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tv   Today  NBC  July 30, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the bay area. >> all right, thank you. and thank you for making us a part of your morning. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget our midday show coming up at 11:00. make sure you have a great day. hjort . good morning, honoring the fallen. ♪ remember all the time >> thousands come together at an emotional vigil in california overnight after that mass shooting at a food festival, and new stories of survival emerge. >> if it wasn't for him, i probably would have gotten shot. >> this morning the father of the youngest victim just 6 years old remembers his son and the latest on the suspect and the search for answers. exposed, the personal information of 100 million american at risk this morning after a hack attack against banking giant capital one, one of the largest data breaches ever.
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just ahead, the woman now under arrest and what you need to know if you applied for one of the company's credit cards over the past 15 years. the stage is set. democrats ready for round two ahead of tonight's key debate in detroit, just ahead, the new poll that shows joe biden the clear front runner expanding his lead making him tonight's prime target. all that, plus nbc news exclusive, the first look at troubling new findings in the gymnastics sex abuse scandal, what congress uncovered. two in two days, the new shark attack at the florida beach knowas the shark bite capital of the world. and believe the hype. >> fortnite world champion! >> the teenage phenom who won the first ever fortnite world cup and is $3 million richer celebrates with us in studio 1a
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today, tuesday, july 30th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi everybody, good morning, welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. i'm going to say something i've never said before, we've got fortnite royalty in the house. this is bugha, kyle giersdorf, who's $3 million richer. >> i'm going to ask the question most parents are asking this morning, what am i supposed to tell my son when he says i'm going to play fortnite all day and i say you shouldn't. >> let's get right to our top story, that overnight vigil in the close-knit california town still reeling in the wake of a mass shooting at its annual food festival. miguel almaguer joins us with
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the latest on the investigation, and he's been talking to the victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the park behind me remains cordoned off. it is still a crime scene. investigators have not officially released a motive, but we are learning more about the suspect, the man who killed three people and two small children. ♪ remember all the time >> reporter: in the small city of gilroy, an overwhelming feeling of sorrow just a few miles away from where so many came together overnight for a vigil. lives were ripped apart as gunfire tore through this food festival. those killed now all identified. keyla salazar was just 13 years old, shot down not far from her own home. 25-year-old trevor irby, a biology graduate, with was his girlfriend sarah, and on the phone with his friend ben schreiber when shots rang out. >> next thing i know i hear 15,
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20 pops, hear sarah scream and line goes dead. >> reporter: the youngest victim, 6-year-old stephen romero was shot in the back. his mother and grandmother also wounded by gunfire. his heartbroken father nearly lost his entire family. >> he was more of a friend to me than a son, who i will miss forever. still can't believe that he's dead. >> are you okay? >> reporter: investigators say the gunman used an ak-47 assault style rifle purchased legally in nevada. nick farland remembers the moment just before a dozen were wounded and he was shot in the leg. >> as soon as i noticed that he was cocking the gun, a huge gun, it kind of -- it like triggered in my head, i think this guy might start shooting people. >> reporter: while detectives have not released a motive for the attack, we are learning more about the suspect, identified as santino legan. the 19-year-old was wearing tactical gear and was killed by three officers who returned fire.
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he posted a picture of the garlic festival just before the shooting. in another post mentioning a book that advocates racism, sexism and dominance through violence. monday police raiding his home bagging piles of evidence and searching his car. >> we are currently undertaking social media scrubs as well as assessing information that's derived from other interviews. >> reporter: police launched a massive manhunt for a possible accomplice, but are uncertain if legan had help. justin bathes pushed sarah ordaz away from the gunfire. >> if it wasn't for him, i probably would have got shot because he's the one that saved my life. >> reporter: stories of survival while a community mourns three young lives cut far too short. >> miguel, you mentioned that authorities were looking into a possible accomplice. what's the latest on that now? >> reporter: yeah, savannah, just 24 hours ago this exact location was cordoned off as
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police were looking for that accomplice. toa today they have not ruled out a second person may have been involved, they are working on that. >> thank you very much. another major story this morning, that massive data breach involving credit card giant capital one. the personal information of an estimated 100 million people in the united states potentially exposed, and this morning the alleged hacker behind it is in federal custody. nbc business business correspondent jo ling kent is following this story for us. good morning. >> good morning, it has happened yet again, one of the largest reported data breaches ever. capital one didn't know about it until a member of the public alerted authorities via e-mail saying they saw the alleged hacker talking about the stolen information online. this morning a 33-year-old former software engineer from seattle is accused of stealing a vast amount of customer information from one of the nation's biggest credit card issuers. according to a criminal complaint, paige a. thompson
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obtained the data by accessing a server rented by capital one and then posting it to an information sharing site. she's been charged with computer fraud and abuse. the breach exposing the personal information of an estimated 100 million people in the u.s. and another 6 million in canada. that includes information on consumers and small businesses that applied for a capital one credit card between 2005 and 2019. so what's at risk? customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and some parts of consumers' credit history. capital one insists that no credit card account numbers or log-in information was exposed, but they do say that 140,000 social security numbers were put at risk along with 80,000 bank account numbers. capital one's ceo saying in a statement while i am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught, i'm deeply sorry for what has happened. i sincerely apologize for the
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understandable worry this incident must be causing those ask affected and i am committed to making it right. this latest breach coming just one week after equifax settled with the government for a record $650 million, after a 2017 data breach exposed the personal information of nearly 150 million people. >> so jo, the question a lot of people will be asking as they watch your report, how do i know if i've been affect bid thed by attack? >> capital one is telling us they will notify affected individuals and make free credit monitoring protection available to those impacted. i know so many people have heard this before and the investigation into exactly how this happened is bongoing. >> thank you. it is a big night in politics, the crowded field of democratic presidential candidates will face off during tonight's start of the second primary debate. it's happening over two nights in detroit, and this morning we've got results from a new poll on the race. we've got two reports for you.
