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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right now at 11:00, tragedy strikes tourists visiting san francisco. a deadly crash leaves one person dead and a driver under arrest. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. tonight the type of car she was driving and where she got it from is coming into focus. >> nbc bay area's sergio quintana arrives on the scene shortly after the crash. now he is at san francisco general hospital with that part of the story. sergio? >> reporter: police say that pair had just started crossing the street in the tenderloin in the crosswalk when they were hit by a careening model -- tesla
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model 3. police walked the women accused of hitting the pair out of a nearby hotel in handcuffs. they have not released her name, but say she is in her early 20s and is cooperating with their ongoing investigation. she is charged with rung a red light and mcdonald's machines. she was behind the wheel of this black tesla model 3. she blew threw the red light at o'farrell and taylor in the tenderloin. >> the mini cooper had the green light, made contact with the tesla as it ran the red light, causing the vehicle to hit two pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> the san francisco medical examiner has identified the man in the crosswalk as 39-year-old benjamin deen from clovis. the driver of the tesla rented it from a car share company called get around. the owner, albert kim dime the crash scene because he got an odd notification from tesla about the collision. >> the message showed up your car is not drivable.
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>> reporter: police say they have security video camera from three different angles. they estimate the driver was going about 45 miles per hour when she ran the red light, causing the deadly chain reaction crash. kim says there should be video from the car. the model three has five cameras aboard. >> usb speaker in the car which records all the footage. hopefully it did capture. >> reporter: police collected that usb stick as part of their investigation. the owner of the tesla says he's not sure if the vehicle was in autopilot mode. that's still part of the police investigation. as for the wife of the man who was killed, she is still in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio keenan that. >> thank you very much. the tesla was rented through the app called get around. the company is considered the leading car share service. it started in 2009. it's headquartered in san
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francisco. verified drivers rent cars that are not being used with the remote lock accessed by their phone. the company actually partnered with the sfmta as part of a car sharing project. follow-up to a story we first brought you as breaking news during our 6:00 newscast. a six acre fire in mclaren is park is now under control. the video is from earlier today. no structures were damaged. it sparked around 5:30 this afternoon. the cause at this hour does remain under investigation. all lanes are open again inside the macarthur tunnel in san francisco after a car burst into flames there. everyone who was inside at the time was forced to evacuate until firefighters got everything under control. this is the sunol that connects park presidio boulevard and the golden gate bridge. this happened just after 12:30 today. fortunately, despite all that damage, nobody was hurt. new at 11:00, a new report uncovered that i.c.e. used
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oakland international airport to deport tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants, despite the city being a prominent sanctuary city. here is a live look at oakland international tonight. the study first reported on by the bay area news group found that the airport was the staging ground for nearly a thousand flights chartered by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement between 2010 and 2018. the flights were booked to either deport immigration detainees or move them to another detention center. i.c.e. flew 43,000 people in and out of the airport during that time. nearly 27,000 were being deported. i.c.e. tells us late tonight that agents started chartering flights out of oakland in october of last year. we reached out to mayor libby schaaf, who has been a high profile critic of current immigration laws. her office has not returned our request for a comment. follow-up to a heartbreaking story we first told you about on friday. the ashes of a little girl stolen from the san jose
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cemetery have been returned. 2-year-old kelly lopez died of cancer four years ago. her ashes were kept in an urn in a mausoleum. last week the urn was stolen. the family was devastated. tonight the family says the ashes have been returned. it is not clear how the urn was returned or who returned it. an east bay deli owner is facing backlash after a facebook post because some people say it's racist. now that deli owner is firing back at his critics. and as nbc bay area's christie smith shows us, he isaing some support. >> reporter: this was the post on the personal facebook page. meatballs made with beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters. the deli wasn't open today, but people had opinions. >> it sounds racist to me. from what i know. but i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >> reporter: others shared with
