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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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he was stopped not once by twice but police on the same day all because of the color of his skin. he took the city to court and police body camera video were a key part in this case. >> yeah. today he spoke exclusively with nbc bay area's melissa colorado. >> the man says he was not doing anything wrong when police officers tackled him to the ground giving him some cuts and bruises, and he says police camera body video backs up his claims and shows that it was all because of his race. >> could have been another story on the news, another guy getting shot. >> reporter: he says he's alive today because he kept calm on the early morning of july 28th, 2017. cyrus and his friend were at this 7-eleven in hayward when two police officers walked up to him. >> you got any i.d. on you. >> reporter: before the officers approached cyrus and his friend
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the officers are head telling the colleagues this. >> i came here just to get a [ bleep ] drink and the whole damn building is surrounded by these bms with hoodies and backpacks. >> reporter: bm is an abbreviation for black male in police jargon. >> my parents, you know, like that was enough for them to be oh, he's this guy and he's doing this. >> reporter: the police officer tells-yearus and his friends there's been a robbery in the area and the two look like the suspects. coronavirus declined to give him his i.d. and leave the store. cyrus said he started walking home and calls his mother to tell him that police mistook him for a robbery suspect. round here must have overhead him, and that person dialed 911 to tell them this. >> a guy outside having a conversation about robbing somebody and making a move. >> reporter: they walk up to him and tackle and cuff him. hey, what's going on? >> put your hands behind your
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back. >> reporter: cyrus asks why he is being detained. >> this is not the right time to ask questions. >> ran my record, nothing. no probation, nothing. no surprised because they were judging me off my image. >> reporter: but police still arrested him for resisting arrest. that charge was later dropped. cyrus sued the city of hayward and settled for $24,000. a city spokesperson says hayward police officers acted lawfully and there's been no change in training when it comes to police officers stopping people on the street. that's the latest here in hayward, melissa, colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we posted ten minutes of the body cam video on our website. can you find it right now on caltranz cruise working to fix a pothole on 880. this is near the 980 interchange. the pothole is pretty big, 4
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foot by 3 foot. a few southbound lanes will be closed for another hour for this emergency repair work. drivers are being told to use 580 as an alternate route. traffic on southbound 880 backed up for five miles all the way up 80 into berkeley. as soon as we find out -- found out about this story, we alerted you on our nbc bay area app. download it and get the updates on the go. >> high-speed chase in l.a. with a bay area twist. police in los angeles say they have been after a burglary crew for months, and they say that crew's home base is in oakland. nbc bay area's damian trujillo looks at today's bust and the very specific warning handed out to l.a.-area criminals today. >> whoa, oh, my god. the chase began on 101 about ten miles north from downtown l.a. police were chasing suspects in multiple burglaries as they race from one freeway to another. the suspects slammed into other cars on the 405, but ultimately
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their luck ran out. when it was all over, police arrested four people, three men and a woman. >> he's flying through the red light. >> a pursuit ensued. they drove wildly and recklessly. we went into tracking mode for the good of the community and the safety of the community and officers. >> reporter: tonight the suspects all appear to be from oakland, and they say they are not shocked at all. l.a. police say for three months people have been driving down from oakland over the weekend to commit a series burglaries. in the wilshire area alone there's more than 230 burglaries more this year than last and bay area crews are to blame for most of those. >> over the past two or three months actually, organized burglary crews consisting of gang members from the greater oakland area and san francisco area have been regularly coming
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down to los angeles and committing multiple burglaries. >> reporter: and today that police captain didn't mince words when issuing a warning to other crews who are becoming crime tourists. >> so my short message to anyone from a burglary from vehicle crew from the greater oakland or san francisco area, los angeles is aware of you, and you will be arrested if you come into town like your friends were today. >> reporter: we reached out to mayor libby schaaf but she referred us to the oakland police. they mostly targeted rental cars and most of them in parking garages. i'm danian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. it was harder to get a lift in uber today because drivers were walking the picket line outside of demanding higher pay and better working conditions. they are classified as independent contractors and get no benefits no matter how long
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they work. they want to sit down and negotiate with the company for better treatment. >> to be fair on the passenger side and the driver does not count for anything so this has to stop because we have a right to be treated with justice. >> reporter: lyft released a statement saying it's working with lawmakers and labor leaves on a different solutions so drivers can control where, when and how long they want to drive. >> you heard of packages being stolen from a porch, but in the east bay there's a different kind of heist. thieves stole a whole amazon delivery van with dozens of packages inside of it. here's a look at what police are looking for. >> reporter: police tell us they are still looking for the person they believe jumped in the van and took off. it happened up the road here. san pablo road in the residential area middle of the day but the people responsible actually didn't go far. >> why would someone do that?
