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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, not the family fun they were planning on. >> we were just -- and the next thing we knew, some cops were like, everybody has to get out. >> scary moments at a golf land bank robbery suspect was hiding out. also she said she was humiliated while shopping at a popular store. >> i'm livid, i'm boiling, sick to my stomach right nouchlt >> how this bay area woman said she was wrongfully accused by two security guards and the video ha helps tell her side of
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the story. >> ands tap about to get even hotter. look at this surge of heat. i'll show you the bay area cities that get near 100. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> he's accused of robbing two banks and his get away spot just around the corner at a miniature golf course. across the streetown tod? from the oak ridge mall. nbc bay area's ian cull is there. ian, the suspect? >> reporter: didn't make it far at all, janelle. they actually were able to track him down because they spotted the suspect's truck in the parking lot of the golf land. they were able to evacuate the mini golf and arcade before eventually arresting the alleged bank robber. san jose police say a man robbed a wells fargo one right off blo road. police say he passed the teller a note demanding cash and got away. officers identified the suspect's car and found it at golf land, a half block away. >> we were playing golf and the next thing we knew, some cops were like, everybody has to get
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out. >> reporter: and he her family are visiting from switzerland and had to be evacuated. >> we were wondering how bad of a guy he could have been because there were a lot of cop cars for just one guy. >> we got out and saw a bunch of cars and a lot of cops running around asking questions to everyone. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested in the parking lot after police found him in the arcade. it's not clear what he was doing there. tonight this family is just happy it wasn't worse. >> we had the full american experience here. this is what the rest of the world thinks happens every day here. >> reporter: happy that it appeared to have ended somewhat peacefully. now, police say that the cash was returned. the suspect was not armed. and they have not yet cull, nbc bay area news. >>ia hurricane harbor in concord two weeks ago. investigators say donald simms shot another man after an argument quickly escalated in the parking lot. that man rushed to a local hospital, but he is expected to be okay. >> every time i watch it, it's
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like i'm reliving it. >> wrongfully accused of shoplifting at a major department store, this east bay mother believes she was racially profiled and is now demanding an apology. the whole incident posted on social media. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in castro valley with her story. cheryl. >> reporter: well, tonight we did speak with yolanda montoya and she said what she experienced here at kohl's department store two weeks ago was racial profiling. >> sorry. >> reporter: yolanda montoya getting emotional as she relives what happened to her. >> i get so mad every time i think about it. >> reporter: she said she left kohl's at bay fair mall in san leandro and was accused of shoplifting. >> i said this is going to be between myself and two gentlemen and it's going to be their word against mine. >> reporter: so she started recording the incident on her cell phone. walking back into the store voluntarily. sorry, i am allowe
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record. >> no, you're not. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: montoya said while shopping at kohl's, she tried on a number of items. she says she purchased a shirt and let the other items she tried on in the dressing room. >> i spent a lot of money here. but because i look like a broke mom with a back pack, you guys target me. >> reporter: montoya feels she was being racially profiled. alma i do, i do. >> reporter: because? >> the way i look. i'm hispanic. the way i came dressed. >> reporter: we reached out to kohl's corporate office. they said, in part, we have apologized to the customer directly for her poor experience and have been in frequent monto can't come soon enough. >> not really much they can but they definitely need to review how they're training their staff, what policies they're implementing to make this stop. >> reporter: tonight montoya says her video has gone viral.