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us their continued support for the business and owner. >> i just think people need to chill out. i'm sure he did it in a jokingly way, you know. i think people are just way too sensitive and this is getting way overblown. >> the post comes in a climate where president trump tweeted about four congresswomen who are of color. and a crowd at a trump rally chanted "send her back" about congresswoman ilhan omar. nation reviews pop upped saying it was divisive, racist. some called for a boycott of the restaurant. canesa briefly put up a post in response. >> as for the "send her back comment," harsh? yes. but however, it's my first amendment right, freedom of speech. >> reporter: he said he believed it was a smear campaign and added this. >> i apologize to my family and those closest to me. and shame on you to all who blew
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this out of proportion. >> reporter: on facebook, the group east bay human rights advocates say they strongly condemn the comments and ask that he apologize for his hateful message. the mayor weighed in too, saying we all have rights to our own political, religious and other opinions. we have a right the post about them. however, there is no place in our community for hatred and bigotry. christie smith, nbc bay area news. well, doubling down on what many consider racist language, president trump launched new twitter attacks on those four democratic congresswomen today. the president characterized the group as weak and insecure. he even suggested that they are irredeemable, writing "i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country." democratic lawmakers also doubled down, denouncing the zurich rhetoric coming from the white house and the chants of "send her back" from the crowd last week. >> do you believe president
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trump is racist? >> i believe -- yes, no doubt about it. try to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> he is somebody that is using race like a weapon to divide our country against itself. >> white house advisers defended the president, saying criticizing someone who happens to be a person of color does not automatically make it racial criticism. all eyes will be on washington this wednesday when special counsel robert mueller testifies before congress. after a delay, mueller is set to tell what he uncovered during his investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 presidential elections. he'll be questioned for three hours by both democrats and republicans in the house judiciary and house intelligence committees. mueller's additional testimony comes after he gave a short statement in may following a two-year investigation. in that original statement, mueller said there was insufficient evidence to show collusion between the trump campaign and russia. a serious scare at a san jose apartment complex today after people reported hearing some explosions. it happened in the area of
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townsend park circle in north san jose. firefighters and police responding to the scene pretty quickly, and then they evacuated the complex, closed nearby roads because they thought there could with a gas leak. in tend a swimming pool heater malfunctioned leading to some smaller explosion. evacuations have been lifted. everything is back to normal now. crews spent the day fixing a road after a broken water pipe break caused a lot of damage. this is contra costa boulevard here in pleasant hill. workers not only had to replace the broken pipe, had to repair the road by ripping it up. it was closed between doris drive and vivian drive, but all nes are back open. the first nine gates of the new harvey milk terminal are set to open on tuesday. yesterday's grand opening showcased a tribute to the san francisco gay rights pioneer harvey milk who the terminal is named after. there will eventually be a total of 25 gates in the terminal, and
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it is expected to be fully operational by 2023. still to come, good samaritans rush out in the middle of the night in contra costa county. what they did to try and save man struck by hit-and-run driver. we're on scene with the latest. plus, another blackout in the big apple. new york cutting off power to thousands of peoe tonight. we'll tell you what's behind the big decision. and 11:00 still seeing some mild temperatures around san jose. 66 degrees outside. highs today in the 80s. when 90s could be making a comeback in our forecast, when we come right back. my experience with usaa
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows.
