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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2019 5:00am-5:14am PDT

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as you get ready to head out in dublin and our temperatures starting out in the low 60s, headed into the low 80s already by 11:00 today, and look at that, we're going to reach into the upper 80s, but before noon, so i'll talk more about that coming up. mike, you're getting a look at the roads and so far so good? >> so far so green on the sensors, a smooth flow. we are watching that report 880 southbound at around marina, a container truck reportedly caught on fire. it may be affecting the off-ramp but the fire has been put out. a smooth drive toward the bay bridge where we have two cash lanes that have yet to open. back to you. >> thanks, mike. right now you see live inside the chambers, where robert mueller, former investigator, will be investigated by congress there. right now we're waiting for that to start in about 30 minutes. >> that's right, he'll testify about his report on the
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investigation and the involvement of president trump's 2016 campaign. the highly anticipated testimony gets under way in less than 30 minutes and you can watch it all live right here on nbc bay area. scott mcgrew joins us early this morning to tell us what to watch out for. scott, i know already a surprise for us, but it won't be just mueller. >> that's right, a last-minute addition. robert mueller's right-hand man, top deputy in the investigation, aaron zebley, will join him at the table. we had expected muler to appear alone. mueller will be asked to recount two years' worth of details from the investigation so perhaps it's not surprising he asked for help. zebley may also testify. mule her been very up front he was not going to say much. remember this. >> any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the
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decisions we made. we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. >> so mueller was going to be tough to get anything new from. zebley we have less of a read on. now democrats are betting even if we hear nothing new, hearing it on television will finally get americans' attention. polls show only one in ten americans ever read the report. seeing it on tv could be more influential. just look what happened when attorney general bill barr gave the world his impression of the mueller report, before anybody could actually read it. many people took barr's interpretation as gospel and believed the report clears the president. it does nothing of the sort, but barr said it on television. so if this is all you saw of the mueller report, you may think the report cleared the president. the truth is much more nuanced. summarizing 448 pages in a couple of bullet points the report says the russians
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interfered, the trump campaign knew about it, benefitted from it, but the special counsel lacked the evidence to prove conspiracy in court. it did establish the trump administration impeded and interfered with the investigation, but mueller's team concluded it was not permitted to prosecute a sitting president. here's mueller again from that press conference in may. >> charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. >> mueller would go on to say "if we had the confidence, the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so." democrats want him to say all this again, driving this point home on television. they're looking at history and what happened to richard nixon. nixon was still reasonably popular among his base at the start of the waterfwaet heariga in '73, as americans watched and heard on television, attitudes changed. there are a lot of differences between then and now. the watergate hearings were
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surprisingly bipartisan. the what did he do and the republicans. the hearings lapsed weeks. today president trump has about the same approval rating but likely will be v is scheduled to last just five hours. you can watch the testimony right here on nbc bay area in 25:47. san francisco's federal court will once again be the epicenter of the battle over immigration today. activists are asking for temporary restraining order surrounding a new policy aimed at stopping almost all immigrants from applying for asylum in the u.s./mexico border. they're now required to first pursue safe haven in a third country, which through they will travel on their way to the u.s. the requirement was announced by the trump administration last week. protesters are expected to building at 8:00 the legal battle to rescue
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pg&e is heating up with insurers and pg&e bond holders competing for their right to take over the bankruptanha may impact everything from customer rates to how money is paid to wildfire victims. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live now the details. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the bond holders will present their plans to a federal bankruptcy judge in san francisco later this morning, but let's talk about what the insurers would like to see happen when it comes to pg&e's future. they'd like to end pg&e's exclusive right to follow reorganization plan, after the utility filed for bankruptcy back in january, with billions of dollars in liabilities from those recent wildfires. now under the insurer's plan, they would convert nearly $20 billion in those wildfire loss claims into new stock, giving them a large share of the company and also establishing what they call a well-funded trust for victims. now the bondcio, to submit their reorganization plan and they're seeking to invest$3.
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pg&e claimed it made significant progress toward reorganization to compensate wildfire victims and protect customer rates. they say it could make the bankruptcy process long and drawn out. they have until september 26th to submit their plan. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> we'll keep following. thanks so much, pete. new for you this morning, an apparent crash and grab atm burglary at a san jose laundromat. police are on the scene on south king road just south of tully. from the video, you can see smashed through the window. there's also an atm sign with of course no atm. police say that the vehicle didn't stick around. they're not yet confirming this is an atm theft or someone intentionally drove thh store but they are pretty certain that's how it played out.