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we'll start with nbc's morgan radford who has been talking to those critical state voters. >> reporter: that new national poll shows front runner joe biden expanding his lead. we can expect to see more fireworks tonight as the other candidates really sharpen their attacks against him and look for breakout moments to stand out from each other, but in this case, where they are speaking could be as critical as the policies themselves. detroit is still a solidly blue city in a state that flipped red for trump in 2016. i spoke with voters who say they'll be tuned in and warn that none of the candidates should take their votes for granted. >> reporter: ahead of tonight's make or break debate in the motor city, joe biden is still dominating the democratic race. a neuqupoll shows the former vi president with a double-digit lead over his rivals surging 12 points in the past month. biden's closest competitor senator elizabeth warren with
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15% followed by senators kamala harris and bernie sanders. for biden, it's a dramatic turn around following his rocky performance in that first debate. caught offguard when harris targeted his senate record on civil rights. >> you also worked with them to oppose busing. >> reporter: now the former vice president says he's ready for a rematch telling democratic donors last week i'm not going to be as polite this time. >> i will express differences and articulate them and certainly point out where we have differences of opinion. >> reporter: and for tonight's debate, the location is just as key as the lineup. michigan is one of three critical swing states along america's manufacturing corridor that flipped for trump in 2016. voters here say they want to hear about the economy. >> bring in more jobs, it will be good for the community. >> reporter: at a local gym in detroit's northwest side, in an historically black neighborhood, voters say the candidates shouldn't take their votes for granted. >> what do you think detroit
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needs to hear from these democratic candidates? >> i think we are more concerned about hearing not just the middle class, but the black middle class. >> we are the motor -- the motor city, but even those jobs are decreasing, so it's like what's next? >> we've been talking to folks. are they enthusiastic about any particular candidate or still doing the wait and see? >> kind of the wait and see. what we saw on the ground did largely confirm what we saw in that poll. it's interesting to see how much these debates matter to voters. one person said he liked buttigieg because he felt like he answered honestly. others felt like biden is the only one who can really take on president trump. others felt like sanders when it came to education and mass incarceration was something that is important to them. it's still early. >> still a lot of candidates. thank you, morgan. one topic you can bet will come up during the debate
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tonight, president trump's attacks on democratic congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. overnight the president escalated that with a new series of tweets. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, and this morning some of the president's allies are hesitant about his relentless attacks on yet another african-american lawmaker, congressman elijah cummings but this morning president trump is not backing down, speaking with reporters outside the white house on his way to deliver a speech in virginia, president trump suggested that congressman cummings who heads the oversight committee should conduct oversight of the city of baltimore itself, and he took aim at yet another target, the reverend al sharpton. >> new fallout today as president trump draws defenders hud wlg a group of inner city pastors privately after publicly describing the city of baltimore as infested by rats, language derided by his opponents as racist.
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>> do you believe today was an attempt at damage control by president trump? >> no, i don't. >> we have a president who's listening and i was glad to pray with him today. >> reporter: the president has plenty of critic after his attack on another african-american lawmaker elijah cummings who whose district includes part of baltimore, and now al sharpton calling him a conman after sharpton visited the city to stand up for its people. >> reverend sharpton what is your message to president trump? >> he should not continue to try and sell this racist behavior to try and make the country more divided for his own political gain. >> he's trying to say it's us versus them. that is not reflective of a leader and certainly not an american leader. >> reporter: even nfl coach john harbaugh was asked to respond. >> we love the people in baltimore everywhere, maybe it's because the baltimore people love the ravens so much. we've felt nothing but love here for the last 11 years. >> president trump has dechblded
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himself as aides argue he's fighting back against an antagonist in congress. cummings chairs the house oversight committee. now after then kand day-to-day tru -- candidate trump pledged on the campaign trail to help lift up urban neighborhoods. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: the former republican national committee chair is pushing the president to make good on that promise. >> the streets are ready for you. the neighborhoods are ready for you. folks want to talk to you, so just show up. put the tweet down, brother, and show up. >> also today president trump said that people from baltimore were phoning him to say thank you, although would not name names on that. he said he believed that many african-american members of the city of baltimore are appreciative of what he's doing and that he would get involved with the city if asked. willie, savannah. >> it might be difficult now. hallie jackson, thanks. we're learning new details about the case against two american teenagers jailed in
7:15 am
rome for allegedly killing an italian police officer. this is the family of one of the suspects arrives in italy. today senior international correspondent keir simmons has got the details for us. good morning. >> good morning, italian prosecutors just wrapped up a news conference saying cc tv was used to trace the two american suspects and praising the prai investigators for tracking them down at a hotel just 250 feet from the attack. he's also released a picture of a knife they say was used in the attack saying there are confusing elements to the case some of the police officers involved were not on duty, and forgotten to carry his weapon, a key question emerging this morning, did the boys know they were facing police officers? the californian teens will remain in custody the italian prosecutor said this morning because of the gravity of the allegations they face. the family of 19-year-old finnegan lee elder saying they continue to gather facts adding we're grateful he has been
7:16 am
provided medical care and our heart goes out to the family who have suffered an unimaginable loss police officer mario cerciello rega was stabbed 11 times. his funeral at the same church where he was recently married. he had been investigating allegations of a cocaine deal gone wrong and attempted extortion. italian media say this is video not verified by nbc news of two suspects anne arundrunning frome scene. elder confessed claiming self-defense according to a judge's ruling but this picture of 18-year-old gabrielle christian natale hjorth blindfolded the picture widely condemned in italy. a police officer involved quickly moved off the case, and now amanda knox speaking out in 2007 she was forced into a confession by italian police over the killing of her friend meredith kercher many are asking me about this
7:17 am
case, she tweeted. all i can say is i'm withholding judgment he should be tried in a court of law, not the court of olympic opinion. in any case it's tragic. my heart goes out to the victim's family. >> italian prosecutors saying that picture of one of the boys blindfolded in police custody casts a shadow in the case, but he's insisting the boys were interviewed according to the law. in those interviews the prosecutor says one of the boys claims he didn't know the men were police and that he was scared when the officers grabbed ahold of them. the police insisting willie and savannah, they did identify themselves guys. >> serious case there, keir, continue to follow it for us, please thank you. let's turn now and get a first check of the weather for that we say good morning to mr. roker. hey, al. >> good morning tweet willie, and good morning to you, thanks for getting your first national weather from us. 30 million people here in the northeast from new york up into boston, interior sections of the northeast affected by this heat. we're looking at heat indices that will be upward of 100, hot and humid ahead of this cold
7:18 am
front, but relief coming, sweet relief coming behind it. chicago today 77, 83 in cincinnati, flint 81 ahead of the system it will feel like 94 in richmond, new york, and boston then as we move into tomorrow, the cooler air starts to invade into cleveland, cincinnati, knoxville, the heat still banked up against the east coast, and then as we get into the weekend, we're going to see that front move off and temperatures will start to moderate. we'll see mid-80s in richmond, providence, wilmington it will stay nice and mild, 85 by friday in indianapolis. still warm down in atlanta, but not unreasonably so and des moines will see temperatures in the low 80s. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry! (scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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good tuesday monk. i'm meteorologist kari hall. good tuesday morning. there's fog across the golden gate bridge. visibility at bridge level is pretty good and we're seeing our temperatures today that will reach into the mid-60s, in the areas in the low to mid 80s. a really nice day as we continue to cool off, in the middle of the week, as we go into the weekend, it will be warming up into the low 90s in san francisco, staying in the 60s and i think we'll see fog all throughout today. >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thank you very much. ahead, the second shark and that's your latest weather. willie. >> thank you very much still ahead, the second shark attack in just two days at the same florida beach we'll hear from the 18-year-old survivor plus, exclusive findings from the congressional investigation into usa gymnastics and the sex abuse scandal that rocd that sport
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to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with new retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. ♪ i remember you and i feel the -- ♪ >> people of gilroy simply trying to make sense of what happened sunday at the garlic festival. last night hundreds gathered outside the city hall to remember the shooting victims. people hugged, cried, remembering those lost. the victims who died a 6-year-old boy, a 13year-old girl, and a 25-year-old man. seven people remain in the hospital this morning. another remembrance is being planned for tonight. gilroy's st. mary's parish on first street has organized a vigil and rosary for gilroy community, that event is scheduled to happen at 7:00 tonight. right now, let's get a look
7:27 am
at your commute and your forecast from kari. >> it looks pretty good this morning. we're going to enjoy a beautiful day. here is a live look in san jose, just a few clouds rolling by but look at the high temperatures for this afternoon, reaching the upper 70s in the south bay as well as palo alto. we'll see a high of 82 in concord and keeping it in the 60s in san francisco. our inland temperatures stay cooler than normal, as we go throughout the rest of the week, and a slight warmup for the weekend. we'll be back in the low 90s, even into early next week. for san francisco, we're going to keep the 60s and i think throughout much of today, we're still going to see a lot of clouds and fog. as we look at the san mateo bridge right now, it has been very slow and that's actually one of the problem spots that we are seeing, as you get ready to head out there on the roads. we have a crash, just ahead of southbound san mateo bridge exit, and even just getting there it's been very slow. with that crash, we are going to see a lot more in the way of heavy delays.
