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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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valleys. lots of 90s. >> "nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. >> see you then. breaking news tonight, a lightning strike on a beach in florida. one man hit directly multiple people sent to the hospital. >> the lightning came out of nowhere >> as a brutal heat wave bakes the eastern half of the country. >> the heat is -- >> 139 million suffering through temperatures that feel like triple digits cooler air is coming, but it's also bringing dangerous storms also breaking, the governor of puerto rico speaking late today saying he won't seek reelection. despite protests he will not resign. dramatic video of a venezuelan plane over the caribbean. the actions put their crew at risk grounded british air was has stopped flights to cairo,
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egypt, over a heightened risk of terrorism. the largest concert promoter was sechbding tickets directly to scalpers raising new questions about why prices are so high plus, there is a new box office champion heroes who finally end gamed avatar >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow >> good evening. for much of the country it's been a sweltering weekend of unrelenting heat excessive heat warnings and advisories in effect from the mid wall street to the east coast. the heat index topping 110 in baltimore, norfolk and atlantic city at least three deaths are blamed on the heat and late word today, a lightning strike on clearwater beach on florida's gulf coast our kathy park has all the latest >> reporter: this afternoon, lightning at a beach in clearwater, florida, struck a man in 40s. >> it was shocked, like thrown to the ground >> reporter: sending him into cardiac arrest he's currently in critical condition and
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several are recovering from their injuries. while across the country, scorched cities hit a boiling point with another day of relentless heat >> it's toasty warm. >> reporter: out side of manhattan in queens, hundreds of customers were without power earlier today, and many were finding relief outside rather than inside their home last week, expecting mom elsa was admitted to the hospital because of the heat. >> physically, do you think you can handle another day of this? >> no, no. >> reporter: in wisconsin and michigan, severe storms exacerbating conditions with thousands of customers entering day three, off line without electricity. also in the midwest, the heat index reached 110 in indianapolis where the metro police force was out on the streets handing out water to the city's homeless >> it's all about giving back and making sure that everyone's personal health and safety is actually taken care of. >> reporter: also trying to beat the heat, zoos in illinois
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and oklahoma as bears, tigers and turtles cooled off with icy treats and cold showers. thankfully the end of this heat wave in sight. >> i know all things will pass. >> reporter: but the brutal weekend baking in the sun is one that many won't forget. and in new york city, the excessive heat warning is not set to expire until 9:00 tonight, but it won't be until tomorrow when new yorkers really feel a difference when they walk outside kate >> kathy park, thank you. and as kathy said, there is relief in sight, but those coolers temperatures also come with an increased risk of dangerous storms nbc meteorologist erica grow has more on that and what we can expect in the days ahead. erica? >> kate, the heat wave is about to finally come to not a end, but we have heat alerts for 87 million people in the midwest, ohio river valley and the northeast and 234id mid-atlantic states. a cold front is on the way and we're finally going to see temperatures below average for this time of year. in pittsburgh a high
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of 71, 13 degrees below average, cooler in cincinnati and st. louis as well. milwaukee also cooler than average temperatures by tuesday that relief moves into the rest of the northeast and mid-atlantic and lot charlotte is going to be 9 degrees below average. a lock with this cold front mainly in d.c. and philadelphia on sunday, 17 million people at risk to r for severe thunderstorms to start off the workweek kate >> wnbc's erica grow erica, thanks. facing calls for his rez egg nation, the governor of puerto rico said he will not seek reelection next year and is stepping down as head of his party, acknowledging that, quote, saying "sorry" is not enough. but he is not resigning. thousands of protesters have filled the streets over the past week after private chats between the governor and others were leaked that contained profanity, misogynistic and homophobic comments. venezuela had a