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the dmv is making a big push to make your visit to the local office a little more but in order to do so, allill be closed this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us in walnut creek es going on. bob? >> reporter: marcus, the dmv field office in walnut creek and dozens of other locations throughout the bay area and the state, you're correct, they will be shut down this morning. they will not open until 1:00 this afternoon. this is so the more than 5,000 front line employees can undergo a training specifically they want to help them improve their customer experience, the customer service skills and make them more efficient at processing the applications for. ironically the dmv's computer system crashed yesterday. this is just hours before governor gavin newsom outlined his plan for cutting down wait times and improving customer experience. among other changes, an improved website, the ability for the dmv
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to take credit cards and increase in staff, all recommendations from his newly appointed dmv task force. >> they're about getting under the hood of things. they're about solving problems systemically. >> reporter: the governor stressed that initial changes to the dmv would be incremental and things could get worse before they get fixed. it is a busy time. as many as 28 million californians are expected to apply for a new i.d. driver's license before the deadline, which is october of next year, 2020. reporting live here in walnut creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for that update there. and there was some frightening moments in massachusetts at one of the most famous vacation some inside. >> wow. look at that. a tornado just ripped the roof off of a on cape cod. the fast-moving storm tore down huge trees knocking out power
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for thousands. it's one of many destructive scenes we've been seeing out east since over the weekend. come inside is right. >> luckily we don't have to dealing with situations like that. is that over for that area right now? >> right now, we can see those storms moving off the coast, but they went from extreme heat to a very strong cold front that moved through, and so now that storm has moved out into the atlantic, so good news for them. as we start out this morning here in the bay area, nice and quiet, but it's going to be a hot day. temperatures heating up quickly at 9:00 in cupertino at 68 degrees. 80 degrees at noon. up to 86 degrees during the middle of the day, with our south bay high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s today, even some mid-90s for the south county. so our temperatures going up today and the next several days. i'll talk more about you have a. >> couple of roadway hazards. the roadways are moving nicely.
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thbound at no lanes appear to be blocked and no injuries reported. over here looking at westbound 3580 around denton, reports of a tree down near the denton off-ramp that may be affecting the off-ramp. no slowing but that may be your off-ramp so be aware. you might have to go past it and loop back. toward the bay bridge no problems, just a delay if you're paying cash. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. 5:10 right now. coming up, cupertino's apple finally making it easier to move data from your old iphone to the new one. how it works, and the one thing you can transfer, that's coming up next. and still ahead, dramatic video coming out of yellowstone this morning showing the power of nature. goodness. we'll show you what this bison does to a little girl, coming up at 5:25. you're watching "today in the bay."
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dang!! for $4 breakfast is and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. right now at 5:13, as you get ready to step out the door, nice and cool start to the day. mostly clear skies. this is a live look outside in san jose and headed over to willow glen we'll see temperatures in the low 60s, making it into the low 80s by 1:00 and it will heat up even more from there. some of our valleys today he le minutes. >> we're looking at the san mateobrillthere, steady up with incidents in oakland. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters.
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here are today's top business headlines. wall street is said to open up in the red this morning. yesterday stocks rising following several positive earnings reports and news about a fresh round of u.s./china trade talks will begin sometime in the next week. the dow and the nasdaq closing just shy of new record highs. on today's watch list, a report on new home sales and earnings from at&t, boeing, facebook, ford and tesla. ups is going seven days a week. the company will add sunday delivery starting early next year as it responds to the huge growth in online is postal service which delivers some ups packages in the final leg of their journey. > yowant a nice coffee, frappuccino? you don't want toea home or your office? we have an answer for that. starbucks will expand delivrshi. it tested last fall in miami and adden nuary.
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uber eats currently charges a fee of $2.49 for starbucks orders, small amount for somebody who goes to tahoe or takes long locations to send something to their friend on the east coast. >> we're always thinking about you, frank, even when you leave us for a few weeks. hmm. >> i know. >> i'm just working, i'm not taking fancy veiacations. >> thanks, frank. >> 5:15 for you right now. if you've ever gotten a new phone, this is the story you want t


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