7:28 am
your east bay drive times are starting to slow down, so now is the time to get out the door, 880 going to 84, right now 23 minutes. marcus? >> we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. back now at 7:30 on a tuesday morning, july 30 back now at 7:30 on a tuesday morning, july 30th, 2019 some well-deserved camera time to our big crowd outside on the plaza. we will join them in just a bit. >> it's a hot and sticky day out there, too special props for them for being out there. let's get right to the headlines of the morning, thousands gathering overnight at an emotional vigil in gilroy, california one day after a mass shooting at a food festival. speakers memorialized the victims, talked about their experiences during the attack.
7:31 am
three people were killed, a dozen more were wounded in that shooting rampage on sunday evening. police shot and killed the gunman identified as 19-year-old santino legan. investigators say he used an ak-47 assault style rifle pchld legally in nevada. possibly motive has not been determined. two somalis who came to the united states as refugees were arrested in arizona. authorities say they were planning to travel to egypt to join isis. both men were arrested friday after they checked in for their flights at the tucson airport. officials say the two men told an undercover fbi employee they wanted to travel to the middle east to carry out violence and quote, achieve martyr dom. president trump tweeting about the suspecting writing one of them stated the best wake-up call is the islamic state to get victory and another 9/11, get smart people, the president wrote. the president of u.s. soccer is responding to claims of wage discrimination saying the
7:32 am
women's national team has been paid more than the men's team. federation president carlos cordero released figures on monday showing that the women's team was paid nearly $34 million between 2010 and 2018. during that same time the men's team was paid $26.4 million he said women's team members received salaries plus bonuses. the men received bonuses only, though they are larger ones. the u.s. soccer is expected to move towards mediation and a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by the players on the women's team a spokesperson for the players calls u.s. soccer's figures misleading. we turn now to florida where there was yet another shark attack on monday, the second in two days at a beach considered to be the shark bite capital of the world. nbc's morgan chesky has that story. morgan, good morning >> reporter: yeah, willie, good morning. new smyrna beach really is a hot bed of shark activity, the most recent attack makes it two attacks in just two days on the very same stretch of beach
7:33 am
as news of the attacks spread, it's causing everyone who heads into the water to keep a much closer look. florida's new smyrna beach is known as the shark bite capital of the world, and this week it's been living up to that well-deserved reputation with not one, but two attacks on tuesday, 18-year-old reed zipperer was surfing with his friends. the teenager saw a shark when he got into the water, but didn't think about it too much until it bit him. >> i went to paddle back out, grabbed my board, hopped on, started to paddle and like right when my left hand hit the water, a shark just came up and just wailed in. oh, gosh. >> i could tell that the injury to the top of his hand was fairly severe,ho holding composure. >> zipperer's friends droefr vem to a nearby hospital where he received 19 stitches. >> the guy was like you're really lucky if it went any deeper you would have got damage to the tendons
7:34 am
and you would have had to get surgery. >> reporter: the attack comes days after a boogie boarder was bitten by a shark on that same stretch of beach the 49-year-old man was not badly hurt new smyrna beach has reported more than 300 unprovoked attacks since records started being kept in 1882. this last week about 60 miles south in cocoa beach these sharks were seen slicing through the surf near the shoreline. zipperer says this scare still won't keep him from surfing with sharks. >> the sharks are everywhere when the waves are good in florida, you got to get on them. just another day, you know, just another day in florida. >> what is it about this beach, morgan that has so many shark attacks? >> reporter: yeah, willie everyone's asking that it really is a combination of two things first, you have this area is extremely popular with surfers, upwards of 300 surfers can be in that water every day you combine that with the fact that new smyrna is actually right in the middle of the
7:35 am
migration path for the black tip shark, a species that is highly reactive and could likely bite at anything that catches its eye. willie. >> as you said, those surfers will be right back out there this morning thanks so much. let's turn to al now and get a check of the weather i see you got a couple of storms on the horizon. >> that's right. we're taking a look, the pacific getting a little active out there. we've got hurricane eric, category one storm its 80 miles per hour winds moving west at 17. right behind it we've got tropical storm flossie, 65 miles per hour winds as you can see, there's a path eric stays to the south of hawaii, but we're watching flossie because right now it's a category one and could cause problems here in the east we've had not that much development, and that's because we've had a lot of dust coming off the sub saharan desert, that getting itself into the atmosphere and kind of breaking up all these systems that are developing. but now we're starting to see that dust subside, and so we're watching african waves come off the coast of africa and more likely start to see formation.
7:36 am
in fact, right now we've got invest 95l that is south of puerto rico. over the next five days, it's 89s 1 degrees and san jose stays in the upper 70s. so for some of our inland areas, warmer temperatures will in the 80s and we'll see more of that throughout the week and we heat up into the low 90s by this saturday and sunday. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, meghan markle's >> that's your latest weather. savannah. all right, al, thank you coming up, meghan markle's intimate conversation about motherhood with michelle obama. plus, jenna catches up with the author and artist of
7:37 am
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we're back at 7:41 with an nbc news exclusive tie we're back now at 7:41 with an nbc news exclusive tied to the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked usa gymnastics. >> congress has now completed its 18-month investigation investigators finding multiple organizations failed to protect hundreds of athletes, mostly young girls, and some even worked to conceal the truth about the long-time team doctor who abused the girls nbc's tom costello has the exclusive details for us this morning. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this investigation on the part of congress found that these organizations failed to act for
7:42 am
more than a year, even after having credible information that team dr. larry nassar was, in fact, abusing the athletes, the young kids and now high powered senators on capitol hill are saying that top people at the u.s. olympic committee and even usa gymnastics need to be held accountable. this morning 12 months before the tokyo 2020 opening ceremony, the scathing results of a congressional investigation into the u.s. olympic committee and usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar now serving up to a 175-year sentence for sexually abusing minors in his care the number of victims believed to be in the hundreds. olympic gold medalist makayla maroney first spoke to the fbi about the abuse back in 2015, but she told savannah nothing happened >> were you wondering, hey, how come the fbi hasn't contacted us >> yeah, i think me and my mom, we both kept calling trying to get information and be like what's going on here
7:43 am
like why are things stalling >> reporter: now the investigation has found that for 421 days, a year and two months, the fbi, the u.s. olympic committee, and usa gymnastics all failed to act, or even warn michigan state university where dr. nassar worked that he was sexually abusing athletes. >> and they're also profiles in cowardice and concealment because people looked the other way, and they put medals and money above morals >> reporter: connecticut democrat richard blumenthal and kansas republican senator jerry moran say the organizations knowingly concealed reports of the abuse. >> was this a massive cover-up at all levels of usag, usoc and for that matter, even the fbi? >> whether it was a criminal cover-up remains to be proven, but it was a cover-up in spirit. >> reporter: in april of 2018, some of nassar's accusers appeared on capitol hill,
7:44 am
accusing usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee of failing to protect them. >> they failed to speak up, and they let nassar assault children >> reporter: the ceo u.s. olympic committee scott blackmun resigned, athletes accused him of failing to act. the congressional allegation he misrepresented the truth under oath alan ashley was fired, former usa jam nistics steve penny refused to answer congress's questions. he's pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering, ordering the removal of internal documents from the team's training center. when informed about the report's findings, penny's attorney who has not read the report told nbc news much of it was not true. >> it is hard to find instances where what should have happened happened. >> should people go to prison in this case? >> if these allegations are substantiated by evidence and by conviction, people should serve time in prison
