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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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being with us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. in fear and panic. that's how many bay area families say they spent the weekend. the threat of the widespread deportations hung over their head. immigration raids were supposed to begin yesterday but there were only a few reports of i.c.e. activity nationwide. >> just the threat of the raids had immigrant families changing their routines and hiding in their homes. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us in east san jose where a lot of people are seeing and feeling the impact firsthand. damian. >> reporter: the tropicana shopping center here took a huge financial hit over the weekend and mainly because of the families you're about to meet. they say they will no longer be shopping here because of the fear's i.c.e. might target this place since they cater to an immigrant community. the families don't want to show their faces fearing it might put them on? sort of watchlist. but they're not hiding their weekend anguish.
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"how can you not have a little fear," asks this mom, "not knowing if you're going to see your children again." she's undocumented. her children are all u.s. citizens. >> kind of frightens me maybe one day they won't be there. >> reporter: even though there was no reported i.c.e. activity in the south bay the family says they continue living in constant fear, they'll now avoid some of their favorite spots like the tropicana shopping center, fearing the worst. the tropicana food store says they were part of the weekend domino effect. >> we lost maybe $10,000 to $12,000 each day, saturday and sunday. it's a very bad day. >> reporter: the families we spoke with today began formalizing legal documents giving parental rights to their siblings in case they're deported. but even with the constant fear the teenagers who a about to start high school say they can' same time i know i need to push through and i need to make it. i need to do it for them. just like they sacrificed a lot
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for me. >> reporter: one place those families did go yesterday and that is to church. they say that is their sanctuary. but they admit the pews were not as full for sunday mass as they usually are. live in east san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. it is amazon's biggest sale event of the year. we're talk amazon prime day. but activists hit the streets in san francisco today to protest the retail giant. they're calling for -- >> amazon prime? >> they're calling for the company to cut ties with i.c.e. they say amazon is collaborating with the agency to deport immigrants. amazon supplies homeland security department with facial recognition software. >> we know they're collaborating with i.c.e., that they're using their facial recognition technology and the amazon web services to hold the information about undocumented immigrants and targeting them so i.c.e. can detain and deport people.
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we're here to say we do not stand for that. >> spokesperson for amazon says it's up to amazon and the government organizations to use the technology responsibly and lawfully. we should mention our sister station telemundo 48 is committed to helping the community. right now they have immigration attorneys and experts ready to answer your questions about the raids and your rights in both english and spanish. your questions can remain anonymous. you don't have to give your name. the number's at the bottom of your screen. it's 1-800-548-4884. they will be picking up the phones until 7:00 this evening. we have breaking news late thafrn. a flying lesson in the east bay ended with that helicopter right there crashing to the ground killing one person on board. the sole survivoralive. federal investigators are now on their way from washington, d.c. to find out exactly what went wrong in hayward. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us now from the hayward executive airport with the latest.
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melissa? >> reporter: we are learning it was the pilot who sadly passed away in this crash. at this point we do not know who was in control of the helicopter, but that is likely what the ntsb investigator will be looking into once that person reaches hayward. i want to show you some of the latest video in that crash site. you can see the helicopter is completely on its side. around 2:30 this afternoon a pilot and his student were on board a robinson r-44 helicopter. that is a standard helicopter used in flight schools. the manager of hayward's flight school says it is unclear who was in control of the chopper but something went wrong and the chopper came crashing down, killing the pilot on board. the airport manager doug mcneily says the student managed to stumble out of the wreckage and was rushed to a medical center. the helicopter was registered to pacific helicopters, a company that offers flight lessons and private flights. we reached out to them for comment and have yet to hear back.
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mcneily believes the student was in the early stages of his training. >> i did not witness the accident but my understanding is they were practicing hovering. hovering is when the helicopter stays in one place. that's part of your early training, to be able to control the helicopter, stay in one place while it's in flight. >> reporter: back in december we told you about another helicopter that took off from this same airport in hayward and ended in a crash. that time the pilot and student survived without any major injuries. it turns out the chopper was struck by a flying vulture, causing the two men to crashland on a nearby golf course. a investigator with the ntsb in washington, d.c. is coming here to hayward expected to land here tomorrow. again, this crash still under investigation. that's the latest here in hayward. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. state of california continues to shake. the latest noticeable earthquake this afternoon in the south bay. 3.3 magnitude quake strong enough for people to feel.
