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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. the bill has passed. >> we have been waiting for this for so long. ♪ good morning, welcome back after a week off to "sunday today" on this july 28th. president trump spent a good portion this weekend on twitter attacking a member of congress
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and nancy pelosi is calling racist. the president going after democratic congress elijah cummings. the city of baltimore is disgusting and rodents and a mess. plus, another shark attack in florida. this one caught on camera. we'll check into see how the victim, a professional surfer is doing this morning. a sunday sit-down with one of the biggest stars in hollywood, jake gyllenhaal on his latest stop on broadway and his current role in the "spider-man" movie and reflection on his role that chan changed his life. >> this is a level of focus and tension that hits a certain
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nerve. >> a sit down with jake gyllenhaal and harry smith. let's begin with president trump's ongoing rant against the city of baltimore and the democratic congressman who represents it. the president back at it this morning. n nbc's mike viquiera is at the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is ig nielnitin fire storm. president trump's anger with cummings have been sitting for days after cummings grilled the homeland security over conditions of the southern border. >> you feel like you are doing a great job, right? >> we are doing our level best >> what does it mean when a child is sitting in their own feces and can't take a shower, come on man. >> the exchange prompted a trump supporter to shoot this video in
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west baltimore, part of cummings' district, minutes after the video aired on fox. mr. trump launched his attack. represent cummings has been a bul bully. if he spent more time in baltimore, maybe he can help clean up this dangerous and filthy place. his district is majority black is leading several house investigations into the trump administration. mr. president, i go home to my district and i go and fight for my neighbors. it is my duty to conduct oversight over the executive branch. >> nancy pelosi labels trump's attack racist. while democratic hopefuls
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returned fire. >> this is racial priming that this president loves to do and it is wrong for this country. >> reporter: the president thinks this is working for him. he's tweeting again this morning, a tweet this morning, someone please explain to nancy pelosi who was called racist by those of her own party that there is nothing wrong bringing out the obvious fact that congressman elijah cummings have done a poor job for the city of baltimore. >> the president is continuing to attack nancy pelosi's city in san francisco. we'll spare you that tweet. mike, thank you. chuck todd, our moderator of "meet the press." the president knows when he's on something and burrowing in on this attack and on selijah cummings. what
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>> this is about deflection and trying to distract what elijah cummings is investigating of the horrible conditions the children being keptn these camps. the oversight is looking at a lot more of what's going on at the border. elijah cummings is looking at ivanka trump and donald trump jr. this is awesome aboll about. he sparks this racial business which is what he does quite a bit, he knows it serves two purposes. one is a distraction of a story he does not like and that's what cummings is investigating and two, his base likes it. he thinks it is a positive. >> an important family point is that the oversight committee is looking for jared kushner and ivanka trump's private e-mails.
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also, perhaps a distraction from the week that we'll be known as mueller week. robert mueller sitting before two committees for six hours given his testimony after he was called there. what was your take away as we walk away from that chapter. robert mueller testified and we heard from the report from his mouth now. the question of impeachment opens another question that nancy pelosi grappling with her own caucus. when the president attacks elijah cummings which was extraordinary popular in congress. bipartisanly used to be. we'll see if republican colleagues speak up for him the way they used to. look, i actually think those attacks can unite the democrats and decide they may move in that direction. they're not there yet and pelosi does not want to go there. i do think they man up in sort of a half measure which is formally opening the in query to give them stronger standing and
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get the documents they want and do the investigation they want. we may not see the article of impeachment voted out of the house. >> we could have that half measure at the end of the day. i think the idea of democrats telling their base they did not open an in query, i think that's hard for them to sell. >> you will be hearing all of this during the debates this week. a second round of democratic debates, two nights and 20 candidates and 10 each night in detroit. a lot of eyes will be on joe biden after what most people thought it was a lack of performance. he'll be on stage next to kamala harris. >> it is their anticipating incoming and secretly they're hoping for. it is a fascinating moment for joe biden while extraordinary early in the process, it is getting late early and so a strong performance where he shows he can handle the in coming. it is not just harris.