7:45 am
>> reporter: this morning former national team gymnast jessica howard who says she too was abused by nassar says the senators' work gives her hope. >> to actually see it get to this point already feels like a huge, to me feels like a huge victory. >> reporter: we reached out to usa gymnastics and the usoc for comment. usa gymnastics tells nbc news it looks forward to working with congress and has already made changes to quote, designed to prevent the opportunity for abuse. in an open letter to athletes back in december following its own investigation, the usoc did acknowledge institutional failures and said it was implementing reforms the fbi referred us to the justice department's office of the inspector general and it said it will not comment on ongoing investigation. guys, back to you. >> tom, what's so infuriating about all of this is how many different institutions appear to have just totally failed and dropped the ball for these athletes so the investigation is one thing. is there any kind of legislation
7:46 am
that these senators are proposing to fix this? >> this is a bipartisan effort with moran and blumenthal. they're proposing a bill that would essentially give a lot more oversight to congress, and it would allow essentially them to dissolve the boards of both the usoc and also usa gymnastics if necessary also imposing a lot more liability on the potential for -- so if one of these organizations has abuse going on, they would be exposed to even greater liability and also giving the young athletes more representation on the usoc board as well. so the bottom line is this law, if it's passed, would provide a lot more congressional oversight over america's olympic teams >> all right, tom, thank you very much. just ahead this morning, another bison attack at a national park, the young victim still recovering in the hospital shares details behind his terrifying encounter, but first these messages
7:47 am
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7:52 am
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happy tuesday. right now at 7:56, and it's a foggy start. right now looking at san francisco and the golden gate bridge, and everything's been looking pretty good to start. it's going to stay cool there, breezy with highs in the mid-60s. as you make your way inland the cool air also pushing into the valleys. so we're going to make it up to 80 degrees in livermore today and 79 in san jose. napa will reach up to 81 degrees. our seven-day forecast will look pretty good throughout the rest of the week, with some near normal temperatures, amid warming up a few more degrees for saturday. temperatures peak at 92 on sunday, and it will still be warm early next week, while san francisco keeps it cool with some 60s. i think that fog will linger throughout much of today. clearing for saturday and sunday. as you get ready to head out on the roads this is a look at the bay bridge.
7:57 am
and your traffic map showing a big backup for the south bay. headed toward the san mateo bridge, there was a crash and that's caused some heavy delays to get to the san mateo bridge and also the dumbarton bridge is slowing down. for the south bay, we're seeing a lot of slow commute headed northbound out of the south bay, so expect to take a little bit more time if you're getting ready to head out the door now and our bridge drive times are starting to slow down, right now at 18 minutes to get across the dumbarton bridge. so we'll continue to monitor that with more updates throughout the morning. marcus? >> thank you, kari. happening now, remembering the young people who died in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. the three victims were 6, 13 and 25. those are the ones who died. seven other shooting victims remain in the hospital this morning. five of those patients are being treated at san jose's valley medical center. the people in gilroy mourning, trying to make sense of what happened. last night hundreds gathered for a vigil near gilroy city hall.
7:58 am
st. mary's parish will hole a vigil and rosary, the service begins at 7:00. more information on our home page. democratic presidential hopefuls take to the stage. >> we'll have highlights from tonight's debate and what's expected in the second round. plus paying cash for a car isn't always an option. what you need to know before taking out a loan. >> tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, standing stro it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, standing strong ♪ remember all the time >> a california community comes together after a gunman opened fire at a food festival. this morning, what we're learning about the victims and the heros. >> if it wasn't for him, i probably would have got shot because he's the one that saved my life. >> we're live with the latest. ♪ whatever it takes plus, king of the fort >> your fortnite world champion! ♪ whatever it takes >> bugha >> he's the 16-year-old that
8:01 am
became a multimillionaire after taking home the first ever fortnite world cup. >> i'm just so happy. >> he's here live in studio 1a along with his parents to talk about his big win and what's next and when meghan met michelle we go inside the intimate conversation between meghan markle and michelle obama. what the two women had to say about motherhood and empowering the next generation. today, tuesday, july 30th, 2019. ♪ sticks and stones never broke my bones ♪ >> brought my girls from atlanta. >> we love you, kathie. >> from mississippi. >> hey, grandmother. >> fifth annual mother/daughter trip. >> to the "today" show ♪ you need to just stop >> happy 40th birthday to our brother max. >> it's my sister's 13th birthday today
8:02 am
>> from western mass, celebrating my 60th. >> welcome back, everybody it is tuesday morning. nice to have you along with us out there on the plaza or at home watching. >> we're glad you're here. >> looking forward to getting out on the plaza good day to send in your my today plaza shoutout post a short hello to twitter or instagram with our hashtag, and you can see yourself in our open. >> if you do it online, you don't have to battle the humidity on the plaza, and we still get to see you let's start your news at 8:00 a vigil was held overnight to honor the victims of the deadly shooting at a food festival in california and the heros who helped so many others survive. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has been following the story and has the latest on the investigation, as well miguel, good morning >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the park behind me remaining cordoned off it is still a crime scene. investigators have not released much information on the motive, though we are learning more about the suspect, a man who killed three people and two
8:03 am
small children ♪ memories remain >> reporter: in the small city of gilroy, an overwhelming feeling of sorrow just a few miles away from where so many came together overnight for a vigil. lives were ripped apart as gunfire tore through this food festival those killed now all identified. keyla salazar was just 13 years old, shot down not far from her own home 25-year-old trevor irby, a biology graduate, was with his girlfriend sarah and on the phone with his friend ben sh rye b ber when shots rang out. >> next thing you know, i hear 15, 20 pops, hear sarah scream and the line goes dead. >> reporter: the youngest victim, 6-year-old stephen romero was shot in the back. >> he was more of a friend to me than a son who i will miss forever. i still can't believe that he's dead. >> are you okay? >> reporter: investigators say
8:04 am
the gunman used an ak-47 assault-style rifle purchased legally in nevada. nick farland remembers the moment just before a dozen were wounded, and he was shot in the leg. >> as soon as i noticed that he was cocking the gun, a huge gun, it triggered in my head, i think this guy might start shooting people >> reporter: while detectives have not released a motive for the attack, we are learning more about the suspect identified as santino legan. the 19-year-old posted a picture of the garlic festival just before the shooting. in another post mentioning a book that advocated racism, sexism, and dominance through violence monday, police raiding his home bagging piles of evidence and searching his car. justin bates pushed sarah ordaz away from the gunfire and took shrapnel to his book. >> if it wasn't for him i probably would have got shot because he's the one that saved my life. >> reporter: this morning stories of survival while a
8:05 am
