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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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helicopter. so far about 55 acres have burned. there is 55% containment. >> this fire burning for about four hours now right off wragg canyon road. this is the south side of lake berryessa. a reduction in the amount of homes evacuated. now we're hearing only nine homes evacuated. this is near the pleasure cove campsite and marina. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd just spoke with evacuees and cal fire, who just gave us an update. >> the aircraft can slow the fire down in certain areas sought hand crews can get in there and put some good containment line around it. >> they're doing one heck of a job because there ain't much smoke. hopefully it all works out. >> that is promising news. we want to let you know 128 is closed right now in both directions as firefighters bat the this fire. of course we'll bring you updates throughout the evening. crews are tacking as you saw the flames from the ground and from the air. firefighters dealing with some pretty warm temperatures right now. the 80s there.
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let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with more on the conditions they're dealing with. >> even some low 90s in the vicinity of the fire. the heat and the humidity are the number one things they're battling. the good news which is probably helping them get that containment we just heard about is the wind is not extremely gusty. right now we have winds out of the northwest at 10, occasional gusts to 20. so that likely has been helping those firefighters. here you can see it on this map. south of lake berryessa. smoke from this primarily blowing towards winters with the way that that wind is blowing. once again, 128 and wragg canyon road. tomorrow winds out of the west at 10. tomorrow gusts also up to 20. hopefully that lower wind would again help out the firefighters. now, our fire danger going up all across the bay area. today the fire burn index is 75. basically putting our fire danger on a scale which is in the high category. tomorrow goes up to 100, which is still high but getting close
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to the very high category. all in all here fire danger increasing tomorrow with this area of hot high pressure moving back of the bay. we'll show you when temperatures get near 100 degrees. we have two updates. one at 6:19. one at 6:48. we'll go over all of it for you. >> thanks, jeff. we're also sending out breaking news alerts and updates on the fire including this one, when evacuations were ordered about 2 1/2 hours ago. you can sign up for these alerts on your smartphone through our free nbc bay area app. a new turn tonight in the story we've been tracking for weeks. a police officer at the center of a brutal attack that got him fired from the san jose state police department for excessive force. he was then hired by the los gatos police department. here is that video that got him in hot water. when word got out about his previous actions including our reporting, people in los gatos started raising red flags. nbc bay area's marianne favro broke the news today on twitter that the officer is resigning. she joins us in los gatos with these new developments. marianne.
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>> reporter: jonathon silva was hired here at the los gatos montdee sereno police department back on september 24th. now, he has resigned and his last day will be friday. today the people we talked with said they're relieved. >> if you keep this up -- >> reporter: we're looking at the san jose state police officer in 2016. jonathon silva responded to reports of a man watching porn in the university library. this body cam video shows the situation escalating with silva beating, kicking, and trying to taser what investigators later described as a mentally ill man. phillip chong suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and several cuts to his face and head. san jose state police chief peter desena cleared silva of excessive force. chong sued and later won a settlement.
