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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 15, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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the president's weekend i.c.e. raids have started off slowly as advocates for undocumented immigrants have worked hard on their behalf. this while the president goes on the offensive against a number of progressive female members of congress the search continues for a missing 60-year-old woman in california who disappeared at a campground on friday a rare look inside the factory of the biggest name in e-cigarettes right now, juul, and why the ceo is apologizing to parents stocks soar into new record territory, but gas prices are also on the rise what's driving up the prices at the pump cnbc's steve sedgwick is here. and sightseers got a heck of a whale tale to tell "early today" starts now
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>> good monday morning, i'm philip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. president trump igniting a firestorm with a tweet and he suggested they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. while he didn't mention anyone by name he appeared to be referencing four freshmen democrats, none of whom are white, and all but one from the united states. craig boswell has more from d.c. democrats denounced the comments as racist. >> reporter: good morning, everyone racist is the key word and the four progressive congresswomen have fired back at the president as reaction from the president's tweets continue to add up this morning. targeting a group of democratic
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congresswomen. the president saying they should back to the crime-infe places y came from. all four are u.s. citizens all but one born in the u.s. >> a sad state of affairs when the president of the united states is going to use race in a way that the divides the country and then be ignorant about who all these people are >> reporter: the president did not mention the lawmakers by name representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez and omar of minnesota shot back at the president. the progressor congresswomen are vocal critics of the psid ha bee speaker nancy pelosi at times personal and public while the the president has done the opposite >> the president is helping unify the democratic party. >> reporter: pelosi slamming the
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president's attack saying he wants to make america white, again. hours after the dust up, the president came back to the attacks on twitteritize the sama frances? >> craig, thank you. president trump's promised i.c.e. raids is off to a slow start. the round ups are under way, but senior administration officials say so far the numbers are much lower than they anticipated. but the goal of 2,000 deportations could still be reached in the coming days raids are expected in as many as ten cities i.c.e. agents are just doing their job while democrats believe it goes too far. >> we have compassionate, loyal i.c.e.e ing their job and shows you how far we have fallen in that it becomes news they go di simple g the border andaving a legal det
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in 2012 under the obama administration there were more than 1,000 i.c.e. arrests per day on average back then families were not being targeted as they are now meanwhile, over the weekend the threat of mass deportations spurred nationwide protests. coastal communities are under way as frtropical depresso barry churned through. as barry continues to batter the south with torrential rain over the weekend the coast guard rescued 12 people left stranded in flooded homesd rnin frances the flood waters are lower than they were, but the troubles in louisina, barry still making a mess ominous skies and multiplewarnis
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and baton rouge took a beating as the storm lingere hours while no longer a hurricane, the weather system is still dangerous. what's left of barry is now slowly crawling north and also impacting mississippi, alabama and arkansas cities like little rock and memphis could see flash flooding even as far east as florida. the storm revealing its sustained power. a large wave shattering a rescue boat window, leaving a deputy with cuts on his face. more than 24 hours since landfall and there's still more drenching rain to come a first look at that levee problem in southern louisiana. myrtle grove overwhelmed the rushing water threatened to submerge homes, some five miles away >> kind of scary, kind of sad. >> reporter: residents who evacuated came home with the demand they repeated for years they want government to build a new, stronger levee.