community mourns three young lives cut far too short. this morning several people remain hospitalized, including at least one person in critical condition. authorities have not given many details on how they are doing. their information remains guarded. savannah. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. capital one has been hit by one of the largest reported data breaches ever. the company says a hacker stole the personal information of about 100 million people in the united states and another 6 million in canada. data included names, addresses, and birth dates, and in some cases social security and bank account numbers. the suspect is in federal custody. she's a 33-year-old former software engineer from seattle capital one says consumers who have applied for credit cards since 2005 could be at risk. they will be notified so they can sign up for free credit monitoring for the second time in less than a week, there's been a bison attack at a u.s. national park the victim this time was a
8:06 am
colorado teenager, and nbc's steve patterson got a chance to speak to them. >> reporter: this morning, a teenager sharing his harrowing encounter with a bison, this time in north dakota's theodore roosevelt national park. >> i was walking on the trail, and then all of a sudden i just kind of got this feeling that something was like chases after me i didn't know what was happening, and i like -- i kind of just froze in that moment but i kept running, and then he came up behind me, and he got his horn, slashed it through my leg, and then three mu up with his head about six feet into the air. >> saturday a tourist snapped this photo of two bison fighting right before the 17-year-old visitor to the park was attacked we spoke to the teen from the hospital by phone. >> i didn't do anything to aggravate him. like it was all by chance. >> reporter: he says he noticed the herd starting out on a morning hike and was staying a safe distance away when suddenly
8:07 am
the bison charged. >> there was a massive, like, at least 50 bison in the field, and they were all just making noises, making weird like calls. >> reporter: last week, a collective gasp was heard across the country when a video went viral showing a 9-year-old girl being flipped in the air by a two-ton bison in yellowstone according to the national park service, the height of bison mating season also happens to coincide with the busiest tourist months, july and august, another reason to be more cautious because the animals can get more aggressive. >> the chances of you outrunning a bison are slim to none >> none. it's impossible to tell what a bison's going to do. i mean, they have those big eyes that go straight out on the sides, and you can't look in their eyes and see what they're going to do. >> reporter: fortunately, the teen is expected to make a complete recovery. >> i'm really lucky, i guess i'm lucky to be alive. >> reporter: and his experience serving as a warning to others. >> a lot of people have the
8:08 am
misconception that just because they are in a national park they're safe from these animals, and they're not. >> reporter: steve patterson, nbc news. >> all right, that is the news after that, savannah i could use a morning boost. a youn has been traveling the world for nearly a year, and when she returned home to great britain she had a heartwarming surprise waiting. emily's mom and dad were at heathrow airport to greet her. that is a big deal because emily's dad has struggled with multiple sclerosis for two decades. this is the first time he's been well enough to be at the airport when his daughter returned from one of her adventures. emily spent most of her teenage years helping mom take care of her dad, so there is a lot of love, a lot of history, and a lot of needing in that moment. >> beautiful moment. just ahead, it's going to ride until it can't no more. the music history just made by "old town road".
8:09 am
>> the way you read that was like a book report. okay. and guess what, guys? it's bugha time. the 16-year-old who just used his fortnite skills to make millions, we'll talk to him. ask his parents what they think about that success right after this. that's as easy as get, go, gone. ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust.
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8:12 am
teenager who has been told they we're back now with today's talker, the story that vindicates any teenager who's been told they spend too much time playing video games. >> kyle bugha giersdorf won the first ever fortnite world cup on sunday, and get this, he netted $3 million in the process. we'll talk to kyle and his parents in a moment, but first, a look at his historic win >> bow down to bugha >> reporter: the victory was a first of its kind. >> your fortnite world champion, bugha! >> reporter: 16-year-old kyle giersdorf took home the title and a whopping $3 million grand prize at the first ever fortnite world cup. millions competed to get in, but only 100 were chosen to play at the end of the nearly four-hour gaming competition,
8:13 am
giersdorf who goes by the name bugha secured the top spot. >> words can't even explain it right now. i'm just so happy. everything i've done, the grind, it's all paid off, and it's just insane. >> reporter: the tournament packed new york's arthur ashe stadium with nearly 10,000 fans. with more than 1 million more watching the intense competition online sunday's victory means even more for the fairly new, but wildly successful esports industry, revenues for professional video game competitions is expected to hit $1.1 billion in 2019 that's 27% more than last year >> $3 million richer, the biggest individual prize victory in competitive gaming history! >> what are you going to do with the money? have you given it any thought? >> honestly, i'm going to save all the money and put it to my future. >> reporter: a future that is only beginning for giersdorf who
8:14 am
says he is still taking it all in >> your champion of the world! >> and kyle is here along with his parents glen and darcy good morning, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> first things first, kyle or bugha, what do you prefer? >> probably bugha. >> i asked you a minute ago what are you going to do with 3 million bucks. i proposed you buy me a new car. you reminded me you don't have a driver's license yet what are you going to do with all that cash? >> save my money, put it to my future and probably buy a new desk. >> not even a new computer >> no. >> we don't play fortnite, some of our viewers probably have never played fortnite, how did this happen? what did you have to do to win and become world champion and get 3 million bucks? >> it's taken a lot of time, hard practice over the past two years. i've just dedicated all of my time into improving and getting better pretty much. >> so there are 40 million players over a ten-week period, you get down to 100 on the big stage at arthur ashe stadium in
8:15 am
new york where you won on sunday what was it like to win, be handed that trophy and that check? >> it was honestly like surreal, but at theame time, like i had no emotion honestly. because like i didn't really understand like what was happening, but it was just crazy. >> so you're there people are watching, mom and dad, i mean, in your wildest imagination, did you ever think your son's love of video games would lead to something like this >> no. >> i mean, we knew he had it in him, but the whole experience was so surreal, and i just still -- i had to ask my sister like am i dreaming is this really real? we were so in shock. >> how often do you play how many hours a day do you play video games? >> i'd say like six hours a day of practicing. >> how do you do your school work >> fit it in with free periods in school and after an hour or two. >> we've sort of been joking all morning, i'm sure a lot of parents are thinking the same
8:16 am
thing, i go and i tell my kids stop playing fortnite, what am i supposed to say now? he won 3 million bucks playing fortnite, did you guys have those moments? >> absolutely. we still have them it's all in moderation, you know, and we always told him that as long as his grades were up, we would support him, and we would try to do what we could, and as soon as the grades would start slipping, then we said -- which they haven't, thank god, we said that, you know, there's consequences to that because, you know, as talented as he is, i've always said there's a 12-year-old that's coming up that's going to have the same skill sets and is going to, you know, be betters and by the time he's 25, 30, i don't want him working at a fast food restaurant >> yeah. okay can you tell us where bugha comes from >> my grandpa gave me the name. >> he did? >> when i was a baby. >> is it booga or bugha? >> mommin, what do you think of bugha? >> i love it
8:17 am
it warms my heart. >> i know you're still basking in the glow, but what are you going to do now? >> honestly i'll probably get back home and get some rest and start my stream up and play fortnite again. >> and get ready for your junior year in high school. >> congratulations kyle, an incredible achievement mom and dad thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you let's get a check of the weather from al. >> which is kind of like a big video game we're looking to a cold front that stretches from louisiana all the way to western new york. that's going to bring cooler air behind it. that's the good news look at the temperatures right now, you can see that that contrast, 70s and 80s from the great lakes into the ohio and mississippi river valleys, but along the coast 90s, 100s and 100s getting from texas into the southwest. today heavy rain down in the gulf, also strong storms making their way up into the ohio river i'm meteorologist kari hall.