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silva then joined the los gatdos monte sereno police department. hired by his former boss decena, a move many questioned. >> with the temper i don't think is the best kind of officer to have. >> reporter: in an informal poll of more than 500 people on next door an overwhelming number of people living in los gatos said they felt silva's hiring should be reviewed. now that silva has resigned from the department many say they're breathing easier. >> i think that's a big relief. >> i think that's a pretty valid thing for him to do. >> i think obviously if he resigns there's part of him that knows that he maybe is not capable or the right person to do the job in a safe way. >> reporter: today the los gatos town manager issued a statement confirming that silva did resign before his one-year probation period was up. we also reached out to the
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police chief here and the police department as well as silva himself but have not received a response. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a bizarre crime in the south bay has been solved. someone stole the ashes of a 2-year-old girl and we learned police have arrested a suspect and the ashes are back with the family. 2-year-old kelly lopez died of cancer four years ago. her ashes were kept in an urn at calvary cemetery in san jose. last week they were stolen. san jose police say they found the urn in the car of daniel jimenez hernandez. no word on allegedly why he took it. oakland might be a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants but a new report claims the city's airport is anything but. the bay area news group says i.c.e. chartered flights in and out of oakland, kicking out as many as 27,000 people from the u.s. mayor schaaf who's waged a war against i.c.e. and the trump administration says her office
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is looking into this. melissa colorado joins us from the oakland airport with more. melissa. >> reporter: well, guys, i.c.e. says the last chartered flight took off from this airport back in october of last year. we just heard from city council member rebecca kaplan who says she's reaching out to the leaders of the port of oakland to confirm if that's true and most importantly to get to the bottom of why this was happening in a sanctuary city. while oakland's mayor libby schaaf was warning the public about a looming i.c.e. raid last year, i.c.e. was shuffling undocumented immigrants in and out of oakland international airport. that's according to flight information uncovered by the bay area news group. >> i feel like that's very unfortunate and misleading. i feel like people should be aware. they should know about this. >> reporter: the report claims i.c.e. chartered thousands of flights for eight years, dating back to the obama administration. 27,000 people took off from the airport and were deported. the other 16,000 were moved around to detention centers far
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from the bay area. >> surprising and disappointing. >> reporter: council member noel gallo says the port of oakland which oversees the airport, must have known this was going on for years. gallo says the flights took off from the airport's north field, which is where private jets land and take off. >> it was a private deal between the private airline and i.c.e. >> reporter: the port of oakland does not report to the city council but gallo points out the mayor nominates the board of commissioners. speaking of the mayor, her spokesperson says her office is looking into this activity to understand and address it. >> we're preaching all these sanctuary this and that and this and that, blaming donald trump. but anyways, we need to be held accountable as well. >> reporter: now, we still don't know why i.c.e. stopped chartering those flights out of oakland international airport, but an airport spokesperson says if those flights do resume they are looking into other options. that's the latest here in oakland. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay
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area news. >> melissa, thank you. a call for immediate action after the latest pedestrian death in san francisco. the victims a husband and wife visiting from the fresno area. it happened at o'farrel and taylor right near union square. the rented tesla ran a red light, hit a mini cooper, which then plowed into the couple, killing the husband and critically injuring his wife. sfpd says they're looking at everything including whether that tesla was in autonomous mode. right now they'll only say speed is a factor. this is the couple that was involved, the victims. san francisco supervisor matt haney is calling for changes including more time between when a light turns red and when the pedestrian walk sign turns on. >> what happened with this situation is that as soon as one went to red the other one goes to green and the result is that if someone is a little late and breaks the law and crosses the red they're much more likely to hit somebody. we can change that across our
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neighborhoods right now. >> last week a big rig driver hit and killed a man in the tenderloin. supervisor haney and walk sf say they're declaring the state of emergency. they will outline details of that declaration tomorrow. shop owners in danville on high alert for two potential thieves. police say a couple posing as shoppers visited several stores with the intent of stealing, not shopping. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in danville where the couple's suspicious behavior was caught on camera. >> i felt violated. i feel intruded upon. >> reporter: danville boutique owner mia mehdikan is still reeling after a couple she thought came into their store to shop had something else in mind. her surveillance cameras capture td all, showing the man distracting her near the front of the store as the woman reached into the owner's purse and took a pricey louis vuitton bag. >> i feel bad because i really treated them so well. i was taking care of them.
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>> reporter: just down the street police say the couple tried repeating the act at another store. this time the woman tried diverting the merchant's attention while the man went in the back supply room. fortunately, the owner had an alarm that sounded and confronted him. >> and the hope is that we can put this information out to the public and get a lead on who these people may have been and basically send the message that we don't tolerate that type of behavior here. >> reporter: danville police and the chamber of commerce are now doing their best to spread the word. they say the bad guys need to know the danville community's on its toes. shop owners say they won't be easy targets. >> they'll be sorry. everyone's going to know. they'll be caught. in the end. >> jodi hernandez reporting. up next at 6:00, accused of stealing money from his own parish. the odd and unexpected way officers made the discovery. plus, bold and ambitious
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can you put a price on forgiveness?