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>> especially here. >> reporter: reaction was swift after a chp post about a van full of amazon packages that was taken right out from under the driver delivering them. he got out to check the van door. >> that's when this opportunistic person of interest decides to take the opportunity, jump into the amazon ram van and steals it. punches it out of there an steals the van to the driver's surprise. >> the chp says they are still looking for 48-year-old charles farmer as a person of interest. they say the van was taken and hidden in the neighborhood behind freight containers and then the packages were loaded into a ckby. they served a search warrant. >> found him at the residence with the truck but only 1 of the 71 packages on board that were officially accounted for by amazon and the driver. >> reporter: they believe steve
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appleby is an accomplice. they are aware of package theft but not the whole van too. >> it's really ridiculous. inconsiderate of others. people are waiting on their packages and then they take them off the truck. that's really bad. >> i would be upset, you know, but i hope people get their packages back. >> reporter: now i did hear back from amazon late this afternoon, and they say they have been in touch with these customers to try to make it right. they say that could include a refund or having the items redelivered. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, christie. authorities in greece are naming the man accused of raping and killing oakland scientist susan eaton. police say the man confessed to using his car to knock her unconscious and then he took her to an abandoned bunker where he assaulted her and left her for dead. an autopsy says eaton died of
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suffocation. police say this killing was random. a dumping ground for stolen and abandoned vehicles. a san jose neighborhood says it has the pictures to prove it. we first reported on the complaints this year and since then the neighborhood association has had numerous meetings with city hall. robert honda joins us now and residents feel like they are getting the run around. >> reporter: so far just this year from the area council district 3 they have made almost 4,000 requests to have vehicled towed. now they may not all be abandoned but it's twice as many as any other district. >> it attracts illegal dumping. >> reporter: people in this east san jose neighborhood saying a an orange warning site is a pretty common side. a vehicle cannot be abandoned on a city treat or be there for more than 72 hours but homeowners say their area is a
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dumping ground for stolen and abandoned cars and have shot lots of home security video to document it. >> they get parked here for weeks, get orange tag and moved, playing a cat and moush her fac under siege. >> the people who do have jobs, they come home to a street that has no parking. they can't find, aing because these other cars are taking the spaces. >> reporter: the local neighborhood association has had numerous meetings and interactions with the city transportation department recently. >> basically no answers to anything. it's the same old thing. the bad guys see the same cars with dirt all over them and they have been there for months they figure nobody cars in this neighborhood. we can go ahead and -- and go about our dirty deeds. >> reporter: now we did reach out to the transportation department to see what they had to say, but we did not hear back. we did do some checking and
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found out that the city has removed more than 900 vehicles from this area so far this year. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. >> 40 days, that's how much time a judge gave the city of oakland to rework its complaint against the raiders and the nfl all over the raiders' planned move to las vegas. oakland's lawsuit claims the team and the nfl conspired to boy cut oakland. while the judge agreed to give the city attorneys more time he told defense lawyers that he was skeptical the city would make its case. as it stands now, the upcoming season will be the raiders last in oakland. >> up next, the outburst that one former president as he faces the judge. >> how one bay area teenager was able to spend his day with his favorite silicon valley company. >> good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. we're live inside the "uss or net" which helped to recover the apollo 11 space capsule and the three astronauts inside. we'll take you a closer look and even show you a space capsule that is a replica of the real thing, plus your weather forecast in just a few minutes. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or corruption charges in latin america have toppled several
