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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 22, 2019 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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i'm lester holt.s. at least a half dozen heat related deaths from the sweltering weekend lightning strikes one man and sends him into cardiac arrest. relief could be on the way >> developing overnight, the puerto rico governor will not seek reelection while he refuses to resign under pressure >> protests erupted in hong kong as police battled pro democracy trials with tear gas and rubber bullets. >> new allegations at the country's largest concert promoter was sending tick etsz directly to scalpers raising new questions about why prices are so high. >> the lion king rohred to the top of the box office, it was avengers "end game" that took the all-time crown at the movies a busy monday ahead. "early today" starts right now
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>> good morning. i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm relief this morning after seeing near record temperatures in durham, north carolina, where it felt as hot as 105 degrees, the city closed outdoor pools and halted boat rentals as a safety precaution. the extreme weather did become dangerous in many areas. nbc's kathy park has this report >> reporter: lightning at a beach in clearwater, flrks, struck a man in his 40s. >> like shocked, thrown to the ground >> reporter: sending him into cardiac arrest he's currently in critical condition and several othersar recovering from their injuries while across the country scorched cities hitting a boiling point, with another day of relentless heat >> it's toasty warm. >> reporter: outside oinsi theis last week, expecting ma kano was admitted to the hospital because of the heat >> physically, do you think you
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can no >> reporter: in wisconsin and michigan, severe storms exasperating conditions. with thousands of customers entering day three, off-line without electricity. also in the midwest, the heat index reached 110 in indianapolis where the metro police force was out on the streets, handing out water to the city's homeless. >> it's all about giving back and making sure that everyone's personal health and safety is actually taken care of >> reporter: also trying to beat the heat, zoos is bears,d turtles cooled off with icy treats and cold showers.the end wave in sight. >> i know that the heat will break. all things pass. >> reporter: but the brutal weekend baking in the sun is one that many won't forget here in new york city, the excessive heat warning has already expired, so if you step outside here in the big apple, you'll definitely notice a
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difference in the air. dara, marlie >> kathy, thank you. now to a serious confrontation out of the middle east a ran's revolutionary guard introduced this dramatic video showing masked commandos easing a tanker and 23 crew members iran i can't media calling it reciprocal after the british impounded a teheranian tanker. matt bradley, what can you tell us about this tense situation? >> reporter: well, marlie, this tense situation as you described it is all unfolding against the backdrop of rising tensions in the u.s. and iran. now britain is very much in the mix. now, we got that video yesterday that you just showed two days ago what we got yesterday was audio that has all the drama of the 911 call, but with the weight of an international incident. take a listen to that audio. >> please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully
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attempting to boar alter your course to 360 degrees immediately. >> reporter: so the international guard core, despite all those warnings, went ahead and repelled down from hurricanes masked men and took it if you can imagine being the captain of that ship, you're not only getting warnings from the iranian side saying if you obey, you will be safe a very ominous warning indeed. but you're hearing from your own side, the british royal navy telling you, you must stay the course you cannot deviate and follow the iranians' orders you're pushed between both of the sides. it was a very dramatic incident on friday. it just goes to show this is an eye for eye situation, tit-for-tat retaliation, and, marlie, nobody knows where it's going from here. >> matt in doha for us in qatarr
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international air space over the caribbean sea. an su-30e flanker from the venezuelan air force flew aggressively close to a u.s. navy reconnaissance plane. morgan chesky has the latest >> reporter: dara, marlie, good morning. the military is calling this high-flying encounter highly reckless the venezuelan jet not only acted aggressively, but jeopardized the lives of the american crew. the u.s. military says there's no mistaking the mission of this venezuelan su-30 fighter the video captured high above the caribbean show what officials call an aggressive shadowing of a u.s. surveillance plane. the encounter so close, southern command said the russian-made jet endangered the american crew with an unsafe maneuver. now the crossing of paths only raises tensions. russia backing venezuela president nicolas maduro as the u.s. supports the man trying to replace him, juan guaido >> the venezuelans are obviously
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lashing out against their principal antagonist which they see as the united states >> reporter: they say it demonstrate's russia's irlegitimate response and shows the irresponsible and reckless behavior florida senator marco rubio not mincing words. venezuela only has three aircraft that can fly. if they harmony u.s. aircraft they would soon haves high-flyit happened owe friday. the same day they announced sanctions against four top officials in venezuela's counter intelligence agency. back to you. >> morgan, thank you president trump is promising to meet with the senate's top democrat to talk immigration the offer coming after senate minority leader chuck schumer and other democrats toured a texas detention center to get a first-hand look at the border crisis the president tweeted overnight saying, schumer, quote, must have seen how dangerous and bad for our country the border is. he says he wants to meet
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i will set up a meeting asap meanwhile the president is launching another salvo on four democratic congress women of color. one week after his initial tweet was called racist by critics nbc's hans nichols has more. >> reporter: before returning to washington after a weekend at his bedminster golf resort, president trump sharpened his attacks on four democratic lawmakers of color characterizing them as weak and insecure, even suggesting that they are irredeemable. i don't believe the four congress women are capable of loving ourthe president tweeted. democratic lawmakers returned fire >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt >> he is somebody that is using race like a weapon to divide our country against itself >> reporter: but white house advisors defended the president, accusing democrats of playing the race card. >> you fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color
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skin, that that makes it a racial criticism >> reporter: both sides now digging in, preparing for a long battle >> we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: vice-president pence was unclear whether mr. trump would stay silent like he did for 13 seconds last week if his supporters repeat their chants, send her back. >> the president was very clear. >> was he? >> that he wasn't happy about it and that if it happened again, he, he might -- he -- he'd make an effort to speak out about it. >> reporter: and, marlie, the white house is also bracing for robert mueller's testimony on wednesday. the president, however, will be out of town. he's heading to west virginia, but that means he may be stopping by the cameras and giving his take on just what robert mueller's testimony meant for him and the future of his presidency marlie >> hans, thank you >> fierce thunderstorms and winds are being blamed for a crane collapse in new jersey it happened sunday evening officials say one woman was inside the home when the construction crane smashed through the rooftop.
