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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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crash there, and overall we are seeing a smooth flow of traffic. >> we'll be back with another local news update. of course we're monitoring everything coming out of gilroy this morning. have a good day and please join us for our midday news and the press conference at 10:00. good morning. breaking news. chaos in california. >> they're shooting. >> a gunman ope good morning. breaking news. chaos in california. >> they're shooting. >> a gunman opens fire at a crowded food festival, killing at least three people and wounding 15 others. >> people were just screaming and, you know, trampling on top of each other. >> this morning, what we're learning about the victims, one just 6 years old, and the search for a possible second suspect. two women who were just feet from the gunmen join us to share their story. behind bars. two american teens under arrest in italy, accused of murdering a police officer there. what they're saying about the case against them.
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new fallout over this image appearing to show one of the suspects bound and blindfolded in police custody. doubling down. president trump escalates his attacks on baltimore and its congressman. ahead, the heated war of words. the city's newspaper responds with choice words for the president. those stories, plus shark attack. a surfer's frightening encounter off the coast of florida on camera. >> i have never felt force like that from any animal or anything in my life. serious concerns. how apple is responding to eavesdropping allegations. and fortnite phenom. the video game tournament that packed one of the nation's most historic stadiums and turned this 16-year-old into a multimillionaire. >> your four-day world champion! >> today, monday, july 29th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm sheinelle jones alongside lester holt, in for savannah and hoda this morning. >> it was a busy weekend. we want to get to the breaking news overnight. a mass shooting at a popular festival in california. >> it happened in gilroy, south of san jose. this video so shows the terrifying moments as gunfire erupted and terrified people, running for their lives. in a moment, we'll talk with two women caught in the chaos. first, nbc's miguel almaguer joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. as gunfire broke out, there was chaos and confusion. en witnesses told police they feared there was a second gunman. after police killed the first gunman, they immediately launched a massive search for an accomplice but no arrests have been made. >> oh, they're shooting.
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>> reporter: justice gilroy's garlic festival was coming to a close as gunfire began. a volley of shots, more than 40, say witnesses, ripping across a crowd full of families. >> are we going to be able to drive out of here? let's go! let's get out of here. >> active shooter at the garlic festival. start that way. >> reporter: police arrived in less than a minute, engaging and killing the suspected gunman, who has not been identified, but not before three people were killed and another 15 wounded. >> i saw him walking around and walking towards us. i grabbed all the kids and ran. >> you have two more wounded near booth three. >> reporter: with victims trampled in the race to escape, emergency teams rushed the wounded to local hospitals. among the dead, 6-year-old steven romero. his mother and grandmother also shot but they survived. his devastated father rushing to the hospital. >> my son had his whole life to live. he was only 6.
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>> reporter: witnesses say the gunman was wearing camouflage type gear, armed with an assault e rifle. police say he bypassed metal detecters and security checkpoints. he may have been working with an accomplice. >> the indications initially given to me is that they used some sort of a tool to cut through a perimeter fence to gain access. >> reporter: as night fell, a massive search was launched for a second possible gunman. police worried he may have slipped away or blended into the crowd. >> we believe, based on witness statements, that there was a second individual involved in some way. we just don't know in what way. >> reporter: with no motive for the mass shooting, some victims remain in critical condition. those who survived could not escape the tragedy of what they witnessed. >> it was horrible. it was, you know -- you always hear this kind of stuff on the news. you never know that it can happen to you. >> reporter: this morning, little is known about the
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suspect. he has been identified but not publicly named by police. as for the victims, we hope to learn more about them later on today. police plan to hold a press conference in a few hours where we hope to learn the latest and newest information. back to you. >> miguel, thank you. we're joined by sheryl lowe and candice marquez. they were working at the festival and witnessed the shooting. good morning to you both and thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> sheryl, if i can begin with you, i understand you had left your booths and were in the restroom area, came out, and you saw the shooter. n you tell us how close you were and what you witnessed? >> we were about -- i want to say about 10 to 15 feet away from him when we noticed him. it was like -- i don't know how to explain it. there was a pop, and all of a sudden, we just both turned and
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saw him standing there. he was reloading his gun. he had it towards the ground. he was putting another magazine into it. all of a sudden, he just opened fire and walked toward our booth. me and my sister ran the opposite direction of where he was coming from, where he was standing. it was -- i don't know how else to explain it. it was so fast that it happened. i don't i don't know it was just -- we ran, and we were hiding underneath -- you know, behind the -- >> sheryl, i understand your boss and her husband were shot and taken to the hospital. have you heard any updates on how they're doing? >> her husband is in critical condition right now. he is in critical condition. she's stable right now he got shot three times. she got shot once. her son was -- her son and my granddaughter were also in the tent when it happened. my granddaughter pulled her son underneath the table she saw the shooter, and she pulled them underneath the table
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and hid underneath the table. >> it looks like from the images that we have seen there was panic -- people no understanding what was happening. can you describe what the scene was like as people ran for safety, and had you seen anyone who had been hit >> actually, yeah. it was pretty empty in that spot at first when we started running. people were kind of -- didn't know where to go i seen the little boy when they brought him over, the one who passed away, the 6-year-old, and i'm really sorry for his family. i seen them trying to work on him. i just waited until the police told us to go a different direction. >> sheryl, i understand you had great concern for your
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granddaughter who was in a tent, and you were trying to find her during this. can you tell us where she was during all this? >> she was in the tent she was actually in the tent with my boss' 3-year-old son. >> she was the hero. she grabbed him and saved his life and held him under there until everything cleared >> so they could get out. >> until the neighbors took them behind a freezer he kept him there. she's doing okay now. >> you've both been through a lot of emotional trauma. we appreciate you spending time with us. sheryl and candice, thank you. >> thank you >> you're welcome. >> thank you meantime, another major story we're following this morning, president trump's latest attacks his target, the city of baltimore and its congressman. in a flurry of tweets that are prompting a lot of blowback this morning. nbc's white house correspondent hallie jackson has the latest. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you this is the latest instance of the president going after an african-american lawmaker. this time, elijah cummings, targeted in at least 17 tweets from president trump, including a new one this morning, again
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blasting baltimore, which is part of cummings' district in the face of new criticism the president is unapologetic. president trump this morning escalating an explosive attack on the city of baltimore and the congressman whose district includes part of the majority african-american city. elijah cummings, chair of the oversight committee. after the president described cummings' district as a disgusting rat and rodent-infested city now, cummings blast week blasted the security head in a hearing, something that apparently caught the president's attention. >> what does that mean what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower. come on, man >> reporter: cummings tweeting, it is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch, but it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. >> the president here has some beefs with congressman cummings i understand that. i don't think that's the way to
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fix them. >> he engages in what's known as racial priming basically, using this language and taking actions to try to get people to move into their camps by racial and ethnic identity.>l newspaper in a scathing editorial blasting the president, writing, quote, better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one. president trump is digging in, tweeting, there's nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know. elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district adding, dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts. shame. the president's defenders insist his attacks are not motivated by race >> infested. it sounds like vermin. it sounds sub-human. >> i think you're reading between the lines. >> i'm not reading between the lines. i'm reading the lines. >> hallie, the president is also going after long-time civil rights advocate al sharpton this morning. do we know why >> sharpton is set to speak to members of the media in baltimore, along with former
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republican nationa committee chair michael seal that seems to irritate the president, who says sharpton is showing up to complain and accusing him of hating white people and police officers sharpton pointed out in 2006, the president said he respected sharpton's work. much more to come on this story, lester. >> hallie, thank you another headline out of the white house, the president's top intelligence official set to leave his post in the coming weeks. andrea mitchell joins us with more on that good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle another shakeup and another cabinet vacancy on the national security team, with the president announcing the director of national intelligence, leading all 17 intelligence agencies, is out. >> reporter: president trump's national intelligence director, dan coats, is out. the president announcing coats' departure on twitter saying he'll nominate texas republican congressman joh ratcliffe replace him. thanking him for his service to the country.