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epicenter roughly nine miles north of morgan hill. 14 miles southeast of san jose. at 1:46 this afternoon. so far no reports of any injuries or damage. frightening moments at an east san jose neighborhood. flames racing right toward homes. this fire started at the bottom of a hill near aborn road shortly before noon today. it burned a cottage and a mobile home and threatened about a dozen other houses. mimi nguyen owned a cottage that burned. she also lost her dog buddy. buddy was a rescue dog from hurricane harvey who was inside a crate. >> that's my life right there. it burned down. >> a helicopter helped hold this to 47 acres. they are mopping up right now as investigators try to determine how this started. another fire, this one in san martin. it burned about five acres. you can see the blackened aftermath from our sky ranger. this happened between 101 and coyote lake.
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multiple structures were damaged. no word yet on the cause. as pg&e gears up to potentially turn off power during red flag warning days the east bay municipal utility district is taking some unprecedented steps to make sure they can keep the water flowing. nbc bay area's jody hernandez joins us from contra costa county with the water district bringing up some critical backup equipment, jodi. >> reporter: that's right, jess. customers like you and me aren't the only ones who rely on pg&e for our power. so do water suppliers. the pump's located inside this orinda plant pump water up this hillside to supply this area. now if the power goes out they have a backup plan. >> it's critical to have these pumps operational in case of a power outage. >> reporter: east bay med engineer lisa tap shows us some of the water pumps located in the district's high fire risk zone that could be in jeopardy as pg&e turns off power during a red flag warning.
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>> the system does rely on electricity to get water where it's needed and when it's needed. >> reporter: but with the possibility of public safety power shutoffs this year the water district is taking unprecedented steps to make sure their pumps stay powered. east bay mud will soon bring in 29 portable generators to critical pumping stations across the east bay to make sure they can keep the water flowing even in a lengthy power outage. >> we need to be able to move water uphill to have water for firefighting and for our customers as well. >> reporter: with so many hilly areas in contra costa and alameda counties, they say having a backup plan is a must. customers and firefighters depend on it. >> without the ability to pump more water in there, we could run out of water potentially. >> reporter: now, the generators aren't quite here yet but i'm told they are just a little bit smaller than our live truck
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here. now, the generator that will be located here will be inside this fenced-off area. i am told the cost to bring these generators in and keep them through the peak fire season will be about $409,000. they hope to have the generators here from august through november. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. it was a crime that shocked the north bay. a man killing a young couple who was camping on a local beach. 15 years later that man now sentenced to life in prison. 40-year-old shawn do youn was sentenced today to three life sentences without the possibility of parole. for the murders of 26-year-old jason allen and his fiance 22-year-old lindsay cutsall. the pair were sleeping on the beach in jenner back in 2004 when gallen shot them in the head for no apparent reason. he says he thought they were homeless and just decided to kill them. today lindsay cutshall's parents
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learned some details of the killings for the first time. >> we always suspected she was murdered second because of how cowardly this act was. but then to hear that she actually sat up from the killer himself, that was hard to hear. that was hard to hear. >> difficult for that family. the young couple had been in the bay area on a sightseeing trip just three weeks before they were to be married back home in ohio. we're getting a look at what's left of a home that exploded in southern california. you can see it there. the explosion killed a utility worker and injured 15 people. this happened in murrieta, which is in riverside county about six miles north of temecula. so cal gas crews came to check out a gas line which was damaged er something set off this blast. investigators are looking into that now. after being missing for four days a hiker has been found live and well near the nevada border
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this afternoon near the montenegro springs area. powell is 60 and from huntington beach. she went missing in an extremely remote location four days ago. early today rescuers found her dog that had gone on the hike with her. that helped crews pinpoint her location. they say she's strong but exhausted. up next at 6:00, a daring maneuver on the high seas. we talk to the bay area coast guard crew who were part of this largest single seizure of drugs in four years. plus, caught in the san francisco bay. the reel of a lifetime as a fisherman hauls in a great white shark. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm 93 in concord today. right now still h. i'll let you know how much temperatures drop tomorrow and why. that's coming up in about seven minutes.
