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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm PDT

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they both graduated after spending their senior year here together. tonight they sit in a jail cell in rous crime. italian police say this seems to have started with drug deal that went wrong and an extortion attempt. investigators arrested the two mill valley men in their four star hotel on friday. finnegan lee elder and gabriel christian natale hjorth are being held on homicide and extortion charges. police say they've confessed to the brutal crime. the police officer was stabbed eight times. newlywed who had just returned from his honeymoon. police say surveillance video and witnesses led them to the suspects and they say theyhe ho.
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elder's family issued a atng, we are shocked and dismayed about the events that have been reported but have very little independent information about these events. we've learned there was a brief hearing in rome today after which elder's lawyers told reporters he advised his client not to answer questions in court as was his right. roz plater, nbc bay area. tributes are pouring in for that officer tonight. ciao mario, one tweet sd torked the officer. italian police officers turning on their lights to honor rega's funeral is expected to be held on monday in the very same church where he was just married. for some, this homicide case brings back memories of amanda knox, the american who spent
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four years in an italian prison after the murder of her fellow exchange student and roommate back in 2007. knox was 20 years old at the time. that conviction was followed by a successful appeal based on complaints about the prosecutor's tactics and character assassination. a second trial found knox not guilty of the murder. if you're following this on social media, you know we've been following the story since this morning. we'll bring you more updates when we have them, both on air and online. our handle on twitr, @nbcbayare. the top story this saturday, the scorching whea ining heat. walnut creek was hit by triple-digit temperatures today. we'll start with meteorologist rob mayeda. how long will this be around, rob? >> still close to 100 degrees in livermore, high officially 101
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degrees, you see 99 degrees currently. at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum is san francisco, 66 degrees there as fog rolls across. coast and bay side locations not under a heat advisory, but napa, 95, 99 in concord, fairfield 100 degrees. these same areas tomorrow will still see a heat advisory. look at the temperature jump from the last 24 hours. ten to 20 degrees hotter today. round two tomorrow. hottest temperatu will be around the tri valley, we could get close to 100 degrees. we'll have more in our forecast in 20 minutes. >> thanks, rob. right now people are out in the heat in pleasanton for the norcal night market. our own ali wolf is there.
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i see you're in the shade, ali. >> reporter: yes, shade is the place to be. it feels slightly cooler, but very warm compared to 6:00 tonight. the norcal night market is a popular place to be. you can see people are filing in. we've been seeing people showing up as the night goes on, as it gets a little cooler. we'll show you some video from earlier when it was super hot. people are checking out the vendors and gathering at probably the best spot to be, the tent that's spraying out mist. we spoke to one man who says he got a huge drink to cool off. just to show you how hot it is, the ice melted in ten minutes. >> i was kind of thinking about not coming out because of how hot it was, the hottest it's been in a while. but i just decided to come anyway. >> reporter: and we also spoke
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to one of the vendors selling ices and slushies here. he told us he came up from southern california just for this event. he's expecting the weather to actually help his business, because he's serving the cold and refreshing drinks here. more people are expected to show up later this evening. it's going on until 11:00, probably better when it's a bit cooler out here. organizers are not too worried, they say they'll have 60,000 people here throughout the weekend. live in pleasanton, ali wolf, nbc bay area. >> y. the house on center avenue is gone, destroyed. the fire started inside the home about 9:30 this morning, spread to some brush, several trailers in the backyard as well. one person was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. breaking news, a large plume of smoke can be seen in san jose. this is a live look, this is going on right now. firefighters say the smoke is coming from the fire at a
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junkyard on commercial street. again, san jose. the fire department says there are several cars on fire. another view of the smoke from just minutes ago, that's a little bit more imposing there. the fire was more intense, not clear if crews have the flames contained. we don't know how it started. we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. new at 6:00, a fall from grace for uc berkeley. "u.s. news & world report" has removed the school from its best colleges ranking afterheunivers that it's been misreporting data since at least 2014, misrepresenting that it was includg alumni giving instead of only actually donations. uc berkeley is now listed as unranked. alumni account for 5% of the ranking in "u.s. news." hopefully that's all cleared up
