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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 30, 2019 2:07am-2:36am PDT

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100 miles apart, one caught on camera, a surfer struggling as a shark bites his arm. how you can stay safe in the water. in the water. and hey siri, who else is listening? an anonymous whistle blower sounding the alarm about apple and eavesdroppers. and >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening we learn today that two of the three people killed at a mass shooting at a california food festival are children and that the attacker was a 19-year-old tonight police are examining hi social media posting some with racial overtones as they search for a motive in addition to the dead, a dozen dead, a dozen were were injured in yesterday's attack in gilroy that sent families fleeing in panic and police leaping into actionction. we have it all covered tonight and miguel almaguer l we have it all covered tonight and miguel almaguer leads us off in gilroy. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good evening, the
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evening, the park park behind me where the festival took place remains a crime scene. just this morning this entire area was on lockdown as police were looking for a possible accomplice they never found one the suspect is dead and now ther may never know why he opened fire the band was playing their final song when gunfire began. chaos and carnage at the gilroy garlic festival. the teenage gunman unloading round after round as families ran for their lives. >> he just brought his gun up and started spraying out rounds spraying out rounds all around. >> reporter: killing all around >> reporter: killing three people and wounding a dozen more witnesses say the suspect shot at random spraying the crowd with some 60 shots from an ak-47 style rifle. >> he was just shooting. if we would have screamed, he could have turned and shot us. >> reporter: within a minute, three officers arrived killing the suspect now identified as santino legan, the 19-year-old wearing tactical gear. he bypassed security by cutting
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fence, never uttering a word, say reloadalfw through the through a fence, never uttering a word, say witnesses, as he reloaded halfway through the shooting >> had your officers not acted quicker, would there have been more bloodshed >> there absolutely would have been more bloodshed. >> are we going to be able to drive out of here? >> reporter: during the scramble to escape, some were trampled as the critically wounded were rushed to local hospitals. among the dead 13-year-old kayla salazar, 25-year-old trevor urby who studied biology, and 6-year-old stephen romero. his mother and grandmother also wounded by gunfire his mother and grandmother also wounded by gunfire. his father at home when he got the news >> he was more of a friend to me than a son who i will miss forever. forever. >> reporter: after early reports of a second possible gunman, a massive man hunt was launched. but the overnight drag >> reporter: after early reports of a second possible gunman, a massive man hunt was launched. but the overnight dragnet came
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but when it's young people, it's even worse. >> repor to a close with no arrest. >> any time a life is lost, it's a tragedy. but when it's young people, it's even worse >> reporter: not releasing a motive, police are puzzled by the gunman why would the teenager open fire a killing spree that took three lives including a little boy wha festival with his family. was gunned down while celebrating at a festival with his family miguel almaguer, nbc news, gilroy, california >> i'm gadi schwartz in gilroy where today bags of evidence were seized along with a tactical rifle case pulled from pulled from the family home of 19-year-old sant the family home of 19-year-old santino william legan less than a mile from where he opened fire on a crowd of people >> our preimminent and principle concern at this point is motivation, ideological this p motivation, ideologi leanings, was he affiliated with anyone or any group? >> reporter: in a post from his now deleted instagram profile, the shooter mentioning a book
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advocating racism, sexism, and dominance through violence also posting a photo of the garlic festival saying come get wasted on overpriced expletive to avoid security and metal detectors, the suspect found a to avoid security and metal detectors, the suspect found a back way into the festivals. authorities say the back way into the festivals. authorities say the shooter knew security would be tight. this is the creek that runs in between the shooter's home and the garlic festival on the other side inves gators investigators say he cut through a fence wearing camouflage those who saw him open fire describe him as early subdued. >> he looked calm as could be. he didn't look like he was nervous or anything about what he was doing >> reporter: investigators say the ak-47 style weapon was bought last bought last month month legally in nevada. authorities tried hardening security by bag searches but security experts describe fences like but security experts describe fences like this one and the concert in nevada where 58 people were killed as soft targets, public spaces where thousands gather and perimeters are difficult to secure. >> folks running events around the country will look at this and say can we do anything at the end of the day you have
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thousands of people coming in and it's a challenge >> reporter: now more questions whether any public gathering is safe now many people in this community asking how to increase security hoping for the garlic festival to come back next year as it's been here in this community for 40 years now and vowing not to let fear win lester >> gadhwthan you. more breaking news another child has died inside a hot car. the young victim left in a van outside a florida daycare just days after 1-year-old twins died in new york after being left all day, their father now charged with criminally neglect homicide blaine alexander has more. >> reporter: tonight it happener again, yet another child left inside a hot car a 2-year-old died after being left inside a van at this daycare in oakland park, florida. >> 2-year-old male not conscious, not breathing, possibly left in the van all day. a hot car this
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year. today's incident comes >> the 24th child to die in a hot car this year. today's incident comes as a new york father faces charges for the deaths of his 1-year-old twins. 39-year-old juan rodriguez sobs during his first court appearance he says when he went to work he forgot his children were in the car. they had been inside for eight hours. the medical examiner says the temperature inside was 108 degrees. today the twin's mother called it a horrific accident and defended her husband he is a good person and a great father i know he will never forgive himself for this mistake expertc experts say it can happen to any parent >> always look in the backseat before they lock up their car and leave a reminder in the backseat, something that you don't get through the day without looking at, your phone, blaine alexander, nbc newsaine and breaking tonight out of afghanistan, two u.s.