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with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. tonight, a motorcyclist is dead and concord police trying to track down a hit-and-run driver. good samaritans stepped in to try and help. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the new details. >> reporter: the first accident happened early this morning here on concord boulevard. a motorcycle slammed into this white picked fence, taking it out. a large white cross now sits on concord boulevard near where a motorcyclist was killed. friends of the victim left it tonight as they mourn the 28-year-old man they say was
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like family. gail meda says she can't believe he is gone. >> he was the nighest guy i ever met. funny, he never judged people. he was kind. he liked to have fun. but he would never drink and drive on his bike, never. we're going miss him. >> reporter: concord police say the 28-year-old was apparently trying to pass a prius shortly before 1:00 this morning when he hit the back of the car and flew off his motorcycle. >> i look out the front window, and i can see the motorcycle. >> jeff rogers called 911. he says he and other neighbors ran out using flashlights to help slow traffic. that's when he says a truck drove over the motorcyclist and then kept going. >> just feel bad for the guy. you know, middle of the road and then you get ran over again. it's tough. >> reporter: and he questions why the truck driver didn't stop. >> you had to know that you hit somebody or something. something should have made him stop. >> reporter: friends of the victim say he lived in clayton, less than five miles from where
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he died. in concord, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new at 11, people in puerto rico reacting with anger tonight to their embattled governor's announcement that he will not resign. protesters have been demanding the resignation of governor ricardo rossello since the revelation of a sensitive online chat. it showed that rossello and his close advisers insulted women and mocked victims, including victims of hurricane maria. late today he announced while he is not resigning, he won't be running for reelection. demonstrators, though, continued to demand his immediate departure. new audio is revealing what happened moments before iran seized a british oil tanker in the straits of hormuz on friday. >> if you obey you will be safe. alter your course to 360 degrees immediately, over. >> british forces can be heard
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warning iran that attempting to board would violate international law as the confrontation escalated, but iranian sailors took the ship anyway. iran released video today of the ship held in port and now topped with an iranian flag. many see the seizure as payback for britain seizing an iranian oil tanker on the fourth of july. a too close for comfort encounter for a u.s. maeve plane in international airspace. the navy released this video right here that it says shows a venezuelan fighter jet flying dangerously close to a navy ep-3. officials say the venezuelan plane was aggressively shadowing the u.s. plane at an unsafe distance. the encounter happened last friday, which is the same day that the trump administration announced it was sanctioning four top officials in venezuela's military counterintelligence agency. nobody was hurt in this incident. scary moments on the tarmac at nashville international airport when two southwest planes collided.
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it happened last night. you're looking at a picture that was taken right after that incident. it happened it looks like it's showing the damage to at least one of the aircraft there. investigators say the planes were both taxiing from their gates when their wings clipped each other. the crash apparently took the letter s off the end of the planes' wings. airline officials nobody was hurt. both planes returned to their gates and they were taken out of service. one of the most famous planes in modern history will soon be disassembled and put into storage. we're talking the plane from the miracle on the hudson. you know the story. a bird hit the plane midair, disabling both engines, but pilot sully sullenberger managed to land it in the hudson river, saving all passengers. the plane '70s display in north carolina's aviation museum. that is until today. the museum will soon move locations, so now the museum staff have to carefully disassemble the plane to store it. >> disassembling it for storage
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is also a very lengthy process and also we have to be very careful to make sure that we can preserve the plane into the future. >> visitors can see the plane again when the museum reopens, and that's in 2022. berkeley is getting more ecofriendly. the city is partnering with a reusable cup service called vessel. here is how the private program works. the cups will be at certain cafes and restaurants. customers will be able to check out a reusable stainless steel cup that has a reusable lid through an online app. when you're done you can return it to any participating business within five days. they're packed up by vessel, washed, sanitized and used again. checking out the cups are free, but if you don't return them you are going to get charged. the program will start in uc berkeley and the telegraph area in south berkeley. more power outages for part of new york tonight. nearly 30,000 customers had their power cut in brooklyn.
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mayor bill de blasio tweeted that the power company took customers offline to make repairs and prevent a larger outage. earlier in the day there were widespread outages in brooklyn and queens. it all comes as a blistering heatwave bakes areas. tonight's outages are unrelated to major outage that left part of new york city in darkness for hours a week ago. and speaking of that heatwave, it's just been rough on those guys on the east coast. >> high temperatures and high humidity making things uncomfortable and the east coast. around here we're going to get a little taste of that midweek as the humidity starts to increase a bit. and temperatures will be on the rise. right now, how about this view? looking to san francisco, the top of the salesforce tower above the clouds tonight as that low cloud cover has been compressed down by strengthening high pressure nearby. 57 degrees right now in san francisco with the low clouds. a high of 66. san francisco probably not going to see much of that warm-up that we're talk for the valleys over the next two days.
