurricane strength. it is a strong tropical storm moving at 5 miles an hour. it makes landfall in the next hour or so. it continues on up. it rolls through the mississippi valley and eventually makes a turn towards the midwest and the ohio valley. keep in mind, moving very slowly the issue is still going to be the tremendous amount of water. we have alerts all the way over to the east of biloxi. 8 million people stretching from cameron, louisiana, and north to alexandria. we continue to watch for storm surge, 3 to 6 feet right along the coast line. inland, anywhere from 1 to 3 feet. keep in mind, that flash flood
6:37 am
threat even though we're concentrating right now on the louisiana coast line and in through sections of the gulf coast, we could see rainfall at 3 inches an hour and the flash flood threat will overspread sections of the southeast as eastward as the carolinas. we could be looking at anywhere from 10 to 15 inches broadly and upwards of 25 inches in some isolated locations. that's a quick look at the weather right now as far as barry's concerned. we'll send it back to you guys. >> dave, thank you very much. now to some breaking news overseas. a terror attack at a hotel in somalia. americans are among the dead. nbc's matt bradley has more on that. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. this just wrapped up only a couple of hours ago in somalia. 26 people have died, but that number has increased all morning and officials there say it could still go higher as more information flows in. so this attack was claimed by al shabaab which is a militant
6:38 am
group with links to al qaeda. among the dead were, you know, politicians who are from the area, ngo workers and several foreigners. now local politicians tell us that there were two somali americans who were among the dead and we're trying to confirm that with the sd right ntate de right now. we'll get you the identities and the names. how this rolled out last night this was a meeting of politicians and elders who were trying to plan elections for this september. now a militant rolled up in a vehicle and detonated himself in a suicide vehicle bombing and was followed up by several others who came in and started a 14 hour all night siege that only ended at around 6 or 7 this morning when local commandos from the southern somali government raided it and killed at least five of those militants. now al shabaab no longer has a military holding. they used to occupy mowigadishu.
6:39 am
>> matt bradley, thank you. there is much more to get to this morning including i.c.e. agents expected to begin searching for undocumented immigrants for deportation within the next 24 hours. on friday thousands of protesters marched against the expected raids. the vice president, mike pence, said, quote, this is tough stuff friday after visiting a pair of detention centers along the border in texas. one of them heavily overcrowded. the vice president's trip came on the same day president trump appeared alongside labor secretary alex acosta at the white house to announce acosta's resignation over criticism of his handling of the case against financier jeffrey epstein who was arrested earlier this week on sex trafficking charges. fire crews in hawaii will take to the air at first light. the largest wildfire is a
6:40 am
destructive fire on the island. they rushed people out of a low storm as flames headed for a business and shopping area. no injuries have been reported. they're asking residents to be ready to evacuate today. thousands are hunkered down as roads in and out are cut off by the fire and smoke. a very moving night on the baseball diamond friday. angels stadium was filled with tributes of fallen teammate tyler skaggs, the 27-year-old pitcher died suddenly two weeks ago of the all of the angels players wore skaggs uniform, the number 45. his mom threw out the first pitch and then his teammates took over. they tossed a combined no hitter and they defeated the seattle mariners, 13-0. how's that a fitting way to remember their star pitcher. little time now for a weekend morning boost. >> you hrodey for a little bit of a boost today. a wish come true for a vietnam veteran. 78-year-old floyd coby is finally a high school graduate.
6:41 am
cap and gown and the diploma to prove it. he was still in school when he was drafted but it was his mother's dream that he finish his education. these days coby isn't well enough to travel from the veterans medical center in west virginia so the school district came to him. with fellow veterans cheering him on, he said he made his mom proud. got that diploma. >> yeah, coming up next a dramatic rescue caught on camera. police officer saving the life police officer saving the life of aaby b ♪ hoo - i like to plan my activities before i take trip, so by the time i get there i can just enjoy the ride. with tripadvisor, it's easy to discover over 100,000 bookable things to do, from walking tours in rome to wine tastings in tuscany, and if you like what you see, you can book it with ease. just another way tripadvisor helps you make your trip a masterpiece. ♪ hoo - read reviews, check hotel prices, book things to do. tripadvisor.
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6:44 am
we're back now on this saturday morning. a potential speeding ticket turned into a race to save a baby's life in south carolina. the hero police officer's actions were all caught on tape. nbc's kristin dahlgren has more on the dramatic rescue. >> reporter: what started as a traffic stop for speeding. >> let me have the baby. >> reporter: quickly turned into a dramatic rescue. >> riley. the 12 day old girl was unresponsive. her mom telling the deputy she stopped breathing after drinking a bottle. all of it caught on kimbrough's body kam. >> i'm going to put her on your lap. i'm going to check for a pulse.
