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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 19, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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. and breaking news on this friday. fire crews in the south bay battling a fire near the 101 broke out north of bailey. burned about an acre. we've heard the fire is stopped from spreading. 50% contained but a sig-alert in the area. we'll continue to follow this for you and give you the latest as it comes in. now to our other top stories this mng against the nfl in court regarding the team's decision to move to las vegas. however, the raiders have an unexpected ally. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. pete suratos joins us live from san francisco with the details on this.
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good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning. and what that unexpected ally for the oakland raiders is a department of justice who we didn't hear from in court tod today -- but to give you the ne of oakland 45 days to come up b. specifically that raiders may be losing out because the nfl only wants 32 teams. now according to court filings, the department of justice stepped in arguing oakland should recover lost tax revenue for relocating to vegas and saying tax revenue is not related to the city taxes. doj said this would allow other teams to weak taxpayer benefits and create immunity like the raiders are in. now the motivation for the department of justice is unclear and the judgeut as i
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mentioned, the judge on the next suratos, nbc bay area news. er thanks for the latest uber and lyft is a live look outside of uber headquarters on market street. they are demanding better pay and better working conditions. workers are asking uber and lyft to work with state leaders to try to solve those issues. meanwhile, in washington, president trump once again renew ago tacks on democratic congresswoman after the send her back chants at his campaign rally this those chants aimed at congresswoman ilhan omar, a somalian refugee. the president had tweeted that omar, an american citizen, should go back to her country. today during a news er crowd at the it was a record crowd. and i could have filled it ten times as you know. those are incredible people. those are nightmare.
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she's going to be the o beig where she is. >> this is different from what he said yesterday. when he said he wasn't happy with the crowd and its chants. mr. trump yesterday claiming he intentionally interrupted the racist chant in order to stop it. but video from the rally shows he paused for 13 seconds to let that chant play out. a follow-up now, greek authorities aroe identifying th man accused of raping and killing an american scientist from america. he confessed to used his car to knock her unconscious and took her to an abandoned world war ii bunker where he rapedroke bones. police say she was randomly targeted and missingeaton was i confront. an overnight standoff in the south bay after a man held police at bay in milpitas.
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they throw crash bang grenade news an apartment and it start at about 11:30 last night when a woman was attacked with a large night down the street. when the officers arrived at the suspect's near east calaveras boulevard, he refused to come out. officers used flash gren age to stun and eventually arrest him. in contra costa county, a lot of police activity overnight including several streets shut down in bay point on riverside drive north of highway 4. so far details are slim. but it seems to be an investigation into a death. there is a new attempt to expand transit options in eastern contra costa county. the east bay times said transportation leaders are green-lighting a creating more connections between antioch and brentwood and funded by a $755,000 state grant. the transit authority will look at to how to improve connections
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along with a proposed ferry service between antioch and martinez. new at 11:00, the top of the salesforce tower lights up in the night in san francisco but it could be changing. you might see it on your en bee until the city at night, there might be colored lights or a silhouette of a dancer but artists behind the screen said new images are coming this fall. and you might be on it. the artist set up cameras around san francisco to catch slices of real life. new footage will appear every day. taking a live look outside, on this friday morning, from the east bay in walnut creek, a nice -- i would say start to our day but we are almost at lunchtime. kari hall isrecack. >> and temtu starting to warm up in spot as we go outside for lunch around dublin. you could -- you could see there are hazy skies but enjoying sun
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and clearer conditions in san francisco and our temperas n weo palo alto, this is a look at our clear skies overhead. the sun shining on highway 101 and our temperatures into the low 80s for the afternoon. we'll peak at 2:00 reaching 80 degrees and then hold steady for a couple of hours before starting to dip back into the mid-70s. we're going to see concord high temperature reaching 84 degrees. also 84 in downtown san jose. napa, santa rosa reaching 79. and some mid-60s for san francisco and half moon bay. going into the weekend, there is a lot of -- a lot of events going on toathe so we'll talk about that and look ahead to next week's forecast coming up in a few minutes. new details this morning in the case of an off duty ride share driver charged in a string of sexual assaults. police call orlando lazo the ride share rapist and he preyed
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on intoxicated women who thout they were getting into lyfts or uber. a judge heard testimony on whether dna obtained by authorities should be allowed as evidence. now instead of issuing a ruling, the judge called for more hearings and plans to make a decision at a later date. continuing coverage of a high-profile case involving a bay area freelance journalist tarkted in a police raid. the judge said search warrant should never have been issued. police officers raided his home and office in may investigating the leak of a police report in the death of former public defender jeff adachi. police are still trying to determine who leaked that report. the same judge who issued the warrant has now ruled police cannot use evidence coledl phon a follow-up on the fight to bring homeless shelters to the embarcadero. according to the sacmento judge they declined to file the
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report and the request for a reastronauting order was sent back to a san francisco court. last month the board of supervisors denied an appeal from the same group. neighbors are concerned the center w b and e to the area. santa rosa has officiallyme it is a first for the city. captain ren ear navarro is the first latino to lead the department. santa rosa city manager announced that appointment yesterday. novarro is a 27-year veteran on the force and his first day on the job is august 1st. the current chief hank shrater is retiring. escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran. next on nbc bay area, another tense incident at sea. plus celebrating the mission to the moon as the 50th anniversary of the apolo 11 mission arrives, we'll tell you about the laser first fired at the moon by a south bay observatory.