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some 50,000 likes. and tonight she has an attorney. reporting live in san leandro, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. we're stem cell tracking a developing story in the east bay. this is part of our breaking news coverage at 5:00 p.m. a man ran onto a property after a chase. that man is still on the property and there is still a standoff. our sky ranger was overhead. this is in east oakland in the hills earlier today. police arres o r from police, wiggled his way underneath this home on the corner of sanford streetas been there for eight hours now. well, tonight an east bay family seeking justice and police are offering a $10,000 award to help catch a killer. richmond police just releasing this surveillance video this evening. it's from may 14th. you can see that white dodge durango drive away from the scene. a man was shot and killed in front of a home at chanslor
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avenue and 16th street by the kaiser center. police announced they are offering the $10,000 award for any information leading to an arrest. >> i just hope that people really help us out. if you saw or if you know anyone that knows who did it, please come forward. >> officers believe the victim was caught in the cross fire of two groups. one in this durango and the other group was on foot. >> firefighters making good progress on a brush fire in napa county, cal fire says the wildfire burning on the south side of lake berryessa is now 85% contained. it's burned 65 acres since it broke out yesterday. highway 128 reopened evening and all evacuation orders have been lifted. >> let's take a live look past 2:00 a.m. on the east coast. and bright and early tomorrow morning, the much-anticipated testimony from special counsel robert mueller. republicans and democrats are eager to question mueller about
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his russia probe, but for very different reasons. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in san francisco with what we can expect. jean. >> reporter: raj, republicans and democrats tonight, both preparing for that hearing. it is the first time robert mueller will testify publicly since launching that probe nearly two years ago. and tonight lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are hoping america will be watching. the department of justice is warning robert mueller to stay within the boundaries of the report when he testifies tomorrow. >> bob mueller is goingti to to theorreport. we know this. >> reporter: former federal prosecutor hastings college of the law professor rowery little expects more mueller to follow the advice. he believes the former special counsel is under pressure to spell out wrongdoing he uncovered in theb, this is not fair. what they're saying about you isn't really true. you know, president trump is saying he was exonerated. you need to say he wasn't.
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>> reporter: in his report, mueller found russian interference in the 2016 election, but no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. it also details the president's efforts to interfere with the investigation, but made no determination about obstruction of justice. in june mueller provided a glimpse of his interpretation. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: now members of the house judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee canor information. democrats looking for facts to build a case for impeachment. >> our committee is most concerned about the compromise of national security. >> reporter: while republican lawmakers and the president dismiss the effort. >> there's nothing there, and we're going to see that tomorrow. >> we have the best economy in history. gee, let's impeach the president. i mean, you figure it. these people have gone totally crazy. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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>> there is a lot on the line tomorrow morning. nbc news will have a special report on robert mueller's hearing. our live coverage begins at 5:30 a.m. janelle. >> raj, how much power do technology companies have? the justice department is now investigating if it's too much. no companies have been named, but facebook, google and apple are believed to be at the center of this inquiry. the investigation is focusing on whether the companies have stifled competition or harmed consumers. broken down and new start-ups can't gain as much traction any more. >> their size and reach is what has allowed them to do that and it's also what keeps their dominance sticky because it's something that's really hard for other companies to duplicate practically impossible. >> the last time the d.o.g.a. filed antitrust charges was back in 1998 against microsoft. >> a deli in contra costa county
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posted this on facebook, a chance for customers to have free food if they say send her back. that phrase came from president trump telling four congress women of color to go back to where they came from. some people threatened to boycott the deli in clayton. it's called cane ssa's brooklyn heroes. as you can see by the crowd, it has its share of supporters. >> if this man had a special and he had a sign of impeachment, if you said impeachment aou hero. >> clayton's mayor is among those who think the owbookost w. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. check this out. watch as the heat builds through the inland valleys tomorrow. we'll show you exactly how hot coming up in about 8 minutes. >> also this is a hollywood production. new video of an unusual summer storm causing big problems on the east coast. >> and the tokyo olympics are
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just one year away. we sit down with two cal swimmers chasing gold. the biggest challenge they face, but it has nothing to do with the water.
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come inside. >> some frightening moments in massachusetts. you see that there? one of the most famousspots in ripping the roof right off of that hotel. this is in cape cod. the fast-moving storm tore down huge trees and knocked out power for thousands of people. >> back here at home, the call is growing for safer streets. the crowd gathered today in front of san francisco's city hall demanding action after a driver ran a light and killed a pedestrian. the crowd carried signs to honor every person killed while walking or riding their bikes this year. benjamin dean was killed on sunday. his wife severely hurt when the driver of a rented tesla ran a red light and triggered a chain reaction crash.