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she may not attack him this time but everybody else on that stage may do it. if he handles it, look at how resilient he's been in the polls. imagine if he had a good debate, imagine what will his poll numbers look like? it is an opportunity for biden and his team knows it is an opportunity here. at the end of the day, it is all about how the vice president does. it is on him. he's telegraphing that he's ready and ready to fight back. >> we are all watching. chuck, these divided time one thing we can agree on, you are killing the beard my man. consensus. everyone loves the beard. >> thank you. >> the beard is working. >> it tells me that everybody has been done with the goat. it is a little too positive. >> right. >> there maybe some of that. have a great show. we'll be watching "meet the press" when chuck discusses what's next after mueller.
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two american teenagers are charged in italy of a shocking crime the killing of a policeman after a drug deal gone bad. sarah harman has the story. >> reporter: two american teens confessed to fatally stabbing the officer there. 19-year-old lee elder and 18-year-old gabriel christian of new york both were arrested in rome on friday. inside the room police say they found a large knife hidden in a ceiling panel. a detention order describes elder stabbing the police as he and the fellow officer confronts the americans over the drug deal gone wrong. both americans are accused of murder and attempted extortion. elder's family says in a
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statement we are shocked and dismayed but have little independent information about these events. we have not been able to have any communication with our son. the victim, 35-year-old marrow rega is a newlywed who just returned from his honeymoon. on monday, his funeral will be held at the same church where he was married injun. amanda knox spent four years in italian prison after she was charged of the murder of her roommate. a lawyer represented her and other americans in prison abroad urge caution. >> we must not render a premature judgment and wait until all the evidence is brought forward. >> reporter: this morning italy faces a growing drama while mourning a painful loss.
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sarah harman, nbc news. a professional surfer in florida is recovering this morning. a moment that was caught on camera. nbc's morgan radford is here with more. >> today is the start of shark week on television. for that surfer, this was not tv. it was real life. >> oh my god. >> so naturelgnarley. >> a professional surfer is feeling lucky to be alive after his encounter in florida. a shark bit his arm holding on and nearly pulling him off his board. >> literally latched onto my arm. i was in shocked. >> you can see the shark splashing around the surfer as he's struggling to get away. o'rourke escaped without any injuries and treated by life guards on the beach.
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florida does have the largest number of sharks citing in the u.s. nationwide there has been 24 unprovoked shark attacks this year. surfers face increase danger in the water, on their boards, they can look like a seal. >> in 2015 a shark attacked surfer mick fanny while he was competing in south africa. he fought off the white shark. back in florida, o'rourke plans to return to surfing. >> i went and bought a lottery ticks n tickets now. the odds were in my favor now. >> he was bitten 100 miles off of florida.
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>> thank you. breaking news over night of a shooting at a block party in brooklyn left one person dead and 11 others wounded. the shooting may have been gang-related. there has call for celebration in boston, not just because the red sox is a game away at fenway. david ortiz is out of the hospital now where he's under gone three surgery in the seven weeks since he was shot at a bar in the dominican republic. dominican republic police say his shooting was a mistake and another man sitting near him was the target. disney fans are mourning the loss of the woman who was the voice of minnie mouse. >> oh, mickey, i can't believe you gave up what means the most to you for me. >> rucy taylor was the voice for mini for more than 30 years earning the job in 1986, long
6:14 am
after a childhood meeting, walt disney inspired him. we're off to a sunny start, looking off to the east, the mt. diablo east sunrise in san francisco, 59 degrees but it's warmer in san jose, waking up to upper 60s this morning, which hints at another hot afternoon. inland heat advisory for inland east bay and south bay, temperatures in the 90s near 100 degrees in livermore. 70s near san francisco. notice today will be the last of the hot days. temperatures in the 90s today and the winds pick up, and temperatures drop big time tomorrow. >> straight ahead the highs and lows of the week including the story behind the persistent teenager who became an internet star as the world cheered for him to stick that landing.
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>> plus, national treasure shaquille o'neal in the mosque pitch at the belgium festival. from the sidewalks to new york city, the streets of break dancing becomes an olympic sport. >> i think some people who are concerned because they're worried about the art and the culture of it being appropriated. >> it is all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our photo of the week, comedian and activist john stewart embrac embraces 9/11 first responder, john field. john field. stewart- ha♪ hoo - i like to plan my activities before i take trip, so by the time i get there i can just enjoy the ride.