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how's this for a fishing story? a chance encounter on the water that's unlocked imagination and fascination from coast to coast. some local fishermen pulled in a great white shark. you can see it right there. in the middle of the bay. it all played out live on facebook. and yes, it was catch and release. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us from chrissy field with this epic fishing story. sam. >> reporter: the man who finally pulled in the shark is 6'2", 280
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pounds. he had help from six other people and it still took an hour to accomplish that feat. this group encountered that white shark in between alcatraz and golden gate bridge on saturday morning. they had no idea what they had stumbled into until the shark surfaced. just off alcatraz in the icy waters of the bay -- >> grab that rope! what you waiting on? >> reporter: a catch of the day that most people won't experience in a lifetime. >> whoo! >> that's a great white. we got a great white! >> [ bleep ]! >> reporter: you'll have to forgive professional fisherman joey gamez and his customers for having some trouble channeling their emotions. >> once it surfaced everybody's freaked out. you can see on the video in the boat there wasn't a person on there not yelling with excitement and not knowing what was going on. >> what a surprise that guy got. and the fact that it had managed to drag a boat around for that period of time. >> reporter: mary jane schramm
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with the greater farrelons national marine sanctuary, says white sharks can hug the coastline in the summer before feeding in the farallon islands. but researchers didn't even know that the sharks visited the bay until they started tagging salmon 20 years ago and found a surprise. >> and they were seeing numbers that they did not recognize and it's like these are not our salmon. these are not our fish. whose fish are these? and what fish are these? >> never in a gazillion years i would have thought that i'd hook that in the bay. never. >> reporter: gamez, the owner of golden gate sport fishing, spoke to us by face-time. >> cut the line, bro. >> reporter: it's illegal to fish white sharks in california. but the effort to hook it and reel it left a mark forever. >> yeah! >> reporter: and gamez says that he personally -- those guys are celebrating there. gamez is the one who personally pulled the shark in for the last 25 to 30 minutes after the shark had pushed the boat some two
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miles. those would love sharks, there is actually a sharktober fest here september 28th where 1500 fish lovers are coming to sink their teeth in. reporting live from christie field, sam brock, nbc bay area news. half a billion dollars worth of cocaine and pot. the coast guard crew from the bay area that pulled off a dramatic drug bust off the coast of south america back home tonight. this is video of them in action. it's been watched around the world. it shows the men right there jump onto a semi-submersible boat, bang on the hatch, and then five drug smugglers inside, they find them with eight tons . e coast guard says the crew used two small boats, a helicopter to pull off that bust. and many of the family members actually saw the video before being reunited with them today. >> it's just nerve-racking. they don't know what they're up against. they don't know what they're going to walk into. absolutely. i was terrified.