8:18 am
lots of sunshine in the south bay as you get ready to head out the door. nice, cool temperatures. and this is the reason why. we're seeing fog at the coast covering the golden gate bridge and that is going to also stick around throughout much of the day with high temperatures there reaching the mid 60s while the inland areas will also get some cooling with low 80s in the tri valley and upper 70s in san jose. throughout the week we'll stay in the low 80s in some of the warmer spots. it gets slightly hotter for the weekend, reaching low 90s, while san francisco stays in the 60s. heading out the door, check us out on sirius xm channel 108. >> al, thank don't forget if you're heading out the door, check us out on sirius xm channel 108. >> all right, al, thank you. jenna's here she n never wants to miss pop start. >> we have good stuff for you this morning >> i'm filling in for carson, first up, meghan markle, the duchess of sussex making headline as the guest editor of british vogue's september issue. this morning we're learning more about the editorial she wrote
8:19 am
for the magazine including a candid interview with michelle obama. today senior international correspondent keir simmons has more good morning to you, keir. >> pop star correspondent, you mean pop start correspondent. >> chief correspondent >> you know, this magazine is getting people talking, and i think one of the talking points today will be an article just released in which prince harry interviews a conservationist jane goodall in it she talks about racism and in it she talks about the unconscious bias people can have passed down through generations that can affect the way they treat people, even without them knowing it he doesn't specifically refer to his wife, but many people will see it as a commentary on the way that meghan has been treated by some. she has been criticized even over her guest editing of this magazine. >> she's one of the most written about women in the world, but this morning meghan markle using her own words to inspire others.
8:20 am
let's shine light in a world filled with seemingly daily darkness, the duchess of sussex writes pivot from a perspective of frustration to one of optimism the duchess penning an editorial as she -- the influential british vogue september issue, a role she reveals she asked for, her words often unashamedly political, this issue is about the power of collective. you will find that spiert of inclusivity on the coverage, diverse portraits of women of varying age, color, creed, nationality and life experience and of unquestionable inspiration. among the articles there's a very special piece she adds with renowned conservationist jane goodall, interviewed by my husband. prince harry was videoed with goodall last week, dancing with her, and impersonating a chimp greeting goodall has campaigned all her life to save the endangered animals. meanwhile, pregnant with baby archie, meghan interviewed former first lady michelle obama getting advice on motherhood
8:21 am
being a mother has been a master class in letting go, try as we might, there's only so much we can control, and boy have i tried, she says. then some advice on having a new baby archie now 2 months old. there is something so magical about having a baby in the house, mrs. obama says time expands and contracts each moment holds its own little eternity i'm so excited for you and harry to experience that meghan. savor it all imagine it meghan and michelle chatting over lunch, mrs. obama supporting another woman as meghan puts it as she speaks out, unlike any royal before her. >> and if anyone thought that editing this magazine would change the minds of some of those critics with the magazine being so positive and optimistioptimistic that doesn't seem to be the case there are people still criticizing meghan, particularly in the press but in the magazine there is a poem that perhaps gives us a glimpse of the way that meghan
8:22 am
is dealing with it all guys. it is called the beach and includes a line that says why don't you do what i do says the beach, let it all wash over you. >> okay. something to think about there >> it's probably a break for her. i said that yesterday. >> i love meghan markle. >> and i think this is giving her a chance to kind of branch out a little bit. >> absolutely. good for her. next up, cue the music, the song you've been hearing everywhere, lil nas x's "old town road" the most weeks at number one at 17 weeks it tops the former champion mariah carey's "one sweet day," tweeting sending love and congrats to lil nas x a long instagram post with more than a few emojis. revealing he knew his hit song needed to be funny it needed to be catchy it needed to be hip-hop. it needed to be country, and it needed to be short
8:23 am
>> there was a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> she did the rodeo and then the patented -- >> yeah, spank the baby. the baby was not hurt. >> no babies were hurt >> no, dance move. next up, jennifer lopez, the music super star's 50th birthday was full of surprises, and a new youtube video gives us an inside look at her big day including the special gift from fiancee alex rodriguez, and the curious admission from j.lo herself. >> i can look? what the hell? oh, my god i've never had a car like this >> have you ever driven a car? >> i've never driven a car period. >> that's what she said, she's never driven a car before. >> wait, what? >> any car >> i actually believe it you know, you're from new york city, and then she made it, quote, unquote she had a driver, she probably
8:24 am
didn't have to learn to drive. >> she lived in l.a. for a long time. >> i'm willing to give her lessons. >> you can use that $100,000 porsche to teach her. >> 140,000. >> maybe she'll put it on craigslist >> she could always sell it. >> that's true i don't think she wants to sell it it was a gift from a-rod. >> can you imagine >> she can learn how to drive. >> i'm going to teach her. >> uncle al will show her how. >> willie, you have to head outside because you're joining the cast of "oklahoma". >> go sit in the corner. >> willie, ear muffs. >> he's such a professional. he didn't walk in front of my camera we have the exclusive reveal of the star-studded lineup at this year's global citizens festival, the huge outdoor concert benefitting the movement to end extreme poverty. take a look.
8:25 am
♪ ♪ >> hey, guys >> you just saw there so many others, carole king, adam levine -- adam lambert, so many others. >> maybe adam levine will show up. >> there you go. the festival takes place september 28th it will be broadcast live on msnbc. to learn how you can attend and get involved, head to >> very well done, ms. sheinelle. thank you so much. >> a lot there. >> willie's left the building. where are you willie >> i'm outside on the plaza. it's the hottest show on broadway right now we're here with the tony winning history making cast of "oklahoma," they're about to treat us to a live performance from the show. our lucky day after your local news
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. people of gilroy simply trying to make sense of what happened sunday at the garlic festival. last night hundreds gathered up outside city hall to remember the shooting victims. people hugged and cried remembering those lost. the victims who died, a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, and a 25-year-old man. seven people remain in the hospital this morning. another remembrance is being planned for tonight. gilroy's st. mary's parish on 1st street has organized a vigil and rosary for the gilroy community. that event is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. right now a look at the morning commute with kari. >> we are seeing definitely traffic tuesday around the bay area especially for the south
8:27 am
bay. we've seen a couple new crashes pop up. then also getting to the san mateo bridge has been really slow this morning. also slowing down at the dunbarton bridge and all of our northbound lanes heading out of the south bay we are seeing some slow drive times. getting across the bridges, the bay bridge right now about 16 minutes. the san mateo bridge takes you about 21 minutes and the dunbarton bridge about 17 minutes. east bay drive times have been starting to slow down especially for southbound 880 to get to that dunbarton bridge. we'll continue to monitor that throughout the morning. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ we are back now at 8:30 on a muggy tuesday morning here in new york city. it's july 30th, 2019, another hot one in midtown manhattan a crowd, our big crowd does not seem to mind i'm going to use an al roker meteorology term it's gross outside. >> he says close >> it's a little close >> yeah, sticky, humid, whatever i'm going to get close to a new friend of mine over here can i introduce you to bailey? hello. >> hi. >> you had no idea i was coming over here, did you >> no. >> okay.
