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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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seriously injured hit by a car in san francisco. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. we continue to follow that breaking news. two pedestrian were hit in the area of taylor and street. sergio is live tonight with new information. sergio? >> reporter: well, the police are still piecing together a lot of the details, but in this investigation it seems like they have a whole lot of information to help them in this investigation. i want to show you the vehicles involved. over there in the distance you can see there is a black tesla. that tesla, according to the police, went through this intersection without stopping at the red light. it was clipped by this gray mini that you can see right there. and when the tesla was hit, it spun into the crosswalk and hit two pedestrians. one of those pedestrians is dead. the other is currently at san francisco general hospital. let's go ahead and show you some
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video we shot just minutes after this crash. at this point investigators say that they actually have four different angeles of this crash. they also have video to them available that was shot aboard that tesla vehicle. we talked very briefly with the man who owns that tesla. he says he rented through a service called get around, and it was the renter who was driving the vehicle. this is what the owner of that tesla told us just a few minutes ago. >> the message showed up and says, your car is not drivable. and something failed. and i was shocked. douldn't believe because it's kind of weird message, right? but then i received a call from tesla roadside assistance, and the guy was saying, the car was in an accident. are you okay? >> we understand that the
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specific investigators have already downloaded video that may have been shot from that tesla and obviously there is a whole lot of other icras but based on the information they have so far, police investigators believe that car, this tesla, was going 45 miles an hour when it blew through this red light. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio cantana. >> thanks very much. all but one lane are reopened after a car burst into flames flooding the tunnel with smoke. everyone that was inside at the time forced to evacuate until e under control. all of this happened about 12:30 today. nobody hurt. we sent an alert on the nba bay area app. be sure to download the app to get updates on the go. crews spent the day fixing a road where a water pipe break cost a lot of damage.
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this is in pleasant hill. workers have not only replaced a broken pipe, but repaired the road that had to be ripped up. the hope is to re-open it before tomorrow's commute. >> a motorcyclist is dead after a chaotic chain of events in concord early this morning. the crash happened early before 12:30 in the morning. police say a motorcyclist tried passing a prius. the rider hit the back of that prius, flew off the motorcycle. as the motorcyclist was in the street, a pickup driver ran ove one home fence. stop. thed through the homeowner talked about that tragic scene. >> middle of the road and then you get ran over again. it's tough. the guy that's -- i saw the video of the guy with the truck. and you had to know that you hit somebody or something. something should have made him
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stop. stop and acknowledge it. it was an accident, but he chose to keep going. and that's the hard part. >> although that pickup truckdriver did not stop, the prius driver did stop and cooperated with investigators. police are now trying to find the driver of that pickup. a restaurant owner in the east bay firing back at his critics after a post he made fired up the community. a lot of people upset, christy. >> reporter: well, terry, the deli is closed today as usual. but we heard a variety of opinions here. some said that this post did sound racist. others told us they came back to say they think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion and they standby the business. word about the facebook post came as a surprise to some people in clayton. >> it sounds racist to me from what i know. but i don't know why somebody
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would say something like that. >> john posted on his personal facebook page: meatbales made with beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork eaters. free side when you say send her back. in town he has supporters. >> just think people need to chill out. i'm sure he did it in a jokingly way and, you know, i think people are just way too sensitive and this is getting way overblown. >> the deli is closed today, but the post did come after president trump's tweet after four women in color in congress. >> as to the send her back comme comment, harsh, yes. but however, it's my first amendment right. freedom of speech. and i firmly disagree with her
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and her stance on this country. >> the owner briefly posted a response after a backlash on social media. there were negative yelp reviews. people called him racist. the organization east bay human rights advocates say they condemn the comments calling the message hateful and asking for an apology. they posted a screen shot. he said it was a smear campaign. >> i apologize to my family and those closest to me. and shame on you to all who blew this out of proportion. >> we all have rights to our political, religious and other opinions. we have a right to post about them, too. however, there is no place in our community for hatred and bigotry. now, we heard from one group today in an e-mail that said they were planning an anti-racism rally. but they postponed that because they got word about a counter
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demonstration. we also reached out to john several times to see what his comments was today about this whole thing. but he did not get back to us. reporting live in clayton, christy smith. >> thank you. a fast food customer apparently couldn't restrain himself after spotting a store's unattended ipad. there you see him taking the ipad. police are asking the public if they recognize this man. he came into a chick-fil-a store last night right before the store was closing. he ordered several things, including an ice tea. the store was out of ice tea. so while an employee went to brew him some more, the customer grabs the ipad. there he goes. and he stuffs it down his shorts. police posted the surveillance video to his facebook page. they're opening to catch him. serious scare today after people reported hearing explosions. it happened in north san jose.