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make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! morgan joins me again for the highs and lows of the week. our first high goes to tim bannon of hillside illinois whose persistent inspires the world this week. >> do it now. go! >> do it. >> fight here. gol on, now! >> rawr. >> do it, do it! >> yeah! >> yeah buddy, tim who was born without arms nailed that 20-inch
6:20 am
box jump with the encouragement of his coaches in illinois. the rising high school freshman became a viral superstar with millions of views with that effort across social media. tim has another goal, next month's chicago triathlon. i can watch that video all day. that's hard enough to do without arms and at 14 years old. >> i love his village. they know he can do it. all encouraging each other. very cool. our first low comes from fabulous, las vegas. where today's 110 forecast is a distant seconds for outdoor concerns by visitors behind a full invasion of grass hoppers. the video has been wild. a gamblers sitting inside
6:21 am
pulling slots, hordes of grass hoppers waiting outside. the grass hoppers are migrating north and making a stop over in vegas, presumably to catch a stare of cirque du soleil. the bugs swarm around the lights at the luxor's hotel. they're harmless and will move on with their journey the next few days. famous last word if i ever heard them. the national weather service put that up. all that green over vegas, those are grass hoppers. >> i read that there are more than grass hoppers in some part of the city than humans. is that crazy? >> it is not rain. they're hopping. >> those are grass hoppers and they're not leaving. our next high goes to basketball hall of famer, shaquille o'neal who just keeps
6:22 am
reminding us why we love him. this time is for being 7 feet tall and rocking out at the front row of tomorrow land music festival in belgium. ♪ >> go get it shaq. he was at the festival to perform under his stage name deej deejay diesel. he's bouncing that 300 pound frame off of the delighted concert goers. >> i did not want a 7'1" bro in front of me in any concert. >> our final logos to the member of the chicago cubs ground crew who disappears briefly during a rain delay at wrigley's field. my man slips and gets swallowed
6:23 am
up. his business buddy don't break strides and dragging him alongside as they rush to get wrigley ready for the cubs. it looks lie a high for that guy. you get a ride across wrigley's field. >> that look like injury in the line of duty. >> morgan, thank you. >> coming up next, a sunday sit-down with jake gyllenhaal. i am stepping into the marvel universe and looking back at e broke back mountain and his new broad day play. harry smith with a trip to the summer venue where the public can sit in with the masters. morgan and i are ready to answer morgan and i are ready to answer your [mom] we knew this airedale pup was coming home with us
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good sunday morning. let's take a live look outside east from san bruno mountain. that is absolutely beautiful sunrise on this sunday morning. it is 6:26 a.m. thanks for joining us. i'm chris chmura sitting in for kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda has the first look at your microclimate forecast and i'll go out on a limb and say it's going to be warm again. >> yes, all the signs are there. no low clouds around san francisco like this time yesterday morning and it's a warm start in the hills, outside of san francisco 59 degrees, upper 60s as the sun creeps over the hills there off to the east of san jose. 67 degrees. just checked mt. diablo's temperature is 80 so that's a
6:27 am
good sign, of strong high pressure. you see regionally upper 60s, warmer start to the day today. of course, means we get another heat advisory in the inland east bay locations with the oakland hills as you head over to the tri-valley, solano county and areas east of san jose for the afternoon, where we'll see highs in the 90s, probably near 100 degrees or slightly above again for one more day and find relief, drive for the west 20 minutes and 60s and 70s in the coast into san francisco. the last of the heat advisories today, and then tomorrow, the wind picks up and wll see as much as 15 to 20 degrees of cooling for the valleys tomorrow, the wind and low clouds make a comeback. >> 80 degrees before 6:30 in the morning, that's incredible. rob, thanks very much. a follow-up to a story in the east bay. pleasanton firefighters remain on lookout for hot spots where a brush fire caused a big scare. the fire sparked up around 9 on bernal avenue. dozens of homes were threatened.
