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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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threatened in contra costa county. new video just in as firefighters scramble to contain the proclaims. >> plus a place for the homeless, the new plan in san francisco to help people living out of their cars. >> but first an iconic moment in american history that lives on 50 years later. tonight we look back at the historic moon landing and the role the bay area played. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everybody thanks for joining us ienl terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. 50 years ago america made history putting the first man on the man. >> the first steps lifted the nation to greater heights. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
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>> those iconic words now etched in history. >> astronauts neil armstrong an world. the historic trip remembered across the nation but landing on the man moon was half of the mission. >> the second half was getting back to earth. where the usz hornet comes to into play. christie smith is there are where it's docked and it was instrumental in retrieving the troent. >> they're wrapping up at the hornet. people are still coming out. it was exciting. and there was so much to see. i think the high point of course hearing from apollo 11 recovery crew. we heard about the adrenalin a excitement of retrieving the astronauts safely and how it all feels now. >> inside the uss hornet museum history came alive today, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11
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mission when man first walked on the moon. >> your adrenalin is up and pumping at that time. >> bruce johnson was the copilot in the helicopter that picked up the astronauts safely. when they splashed down in the ocean after those historic steps. >> raised each astronaut up into the back of the helicopter. and after they had gotten an initial check by the doctor we flew them to the hornet. >> people who came to the splash down 50 celebration were amazed. >> i had a chance to talk to the copilot of the helicopter that chaperred up with them. it seemed like these people are part of history. for me to meet them it's an honor for me. >> johnhirosaki worked in the w did not know if there were harmful path gwens on the moon that could affect earth. as a precaution we had to build
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facilities in order to house the crew. it was amazing to sit and listen to their exploits, because nothing like this has been done like this before. >> people explored and walked back. this mom brought her daughter who has been collecting moon landing stories. >> i like all of it. >> this is a piece of her memory book she had not had yet. this is great. >> and we are back here live and you can see people still exiting the hornet. tomorrow the hornet is back open and we're told that various hornet crew members who served onboard during the years of service are expected in the afternoon. reporting live in alameda, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> great stuff thaunk.anaval an not only places playing a role in the mission. so did mount hamilton in the bay area east of san jose. one of the first laysers to shoot at the man was attached to the 120 inch telescope at the
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like observatory. they placed mirrors on the moon so the laysers could beam back to earth. but great laid plans during the first laser firing, the scientists were off target because nasa gave them the wrong coordinates. >> it depose depend where you stand on the earth. they used the cattle og corda if knit for the broebs in the parking lot we're 1700 feet east of that. >> you think with that distance just a third of a mile but it's a big deal. several days later the scientists were able to get a direct hit. the laysers helped us learn about geolocaters. >> mike pence joined buzz aldrin at the space center to look back on the mission. both men visiting the spot where it started, the launch pad, took nearly a decade and 400,000 people to get to this moment. they invented space travel and changed the course of history.
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>> apollo 11 is the only event in the 20th century that stands a chance of being widely remembered in the 30th century. >> american space exploration is at a cross roads today. private companies are partnering with nasa to make the next giant leap forward. the president has also created a space force which is a new arm of the military. tonight our award-winning documentary series bay area revelations looks how nasa aims in mountain view played a critical role in the moon landing. >> nasa aims had been the center of yafgs and space flight for nearly 80 years. harvey allen made a historic breakthrough. his idea to shape caps yuells a certain way. >> we helped develop thety to re-enter the atmosphere returning crew or cargo back from space. >> tune in or set your dvr bay
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area revelations exploring space aires tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> okay to other news now in bay point, a grass fire threatened structures in afternoon. this is video of a home owner trying to put on the the flames with a hose before it gets too close to chicken coops. sadly it did and the fire killed dozens of chickens. flames broke out in a creek bed on mountain view road near willow pass. firefighters put out the fire before it reached homes or other structures. >> hundreds of people backed packed into a community meeting in san francisco to learn about a vehicle triage center. this idea is at an unused parking lot near the balboa b.a.r.t. station turning it into a center offering services to people living out the the cars or reviews and given a is safe place to park. >> we need affordable housing as everybody knows. people are lichaj in vehicles. that means they can't afford rent. what we want to do is we want to help them out and give them