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but milwaukeeluckily she was no. the house is being rented by rutgers college students the crane was on location for a luxury student living complex. the engineer and construction company are trying to figure out how they will remove the crane >> it was a startling incident for airline passengers when two southwest planes collided on the tarmac at national international airport. the airline says the wing lets of two planes came into contact during push back from the gate area an image captured by a passenger shows damage to the top fin of the plane, the first s in southwest appears to be clipped off. no injuries were reported and the planes were taken out of service. >> well, nbc meteorologist janessa webb is here with the latest on this lovely heat we're having janessa? >> lovely, right it has been a downright hard weekend for millions across the country. cold front is making its way through. the give is going to change this afternoon. now, we are seeing still humidity levels kind of high across the midwest and
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northeast. this is the heat index currently in new york city 84 degrees and we are going to continue to watch these storms throughout the day heavy rain from washington, d.c., all the waorm south into the southeast i know it's summertime, but people are ready for a break, right, from this humidity? >> well, we asked for it, now we got it >> exactly >> thank you, janessa. >> thanks, janessa well, happy 6th birthday to prince george. the royal family celebrated by releasing some adorable new photos of the little prince. duchess kate took the pictures which shows the birthday boy smiling on the lawn of kensington palace wearing an english soccer jersey. george is third in line to the throne, so let's hope he gets a
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...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time. indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy. new on this morning, a first look at what to expect from former special counsel robert mueller's congressional testimony on wednesday. with top democrats shedding light on what they hope to accomplish >> it's a pretty damning set of facts that involve a presidential campaign in a close race welcoming help from a hostile foreign power. >> the report su portsz substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> mueller says russia meddled in the 2016 election, and
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president trump tried to head off the investigation. adam schiff said he wants mueller to bring his report to life during his testimony for americans who have not read it >> leading the news, a manhunt is underway in canada after a woman and her australian boyfriend were found dead. the bodies of 24-year-old china and 23-year-old lukas were found along alaska highway 97 in british clurm by a the couple were traveling in a blue chevrolet van police say they had just begun a road trip and what they believe the van may have broken down or overheated before they were killed investigators currently do not have any suspects and are calling the murders suspicious they are asking anyone who was in the area between july 14th and july 15th to contact police. a family member says the couple had been together since 2017 >> the streets of hong kong once again descended into chaos the march began peacefully until demonstrators reached the liaison office where they vandalized china's national empray painted security cameras
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the movement then took a violent turn with police launching tear gas to disperse the crowd. protesters have taken to the streets for over a month, fighting a proposed extradition bill, and calling for reforms in the chinese territory. as people were leaving the protests, dozens of masked men wearing white stormed a train station and appeared to be targeting pro democracy demonstrators. a lawmaker complained it took police more than an hour to arrive and intervene >> back here in the u.s., a shark gave a family quite a scare when it leapt into the air just a few feet from their fishing boat there it is. in cape cod. gets me every time the young boy was watching a catch being reeln saturday whena gre emerged from the water and just snatched the fit right off the line luckily no one was injured during that close encounter. >> that shark really wanted that boy's fish >> it sure did >> well, just ahead, "the avengers" assembled the ultimate box office record and a story that's sure to strike a chord
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♪ pop star ed sheeran is at the top of the charts according to billboard sheeran just scored his third number one album on the billboard 200 chart with the releas 173,000 units and
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contains duets with travis scott, and more. it marks the biggest sales week of the year by a male artist >> love all the cars in that video. well, there are new allegations this morning involving the country's largest concert promoter and how it helped some artists place their tickets directly on the secondary market also known as scalpers without giving fans a chance to buy them at face value nbc's mollie hunter has the story. >> reporter: the world's largest live entertainment company is in hot water for helping bands scalp tickets at higher prices live nation, which also owns ticketmaster, tells nbc news it has worked with bands to put concert tickets directly on the secondary market the legal practice we call scalping >> they are not alone in this practice it has been an open secret in the concert industry for years >> reporter: live nation says bands know the face value is often lower than the market value, and many work with the