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san jose, you'll notice the warm-up starting tomorrow. today's high was 82. still kind of mild outside. at about 66 degrees. it is also interesting to point ow here the 24-hour temperature change in the inland east bay as the marine air influence essentially gets reduced back to the bay and coast over the next few afternoons. that means we're going see more sunshine inland to start the day. less influence of the ocean air conditioning for the valleys, even though the wind is still onshore and warmer temperatures especially by midweek. morning starting off in the 50s. some patchy areas of drizzle or fog on the coast. and then we'll see the clouds thin out on the coast. sunshine inland as highs tomorrow trend a little warmer than we saw today. we had 82 in san jose today. tomorrow mid-80s and probably 90s south. if you get closer to saratoga and los gatos, seeing some hot temperatures in the 90s tomorrow. tri-valley warming up into the low 90s. upper 80s around dublin.
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70, oakland into hayward. notice bayside. really not seeing a big jump in temperatures. palo alto, though, probably some 80s. san francisco into the mid- to upper 60s with the winds still west at close to 20 miles per hour with sunshine and north bay temperatures in the 80s to near 90 degrees. so what about the humidity? notice this green on the map that is monsoon moisture coming up out of arizona. we'll get mid and high-level clouds at times. the best chance for anything substantial besides the boost in humidity, the thundershower activity right now looks like it's going to stay to the east. stay tuned. this is a lot of fog on our coast. but it's the high-level clouds out towards the sierra and southern california. we could see thunderstorms across the high country for the next couple of afternoons. so coast in san francisco not much change. we'll see highs closer to mid-70s by the week. it's the valley, especially as you head 80 to concord, tri-valley south of san jose, we'll see mid-90s. feeling a bit more like july with 60s and 70s.
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relief on the heat and bayside locations. valleys 90s likely following us into next weekend. >> all right. >> rob, thank you very much. >> thank you, rob. still to come, two stories from the community of paradise. first, something we take for granted in the summer time, a swimming pool. we're going show you why they had to wait so long to take this dip. and pictures preserve the paradise couple's wedding pictures, one of the things they lost in the flames. how they got them back. that's next.
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the town of paradise continues to take steps towards a sense of normalcy. today a hallmark of summer reopened in the town devastated by last year's campfire. we're talking about this
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beautiful public swimming pool. last week, get this, firefighters used their hoses to refill the pool with absolutely clean water. the deadly fire last november left that pool filled with charred debris. now look at it. much of the surrounding town was gone. today a few families came out to enjoy a swim. >> well, i'm glad it's not burned up from the camp fire, and i just glad it's still here. >> yeah. the girls say they're going to be back, and they're excited that the swim team now has a place to practice. well, the 2018 camp fire in california was among the most devastating in u.s. history, claiming the lives of more than 80 people, destroying more than 13,000 homes. >> many people were forced to start their lives over, losing precious memories which were reduced to ash and rubble. but for one couple, a miracle of sorts has brought one amazing piece of their history back to life. edie lambert has the story. >> reporter: mark taylor takes nothing for granted as he cooks
11:26 pm
in his grass valley kitchen, especially the roof over his head. he and his wife mary lost everything last november in the camp fire. forced from their home and then trapped in traffic, they had to run for their lives. their losses included all their photos, their wedding album just memories. >> i hadn't seen the wedding dress, o. it was pretty special. sticks in my head forever. >> reporter: mary decided to at least try to find the photos from that day, tracking down the photographers they hadn't seen in nearly 20 years. >> they came back to me and said we dug immediately, and we found them. we have them. and i told marc, oh my god, they have them. so we both started crying. >> she comes out and says they're going remake the album and give it to us. we were just like that doesn't happen.