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presidents. this situation now has an audience in san francisco. peru's former president in court today accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribe. more now live from the federal courthouse. the peruvian president, he's been living here in the bay area. is he a flight risk? >> reporter: janelle, the judge certainly things so. we found out when he was arrested at his northern california home they found $40,000 in a suitcase so the judge did deny bail and now the question of whether or not this former president will be extradited back to peru looms large. [ applause ] >> reporter: at one point in time alejandrog btols into law y he appeared in a court of law in san francisco dressed in a red jumpsuit and slippers, quite a difference for the once powerful politician. outside the courthouse peruvian nationals cheered hugs for peru,
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hugs for dignity after he was denied bail. >> we were denied so much at every level and we want people to be held accountable for their actions. >> reporter: on this day no comment from his lawyer while his wife tried to escape a sea of reporters and questions about that $40,000. she did, however, receive a reprimand for multiple outbursts in court. >> i wrote down notes. she kept saying commentary about whatever was said. >> reporter: esteban told us this is justice, not only for this president but all presidents who have stolen money from peru. the brazilian construction company admitted to bribing latin american figures to the tune of $800 million for public comments and toledo was accused of accepting $100 million though he vehemently denied it.
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he served in president from 2001 to 2016. he's spent years in the bay area and got his phd from stanford and as recently as 2017 he was a visiting scholar there. reporting live from downtown san francisco. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> interesting story. sam, thank you. a brush fire created a big scare for drivers on highway 10 is in morgan hill. the fire started just after 10:00 this morning next to bailey avenue. it only scorched about an acre before firefighters put it out. all lanes of highway 101 at this point, they are back. >> anything better than baseball, maybe baseball and free ice cream? >> more live from oracle park i wants to be out there. >> garvin, chris kimura, sandra
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is there. >> reporter: if you have any complaints you can take it to them. if you want to talk about the great weather bring it to me. you know, what we're having a really good time out here giving away free ice cream and we've had so many people walk up and say what's the catch? let me tell you, we are charging the mets fans $50 for each ice cream bar, and then all the giants get them free. no, i'm kidding, like everybody gets free ice cream out here, and by the line it's a really popular item. we have ice cream sandwiches. we have the crunch bars and the drumsticks, and they are going pretty fast, and let me tell you the weather out here is pretty perfect. you really can't beat it on a friday, free ice cream, oracle parkgame, and it's been really nice. i want to show you the line though. as the people come by and just to get some free ice cream. of course, why not. and so we are going to be doing this until 7:00 this evening. but i think we may run out a
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little bit sooner. this has been, of course, something really popular. if you have any complaints take it to chris chmura and we have garvin thomas if you have a nice story you want him to feature about someone doing something nice in the community and i'm here to make sure that the weather holds up and that the fog doesn't roll in here and he's holding off as we enjoy sunshine and perfect weather. hopefully if you have time between now and 7:00 and you're close by oracle park, come which and get some free ice cream and say hello to us, and you're not going to lose with all that we have going on here so i'll send you back to you in the studio kari hall. >> powerful lady holding on to that good weather for us. >> thanks, carra. >> tomorrow marks 50 years since the apollo 11 mission when man first walked on the moon and the "uss or net" recovered the
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astronauts who splashed down when they returned. >> jeff ranieri joins us now excited about that and just a ton of celebrations for the anniversary of this very important event. >> i know. you can just feel the excitement building ton. we have folks here this evening back behind me that are getting ready for a star-gazing event and are getting an orientation on what they are able to do and won't be able to do because there's a lot of rules on the "uss or net." this is a living piece of history that helped to recover the apollo 11 space capsule and, of course the three astronauts that were inside just below the flight deck. we showed you the flight deck in the 5:00 hour. hat. you can see some. aircraft that are back here behind me. it's just a massive area that we're currently in as it stretches over 800 feet long. i want to show you this. it is a space capsule that is a replica of the apollo 11. we have mike mccaron here, our aviation expert are and he's also captain mike mccaron with
