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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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tens of thousands lose power, at least half a dozen deaths are reported from the sweltering temperatures. but meteorologist janessa webb says relief is on the way. >> a supersonic moment caught on camera a venezuelan fighter jetta gressel i havely shadowing a u.s. navy plane over the caribbean, putting a crew at risk >> a deadly home explosion caught on doorbell camera, a utility worker is killed, and others are injured >> the wisconsin town that was promised thousands of jobs when president trump made a deal to bring a factory there. now some residents are calling it a scam. >> developing overnight, a construction crane collapses on two new jersey homes, one including eight female residents. late detailshe the
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united kingdom's next prime minister "early today" starts right now good morning i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm dara brown. hundreds of people will have some relief this morning from sweltering temperatures after an extreme heat wave settled across 40 states for several days in some places it felt like 110 degrees. as many as seven heat-related deaths have been reported. authorities in arkansas say 32-year-old former new york giants player mitch petris died from heat stroke while working in the triple digit temperatures the blistering heat is finally breaking along the east coast after some areas of new york matched record highs about 44,000 new yorkers lost power overnight and mayor bill de blasio says power was temporarily cut to several neighborhoods so repairs could be made. power was expected to return to 500 customers at aw jersey, a crane collapsed onto a house and apartment building causing major damage to both the storm swept through the area also bringing down trees and
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power lines. there have been no reports of injuries >> now to a showdown in the sky, after a fighter jet in venezuela aircraft unsafe approach to the close encounter happened over the caribbean sea an fu 30 flanker flew aggressively close to a u.s. navy reconnaissance plane. morgan chesky has the latest >> reporter: dara, marlie, good morning. today the military is calling the high-flying encounter highly reckless saying the venezuelan jest acted not only aggressively, but jeopardized the lives of the american crew the u.s. military says there's no mistaking the mission of this venezuelan su-30 fighter the video captured high above the caribbean shows what officials call an aggressive shadowing of a u.s. surveillance plane. the encounter so close, southern command said the russian-made jet endangered the american crew with an unsafe maneuver. now the crossing of paths only raises tensions. russia bac venezuela
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president nicolas maduro as the u.s. actively supports the man trying to replace him, juan guaido >> t venezuelans are obviously lashing ouai uted states >> reporter: military leaders say the action demonstrates russia's irresponsible military support to maduro's regime and the irresponsible behavior florida senator marco rubio not mincing words. venezuela only has three fighter jets they can fly. if they harmed any u.s. aircraft, they would soon have zero also important to note this high-flying incident occurred on friday, the very same day the trump administration announced sanctions against four top officials in venezuela's counter intelligence agency. back to you. >> morgan, thank you >> president trump is promising to meee's wip democrat to talk immigration the offer comes after sfwhat minority leader and other democrats toured a texas detention center to get a look
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at the border crisis the president tweeted overnight schumer must have seen how bad aneting asap the president is launching a salvo onwe after his initial tweet was called racist by critics. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest hi, tracie >> reporter: good morning, dara, good morning, everyone if you thought the controversy was simmering down, a week later it is not. take a look at the president's latest tweet president trump saying over the weekend that these four congress women of color that he does not believe they are capable of loving our country and that they should apologize to america and to israel for what he called the horrible and hateful things that they've said he also called them weak and insecure lawmakers now back and forth about this latest tweet being asked is president trump a racist >> do you believe president is a racist >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it and i tried to give him the
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benefit of the doubt >> i fundamentally disagree with thloskin that makes it a racial criticism. >> reporter: the president supporters saying this is not about race, it's about what the president has called anti-semitic, anti-american comments and policies by these four women of color. democrats are urging republicans to speak up. back to you, dara. >> tracie potts, thank you so much >> now to a serious confrontation out of the middle east, iran's revolutionary guard released this dramatic video showing mass commando seizing a british tanker and 23 crew members. iranian media calling it reciprocal action after the british impounded an iranian subtanker in the sea two weeks ago. joining us from doha, qatar, is matt bradley matt, what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, marlie, the very latest this morning the british government is huddling in london in their so-called
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cobra meeting of senior security officials. we're going to hear more coming up in the next several hours what the british government is planning on doing. it's a very sensitive moment for them they're kind of caught between the u.s. and iran. all of these tensions between the u.k. and iran, of course, are unfolding as the trump administration really turns the screws on the iranian regime as well remember, the trump administration backed down off the iranian nuclear deal the obama administration entered a few weeyears ago. what happens next is a big issue because this is starting to look like tit-for-tat reciprocation as you just mention the. both sides have their own ships. the british in angie brawl tgib. the grace 1 was headed for syria. now the imperial is headed by the iranians it is looking more like a dangerous face off that could imperil a lot of different