6:28 am
some people chose to evacuate their homes out of fear the fire would quickly spread. flames could be seen miles away. >> and make suro get the heck out of here when the fire people said go, just be ready for it, and then i watered down my house. >> we were fortunate enough to have a pretty significant fire break on the road and having the road between the south side and the north side and of course being nighttime, temperatures being much cooler and really no wind. >> joint operation here, cal fire and alameda fire helped them put out the fires quickly. no injuries reported and also no homes fwurburned. follow-up to a fire in san jose, a flare-up there. more than a dozen cars destroyed in a junkyard fire. we brought this to you as breaking news last night at 6:00. the fire started just after 5:30 p.m. at the pick n pull junkyard on commercial street near highway 101. firefighters say two cars were
6:29 am
engulfed in flames originally, that spread to 15 cars. no one hurt and the cause now under investigation. a big break in last month's bar shooting on the peninsula. police officers have arrested seven people in connection with the shooting outside club shore in san mateo. six of them were from oakland, the other from orange county. police say a shooting was the result of a fight outside the bar. despite dozens of shots fired, only one bystander was hurt, and not badly. coming up at the top of the hour on "today in the bay," a national ranking removed. cal called out. we'll lay out the reprimand and the reason behind it. that plus all your top stories come up at 7:00. right now back to "sunday today."
6:30 am
i like you peter, you are a good kid. there is a part of me that wants me to tell you to runaway from all this and another part of me knows that we are about to fight what's at stake. i am glad you are here. >> that's jake gyllenhaal playing mysteria playing on "spider-man: far from home." that role in a big budget super hero movie was a first for
6:31 am
gyllenha gyllenhaal. the spider-man blockbuster began for the 38 years old that ends with the debut of something on the other end of the entertainment spectrum, broadway play of only two actors. each performing a long and intense monologue about life and death. jake and i got together at the hudson theater here in new york days before previews began this week for his play. >> in the final days before the curtains go up on jake gyllenhaal's latest production. crews at the hudson theater are hustling to get the play in shape. >> literally caving in. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we are in "money pit." >> gyllenhaal brings "sea wall/a
6:32 am
life." >> what is that going to feel like to have move this from the public to broadway? >> i don't know what it is, you make me cry. i feel really responsible to my author and his work and what he's given me and how vulnerable he has been and sharing what she shares. gyllenhaal co-star with english actor. each performs a separate monologue. >> come on play me. >> gyllenhaal follows with a life. we are smiling. >> it is a show about faith and family and mess and comedy of life, you know? it is about really actually about two fathers. >> how were the two acts related? >> they are linked because they are about love and loss and the idea that in order to love
6:33 am
anything, the inevitability of loss is there. that's why we love and why we cherish it. i am not a father. i do hope to be a father one day. >> can i ask you something. >> gyllenhaal calls the show an experience unlike any in theater. >> i have never seen the two stars come out and stand at the front of the stage and take questions and listen after they have been through this emotional exhausting experience. >> yeah. >> why is that part of something you and tom want to do? >> it is the reason we are in broadway. >> are you a review reader of your work? >> sometimes. >> the quotes are on the poster so it is a little weird. you walk in the theater and you see them. i did see you stand outside of the greatest actor of generation and waiting for people to notice. >> i am desperately trying for people to note that. i am taking a thousand selfies in front of that.
6:34 am
[ laughter ] >> jake was born and raised in los angeles by a screen writer mom and director dad with older sister maggie gyllenhaal who is an actor as well. maggie has offered some helpful notes on her little brother's performance. >> there is a big moment of the show where i go back and forth between time and i am actually playing at one point my wife and myself while she's in labor and now she gives birth. my sister i remember afterwards, we need to talk about the labor part. you didn't quite get it. >> you mention your sister. have your parents seen it? >> yes, everything my mom and i had and good end and bad together set aside. it was very a lot of love. for the lack of sounding really you know cheesy. st it is a lot of love. >> jake makes his debut in 1991
6:35 am
playing billy crystal's son. >> was there any chance you will be anything other than an actor? >> my love for acting and story telling is pretty deep. the truth is you're an actor because you have no idea what you want to be or do. we'll leave the real jobs much stronger and to courageous people. >> his first leading role came in the 1999 film "october sky." >> i think i auditioned 15 times after my first initial audition. when i got that role, oh my god i was starring in a movie, it was a little overwhelming. >> since then gyllenhaal has made a career playing off beat characters in "night crawler" and "zodiac" and diving into big
6:36 am
budget movies like "the day after tomorrow." the movie that jumps into mind is "ground breaking "broke back mountain." alongside heath ledger earns him an oscar nomination and changed his life. >> when we did "broke back mountain" what's going on? this is a level of focus and attention that hits a certain nerve. to be 26 years old and be at the academy awards you are like whoa. it opens tons of doors and it is amazing. it has and defined my career in different ways. >> i wish i knew how to quit you. >> i see people have criticized me about lines i have said about that movie. that's the thing i love about heath. no, this is about love, that's it, man.
