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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 23, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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massive protests overnight as the pressure builds for the governor of puerto rico as crowds demand the immediate resignation of their governor. >>the ante by claiming to have broken up a c.i.a. spy ring iide its borders. the u.s. denies the account. the provocation raising tensions between the two nations. >> mr. president, are you worried about wednesday? >> no, i'm not going to be watching -- probably, maybe i'll see a little bit of it i'm not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. >> the president signalling he might watch special counsel robert mueller's testimony as his department of justice warns him to stay inbounds of the
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report >> we'll look at the controversy and backlash over tom brady's cliff jump with his daughter >> a naked man casually strolls into a vermont coffee shop this morning for his cup of joe how is that for a wake up call "early today" starts right now good tuesday morning i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. the heat wave may have moved on, but more severe weather has followed a series of thunderstorms swept through new york city with one to 2 inches of rain coming down per hour at some points. drivers faced dangerous flash flooding many roads across new york and new jersey were transformed into rivers, bringing traffic to a stand still. there was a similar scene in the midwest. downtown eureka, missouri, was under water after getting 5 1/2 inches of rain over just a few hours. and in chicago, powerful winds of up to 25 miles an hour sent dangerous waves crashing into bikers and joggers along the shoreline. >> after 15 hours of lge protes
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rico, chaos breaks out police fired tear gas into crowds outside the governor's mansion. one of our affiliate reporters shelly muniz of wtvj was caught in the cross fire live on the air. hundreds of thousands of protesters blocked the major highway and the mayor of san juan was right by their side >> you know, people will not forget that he would help aide after the hurricane. he's not remorseful. he cares that he got caught. that's it. >> and the governor refuses to step down. >> a war of words triggers new tensions between iran and the u.s. iran making some bold accusations against the u.s. the country mit busted up a c.i.a. spy ring inside its borders. the iranians laying out thei die claims
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joining us nowm doha, qatar, matt bradley the process now is looking bleak. >> reporter: it is, phillip. you know, these sorts of accusations don't help at all. mike pompeo, the secretary of state, he very quickly dismissed them yesterday and he was followed right after by the president who had these words about those accusations. >> they put out propaganda they put out lies. let's see what happens with iran we are ready for the absolute worst, and we're ready for sense, too but we are very geared up. >> reporter: you know, phillip, we like to think about this in terms of the u.s. and iran the u.k. is very much involved, and just yeste- fore create a new european effort, maritime effort to defend shipping in the strait of hormuz that's where 20% of the world's crude oil passes now, you said that it's going to
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be very complicated to have a diplomatic solution to this. this is a very, very bad moment for this to be happening with the u.k. they've had one of their vessels just seized by it iranians on friday, but now they are having a leadership change in london and that's going to make it very, very complicated for any of their plans and promise s to go through in the next couple of weeks. phillip? >> a lot of complicated issues going son there in the strait of hormuz matt bradley, thank you. >> we are just over a day away from perhaps the most anticipated testimony on capitol hill in a decade former special counsel robert mueller will speak in back to back hearings first before the house judiciary, and then the house intelligence committee and in a new letter, the department of justice is advising mueller on the boundaries of his testimony. let's get to nbc's tracie potts in d.c tracie, there is one sign of bipartisan ship on the hill this earn montgomerie >> reporter: right as we await mueller's testimony, frances, we have learned the president cut a deal with congress to extend the debt limit for two years past the
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election and come up with a budget deal that will prevent audi matt i can budget cuts. in fact, it gives more money, democrats say, to some of the domestic priorities that they wanted so on that they agreed for now but ton this mueller testimony, it's a split right down the middle democrats are planning to ask him about details in his report, evidence of obstruction of justice that he detailed in the report, but then said he could not indict president trump on any of it. speaking of the president, big question here, is he going to be watching mueller >> i'm not going to be watching -- probably, maybe i'll see a little bit of it i'm not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction. we had no nothing. >> reporter: so to talk about what mueller can say and cannot say, a letter from the justice department detailing mueller cannot talk about anything
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outside his 448-page report, including anything privileged, like why his team made certain decisions or any communications with the president of course, mueller has said that what he said in that news conference and in his 448-page report is all he will address when he goes before these two committees tomorrow. frances? >> all right, watching the testimony and the president's twitter feed to see any comments there. tracie, thank you. >> meanwhile in the u.k. a leadership shake up is in the works. in a matter of hours boris johnson is expected to be crowned the new conservative party leader and the next british prime minister euro news correspondent is joining us from london vincent, boris johnson made big promises when it comes to the important issue of brexit. >> reporter: good morning, phillip. that's right boris johnson will become the u.k.'s 77th prime minister we expect tomorrow. the queen will invite him to form a government. it is likely he's going to sack