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countries in the region. marlie >> matt bradley live in doha, qatar for us thank you >> this morning we remember a legend of the legal realm. manhattan's longest serving district attorney has died at the age of 99 according to "the new york times." throughout his storied 35 year ten year as manhattan's top prosecutor, he put away mob king pins like john gotty he was best known for his dogged pursuit of white collar criminals. morgan ethanol was a navy veteran who served as u.s. attorney for new york's southern district and ran twice for governor d.a. was his legacy. he served as inspiration for the original district attorney character in law and order and helped mold generations of lawyers including supreme court justice sonya sotomayor. dead at 99 >> the sand man entered the hall of fame as the first unanimous inductee
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mariano rivera was enshrined o found himself in a familiar position, closing out the ceremony >> last 17 years of my career, i always say why i have to be the last one but i guess being the last one was special. >> the inductions got emotional when holiday's wife accepted the award on behalf of her late husband. two-time cy young winner died in november of 2017 when the plane he was piloting crashed into the gulf of mexico another yankees pitcher mike mussina made it into the hall. also outfielder harold baynes, relief pitcher smith and mariners slugger edgar martinez. >> a maryland police department heat wave message has gone viral. the brain tree officer said conducting criminal activity in this extreme heat is next-level hin much man status and also very dangerous they urged would-be criminals to
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stay home. stranger things season 3 saying we will all meet cooler. i wholeheartedly agree with all of those >> that's an interesting correlation. i wonder if there is more or less crime >> is it was a tough weekend for everybody, right i was running from the heat. it was not enough water intake across the plains to the upper midwest. and still very steamy this morning here for the northeast look at the heat index new york city 84 degrees washington, the feels-like temperature of 83. but i promise you, relief is on the way. and it's all due to these storms that are already making their way through the ohio valley. that will touchdown in the northeast, potential flooding rain from washington to new york for your evening commute you can possibly see two to 4 inches that's a look at the big weather southof the day
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the cloud coverage is going to be in place for southern texas so i know we're in the heat of summer, but relief is on the way. people are asking for it you're happy >> very happy. thanks so much, janessa. well, in today's quick hits, predicting boris johnson, the favorite to be britain's next prime minister flew above london past the parliament over the weekend ahead of a brexit protest. nigeria ill pants named after the leader of britain's brexit party. >> a retired banker was crowned the winner of the hemming way contest in west florida. >> a 14-year-oldonhe w t diaper derby, the race where babies are placed on a mat, encouraged to make it to the other side. it's meningitis b...
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thousands demanding his resignation amid controversial leaked text messages, he announced on facebook live last night that he will step down as the head of his party and that he will finish his term as governor but the islanders are not satisfied, pledging to drive him out of office. >> newly released video shows the moment a california home exploded the blast was captured on a doorbell camera on the home next door officials say utility crews were preparing a gas line when the explosion happened a utility worker was killed and 15 others were injured the gas company says the contractor did not mark the gas line prior to digging on the property, which is required by law. >> firefighters in china say they had to rescue a 5-year-old girl after she slipped out a window and got stuck between a guardrail. officials say when first responders arrived, the girl was dangling by her head outside of a 5th floor window they believe she was hanging for about ten minutes before firefighters got to the scene.
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the rescue team worked in groups to free the child. one group was inside the apartment while the other was outside of the building. police say the girl got stuck when her mother went out to buy food what a lucky little girl, though >> really dramatic video that looked really painful glad she's okay. >> i know. >> just ahead, neil armstrong's hometown gives an out of this world tribute on the 50 th anniversary of the moon landing. pridt umesentrp's promise to bring jobs to wisconsin fizzling out. why some say the deal was a scam
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4, 3, 2, 1 >> neil armstrong's hometown loved him to the moon and back the people in ohio celebrated the anniversary of his historic moon landing with a party and live music they even counted down to the exact minute that armstrong set foot on the moon 50 years ago saturday such an exciting weekend and everybody that watched it remembers exactly where they were watching. >> that was some kind of party with the live music and confetti >> do that every year. >> it was two years ago this week that president trump and the taiwanees production giant foxconn struck a costly deal to bring a factory to the town of mount pleasant, wisconsin. it came with the promise of jobs and economic revitalization. but as nbc's joe lien kemp
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reports, many believe those promises were broken >> reporter: it was heralded as a great deal >> this is the 8th wonder of the world. >> reporter: two years ago president trump offered a massive new job for forks con the manufacturer breaking ground in mount pleasant wisconsin last year >> this is just the beginning. >> reporter: the plan, build a $10 billion manufacturing hub to make lcd tv screens, creating 13,000 blue collar jobs. in return, foxconn secured more than $4 billion in tax breaks from the state >> so it started out, i think people were very excited >> reporter: community activist kelly galleher has been tracking foxconn since day one. to make the plant possible, mount pleasant ended up borrowing money to buy land. >> mount pleasant is on track to spend close to $900 million in land acquisition and infrastructure that's 38 times our annual