6:21 pm
the "uss or net." tell us more about this cop sule as we zoom in. >> this was done for ballistic testing it, aerodynamic testing, shout and you can see the three seats in here. the panels that simulate this. the thing i point out is how small the inside is. >> unbelievably small. >> so imagine spending eight days with three people in here. it's a very tight quarters, but they did a lot of testing on this. had parachutes pop out and drop testing done and this was done to make the real space capsule. >> so cool. if you come out this weekend, you're going to be able to come up just as close as we are and get a look at that. there's tickets still available this weekend, so check it out, "uss or net. "let's get a look at weather forecast. want to hit a few important things about this. again, it recovered -- the "uss or net" recovered the cap actual and the splashdown was 500 miles
6:22 pm
southwest of hawaii in the pacific, and the launch was just 16th, 1969, and the splashdown they call it, when the splashdown hit the pacific ocean, splashdown july 24,69. okay. temperatures tomorrow. we're looking at 80s inland and 70s by the bay and 60s at the coast. very beautiful day moving on in, and if you're headed out here to alameda, that's where you have to come to be able to enjoy the "uss or net" out at pier 3, 70s and sunshine. again, this weekend we had tickets online. mike has a very special guest here with us right now. laura and you are in charge of all of the exhibits. she has a rock, janelle and an 0 sha from the moon, vip, look at this. >> this is on loan for a ten-day period. it will only be on board until the 24th. >> let me pull it out. >> oh, my gosh. can i touch it. >> this is lucite that they
6:23 pm
embedded it in to keep it safe. >> as a kid i wanted to be an astronaut, meteorologist is as close as i got. so close to be that close to a rock from the moon. i can't actually believe it. you might have a cooler job than i do. this is pretty neat. thanks a lot, laura. my, appreciate it. we'll see them at 6:48 tonight. we'll take a look at the quarantine area that the astronauts went in and we'll have a nostalgic look at what a living room might have looked like when people watched it on tv back 50 years ago so a lot of neat stuff. can you believe this capsule? isn't that craze? >> everything is preserved so well. >> so well. >> so cool. >> you have the assignment of the day. >> you're going to take us back in time a little bit later. >> and by the way, i think you're probably the perfect height to fit in here. not giving anything away, you could be a good astronaut. >> totally gave it away, but i would love to be an astronaut. >> thanks, jeff. see you in a bit. >> we'll see you later. >> up next, it's been getting a
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lot of attention lately, but now there are now complaints about that salesforce tower. what people want changed and when they will get it. that's next. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience.
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we're going to get a clarification of what we're doing right now. we're going to go to the international. we're going to talk about a silicon valley tech company. it teamed up with make a wish today to get a passenger with playing a passion for video games. nbc bay area was the only news crew invited when john got to spend the time at nvidia. he was multiple sclerosis and his wish was to see how games are made and meet ceo of nvidia. it all happened today brand-new headquarters while learning about games, robotics and artificial intel swrens. >> he's a really big gamer and studying engineering and computer science and into those things so he said he wanted to
6:28 pm
come to nvidia. >> john also got the chance to build and play games on his own personal computer. >> tourists go one way and locals go another. that's what a new map shows about the bay area. here's the map right here. shows the most photographed and heated spots in the bay. now all that red color represents tourists, and then in the blue, those areas are locals. the yellow spots are places visited by a mix of both. tourists tend to take pictures of the golden gate bridge and usc and people who live here take pictures of place naz are aren't as popular. up next at 6:30, more protests in puerto rico tonight. what one presidential candidate in the u.s. say to see puerto rs president to step down continue to grow. plus rising tensions in the persian gulf. what iran is accused of doing
6:29 pm
that has western leaders furious at this hour.
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hi, folks, we're back. the ful . right now at 6:30, breaking news. a deadly motorcycle crash is slowing traffic on northbound 680. you see it there in our live picture in our sky ranger between androtti road and calavares road. traffic backed up for miles and miles. there you see it. cars there in every single lane just stopped.