6:37 am
>> gyllenhaal's latest movie "spider-man:far from home" is something new entirely playing mysteria in the million dollar blockbust blockbuster. >> "spider-man" came last minute and hey, do you want to play this character? yeah. i love tom holland and i love the first movie and putting on the costume was a whole other thing i had to get used to, jumping from platforms and pretending i am flying was a whole other thing. back at the broadway universe, gyllenhaal gets a different thrill. it is so cool. i can't -- it is my dreams since i was a kid to be on broadway. i have been on broad kway three times and every time feels like the first time. >> congratulations, man. >> i will let you finish with
6:38 am
the ceiling. >> does anybody have a broom? >> the plaster have been swept up and the hudson theater is good to go. "seawall:a life" is in theaters now. hear jake being bossed around by his sister maggie, check out don't forget to subscribe to our sunday sit-down broadcast to hear the entire interview with jake gyllenhaal. you can find it on our apple podcast. next week we revisit with viola davis. her rise from the depth s of provety to t-- poverty t and the morning begins with
6:39 am
some pretty warm temperatures, and sunshine in san jose. right now 67 degrees, as we head through the afternoon. we'll see 90s around san jose, in the morning, and pretty warm around the tri-valley as well. we're seeing numbers in the 60s to start the day. highs today mid-90s, upper 90s, near 100 leagudegrees in the in east bay and notice the big drop in temperatures tomorrow, as the sea breeze picks up. low clouds return and a big drop in temperatures for monday. next on "sunday today," get out that flatten card board box and parachute pants for some break dancing. as the form of high street arts as the form of high street arts makes s way to the olympit ic that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california!
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so imagine how we cheered when we found tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. bye. i love you too! he didn't say that. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. at their reddest, ripest, they make everythi better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad. strawberry season is here. panera. food as it should be. next summer at this time the world will be watching the tokyo summer olympic games adding into the list of traditional favorites of track and fields are some new sports, skating,
6:42 am
skateboarding and karate. if you think skateboarding is cool, wait until you hear what is approved last month, break dancing or just breaking. the art form born on the streets of the bronx in the 1970s is a big business, yes, a competitive olympic sports. steve patterson has our sunday's spotlight. ♪ >> reporter: like so many typical teens. the 16-year-old maya was encouraged to put her best foot forward. >> the energy and the battle mentality, i like that. >> when she's on the floor, she transforms into pebbles. breaking is in the blood and practicing all the time right here at grandma's garage.
6:43 am
>> pebble! pebble is now considered as one of the hottest breakers. a one-on-one musical duo and arithmetically dismember their rivals. >> the battle side feels more of a combat or sports because you are competing in a way that looks like a sporting event. >> breaking all, part martial arts where competitor using stunts and swags to show off their best moves. >> what's your best move? >> you pull out your sword, boom, boom and push it back in. >> that signature assassin style earns pebble the top spot? los angeles, one of the breaking world's biggest competition. >> whether you consider it is a sport or dance, modern breaking is now a multi billion dollars
6:44 am
business with an estimated of 30 million around the world. it was not always that way. >> newest in town is something called break dancing. >> it is like that. >> i get it. >> what used to be part of the hip-hop underground started right here about 20 blocks of the south bronx. >> i never thought of breaking being anything other than something to do, you know? that's how we kill time. >> breaking legend, richard crazy leg colon is considered one of his pioneers back in the late '70s. >> you see someone spinning really fast or upside down, i started that. >> breaking's god father is on the progression side of what may be breaking some biggest battle.
