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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 31, 2019 2:07am-2:38am PDT

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a noose found hanging in a baggage screening area two tsa agents suspended tonight. heart-stopping video, a toddler hanging from a balcony, plunging six stories, but saved by some quick-thinking neighbors below. and the double hurricane threat gaining strength tonight. al roker is tracking it all. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening. another american workplace has been shattered by violence this time a walmart in northern mississippi where police say a former employee opened fire, killing two store managers and hitting a police officer who was saved by his body armour the deadly rampage happening as the day began. our kristen dahlgren has details. >> reporter: the shots rang out just before 6:30 a.m. >> you hear, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: shoppers and employees running for their lives at a wal-mart just south
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of memphis. >> two people. >> oh, my god. >> a shooting at walmart right now. >> reporter: within minutes police shot and injured the suspect, identified as recently fired employee martez abram. but not before store managers anthony brown and brandon galz were killed. >> this ain't no joke. my partner >> these people were doing the same thing you and i do every day. showing up for work in an attempt to provide for their families and then became victims of a senseless violent act >> reporter: one police officer was injured. his vest saving him. along with the fact the town's police force just underwent active shooting training >> it is no doubt that that training that they received two weeks ago saved lives today. >> reporter: tonight walmart offering its condolences >> i'm going to be looking 180 degrees around in case something like that does happen again. >> reporter: as another community grapples with violence and mourns kristen dahlgren, nbc news >> there is more breaking news tonight. word of another launch by north korea.
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andrea mitchell is in washington with the latest. andrea, what do we know? >> lester, u.s. officials say north korea appears to have fired at least two short range ballistic missiles the second launch in a week, the third since may. only hours after the president bragged about his relationship with k jong-un, saying we might be in a major war with north korea right now if hillary clinton had been elected. and the white house last week delivered photos to the north koreans, mementos of the president's meeting with kim at the dmz. tonight secretary of state pompeo said on his way to asia, if the north koreans are there, he is confident they would meet. lester >> andrea mitchell tonight, thanks now to president trump's explosive new remarks about baltimore. the president saying residents are, quote, living in hill nbc's geoff bennett is in baltimore for us tonight >> reporter: president trump firing off another shot today in his ongoing battle against congressman elijah cummings and the city he represents >> baltimore has been very badly mishandled for many years. as you know, congressman cummings has been there for a
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long time. he's had a very iron hand on it. it's a corrupt city. those people are living in hell in baltimore they're largely african-american >> reporter: words from the president that cut deep for people we talked to here the president today said people who live in baltimore are living in hell. how does that make you feel? >> it don't feel good, you know. it don't feel good at all. >> reporter: and about this point from the president >> i've received more phone calls than i think on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities corruptly run by democrats thanking me for getting involved >> reporter: we didn't hear much gratitude. >> it really upsets me because that's not true. i mean, yeah, we have our problems here in baltimore, but everybody has problems >> reporter: why do you think the president keeps attacking congressman cummings >> because he's the head of the oversight committee. >> reporter: others suspect different motives. do you think president trump is racist >> hands down, no doubt about t. >> reporter: tonight we kept
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hearing the same offer, the president should come and see the city for himself >> we can invite trump to come visit maryland and then he can make his own assumptions he won't have to hear it from the news, he'll be here himself. >> reporter: president trump says he's willing to visit baltimore at the right time. that could come in september that's when congressional republicans are set to hold their annual policy retreat here lester >> all right, geoff bennett in baltimore, thanks. it is make or break for the democratic 2020 hopefuls facing off in detroit in their second debate kristen welker is there and explains why this may be a last chance for some of the candidates >> reporter: tonight the stage is set and already fireworks. >> we are the democrats. we are not about trying to take away anything from anyone. >> how sharp will the attacks come against joe biden. last time -- >> do you agree today that you