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they've been at odds for a year, after mr. trump told the world he believed vladimir putin's denial of election interference over his own intelligence officials. >> dan coats came to me and some others and they said they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it's not russia i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be >> reporter: three days later, coats was caught off guard when we said trump had invited putin to a white house summit -- on twitter. >> say that again? [ laughter ] >> vladimir putin -- >> did i hear you -- >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special >> reporter: coats also broke with the president on north korea, telling congress kim jong-un was unlikely to give up his nuclear weapons, and that iran was abiding by the nuclear deal >> i disagree with certain things they said i think i'm right, but time will
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prove that time will prove me right probably >> reporter: at a confirmation hearing, ratcliffe, one of the most conservative house republicans, could expect questions about whether he's politicized the 17 intelligence agencies after his aggressive questioning of former special counsel robert mueller last week. >> can you give me an example other than donald trump where the justice department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined? >> i cannot, but this is a unique situation. >> okay. well -- >> reporter: in his resignation letter, coats wrote about his pride and what the intelligence community did to protect threats against the u.s. elections. in nominating ratcliffe, president trump signalled he is bypassing the deputy intelligence official, sue gordon, to be acting head of the intelligence agency pending what could be a lengthy confirmation process. sheinelle and lester >> andrea, thank you. let's turn to the latest on the arrest of two american teenagers in connection to the murder of a police officer in
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italy. the case making headlines around the world. sarah harmon is in rome for us. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the more we learn about this case, the more disturbing it becomes. behind me you can see the jail where the two americans are held italy's judicial system works differently from the u.s there is no bail that means these suspects are unlikely to be released any time soon this morning in italy, applause and grief for murdered police officer mario cerciello rega his funeral being held at the church where the newlywed was married one month ago. two americans, 18-year-old gabriel hjorth and finnegan elder, both from california, were arrested friday in connection to the fatal stabbing police say rega confronted the
7:15 am
two americans over a stolen bag allegedly being held ransom by the teens after a drug deal gone wrong. police say rega was stabbed 11 times n. a 911 call a witness claimed the suspects fled the scene. how did th escap motor bike on foot? on foot, on foot, saying the caller a surveillance video not verified by nbc news appears to show two people running from the scene. elder and hjorth were arrested nearby at their four-star hotel. inside the room, police say they found a large knife hidden in a ceiling panel. a detention order identifies elder as the main suspect. during police immigration, interrogation, police say the teens blamed each other. elder's family has not yet seen their son. blindfolding suspects is illegal and some italian media compared
7:16 am
it to the treatment of detainees at guantanamo bay. police reassigned an officer involved elder's family haven't yet seen their son. in a statement they said what we know so far is that finn has been appointed an italian public defender to handle his case. a woman living next to them in california has known elder his whole life. >> finn's not that kind of kid i know things happen and people have tempers, but i've never seen it. >> reporter: guys, this case is already drawing comparisons to another famous one amanda knox who spent four years in an italian jail for killing her roommate before she was ultimately acquitted these suspects are accused of murder and attempted exhortation, but they've not been charged the lawyers say it could take weeks or months. sheinelle, lester? >> sarah harmon, thank you
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time for a check of the weather. good morning to you, al roker. >> good morning, guys. thank you for getting your first national weather from us yesterday, a series of tornadoes, upwards of seven, striking through the upper midwest. this is just outside of st. paul, causing extensive damage luckily, no injuries or deaths as the system pushes to the south, it is bringing strong storms from chicago all the way to central missouri. it'll be part of this front that's pushing to the east as it does, it'll be sparking strong storms, heavy downpours, isolated flooding. into tomorrow, more showers and thunderstorms pushing here into the northeast and new england with strong winds, damaging hail we're looking anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain in some sections localized flash flooding because the ground is already saturated. and the heat is back we're talking about 8 million folks at risk in new england and into coastal new england heat indexes, anywhere from 95 to 100 degrees air temperatures, upper 80s to
7:18 am
low to mid 90s air temperature in boston, 95 today. by the time we get int midweek and latter part of the week, temperatures cool into the mid 80s. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, now covered with fog. we'll have a breezy wind and the fog lingering for a few more hours and high temperature reaching 64. our inland valleys will be much cooler today, compared to
7:19 am
yesterday, reaching 86 in livermore. 81 in san jose and napa up to 82 degrees. our seven-day forecast shows that we'll continue on with 80s for the inland areas, while san francisco stays in the 60s. at time some clouds and fog. >> thank you, al. coming up, two new shark attacks off the coast of florida. one of them caught on camera wel hearrom a surfer about his frightening encounter. plus, apple under fire bombshell new allegations about your conversations with siri and why they may not be as private as you think first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we have a lot more ahead this morning, including the story behind the massive grasshopper invasion in las vegas. we're going to jump on that story. plus, inside meghan markle's secret month-long project to serve as guest editor of "vogue." first, your local news and weather. serve a hey neighbor!
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7:27 am
now we've been watching police officers and atf agents walk into the home with evidence bags. we haven't seen anyone come out so far, except this man we just saw now. neighbors tell us this entire neighborhood is in shock. they told us it's a really good family who lives there and they're trying to figure out what happened as well. for now we're live in gilroy, ali wolf for "today in the bay." >> so many questions, hope we get answers to it. thank you. in the meantime you want to get a look at the morning commute. a little cooler today, kari >> fit will be cooler in spots like dublin that was really hot yesterday afternoon. we start out with hazy skies. cool temperatures will reach into the mid 80s today in liver lorre. we a livermore. santa rosa will see a high of 86 degrees and san jose reaching 81. as we get a look at our seven-day forecast we are going to see highs reaching into the mid 80s throughout the week. as we get a look outside at our
7:28 am
drive, it's really starting to build in the south bay. so that's going to be the major issue, highway 101 backed up all the way to palo alto. laura? >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. people yelling out "shoot " "shooter". >> a police officer told us with we to leave because we were in the hot zone. >> it's about half a mile away from where i am, it's a very active situation. >> we will be more monitoring this situation here. >> tragic and heart-wrenching for these people. >> for continuing coverage stay with nbc bay area. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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back at back at 7:30 on a monday morning, july 29th, 2019 a sunny and hot start to your work week here in midtown manhattan. >> nice crowd outside. let's get a check of today's headlines. we want to begin with the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in northern california. hundreds of people ran for the exits sunday evening when gunfire erupted. at least three people were killed 15 were injured. three were killed. police arrived within minutes, engaging and killing the gunman. he appeared to be shooting somewhat randomly. so far, there is no information on a possible motive.