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new video shows the growing tribute in japan for the people killed in a deadly fire at an animation studio, i should say. mourners are gathering in kyoto to lay flowers outside of the studio where 33 people died.
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36 others were critically injured. some -- the suspect identified only as a 41-year-old man who did not work for the studio was taken to a hospital. so far police have not indicated if they've learned a right now senior defense officials say marines jammed an iranian drone in the gulf of hormuz bringing the aircraft down and destroying it. the latest of tense incidents between washington and tehran. but here is the interesting thing. keir simmons reports, iran denies it lost any drones. >> reporter: another tense incident in the waters off iran. a u.s. assault ship, the uss boxer encountering an iran drone and bringing it down with defense. >> the drone had closed into a very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards.
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>> reporter: the escalate coming after a measured u.s. response to several recent oil tanker incidents in the state of hormuz, a critical shipping waterway. yesterday the iran revolutionary guard seized a ship accusing the 12 crew members of smuggling oil. iranian state tv reported. and last month iran shot down an unmanned u.s. surveillance drone claiming it entered iranian air space when the americans dispute. president trump tweeted at the time, we were cocked and loaded to retaliate but called off the strike at the last minute. u.s. sanctions on iran are biting. described as economic terrorism by the foreign minister who appeared to offer a nuclear concession this week. the offer falling far short of u.s. demands. as iran accelerates the iranian enrichment program and america continues to bolster military in the region sending hundreds of troops to saudi arabia, reports say. the aim, deterrence. the fear a conflict with iran with devastating consequences
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for the entire region. >> tehran and washington are a long way apart. one event could easily spiral into conflict and right now any deal available to washington might look a lot like president obama's nuclear deal. you have to ask, will the white house stomach that. keir simmons, nbc news, london. and now to decision 2020 and the presidential race. joe biden is leading the democratic pack. a new nbc news poll shows 25% of respondents would vote for biden if a primary or caucus were held today. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are tied behind him. and senator kamala harris was close behind with 14%. [ bell ] movement optd stock market, dow industrials up 44 and nasdaq down slightly. earlier the head of the fed said there was not much room for the the u.s. fell into recession.
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they haven't got interest rates very high. wouldn't be able to lower them very much. 50 years ago tomorrow, man first step foot on the moon but cape canaveral and houston were the only places to play a role. >> this week we talked about nasa and other places but what about the mt. hamilton observatory. today in the bay bob redell lasers in on the story. >> reporter: 15 years ago -- i can't believe it has been that long, two astronauts touched down on the moon. >> weealdrin left behind much m than footprints. they placed a set of mirrors known as retro reflectors to bounce back laser light signals shot to locations on earth, including the bay area.
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one of the first to shoot at moon what attached to the 120 inch telescop atop mt. hamilton. scientists wanted a better understanding of the relationship with our celestal cousin. but during the first firing on july 20th, 1969, the scientists were off target. nasa gave them the wrong coordinates. >> it does depend on where you are standing on the earth and visit visitor -- center. we're 1700 feet east of that. >> several days later on august lot of our 1st it got a direct hit. the photons 478,000 track took two and a half seconds. scientists suspected they weren't alone. that an unauthorized third party was trying to laser in on their reflectors and they later learned it was the russians. >> they didn't know the distance between the soviet union and the u.s. and by using the lunar ranging they could fine tune
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some of the numbers. >> and that obviously has missile applications. >> yes. >> reporter: the lunar laser ranging experiment that the astronauts played five decades ago is still ongoing an since proven that geo location works as to help us understand tectonic plate movement here on of.h and given us insight into at the observatory, bob redell, nbc bay area news. now a head of a bigger celebration tomorrow, the uss hornet is holding a sleepover event where people can spend the night on the flight deck. >> that is very cool. and nbc bay area chief meteorologist jeff ranieri will be forecasting weather live for our 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscast tonight from the deck. don't forget to tune into bay area revelations, exploring space. it airs tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. it takes a closer look at the moon landing. and check this out, my cousin was just 11 years old when the apollo 11 mission sent the man to the moon.