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dangerous encounter in the sky over the caribbean. a fighter jet flying aggressively close t u.s. is providing the video to prove it. morgan chesky joins us with more. morgan >> reporter: >> caller: good evening. the high-flying encounter highly reckless, saying the venezuelan jet caught on camera not only acted aggressively, but jeopardized the entire safety of that american crew. tonight the u.s. military says there's no mistaking the mission of this venezuelan su-30 fighter. the video captured high above the caribbean shows what officials call an aggressive shadowing of a u.s. surveillance plane. the encounter so close, southern command said the russian-made jet endangered the american crew with an unsafe maneuver. notice r now the crossing of paths only raises tensions. russia backing venezuelan president nicolas maduro as the u.s. actively supports the man trying to replace him, juan guaido >> the are obviously lashing out
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against their protagonists they see as the united states >> reporter: thelita support toe maduro's regime underscores his reckless and irresponsible behavior marco rubio saying they have only three fighter jets they can fly. if they ever harmed any u.s. aircraft, they would soon have zero and important to note, kate, on the same day this event happened, the trump administration announced sanctions against four of the top officials in venezuelan's counter intelligence agency. kate >> morgan chesky in miami for us morgan, thank you. new audio is revealing moments what happened before iran seized a british oil tanker in the straight of hormuz on friday. u.k. forces can be heard warning iran that attempting to board would violate international law, as that confrontation escalated. matt bradley has late details. >> reporter: tonight, fresh audio from a standoff on the high seas >> if you obey, you will be safe alter your course.
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236 zero degrees immediately. over >> this is british war ship >> reporter: it records british sailors trying to stop iran's revolutionary guard from seizing a u.k. flag tanker in the straight of hormuz >> you must not impair, impede, or instruct, or hamper the passage of the mv stellar imperial >> reporter: iranian sailors took the ship anyway iran released this footage yesterday showing mass commandos repelling from helicopters. today iran releasing video of the ship held in port, now topped with an iranian flag from teheran's perspective, the publicity is part of the plan nbc's ali a arusii is in teheran >> reporter: it is dramatic, provocative and aggressive, and that is exactly the message the guards want to get across that if their trsz are threatened, they can cause major disruption iran says it was just
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enforcing international law, but new questions tonight on whether it was pay back for britain's seizing an iranian oil tanker on the 4th of july the u.k. government have raised issue with the u.n. security council and they say they're trying every diplomatic method they can to diffuse the situation that's increasingly looking like tet for tat retaliation. kate >> thank you british airways canceled all flights between heathrow airport and the egyptian capital of cairo this weekend for what the government there calls a heightened risk of terrorism. sarah harman has more on this from london. sarah? >> reporter: kate, cairo is cancelled at least if you're flying british airways, b.a. is suspending all flights to the egyptian capital for one week due to unspecified security threat the airline says it is a precaution to allow for further assessment the u.k. foreign office warns there is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation >> and are u.s. airlines affected?
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>> reporter: well, the faa says there are no u.s. airlines that fly directly to or from cairo, but there is currently a level 2 travel advisory in effect for egypt the state department is warning americans to exercise increased caution due to terrorism. kate >> all right, sarah harman, thank you. it was a startling incident for airline passengers when two southwest planes collided on the tarmac at nashville enter nationality airport. the airline said the wing letts of two planes came into contact during push back in the gate area. it shows the damage to the top fin, the firstoff. no injuries wecere president trump launched new twitter attacks on four democratic congress women today as more lawmakers decry the rit recollect emerging from the nation's highest office adds racist hanz nichols has the latest on the escalating tensions with no clear end in sight.