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a santa rosa priest has reportedly confessed after stealing more than $100,000 from parishioners. tonight we're hearing he probably won't spend a day in jail. nbc bay area's mark matthews is at the church in santa rosa where father diaz was the priest. mark. >> reporter: you got it right. he stole money from this church according to the bishop of santa rosa. and now even though there are bags of cash in evidence the police have not arrested him, the d.a. does not have a case to investigate. father oscar diaz is 56 years old. he's been a priest for 25 years. and this church in santa rosa is just the latest of eight in sthoema and mendocino counties where he has been in charge. in a letter to parishioners yesterday santa rosa's bishop wrote, "it is now absolutely clear from solid evidence that he, father diaz, has been systematically stealing from parishes and parishioners for at least the past 15 years." >> oh, damn.
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you can't believe it, you know? it's unreal. >> reporter: some church members had not heard until we told them today. others were in church when the bishop's letter was read. >> the people i talked to were shocked but they also feel like i do, he's a good man and we're all human. >> reporter: according to the church, the theft of more than $100,000 only came to light because father diaz was in an auto accident on june the 19th. this is reportedly where it happened, at 101 and river road. paramedics rushed to the scene. they found father diaz's hip was broken. he was taken to the hospital. what paramedics found inside his car were bags of cash, more than $18,000. diaz reportedly told them it was his salary. they were suspicious and called the police. church officials were called. they found $10,000 in $100 bills inside diaz's office. then they went to his home and found $77,000 more, much of it
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still in donation bags ready for deposit, money that had been placed on collection plates during church services. now, if you or i stole 100 thousands, we'd likely be facing charges. but not oscar diaz. not yet anyway. the piche p says investigators told him that the bookkeeping at the churches where diaz was officiating is so screwed up they can't tell how much money was donated and how much was taken. the bishop is advocating for mer mercy. the individual parishes he stole from may be able to press charges. but right now the bishop says this public exposure may be the toughest punishment that father diaz faces. reporting from santa rosa, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> difficult for all those parishes. thank you, mark. you might have received it. pg&e customers are finding something new in the mail. the utility is sending out a notice. here it is. it's part of its bankruptcy
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filing and intended mostly for victims of last year's deadly wildfires. the notice warns if you believe pg&e owes you money you must now file proof of your claim by october 21st. the morning commute turned deadly after a driver tried beating an east bay train across the tracks. sky ranger flew over the collision in livermore. shortly before 8:00 a.m. the driver of that white car tried beating an ace train across the tracks. now, the force of the train brand the car around this telephone pole. an ace train spokesperson says the train was actually slowing down at the time of the crash and the crossing barriers were down. the driver was killed instantly. nobody else was hurt. well, the goal is as big as the trains involved. caltrain says it wants to make its service run on a bart-like schedule, meaning a train every 15 minutes along the peninsula. today caltrain unveiled its ambitious plan and the huge bill that would come with it. nbc bay area's ali wolfe is in san jose with the details and some of the concerns.
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ali. >> reporter: well, raj, caltrain wants to eventually run eight trains per hour on the tracks during the peak of the commute. and that's six more than they run right now. now, getting there, though, is going to take electricity and a lot of money. as the bay area grows, so do commute times. >> it's not very easy. >> reporter: caltrain riders are already feeling the pain. >> it needs to be a little bit more like b.a.r.t. in some ways. >> reporter: in the next 20 years caltrain expects ridership to triple to about 180,000 people a day. >> recommending a vision that can be delivered incrementry. >> reporter: today the transit agency held a virtual town hall meeting on youtube to outline how it hopes to accommodate that growing crush of riders. >> we are looking to increase our service up to about eight trains per hour. >> reporter: express trains every 15 minutes during rush hour. more trains for off-peak hours and integration with other big projects like high-speed rail. >> i think whether or not you ever use cal train or not,
6:19 pm
having the service is a benefit to the community. >> reporter: cal train is already planning to go all electric by 2022, something critical to this proposal. they also say they're going to need about $25 billion and they're not entirely sure where it will come from. >> how we hope to pay for that is through a number of resources, including grant funding, you know, hopefully a dedicated sales tax at some point. >> reporter: caltrain rider jane clark is ready for change even if it's slow. >> things take forever here because there are so many counties involved. i understand that. but yeah, i think they have to work on it. >> reporter: and the next step is this proposal will be presented to the caltrain board. then the community will have a chance to weigh in at various meetings that will be held. and if history's any guide, there might be some opposition. reporting live in san jose, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. >> ali, thank you. likely a lot of opposition along those peninsula communities. watch out for this pigeon. a bart station escalator's been
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out of service over weeks because of the pigeon. she made a nest with two eggs at the 24th and mission station in san francisco. by federal law crews are not able to disturb an active nest. so they waited and watched that nest every day. after a few weekends the three birds flew away. yes, they hatched. the escalator is still out of service because final repairs and a state inspection still needs to happen. back to the pigeons, you can't mess with mom and the two eggs. >> no, no, no. >> glad everybody's safe and they've flown away. okay. let's talk about our forecast. nice weather outside, and it's going to heat up, jeff. >> yeah. numbers going up anywhere from about five to about seven degrees as we head throughout this week. certainly some of the hottest weather we have seen in a long time. let's bring you in to that microclimate forecast tonight. and we do want to give you an update on the canyon fire. right now 90 degrees. winds not that gusty out of the northwest at 10. it's helping the firefighters, at least 55% contained. right near the pleasure cove campground. started earlier today.