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and she dug up this old picture of she and her sisters and neighbors. i posted it on my facebook page asking you as well, where were you? maybe you were just a twinkle in an eye when man first landed on the moon, the anniversary. but it is fascinating with the stories you're sharing. and twitter and instagram, laura garcia, nbc. >> i would have been two years old. i don't remember 69 but i could remember in preschool them wheeling the tv in so we could watch at 13, 14, 15, 16 and i do do remember that for challenger. >> yes, i'm from a different generation. let's check the forecast. a lot of people heading out to the uss hornet. should be good. >> great weather for that. and all of the other events going on around the bay area as well. this is a live look outside from san bruno mountain wheer staying at home or out of town. in the south bay, in san jose,
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and we're also enjoying some sunshine. sunnyvale temperature is heading into the low 80s. which is slightly cooler than normal. about a degree below where we so as we go throughout the day, we're enjoying a nice little -- a summer, typical summertime pattern here. no extreme heat. we haven't seen it all week. and as you check out the seven-day forecast in the bottom of the screen, it will start to heat up a bit more heading into the middle of next week so enjoying this weekend while we have this slightly cooler than normaleath reach -- reaching up to 81 in dan vail and in cupertino at 80. in san francisco in the mid-60s. livermore at 81 degrees at 2:00. we head through the evening commute, maybe heading home or out to the park or getting ready for it is 72 in san mateo and fairfield at 80 and we have 81 degrees in antioch. as we go into the evening, it starts to cool off and winds pick up and it will be more breezy today.
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our temperatures tonight. so if you are out late, make sure you have on a jarkt. and we're enjoying cooler tharj normal weather, the midwest is baking in extreme heat. this is a look at high temperatures but when you factor in the humidity, some spots like chicago and also over toward new york city are expecting heat index values well over 100 degrees. we're going to have very cool temperatures out there tonight. as we get ready for the giants game at first pitch, 7:15, i'll be out there before the game starts at 4:00 and at the odual plaza and so say hi and look for the treat truck and we'll have ice cream and live music before the game as well. tomorrow our treat truck moves toward walnut creek for the chevron family theater festival during the day, starting to heat up. reaching into the upper 80s during the middle of the day. so you'll want some ice c
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especially if it is free. you could meet mike inouye in mountainview at the buddhisto bone festival in the mid-80s there. we have so much going on this weekend. make sure you get out there and enjoy the nice weather. our inland areas will warm up just a little bit more tomorrow for the afternoon. reaching 87 degrees. 88 degrees on sunday. and that is the kind of weather we'll see continuing into next week. although the temperatures going up a few more degrees for san francisco we have sunshine.he w wide range in temperatures from san francisco all the way to the inland areas and you could pick your weather based on kind of temperatures you would like to feel. scott and laura. >> kari, thank you. >> well we're all gearing up for the weekend. block parties and battles going on and all of the events across the bay area. it is coming up next in mike's minutes. but happening now, one of the most dangerous heat waves in year about to get worse.
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from the midwest, 200 million people are bathing in a blaze of heat with temperatures hitting potentially dangerous highs. more than a hundred heat records are on track to be broken this weekend. new york city mayor has declared a heat emergency and officials have canceled sunday's triathlon. we're back after the break. ♪
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trending this morning, the first experience of cats is coming to the big screen. >> here is a look at the trailer
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with a feature of several hollywood stars. ♪ [ music playing ] >> there are big names in this movie, jennifer hudson, taylor swift, idris alba and james corden, many are purring about the musical re-make and some pouncing. the video was published on youtube but getting as many dislikes as likes. some say they are excited and others taking to twitter to say the film looks terrifying. one user wrote, who green lipped this. i want names and addresses. this is terrifying. another swapped out the trailer music -- do you hear it -- with music from a horror film. and it is just as scary. >> that is funny. >> it is going to be a great weekend outside. >> that is right. mike inouye looking at the events going on. he's breaking it down in a minute. >> we start on saturday in the
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telegraph district of oakland for the family-friendly block party from 11:00 to 5:00, local food and blect and two blocks se they should name it blocks name? cherry and named for archery and test your skill with games and listen to the bartic battle. but make loobing for the bart proper. in cupertino, as you like and wanted, free part of the shakespeare festival, the images, remember one of the performances past. now it is great also to remember our loved ones passed and their influence on the life present and around the bay this weekend, both days i'll host tyco drumming and mostly eating and at the mountain buddhist festival. >> i've been to the festival. it is wonderful. >> s-- some days you have to bounce. in morgan hill, the biggest
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bouncing house in the world in the bay area this weekend. it is in the guinness book of world records and will be in the outdoor sports center today through sunday. do you have to get tickets but the big bounce america tour will be in san francisco next month. santa rosa in september. that guy is having a great time. he's testing it out. he's testing. >> before all of the kid come through. >> a lot of sun and we're going to have a nice weekend ahead. san francisco stays in the mid-60s. you'll enjoy breezy winds and cool temperatures and sunshine. and we'll heat up inland with the highs reaching into the upper 80s and maybe even low 90s. >> that is good. >> let's just focus on the first few days. that is when it looks nice. >> time for us to bounce. >> there you go. i don't know about the bounce house. but we'll be back here on monday morning 4:30 to 7:00 and for our midday newscast. >> and the latest on have a very wonderful day.
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right now on "california live." we're about to get lit. lawrence is cooking up neon noodles. >> and stirring up cocktails that glow in the dark. then, superman or batman? who would you rather. >> i'm taking a ride and asking the hard-hitting questions. who is your comicon crush. >> and kim is live in little tokyo. >> we're celebrating the local traditions of this 135-year neighborhood. plus it is friday try-day. >> and i'll tell you how this cool device will keep you safe from the summer sun. >> it is all happening now on "california live." ♪ ♪
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