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>> i'm tired of hearing all we need to do a on saturday along louisiana's gulf coast, the coast guard rescued 12 people including this man and a dog stranded by the rising flood waters while in southeastern louisiana, highway 23 through plaquemines parish reopened. with snakes, alligators and, of course, sewage in the flood waters, health officials are urging folks as they try to get their lives back together, do not wade in the water. >> kerry sanders for us, thank you. power has been officially restored to the city that never sleeps after a massive blackout left over 72,000 customers in the dark over the weekend. the blackout stopped subway service and disabled traffic lights and cut short broadway plays and jennifer lopez's concert at madison square garden officials say the outage lasted
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about five hours coincidentally it happened on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout which lasted two days the cause of the power outage is still under investigation, but new york's de blasio, ruled out terrorism or cyberattack. the search is on for a missing california mom who disappeared during a hike. she has been missing since friday and her husband said she vanished after going to walk her dog. he told authorities he was moving their jeep and when he returned they were gone. he searched for her for 45 minutes before sending out a distress signal to authorities search and rescue teams have been scouting the area for two days with thermal imaging gears. nine people are dead after a plane crash indecint happened o. part of the descent was captured on cell phone video which shows the plane appearing to fall from the sky. the small australian sing single-engine plane had parachutes witnesses said some tried to
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jump out of the plane before it plunged to the ground. the cause is under investigation. 50 people were killed and 30 more are missing in nepal after heavy, monsoon rains swept across the area. among the dead, two school children who were buried when their boarding school collapsed. e monsoon left a trail of destruction knocking down communication towers a million more people in south asia are said to be affected. the bulls did not hold pack back eighs were hospitaled three with goring injuries the arm, leg and arm pit a total of eight people were gored during the past week the festival draws around a millgen people each year the last death occurring in 2009. need help beating the heat this week, look no further than the l.a. zoo tigers and seals and all the guys enjoying the wet weather outside. these guys know how to stay
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school and hydrated and look cute doing it. great reminder to drink plenty of water unless you have a fur coat, don't forget the sunscreen, as well let's see how it is looking outside checking with meteorologist bonnie >> the storm is a tropical depression and will dissipate, it is still affecting 12 million people in terms of flooding. flash flood warnings for parts of louisiana andisw the winds a per hour the storm has weakened since this morning but it is still going to be a rainmaker for today and for tomorrow as it works its way through the mississippi valley with significant flash flooding expected then by tomorrow we'll look for isolated showers throughout the day. notice the moisture spreads as far north as chicago this storm system going all the way from south to north and eventually the remnants of a
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southwest. triple digits for parts of arizona and into the desert. hurricane season under way and this is probably the beginning of a fairly active season ahead. >> means you're going to be busy and a lot of people looking out. thank you. lebanon hosted the red bull clip diving championship for the very first time on sunday bringing gary hunt from the uk and from australian claim dominating wins. hunt the first diver to have all five judges award a score of ten. on the women's side, her fifth win out of five events this year. still ahead inside the e-cigarette epidemic the ceo of juul speaks out to parents. the soldier takes to the
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in paris sunday the annual bastille day parade took place most eyes were looking up at this -- a french inventor hovering overhead on what he calls a jet-powered fly board. many on social media likening him to the green goblin. the new technology can fly as fast as 120 miles per hour president macron nodding with approval his next stunt is to fly across the english channel. looks fun. >> looks amazing kind of scary, too, i can imagine for the rest of us a rare look inside one of the country's fastest growing industries critics say one of the most troubling empanjuul dominates e market it is valued at about $38 billion. nbc carl takes a look inside one of the factories and asks the ceo about kids using his product. >> reporter: this is where the
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injection of the e-liquid takes place into the pod >> reporter: on a factory floor in wisconsin, juul labs runs a production line day and night, filling some of the 60 million pods it sells in the u.s. every month. ceo kevin burns has opened his doors to us, aware of the firestorm his product category has ignited among families if we did this tour today with a parent of a teen who'd been using or who had been addicted, how would you sort of defend all this >> first of all, i'd tell them that i'm sorry that their child's using the product. it's not intended for them as a parent of a 16-year-old i'm sorry for them and have empathy in terms of what the challenges they're going through. >> reporter: in the face of public pressure, burns has removed some flavors from stores shrunk its social media revaed ad campaign that critics say was aimed at kids. >> their ads absolutely were targeting young people with lots of color, lots of bling, music >> reporter: juul's latest campaign is focused on adult smokers, trying to escape the risk of lung cancer. >> it was really a friend of
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mine that said why wouldn't you just try the juul -- >> reporter: researchers have new questions about the impact of chronic vaping. mark olford has found that lab mice exposed to e-cigarettes suffer from hardening of their blood vessels. >> i think vaping is no safer than smoking it's like giving a gun and a knife to someone and saying, the knife is safer than the gun so play with the knife. it's not harm free >> we don't know today we have not done the long-term clinical testing we need to do >> reporter: challenges for a growing industry already under fire, working to ease parents' concerns while convincing others it can help them kick the habit. nbc news, new york just ahead, the trade war weighs on china. and primetime for deals. cnbc steveedgwick will have the biggest deals to watch for