6:45 am
she's got pay pulse. he never stopped talking and he called for help making sure she's breathing. come on, baby. finally a cry. >> there you go. as long as she's crying like that, she's breathing. >> reporter: eventually paramedics arrive. >> good job. >> reporter: officials say the baby is doing well thanks to a quick-thinking officer who was right there when she needed him. kristin dahlgren, nbc news. >> wow. that is a story he'll remember for the rest of his life. >> all praise to that deputy. wnbc's dave price is out on the plaza with another check on the weather. >> we have a terrific crowd out here today. hi, everybody! and i want a special highlight to these folks. your family's name? >> brian and carolyn kenter from new orleans. >> new orleans, first of all, always lovely to have visitors from louisiana on the plaza. we are thinking of you, your friends, neighbors, relatives, everyone along the gulf coast this morning. thank you for being here. we wish you the best of luck
6:46 am
over the next 24 hours with everything at home. >> thank you so much. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all across the country. we've been talking about parry and the national maps show other weather developments. high heat as we head to the southwest. temperatures from 105 to 115 degrees in sections of california and into sections of arizona as well. we talked about the storm system in the southeast. hot and dry in the northeast for much of the next ten days with temperatures in the 80s and low 90s. watch for severe weather as we roll through the rockies over the next 24 hours. we could see some strong storms, hail and high winds. that's a quick look at our maps. this is the view if you're going to be driving along the golden gate bridge for the next couple of hours. we have the fog really covering. you can barely make out the golden gate bridge. it is breezy and cool right now. we have clouds over san jose. the temperature trend in the
6:47 am
afternoon shows clearing skies for the coast and inland. 62 degrees and upper 70s by 11:00 a.m. and if you're heading out to the coastlines in the upper 50s, low 60s. we've got a great reunion with some very lovely ladies here celebrating cancer survivorship. we wish you continued good health, hope and strength. it's so good to see you. give yourselves a round of applause. that's a quick look at the weather picture. back inside to you. >> good stuff. thank you, dave. just ahead this morning, an orange room fast food companies are looking at high tech options to speed up your drive through options like your fast food wasn't fast enough. this some people say could be an invasion of your
6:48 am
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
6:49 am
how long will the. ♪
6:50 am
>> technology of course has made a lot of things easier to do these days. how we communicate, how we travel, and even how we date. >> and now it's making our fast food even faster. dave is in the orange room with more, dave? >> we'll vote on set in just a little while. but if you've ever worried about living in george orwell's "1984" this is not going to help. according to a new report from the financial times, everything is blurry. here's the deal. there are reports that a lot of food chains are beginning to test license plate technology, in other words, what it will do is record your license plate as you roll through the drive-thru. and the goal here is to speed up sales. in case you were wondering, it
6:51 am
takes the average person four minutes to get through a drive-thru without all this technology. the hope is they'll cut this down. starbucks now rolled out a similar program in south korea last year and now the coffee giant and other chained are reportedly looking at bringing this to the u.s. privacy advocates are saying, not so fast. this kind of monitoring is expensive. we did a twitter survey. 84 respondents say they think this is kind of creepy. do you like it? do you not? unclear whether everyone is going to begin to adapt this technology. >> if i order a cheeseburger and fries, the next time i pull up, it's chanel -- >> how are they going to get your name wrong at starbucks. >> what if i'm driving somebody
6:52 am
else's car. >> listen, i can't even operate a tv screen and swipe it right. >> it's so compelling. >> first up, ed sheeran off the market after rumors that he tied the not. he confirmed the big news? how, in a song on his album which dropped friday. take a listen. ♪ >> and now -- my wife. i get it. >> notice he calls his wife sherry. there he's recognizing that she is his legal partner at this point. he explained in an interview what it's all about. >> it was actually before me and sherry got married, and i knew that we would be married by the time the song came out.
6:53 am
obviously, it has already come out. >> okurr. >> he went onto gush about -- >> what was the cardi b in there? >> i just wanted to demonstrate how hip i am. congratulations to the happy couple. next up, the flintstones. the iconic family is returning to bedrock, warner brothers bringing the show back with a prime time animated series geared towards adults. they say it's going to be based on the original idea, suggesting -- do you want to sing along? it ran in the '60s, teaming up with the elizabeth banks production company. >> we're excited. you might be one of my new favorite people. we're right back in a moment.
6:54 am
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good morning. coming up next, several protests around the bay area where hundreds of people are taking a stand against the treatment of immigrant children at the border as the bay area braces for raids this weekend. a deadly dog flu from the east bay may be heading south. what to do to prevent your dog from getting sick. it may be foggy, but we are tracking clearing skies that will bring a wide range of temperatures throughout the bay area. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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good morning, everybody. it is saturday morning. taking a live look outside. san francisco is underneath those clouds. that's a live look. the fog is in the city. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. thanks for getting


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