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the couple was visiting from the central valley. scott weiner said more work needs to be done at the state and local levels to prevent another tragedy. >> we're trying to automate speed enforcement in california, but it's a big fight. >> benjamin dean's wife remains in critical condition at s.f. general. >> let's take a life look in oakland. there is a new report shining a light on homelessness. this is a bay area wide problem, but it's amplified in oakland. the homeless population has soared nearly 50% in the last two years. that gives oakland a higher per capita homeless population than san francisco. the everyone counts report found oakland has more than 4,000 homeless people. mayor schaaf says the city plans to open a 6th cabin community near the border of chinatown and jack london square later this year. >> if you're planning on heading to the dmv tomorrow, beware, all offices across the state will be closed for half a day. we've known about this for a while now. the goal, to better prepare the staff on processing real i.d.s
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and improving customer service. governor newsome reiterated today he's work on all the problems plaguing the dmv. ironically, the computer system crashed today. >> they're about getting under the hood of gs systemically. >> the governor has appointed a dmv task force, whichlsts to improve the dmv website, increase staff, and incorporate credit card transactions. >> we are getting r olympics. yes, getting ready for tokyo. we're already counting down to the 2020 olympics. a one year from now, the world will be watching as more than 200 nation wills come together in japan. the intense training is happening now in our own backyard. nbc bay area's ali wolf introduces us to two swimmers from cal hoping to make their olympic dreams come true. >> are you ready? >> yep. >> reporter: at u.c. berkeley's
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aquatic center, two swimmers. striving toward the same goal. >> all eyes are on next year. >> reporter: tom shields and sean grisham trying to make it to tokyo 2020. grisham has had olympic dreams most of his life. >> let's nail that on number two here. >> it's been a goal since 9 years old, to stand on the olympic podium. >> reporter: shields has already been there. berkeley graduate won gold in rio in 2016. >> i get to talk to kids, meet people, show my medal, which is always fun and spread that hope and cheer of the sport. >> reporter: the swimmers will find out if they qualify for the olympics during the trials next june. serious physical training andan mentally so you can say mental is almost 100% of it. >> it all comes down to where your head is at the moment. >> on point, good. >> reporter: for now all they can do is prepare. >> look at the kick out. >> reporter: and hope they seize their moment.
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>> i would love to go. i would love to have another game obviously. >> reporter: in berkeley, ali wolf. >> it would be a dream come true. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> good luck to them. well, get ready to see four new sports at the 2020 games. rock climbing. >> what? >> karate. surfing. skateboarding. the move has winter olympics legend sean white trying to make it to the summer games as a skateboarder. >> oh, my goodness, i'm so excited for the sport of said boarding. you know, it's amazing. i was front row to see swhapd with snowboarading and how it changed the sport forever. i think it's so amazing what's going to happen to skateboarding. it's going to bring the attention of the world. >> we have a b of olympic extras on our website including this interview we did with mike tarico who is hosting our primetime coverage in tokyo. mike gives us an inside scoop on what we can expect. >> one year from now, we are ready to go. >> so exciting. >> i wish it was a couple weeks
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from now. >> that would be nice. >> gets us all excited. >> especially you, you get to go. >> i'll be in tokyo. we're all going to be there together. >> of course, of course. >> mentally. >> we'll try to hop onto your suitcase. >> ieltd be in your cargo. >> i'm glad they showed the rock g? >> surfing, karate, this is going to be fun. >> so much, okay. if you're curious about the weather in tokyo, it is not boring. let's start off with a look at what we could see a year from now, an average high of 83 degrees, low temperatures, morning temperatures very mild at 72. the month of july averages 5 and a quarter inches of rain. it's classified as a humid subtropical climate. so humidity no doubt will be impacting the athletes. also the tourists. and typhoon season will also be in effect. they're making some emergency plans behind the scenes just in case a typhoon were to hit japan and that's certainly going to make it very interesting. so we'll be here covering it for you, of course.
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not only when the events happen next year, but leading up to that as well. now, as we bring it back to our bay area weather, i am going to be the bearer of bad news tomorrow. we have hot high pressure building in. it's going to bring this surge of heat as we head through tomorrow. but stay with me here. the good news about maybe you have the day off and so let's say, i don't know, 99 for the inlanasad to the coa. look at this, a cool 62 for half moon bay. classic summer bay area weather as we move through your wednesday forecast. let's start off a little bit milder for inland valleys as the heat starting to build. this will leave us with 69 in the tri-valley, 65 in the peninsula. 68 in the south bay. notice a little bit of fog in san francisco will begin with cool 59 degrees. but as we move through the day g to those interior valleys tucked way from any kind of ocean breeze, you're up to a hotter 96 in gilroy, 95 morgan hill, 93 east san jose. that 99 degrees in my forecast is right here for pittsburg tomorrow.