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>> the past two months have been bountiful for the crew. the coast guard has turned over all those drugs to federal agents of san diego on the way back to alameda. a devastating scene in the south bay when an suv crashed into two bicyclists during the morning commute. this happened just before 8:00 a.m. near vista park drive and capital expressway in south san jose. that's near communications hill. one of the bikers died. the other is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the driver is cooperating with this investigation and neither acknowledge nor drugs appear to be a factor. a chaotic encounter in the south bay ended with a on ar-old girl being pepper monterey road. that escalated to the point that one of them brought out pepper spray, ended up spraying the little girl. it's unclear if the woman who used the spray actually intended to spray the child or she was just there and got in the way. police say the little girl and her mom ran to the store for help looking for water to wash out the girl's eyes. police at this point are not saying if anyone will be facing
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charges. nearly two years ago a newspaper article about sexual abuse at san jose's presentation high school snowballed into a full-blown scandal. former student catherine la hain shared a very personal op-ed which prompted more former students to share their stories with our investigative unit. that triggered reforms and the resignation of the school's president last summer. today lahein was back parked in front of the school's new president's office in a car covered in protest banners. she's demanding an apology for the victims and for any school official who failed to report sexual misconduct be held accountable. >> it's been two years, almost two years since i inadvertently exposed the sexual abuse and misconduct at presentation high school, and the school has yet to even acknowledge any abuse has occurred. not one person that's been arrested. not one person has been charged. >> now, the school's new president sent us this
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statement, saying in part, "at this important moment for presentation, i am committed to doing everything i can to understand our past so that we can heal and move forward together." >> lits bring chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in. start of the new workweek, mid july, how are we doing? >> i think we're do really good as we head through the next couple of days. it was warm today. we did have some 90s but we're going to drop temperatures down here a couple of degrees as we head into tomorrow. let's show you what's happening on this monday night. hopefully you had a great start to the week. we do have clear skies out here in the tri-valley. a little bit of haze from some of that warm air. currently at 91 degrees was that reported high. humidity 39%. and right now we've dropped down to 82 degrees. so we're beginning to cool down. probably not fast enough for a lot of you. it's going to be a mild night. the air-conditioning probably going strong here back into livermore, but we will get down to some 70s here by 7:00 and 8:00 tonight and then some 60s by 9:00, 10:00, and also 11:00. let's take you to what's going
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to change our weather up for tomorrow. this is our san bruno mountain camera pointed right toward the coastline. and you can see yes, that fog is starting to roll in and it's dropping temperatures in san francisco to 63 with 50s on the way tonight. so it is this fog that will keep numbers down a couple of degrees as we move into tuesday. it's not a major drop. you can see by 8:30 in the morning we'll get the fog near the coastline also near berkeley, oakland, right on down through hayward, through the afternoon we'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow and some fog lingering at the beaches. so this will mean instead of a lot of low 90s inland we're going to 88 here in santa rosa, 89 napa, 87 in livermore, also 83 in san jose. notice the coast will be at a chilly 62 in half moon bay and san francisco at 69 degrees. we'll talk more about the changes ahead this week. i'll have a brand new update coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> it looks golden out there. thank you, jeff. up next here at 6:00, apologizing directly to parents. the reason the ceo of a san
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francisco-based vaping company is saying he's sorry. uch thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation.
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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san francisco-based juul is the best-selling e-cigarette company in the country. it's also facing heavy criticism after the fda called teenage vaping an epidemic. its ceo was asked wa he would say to parents whose kids are addicted to vaping. >> first of all, i'd tell them that i'm sorry that their child's using the product. it's not intended for them. i hope there was nothing we did that made it appealing to them other than the design but we certainly had no intention, we certainly don't want them using it. so i'd say as a parent of a 16-year-old i'm sorry for them and i have empathy for them ine they're going through. >> juul has shut down its social media account and pulled fruity flavors as an using its product. you can see more of our exclusive interview during a documentary that's airing tonight on cnbc at 7:00.
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as we mentioned, amazon's prime day is under way but it's not the only retailer hoping to set off a summer shopping frenzy. it is the fifth year of the sale which started today at midnight, ends tomorrow at midnight. amazon offering more than a million deals to prime members. but it's not the only one. dozens of other companies like target and walmart also running sales today. >> amazon has created this new spike and it has massive implications for retail in that other retailers have to have their share of that wallet. if that wallet share just goes to amazon i think it's going to see target and walmart and best buy suffer even more. >> it comes as traditional retailers face a tough year. more than 7400 stores have closed their doors so far in 2019. up next, at 6:30, addressin back home by president trump are firing back. ing iconic names to day that's yosemite. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
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right now at 6:30, a united front. the four congresswomen targeted by president trump's racially charged tweets are responding. as for the president, no regrets about his comments over the weekend. instead he reiterated them today at the white house. >> thesi stir up controversy with his tweets, but this time members of his own party not too happy. our janelle wang is following that backlash for us. >> the four congresswomen held a joint conference.