11:27 pm
with everything that's gone wrong, it just seems like, you know, after losing everything. >> reporter: a few weeks later -- >> hello there! >> reporter: richard briggs delivered on his promise. here is your album. >> oh my god. >> reporter: a box that was instantly precious to the taylors. they opened the gift with shaking hands. >> help me. >> reporter: and then they were staring down at their wedding day. >> this means so much to us. >> thank you. >> reporter: even after shooting hundreds of weddings, briggs still remembered this one. >> i remembered him crying as she was walking down the aisle. and i thought these people are so much in love. >> reporter: remembering a wedding after 20 years is unusual, but even more unusual, he still had the negatives. turns out he is one of very few professional wedding photographers who has saved every image he shot since 1985. >> luckily, they were intact. they were a little bit faded. i bought a scanner and scanned them all, and my wife, she's
11:28 pm
excellent in the editing, and she brought back the color and the life back into the photos. and from those images, i was able to make the album. >> it's the only photos we have from the past. so it meant a lot. because we lost everything in the fire. >> gave us a piece of something back that we -- after losing everything, it was -- how to explain it. there is no words. >> reporter: and it's more than seeing their wedding again. this album is also filled with images of people who have now passed away. >> my mom who died six days before christmas, to see her pictures in there, her photos, piece of mom. >> as the briggs brought them the gift of cherished memories, in return the taylors left their photographer with a new beautiful image of resilience. >> and coming here 20 years later, there is even more love. it's incredible.
11:29 pm
>> the briggs also gave the taylors all the original negatives. the coupe legal celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on august 14th. still to come at 11:30 we recap tonight's top local story, including a deadly accident in the tenderloin. what we're learning about the driver and the events leading up to that crash. that's next. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more.
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recapping our top story tonight, a woman is in custody after san francisco police say she ran a red light, triggering a deadly accident that killed a central valley man. officers walked the woman out of a hotel you see it there, in handcuffs. police say she was driving a tesla when she blew through a red light at o'farrell and taylor in the tenderloin. she ultimately hit a couple in the crosswalk. the man identified as benjamin deen from clovis was killed. his wife remains in critical condition. >> a mini cooper traveling
11:32 pm
eastbound had the green light, made contact with the tesla as it ran the red light, causing the vehicle to hit two pedestrians in the krocrosswalk >> the driver rented the tesla from a car share company get around. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver after a chaotic chain of events in concord early this morning. the crash happened shortly before 12:30. police say a motorcyclist tried passing a prius on eastbound concord boulevard. the biker hit the back of that prius, flew off the motorcycle. and as the motorcyclist lay in the street, a pickup truck ran over him, but then kept going. the motorcycle crashed through a home fence. homeowners spoke about that scene. >> yeah, in the middle of the road, and then you get ran over again. it's tough. the guy that -- i saw the video of the guy with the truck. you had to know that you hit somebody or something. something should have made him stop. at least stop and acknowledge it. it was an accident. so he just chose to keep going.
11:33 pm
and that's the hard part. >> the pickup truck driver again did take off, but the prius driver stopped and cooperated with investigators. police are trying to find that driver of the pickup. the vacaville fast food customer apparently could not restrain himself after spotting the store's unattended ipod and surveillance camera caught him taking it. police are asking the public do you recognize this guy? he came into vacaville's chick-fil-a store last saturday night before closing. his order included iced tea. the store was out and while an employee brew more, he stuffed the ipad down his shorts. >> police posted the video to its facebook page, hoping to catch him. faulty door, wheels and cars. muni dealing with a lot of problems with the brand-new trains. >> we learned there is another problem, one that could leave drivers temporarily blinded during a life-and-death situation.