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a number of theresa may's government team. he thinks that they are too much in the remain camp, that they haven't been strong enough leaders. so many of those ministers are actually starting their resignation process today. he's promised to put a team in place that will get ready for the possibility of "no-deal" brexit the u.k. leaving the european union without the trade agreement and having to renegotiate from scratch, the deadline for that is the 31st of october. and his team have also start today signal that they aren't going to be going around the capitals of europe pleading for a deal with leaders. they're going to step up the planning for no deal, and we think as well that boris johnson will be getting on a plane quite quickly to washington, d.c. to meet with president trump. he wants to try and get some kind of preliminary agreement on trade talks so he can use that close relationship, that prospect of a deal with america to put pressure on the e.u. to come up with a deal. so it will be quite a step change from theresa may who many people think has been too weak over the past three years when it comes to these negotiations
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and we'll see whether or not boris johnson will fare any better when he goes behind that famous black door tomorrow afternoon. >> set to be an historic day in britain. all right, thank you, vincent. >> an urgent manhunt is underway for a killer in canada authorities there released this sketch of a person of interest in the death of a couple an american woman and her boyfriend were found murdered while traveling in one of the most remote parts of the country. now officials say the disappearance of two teenagers could be connected nbc's morgan chesky has this report >> reporter: the investigators believe this remote canadian highway may hold answers in a murder mystery north carolina native on a road trip with her australian boyfriend lucas fowler when their 1986 chevy van broke down. >> it is not yet clear whether lucas and china were targeted, or if this was an opportunity, a crime of opportunity >> reporter: police say sunday the couple pulled over at laird
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hot springs, a tourist stop, 16 hours from the near of the major city, juneau, alaska monday morning their bodies were found on the side of the road, shot to death. reports of missing teenagers on another remote canadian road, their car found on fire. police were asked if the cases are connected. >> it's possible >> it's possible >> it's possible santa teresa police urging anyone with a dashcam who traveled that highway to come forward in hopes of getting answers. as families remember a young couple full of life, exploring canada's national parks. >> for something like that to happen, it must have really been something. because these are two people that have traveled around the world and were not people to be caught off guard >> reporter: growing questions as police hunt for a killer. morgan chesky, nbc news. >> we're still cooling down from that hot, hot weekend. let's see what is ahead of us. janessa webb, good morning >> good morning. i feel like people got a good night rest tonight here. more breathable air. you can see the clearing that
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happened for the upper midwest the cloud coverage and showers, they will continue for the northeast, mid-atlantic and the southeast. we also have this development of this tropical depression three we think it's going to veer mostly off the coast here, but it could cause some heavier downpours across the carolinas into the northern panhandle of florida. now, temperatures i feel like you're going to need a coat this afternoon with daytime highs, they're still going to be in the 70s, but we'll watch this rain from raleigh to wilmingtont the hours. highs in florida in the mid 90s. so we're watching this development of a tropical depression, but really going to fade away pretty quickly >> we have those comfortable temperatures back. all right, janessa, thank you.
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>> a rough day on the job, check this out the chicago cubs ground crew were trying to roll back the field tarp at rigly when the guy trips. he gets rolled up inside you can see he's hanging onto the tarp the rest of the crew keep going. fortunately the guy was not hurt >> i wish we could see the whole thing. how far along before they realized he was still in there. >> probably all the way to the ivy. >> why an aspirin a day may not keep the doctor away and chaos in the courtroom y a former judge was dragged out of her sentencing next on "early today." moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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that's when deputies dragged her out under her arms while her heels were dragging the floor. >> leading the news, if you're taking an aspirin for heart health, you may rethink it they say those who take an aspirin without a doctor's supervision say you should stop. 29 people ages 40 and older were taking the drug daily in 2017 despite having no known history of heart disease or stroke experts say taking aspirin daily can have dangerous side effects like bleeding in the brain >> the fake heiress who swindled new york's elite may not get a dime she offered $100,000 to adapt her story. thanks to new york law, she may not see a dime now she got a $30,000 when she signed the deal. that was used to pay her lawyers fees as for the remaining 70,000, prosecutors are arguing that money should be paid as
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restitution to the banks and ded >> 9/11 victims are watching with cautious optimism as the senate prepares to vote on the september 11 compensation fund comedian and activist jon stewart fought for permanent extension of the fund. that action is set to run out by next year. but the bill is expected to pass and be sent to president trump's desk by next week. >> just ahead, critics dish it out to macy's over p of the bizarre moment a naked man dropped in next on "early today. art failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine ♪ would you be mine ♪ >> that's the first trailer for the up coming film, beautiful day in the neighborhood. it dropped monday and for anyone who ever watched mr. rogers, you'll likely agree, tom hanks's portrayal is spot on the video already has more than 3 1/2 million views on youtube the film hits theaters november 22nd makes me want to go back and watch old episodes of mr. rajrs. >> i just did that with my niece t g e of america's most lovable be go. looking forward to that. all right. was this family fun or a dangerous stunt? that's a question a lot of people are asking abou brane check out the video. he posted it of him leaping off daughterf while holding the hand it happened whillie some say his daughter appeared to be hesitating before jumping.