6:21 pm
at least 45 acres right near highway 128 and wragg canyon road. we'll continue to update you on this toptd and tomorrow., twitter and facebook. check us out and make sure to follow us. also get our app. you'll get alerts if there's anything coming out of this of course tonight. as we take a look at our own forecast throughout the wider bay area tomorrow, it's going to be one of those days where we still have some fog at the coastline and hotter air inland. so some widespread temperatures. you'll see right here across san francisco 68 degrees. you go inland. 94 in antioch. 93 in morgan hill. and then you move closer to the bay, you're in the 80s here from san jose to palo alto. 70s in oakland and right there in san francisco we're at 68 for the high. now, the other thing we're watching when it comes to weather is this area of high pressure across the desert southwest. it is moving in just the right spots that the clockwise circulation around this will bring in the heat the next couple of days, a little bit of
6:22 pm
humidity, even some thunderstorms. let's get a closer look at the humidity. best chance to see the humidity tomorrow are those areas in green, down here for san jose, points southward, also south lake tahoe, and with that added moisture in the atmosphere this would bring us the chance of some thunderstorms. best possibility right over the sierra. just wanted you to be aware of that if you're doing any traveling over the mountains tomorrow. we'll have a detailed look at that heat coming our way this week. it's coming your way at 6:48 tonight. >> looking forward to it. thank you, jeff. do you have plans to go to the dmv this week? the day you want to avoid. next.
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visit your local chase branch. it's what many shoppers fear. thieves racking up bills using stolen credit cards. and police say it's napping walnut creek. officers asking for help i.d.-ing these two guys captured by surveillance video cameras. they say the thieves used a stolen credit card to buy items from a cvs. a berkeley woman was sentenced today after charging
6:26 pm
at amazon ceo jeff bezos to make a point about animal welfare. pria sani was sentenced to one day in jail that she already served. she yelled at bezos while he was on stage at an amazon event in las vegas last month. she never got very close to him, but while yelling about chicken farms she was protesting conditions at a california poultry farm that works with amazon. it's almost training day at the dmv. on wednesday nearly 200 offices across the state will be closed for half a day. that's 5,000 employees will take part in operation excellence. it's an effort to better train employees to handle the high volume of real i.d. transactions. now, the dmv also wants to give employees additional training on customer service. dmv offices won't open until 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. this is all part of governor newsom's overhaul after all the computer glitches and long lines last year. up next at 6:30, gearing up for what could be a significant day. robert mueller's testimony.
6:27 pm
our political analyst larry gerson tells us what to expect as the special counsel is questioned by congress. protests in puerto rico reach an all-time high. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators cripple san juan, puerto rico, demanding the governor step down.
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right now at 6:30, squaring off against the squad again. president trump is ratcheting up attacks and taking another jab against four female freshman lawmakers.