3:20 am
middleman like ticketmaster to try and recapture some of the money left on the table. the controversy center stage because of an exclusive report in the industry magazine billboard, focusing on a recorded phone call in february 2017 between a promoter for metallica and live nation's u.s. concert president bob rue. according to the call, their agreement to sell some 88,000 metallica tickets directly to retail sites at higher prices, never putting them up for sale at their lower face value. live nation confirms they worked with an independent consultant for metallica on a unique distribution strategy that used the secondary market reps for metallica tell billboard that the band members never knew here's the thing it's a catch 22 for any artist either price the tickets at market value like the rolling stones have been doing for years, selling more kpips i have tickets or price lower and avoid angering fans. some analysts even estimate the
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second market is worth up to $10 billion, but lawmakers say it should be all about transparency and fans should know where their tickets are coming from and where their money is going molly hunter, nbc news, los angeles. >> just ahead, janessa is tracking a rainy forecast. then philadelphia weathers melt the competition in a race to beat the heat. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. you can't fake the goodness the crunch of real almonds. how chocolatey chunks taste in cold milk. we keep it real. because you can't fake... delicious. special k.
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and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. happy monday, everyone let's get your day started here. you're going to contend with this flooding rain for the northeast. it's all ahead of a cold front unfortunately heavy downpours throughout your afternoon into your evening commute as well but look at the much cooler temperatures today, upper
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midwest into the great lakes nice and sunny for the pacific northwest. we're going to continue to watch all that sunshine develop across the southwest, even for the pacific northwest by wednesday afternoon and then things start to dry out more comfortable days for the northeast. so finally going to be able to breathe again, right >> good to hear. thanks, janessa. >> looking forward to it >> just ahead, "the avengers" pull off another heroic feat at the theaters and the lion king takes the box office crown next. . who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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>> the lion king reigned supreme this weekend dominating the box office charts. the remake of the animated classic made $185 million domestically in the first three days, making it the second-best opening of this year behind marvel's avengers "end game" the film also generated 269 million overseas spiderman far from homelanded in second place collecting $21 million and "toy story" 4 followed in fourth place with 14 million. >> marvel is proving to be an incredible investment for disney disney bought the comic book power house in 2009 for $4 billion, and in the last ten years it's made $18 billior them worldwide at the box office the latest in the series has now broken a major box office record nbc's kendis gibson has the report >> we owe it to everyone who is not in this room to try. >> reporter: not only did the avengers try, they succeeded >> everybody >> reporter: the president of marvel studio saying, thanks to
3:27 am
you, avengers "end game" is the biggest film of all time the movie smashing the ultimate box office record a surpassing 2009 avatar with an estimated $2.79 billion worldwide in two weeks. the >> the marvel universe is paralleled every movie opens at number one. they all generally hit a billion dollars worldwide. >> reporter: but avengers "end game" became the first film to soar past $1 billion in its debut weekend. but it's out of this world haul may be partly attributed to something very earthly, inflation. when it comes to the most tickets sold, avengers would have to keep on going to top "gone with the wind. >> after all, tomorrow is another day. >> reporter: kendis, nbc news. >> dozens of runners in philadelphia participated in a 5k while eating ice cream.
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the third annual run while eating ice cream took place in honor of ice cream day they ran a little over 1 1/2 miles, eat a pint of ice cream and finish the second half of the race many runners came out to win the comment petition, while some just came out for the ice cream. >> must be hard to get back in the race after eating a pint of ice cream. celebrating birthdays, selena gomez turns 27 danny glover turns 73. jeopardy host alex trebek turns 79 former senate majority leader bob dole is 96 well, thanks for waking up with us. i'm dara brown ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeveresngen you're at ross feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. a massive deadly heat wave sweeps the nation over the weekend including blackouts for thousands. but relief could be on the way
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president trump wraps up his attacks on four members of congress known as the squad while members of congress prepare for robert mueller's live testimony massive pro-democracy protests in hong kong are met with a barrage of rubber bullets and teargas. the incredible catch of the day. a young boy gets the surprise of a lifetime from a great white shark. and happy 6th birthday to the future king of england it's monday, july 22nd "early today" starts right now >>


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