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they say they're not surprised about the president's remarks but they're not going to let it slide. four democratic congresswomen responding to president trump's remarks many are calling racist. >> all of this is a distraction. it's a distraction from what's most important and from our core values as american citizens. >> he's launching a blatantly racist attack on four duly elected members of the united states of house of representatives. >> reporter: the united front follows president trump's controversial message earlier today. >> if they don't like it here, they can leave. all they do is complain. so all i'm saying is if t want to leave they can leave. >> reporter: the double down follows these tweets telling the four lawmakers tooto go back to the countries from which they came. >> he tells us that i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better. and that's what i'm here to do. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio cortez targeted along with three
6:31 pm
other freshman democrats, all women of color, all u.s. citizens, three born in america. the fourth, minnesota representative ilhan omar, born in somalia, was singled out. >> see somebody talking about how great al qaeda is, that was omar. how great al qaeda is. >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling the tweets inappropriate. >> they're race baiting. they're racist. they're meant to divide people. >> reporter: several republican senators issuing statements opposing the president's attack on their fellow lawmakers. house speaker nancy pelosi telling democrats "our unity is our power" and calling on gop lawmakers to join them in voting for a resolution condemning the president's statement. and that resolution would be a symbolic one. now, at this time even though a few spoke out most republicans are staying silent on the president's latest remarks. jessica? >> okay. thank you, janelle. our political analyst joins us now. a lot of people really deriding this as one of the worst things they've seen. but this is kind of vintage
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trump, isn't it? >> oh, sure. it goes all the way back to the days of birtherism. remember? barack obama was born somewhere in africa. how about the 30,000 muslims that celebrated 9/11. mexicans being rapists and murderers. we can go on and on. and this is vintage trump. and in a way it's kind of nor l normalizing his presidency and it's something that we just have come to almost accept as being part of him. and that in itself is a statement about him and the country. >> well, and also we heard say republicans are really being completely silent about this. it's almost as if he continues to escalate and they continue to be silent. >> you know, particularly in congress, if you think about it, they have much more to lose than they have to win. remember, this is a president that has given them conservative justices. this is the president that has the great big tax change that reduced taxes. this is a president that has rolled back over 200 regulatory bills and laws. these are things that are just part and parcel, part of the republican brand, and so they look at him, they say, well,
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he's really not a very well-behaved person but look at all the things he's given us. hard for them to go in the other direction. >> speaking of giving, there's been some back and forth between pelosi and the squad. how does this change the dynamic of that? is that good for pelosi now that they're united and what happens next after this? >> there's good news and bad news. the good news is it temporarily at least puts the democrats all rowing the same way. right? they're all on the same side here. they have a common enemy. forget our in-house issues. we need to go ahead and strike at the president. but here's the bad news that people are thinking about, jess, and that is that the president with his remarks is going to discourage people from all sides from voting. the pew survey recently found that 85% of americans feel that politics today are worse than they've been in the past. so people feel that they're all. who turns out the least? hanging the behavior.