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we have one mission -- kill it, and you're coming with us. >> this seems like big time, you know, huge superhero kind of stuff. and i mean, i'm just a friendly neighborhood spider-man, sir >> "spider-man: far from home" took the number-one spot at the box office for a second straight weekend. the sequel added over $45 million domestically and has already grossed $847 million globally rounding out the top three, "toy
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story 4," $20.7 million an "crawl" in third place with $12 million. reports out of china that the trade war with the u.s. is having a big impact on their economy. then to the retail war between amazon and pretty much everybody else cnbc's steve sedgwick is following it all for us from london steve, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, very good morning to you good morning, frances and phillip. interesting dissecting this chinese data the slowest growth we've seen in the last couple decades or so. below the ace, and our viewers are smart and can look at this, retail sales up 9.8 industrial activity up 6.3%. there was some interesting impetuses to the upside that beat coming into the figures, as well no doubt about, it the lowest figures in 27 years. elsewhere, amazon prime day today and tomorrow the likes of walmart, kohl's, they're fighting back, as well walmart's got a host of technology deals including xbox 1 bundles, nintendo switch bundles, as well
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it does really pay to shop around despite the fact that amazon prime, of course, have collared this two-day phenomena, as well. else where gas prices very interesting. they've jumped a dime, that's ten cents to you non-americans out there. jumped a dime in the last three weeks. that's having -- despite falling 24 cents in the prior seven weeks, as well as usual, down in baton rouge, louisiana, some of the cheapest per-gallon prices, $2.30 and as usual in the san francisco bay area, you get the highest prices, $3.75. national average, $2.83. frances and phillip, let me hand it back to you >> it's a beautiful place, but you pay on every single level out there. all right, steve thank you. still to come, a look at the sizzling weather ahead plus, a whalwahegee tcr ts more than he bargains for. you're watching "early today." could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head
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with cosentyx. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ how is this for an adrenaline rush -- the redbull air race was held in hungary for the first time 14 stunt pilots maneuvered their way through pylons at speeds of up to 230 miles per hour while enduring forces of up to 12 gs eight races held around the world, and the pilot with the most points at the end of the series becomes the redbull air race world champion. >> check it out, the moment a whale breached the water to eat
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some fish. a whale watcher started recording just in time to capture that big splash and gulp he headed out on his billy goat heard about the sighting and ended up with the front row seat to nature in its purest form >> 1% of his battery left on his phone. don't die on me now, don't die on me now. >> you have to get the shot or lost at sea. oh, my gosh. he got the shot. let's turn to bonnie schneider with the heat headed our way. >> temperatures in salt lake city 96 degrees and denver 93. watch what happens tomorrow. that heat expands and pushes eastward into oklahoma, texas will look at highs in the upper 90s and that is headed to the northeast. >> mid-july. that's what it is. we come back and the new fi tlmhat explores an age-old fi tlmhat explores an age-old dilemma.
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welcome back a new film that opened this weekend asks a tough question -- when is it right to lie. rehema ellis has the story what's wrong, dad? please tell me >> your nan is dying >> reporter: "the farewell" is a new movie based on a lie >> the family thinks it's better not to tell her. >> why is that better? >> the chinese people have saying, when people get cancer they die >> reporter: it tells the story of a discovers grandmother only has a few months left to live so they conspire to keep her idark and stage a fake wedding as an excuse for the family to get together >> isn't it wrong to chi l would choose not to tell her >> i wanted to tell the story
3:57 am
because it was an incredibly heartbreaking but hilarious experience >> reporter: "the farewell" is very personal for writer/director lulu wong. born in china but raised in america, it's her story. >> i was the lone westerner in my chinese-american family and so every time i would say this is crazy, no one agreed with me. >> reporter: did you ultimately accept that she was happy just to see you and to be around the family rather than to be focusing on potential death? >> i saw her truly living as opposed to dying so to think that maybe truth isn't the greater moral value in some situations. >> reporter: like "crazy rich asians," the film relies on an all-asian cast including a comedian, shattering notions about what appeals to an american audience. what do you hope an american audience will take from this film
3:58 am
film with a greater sense of grace. i see so many families torn apart by differences of opinion. those differences become greater than the love. >> reporter: a true story about one family's lie about the inevitable, encouraging all of us to examine our own truth. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york people are flocking to a toxic lake in siberia. it's dubbed as the siberian maldives check it out the stark blue hue of th russian lake caused by a chemical reaction of toxic waste elements from a nearby power plant. nonetheless, instagram enthusiasts are traveling in droves to the deceivingly tropical-looking lake and hopefully, hopefully heeding environmentalists' concerns to not come in contact with the potentially harmful water. >> all for insta >> i better not see any throwback people from chernobyl, people, come on. >> better not.
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unless it's the movie, the series that you're referencing
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the wicked weekend weather while hurricane barry may have been downgraded, the storm still managed plenty of damage with more torrential rains late today and possible tornado >> president trump attacks progressive members of congress in a series of pointed tweets, telling them to go back where they came from critics are calling him racist this as i.c.e. began their nationwide raids on undocumented immigrants >> who turned the lights out on new york city on a busy summer saturday night officials are still looking for the cause. >> amazing, amazon versus walmart as the retail giants battle it out for your hard earned money as amazon prime day is underway. >> i think trump's message excludes


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