7:31 am
beijing is responding for the first time to eight straight weeks of protests in hong kong its condemning what it calls horrendous incidents that have caused serious damage to the rule of law. the violence in hong kong escalated on sunday, as you see here police used rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters as another day of street marches stretched into the night the demonstrations were originally sparked by opposition to a now shelved bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland china now, they've evolved into calls for greater democracy and autonomy from beijing. the world of electronic gaming has a new king this morning. >> your fortnite world champion! boga >> 16-year-old kyle "bugha" giersdorf became the first ever fortnite world cup champion on sunday at arthur ashe stadium in new york city. the pennsylvania teen knocked off 99 other opponents along the way. the prize, a cool $3 million and, of course, a really big
7:32 am
trophy to go along with it >> his name will be a household name in my house, for sure. also this morning, beachgoers and officials in florida are on high alert after two separate shark attacks over the weekend. gabe gutierrez joins us from jacksonville beach with the latest good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. it is that time of year. summer vacation. meaning so many people are in the water. whether they know it or not, they could be swimming with sharks here in florida this weekend, the danger was lurking just below the waves. >> it literally just latched onto my arm. >> reporter: this morning, pro surfer franklin o'rourke is recovering after the scare of his life a shark attack off jacksonville beach. >> i never felt force from any animal or anything in my life. i was in shock. >> reporter: this shows o'rourke and other surfers in the water the splashing and struggle between o'rourke and the shark the 23-year-old says he's been surfing his whole life and has seen sharks before but not like this >> i've never seen one that close and in that aggression it was coming at me, not around
7:33 am
me so it was definitely interesting. i was scared, for sure >> reporter: o'rourke says the shark caught him by surprise >> you think, oh, when a shark comes at you, you can punch it no, you're going to be in shock. you're not going to know what's going on i know it firsthand. >> reporter: lifeguards treated his wounds which were superficial. 100 miles down the coast, a boogie boarder was also bitten by a shark off of ne smyrna beach, the shark attack capital of the world since 1882 with over 300 unprovoked attack since records started being kept in 1882. at cocoa beach these sharks were seen slicing through the surf near a shoreline at daytona earlier this month, a shark spotted very close to swimmers. >> my baby was bitten by a shark. >> reporter: in jacksonville, o'rourke says he'll stay out of the water until his wounds heal, and then he'll be back on his board. >> i'm still living.
7:34 am
i'm still here there's chances where you're going to get hurt and injured. you know, that's all part of the game, you know that's why we play >> gabe, do we know what kind of shark was involved >> reporter: yeah, sheinelle o'rourke thinks it was likely a black tipped shark that bit him. he knows how lucky he is in fact, he bought a lottery ticket, figuring if he can survive a close encounter with a shark, the odds were in his favor. >> i couldn't disagree with that gabe, thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> we're going to be diving with sharks in a little bit show you our shark adventure luckily, nothing like that happened we are looking though at what's going on in the atlantic starting to see how activity developing we have invest 95-l down aroun puerto rico, next two days 10% chance 20% of development here's the cone of development over the next five days. as you can see, southern florida is part of that. we'll be watching. we have a couple systems in the
7:35 am
pacific. tropical storm erick looks like it will rapidly intensify into possibly a major hurricane it is being drawn south right now, but we'll watch it closely, as well. rest of the country, we're looking at a summer soaker through florida. strong storms along the cold front. cooler weather behind it, through the plains the heat continues out west. that's what's go good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a big cooldown today compared with yesterday with our sunshine to start and high temperatures in the south bay very normal, reaching the low 80s. we'll be in the upper 80s in the east bay as well as the tri-valley and into the north bay, santa rosa tops out at 86 degrees. we'll see more weather like this throughout the week with some spots in the upper 70s and low 80s. some upper 80s on wednesday, but it will be a hot weekend. we'll be back in the low 90s, staying cool along the coast. >> that's your latest weather.
7:36 am
sheinelle. >> thank you, al. "vogue" goes royal >> that's your latest weather. sheinelle. >> thank you, al. "vogue" goes royal as meghan markle is the guest editor the duchess reveals the women she most admires. what is driving the grasshopper invasion of 2019 then the history made at the box office by the star-studded "once upon a time in hollywood." first, a hidden danger facing police officers and the new push for them to seek emotional help we'll tell you about that. first, these messages. arthriti, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea,
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we're back with in-depth today. this morning, the new york police department reeling from yet another tragedy. >> fifth officer dying by suicide in just two months senior national correspondent kate snow joins us with more on this kate, good morning >> good morning, guys. since june, the nypd has lost a department chief, senior detective, two patrol officers, and now this weekend, a sergeant the department's commissioner calling the recent succession of suicide a crisis, as he encourages members of the force to seek help if they're struggling. >> reporter: this morning, the new york city police department again mourning the loss of one of their own on staten island, a silent salute for a sergeant who took his own life the department's fifth officer to die by suicide in two months. the deaths prompting nypd's top brass to declare a mental health crisis in a series of tweets this weekend, commissioner james o'neil pleading with members of
7:42 am
the force to seek help writing, to every member of the nypd please know this, it is okay to feel vulnerable, it is okay if you're facing struggles and it is okay to seek help from others you may not know this and it may be hard to imagine, but you are not out there all by yourself. >> we need all members of the police department to understand that to call for help is not a weakness it's a strength. >> reporter: for weeks, the nypd has been aggressively using social media to reach its 36,000 police officers. >> know that you're never, ever alone. >> reporter: encouraging anyone who needs help to call or text a hotline, and the department is now planning new training and a peer support program new york, not the only force struggling with mental illness the crisis existing nationwide so far this year, across the country, 111 officers have taken their own lives, an alarming number, triggering new efforts to confront the growing problem. in los angeles, before officers head out on patrol, they check
7:43 am
in with psychologists and have the option to seek anonymous counseling even with resources, experts say some officers hesitate to open up, fearing judgment or job repercussions. >> this is a population that is very strong. they're reluctant to ask for help they're reluctant to acknowledge that they're having a problem. they just kind of suck it up >> kate, do most police departments have suicide prevention programs? >> sadly, not officially across the u.s., only about 3% to 5% of law enforcement agencies have a suicide prevention program this year, lester, there has been a push by agencies talking to each other, trying to share practices in terms of getting officers help. they are really trying to work resources. >> i didn't realize there were 36,000 police officers in new york city. >> that's just new york. we have millions of police officers across the country. >> sure. >> this is, unfortunately, a
7:44 am
huge issue. >> and it is growing nationwide. within the law enforcement. >> i think they're a microcosm of our greater society suicide numbers are up, unfortunately, across the board. of course, they're up in a high stress job like policing. >> the commissioner said it is a sign of strength to ask for help it is hard thinking when you're going through it. >> if you need anonymous help, there is a national suicide prevention lifeline. you can call that, anybody, police officer or not. 1-800-273-8255 >> kate, thank you very much switching gears here, just ahead, we'll tell you what is behind a massive grasshopper invasion in las vegas, and why they may not be leaving any time soon right after this over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately
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7:49 am
welcome back some vegas love in our crowd today. the bright lights of vegas have attracted an unwanted new visitor. a hoard of grasshoppers. >> some are describing them in biblical proportions gadi schwartz found out what's behind the recent influx you have to see to believe >> reporter: a swarm of giant grasshoppers, each 1 1/2 inches long, descending on vegas in huge numbers. >> there's a lot of them. >> reporter: at first glance, it looked like the apocalypse. >> you're covered in locusts. >> reporter: no mirage, the grasshopper swarm so massive, it can be seen from outer space. >> this is weird. >> reporter: scientists say the grasshopper, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, are harmless to human, and a soggy