6:32 pm
motorcycle fatality. witnesses say the motorcyclist was lane splitting, going in between cars when he apparently hit a white truck. no word when northbound 670, all lanes will reopen, but as you can see this backup going for miles, actually all the way past fremont right now, northbound 680 heading into the milipitas area. there is a sigalert right now. the motorcyclist hit and killed after driving on northbound 680. sky ranger is going to stay on the scene, and, of course, if we get any new information we'll bring it to you. you may want to take 880salte a >> if you can. a pressing situation in the persian gulf. iran seized a second ship amplifying reports tonight that iranian forces detain the second tanker in the strait of hormuz. it was released and has left iranian waters. >> two weeks ago britain seized an iranian tanker. we have the latest from the
6:33 pm
tension from tehran. >> reporter: iran's revolution reguard seized a tanker for not following international maritime regulations according to their statement. the tanker was taken to a coastal area in iran and turned over to authorities to take the necessary legal steps. now, apparently according to the tanker's operator it was guided into iranian territory by irgc gun boats and helicopters. the most senior leadership heref retaliation after an iranian oil tanker was seized by the british in gibraltar on july 4th. the uk says the iranian tanker was illegally tanking oil to syria, something iran denies. the incident made the authorities here furious. iran's supreme court leader weighed in immediately and said that iran will not let this act of piracy by the evil english go
6:34 pm
unanswered. now, iran wants its supertanker back, and this is a clear message short of conflict. nearly a week in and president trump is stilling feuding with four democratic congress women of color and is facing more criticism after a crowd at a rally chanted send her back aimed at representative omar who fled somalia as a child. the president said he was not happy with the chant and disagreed with the audience and then today he denied that that chant was even racist >> you know what is racist to me? when somebody goes out and says the horrible things about our country, the people of our country, that are anti-semitic that hate everybody,hahe i said president's worst night-makers well, you're watching it now.
6:35 pm
because his nightmare is seeing a somali immigrant refugee rise to congress! >> reporter: some republicans have indicated privately that they are uncomfortable with the president's tweets from earlier this week and also wednesday's rally chant. proper protests expected this weekend in puerto rico as new allegations of public corruption surfaced. overnight there were new protests. they didn't turn violent but they aren't over either. a larger demonstration is suspected on monday. outrage over corruption in the governor's administration has been aggravated by leaked chat messages in which the governor and aides apparently mock women, the disabled and hurricane maria victims. the governor is apologizing and vows to remain in office. new at 6:00, a group of muslim moms spoke out against extremism in the nation's capital today sharing personal stories to help prevent children from being radicalized. the three mothers including a mom from california spoke at the
6:36 pm
national press club. they presented a training video aimed at countering violent extremism and focuses on who extremists are, who they target and how they recruit. one mom spoke about how she was radicalizeded at the age of 17. she hopes her story will help others. >> and i am optimistic. i have hope. i was able to reprogram myself and they can, too. >> earlier this week the women spoke in front of a congressional panel on preventing violent extremism. he is accused of murdering two people in san matteo county. tonight detectives hope it find out more information about him. we first told you about the man last month who is accused of luring two men out to skyline and staonbbing of the men, a 3 taxi drier and the other a tow truco speak with anyon who has had contact with the suspect over the last year.