6:30 pm
the president has been calling out those four lawmakers for more than a week now. >> also, lawmakersre waiting for the testimony from special counsel robert mueller, and president trump says he might be watching wednesday's testimony. it will be broadcast, by the way, live on most of the major networks. >> nbc's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: president trump today on the highly anticipated testimony from former special counsel robert mueller. >> no, i'm not going to be watching. probably. maybe i'll see a little bit of it. >> reporter: the president attacking democrats for bringing mueller to the hill. >> all they care about is a phony investigation. >> reporter: mueller will be questioned for the first time wednesday since releasing his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. >> and there is an awful lot of material within the report that the american people are not familiar with which they really need to be. >> reporter: democrats want to ask mueller whether the president obstructed justice but know from the former special counsel's statement in may he's a reluctant witness. >> i do not believe it is appropriate for me to speak further about the investigation or to comment on the actions of the justice department or
6:31 pm
congress. >> reporter: republicans consider the russia report one-sided and are equally anxious to question mueller. the president's feud with four congresswomen of color entering its second week today calling the lawmakers known as the squad a racist group of troublemakers. >> yeah, i'm not going nowhere! >> reporter: representative rashida tlaib pushed back against the president. >> you are all the squad. trust me. if you support equity, if you support justice, you are one of us. >> reporter: attacks on the lawmakers and mueller's testimony, topics both sides hope help win them voters in the 2020 election cycle. craig boswell, nbc news, washington. >> our political analyst larry gersten joins us now. one question about the squad here. he continues to go at them. a poll today suggested the republican voters really don't mind as much as of course democratic voters. so will mr. trump continue to go at them? >> absolutely. as long as he feels like he's mining it and getting something out of it, he will. look, what he's trying to do is say that the squad is
6:32 pm
representative of the entire democratic party. >> which is in theory going left. >> well, it maybe going left but not over the curb. the squad is certainly the most left, if you will, of the democratic party right now. both domestically and in terms of international affairs. and he gets to use these people as sort of like the standard. even though there are a lost moderate democrats out there. >> but he's putting these four women as the face of the democratic party. >> face. that's right. and as long as he can do it he will because he's preaching to the choir. the republicans are lock-step with trump. 90% or more of republicans like what this president is doing. so given that, he has no reason not to do this. >> what did bill clinton say? it's the economy stupid. and right now economically by most measures we're doing pretty well. >> the economy is good for most people. most people. democrats would say those at the bottom have not profited. but yes, for most people. that is singularly his best argument, by the way. but this one right now he feels is even better. >> let's talk about wednesday.
6:33 pm
robert mueller will be testifying before congress. is this important? are we going to see or hear anything new or is it going to be a regurgitation of the mueller reports? >> it's hard to know. on the one hand justice sent mueller a report saying listen, stay right there, don't go outside the parameters of your report. they've admonished him, so to speak. what will he say? it's hard to know. you've got to remember a couple of things here. mueller is a process person, to use your words. he's a discipline person. he's a former soldier. he listens to the rank and file as well as the people above him and he stays in line. he may like to say a lot of things. if the democrats can get him out of the box they may get something out of it. but if they can't get him out of the box they're going to walk away very disappointed. >> any impact on the presidential race come thursday? are we going to forget about this or will there be a lasting impact from here until november of 2020? >> this has the potential to reframe the race. if in fact the democrats can get mueller to sate things that were written, you're looking at a movie now instead of a book.
6:34 pm
if they can get him to say that, this happened, there were obstruction issues, we almost indicted but we couldn't because, blah, blah, blah, if they can get him to say what's written even, it will help them. but if mueller decides to say it's already there, i don't want to add to this, the republicans are going to walk away very happy and the democrats may have lost their last chance to make anything out of this. remember something. this whole idea goes to impeachment. if they can get enough support for impeachment, guess what? over the last four weeks the idea of impeachment has gone down. 21% now versus 27% just a few weeks ago. so the democrats have to somehow reverse it. and if they don't they're going to have a lot of political mud on their fingers. >> very interesting. wednesday we will see. thank you, larry. now, we were talking about what's going to happen on wednesday. stay with us for our complete coverage of the testimony. begins wednesday morning. our coverage right here on nbc bay area begins at 5:30 a.m. in puerto rico ten straight
6:35 pm
days of protests hit a peak today with the takeover of the island's largest city. check this out. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators closed the largest highway and overwhelmed the capital city of san juan. they're demanding the resignation of governor ricardo rossello. over the weekend the governor said he won't step down but he won't seek re-election. that's not appeasing the crowd. >> we want you out. you did enough. we still don't trust you. if you still have any respect for the island, resign please. >> demands for his resignation started after allegations of corruption, also a leaked online chat the governor had with staff members where he insulted minorities and the poor. unnerving claims today from iran. the country says it's arrested 17 of its own citizens for spying for the cia. and some are sentenced to death. iran says cia handlers trained the accused and gave them foreign passports.