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firefighters and police responding to the scene pretty quickly. they evacuated the complex, closed nearby roads because they thought there could be a gas leak. in the end, it was a swimming pool heater that malfunctioned, leading to some small explosions. the evacuations have been lifted. everything is back to normal now. president trump again slammed four democratic congresswomen of color today. now a full week after his initial tweet kicked off a firestorm reaction. craig is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: president trump today adding to his week long sustained attack on four democratic congresswomen of color saying he doesn't believe they are capable of loving our coin try. >> tragically, the president has decided that racism is good politics. racism is a good political strategy. there is a reason why he keeps returning to attacking these women of color. >> one top policy advisers disagrees with
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that. >> if you criticizeappe to be a color skin, that makes it a racial criticism. >> when asked if the president is a racist . >> yes. no doubt about it. i try to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> mr. trump describing as fake news a washington post report that the president's top aid did not think he fully understood what he had done in the original go back tweet that set off the firestorm. >> when you as elected official or anyone speak up against this nation, the president will check you in your place. >> words matter. they do matter. they have an impact. and they affect people. there is no doubt this rhetoric is hurtful. i think he owes these women an apology. >> both sides digging in on a feud now the driving you shall you of the 2020 election. there are new training but
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they're flagged with problems. could mean the differenc death. plus, the miracle on the hudson. who could forget it? now the plane is getting a new home temporarily. where it's going coming up. increasing clouds outside and increasing temperatures. close to 90 degrees today when midnight should be reached and in that seven day forecast we come right back. closed captioning sponsored by airport home appliance.
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faulty doors, wheels and cars. muni is dealing with a lot of problems with its new train. >> another problem, one that could leave drivers temporarily blinded. investigator reporter has that exclusive story for us. >> even today, i couldn't sleep more than four hours. >> although jeffrey lou is 86, he's never had to use the walker, not until last october when hel caught in the store at one of munis new trains. >> if my hand didn't get free from the door, i would be dead. >> this ternl surveillance video shows what happened. in that bag, lou is carrying a box of chocolate chip cookies
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for his majan buddies. >> i put my hand in there, tried to get in. and the next thing i know, the door closed on my hand, on my box of cookies. >> reporter: lou pulled one hand free and used it to bang on the train as the tunnel approached. >> i was really scared. >> reporter: lou fell away from the train just in time but he wonders why the traidriver didn see him. agency's outside mirrors with cameras. this second ved you show what is the driver saw on his rearview mirror monitor. as lou got caught in the door and waived for help. >> that's a perfect example right there. >> this drivers union president says they call that white out.
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>> as soon as the light hits it, it whites out the entire screen. even in ideal conditions the driver's display is just three and a half inches across by six inches high. that's before any whiteout. >> so you are looking at little grains of salt. you are looking at little grains of rice on this tiny monitor. and it's scarey. it's scarey. >> it is clear winner what is the train of the future for san francisco. >> the cameras are a step up from mirrors. >> i think they're actually a big benefit because unlike a mirror, they can't get knocked out of order. >> yet, muni maintenance laws we obtained show that once a week on average a train has to go b/o, broken and out of service because the cameras are not working. not asking was a mistake, says
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transit safety consultant, who has managed public systems across the u.s. >> you have the tunnels. you have the street that goes way out to the outer sunset. so you need to have a better safety culture that brings stakeholders together. >> for example, when operators complained the new screens were too small, muni says it ordered a larger ten inch screen. drivers can always touch the existing screens to make the image bigger. while lou's wounded hand is recovered, he says he still feels the drama. >> i couldn't sleep at night, get nightmares and everything, you know. i get scared. >> reporter: but he majon buddi if you have a 888-996-tips or visit our website. getting even more ecofriendly by sharing cups.
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we'll show you the new idea over in berkeley. >> in san jose right now, high clouds. when we could close in on 90 degrees near san jose in our forecast when we come right back.
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berkeley is getting more ecofriendly. the city is partnering with arem will work. the cups will be at certain caves and restaurants.