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budget >> reporter: the town's credit rating has been downgraded because of that. foxconn has also changed the, t reuters it's too expensive to make tv screens in the u.s >> then they said it was going to be a technology hub, and then they said it was going to be an a.i. institute >> reporter: the drama has homeowners furious, too. this is prairie view drive, and this road here used to lead into an entire neighborhood of houses but foxconn's building they have been cleared out and residents are asking was it worth it kim mahoney was one of them. she built her custom home in this subdivision with a dozen neighbors. >> the whole process has been somewhat of a standing. her neighbors took offers from the village government to move out and raze their homes she said she received a low ball appraisal so she stood her ground >> i think this whole project was a scam i don't trust anything our president says he is not looking out for the
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residents of mount pleasant. he's looking out for himself >> reporter: nbc news requested interviews with foxconn and the village of mount pleasant. both declined. in a statement, foxconn says it's pouring a concrete foundation and is thrilled to be moving into the next stages of construction the company says it looks forward to beginning production in late 2020 the local government tells us they remain optimistic and the deal includes strong taxpayer protections. >> have residents been taken for a ride here? >> there is a real fear that we have been taken for a ride our only hope is that they build something. >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news, mount pleasant, wisconsin. >> still ahead, a-listers set to tren marvel movies. >>orntial rain triggered devastating flooding in southwest china. you're watching "early today." whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app?
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. this was the scene in southwest china after days of torrential rain triggered this powerful flooding. the rushing water caused roads to collapse and cars were swept away local police rushed to the scene to evacuate residents. luckily there have been no reports of injuries. let's check back in with janessa webb what are we looking at >> are you ready to breathe s lon?ing for relief that fresh air coming in from canada that's going to cause that cold front to sweep across two-thirds of the nation here. but it's going to split daytime highs in half. so we are sitting in the 90s this weekend look at highs for today.
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they're going to slowly start to drop here, a 12-degree temperature change for new york. a high of 83 degrees out towards pittsburgh, 73 i think i'm going to be everybody's favorite person this afternoon again. >> i'll take the 80s works fo reat, thanks, janessa. >> happy 6th birthday to prince george the royal family celebrated by releasing some adorable new photos of the little prince. duchess kate took the pictures, which showed the birthday boy smiling on the lawn of kensington palace wearing an english soccer jersey. george is third in line for the throne and let's hope he gets a few nor years under his belt before he is to take over. >> i think that's likely to happen when we return, the giant concert promoter live nation accused of selling tickets directly to scalpers and sending prices even higher next 'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean.
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well, 2019 has been a big year for marvestudios. they may look forward to in years ahead. marvel took the stage at ki comic-con. it featured angelina jolie in the eternals the remake of blade. in addition to this diverse lineup, tessa thompson's character will be breaking ground for marvel in thor, love and thunder as the first lgbtq superhero. >> and there are new allegations this morning involving the country's largest concert promoter and how it helped some artists place their tickets directly on the secondary market also known apers giving fans the chance to buy them at face value nbc's mollie hunter has the story. >> reporter: the world's largest
4:27 am
entertainment company is in hot water for helping celtic et cetera at higher prices. it has worked with bands ts dir secondary market, the legal practice we call scalping. >> they are not alone in this practice it has been an open secret in the concert industry for years >> reporter: live nation says bands know the face value is often lower than the market value, and many work with a middleman like ticketmaster to try and recapture some of the money left on the table. the controversy center stage because of an exclusive report in the industry magazine billboard focusing on a recorded phone call in february 2017 between a promoter for metallica and live nation's u.s. president bob rue. according to the call, their agreement to sell some at highe.
4:28 am
never putting them up for sale at their lower face value. live nation confirms they worked with an independent consultant for metallica on a unique distribution strategy that used the secondary market reps for metallica tell billboard that the band members never knew here's the thing it's a catch 22 for artists. tickets at market value like the rolling stones have been doing selling more expensive tickets or priced lower and avoid angering fans. some analysts estimate the secondary market is worth up to $10 billion, but lawmakers say it should be all abouten and fans should owhere their tickets are coming from and where their money is going molly hunter, nbc news, los angeles. >> well, thanks for wahi coming up on the today show, an exclusive interview with the parents of a toddler who fell to her death on the cruise ship the news continues right here on nbc and our nbc stations
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a very good monday morning. let's take a peek outside, this time overlooking the bay bridge there from a distance. should be a nice day ahead. let's get the work week started. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has one more day off. he's back tomorrow. kari? >> it's slightly hotter today but overall nice. mostly clear skies as we get a live look outside in san jose, as we head over to willow glen, temperatures in the low 60s at 7:00, and over the next several hours, and then rising into the mid-70s by lunch time. we're going to see


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