6:36 pm
secretary of state mike pompeo and president trump are dismissing iran's claims. >> i read a report today about cia that's totally a false story. that's a lie. they put out propaganda. they put out lies. >> experts say it could just be propaganda and lies because clashes with the white house seem to have caused iranians to become obsessed with friction between their country and the u.s. a settlement and a data breach that impacted nearly 150 million people, but there is a catch to this. today the federal trade commission announced a global settlement with equifax that will pay up to $700 million to those who were affected by the breach in 2017. here's the catch, though. proving you were affected will be very difficult because the stolen data has never been found for sale on the dark web. if you have a strong paper trail, you can be given 25 bucks per hour for up to 20 hours that you spent trying to get reimbursed. >> these are strong measures that send a powerful message
6:37 pm
about the responsibility to those entrusted with private consumer information. >> for all of those details now, including if you're eligible for reimbursement, you can go to our website at some new fire equipment for the south bay doesn't involve hoses or shovels but it's vital in modern firefighting. last year santa clara county fire crews made national news when helping out during the mendocino complex fire. it won the sympathy of many people when a cell phone contract, their service was cut off. these firefighters, their service was cut off by their carrier verizon. today the county became the first to get $4 million in state funding for new satellite communications system. it's nicknamed moses. the m in moses stands for mobile. it can quickly provide cell service or wi-fi to them and thousands of customers. and because it's portable it can go to remote areas. up next, paying for not just that cup of coffee. the plan to charge people in san francisco for using a disposable cup. [beeping]
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a follow-up to that car fire inside san francisco's macarthur tunnel. caltrans says even though the car burned for quite a while it didn't do serious damage to the tunnel or the roadway. it all started when a car burst into flames inside the tunnel this is where park presidio boulevard and golden gate bridge connect. firefighters evacuated everyone inside at the time. no one was hurt but the tunnel was closed for five hours for cleanup and inspection. san francisco may be ready to follow berkeley's lead at coffee shops. tomorrow the board of supervisors will review an ordinance that would charge you an extra quarter if you use a disposable cup. the goal is to prod you into bringing in your own mugs for your daily coffee and cut down on all the plastic and paper
6:41 pm
cups ending up in landfills and all kinds of other places. berkeley passed a similar message v measure in january. not quite a done deal, though. final vote on san francisco's plan won't come until this fall. a memorable first day on the job for a chp officer. here he is officer kittle on his beat in oakland. his final mission today to check on a report of a kitten on the freeway. it was on 880 near 16th street. officer kittle got there and stopped traffic he tried to get the kitty but it got away and hid under a car. they finally caught the kitty and took it to the spca in oakla oakland. it's ready for adoption. >> you say officer kittle got the kitty on his first day on the job? >> what a great way to end the day, right? very rewarding. >> very purr-fect. >> look at all these puns. >> no, you said it. i was repeating it. i know, it just came out. >> take it away, jeff. >> we're on today. a live look out here in san francisco. you can see those mostly clear
6:42 pm
skies. 82 in san jose. it's still warm. we'll talk more about those 90s in the forecast coming up. classic cars converge for a cause. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we are supporting our schools. next. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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well, we know the bay area's home to some of the wealthiest communities in the world. but there are still thousands of local families who cannot afford some of the most basic back to school essentials. school starts in just a few weeks. >> i know. basic supplies. we're hoping to change that along with some of our key partners. our consumer investigator chris chmura is here with more on our efforts and how you can help out. >> we're doing this all week long. let's talk about what happened earlier today. we're on hand with intel volunteers in santa clara. they packed up hundreds of backpacks for needy kids. they are not the only ones pitching in. you're about to meet some auto buffs who recently shifted their dedication for kids in need. it's a back to school --