7:50 am
winter and mild spring made conditions just right for a quick stop on their northern migration to central nevada. bug experts say they're probably attracted to the bright lights in vegas as for what happens in vegas staying in vegas, experts say that probably won't be the case with these little critters they expect them to be gone in just a few weeks until then, they'll continue to bug residents and tourists, hoping vegas soon returns to being a no pest strip. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news >> yuck. >> that was a good line. you have to keep your mouth closed, right? >> wow. >> walking down the streets. >> gives me the heebie-jeebies can you imagine? >> disgusting. >> it's awful. >> it is biblical though >> it is. >> gamblers are lining up two by two. >> that was, i think, your best yet. >> that's pretty sad then. coming up in pop start, a fantastic decades old find from a galaxy far, far away. plus, a special shark week report al's deep dive with the predators and an expert who survived an attack first, your local news cal news. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia. we continue to follow breaking news. a source confirming to nbc the name of the gunman in the gilroy garlic festival rampage identified as santino william leal legan. "today in the bay's" ali wolf is in the gilroy home surrounded by authorities, the home where the gunman's father lived. ali? >> reporter: yes, laura, that's right and we have seen police and atf agents inside that home for over an hour, and you can see the police vehicles outside the house right now. we saw one man leave at some point but again, we saw the agents go in with evidence bags, so likely any information they'd find inside this home, in fact we see one person walking out at this point, as this investigation continues. people in this neighborhood are absolutely shocked. they say this was a very, this
7:57 am
is a very good family inside the home, and they're trying to figure out what is happening as well. reporting live in gilroy, ali wolf for "today in the bay." >> ali, thanks so much. welt' continue to get more information and have more midday as well. check the forecast right you know with kari. >> we start out with some fog right now at the golden gate bridge and that's going to help cool down the rest of the bay area, as the winds turn onshore and cool down the valleys another 15 degrees compared to yesterday. so in the tri-valley, expect a high of 86 degrees, and 81 in san jose. north bay up to 90 in ukiah while napa reaches 82 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows more weather like this, some seasonable temperatures throughout much of the work week, and then it does warm up into the low 90s for the weekend. in the meantime, san francisco in the mid-60s and breezy today, and then some 60s throughout the rest of the work week, at times some clouds and fog. headed over to look at the commute a big buildup in the south bay. get ready to head out the door
7:58 am
with slow roads especially on highway 101. laura? >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. terror and chaos, a moss shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. >> what we're learning now about the victims and the suspect. >> join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, tragedy in california. >> they're shooting. >> at least three people killed, many more injured, after a gunman opened fire at one of the largest food festivals in the country. >> he just brought the gun up and started spraying rounds all around. >> this morning, what we're learning about the victims, and could there be an accomplice on the run? we're live with the latest. plus, diving in. al gets an up close and personal look at the ocean's top predator with a shark expert who survived an attack. >> wow, that was nuts. >> ahead, what this survivor
8:01 am
wants you to know before hitting the water. >> you need to be careful and aware of what's going on in the area you're swimming. "vogue" goes royal. overnight, buckingham palace confirmed meghan markle will guest edit the september issue of the iconic magazine. how the duchess is looking to shake things up today, monday, july 29th, 2019. ♪ i can't write one song that's not about now ♪ >> here from chicago. hi! >> twins in new york are twice as nice. >> and twice the price. >> twice surprised. >> today sophia is -- >> -- turning double digits. ♪ i can't write one song >> this is troy and lisa all the way from ireland. >> from durant, oklahoma. >> charleston, south carolina. >> celebrating 16 years of being cancer free. >> whew! >> one of my favorite parts of the show. welcome back to "nbc nightly news."
8:02 am
we appreciate you being with us on this monday morning. >> we love seeing your shoutouts. record a short message, post it on twitter and instagram with #mytodayplaza, and you could land in our open. >> sounds good. it is a busy morning so let's get to your news at 8:00. police are searching for a possible motive after a deadly mass shooting sunday at a california food festival. miguel almaguer joins us from gilroy with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. police still haven't identified a motive. we have learned who the suspected gunman is. several sources say he's 19-year-old santina legan. police are trying to figure out his reason behind the rampage. it unfolded sunday evening at the garlic festival. he cut himself through a fence to avoid detection at security and a metal detector checkpoint.
8:03 am
he began to unload on a massive crowd, killing three people and wounding about a dozen more. investigators were able to respond within about a minute and they were able to exchange gunfire with the suspect, killing him. authorities say had they not dope th done that the bloodshed could have been worse. one of the victims, a 6-year-old boy, was identified as steven romero. he was shot and killed sunday at the garlic festival. his aftermamother and grandmoth also shot but are expected to survive. witnesses fear there was a second accomplice, potentially a gunman. he was not found. police say the search is ongoing. we hope to have more information later on today. back to you. >> thank you. >> president trump escalated his attacks on congressman cummings, calling the district and civil rights activist racist. the president said if he would
8:04 am
focus on helping the good people of his district and baltimore itself, perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess that he has helped to create. earlier, the president called part of cummings' district a rodent-infested mess. last week, cummings criticized the trump administration over conditions at u.s. border facilities where detained migrants are held. the woman who is next in line to serve as governor of puerto rico has turned down the job. secretary of justice vazquez was supposed to take over for ricardo rossello when he steps down on friday he resigned in the face of massive protests over offensive chat messages that were leaked vazquez said she has no interest in leading the struggling u.s. territory. critics have opposed her, saying she is too close to the outgoing governor. a bombshell new report will get the attention of anyone who uses apple's voice assistant siri the tech giant under fire over new privacy concerns over who is listening to your recordings on
8:05 am
the other side nbc's jo ling kent has that story. >> reporter: this morning, apple admitting that its workers can listen to what you say to siri on your phone, watch, or ipad, even in your car this comes after an anonymous whistleblower told the "guardian" newspaper that human contractors listen to recordings of some conversations while they work to improve siri's ability to understand you. apple contractors have reportedly overheard confidential chatter about medical information, drug deals, and even intimate moments, according to the whistleblower nbc news has not confirmed the whistleblower's story. apple did not deny the allegations but also emphasized to nbc news that only a very small, random subset, less than 1% of daily siri utterances, are used for analysis, and siri recordings are not attached to your apple user name adding, siri responses are analyzed in secure facilities
8:06 am
and all reviewers are under the obligation to adhere to apple's strict confidentiality requirements ♪ apple has long touted privacy as a key difference between its products and the competition >> we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. >> reporter: amazon's echo has come under fire, too >> alexa, what's the weather in seattle? >> reporter: this year, amazon disclosing that thousands of employees listen to alexa recordings in order to improve alexa's understanding of human speech the privacy concerns are expected to grow as smart speakers become more popular by 2023, an estimated half a billion smart speakers will be up and running for "today," jo ling kent, nbc news. >> you talk about it it ialways on.ose things where i mean, you know, it doesn't matter. >> i've seen it happen where sometimes it thinks you've said the keyword. on my apple watch, i'll see the words i've spoken, as if they'll go out on a text hopefully they don't go out. >> that's scary. >> yeah, it happens.