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services and help them find permanent housing. >> the supervisor asha suvi unveiled plans on monday. today the conversation was to let neighbors know about the idea and hear concerns. a lot of people there. pilot center has funding lined up from the city. it is not clear though how soon it would open. a big cleanup effort today? san mateo county mapped in the broad moore village community and part of coma this morning. organizers say there are a lot of people living in the cars in the area and they wanted to help clean up. this was part of the be seen, keeping it clean event by san mateo county supervisor david kanipe. >> this is where we live and work. taking care of the environment by discarding garbage in the proper receptacle that keeps our community clear and clean and keep the environment safer. >> this was the second annual cleanup event. don't let pg&e raise rates to pay for dead dli destructive
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wildfire that was the crux of the lawsuit against state leaders ant public utilities commission. two pg&e commerce want them to strike down the new law championed by governor newsom that would allow them to pass on costs to customers. newsom says the law restores confidence in pg&e by requiring safety measures. the lawsuit alleges it rewards utilities and private investors for negligence. a woman fought back against her attacker in mountain view and now that man is in jail. it wasn't that easy though. it happened about 10:00 last night while the 29-year-old woman was walking in creekside park. mountain view police say this mane surge owe martin easy came up behind her covered her mouth and tried to carry her away. police say the woman kicked and screamed and two people heard her and ran over to help. martin easy got spooked ran away but say martin easy was back in the same
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area proulx near creekside park and they arrested him. look at a red suv you see on the screen. it's being sought in hit-and-run. happened in fairfield thursday night. police say with a woman was rider bike when a driver ran her over. she is broke several bones and in critical but stable conditions. the truck had a license plate number 5 cga 081. new video released by the iran revolutionary guard shows the dramatic moment when it seized a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. senior officials say the seizure happened in response to britain's role in impounding a iranian supertanker two weeks ago. we have the latest from tehran. >> there were mixed reports as to why the tanker was seize the. authorities said ithe fishing b distress signal. but earlier today senior officials said that taken reciprocal action because
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the united kingdom had seized its supertanker illegally on the fourth of july in gibraltar. authorities in gibraltar announced yesterday they were impounding the iranian supertanker for a further month and almost immediately afterwards iran seized two ships one of which it released subsequently. when the iranian supertanker was seized by the uk it provoked a furious response from the leadership here who said that this act of piracy by the british won't go unanswered. the revolutionary guard released footage showing a swarm of those speed boats surrounding the british tanker while helicopters were flying above and members of the guards deck of the ship wearing ski machks happen carrying machine guns. it was proesktive and aggressive and that's what iran wanted everybody to see. it was a message to the global community that if iran is hampered in its own backyard, if
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it can't sell its own oil it's going to make it very expensive for everybody else that wants to use the straits of hormuz and the persian gulf to transport their oil. ali ar ouchlt zi tehran. >> the world famous architecture who design the salesforce tower died. he worked in san francisco 30 years. his 31 story high rise on mission street everyone knows what we are talking about, the salesforce tower is the san francisco tallest building. he died yesterday at 92. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5 a terrifying rescue in china. a little girl dangled by her neck from a 5-story window. the reason firefighters broke into. >> protesters in hawaii not backing down blocking road leading to a mountain. >> and we're enjoying a comfortably cool weekend around the bay area with low clouds returning to san francisco.
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but enjoy the smile mild weekend while it lasts changes ahead on the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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a daring rescue in china and this one is really really hard to watch. a 5-year-old girl trapped outside a fifth floor window. but she slips threw protective bars on the ledge and dangles from her neck. goes on for ten minutes.
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there she is right there. firefighters broke into the apartment because the door was locked. a rescuer was hoisted up along theside of the building holding the little girl while a firefighter cut the metal bars set the girl free. she looks okay. obviously terrified. turns out the little girl got stuck when her mom reportedly went out to buy food. >> trying to find a peaceful way forward, that's what the mayor of hawaii big island says he is trying to do. as protesters try to stop the construction of a giant telescope on a hawaiian mountain. dozens of people blocking a road leading up to the mountain. 30 people arrested earlier this week. a state of emergency declared. well now the mayor says the national guard is stepping back 1.4 billion-dollar telescope fromui at the summit because it's considered sacred land. sacred to native hawaiians.