8:31 am
bailey i see that you're from iowa, but you're headed off to college, right >> yeah. >> where are you going to go to school >> oklahoma city university. >> oklahoma? wait a minute, wait a minute, we're on to something here. >> what are you going to study there? and dance performance. >> now we're really putting it together would you like to be on broadway one day? >> uh-huh. yeah. >> bailey, you know that the whole cast of oklahoma is right over there i think this was meant to be, don't you? >> yes >> how about a couple of tickets for you to go see the show, would you like that? >> oh, yes, yes! >> okay, bailey, you got it. congratulations, sweetie, next time we'll see your name in lights on broadway, okay how fun is that, we're going to hear from "oklahoma", the whole cast is here >> so sweet. >> whole cast is giving her love >> coming up, do your kids love reading "captain underpants" we caught up with the creator. he gave us a sweet pick at his upcoming book, and he shows us how he inspires kids to follow
8:32 am
their dreams of reading and writing. >> it's great for readers. >> my hero, i love this. >> do you love "captain underpants?" >> absolutely. it's a fan favorite, shark week, and our shark week series, you know, i tried my hand at diving with sharks, but this shark handler went paddle boarding with them. yikes, she's going to teach us some fun facts and things she's learned over a decade working with these amazing creatures. >> if you can't get a ticket like our friend bailey to see "oklahoma" on broadway, don't worry, they are getting ready to treat us to a live performance on the plaza. >> oh, guys, coming up on the fourth hour, you know who we have >> who >> national treasure willie geist, and the legendary billy idol is here live. >> get out. >> billy and willie? >> yep both live. >> is billy going to sing an old song >> he's going to sing one of his classics and he has big news for
8:33 am
his fans. >> first let's get a check of the weather. strong storms making their way from the northeast into the gulf where we'll see some heavy rain monsoonal moisture, plenty of sunshine in the northwest. tomorrow oppressive heat and good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine. this is a live look outside in the south bay as we get ready for a beautiful day, a little cooler than yesterday, only reaching 79 degrees in downtown san jose while concord tops out at 82. we'll see low 80s in the north bay. we continue on with some very nice weather throughout the week. the valleys reaching the low to mid 80s. low 90s in the forecast for the weekend. even though it warms up we stay cool in san francisco. we will see more clouds and fog today and breezy tomorrow. >> that is your latest weather. now to more of our special series "shark week on >> and that is you >> and that is your latest weather.
8:34 am
now to more on our special series shark week on "today. in partnership with our pals at discovery, the shark extravaganza, our plaza decked out with fins for this one tonight's show "laws of jaws, dangerous waters" featuring shark handler jamon martinelli good to see you. >> thank you, al. >> what's the laws of jaws >> we reenacted five different incidents in shark encounters to let people know if they ever find themselves in those situations what they could do to maybe have a different outcome and to interact safely with sharks. >> so in tonight's episode, you're on a paddle board surrounded by sharks that doesn't seem like a great idea to me >> yes, and for the show we heavily baited the water to put a will the lot of sharks in ther this would actually never happen in real life most likely what happens if you fell off the paddle board with the sharks and how to -- >> what would you do >> i would remain calm
8:35 am
that's the most important thing is just to make sure like that initial splash if you did fall in would be like a dinner bell for the sharks they're very tuned into their senses so a splash is like oh, my gosh. prey splashing at the surface. remain calm, and then i would try to look around luckily i had a paddle so you can always put some sort of barrier in between you and the sharks also important to create dominance. you want to be the predator, not the prey swim at the shark, and they actually are very -- they'll get skittish, and they'll swim away. >> your advice obviously works because you're still here. >> yeah. >> thank you so much >> thank you. >> and i love the dress with the hammer heads on it very nice. >> thank you very much >> you can catch "laws of jaws" tonight at 8/7 pacific on discovery channel. >> coming up next, jenna's conversation with the super star
8:36 am
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dav pilkey is the creative force behind two of the most beloved children's book series dav pilkey is the creative force behind two of the most beloved children's book series of all time, captain underpants and dogman >> that's right, his wild lif successful stories have humor and heart. who better to sit down with him than the woman we call sergeant underpants. >> i didn't know where you were going. >> i didn't either. >> i thought you were going to say book lady. >> that's what i was thinking. >> you said sergeant underpants, i'll take it. >> kids love him their parents might love him even more. i recently had a chance to witness firsthand the magical powers of dav pilkey. >> his beautiful pictures and powerful words have launched him into literary stardom. author dav pilkey filling up stadiums with thousands of screaming fans all devoted readers. his "captain underpants" and "dog man" series instant best
8:39 am
sellers, with hilarious characters beloved by kids, perhaps because they were created by one. >> talk to me about when you first invented "captain underpants." do you remember where you were >> i was in second grade and i was having a lot of trouble with school i had just been diagnosed with what they now call adhd and i had dyslexia my teacher didn't know what to do with me, so she was sending me into the hallway. i was kind of alone out there. i didn't want the kids to think of me as the bad guy, so i started drawing, and "captain underpants" is one of the characters i started drawing to entertain my friends. >> his second grade superhero sketches now a globally published franchise, 140 million copies in 42 languages, a movie and a netflix series ♪ >> now an off broadway musical. >> you're sitting on the stage
8:40 am
of the "dog man," what was it like to watch your creation come to life? >> it was surprisingly emotional. everyone was having such a good time with something that started when i was a kid, and to see it start there and to continue on here was like a dream come true. >> and right by his side, one of his greatest supporters, his mom. >> i think i owe a lot to my mom. she knew i was having all these troubles in school reading, so she would take me to the library every week and let me pick out whatever i wanted to read and i started to associate reading with love, and it changed everything. >> you said before that your mom created this safe space. >> i was drawing these comics in school, and i was getting in trouble for it, and my teachers would sometimes rip up the comics, so my mom and my dad commissioned actual comic books. they wanted me to write comics just for them, and then they would sit down and read them with me, and they would laugh at all the right places it was so encouraging for me.