8:07 am
>> we use it mindlessly. we walk into a room. okay, what's the weather going to be? my daughter was doing her homework and says, okay, google, what's 7 plus 3. i'm like, clara, we should probably turn those off. >> siri, are you listening to us >> hmm, that's something i don't know >> okay. maybe not. that was a little vague. the answer was vague. ready for a morning boost? this is a good one talking about air travel we know it can get tedious at times. one passenger was delighted when she looked out the window and saw this that's american airlines ground crew's chief, isaiah foster, working the tarmac at nashville international airport. the woman who recorded this says the performance was just of pure joy. he was in his own little space there, having a good time. folks for united say foster proves when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly. >> of course, if he is directing a plane to park, this might be an issue come left, no, no, come right. looking good >> fair enough
8:08 am
why is that plane swerving more ahead, including meghan markle's first for the royal family our exclusive look at the secret side project that's kept her busy for more than half a year plus, it is shark week here on "today. al's deep dive with the ocean's top predator, ght after this eep top predator right after this. ? yup, using the app. driving safe. heh. you wanna go? wanna go bro? hey, uh, do not mess with my discount. woooo! you could save up to 30%. let's go! nice to meet you, go get 'em tiger! woooo! sounds like you've got this? yeah. definitely. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe and save™ from state farm. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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8:11 am
we're back at 8:11 with today's talker kate snow is back. >> this morning, a surprise involving meghan markle. overnight, the duchess of sussex was revealed as the guest editor of "vogue"'s september issue keir simmons has the story behind it. >> summon simmons. >> we're summoning to you. >> very royal. hey, good morning to you british "vogue" has given us an early edition of the magazine. it's not on uk newsstands yet. on the front cover, "people changing the world." this is a nice touch from the duchess of sussex. there is a mirror, so you can see yourself as a change-maker a source close to meghan says she landed an interview with michelle obama over lunch. the former first lady, i'm told,
8:12 am
immediately said yes >> reporter: for seven months, the duchess of sussex secretly worked with british "vogue." she's the first ever guest editor of the influential september issue. featuring change-makers. inside, an interview with former first lady michelle obama. this morning, the duchess in "vogue" releasing this video. >> we are at a crossroads in the world right now. the decisions that we make from every country around the world, about how we're going to treat women, how we're going to treat immigrants, how we're going to treat trans people and people of color, how we treat our planet >> reporter: one of the woman, star of "the good place" spoke exclusively to "today." >> i remember being a teenage model when i was 15, thinking i would get success, the cover of "vogue." amazing to find myself 20 years later, 30 pounds heavier, actually being on the cover. >> reporter: her campaign for positive body image called i weigh. >> what i've noticed over my
8:13 am
career is how polarized the world is now. >> reporter: other incredible women include new zealand's prime minister >> prime minister is with us now. >> reporter: savannah and hoda interviewed adern after she gave birth. >> what is harder, running a country or taking a 3-month-old on a 17-hour flight to get here? >> we were just discussing it. i think it's on par. >> i think the force for chain is me. >> reporter: and a model who set up a safe forum for young women to talk, appearing with meghan on a panel in march. >> throughout school, i was never given a safe space where i felt like i could speak confidentially and express what was going on in my life. >> reporter: meghan, then pregnant with archie, talking about feminism. >> if things are wrong, there is a lack of justice and inequality, someone needs to say something. why not me >> reporter: meghan herself doesn't feature on the cover
8:14 am
she told the editor that would be too boastful. the editor, friends with international celebrities and the first person of color to edit british "vogue," praising meghan's willingness to wade into complex and noo -- nuanced areas whether they are female empowerment, mental health, or privilege. >> i love her. she is fantastic it was an honor to talk to her she's gracious, kind, warm, and intelligent. so i think i'll probably never forget this as long as i live. >> the fact that meghan chose as the editor not to put herself on the cover says a lot, i think, about who she is and, perhaps, not who her critics sometimes claim she is i'm told this was a labor of love for meghan. the final two weeks she worked on it every day. >> i can see it is probably a nice outlet, a way to get away from what she's doing day to day and d something where she feels it is substantive. >> great platform on something she cares about. >> good deal. you guys ready for pop start?
8:15 am
>> carson is off. >> we have a good one. big milestone at the weekend box office "the lion king" won the top spot with an estimated $75 million, it was the opening of "once upon a time in hollywood" making headlines. the leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt film opened at $43 million making it the biggest opening weekend ever for director quentin tarantino. having that star power definitely helps the duo telling our harry smith what it was like to work together and what they'll do next. >> for me, you know, the people i spend my time with, the artists i respect, so i don't know what went wrong on this one. >> would you do it again >> of course >> would you want to work together again >> we talked about doing jerry lee lewis and dean martin's stories. >> he wants to do a christmas album. >> we'll be on the lookout for that. >> i'd buy that. next up, jay-z and beyonce celebrated their niece's 21st
8:16 am
birthday this weekend at a gatsby themed party. they make the roaring '20s look good it comes a week after queen bey's debut in "the lion king." she watched it on repeat as a kid. >> when she was a kid, we must have watched it 20 or 25 times i'm just so excited for her daughter to be able to see this, her kids it was very exciting >> speaking of daughters, mama knowles adding it was incredible to see granddaughter blue ivey here in the video "spirit" with beyonce. we have a treat for "star wars" fans the video making rounds on twitter shows mark hamill and harrison ford's original screen test for the first film. the two actors having never met before take a look. >> i was paid to bring you here, and now you're here. give me my other $5,000, and i'll be on my way. you're on your own i'm on my own. i'll let you off on the nearest system. >> you can't we've come this far.
8:17 am
we must find them. >> why >> retweeting the video and asking hamill for insight, to which he revealed, listen to this, neither he nor ford had any idea what it was about george lucas telling him, let's just do it, we'll talk about it later. >> when you're a young actor, you don't care >> the rest of history. >> i love that. finally, this guy right here, lester holt. wait, that guy there you go >> this guy. >> some of you know, lester plays bass in a band called the rough cuts this weekend, they were featured in the "new york times" sunday style section. i love it. the newspaper catching up with the rough cuts at a recent gig here in new york lester sang -- i'm quoting you and you're here. this is what you said, lester. you said, they helped you find your inner rock star. >> it's true you know, i tend to like jazz and r&b and that stuff a lot of the rock songs we're playing, apparently everyone knew but me. i have a pretty good ear i'll figure it out. >> what was the song carol got
8:18 am
you to play? well, confidence working on dat it's probably not a bad song to learn. >> you should do a duet with keith morrison o -- well, it was "sipsycho kill" which i didn't know -- talking heads. somebody said if you're working on "dateline," it is probably not a bad song to work on. >> you should do a duet with keith morrison >> have you seen the rough cuts? they're so good. >> you have a band, as well. >> i'm in a band, too, but let's talk about the rough cuts. they are so good they perform in new york >> we have a lot of fun. >> you should perform together. >> you should. >> i'd love that. >> have you ever performed together >> no. >> you sing, right >> i sing. he plays bass and sings. >> occasionally. it is so much stress singing publicly it is a whole thing. >> means you're not going to do it right now. >> probably not. >> congratulations >> thank you it was nice. i think i tweeted something. you know, it is nice to be recognized for my other passion. >> that's right. >> i like the t-shirt, as seen on tv. >> good stuff. >> it's a little joke. another talented man at the desk. >> not like that. >> do you sing, too? >> no.