6:45 pm
>> 1971 c-10. >> reporter: drive. >> ford with a '94 capri engine in. >> reporter: with drive. >> 1956 sedan delivery. >> reporter: being the key word here. >> '48 smefrl fleet line aero sedan. >> this is cars and coffee hosted by goomba's coffee club. more than 50 hot rods, pristine pickups and luxurious low riders converge to turn heads. this week, however, the gears are in motion to steer needy kids toward academic success. >> and raise money while we're doing stuff we normally do anyway. >> reporter: the goombahs are raising money and collecting school supplies for bay area students. ellen nguyen is with family giving tree, which builds thousands of backpacks for students from low income families each year. >> there are over 350,000 eligible students in the bay area who could be receiving backpacks from us. but we're only abl to really
6:46 pm
provide for 41,000 of them. >> reporter: this shining display of showroom chrome put a little dent into that backpack deficit. the goom bbahs raised enough to provide more than a few kids a better start when the school year begins this fall. >> it's helping us be successful with the family giving tree. >> nbc bay area is sponsoring family giving tree through our supporting our schools drive. they're looking to give at least 41,000 kids a new backpack. we're aiming to enlist at least 5,000 of our viewers like you to help out. you can be one of them. head to when you're there, you can build a virtual backpack all by yourself. pick out the color, the design, all that. or you can make a cash donation if you wish. we will be out at western digital in san jose tomorrow and then lamb research on wednesday and thursday i forgot where. and then friday -- >> friday me and you at the pizza my heart and jamba juice in mountain view. >> oh, really?
6:47 pm
wow. >> exactly. >> i'll be there all day. >> i'll thereby for much of the day, but then i've got to come back here. until we do the 5:00 news from pizza my heart with the pepperoni pizza. >> i'll join you. deal. >> it is a great program. the school is right around the corner. tom hanks grew up in oakland. you might know that. but in his next movie he's taking on a different neighborhood. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine ♪ could you be mine >> i looked twice, actually. that's tom hanks. mr. rogers' neighborhood. hanks is donning the famous red cardigan for a new movie called "beautiful day in the neighborhood." go figure. fred rogers hosted the show from 1968 to 2001, teaching kids all kinds of lessons along the way. fred rogers died in 2003. "duval day in the neighborho "beautiful day in the neighborhood" is released this november. the last thing you want to see on your vacation, sharks
6:48 pm
right along the shoreline. a family from texas shot this video at coco beach in florida. what's that? that's a shark's fin and tail popping out of the water. they're thrashing around in the shallow water. basically, they're so close to the sand they can barely swim so they're wriggling and wiggling trying to get out. >> jeff ranieri grew up in florida. now he's here. so sharks are all over you. take it away. >> i grew up 45 minutes from cocoa beach. huge surfing spot. i may be from florida but i'm going to be running the other way. >> well, we've got half moon bay sharks. >> no, thank you. like the sand, like the surf, but those sharks, we can leave them out in the water. let's go ahead and take a look at that microclimate forecast tonight, and we are of course updating you on the canyon fire. if you live near this area, you're concerned about what's happening. we wanted to give you the latest in case you're just checking in right now. the good news firefighters have contained this at least 55%. it's south of lake berryessa right near the pleasure cove
6:49 pm
camground. temperatures are hot. 90 degrees. humidity is low. 27%. but the winds are fairly light at 10 miles per hour and that's really what's helped those firefighters out this afternoon and evening. another hot day tomorrow with low humidity but we're only seeing wind gusts up to about 20 miles per hour and that again is the good news. we do have more on this on twitter, facebook and of course more updates coming up tonight at 11:00. you can count on us and we'll keep you up to date on this. we still have high fire danger in the forecast as we continue throughout this week, and it's all coming from this area of high pressure. this is going to heat it up hotter than we have seen it in weeks across the bay area. last time we will have seen weather had warm is back on june the 12th when livermore got up to 98 degrees. surging in heat as we head through the six-day forecast. as we move through tomorrow morning we do see? comfortable temperatures to start. a little bit milder than we've been used to lately. tri-valley at 66.