8:41 am
>> reporter: dav's childhood creations became a family treasure. >> when i got my first book published as an adult, they had saved all these comics i made as a child, and they gave them back to me. it was a real gift these are all the water men comics. >> did you draw these for them >> i did this is paper my father used to bring home from work for me. >> when you write, do you still kind of consult that second grade boy? >> oh, yes, yes, yeah. i think the kid in me is always driving the car. >> reporter: kid tested and approved, dav and i gave a group of his fans a sneak peek at his yet to be released "dog man" book. >> hey, pop pa, look at the pretty river. >> that river isn't pretty it's polluted. >> i am incredibly grateful to be able to come out and see kids and hear them laughing and realize that i still feel like that second grade nerr in a wayd these kids are turning into lifelong readers. >> dav had another special treat
8:42 am
in store, a drawing workshop of their dreams. >> what we're going to do now is we're all going to create our own superheroes, everybody ready? >> yeah! >> reporter: they let their imaginations run wild. >> i love those eyeballs those are so cool. >> reporter: and the results couldn't be sweeter. >> this is doughnut girl and little doughnut girl. >> pizza dog. >> the peace police. >> dog man. >> this is jerry >> reporter: teaching kids that creativity can be the greatest super power of them all. how great is he? >> i love him. >> what a great idea i was just saying my soon to be second grade son, "dog man" he is obsessed with it. that's how i got him to read i he picked all "dog man" books i love it. >> it works for adults and kids. you can read it with your kids. >> his mother, both of his parents really should teach a master class in parenting. >> i was just thinking that. they just let him be exactly who he was and encouraged it
8:43 am
i love how they bound the comic books and really made him have a vision for himself >> yeah, and he was lonely at school he didn't -- you know, he was out in the hallway all of these days and felt lonely, and they gave him the safe space to create. >> and you got to do a reading with him it's like playing a show with a rock star. >> i had so much fun >> the voice i used, ooh daddy. >> his new book is perfect. >> yes, we should mention, you can preorder "dog man, from whom the ball rolls" at >> that's like hemmingway, from whom the ball rolls. it's cute. >> we're inspired. coming up next, the tony winn
8:44 am
8:45 am
who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. >> announcer: the citi concert ve series on "today" proud li ply presented by hamme >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly
8:46 am
presented to you by citi. well, this morning "oklahoma" has come to our plaza. of course we're talking about the beloved musical from rogers and hammerstein. >> we are so excited the show won this year's tony for best revival of a musical and ali stroker took home best performance by an actress in a featured role in a musical we are thrilled to be joined by ali, tony nominee damon dano ask the company of "oklahoma". good morning. >> good morning, guys. people might think they've seen "oklahoma" they have not seen it like this. what's different about this performance of it? >> well, it's -- you really -- the language in the songs you really get to hear them in a way, because it's very deconstructed and distilled. we're all in it together it's not -- you know, there's no fourth wall really. >> yes >> i've seen the show. the staging is unlike anything i've seen on broadway, and ali, you-all have seen so many applause, deservedly so, so many accolades, especially at the tony awards.
8:47 am
what's it been like since the tony's are the audiences different? >> the audiences are different in that everyone is so excited and so supportive of the work and this has just been a dream come true for me and i just get to work with the best actors in the world every single night, and so i'm having a blast. >> we're so excited. we can't wait to see you what are you guys performing right now? >> we're about to sing "can't say no "and "oklahoma" >> the cast of "oklahoma" on broadway ♪ it ain't so much a question o not knowing what to do ♪ ♪ i knowed what's right and wrong since i been 10 ♪ ♪ i heared a lot of stories and
8:48 am
i reckon they are true ♪ ♪ about how girls are put upon by men ♪ ♪ i know i manhunt fall into thy pit, but when i'm with a feller i forget ♪ ♪ i'm just a girl who can't say no, i'm in a terrible fix ♪ ♪ i always say come on, let's go, just when i ought to say nix ♪ when a person tries to kiss a girl, i know she ought to give his face a smack ♪ ♪ but as soon as someone kisses me, i somehow sort of want to kiss him back ♪ ♪ i'm just a fool when lights are low, i can't be prissy and quaint i ain't the type that can faint ♪
8:49 am
♪ how can i be what i ain't ♪ i can't say no what do you say, joe ♪ oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains ♪ ♪ and the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain ♪ ♪ oklahoma, every night my hone lamb and i sit alone and talk ♪ ♪ and watch a hawk making lazy circles in the sky ♪ ♪ we know we belong to the land and the land we belong to is grand ♪ saying you're doing fine, ♪ and when we say, yeow yip ioe yay ♪ we're only saying you're doing
8:50 am
fine oklahoma, oklahoma okay ♪ come on, sam ♪ oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain ♪ ♪ oklahoma where the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain ♪ ♪ oklahoma every night my honey lamb and i, every night we sit alone and talk and watch a hawk making lazy circles in the sky ♪ ♪ oklahoma, oklahoma, oklahoma, oklahoma, oklahoma, we know we belong to the land ♪ ♪ and the land we belong to is ♪ grand, and when we say yipeeo yay, ♪
8:51 am
♪ we're only saying you're doin fine oklahoma, oklahoma ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the cast of the tony-winning "oklahoma." guys, that was o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a, oklahoma ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the cast of the tony winning "oklahoma", guys that was incredible >> love it. >> if you're coming to new york, you can't miss it. it's the hot
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back. al, this is a birthday song. >> yes, it is. here we go. time for us welcome back, al, it's the birthday song. >> yes, it is. here we go, time for us to spin those smucker's jars and celebrate our friends who are 100 or more. happy 100th birthday to ms.
8:54 am
sylvia hays, a former college basketball player from sun city, arizona. loves nothing more than a good cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. amen, sister dorothy sue smith is from kerrville, texas, an avid traveler celebrating 100 years she said the secret to longevity, a strong cup of joe happy 100th birthday to wilma picket from ankeny yaiowa and hs six great grandkids. claude from jacksonville, florida, 100, he spent 40 months overseas in world war ii and we salute you for your service. hear man of michigan started his own propane company, now you're cooking with gas, and didn't retire until he was 85, and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to ms. ann smith of north chesterfield, virginia, serving her local community working as a sunday school teacher for 50 years amen don't forget, if you know
8:55 am
someone with a milestone birthday or anniversary coming up, we want to hear all about them share their story and a photo at remember, check out if you want more great stories including some unhealthy habits that can actually be good for you >> clever. >> just ahead on the third hour of "today," our next camp with a cause. a theater camp inspiring kids with help from a big broadway star >> and don't forget, we've got willie and billy >> i'm opening for billy idol is what you're saying. >> yes, you are. >> willie idol >> yes >> we call him willie idol because he makes all of us call him a legend. >> he does >> we'll look forward to that. what else is coming up >> we've got daphne oz. >> she's about to have a baby too. >> yes so we're going to eat. what else would we do. >> a busy show, and we're still stomping our feet from "oklahoma" amazing performance. thanks for being with us this morning. all that still to come, but
8:56 am
first your local news. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura grars. people of gilroy simply trying to make sense of what happened sunday at the garlic festival. last night hundreds gathered outside of city hall to remember the shooting victims. people hugged, cried, remembering those lost. the victims who died, a 6-year-old boy, 13-year-old girl, and a 25-year-old man. seven people remain in the
8:57 am
hospital. this as more remembrances are already being planned. we know family members for at least two of the young people who died plan to hold their own gatherings later today. happening now people in gilroy coming together with all sorts of efforts to raise money for the victims in the rampage including shirts, hats. organizers hope to also send a powerful message. we'll have the full story in a live report on our midday newscast. the gilroy shooting unfortunately serving as a stark reminder to law enforcement teams everywhere about being prepared for an active shooter. a separate bay area city had already held training sessions all day today to prepare for such a scenario. we're there talking to authorities about emergency response. join us for the full story at midday and also go to our home page any time for full coverage on the gilroy tragedy. local weather update in an hour.
8:58 am
we'll have highlights from tonight's debate and what is expected in the second round. >> plus paying cash for a car isn't always an option. what you need to know before taking out a loan.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio is a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the third h live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle here with al and we have morgan radford craig and dylan are on vacation. kind of vacation seaso >> yes, it is. here on to labor day. >> this massive data breach, involving capital one. so many people affected according to the company the personal information o


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