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scientists say that telescope will help explain how stars and galaxies formed and look for life outside of our solar system. 50 years after a small step for man an international crew of astronauts take a giant leap off a launch pad. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> engine. >> and lift off. >> you are looking at the used rocket and crew blasting off tor a six-hour freit to the international stations station. including andrew morgan. timing of the launch marked the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing taking off at 9:30 this morning our time. working on hundreds of experiments. coming up next on nbc bay area news at 5:00 helping students kick start the school year right. how nbc bay area is helping kids get on the right track. >> enjoying a gorgeous start to the weekend. crystal clear blue skies in san
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jose. 77 degrees. i'll hit let you know when 90s make a comeback when we come right back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit a dangerous heat wave is smogtering the east coast. scorching temperatures forced changes to the new jersey state triathlon. and forced the cancellation of the new york city triathlon for the first time ever. here you see runners brafrg the heat in new jersey. >> some walking. >> yeah, that looks tough. the running portion of the triathlon was shortened as you can imagine to two miles. temperatures reached the 90s for the before the race started this
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morning. >> raced this thing over ten times and i haven't been in miss reasonable on the run. it's brutal. brulgts. you know you train for it and take whatever the triathlon gives. >> you yeah, it's one thing to run it and another thing to run in those temperatures. temperatures expected to, again, reach well into the 90s for day two of the new jersey triathlon tomorrow. heat wave is cancelling other sporting eepts. including horse races in new york, new york state and maryland abnew york city. under a heat warning to through tomorrow night. >> how do you stay cool? a day full of family entertainment, popsicles and backpack. today we teamed one pennsylvania chevron family theater for the annual arts and music event. you see familiar faces. chris chmura opinion jeff rather thanny handing out goodies. increasing popularity one degree time. money collected will buy
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backpacks for students at cambridge elementary in concord. the backpacks will be delivered next month. if you'd like to donate the next event is next friday in mountain view. and i'm thinking that if you want to donate you can also get some popsicles. >> for free. >> in mountain view next friday. we'll keep you posted on that for sure. great day are day for popsicle. >> the ice cream stayed frozen for the bay area, the temperatures we have here. as we saw on the story before the heat is a big story. 75% of the country just swelterring with heat and humidity. look at the temperatures. keep in mind here it's 5:00 on the west coast. the east coast 92 degrees in new york city after 8:00. you factor in humidity and feels like temperatures at 8:00 on the east coast close to 100 degrees there. the new york city look at boston, 105 degrees. kansas city 107. that's the respiratory stressen
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and we retain the heat overnight. lows in the 80s possible i por parts of the east coast. that should make you appreciate the return of fog and the cool san francisco breeze. wind from the west at 21. in misty skies tomorrow morning. look at walnut creek. this is an indicator of the coolerer air inland. west wind out west west pat 13. and tupts in the upper 70s today by the way probably the coolest of the next seven. we'll get another mild day tomorrow before warmer changes. right now 60s to 80s, looks pleasant compared to the rest of the country. and the reason of course is the sea breeze that air off the ocean at 51 degrees sea surface temperatures in bodega bay that powers up the air-conditioning from the ocean. and allow further formation of low clouds overnight, local drizzle possible on the coast. and then we'll see sunny skies into tomorrow afternoon. the numbers in the 50s to start the day. and highs tomorrow probably
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warmer south of downtown san jose with some 80s around the santa clara valley and tri-valley. 70s closer to oakland and hayward. peninsula temperatures into the low 70s around san mateo. mid-60s closer to san francisco. and around the north bay highs in the 70s appear 80s. notice the seven-day forecast starting to warm up. that's one of the things we are watching. and maybe the first sign of a smr monsoon making a comeback to california. because. will strengthen across the desert southwest. air flow starts to turn more southeastly. so things may get interesting. let's see if thursday and friday might see some tropical clouds coming up out of southern california. no showers around here. but instead we get warmer temperatures and you'll start to notice if i think in the seven-day forecast as we approach wednesday. so san francisco has a chance of some 70 degree days except for thecomftably cool to wrap up th weekend. once we get to wednesday we may see the 90s sticking around a while. enjoy the comfortably cool
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temperatures now. summer-like changes coming back. >> it's going up a few degrees. >> yes. >> we'll make it through. >> we'll playbook it through. >> it will be okay. thanks. >> coming up rerng the historic moon landing mission tonight. how an american factory able to play big o one of the biggest roles producing the space suits that can withstand extreme temperatures. we'll show you more next.
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the 50th anniversary of the moon landing has special meaning
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for a small town in south carolina. get this, the fabric used in the space suits worn by the apollo 11 astronauts came from a textile mill in slater, south carolina, at the time the fabric was top secret. only one piece of fabric is known to still exist in that town. wow. the fabric is tightly woven, with rowe can withstand extreme temperatures. few people who knew about it were sworn to secrecy and couldn't tell spouses. the fabric of the tichs remains tight after 50 years. >> a day of celebration petition space ands science i oejd. it was full of moon theemd activity to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon walk. people of all ages walked the center. exploring with hands on moon demos cool stuff. a new planet air yum. they say it remains an
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inspiration. >> a lot of people have the experience of seeing it and that's an inspiration for them talking to people watching star trek and having my imagination sparked and looking up at the moon and saying we've been there- >> it hosted a apollo party for people 21 and old with moon cocktails. >> that's what you have on the mean. >> when they send threw. it's a bar like you've never seen before but you won't find a human being there. we'll show you next. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix,
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asking for a drink at a megaclub in praying just got easier. those are robots. a bionic bartender. they use robots not only to dj but to make drinks. they mix them up making 80 an
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hour. koos from a touch screen. unbelievable. >> no personal interaction. back at 6:00. tonight, deadly heat two-thirds of the nation sweltering in dangerous temperatures areas hitting higher than 110 >> it's exhausting and it's hot >> it is real, real hot. >> roads cracking. electric grids pushed to their limits. hundreds of thousands without power. our medical correspondent with a demonstration. >> i'm starting to feel a little light-headed >> of what the heat does to your body. new video from iran they claim the moment they seized the british oil tanker, the uk calling it a hostile act as the u.s. sends hundreds more troops to the region free rocky president trump on the phone with the prime minister of sweden today asking to let


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