6:50 pm
peninsula 63. for the south bay a sunny 64. do notice even with some heat in our forecast we will have some fog near the coastline. so you'll at least get that to begin here. and san francisco 59. even a few clouds through the east bay and 63. as you move through the day tomorrow it's the cities farthest away from the bay and the coast that are going to heat up the most. you'll notice down in the south bay we have you at 93 in morgan hill then you go closer to the bay you're at 86 in cupertino. it's the same thing through the east bay. 73 in oakland, then you head over the east bay hails, look at the difference it's going to make here. car thermometer's going to jump up once you get back to concord. over the peninsula. redwood city you're at 81. san francisco an isolated 70 expected right here in the mission then you go out here to the outer sunset we're at 63 degrees. and the north bay 81 here in mill valley. 87 in santa rosa. right back to napa we're at 89 degrees. my extended forecast in sf
6:51 pm
doesn't really get that hot. we'll see numbers go up a few degrees but it's not going to be one of those heating events where we get dry offshore winds. so with the ocean breeze staying in place the coastal areas are just going to be trying to battle the heat. so that's why numbers go up but not too much. we'll be in the upper 60s and low 70s as we head right into this weekend forecast. so fairly nice seven-day forecast in sf. inland valleys mid to upper 90s off and on as we head right into this upcoming weekend. it again is one of the hottest weekends we have had since early june. so think about all those things you do when that weather heats up. get that portable ac out. maybe you just got an air-conditioner. that's a good thing. or my favorite is to call a friend with a pool. phone a friend. >> you can call a friend. thanks, jeff. up next here at 6:00 the a's are in houston for a showdown with the mighty astros. things are getting real for bay area baseball fans.
6:52 pm
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visit, to learn more. okay. well, baseball getting fun for giants fans. two of the best teams in the country right now.
6:55 pm
>> the giants hosting the cups at china basin. as for the a's a showdown in houston against the first place astros. bob melvin. a's fans cover your eyes. i don't think we can ever beat the astros. we're like 0-90 against them for the last few years. not bad. for houston diaz crushes a three-run homer. the a's now losing. astros leading this game 11-1 in the fifth inning. 49ers news tonight. in a ceremonial move all-pro linebacker navorro bowman re-signed with the team so he could retire as a niner. bowman played seven years for the team. he made up one half of the niners' dynamic linebacking duo playing alongside patrick willis. bowman's career was derailed when he suffered a devastating knee injury in 2014. bowman retired at the age of 31. by the way, 49ers training camp starts friday in santa clara. the raiders -- wait, niners on friday, raiders are tomorrow? >> yeah. >> in napa. >> it's football season. >> i love it. >> we are here.
6:56 pm
nba news. spurs legend tim duncan returning to the nba as an assistant coach. the spurs' all-time leader in almost every major category will now work under his long-time head coach gregg popovich. tonight at 11:00, pulled from his home, beaten and wrongfully arrested. that's what a palo alto man says happened to him last year at the hands of police. we investigate the incident and review the surveillance video that's now raising questions about bias and excessive force. that's tonight at 11:00. and before we go, jeff-w our final forecast here, either go to your buddy's house with a pool, get air-conditioning or something because the heat is coming. >> yes. stock up on the water, get ready for it. you can see tomorrow 92 degrees, not that bad. by wednesday 97. goes down a little bit by friday. but look at this weekend. h-o-t. back up to 97 on sunday's forecast. >> ouch. >> and a lot of kids are in summer camp. so make sure everyone's safe. >> they've got sunscreen on before they go. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye.
6:57 pm
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j-lo's million dollars birthday bash. how she's going all out for her 50th with a megamiami beach party. >> turning 50. what are your secrets? >> angelina's surprise appearance at comic-con. >> angelina joe lee. >> scarlett johansson showing she's getting her own franchise. a >> it's pretty surreal. >> plus why orlando bloom is calling his wedding plans to katy perry. >> s. >> tom under fire for cliff siding with his daughter. why he's taking heat


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