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kandahar when a member of the afghan security forces opened fire on them now in the custody of afghan forces the taliban claim responsibility at the white house, president trump met with religious leaders today after taking new aim at baltimore, the city's black congressman and reverend al sharpton hallie jackson is at the white reverend al sharpton. house tonight. >> reporter: the president touting by tweet a private meeting with inner city pastors today after his public attacks on the city of baltimore, calling it a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess and blasting the congressman who he thinks the president was racist >> i find that hard to believe when you consider the things that have been done for the black commity. >> do you believe today was an attempt at damage coro the homeland security secretary over conditions at the border. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own
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feces, can't take a shower come on, man >> reporter: now in a series of at least 20 tweets, the president is attacking not just the african-american lawmaker and the majority african-american city, but the african-american civil rights activist al sharpton who criticized the remarks describing sharpton as a con man and a troublemaker >> i make trouble every time racists and bigots move around in any way, shape or form, including the president. >> reporter: the president's defenders insist he's not racially motivated but fighting back against a congressional antagonist on the campaign trail, candidate trump lookedor >> what do you have to lose? >> reporter: today, some in baltimore suggest he hasn't stepped up >> i think it was idiotic. i think it was hurtful i think it was bigoted >> i think he is a racist. not only his tweets, but i think he has some issues as it relates
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to diversity >> and hallie joins us there had to be a lot of emotion today as the president signed the 9/11 first responders bill this was the end of a very hard fought and emotional battle. >> reporter: you're right lester it means those first responders will never have to ask for money again from the victim's compensation fund. it will now be paid for permanently. the senate passed a bill last week nearly unanimously last week bill last week >> thank you next tonight the major power shift in the u.s. intelligence community. president trump has nominated a see e nation'sto replace 17 intelligence agencies, traditionally a nonpolitical job. let's get more from nbc's andrea mitchell congressman john radcliff, a staunch >> reporter: texas congressman john radcliff, a staunch trump loyalist, only last week he seemed to be auditioning for the intelligence job by attacking robert mueller attacking robert
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>> donald trump is not above the law, he's not. but he shouldn't be below the law. >> reporter: he claims he put ter errorists in prison. there's no record of the former attorney prosecuting a terrorist case a former small town mayor, he nevered managed anything as large as the 17 intelligence agencies, and he's embraced the president's theories about the russia probe large as the >> it appears there were crimes committed during the obama administration >> dan coats came to me and others and said they think it's russia i have president putin, he just about the russia e. >> it appears there were crimes committed during the obama administration. >> dan c said it's not russiays later co caught off guard when we told him the president had just invited vladimir putin to the white house. >> say that again. >> vladimir putin -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: three days later coats was caught off guard when we told him the president had just invited vladimir putin to the white house. >> say that again. >> vladimir putin -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special
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>> reporter: confirmation for radcliff could be tough tonight the republican intelligence chairman ignored the president's decision to bypass coats' respected deputy they will work with sue gordon saying for now they will work with her lester >> andrea mitchell, thank you, andrea tonight two american teens from california are behind bars in italy under investigation for the murder of an undercover re drug deal gone wrong. police officer after what police are calling a drug deal gone wrong. nbc's richard engel has the latest >> reporter: tonight 19-year-old finnegan lee elder and 18-year-old gabriel hjorth are in this italian jails hailed as. 35-year-old officer, mario rega was hailed as a hero his memorial held in the same church where he was married just six weeks ago. american teens w trying to score cocaine when a dealer police say the american teens were trying to score cocaine when a dealer sold them crushed aspirin. when they figured it out, they stole a backpack from one of the dealer's associates and