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were wrong to oppose bussing in america? >> reporter: biden does not take the stage until tomorrow, but he is already bracing for new attacks. >> as long as you're leading you're a target. but i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: another big question, who will grab the progressive mantle, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will be on stage together for the first time >> i'm not against anyone. bernie and i have been friends for ever >> reporter: and perhaps the biggest question for democrats, who is best positioned to beat president trump. strategists say everyone will be pushing the electability argument tonight. the president predicting who he thinks he'll face. >> i think right now it will be sleepy joe, i think. i feel he'll limp across the line that's what i think. >> reporter: for most of the candidates on stage, this moment could be do or die because they may not qualify for the next debate if they don't shine tonight. lester >> a big night in detroit. kristen, thank you tense moments today at the confirmation hearing for general john hyten president trump's pick to be the country's second highest ranking military officer
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he's accused of sexually assaulting an army colonel today he responded to the allegation and his accuser was in the room. let's get more now from nbc's kasie hunt >> reporter: tonight a forceful defense from general john hyten, accused of sexual assault from a former top aide. >> i want to say to you and the american people these allegations are false. >> reporter: sitting just feet behind him, his accuser, army colonel katherine. >> he lied about sexually assaulting me. >> reporter: she didn't say tell anyone about the alleged significant until president trump nominated him for joint chiefs of staff. that's they investigated and couldn't substantiate the accusation she told the "new york times" that he went to her california hotel room in 2017 quote, pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips and tried to force himself on her. >> did that incident happen, general? >> that didn't ever happen
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>> the truth is general hyten is innocent of these charges. >> reporter: hyten got back up from republican senator mcsally, an air force veteran who previously alleged she was raped by a superior officer. what do you say to his accuser? >> i pray she find the peace that she is looking for, but you cannot do it by destroying another person >> reporter: you're somebody who had almost been raped that evening? >> i was just devastated as a human being. >> reporter: but her emotional plea might not make a difference defense officials we've spoken to said at this point there's no momentum for conducting any more investigations, that even after today's hearing they consider this case closed at this point hyten seems on track to be confirmed this fall. lester >> all right, kasie, thank you and breaking news right now out of minneapolis, a delta
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pilot allegedly arrested for showing up at the airport under the influence. tom costello has late details on this story tom, what do we know here? >> reporter: lester, good afternoon be or good evening this happened this morning when the delta pilot showed up to fly the route from minneapolis on to san diego. when he went to the tsa checkpoint, the officers there thought that he looked or acted as if he was under the influence. they had minneapolis airport police do a sobriety check and, in fact, he was found to be under the influence. we can tell you delta a short time ago released a statement. in it delta said its alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry and it has no tolerance for a violation. the airline said it is cooperating with minneapolis authorities. the faa has a zero tolerance on anybody who is showing signs of being under the influence. those passengers on a plane, found another pilot and flew to san diego. lester >> all right, tom, with that breaking news, thank you we're tracking a double threat in the tropics right now. two hurricanes with hawaii in the potential danger joan. al roker is here al, where is the threat headed >> lester, two hurricanes in the pacific.
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a major one eric is going to stay to the south of hawaii. flossie, a category 1, the atlantic of that will bring it somewhere around hawaii early next week. so we're going to be watching that closely in the atlantic we have an invest area, 95-l, this right now a 10% chance of development over the next five days, but as it gets to the southeast of florida, could cause some problems strong storms firing up in the northeast tonight. more tomorrow afternoon. airport delays from new england all the way down to knoxville. we'll be watching that carefully tomorrow as well lester >> all right, al, thank you. there are new developments in the case of two american teens under arrest in italy in connection with the murder of a police officer investigators say today the officer was attacked immediately after a drug deal went wrong the. and for the first time they reveal a murder weapon, a commando knife authorities say the suspects brought from the u.s. both of them remain behind bars tonight. now to what's being called a cover up, a scathing new report
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says the olympic committee, fbi and others failed to protect gymnasts from sexual abuse now lawmakers are trying to prevent it from ever happening again. here's blayne alexander. >> reporter: the fbi started looking into allegations of abuse by dr. larry nassar in july of 2015, but for more than a year, 421 days, the fbi, the u.s. olympic committee and usa gymnastics failed to act just one of the stunning new findings from an 18-month congressional investigation which found the usoc and usa gymnastics knowingly concealed abuses by nassar >> they, in effect, covered up massive predatory monster-like wrongdoing up massive predatory >> reporter: now lawmakers are introducing sweeping legislation to stop it from happening again. the bill would make the usoc and the organizations that oversee each sport more liable for failing to protect athletes. it would put more athletes in