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by the new edition in september. today in burlingame, families hosted a lemonade stand to raise awareness of immigration. there are 200 stands across the country selling lemonade. >> the goal is to get our children to learn about being of service to others, educate them about what's happening at the border, educate the nation and get families involved. >> the money raised will go towards the care and legal services for children in detention centers. the stand, which is on the corner of hillside and alvo ng r everybody. there will be dozens of stands in locations in the bay area, including san jose and oakland. libbyor donations made to her 2018 campaign. the public ethics commission found the campaign accepted
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donations over the legal limit by the owners of several large properties in the city. the commission has recommended that schaaf return the contributions and pay a fine of $600. they say schaaf's campaign is cooperating and has offered to return the donations immediately. the commission is scheduled to impose the fines at its next meeting. still to come, ready for anything. sausalito spent saturday doing drills. what they're preparing for down the line. beach, you k you live in to bib might want to check. one beach is closed. we'll take a dry dive, next. we're closely watching round 2 of a heat advisory taking shape for tomorrow across the inland, east bay, and south bay. how hot it will get tomorrow and real cooling will arrive. [beeping]
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sausalito its first ever today. they practiced evacuating neighbors including on house boats in today the neighbors received an emergency notification on their phones. chief scott barnes says he wants to make sure neighbors know at least two ways out when evacuating. >> this drill is to educate homeowners, create some muscle memory for the residents in case they do get that phone call from our emergency notification system to investigate. >> barnes says preparedness and
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creating defensible space are the best ways to prettyiotect y home during a fire. health experts say water samples near some beaches in tiburon showed high bacteria levels for more than two months visitors not to go in. just don't. state officials say they'ves cg know. ey say illegal joins us now. boy, you're talking about the differences in temperatures. >> it's easy forecast. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100, and you can't be wrong. we have a heat advisory, microclimate weather alert for inland valleys. you can see why. if you're in pink or red on this map, that's not comfortable at all. as you get closer to the inner bay, the 60s and 70s. right now, 100 degrees in fairfield, 99 in concord and
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livermore, 98 in morgan hill. as you see right now, the high in livermore was 101 degrees. round two showing up tomorrow in the tri valley. meanwhile, a beautiful picture from san francisco, you got the fog and the towers there, the golden gate bridge at the some drizzles underneath the low clouds. 66 degrees currently. a strong ocean breeze. the marine air is shallow. this is our sutro tower camera, shows you how shallow the low clouds are, mainly a thousand feet, just enough to cover this portion of the golden gate bridge this evening. in san jose right now, 87 degrees. a high of 89. webabl see similar temperatures again tomorrow around the santa clara valley. notice the winds out there, it's an onshore breeze but that marine air has been compressed down by high pressure. most of the cooling effect is confined to the water's edge, bay side right on the coast. tomorrow, one more spare the air
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day. inland, east bay, unhealthy for sensitive groups for ground level ozone, one more spare the air day for your sunday. some places waking up tomorrow in the mid-60s for low temperatures. your air conditioning might be going on all night around the tri valley. notice the highs tomorrow, san jose into morgan hill, mid- to upper 90s. gilroy garlicpit,ou see those nn in the mid-90s, south of downtown, san jose. concord, mid- to upper 90s. close to 100 in livermore. oakland and hayward, 70s and re city. dah daly city, temperatures pretty comfortable. mid-90s in santa rosa, close to 00 100 in ukiah. a cool down starting on monday, low pressure approaching the
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west coast, high pressure in the southwest. by the end of the weekend, the sea breeze starts to kick up. you'll notice it kicking in for money afternoon. you'll see the winds picking up. notice the drop in it was from sunday's highs. the areas at 4: about 20 degrees of cooling in time for the workweek. san francisco tomorrow, no worries about heat. we'll see if we can manage 70 degrees before the fog fills in again. the valley is looking hot for one more day. a big drop in temperatures. we'll have to watch the wind on monday, even though it's bringing in cooler air thanks to the hot weekend, the hills will be very dry. we'll have to watch wind speeds closely on monday for fire concerns even as the temperatures start to come down. >> and an uptick next week. >> but not as hot. coming up, a happy ending, we'll share it with you next.