11:34 pm
we have the story. >> even today, i couldn't sleep more than four hours. >> reporter: although jeffrey lew is 86, he has never had to use a walker, knoll until last october when he fell after getting caught in the door of one of mouni's new hands at wes portal. >> if my hand didn't get free from the door, i'll be dead. >> reporter: this internal surveillance video shows what happened. in that bag, lew is carrying a box of chocolate chip cookies for his mah-jongg buddies. >> i stick my hand in there, to get in. and the next thing i know is the door close on my hand, and my box of cookies. >> lew pulled one hand free and
11:35 pm
used it to wave at the train and driver as the metro tunnel approached. >> i was really scared. >> lew fell away from the train just in time, but he wonders why the driver didn't see him. while muni says it has fixed the door, drivers we talk to blame the accident on the agency's decision to replace outside mirrors with cameras. this second video show what's the driver saw on his rear view monitor. as lew got caught in the door and waved for help. >> that's the perfect example right there. >> reporter: drivers union president says they call that whiteout. >> as soon as light hits it from a certain angle, it whites out the entire screen. >> reporter: even in ideal conditions, the driver's display is just 3 1/2 inches across by 6 inches high. and that's before any whiteout. >> so you're looking at little grains of salt, you know. you're looking at little grains
11:36 pm
of right on this tiny little monitor, it's scary. it's scary. >> it's a clear winner. what is the train of the future for san francisco. >> reporter: muni chief julie kirsch baum assured it is a step up from mirror. >> unlike a mirror, they can't get knocked out of order. >> reporter: yet muni maintenance logs we obtained show once on week a train has to go bo, broken and out of service because the cameras are not working. and documents show muni got regulators to waive the state's mirror requirement without going to the drivers. not asking was a mistake, says transit safety consultant dennis litton, who has managed public systems across the u.s. >> san francisco has certainly challenges. you have the tunnels and the streets that go way out to the outer sunset. you need to have a better safety culture that brings the stakeholders together.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: the muni chief insists they are listening to drivers. when drivers complained the screens were too small, muni says it ordered a larger screen. and drivers can always touch the existing screens to make the image bigger. while lu's wounded hand has recovered, he still feels the trauma. >> i couldn't sleep at night, nightmares and everything. i get scared. >> reporter: but he says he still have to take muni to see his mah-jongg buddies. bay area news. >> if you a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips, or visit our website, still to come, oh, the price for a cup of coffee for who tourists who had it in the wrong place, it was a lot. why they were given a ticket for more than a thousand dollars. we'll spill the beans, next. my experience with usaa
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two german tourists were find more than a thousand dollars for making coffee at a bridge in italy. it doesn't sound right, but it's true. here is the picture. the backpackers were approached by police after they brewed coffee on a travel cooker right on the steps of the rerialto bridge in venice. police told them to leave the city and gave a ticket. venice has a law against picnicking in parts of the city. about 30 million people visit venice every year. >> still an expensive cup of coffee. can you smell it? it's almost here. the annual gilroy garlic festival begins friday. >> i love garlic. >> who doesn't? more than 100,000 people are expected to head south for the
11:40 pm
festival that lets you taste garlic fries, anything with garlic in it. live bands are also on hand during the event. and did you know, terry, very first gilroy garlic festival was in 1979 when i was born. i'm kidding. i wasn't born in 1979. i'm not telling you when i was born. but it wasn't 1979. >> but we're going the garlic festival. >> yes we are. >> looks like a good time this in mountain view. we'll explain the cause for celebration, next. right now we're watching some low clouds around san francisco as we track rising temperatures for the valleys. and an increase in humidity to make for some muggy conditions around the bay area. look at that and then come right back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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lake merced was the place to be in san francisco today to help raise money and awareness to fight colon cancer. people of all ages took part in a 5k run. the event not only helps the fight against colon cancer, it also celebrates survivors and remembers those who lost their battle with the deadly disease. >> it's really reassuring to know that there are people out there who have gone through what you are going through when you're diagnosed with cancer. and i think the coalition and the team here that is involved have done a really good job of generating awareness about what they're doing here. >> and by the way, that run is known as the get your rear in
11:44 pm
gear. >> we're just telling you what the name of that was. >> uh-huh. for someone who loves to work on cars, there is usually nothing better than taking an old car, giving it some new life. >> but a local amateur mechanic says he has found a feeling even better than that. garvin thomas has the story in tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: there's a garage in the bayview housed in a building never meant to be a garage, where you can't take your car in for an oil change. >> push the valve, and where young people are taught about the mechanics of autos, but not necessarily to be auto mechanics. it is the special world of project reckless. >> spin it over. >> reporter: from the mind of jordan langford. >> i'm the kind of person, once the idea come, it goes. >> reporter: by profession, jordan runs an event space management company. but by passion, he has always been a car guy.