8:19 am
>> broadway. >> old joe. >> yeah. i talked on pitch. anyway, we're looking at a cold front coming through, slicing through chicago, all the way down almost as far north as dallas we're going to be watching a little storm system getting itself together. maybe becoming a tropical system later in the week. in the meantime, the heat is going to be a big deal it is pretty strong. hundreds into the southwest. 90s into northern california, on into the central plains. but we look for the heat to start building again in the northeast and new england today. the strong storms developing along the front. look for wet weather through florida. the heat continues out west. behind this cold front that's bringing the front storms, we have cooler, drier air i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have a big cooldown across the bay area today even for the inland valleys. outside in dublin, we get started with a lot of sunshine coming down out of the triple digits and we'll make it into the mid 80s today which is
8:20 am
seasonal. in san jose expect a high of 81 degre degrees. san francisco, fog will clear. as we look at our inland valley forecast, it will still be warm with mostly sunny skies. al, you're the star of the al, you're the star of the latest installment in our special series "shark week on today. we partnered with shark channel to bring groundbreaking insight into the mysterious world of sharks. >> we looked how you interact with them, how they make their way along the coast. you did a deep dive to see sharks up close and personal really close. >> not too personally. up close and personal is an understatement shark attacks, as we all know unfortunately, have been in the headlines this summer, including two attacks this weekend recently, i went diving in the bahamas with a shark expert to experience sharks in their
8:21 am
natural environment. >> reporter: with over 500 species of sharks, these majestic animals are the top predators of the ocean's ecosystems paul is a leading shark advocate and a shark expert on discovery channel. because the water is getting warmer, do we see a migration, more of a food source? >> absolutely. when the waters are warmer, there is more abundance in food all along the food chain so that's going to bring in the small predators up to the big predators. >> reporter: as sharks move closer to our shores, they spark fear at america's beaches. this year, there have been more than 25 unprovoked shark attacks in the u.s. and a tragic fatality in the bahamas. experts say shark sightings and attacks while dominating the headlines this summer are actually very rare it is a message paul shares, despite his own experience ten years ago, he was serving in the australian navy, diving in
8:22 am
sydney's harbor as part of a drill when he was attacked by a shark. >> this shark hit me in the leg. i tried to push it off i tried to fight it off. this is a 9-foot bull shark, 600 pounds of muscle it ended up removing all of my hamstring on my right leg. it took off my right hand in the same bite. when i was underwater, the shark, the actual attack lasted 8 seconds. >> that was it >> yeah. 8 seconds to change your life. >> reporter: losing two limbs that day now, the shark attack survivor is their biggest supporter, traveling the world, educating people on sharks there have been these unprovoked attacks, allegedly unprovoked attacks, in places they're not used to seeing sharks along the eastern seaboard. >> you need to be careful and aware of what is going on in the area you're swimming there could be a migration of fish there could be a migration of whales there could be an abundance of stingray it could be bringing in a predator you know how to breathe, right >> that's right.
8:23 am
>> reporter: paul volunteering to be my guide we travel just off the shores of nassau in the bahamas to experience sharks in their environment. tell me about the sharks we're going to see >> we're going to see the caribbean reef shark beautiful, amazing shark they get to about 7-foot long. they're a dominant predator in these areas. and the nurse sharks, really beautiful, cuddly little sharks. they don't have big teeth or anything they'll hang on the bottom you'll see, they're all incredibly beautiful animals waterproof >> what do i need to know going down there >> the greatest lesson i can teach someone about diving with sharks is don't act like food, and they won't treat you like food don't be erratic don't swim away. don't wave your fingers in the air like bait. keep eye contact >> reporter: we headed out to dive with sharks 30 feet underwater on the ocean floor, there were about 20 to 30 sharks
8:24 am
of course, little nervous, but the water's calm, crystal clea and surrounded by safety divers. paul and a trained professional fed the sharks i just watched >> there is literally sharks everywhere >> reporter: sharks swimming all around us, coming very close, but not interested in me in fact, i was even able to touch one. wow. that was nuts. >> there's so many they're coming at every angle. >> reporter: it's like they're swarming. >> they're just there, being sharks, doing their thing. >> being sharks. >> don't mess with anyone. you can't replicate that with anything else in the world. >> reporter: an experience up close with these apex predators of the sea what do you want viewers to take away from seeing this? >> not to see them as a vicious man eater. see them as a beautiful animal respect them and want to save
8:25 am
them, just like i do >> beautiful piece >> wow. >> thank you rachel, who was next to me in the pink flippers and mask, was the producer in that the only time i was really nervous, the first thing you do when you dive is you're always told to look down. i look down, and i see about two dozen sharks okay here we go >> worried about what you can't see, what's behind you >> we had a couple safety divers around us. that kind of -- >> there's no cage you're not -- >> no. >> -- protected in any way. >> once i was down there and on the bottom, i did not feel nervous. again, theifference is, i think you're more at risk when you're snorkeling and up close >> legs are going. >> yeah. >> you look like food. >> for him to be down there, almost as your coach, knowing what he's experienced, the fact he lost his arm and a leg. >> only made his passion stronger. >> was there a plan if one started attacking? i mean, what do you do >> i don't know. >> oh, okay. >> i don't know what the plan is. >> he said make eye contact. >> i guess.
8:26 am
>> part of the production costs were paid for by discovery you can catch shark week on discovery all week. >> amazing stuff >> phenomenal. the summer camp teaching kids to be youtube stars. plus, we'll try our hands at one of the country's fastest good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. our breaking news a source now confirming to nbc the name of the gunman in the gilroy garlic festival rampage identified as santino william legan. we go outside to a gilroy home surrounded by authorities and we are now learning that home is where the gunman's father lives. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. this is the suspect's family's home and we saw law enforcement inside the home for over an hour ago. minutes ago they all came out. they were carrying brown evidence bags. one of them was carrying what looked like a long, army,
8:27 am
camouflaged possibly rifle bag. so we are still looking to see what they found inside and update the investigation. it should be happening in a couple hours. neighbors tell us the whole neighborhood is in complete shock learning what happened. reporting live in gilroy, today in the bay. >> shocking indeed. thank you. right now a look at what you can expect with the commute this morning. >> it's been slowing down in the south bay. a lot of red sensors in the commute direction on 101 as well as 280. we've also seen a couple crashes in the east bay. we'll continue to monitor. marcus? >> thanks. we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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back now at 8:30 on this monday back now at 8:30 on this monday morning, july 29th, 2019. you can already feel it, it's so early in the morning, it is going to be a hot one. >> a little on the sticky side including for the northeast and new england, 9 million people under a heat advisory. >> this is one of my favorite times of the morning you know i'm from wichita, kansas, right? >> yeah. >> i have a soft spot for all
8:31 am
things kansas related. let me show you who we met o the plaza. look at these cuties they're from the next step dance company. where are you from >> evansville, indiana. >> name and how old are you? >> mckenzie, 11. >> heidi and i'm 11. >> i'm riley, 9 -- 8 years old. >> dorothy except not really. >> addley, 9. >> i'm laixton and i'm 9 >> hadley, 9. >> adorable. can we give them a round of applause [ applause ] you have a little step show us. so cute. off to see the wizard. >> must be a big dance thing going on there's a lot of dancers. >> are you having a competition or something like that, or are you just in town >> we performed on times square. >> wow nice welcome.