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commanded 100 euros and cocaine to give it back. officer rega was one commanded 100 euros and cocaine to give it back. officer rega was one of two undercover cops sent to respond. after he identified himself, himself, officers officers say rega was stabbed 11 times and the suspects took off running. italian media aired this footage believed to show the suspects. it has not been verified by nbc news, but tonight officers are apologizing for this image of o this image of the teen blind folded before questioning. the teen blind folded before questioning. they say that was a mistake. nbc's sarah harmon is in rome. >> both of the teens are being held here. there is real outrage here in here in this country, the interior minister saying the this country, the interior minister saying the focus should not be on that photo, but on the officer that was killed. >> reporter: elders family said they continue to gather facts on the case and their hearts go out to the family and friends of officer rega the family and fris of offic tonight police say they found the murder weapon hidden in the teen's hotel room, and that the
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to leave, were ready to leave, bags packed, when they were arrested. beach goers are on high alert after two separate shark attacks along the coastline. gabe gutierrez is at jacksonville beach with more on how to protect yourself. >> reporter: tonight pro surfer franklin o'rourke is recovering after the scare of his life. >> i never felt force like that from any animal or anything in my life. i was in shock >> reporter: this video shows him and other surfers in the waters off jacksonville struggling with what he thinks is a black tip shark >> i've never seen one that close and that kind of aggression it was coming at me. i was scared for sure. it was c. i was he had a really high energy level. >> reporter: lieutenant eli phillips was one of the first responders at the scene. realize >> he didn't realize what was happening while he was getting bit by it. afterwards he was like wow, i just got bit by a shark. miles
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>> reporter: a hundred miles down the coast a boogie boarder was also bit by a shark. he wasn't hurt badly either. and coco beach and daytona beach, other sightings swim in groups, don't wear shiny jewelry, and if you find yourself being attacked fight back back in jacksonville, o'rourke says the scare won't keep him from the water >> i'm still living. he says right after the attack on these waters, he i'm still here >> reporter: o'rourke knows how lucky he is. he says right after the attack on these waters, he went right out and he bought a lottery ticket he figured if he can survive a close encounter with a shark, the odds might be in his favor >> you're in the right place, the beach. a new warning of what siri hears and what apple might be using with your conversations. another terrifying bison attack at a national park. we'll hear from the teen who survived bison attack at a national park. we'll hear from the teen who survived. stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics
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♪ ♪ ♪ apple. back now with new privacy concerns about apple if you've ever said "hey siri" and even if you haven't your most confidential conversations might not be so private after all. jolene kent explains
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>> reporter: tonight apple is defending siri and its popular voice assistant on iphone, ipad, and apple watch faces new criticism. an anonymous whistle blower told "the an anonymous whistle blower told "the guardian" newspaper that human contractors can sometimes listen to what siri hears. among the chatter, confidential medical conversations, drug deals, and even intimate moments according to the whistle blower. confirmed the story, but apple did not deny the allegation, telling us it uses the recordings to make nbc news has not confirmed the story, but apple did not deny the allegation, telling us it uses the recordings to make siri work better, adding only a very small random subset, less than 1% of daily siri utterances, are used to improve siri and dictation. but with 15 billion siri commands made every month, ten of millions could be listened tong siri recordings are apple responded saying siri recordings are not attached to your apple user name or other identifying information, adding that all reviewers are under the obligation to adhere to apple's strict confidentiality requirement. strict confidentiay
2:25 am
requirement. apple frequently touts that it prioritizes privacy. >> privacy to us is a human right. >> these technologies apple frequently touts that it prioritizes privacy. >> privacy to us is a human right. >> these technologies are really reliant on human review and continual sort of process to make the technology better >> reporter: apple's head of privacy emphasizes to me that it's only trying to improve its technology to opt out, turn siri off. in settings tap siri and search and turn both of these toggles off. off. lester >> all right, jolene, thanks coming up next, the second bison attack at a national park help m ood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake
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ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®. because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options. next tonight the second shocking animal attack within just a few days in our national tips to stay safe on your visit. parks. steve patterson has tips to stay safe on your visit >> reporteona tourist snappingsg in north dakota theodorerk.