11:45 pm
>> i tore apart cars in my driveway. i rebuilt stuff at my house. i tore a whole bunch more stuff apart than i actually ended up rebuilding. >> reporter: but a few years ago, jordan was taken by the idea of rebuilding lives through rebuilding cars. >> i wanted to do something that actually mattered. >> there is a crank. >> reporter: at project reckless, troubled youth work with jordan and a team of mentors to restore vintage automobiles. >> this is an old mobile 330. >> reporter: and not just the mechanic, but budget and marketing and management. >> trying to motive someone else to do something positive. >> reporter: all mixed in with a steady stream of guidance and support for life outside the garage. >> i had this overwhelming feeling that i wanted to do something good. i wanted to do something that would give back, that would truly have more of a meaning. >> reporter: it is working for christian ordonez. >> it's just about cars. we have a good little family around here.
11:46 pm
i put all my trust in everybody here. i feel like i can tell anybody anything here. >> reporter: at project reckless, they have already restored a handful of cars and are preparing to start in on their next one, ready to put more old cars back on the road and more young lives back on track. >> all right, garvin. the new video tonight of this year's obon festival in mountain view. it's a japanese buddhist celebration in honor of the celebration of ancestors. they hold the event every year. this year nbc bay area's mike inouye was the emcee. and one of the traditional dancers tied in nbc and 2020 olympics in tokyo. did you notice the fans? there you go. look that. >> there they are. >> in the back of the dancers' costumes, you'll see fans. the tokyo olympics start on july 24th of next year.
11:47 pm
tuesday marks exactly one year until the games begin. and here at nbc bay area, we are more than ready to remind anyone who wants to know. >> marketing is ready. >> these will come in handy. >> appropriate for the forecast. >> actually for the 24th through the 9th. >> look at that. >> i'm a fan of yours, terry. you're going to need this. you brought up good point. the valleys. you're going want to check these out. if you happen to find them. >> on the coast you blow away the fog wit. >> san francisco, speaking of the low clouds, patches of the low clouds. what neat view we've got. we've got salesforce tower on the. to the bay bridge, both the new portion of the eastern span and the rest of the bay bridge lit up with temperatures in the 50s and 60s closer to san francisco. we're talking about this big warm-up. not so much san francisco. we'll still see highs close to 70. but san jose right now in the 60s. we had highs today in the low
11:48 pm
80s. and we'll see temperatures trending warmer. certainly for the santa clara valley, tri-valley, and into those north bay valleys. even though the winds are onshore, that will bring in low clouds around the inner bay for the morning with misty skies along the coast. look at the temperatures now for the mid afternoon. mid-80s around downtown san jose and starting to see more 90s popping up. and more of that as we head towards another part of the week. what's not going to be so comfortable will be increasing moisture. you see the green here on the map that is moisture for now that has been kind of bottled up in the desert southwest monsoon moisture. got a little taste with the high clouds that came in around sunset tonight. and we will see more coming into the sierra and southern california as we deal with the fog here on the coast, that you see right there. but these are the interesting clouds we're watching. notice what happens here. through southern california, up to areas basically south of highway 50, we'll be tracking a chance of seeing some showers, and actually, measurable
11:49 pm
rainfall. well hope that is the case because these will be bringing some lightning strikes which can this time of year start some fires. so we'll want to see measurable rainfall to put out any of that activity as that sets up across the high country, and might see a little getting up to the coastal range in lake county later in the week. something to watch as the humidity goes up. san francisco, not much change. numbers closer to mid 70 by week, but the valleys starting to climb into the 90s, mid-90s, in fact, in many spots for wednesday and thursday. so you'll want maybe an nbc fan or a power fan to be work, just like terry is doing there. >> we've got the fans right here for you. >> we sure do. >> cool air wherever you are. >> and they work very well. >> they are. we're going to turn it over to sports now. after the break. show me the crown.