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98 in antioch, also 98 in danville and concord as well. oakland not looking too bad. 78 degrees. the warm spot through the peninsula, at least warm for your standards, will be san mateo at 80 degrees. palo alto i have you at 86. san francisco a mild 70 in the mission, but you head else in the westerly wind will help keep you cooler. in the 60s. we'll bring you to the north bay, to 934 ready for the change and it will get here by thursday. look at the clouds increasing. a tropical system to the south. we get the clouds, a touch of humidity from all this activity. thunderstorms will be near, but we expect them to be over the sierra, also southern california. so my extended forecast, clouds increase on thursday. a mix of 60s and 70s in san francisco. nice weekend coming your way. inland valleys, we're up to that hot 97 tomorrow, but hold on. even though we go to 91 on
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friday, we have increased the forecast, low 100s on saturday and also on sunday. so very hot this weekend. think about those plans and what you can do to stay cool now. >> and stay safe as well. thanks, jeff. one of the best cities in to raise a family, guess where? it's right here in the bay area. we'll tell you which one. senate has voted to extend funding for 9/11 first ders anyone with health problems as a result of the terrorist attacks will be compensated until 2092. the vote comes after intense lobbying from ailing 9/11 responders including one wloe died shortly after testifying before congress last month. president trump is expected to sign the bill. we're back in a moment.
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a warning from facebook. a flaw in the messenger kids app. the app launched in 2017 for children ages 6 and 12 to chat online with family and friends. each selection needs to be pre-approved by their parents first. facebook allowed an error to allow someone in the group not approved. they fixed the issue and notified parents about the app and online safety. >> uniquely san francisco, someone taking guns collected through buy backs and turning them into something like art. the yerba buena center for the art,t' called art of peace. the sculptures were made from 244 guns collected in the city. shotgun barrels, shell casings and pistols all turned into something more. the exhibit runs through august 25. that's cool to see. they've done it again. you want to what the giants have
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...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. we're not quite sure what's happening with the giants, but we are not complaining. it sounds like the giants are a playoff contender. >> everyone is smiling in the newsroom. it's only july.
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it's the most fun we've had in years with the team. star power, african-american heritage night, dusty baker looking good. and barry bonds right there. among the former giants on hand, as for the game itself, hello to mad bum, madison bumgarner may be making his final start as a giant at oracle park. the trading deadline keep in mind is xt week. he looked sharp, 7 innings and standing ovation as he left the game. here's the drama. 13th inning, the kung fu panda with the walk-off home run. >> panda! >> giants beat the cubs 5-4. the giants have won 17 of their last 20. the a's looking to bounce back from the a embarrassing loss to the astros. a's fans in houston. this game goes into extras. ramon laureano delivers the game winning run. here he is and here's that double right down the line. a's beat the first place astros. matt olson scores here, 4-3. final. >> football season is officially
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here. the niners begin training camp on friday. the raiders kicked off today. they get ready for the final season in the bay area. quarterback derek carr arriving for duty right there. raiders camp will be feature on the popular hbo documentary series, hard knox. it's an inside look at coach gruden and his team. we'll be right back. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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we are one year away from the olympics and on the road to tokyo, among our bay area athletes, we're keeping a close eye on, this is akash modi. he's a gymnast. he was an alternate at the 2016 rio games. he could make a splash in tokyo. and field hurricane omar i player kelsey bing also a stanford grad. she's a goalkeeper for the women's national team, a two-time goalkeeper of the year. good luck to kelsey and akash. hopefully we'll be seeing them in tokyo. >> for sure. before we go a big pat on the back for an east bay city. it may have you thinking about a move. fremont is considered the second best city in the nation to raise a family. that is according to a new report by wallet hub. wallet has compared 182 u.s. cities across five key areas.
11:33 pm
fremont scored high for health and safety, socioeconomics, education and health care. the last category, affordability. they didn't do well on that. >> that can't be affordable. >> over land park, kansas, came in at number one on the list. number three, irvine, california, followed by plano, texas, and south burlington, vermont. >> we like fremont. >> fremont is gred ha won. our producer alley son, where did she gro z grow up? oh, fremont. interesting story. >> we love her. >> before we go, jeff is with us. tell us about the hot weather that's coming in. >> it will impact a lot of plans this weekend. >> it certainly will. tomorrow we're up to 97 degrees, slight humidity. next change will be clouds increasing on thursday. go down a little on friday, and might fool you there, but look at this. by saturday and sunday you're not going to be fooled because you saw this, back under triple digits both days. go back down monday and tuesday. yes, make plans, be careful this weekend. >> okay, jeff, as planned.
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we begin our live coverage 5:30 tomorrow morning for the robert mueller testimony on capitol hill. >> have a good evening, folks. good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." an


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