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we're learning new details about the deadly balcony collapse inside a south korean nightclub. several people from team usa water polo were inside. a couple of were hurt. they have advertise to the bay area. johnny hooper played water polo for you feltuc berkeley, cut hi hand. two people died when the balcony inside the coyote ugly club in guangzhou fell early this morning. 16 others were injured. the twitter drama continues, the president causing controversy today after attacking a member of congress and calling his district a rat infested mess. chris pollone has the story. >> reporter: president trump on the golf course and on the attack, taking aim at maryland democrat elijah cummings on twitter shortly after a "fox &
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friends" segment aired. trump called the area a disgusting rat and rodent commid subpoenas this weekend for the defense, house speaker nancy pelosi calling the president's tweets racist attacks. ia isn which allows him to defer $2.5 billion in pentagon funds to build a wall along the southern border, a project trump has long claimed mexico will pay for. >> i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. >> the wall will be paid for very easily by mexico. it will ultimately be paid for by mexico. >> when i say mexico is going to pay for the wall, that's what i said. >> reporter: big win for border
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security and the rule of law, he tweeted. denial presidential candidate julian castro says the court's conservative majority has given the president permission to ignore congress's budget decision. >> it's wrong. i believe it's a bad decision. it's going to set bad precedent for the future when presidents may try to use funds in a way that wasn't appropriated by congress. >> reporter: in a statement the aclu says it will ask for an expedited appeal. congress refused to allocate border funds earlier this year leading to the longest government shutdown in history. chris pollone, nbc news. a close call for some passengers in india. as you can see, a train got stuck in monsoon floodwaters near a station in mumbai. the national disaster response for and the navy were called in to rescue these passengers. the train was stranded for nine hours. rescuers were able to evacuate all 700 passengers and all 700 are safe. grass hoppers taking over
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las vegas. scientists say vegas one of their stops as they migrate north. there are so many pallid winged grass hoppers in the city right now, they could impact visibity are relatively harmless, they'll likely stay for a couple of weeks than get out of town. let's hop to sports. >> it's time for another season to get under way. it's christmas in july for football fans as both the 49ers and raiders began training camp with their first practices today. we'll get you caught up on all of the latest news coming out of santa clara and napa, next in sports. for your heart...
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your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you...
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your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials i'm joe castellano at the xfinity sport desk. raiders' derrick carr may have been taking h
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the hbo show, to show who he know what made knocks, really is. >> uh, it's been really cool, to be honest with you, because people get to see us in our real environment, you know? people don't get to see coach gruden telling our rookies how much he loves them. they just see the clips of him yelling at people. they don't get to see me competing and talking trash and stuff like that. it opens up the world to show us who we really are. that's a goord thing, if you hae nothing to hide. i've enjoyed it, honestly. it's not really a distraction, to be honest. there are so many cameras around all the time, even in meetings, coach is always filming his presentations, so we're kind of used to it. it hasn't been a distraction as much as ita thought it would be. they've been great to work with. coach and i have had some fun with it too. >> the raiders added quite a few personalities this off season
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including antonio brown. raiders insider scott bear has more. >> reporter: after being suspended by the nfl for incident that happened during a brief retirement last year. while he talked about a number of different issues, they all fall under two main themes. he wanted to end his career on a positive note and show his raiders teammates that he was no longer the guy they read about in the headlines coming from that scandal when he was back with miami. and number two, he encouraged other players to seek out mental help at t e previously kept it in check. he has done so recently. that's why he feels he's physically and mentally ready
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for this final opportunity at the raiders. as the 49ers open training camp, there are a lot of eyeballs focused on jimmie garr opopollo. 49ers insider matt mayoko explains. >> reporter: on the first day on saturday, jimmie garopollo was out with an acl injury. the rusher that got closest to hims with nick bossa who did a lot of one on one stuff against joe staley and held up well, an encouraging sign. as robert s out, staley will make adjustments. a big part of being a defensive
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lineman in the nfl is making adjustments. we'll see how he learns in the coming days and weeks. >> tonight we'll have highlights of the giants in san diego as we as the a's hosting the rangers. more news after the break. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more.
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it's time to ooh, and ah, it really is. these are five baby penguins waddling their way to their permanent home on penguin island
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zoo. the penguins just graduated from fish school. they learned how to eat whole fish. it's surprising that they have to be taught that. they did very well, all "a" students. they learned how to swim, how to socialize with their caretakers. the chicks are named jp, spartac spartacus, poppy, annabelle, and one of them doesn't have a name yet, i don't know why. we should name it. annual march of the penguins follows the final part of their captivity journey. they march around. they're kind of free. >> cool this weekend. >> i hope penguins like warm weather. we're back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. we'll update the penguin march. ♪ garvin thomas: welcome to our "bay area proud" news special where we hope to remind you about all the good people do
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in our communities every si d like the family for whom saving a life once just wasn't enough. for those who broke the rus and the international music superstar who probably doesn't know all the good he did. first, though, we begin with an incredible rescue. a woman trapped between her vehicle and home. when you see the pictures it's remarkable she survived. well, the rescue is just part of the story for one san francisco paramedic. what she learned after makes this moment so unforgettable and emotional. garvin: in the city of san francisco last year the fire department responded to 149,000 calls for help. each one, unique. angela castro: she was pinned right here in the cornern paramedic angela castro answered in bernal heights one friday in november.
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