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>> reporter: before returning to washington after a weekend, at his bedminster golf resort, president trump sharpened his attacks on four democratic lawmakers of color, characterizing them as weak and insecure. even suggesting that they are irredeemable. i don't believe the four congress women are capable of loving our country, the president tweeted. today democratic lawmakers returned fire >> do you believe president trump is a racist >> i believe, yes, no doubt about it i try to give him the benefit of the doubt >> he is something that be using race like a weapon to divide our country against itself >> reporter: but white house advisors defended the president, accusing democrats of playing the race card. >> i fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin, that makes it a racial criticism. >> reporter: both g r a long battle >> we're not going anywhere >> reporter: while vice president pence was unclear whethe silent, like he did
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for 13 seconds last week as his supporters repeat their chants, send her back. >> the president was very clear >> was he? >> that he wasn't happy about it and that if it happened again, he might, he might -- he'd make an effort to speak out about it >> and hans is with us now. they have called special counsel robert mueller to testify before congress this week what do we snekt >> reporter: l well, the challenge, kate, for mueller to go beyond what he wrote in his report, he already said it should serve as his testimony. and also get mueller to clarify what he meant when he was saying that attorney general william barr didn't capture the context, nature and substance of his report kate >> all right, hans nichols, thank you turni to entertainment news, it was a big weekend at the box office with the lion king breaking a record for the biggest july opening ever, with $192 million made. but it's another disney movie that's smashing the ultimate hollywood record here's candace gibson.
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>> we owe it to everyone who is not in this room to try >> reporter: not only did "the avengers" try, they succeeded. >> everybody -- >> reporter: the president of marvel studios saying, thanks to you, avengers end game is the biggest film of all time the movie smashing the ultimate box office record to date, surpassing 2009's avatar as the highest grossing film of all time with an estimated $2.79 billion in one week >> every movie opens at number one, they all hit -- generally hit a billion dollars worldwide. >> reporter: but avengers end game became the first film to soar past $1 billion in its debut weekend. but its out of this world haul partly attributed to something very earthly, infla ttikets sold, avengers would have to keep on going to top "gandhi with the wind." >> after all, it is
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another day. >> reporter: nbc news. >> my family bought a lot of those avengers tickets. still ahead, the giant promoter live nation accused of selling tickets directly to scalpers and sending prices even higher. also catch and release the family that caught more than just a fish.
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there are new allegations tonight about how the country's largest concert promoter helped some artists place their tickets
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directly on the secondary market, also known as scalpers without giving fans a chance to buy them at face value mollie hunter reports. >> reporter: the world's largest live entertainment company is in hot water for helping bands scalp tickets at higher prices live nation, which also owns ticket master, tells nbc news it has worked with bands to put concert tickets directly on the secondary market the legal practice we call scalping. >> they are not alone in this practice it has been an open secret in the concert industry for years>> eporter: live nation says bands know the face value is often lower than the market value, and many work with a middleman like ticket master to try and recapture some of the money left on the table. the controversy center stage because of an exclusive report in the industry magazine billboard focusing on a recorded phone call on february 2017 twin a promoter for
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metallica and bob rue. according to the call, their agreement, to sell some 88,000 metallica tickets directly to resale sites at higher prices, never putting them up for sale at their lower face value. live nation confirms they worked with an independent consultant for metallica on a unique distribution vat angie that used the secondary market reps for tell billboard that the band members never knew here's the thing, it's a catch 22 for either artist, either price the tickets for market value like the rolling stones have been doing for years, selling more expensive tickets, or price lower and avoid angering fans. some analysts even estimate the secondary market is worth up to $10 billion, but lawmakers say it should be all about transparency, and fans should know where their tickets are coming from and where their money is going mollie hunter, nbc news, los angeles. >> back here in the u.s., a shark gave a family quite the scare when it leapt into the air just a few feet
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from their fishing boat in cape cod check this out a young boy was watching the catch being reeled in yesterday when you see that great white suddenly emerge from the water and snatch the fish right off the line no one was injured during that close encounter. we're back in a moment with the wisconsin town that was promised thousands of jobs when president trump made a deal to bring a new factory there. now some residents are calling it all a scam. plus, the ultimate in beach board walk entertainment brought back to life