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>> absolutely. and the question is is this a one of, stha president who's just going to do this this time, encourage people to go out and speak as they do or will the country go back to normal when the president is replaced by another? that's the big question that we have a couple or maybe six years to find out. >> okay. thank you very much, larry. among the notable names speaking out is warriors coach steve kerr. kerr took to twitter urging members of congress to call out the president for lashing out at the four freshman congresswomen. as you know, kerr has been a vocal critic of the president. warriors have skipped the traditional white house visit after winning their past two nba championships. the immigration raids remain a primary concern rds actually place, the president is calling them a success. he insists the numbers or documentation. a senior official tells nbc news only a targeted immigrants were
6:35 pm
arrested. >> many were felons. many were convicted of crime. many, many were taken out on sunday. you just didn't know about it. >> the administration also announcing new rules for those seeking asylum here in the u.s. beginning tomorrow, u.s.-bound immigrants who pass through mexico must first apply for asylum there. mexico's foreign relations secretary says his country did not agree with that and the aclu says it will sue to block the policy. well, tonight investigators are interviewing a man hoping to get some answers about the murder of a bay area scientist who was killed in greece. dr. suzanne eatoneame, disappea 2nd. she was attending a conference onlts greek island of crete. six days later police found her body inside an abandoned world war ii bunker. investigators say her killer suffocated her. they interviewed ten people over the weekend. one of them, a 27-year-old man, was detained today. dr. eaton was born in oakland
6:36 pm
but was living in germany. we have new details on a story we've been tracking about that fire in mclaren park in san francisco. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. it burned about four acres. today the fire department announced people cooking at mclaren park started the blaze. sf fire reminding people to make sure you fully extinguish all your cooking materials before you leave any park. they're back. the names of yosemite's iconic spots. today the uncovering of fames names excited fans on twitter. it was covered up three years ago in the midst of a lawsuit between the park service and a company operating many of the park's concessions. the fight was over trademark names. legal settlement means the park's legendary hotel will return to its original name, the ahwahnee, and we no longer have to call it the majestic yosemite hotel. governor newsom passing a bill today that allows to you bring tupperware to concerts and fairs and even restaurants. right now it's against the law
6:37 pm
to bring reusable containers to big events. so after there's usually plenty of piles of plastic plates and bottles left on the fairgrounds or wherever you are. the bill by david chu will change all that. the hope is people will take their own containers with them when they leave. it also allows customers to bring reusable containers to restaurants for to go bags. this will begin on january 1st. up next, back in the salesforce transit center. that multimillion-dollar hub.
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a deadly crash in contra costa county. it happened around 5:00 a.m. on i-80 just west of el portal avenue. our sky ranger was overhead. the chp says the driver collided into the guardrail and rolled down the dirt embankment. talk babying mistake. a driver went right into a house. it happened at 6:00 p.m. in santa rosa. police tell us the man was trying to back out of a driveway
6:40 pm
but instead he went forward, crashed right into the house. police say the driver admitted he was high on meth at the time. officers found drugs in his car but luckily no one was hurt. not uncommon with bay area tech companies, uber has struggled with diversity in recent years, but by setting goals and committing to them, tech crunch reports uber is making progress. uber's employees are still predominantly white and asian. black employees now make up nearly 10% of the workforce. 8% latina. however, those are mostly support positions. the numbers drop by more than half when it comes to higher-paying jobs. the buses are back at the salesforce transit center in san francisco. the transit center reopened to buses over the weekend. this morning the center was opened. closed for nine months while under truction. passengere running. >> i just like the cleanness of being here. the buses are together. it will be very nice when the other buses take the bay bridge and go through the city. so yeah, i'm excited. >> slowly bringing in bus
6:41 pm
traffic. right now only muni and golden gate transit buss are allowed. transit center will start accepting all buses in about a month. it is monday. jaef ranieri is here. last week around this time you said it felt like a friday. >> it kind of feels like a friday again. >> if you say so. >> i'm going with it. outside right now a live look here in the east bay. mostly clear skies and currently 85 degrees after a high of 93. we'll talk more about some cooling and we'll tell you what could be aggravating your allergies coming up in a few minutes. also still dumping a lot of rain in louisiana. the remnants of hurricane
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
southern louisiana in recovery mode tonight. 15 inches of rain in many areas. you can see some of the residents there. thousands of homes had no power, and some communities were overwhelmed by water. tonight state and local
6:44 pm
officials are accusing one another of failing to take care of a levee system that failed. here's nbc's dan scheneman. >> reporter: louisiana's governor looking firsthand at the damage in the southern part of his state. myrtle grove overwhelmed with water after barry blew through. >> we're very, very thankful that the miss miss river stayed within its levees. >> reporter: those levees now a point of contention with local residents who say they've been waiting years for new stronger levees. >> we're working through some issues that relate all the way back to the title of the land that the levees are going to be constructed on. >> anything i can do to help you. >> reporter: the state's lieutenant governor says the levee issues in the southern parish rests squarely on the shoulders of the local government, who failed to approve a land sale. >> corps cannot build the levees until they purchase the right of way. >> reporter: local officials have called an emergency meeting for tuesday. while the slow-moving tropical system steered clear of new orleans, it dumped as much as 15
6:45 pm
inches of rain in some areas. but far less than was forecast. >> it fell in the amounts they predicted over the gulf. >> reporter: crews are restoring electricity to the thousands still without power while statewide officials are breathing a sigh of relief. >> we absolutely made it through the storm. beyond lucky. we were spared. >> reporter: spared but prepared. for when the next storm heads their way. dan scheneman, nbc news. a new blood test could predict alzheimer's disease years before the symptoms actually begin. today in l.a. scientists shared their results on some experimental tests. one of them was able to detect the build-up of a protein linked to alzheimer's at an early stage about 90% of the time. right now brain changes can only be detected through expensive brain scans or testing for specific proteins in the spinal fluid. experts caution a lot more research is needed.