8:32 am
thank you for visiting us this morning. speaking of competitions, have you heard of pickleball >> just now. >> just hearing about it. >> it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and we're about to give it a try right here on the plaza. >> oh. >> go, lester. >> yes. then we'll take you to youtube camp, known as every day in my house, where kids learn skills needed to be internet stars. we'll hear from the experts about the benefits and risks going all in on the internet as a career also, a sanctuary for kids spreading a surprising passion for polo i can't wait to introduce you to these kids in philadelphia. plus, in the fourth hour a live performance from abby anderson al, how about a check of the weather? >> hot and humid along the east coast. excessive heat out west. in between, we have strong storms from the great lakes to the gulf by wednesday, the storms are into the northeast and mid-atlantic monsoonal moisture causing problems less humid around the great lakes. by the end of the week, showers and thunderstorms, mid-atlantic to the southeast
8:33 am
summer heat as you make your way -- or hummer seat making your way to texas. gusty storms in the northern plains with plenty of sunshine out west that's what's going on aro good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying sunshine and will have a beautiful day. much cooler temperatures as we take a live look outside at walnut creek and temperatures in the tri valley will reach into the mid 80s. we'll be in the upper 80s in antioch today and santa rosa up to 86 degrees. san jose up to 81. we're looking at mostly 80s throughout the week and coming out of the triple digits. it will heat up again this weekend but we won't be as hot. we're talking low 90s for saturday and sunday. >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you, al. just ahead, move over crafts and camping the new summer camp teaching your kids to be internet stars first, this is "today" on nbc. s. first, this is "today"n nbc. o
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
welcome back when you think of summer camp, what comes to mind >> these days, it is not just arts and crafts or swimming at a lake savannah sellers is here with that story good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. a recent survey found a lot of american kids would rather be a youtuber or vlogger than a teacher, athlete, or astronaut naturally, there is now a summer camp for that. >> reporter: big business is being built on the back of a new generation of stars. on phones, tablets, and computer screens. >> i want to see it one more time >> reporter: how do kids and teens become internet celebrities? now, there are summer camps for that >> chase, can you come to the camera >> reporter: here in boca raton, florida, by a unanimous show of hands, these youngsters want in on the action. >> what you have to have to be a youtube star
8:37 am
you have to have energy and potential. >> reporter: at you create academy, students ages 6 to 17 learn all the skills they need to make their own videos, from filming and editing. >> how can i erase that? >> reporter: to branding and marketing. >> i learned about green screens. >> i've learned like platform and how to market yourself >> reporter: this summer, the $250 per week camp is completely filled >> youtube is everything for kids these days. kids used to want to be movie stars or sports stars. today, the people they admire most are youtubers >> reporter: each day, more than 1 billion hours of content is watched around the world on the platform. >> good morning or good afternoon, viewers. >> reporter: for 23-year-old daniel, it is the way he supports himself. >> it is a legit, full-time job. pays for the apartment pays for the bills food on the table. >> reporter: ten years ago, he attended an id tech camp much like this in new york city he said it sparked the idea for his video game review and
8:38 am
streaming channel, which to date has gotten 82 million cumulative views. >> overall, it showed me what that collaborative community was like. >> reporter: still, experts say, parents should proceed with caution. >> i think when parents are looking at these camps, they need to make sure that the camps are being realistic with what they're promising the students that they're teaching digital safety skills, and that they're also helping kids manage any potential negative feedback. >> reporter: while the camps we spoke with say the majority of their students are elementary and middle-school aged, youtube said it is intended for teens and adults in a statement, they said, youtube is for people 13 years of age and older when we become aware of such an account, we immediately terminate it additionally, youtube is not affiliated with any camps. we always recommend that parents and minors view youtube together >> i would like to know if everybody remembered one important safety thing we went over this week >> reporter: dominic, who was a
8:39 am
filmmaker himself, founded you create to bond with his two young daughters after watching them spend countless hours on their phone. >> every day they're here for summer camp, we discuss safety, nonstop. >> reporter: for hannah maher's father, brian, it is a way to be competitive in an ever-evolving world focused on creating content for various platforms. >> i think it is essential to know how to communicate well this is one of the formats that is widely accepted >> reporter: some experts also agree, there are benefits to programs like these. >> the majority of kids who go to youtube camp are not going to become stars >> hey, guys. >> reporter: that doesn't mean it is not a valuable experience and that they can't use skills that can be applied in different parts of their lives >> when it comes to the parents' ultimate guide to youtube, common sense media says open communication can go a long way. parents should ask their children what they're watching and join in. >> my daughter went to theater camp
8:40 am
it was a sleep away, outdoor they did theater but also outdoor activities it was a nice balance. >> if the kids are going to do it, i don't mind if it is a creative outlet. i talked about this before not long ago, my 9-year-old had friends over, and they were making a video with their toys the next morning when i was checking in with the kids' moms, said, oh, they put down the technology and they were playing a pretend youtube video or whatever she was like, it is not pretend. i'm looking at it right now. i said, what i said, did you make that video public he goes, well, how am i going to get subscribers if i don't make it public? i'm like, no this technology was ahead of me. i didn't realize he'd make it public >> right. >> he had to monetize his game. >> how am i going to give them prizes i was like, prizes >> worried about the subscribers, the likes. >> scary. >> creating this machine where it is all about affirmation. >> i don't know what we're going to do. >> a couple parents experienced that
8:41 am
hopefully it makes you feel better if it is a creative outlet, you can make the channel private, to get your video editing and shooting skills. if it is going to be public, you can eliminate comments that can be difficult, to your point, for young children to see mean comments on their account make sure they're not sitting in front of anything that reveals personal information, like their name or address. >> or their bedroom. hello. >> exactly >> middle of the floor it is a hot topic so i'm glad you're doing it. the need for the affirmation, the likes. >> whole other story. >> good story. up next for us -- thank you, savannah we're heading outside to try one of the country's hottest sports. pickleball on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. of the country's hottest sports. pickleball on the so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great.