6:37 pm
that includes friends, neighborhoods, acquaintances, dates of his. no information too small. they feel it could help them in this investigation. tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing in cape canaveral and houston weren't the only places that played a crucial role in this. >> we've been telling you this, alameda, hamilton, and barbara dow lasers in on this story for this. >> reporter: one of the first lasers was attached to the 120-inch telescope atop mt. hamilton. >> the laysers were here in this room. >> reporter: scientists wanted a better understanding of our relationship with our celestial co scientists were off wro coordinates. >> it does depend where you are standing on the earth and they used the catalog coordinate for observe industry actually over the parking lot. we're about 1,700 feet heat that
6:38 pm
have. >> reporter: several days later on august 1st the same laser finally got a direct hit. the photoon 478,000 mile round trip to the moon and back took roughly two and a half seconds. scientists in california suspected they weren't alone, that an authorized third party was trying to layser in on their reflectors. they later learned it was the russians. >> they didn't actually know precisely the distance between the soviet union and the u.s. and by using the lunar ranging they could actually fine tune some of these numbers. >> that obviously has missile implications. >> yes. >> thexperiment from five years ago is still ongoing and it's geolocation wo us understand tectonic platente. at the observatory, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. our award-winning series
6:39 pm
looks at how other things and places played an historic role in the moon landing. we'll go back to the "suh or net" in alameda. the aircraft carrier safari recovered apollo 11's astronauts in the pacific. >> this ship is the largest artifact left. it was directly involved with the first time astronauts walked on the moon. there's very few places you can step in the footsteps of a president of the united states that gave a speech that will go down in history. >> tune in or set your dvrs. nbc bay area's revolutions exploring space airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. up next, boeing paying the price of all those grounded ov e company's bottom line.
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6:41 pm
pamtos's new fire chief is making history. he served in the department for
6:42 pm
21 years now and has been interrupt chief since january. a lot was paid attention to the cracked beams the salesforce transit tower but people have another complaint, the video at the tippy tippy top. they play the same 45-minute of images. the same array of pictures for the last year and a half and people living nearby say they just want some have a richt they are about to get it. a video artist plays cameras throughout san francisco to capture daily life. expect to see this new footage this fall. boeing is taking a big financial hit because of its problems with the 737 max jet. the company is reporting a $5 billion loss which is its largest quarterly hit ever. the money will cover concessions to airlines and compensation to customers for the grounding of the planes and the delay in fulfilling future orders. back in march the faa ground all 737 max jets after deadly crashes, one that happened in ethiopia and then the other in indonesia.
6:43 pm
celebrating 50 years since the moon landing. we've been telling you about it in this newscast. super exciting. we'll take you out live to the "uss or net" which played a crucial role in that mission. plus -- >> hey, we're live here outside of oracle park. we're giving away free ice cream with our friends from telemundo. we're here until 7:00. we'll have more about this and sweet justice for our consumers straight ahead. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard.
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nbc bay area responds to consumer complaints all over the bay area including your neighborhood. >> chris chmura is live at oracle park. when the ice cream is gone will you be taking consumer complaints for free? >> we have a bit of a problem. we're having a little bit of difficulty giving away the last 1,500 pieces of ice cream. looks like we're picking up
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steam. we've got garvin and cassandra and kari hall is over here to your right. kari has her baby bella there, and we have lots of very happy people who are collecting their free ice crime. you know who else is happy. i think the 2,000 people so far this year that have turned to nbc bay area responds for help. we are proud to say we've helped many of those people get their money back. for example, let's talk about april in county. she said a health insurance company wanted her to pay $1,200 after making a billing mistake. we sort that had out and the company waived that charge. isidro in san jose said he was overdelivered for a years worth of newspapers. we're happy to report a $312 reversal and roberta said her solar panels didn't work for a few months. we worked with the panel installer who then reimbursed
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roberta $16 up. if you have a consumer complaint call us any time. 888-996-tips. or come here to the plaza just outside of oracle park where we have a little bit of ice cream left over. i think we're getting down to maybe 50 or maybe 100 pieces left, but this isn't the only time we'll have the treat truck out. out tomorrow. watch your step. between 1:00 and 4:00 at the chevron bentley. do i hope to see you then, and, yeah, this is the winning part of the -- i think the night, but hopefully the giants also can score a win, too.o yo guys in t back and i. >> i don't think so. come to walnut creek tomorrow. >> yes, okay. >> that's right, we can. >> i'm just getting. there's thousands of fans out there. of course all the ice cream will be sold out. jeff ranieri now has the best gig today on the "uss or net in alameda which played a huge role