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others say she came dais drucely close to the rocks below even dwayne "the rock" johnson commented, this gave me anxiety. but show -- you see that video, right beforehand, she doesn't want to jump right away. >> she kept holding his arm. what if he went so far ahead it's not just quitting hugettint he could have dislocated her elbow. >> you do something like that, you have to be all in or not you can't hesitate >> i want to know what gisele thinks about the whole thing, if she was angry. >> very had to be pencive like everybody else watching. >> no coffee, no cream or sugar, no pants last week a man casually strolled into this vermont cafe looking for his caffeine buzz in his birthday suit. >> as one does >> we all do, right? he asked for directions to the nearest swimming pool and strolled right on out. while it is not illegal to be publicly owner hopes this won't be sort of a
4:20 am
new trend. in how, the cashier totally kept her cool during this entire thing. kudos to her she's probably in complete shock. >> yeah. my question is how are you going to be a nudist and not be tan? that's weird >> good point. especially in the summer >> you walk around getting some sun, this guy doesn't. >> i'm more concerned, the sleeve isn't going to be too hot for a dude like that >> macy's is under fire for selling body shaming plates. ali tweeted an image of the plates how can i get these plates for macy's banned in all 50 states? they have sections dedicated to portions sizes the largest one you see says mom jeans. in response to the backlash, macy's relented. they agreed to remove the product from all of its locations. >> ineffective anyway because these days mom jeans are cool.
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and they make them way, way skinny you'll see them all over your influencer fashion bloggers right there. >> not the culture >> when we come back, remembering the pioneer of the u.s. space program you're watching "early today." ♪ ♪ ♪ walgreens no all walgreens brand sun care products save your skin today are buy one get one 50% off.
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cristiano ronaldo will not face rape charges a woman accused ronaldo of raping her in his vegas suite in 2009 the district attorney said the case failed to show it could be proved enbeyond a reasonable doubt at trial the two acknowledge they had consensual sex by deny it was rape they reached a civil settlement in 2010. >> the count down is on, one year till the tokyo summer games. nbc's kirsten tells us surf's up as new events make their olympic debut. >> reporter: tokyo ready for its close-up 50 years since the city hosted the summer games this time it's all about blending old and new, from the venues to the medals made from recycled phones and laptops. a record 339 medal events and 33 sports including some new ones like surfing
4:27 am
skateboarding, climbing and karate making their debut. softball and baseball are back after a 12-year absence. >> mixture between the new sports and the new year will give people absolutely a brand-new feeling about the olympic games. >> reporter: a young feeling >> young feeling >> reporter: the biggest challenge of these games may be the extreme tense, the marathon now starting earlier due to heat fears. for nearly a month last july tokyo was as hot as the heat wave that swept the u.s. it will be deployed to helniti some of team expected back gymnasiles, katie ledecky and the women team off ab more crowded. keir simmons, nbc newsa year aw.
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all right, let's celebrate birthdays today. harry potter actor daniel radcliffe turns 30 years old monica lewinsky is 46. marlin way ans is 47 years old woody harrelson turns 58 and retired supreme court justice anthony kennedy is 83. >> we all have our stories how we beat the heat the last couple of days. i think this moose has the right idea he was caught cooling off in someone's backyard sprinkler neighbors say the moose has been hanging out all summer, resting under trees for shade and clearly taking of the free splashes of water he has the right idea. >> he's smart. >> thanks for waking up with us.
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good tuesday morning to you. july 23rd, welcome back.
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the bay bridge out there. and a nice warm day ahead. >> good morning to you. good to be back. >> marcus is back. i'm laura garcia. >> this is the first time the team has been together for awhile. >> summer break. >> got to get them in while you can. >> got to cool off. it was hot yesterday. >> there's more coming. >> it's going to be hot over the next several days. this is a live look outside. as you get ready to head out the door, it's at least clear now. and a slight increase in humidity


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