6:46 pm
well, the father of computer scientist alan turing is now the new face on england's 20 pound bank note. turing helped britain win world war ii when he invented the turing machine, one of the world's first computers. britain used the machine to decode military communications of nazi germany. his work way before his time. >> his work prefigured the neural networks that are used today in applications such as cancer diagnosis, self-driving cars, and other applications. and will be used in yet undiscovered technologies of storm. >> the bank note is a sign of the times. turing was gay which was illegal in the 1950s in england. back then he was convicted for having sex with a man and stripped of his job. now he's being celebrated for his innovative thinking and technological discovery. another decades-old restaurant in the south bay is closing. the restaurant sugaru in san jose's japan town opened 47 years ago. the owner says a new landlord bought the building and wants to
6:47 pm
use it for something else. the restaurant will step down at the end of july. they've just got a couple more weeks left. this comes after the closure of two other popular restaurants in japantown, san jose tofu and wings. parking crisis on the peninsula may soon have a solution but it will come with a cost. a lack of available street parking in the north fair oekds area, which is an unincorporated section of san mateo county. people who live here say they've been forced to park several blocks away from their homes. san mateo county has proposed a program which calls for people who live there to pay $75 annually for a county permit in order to park on some streets. they say that adding another fee to the already high cost of living in the bay area would be hard for people who lev there. supervisors will vote on the plan later this summer. the bay area's getting a new home for animals who have no other place to live. the peninsula humane society and spca will build a sanctuary in la honda. the idea is to create a place where animals who are not likely to be adopted can live out their
6:48 pm
lives. it will focus on helping cats, dogs, rabbits, and other farm animals. the sanctuary won't be open to the public. however, here's the cool part. there will be live cameras set up so you can watch them. >> that's really fun. la honda's beautiful. an open space for them there. >> very, very nice. let's turn things over to jeff, talk about the workweek. it's still monday. >> i know. i wanted to be with you on that. >> i wasn't selling you on that. >> okay. we've got lots of blue sky out there. it was warmer. if you're outside doing anything today you definitely felt it out there and you're thinking please, no more hot weather coming in. we've had it so lucky so far this summer. just after some initial heat in june that did get us to 100 degrees really the past several weeks we've had lots of 70s and low 80s. then today we did pop up into some low 90s but here's the good news. right now top weather story we're following is that fog beginning to gain some strength at the immediate coastline.