11:50 pm
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or bonnie-jill laflin at the
11:52 pm
sports desk. zach green making his big league debuts. green's family in attendance at third base in second inning. green singles up the middle. there it is, his first major league hit. his family loves it. mom and dad could not be happier. to the fourth, councils down the left field line. buster posey comes in to score, and the sacramento native has his first career ribbie and ties the game at two. extras in the 12th. goes the opposite way. walk off home run for the rookie in his first career walk-off. giants win 3-2. after the game, he spoke about fellow rookies making their debuts. >> the composure was incredible. to see him and green come up and play like they've been here for
11:53 pm
five years seems incredible. i remember how nervous i was the first day and a little jittery and never got that from the guys. they were big in this one today. >> is it weird to sort of be a veteran by now? >> i wouldn't go that far. it's nice to see guys be able to come up and do well. it's almost more fun to be involved in someone else's debut than your other. >> a's looking to take three of four from the twins. daniel megan on the bump. for a three-run bomb. makes it 4-0. that would be the end of the day. tied at five in the eighth. flies out to right. and enough to bring in blank lynn for the sac fly. 44th rbi. third most among catchers. the a's take their first lead of the game. liam hendrick in to close out the game in the ninth. former giants drives one off the
11:54 pm
wall in rights. all the way to third and tied ball game. two batters later, kepler singled to left. 6-5. >> regardless if we pull back or had been leading the whole game, it sucks to give up the lead and get the loss. at the end of the day it sucks more to go out there and these guys worked their tails off today and i couldn't bring it home. disappointing in that regard. i mean, get become on the horse and then get back at it in the next couple of days. >> give them credit. they had some good pitches. his stuff was no different today than any other day. some point in time he is probably going to blow one. it's kind of the nature of the game. but he has been really good for us. and i think it's more give them some credit. >> six players were inducted into the baseball hall of fame sunday. headline for arguably the greatest closer of all i'm, mariano rivera, roy halladay,
11:55 pm
mike mussina, lee smith, edgar martinez and harold baines. and that's all for sports. we'll have more after the break. you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. sunday is on a sunday. fenton's creamery handed out ice cream sundaes for quite the bargain today, on the other hand $1.25. >> they celebrated its 125th anniversary. 125, $1.25. >> get it? >> it opened in 1894. today there were goats, dj, myrtle the cow. we saw a brief appearance. and just so happens that the anniversary lands on national ice cream day this year. what a coincidence. other ice cream shops also offering deals, drawing cow, people gathering around. you break out ice cream on a summer day, you're going to have
11:58 pm
a gathering. it's going to be nice. >> it was great day for ice cream. >> and you're going to have seven days of those. >> every day. >> great day. >> temperatures mid-90s. >> january 10th is a good day for ice cream. >> i agree with that. but especially appropriate this week with the temperatures on the rise. >> it looks good. >> tell us how you really feel about ice cream, terry? >> i'm going get some on the way home. i whipped myself into a frenzy here. >> well, we didn't have any ice cream and it we should have. it is national ice cream day. >> you're looking at me as if i should have brought it in. >> you should have brought it in! >> it's almost over, national ice cream day. have a great night and a great week. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles,
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this week we're at the austin, texas, workshop of jesse james, master mind behind west coast choppers and the hit series monster garage, famous for building custom motorcycles, james made even bigger headlines during his marriage and eventual break up with actress sandra bullock. >> i decided to go to rehab, there's got to be some kind of flaw in my personality that made me think that was okay. >> the father of four left hollywood for texas and has since rebuilt his life with a new business, a happy marriage. >> one of your friends tells me that alexis, they believe, is the best thing to ever happen to you. >> and a different outlook on life. >> my eyes are wide open and i'm trying to do stuff in a different way now. >> we catch up with his wife, retired


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