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customers will be able to che checkout a reusable cup through an app. when you are done using the cup, you return it to any participating business within five days. the dirty cups are picked up, washed, sanitized and used again. if you don't return them, you will be charged for the cup. the program will start in september. >> see how that goes. yeah. today, my choice was iced coffee. >> yeah. >> very good choice. >>s a proper day for that. and speaking of recycling, we will be recycling the forecast for the next few days. and probably trending hotter by mid-week in the valleys as, yeah, the 90s make a big comeback. here is one side of warms. when our tower camera up there, you can see above the low clouds as that marine air gets
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compressed. it is usually a sign our valleys are starting to warm up. you will notice san francisco and the low clouds off to the west of downtown, still 64 degrees. contrast that to what we're seeing in concord in the distance. 87 and not fog but also clouds coming up to the south. that's part of the mid-level moisture. you can see a few more of those high clouds near san jose. 78 degrees south of down ton. upper 80s today, even 90s. right now 64 in san francisco. 50 closer to pacifica and the numbers inland around concord. that late day sea breeze picking back up. we're seeing closer to the golden gate right now. 50s to start the day. and one change we might notice tomorrow, a little more northwest wind on the coast may
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try to break up some of those low clouds. tomorrow continuing the warming trend, which really started today for our inland valleys taking us through the 80s tomorrow. sa sara. also looking fairly warm tomorrow with 90s in reach. look at oakland and hayward and peninsula and lower peninsula locations not warming up a whole lot. still 60s closer to san francisco and the north facing 80s to now close to 90 for tomorrow afternoon. so you notice the fog we have out here at the coast. but the high clouds very interesting today. those have been coming up out of the south. mid-level moisture pulled into the bay area. and around that high pressure in the desert southwest tomorrow into tuesday, look for more of
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that and probably a little uptick in the humidity or the muggy factor outside. should be staying over the sear yeah. temperatures may get closer to 70 by mid-week. inland locations looking at 90s. i thought we would give you a regional tour of the north bay, showing how those temperatures could play out. as you head towards wednesday and saturday, check out liver more. a couple opportunities to find some mid-90s. trending warmer and san jose as well could get close to 90 degrees wednesday and to start next weekend. a real taste of summer weather. but san francisco and the coast staying cool. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, rob. all right. talk about girl power. pass grueling physical tests in the military and now a new steady is underway to look into so-called hyper fit women. we'll explain. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases.
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get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit one of the most famous planes in modern history will soon be disassembled and put into storage. you know the story. a bird hit the plane mid-air disabling both engines. but the pilot managed to land it in the hudson river saving all 155 passengers. that plane now sits on display in north carolina's aviation museum. that is until today. the museum will soon move locations. now museum staff have to disassemble the plane to store it. >> disassembling it for storage is also a very lengthy process and also we have to be very careful to make sure that we can
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preserve the plane into the future. >> visitors can see the plane again when the museum reopens in 2022. army medical researchers are starting a new voluntarily study of so-called hyper fit women in the military. they are studying women that have passed grueling physical tests. they want to find out what helped these women succeed. since then, 30 women have become army rangers. 2 have graduated marine infantry school. 3 others passed green bere training. they open figuring out the secrets of their success will encourage other women to apply for those same combat jobs. today is a holiday. >> yeah. you need to do one thing and one thing only. eat ice cream. >> sounds good. >> we'll be right back. and 11:00 p.m. sponsored by xfinity.
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ice cream sundays for kwiqu the bargain today. >> it's 125th anniversary. that means the location opened in 1894. there were goats, face painting and a dj there. the mascot there, am i rigmyrtl cow. it lands on national ice cream day this shops are offering deals. president reagan back in the day made this day, the third sunday of july, national ice cream day. >> that's a good holiday. >> and we have will some nice summer heat. >> we do. closer to 70 by mid-week. but most of the warming in the valleys. lots of 90s. >> "nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. >> see you then.
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breaking news tonight, a lightning strike on a beach in florida. one man hit directly multiple people sent to the hospital. >> the lightning came out of nowhere >> as a brutal heat wave bakes the eastern half of the country. >> the heat is -- >> 139 million suffering through temperatures that feel like triple digits cooler air is coming, but it's also bringing dangerous storms also breaking, the governor of puerto rico speaking late today saying he won't seek reelection. despite protests he will not resign. dramatic video of a venezuelan plane over the caribbean. the actions put their crew at risk grnd


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