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it was two years ago this week that president trump and the taiwanese production giant foxconn struck a costly deal to bring a factory to the town of mount pleasant, wisconsin. it came with the promise of jobs and
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economic revitalization but as jo ling kent reports, many believe the promise was broken >> reporter: this was heralded as a great deal >> 988th wonder of the world. >> reporter: breaking ground in mount pleasant, wisconsin last year. >> this is just the beginning. >> reporter: the plan, build a $10 billion manufacturing hub to make lcd tv screens, creating 13,000 blue collar jobs. in return, foxconn secured more thas from the state >> so it started out, i think people were very excited >> reporter: community activist kelly has been tracking foxconn since day one. to make the plant possible, they had to borrow money to buy up land >> mount pleasant is on track to spend close to $900 million in land acquisition and infrastructure
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that's 38 times our annual budget. >> reporter: the town's credit rating has been downgraded because of that. foxconn has also changed the scale of the project, telling reuters it's too expensive to make tv screens in the u.s >> then they said it was going to be technology hub, and then they said it was going to be an a.i. institute. >> reporter: the drama has homeowners furious, too >> this is prairie view drive, and this road here used to lead into an entire neighborhood of houses but foxconn's building they've been cleared out. residents are asking was it worth it. kim mahoney is one of them she built her custom home in the subdivision with a dozen neig>> t whole process has been somewhat of a nightmare. >> reporter: now mahoney's is the last house standing her neighbors took offers from the village government to move out and raze their homes. she said she received a low ball appraisal so she stood her ground >> i think this whole project was a scam i don't trust anything
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our president says he is not looking out for the residents of mount pleasant he's looking out for himself. >> reporter: nbc news requested interviews with foxconn and the village of mount pleasant both declined. in a statement foxconn says it is pouring the concrete foundation and is thrilled to be moving into the next stages of construction the company says it looks forward to beginning production in late 2020 the local government tells us they remain optimistic, and the deal includes strong taxpayer protections have residents been taken for a ride here >> there is a real fear we have been taken for a ride our only hope is that they build something >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news, mount pleasant, wisconsin. >> when we come back, the biggest musical instrument in the world. finally making music again.
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it is the biggest musical instrument in the world, and it has sat neglected for more than 50 years. but today, after a lot of hard work, it's making music again here's nbc's ron allen on the volunteers who spent a decade bringing it back to life >> reporter: on the board walk of atlantic city, the sound of a pipe organ soars through the famed board walk hall. a massive engineering marvel that first thrilled audiences back in the 1930s. ♪ ♪ how many pipes are in the entire organ >> roughly 33,000. >> reporter: 33,000? >> yes >> reporter: at 90, he is the sag organ. it was all but destroyed by a deadly hurricane in the 1940s and neglected nearly half a century dudley and a team of volunteers have spent time taking it apart and putting it back together
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>> these things have soul, and it reaches you and just grabds you and holds on >> reporter: an instrument literally built into the wall, ceiling and basement of what was then a hugely popular 40,000 seat venue so we are in the organ. >> yes >> reporter: that's the auditorium out there? >> that's the auditorium >> reporter: our guide took us behind the wall the largest pipe 54 feet tall made of wood, the smallest the size of a finger tip it mimics an entire orchestra. it's hard to grasp how massive this thing is. >> and that's the beauty of it it's hidden behind here because it's meant to just bring music to the hall. >> reporter: machines pump hundreds of pounds of air pressure up from the basement to power the sound all that and they'veu close yor eyes, the music to me -- it was waves here, and you could feel the music just kind of floating >> reporter: they
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still have several years of painstaking work to fully restore it a musical treasure coming back to life. ron allen, nbc news, atlantic city. >> you can visit it in atlantic city. and that is "nbc nightly news" on a sunday i'm kate know. for all of us here, have a great night
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we start with breaking news out of san francisco. a fire is burning in mclaren
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park. you're looking live at the scene right now. see that smoke billowing into the air. firefighters say it's an active grass fire which means it's not under control yet. they also say the flames are not threatening any buildings. now, this is the third fire in mclaren park in the past eight days. we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. we'll keep an eye on the situation for you. our other top story tonight. we continue to follow more breaking news out of san francisco as well. two pedestrians were hit in the area of taylor and o'farrell streets. >> one did not rvive. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live at the scene with the very latest. sergio? >> reporter: yeah, this is a story we've been updating throughout the evening. toi i want to


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