6:48 pm
in the apollo 11 mission. whoa, whoa, jeff, where are you, taking a break? >> there you go. what's going on? >> welcome to my living room, guys, this is inside the "uss or net" and they have a replica of what it would have looked like in 1969 when the splashdown happened from that apollo 11 moon landing. again, had to splash down into the ocean. the "uss or net" what we're on right now is what recovered the capsule and the astronauts. this is what living rooms looked like as 50 million people watched it live. they have some of the coverage rolling right there that actually picked everything up as it was happening send by second and this ship is just remarkable. so much history, so historic. it was put into commission back in the 1940s in alameda and got its kind of after life when it was part of the apollo mission. this air stream here is what they quarantined the astronauts
6:49 pm
in when they splashed down. we have mike mccar ob, our aviation expert, captain mike mccaron. tell us real quickly about this. >> this is the trailer that they have on. they put them in here for the quarantine and got to pearl harbor with the astronaut that's put on the back for a total of 21 days. phenomenal to be so close to history. if people want to see it this weekend, what do they do? >> we open at 10:00 a.m. go online to buy tickets on our website or at the door. plenty of space. the ship heldoom for everyone. right here in al immediatea. look up "uss or net. >> and that will take you right to our website. >> our aviation expert and also captain mccarron as well. let's get you the weather forecast and get you ready to go as we continue throughout the forecast here on saturday. we just wanted to hit some of
6:50 pm
those important facts again about the "uss or net." it captured all three astronauts and the capsule. the splashdown was 970 miles southwest of hawaii which occurred on july 24th, 1969, so if you come on out, tickets are still available. as mike said, mid-70s, sunshine, beautiful weather. you've got to come check it out here in alameda. a lot of people don't even know what's in our backyard, a permanent sea, air and space museum. morning fog and temps in the upper 50s hand low 60s. a classic summer bay area morning rolling on in, and our extended forecast in san francisco, we've got 60s next couple of days and then eventually some 70s moving in by the end of next week. inland valley temps, it's going to heat up. we have upper 80s this weekend and then we do have some 990s rolling in by next wednesday, thursday and friday. so eventually it does get hotter, but it is summer.
6:51 pm
here's a good way to beat the heat. wanting to let you know while we're at "uss or net" today. tomorrow i'll be at the nbc bay area treat truck traveling to walnut creek. free ice cream. it's a way to say thank you to all of us for being such great viewers. i'll be at the lesher center of the arts in walnut creek. head there. we'd love to pass out free ice cream and if you find me, i might give you more than one. anoushah and janelle, i found my spot on the ship. look at that. i have a call in to th bosses and hopefully i can get a second location permanently and we can do live weather all the time. >> jeff, athanks. >> we're going to restock that treat truck, by the way, for
6:52 pm
walnut creek tomorrow. >> it will be more than enough. >> guess who has been at the giants game and they are set to take on the mets. watch it right here on nbc bay area. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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it is orange friday.
6:55 pm
the giants at home right here on nbc bay area. >> let's go to the nbc broadcast booth and check in with jon miller and mike krukow. >> the giants and mets game two, and what do you do for an ensghor had a classic here last night, bumgarner and syndergaard, both outstanding, 16 innings, high drama at the end and a lot of drama all throughout the ball game last night and the giants came out on top once again. they have done it not just with the great opens which has been spectacular dgwith pitching as night, monday in denver and even here at home against the cardinals before the break. >> 16-inning game last night. really a pitching duel from the first to the 16th inning. the giants have been having good arms, great hitting and timely inning to boot. to the they take on last year's cy young award winner, jacob degrom, and he'll face tyler bidi who has been on a roll himself. it should be all about pitching once again.
6:56 pm
here we go. giants/mets coming up. i'm jon miller with mike krukow. back to you. >> thanks, guys. while the game is on, you can still watch your favorite shows over on cozi-tv where "ninja warrior" will air followed by "dateline."" >> thanks so much for watching we'll be back at 11:00 or after the game. >> thanks for watching. have a great night, folks. role of a car company? announcer: to take your kids to and from school? announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts.
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now it's giants/mets game two of the series next. ♪ >> jon: it's a beautiful night in downtown


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