2:29 am
but moments later a roosevelt national park. but moments later a 17-year-old visitor to the park saturday was gored and tossed in the air. we spoke to the teen by phone in the hospital spoke to the teen by phone in the hospit >> he came up behind me, and he got his horn, slashed it through my leg, and then threw me up with his head about six feet into the air said he was a safe distance away when suddenly one charged. >> i didn't do anything to aggravate him. it was all by >> reporter: the teen said he was a safe distance away when suddenly one charged >> i didn't do anything to aggravate him. it was all by chance >> reporter: the incident follows another attack in yellow stone national park last week. an 11-year-old girl was catapulted in the air by a bison. last month, a black bear was euthanized after biting a woman's thigh in a tent. park officials are warningetti e to wild life dime and they ca >> they can turn on a dime and they can run 30 mile-an-hour you can't outrun a bison >> reporter: thankful the teen is expected to recover >> i'm so thankful i'm still alive.
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>> i'm so thankful i'm still alive. >> reporter: it's a stark reminder, around >> reporter: it's a stark reminder, around wild life, be aware and stay back. steve patterson, nbc news. meghan markle just added another job title to her list of accomplishments. her job title to her list of accomplishments. people 50 and older at average risk. i took your advice and asked my doctor to order cologuard, that noninvasive colon cancer screening test. the delivery guy just dropped it off. our doctor says it uses advanced science. it's actually stool dna technology that finds 92 percent of colon cancers. no prep, and private. colon cancer screening that's as easy as get, go, gone. ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. unitedhealthcare has the people and tools to help guide you through the confusion, well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare. that's how we like it. (chis not just hurting
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finally the royal secret is out. meghan markle is the guest at an british vogue big september issue. as keir simmons tells us, readers may be in for a surprise >> reporter: she's one of the us, readers may most written about women in the world, often criticized. tonight these are her words, let's shine light in a world filled with seemingly daily darkness the influential british vogue september issue, a role she reveals she asked for. ilusivit spotlighting 15 female change makers like jacinda ardern who spotlighting 15 female change guided her nation through the worst mass shooting in its history.
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>> i think there's a solution. and it ultimately is coming back to the humanity that we all share.y is coming back to the humanity >> reporter: and pregnant be baby archie, meghan interviewing michelle obama i'm so excited for you and harry, imagining meghan and michelle chatting over lunch, mrs. obama supporting another woman as meghan puts it as she speaks out unlike any royal mag meghan and michelle chatting over lunch, mrs. before her keir simmons, nbc news, londll b >> and that edition will be available online this friday that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt. announcer: today on steve -- steve: this video has been seen million times. announcer: chicago girls take their dance battle to steve. you, i see you! announcer: plus -- divorce, i racked up
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credit debt. make sense of money proble problems. put your hands together for your host, steve harvey! [cheers and applause] much!: thanks very how y'all do i appreciate that. thank y'all! [cheers and applause] steve: how many of you in here in a relationship of some kind? [applause] to talk k, we're going about relationship. relationships is cool. verybody don't mind being in a relationship unless you just got out of one and you're just glad yourself.u're by but let's say you have been dating a person for a little while.
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you ever noticed that ometimes they just get comfortable. they just start to get a little too comfortable. and started noticing stuff that didn't notice before. that's when you got to really out, is this the relationship i'm going to stay in or not. back and oing to go forth because sometimes it's the men that get comfortable, sometimes it's the ladies that get comfortable. ladies, have you ever been somewhere n and then in the relationship you realize taking spends less time a shower than kids do? seen that right there? [applause] steve: here is another one, ladies. dating a man been and then you realize for the defends his at he mama way too much.
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you can't say nothing about his mama. [applause] steve: here is one for the fellows. [laughter] now, ladies, don't g tight on me. i told you we were going back and forth. done two on the men. i got to do one on you. fellows, are you dating a woman got some comfortable she start coming to bed like she expecting bad weather? [applause]


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