6:49 pm
you can see it slowly starting to push into san francisco. also right near point reyes. then getting close here through the peninsula. and that's going to be impacting us tomorrow. i do see temperatures beginning to drop off. as we hit your tuesday morning forecast we'll start off cool, get some recovery, upper 50s and low 60s. and look for your best chance of fog here right near the peninsula and 58. also a few low clouds back to the tri-valley and 62 still expecting sunny skies in the south bay and 60, a forecast for have some early fog, maybe even a little drizzle to start and 55 degrees. and for the east bay the tthe b better chance you'll have of commute for tomorrow morning. kind of a classic summer start here as you move into tomorrow. through the afternoon numbers will drop about two to four degrees in response to that fog getting a little bit thicker at costline. that'll leave us with 83 in downtown san jose. winds breezy out of the northwest at 17 and you're still up to a warm 87 here in gilroy. over through contra costa
6:50 pm
alameda counties it's warm away from the bay. you have low 90s in concord, pittsburgh and antioch but you're down a couple of degrees. 88 and then you go closer to the bay perfect weather in hayward at 75 reegz. the peninsula anywhere from 62 in half moon bay 2083 in palo alto. san francisco a mild 69 in the mission but you head over to the marina and you have a cool 64 with gusty winds at times up to 22 miles per hour and across marin, napa sonoma counties upper 80s in santa rosa, ukiah, sonoma and napa. closoalley you'll grees. now, i do think the heat, hot 100s will stay away and that's all because the storm track which has some milder air with it is just off to the north. that's really going to keep a lot of the hottest air away. but we're going to be stuck kind of in between. we'll still have some warm weather but the morning fog will help kind of save us if you will. so good week coming our way. the only problem you might have
6:51 pm
is allergies. privet starting to bloom. it's been blooming for parts of the bay area for a while but it's coming up here. it's a common shrub you see a lot of your neighbors have, you might have yourself. privet in the high category. extended forecast for san francisco next seven days really kind of status quo weather for us. and for the inland valleys we're staying in the 80s all the way through the workweek and even the- week good, 85 on saturday 86 on sunday. tomorrow definitely could feel closer to friday because the numbers will be down a little bit. >> tuesday is friday-like. thanks for playing. >> yeah. sure. up next, brandon crawford did something today that no giant has done in almost 60 years. we'll show you. it's a good thing. stay with us. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on
6:52 pm
fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more.
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check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. - burt! you have my lunch. - introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce.
6:54 pm
and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? after a rocky start the giants are one of the hottest teams in baseball. >> don'too they've quietly won 9 of their last 11 games. today a rare doubleheader in denver against the rockies. how about this for a good day at the office? this is brandon crawford.
6:55 pm
>> it's the hair. >> it just keeps growing. >> sampson. >> a three-run homer in the first inning. crawford was just getting started. the pride of pleasanton -- where did he go to high school? >> foothill 37. >> foothill high. he had five hits, two home runs and eight rbis in this game. the last giant who had eight rbis in one game, orlando cepeda back in 1961. the giants win this first game 19-2. they have now started game 2 of the doubleheader. guess who just hit a home run in game 2. >> sampson. >> brandon crawford with the hair. after a contentious back and forth throughout the off-season the 49ers make something big news today. they have re-signed their place kicker robbie gould. finally agreeing on a new contract. the deal could be ultimately long as four years, worth 19 million bucks. 15 mill is guaranteed. that's a lot of money for a kicker. the niners had until 1:00 p.m. today to come up with this long-term contract. gould is one of the most accurate kickers in the nfl. coming up tonight at 11:00,
6:56 pm
the bay area's best deals where you can still buy a home for under half a million dollars. and the man who wants to help you find it. we'll have ha story tonigthat st 11:00. >> we're all curious about that. before we go, tomorrow into tuesday. >> we've got some morning fog coming back and by the afternoon we're down a couple degrees. this will put us at 88 for the high. by our friday forecast looking at 83 degrees. mid 80s this upcoming weekend. it's summer vacation. maybe you're going to santa cruz. look at these temperatures. we'll start with some morning fog. 60s by the afternoon. 76 and hit the roller coaster. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
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queen bey meets the duchess, beyonce and jay z's night with megan and harry. what they were over heard talking about, and inside the five and after party as they were spotted leaving at 4:00 a.m. jeff bezos and lauren sanchez kissing at wimbledon. we track the couple at the match. >> welcome to wimbledon. >> plus, branjolina divorce news. j. lo trapped in the new york blackout. >> i am devastated and heart broken right now. >> new video as her show is evacuated.


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