8:42 am
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we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. we are back with a look at the fastest growing sport i never heard of but a lot of folks have we're talking about pickleball we have two of the world's best
8:44 am
pickleball players with us don't know exactly where the name comes from, but for sure, it is soaring in popularity. >> reporter: a sweet sport with a sour name taking a swing at being a national pasttime. pickleball, invested in the '60s but taking off the last decade, pickleball skyrocketing in popularity with courts in the u.s. tripling the last decade, becoming one of the country's fastest growing sports a mash-up of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, players use a racket games take place on courts with specific pickleball lines, making the court smaller players serve underhand and cross court, then follow traditional tennis rules most courts are for doubles and
8:45 am
players stay out of the front area or the kitchen. games don't last long. the small court and simple rules attract players of all ages. >> welcome >> reporter: there is now a professional pickleball circuit and rankings >> there you go. >> that'll do it >> reporter: tyson mcguffin, a top-ranked player on the men's side. >> the gold goes to tyson mcguffin >> reporter: and lucy kovalova, one of the top women's players two pros at the top of this fast-growing sport >> are we ready? >> the game is normally played to 11. i guess you can only score on your serve is that how it works >> correct >> this is tyson mcguffin and lucy kovalova. nice to see you guys how did you get into this? >> i started four years ago. i actually grew up as a tennis player the last thing i would have thought is to end up on the "today" show that's for sure. yeah, fell in love with it there was a gentleman at my tennis club who introduced it to me kind of like most of us, once you put a paddle in the hand, you love it. >> why is it so popular? >> go ahead. >> why is it gaining popularity?
8:46 am
>> it is amazing it's so much fun it is for all generations. everyone can play. you need a wiffle ball, paddle, and court. >> does it take lot of athleticism? >> of course. >> there you go. >> we'll try it. >> says the two athletes. >> can you show us how to play >> of course. >> let's play pickleball >> let's get rid of this all right. >> wait, what are we doing >> is it like tennis, we hit it? >> you'll be serving first we'll be returning i'll have you here. >> we're returning >> this area is called the kitchen? >> this is the kitchen, correct. 14 feet. >> how perfect is that, i don't have to go in the kitchen. >> one thing you can't do is volley in the kitchen. >> all right >> can't take it out of the air in the kitchen. stay out of the kitchen, lester. >> can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. >> that's it. >> okay. >> here we go. >> bring it, lucy. >> dear, dear. >> up, up, up. we're here. >> yes >> oh.
8:47 am
all right. 1-0. >> we got 1-0. >> we got a point. >> come back to the baseline >> okay. >> how we doing, tyler >> they're doing well so far >> okay. 1-0. >> badminton meets tennis meets something. >> correct >> lucy serves. >> not me. >> jones returns oh all right. now, is it their serve >> their >> are we tied >> give us the ball over here. we want to serve. >> their serve >> you can serve >> give it to the good team. >> you serve >> all right, tyson. >> ready >> yes. >> i have to do it i'm ready. >> mcguffin/jones serving. here we go >> nice return by holt oh, wow. you lose your serve, right
8:48 am
>> underhand. >> i wanted to be like venus and serena, making the noise, you know >> play it got it got it >> okay. we got a volley going here oh good thing that was a wiffle ball because you just whiffed. >> last point here >> last point. >> okay. >> serve it up to lester >> okay. >> the tension mounts. >> i'm coming, lester. >> jones serving here we go. >> you have to bounce it >> oh, that went into the -- oh! come on. jones, oh. well, that was just amazing. riveting, actually. >> riveting. >> tyson and lucy, thank you so much >> that was fun. >> we're back in a moment. first, this is pickleball "today" on nbc pickleball "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
welcome back sheinelle, you have a daly click. >> we may have reached peak "lion king." a south carolina man was singing his rendition of the song when his animal friends joined in look at thishis owner, travis, never heed and hawed like that for so long. maybe it is his ♪ >> that's the funniest thing i've seen all day. >> that was nathan, the donkey his owner, travis, says he's never heed and hawed like that for so long.
8:52 am
maybe it is his singing or the "lion king" or something. >> it was cute. >> goes nuts that was the daly click. al, over to you. >> announcer: smucker's celebrates today is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> i am going to resist. this morning, we are celebrating all the parents out there in honor of national parents day. that's right it was over the weekend. our appreciation for all parents out there lasts much longer than 24 hours first up, we have john and beth. they met right here in new york city after nearly 40 years together their four kids say they still find ways to spread love and smucker's everywhere they go then we have joe and diane not to be confused with jack and diane. of new jersey. their kids say they would be nowhere without their endless love and support forget the fact they wouldn't even be here hello to don and karina of new york their kids want to say thank you for being amazing role models. keep the pictures coming at lester >> al, thank you. we have a little time left. >> should have played a little
8:53 am
more pickleball. i'll put you on tv tell me your name. >> sue >> who do you want to say hi to? >> mommy, daddy. quinn and jack, our grandchildren. >> adorable. >> welcome welcome. happy 45th anniversary where are you from >> melvin, new york. >> welcome >> look at that. >> cooper from maryland. >> cooper is cute. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> love that here's one we're from maryland, and we love -- oh, that's cute. thank you, guys, for coming. last but not least, all the way from where >> indiana. >> how old are you >> i'm 11. >> who do you want to say hi to? >> my dad. >> that's cool >> so sweet. it is usually hi, mom. hi, dad! thank you for coming enjoy new york city. >> i'm ready for more pickleball. >> it was really fun. >> should the opportunity present itself oh, right there.
8:54 am
>> how would you describe it ping-pong and badminton? as you mentioned, it is a wiffle ball. >> you should try it. >> it is not a heavy thing meantime, update with #readwithjenna. with the end of july almost here she'll close out this book club pick, "evvie drake starts over," by chatting with the author linda holmes. >> she'll continue the conversation and answer your questions on #readwithjenna instagram account at 11:00 a.m. eastern. next on the third hour we'll kick off a new series, camp with a cause. kerry sanders visits a unique camp on the waters >> can i go, too >> we might have to take off the kit. first, your local news and weather. see ya in a second off the kit. first, your local news and weather. see ya in a second.
8:55 am
8:56 am
and a good morning to you. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. breaking news. a source now confirming to nbc the name of then in the gilroy garlic festival rampage identified as santino william legan. today in the base, we'll go live to a gilroy home surrounded by authorities and we're learning that is the home of the gunman's father.
8:57 am
>> reporter: that's right, marcus. we have learned that the gunman, suspected gunman's family, lives in ts home behind me. canee police have left. they left in the past half hour. when they walked out they had payinger bags and evidence bags walking to their vehicles before they left. one of the officers was carrying an army print case that looked like the case for a rifle. we can also draw your attention to a car over here. officers spent some time searching a car over here as well trying to collect as much evidence as possible. we also spoke to some neighbors out here for their reaction after the shooting and then the police presence, they said, they are shocked. that is the latest here in gilroy. ali wolf for "today in the bay." >> we'll have another update at 10:00 from the press conference.
8:58 am
terror and chaos. a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. >> what we are learning about the victims and the suspect. >> join us tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. today on "california live"
8:59 am
confessions of a serial dater and she is revealing the best places to meet a man in california. it's all happening on "california live."
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al with sheinelle. dylan is enjoying some time off, as is craig. best of my knowledge, not together. lester holt joining us again. >> always a treat to stop by. >> always nice having you. >> i was in martha's vineyard. lester and i were talking about the fact i had two saturdays off, right? we were covered because of the british open. we were preempted. last saturday, i'm not even sure what happened. to have eight days off consecutively. >> good weather out there, right? >> great weather. i have to say, coming back though, mayro


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