6:45 am
>> breaking now is included in the sport programs of paris 2024. >> as it takes one step closer to the olympic stage. >> some people are concerned because they are worried of the art and culture being appropriated. >> crazy if that means more opportunity, why not? it goes baack to using hip-hop s a tool to make people's lives better. >> reporter: breaking where it has. hands and feet. >> i will call out my grand kids and heart and soul. >> i want to do it as long as i live. >> reporter: of the battle of busting their next bigge moves. from "sunday today," steve patterson. >> so cool. i am having flash backs to the '80s. next on "sunday today." harry smith, someoone of the grt
6:46 am
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on any given summer evening on the bershire hill of western massachusetts. you can spread out a folding chair to hear some of the best musicians in the world at a place called tangle wood. the venue is the central home of the boston orchestra for more than 80 years and it attracts big name artists across music. it attracted our harry smith. >> reporter: the tangle music festival. orchestra are mostly 20 something rehearsed under the baton. while casually attired, each is in serious pursuit of a career in music often playing side by
6:50 am
side with sigh season pros. >> what is it like to be able to sit with him and talk and say this is what i know for sure. >> these guys are great players. they're hungry and you give them something and they jump on it. >> it is kind of a dream and a milestone for me. this is the best music festival he country. >> everywhere we went, the halls were alive with the sound of music. this is a place where good musicians work to become great. >> some people bring so much talent to the table that they just slip into it and some of us have to work very hard to acquire the skills. renee fleming who has dazzled audiences around the world.
6:51 am
flemings' singing as good as it gets but yet she feels she's still a working progress. >> i never see myself as a finished product. i am constantly trying to improve what i do. >> fleming performs at tangle wood and teaches, too. flemings is giving matthew payne a voice makeover. she knows all the tricks. oh, that worked but you didn't want it to work. >> no, i didn't. >> how much of it ends up being psychological? >> a lot of it is psychological. you have to get past our judgment ourselves, we have to put it aside. >> master classes are usually private. for the first time at tangle wood, the public is invited for a rare glimpse. >> it is for the singers and it is also in a way to help the public understand what we do. >> emily helen-brooke will join
6:52 am
the palm beach opera this fall. >> nice, try one more time and really smile. these two have known each other since emily was a child. >> she's the warm and gracious person. it is kind of what you hope your idol is like. >> reporter: for flemings, this master class is a way of paying it forward and but for the audience too. >> those are the people i really want to zraes a want to help them understand how people become a great singer because the more they know, the more they can appreciate it. >> for sunday today, massachusetts. >> looks like fun. harry, thank you very much this week we highlight another life well lived chblt celebrated last weekend the 50th anniversary american astronauts landing the moon the famous giant leap for mankind never would have
6:53 am
happened in 1958 the united states established a national aeronautics and space administration in response to the soviet union launch of the sputnik satellite the year before aeronautical engineer named christopher became the first flight director. mission control and ground commander planned and oversaw nearly every historic mission of the next quarter century under crafts direction, project mercury made alan shepard the first american in space. and in 1962 john glen the first to orbit either. in august 1965 as america shot ahead in space race, magazine put craft on the cover for the apollo 11 mission that on july 20th, 1969. >> one small step for man, one
6:54 am
giant leap for mankind. >> the next year kraft saw the plan that saved the astronauts crippled apollo 13 mission bringing them back to earth safely in 2011 nasa named the control center in houston after kraft. neil armstrong once said he held the success of american human space flight in his hands. christopher kraft the space exploration died on monday in houston. houston. he was 95 years old. you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this.
6:55 am
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morgan is back to help me look through our sunday's mails. >> let's start with our first one. if you can be a professional athlete, which sport would you choose? >> easy, soccer so i can hang out with the women's team. >> nba but also golf. >> i can see you both. >> our next question from kim on instagram. what was your favorite kid's book growing up? >> a story i did for "nightly news," a little children's book for english and spanish. >> mine is anything with a fire engine. it was book for me and today i must say my wife has a best selling children's book called "sorry grown-ups you can't go to school." that's your new favorite book. >> we got more of your sund"sun
6:59 am
today" mug shots. katelyn in clevela andnd
7:00 am
good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the nose. it is going to be warm today. that's a live look outside, the barometer, rather the mercury will be rising, not the barometer. we are under a heat advisory and microclimate weather alert. i'm chris chmura in for kira klapper. rob mayeda has a look at your microclimate forecast and weather alert. >> inland east bay areas, off the southeast to san francisco, that's how you can avoid the heat advisory today. fog, 59 degrees. a little more sunshine to start off this morning compared to yesterday. san jose look how mild the


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