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positions of power and give lawmakers the ability to dissolve the usoc board altogether the usoc says it applauds the proposed legislation, but its ceo raised concerns that, in practice, it could result in unintended consequences for athletes and in a statement, usa gymnastics said it has already made numerous changes to prevent abuse in the future. nassar is now serving a life sentence after more than 300 young athletes accused him of abuse. >> there are some amazing steps that are in this bill that will change the lives and safety of athletes >> reporter: and all of this comes at a crucial time for the sport. less than a year away from the 2020 olympics. lester >> all right, blayne, thanks big trouble for one of the nation's largest credit card companies. capital one revealing personal data was stolen on some 100 million americans. one of the largest breaches ever
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nbc's jo ling kent has what you can do to protect yourself >> what's in your wallet >> reporter: tonight many more could know what's in your wallet credit card giant capital one disclosing a massive data breach hitting 100 million customers in the u.s. customers in the u.s. officials say the su officials say the suspect, 33-year-old software engineer paige thompson, allegedly stole customers' addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and credit history linked to applications for credit cards from 2005or credit cards from 2005 through early 2019. through early 2019 she was arrested by the fbi in seattle on monday after bragging about it online, saying i've basically strapped myself with a bomb vest, dropping capital one's docs and admitting it. capital one insists no capital one insists no credit card numbers or log in information was exposed but admits 140,000 social security numbers were put at risk cyber security experts say even if you're cyber security experts say even if you're careful, your personal
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data is in the hands of any company that stores information online so to better protect yourself, freeze your credit with all three bureaus. regularly check your credit on monitoring sites and beware of phishing scams >> fraudulent users bad actors it will email you, call you trying to get other data from you pretending to be an authority or credit monitoring service. authority or credit monitoring service. >> reporter: as for capital one, the ceo says, i sincerely >> reporter: as for capital one, the ceo says, i sincerely apologize and i am committed to making it right. capital one says the issue in its system is now fixed and it will notify affected customers lester customers. lester? >> all right, jo ling kent, thank you. a new firestorm is erupting over college admissions. families reportedly transferring legal guardianship of their children in order to get financial aid. financial aid. but there are critics who say it is unfair. nbc's ron motte has it's totally legal, but there are critics who say it is unfair nbc's ron motte has details. >> reporter: it works like this. families, some of whom live in million dollar homes with incomes well into six figures, go to court to have a legal
2:21 am
guardian with fewer financial resources appointed for their college-bound students, giving them a better shot at qualifying for need-based financial aid, qr and it's perfectly legal according to pro publica illinois and the wall street journal, citing court records, the tactic has been usedl, citi records, the tactic effectively dozens of times. >> they were filed by one of two law firms and many of them used language in the petition, such as the guardian would provide educational and financial opportunities that the parents could not otherwise provide. >> reporter: advocates of the legal maneuver argue that unlike the college admissions scandal which has led to multiple criminal convictions, these students were fairly accepted and are looking for a way to pay for it as the annual cost of tuition and fees at the nation's colleges have skyrocketed, rising more than 150% over the past two decades, a bottom line increase of nearly $32,000 a year on average. of nearly $32,000 a year on >> they are absolutely cheating. >> reporter: still some critics contend these families and their students should endure the appropriate pinch based on their resources.
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>> this technique in particular is new and absolutely deserves everybody's sort of shock and scorn. >> reporter: another wave of controversy cascading down on college campuses, money once again at the center. ron motte, nbc news, chicago chicago. >> we've g >> we've got a lot more to tell you about as we continue tonight, including the shocking find inside the miami airport that now has some tsa agents suspended. now has some also we'll tell you about a heart-stopping sight, a toddler holding onto a building for dear life and a rescue you won't want to miss. we hope you'll stay with us. o m. we hope you'll stay with us. ♪ let's go! ♪
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here's to you. we're back now with a story of two tsa agents who have been suspended tonight after the discovery of an offensive and racist display at the miami airport. here is morgan chesky. >> reporter: inside a tsa work area in the miami international airport, a display that tonight has two agents under investigation. a noose with two stuffed gorillas, the intended message reportedly a joke. highly racist.
2:25 am
tsa union representative linda jones. >> this work force is very verys diverse, so i felt like that person must have some kind of psychological issues >> reporter: three officers stumbled upon it last week near a work space where agents screened checked luggage a response tsa called it unacceptable, saying it doesn't tolerate racist or offensive behavior and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. pro publica uncovered a border patrol facebook group. inside they joked about migrant deaths and posted vulgar comments about latino members of congress miami dade mayor carlos jimenez. miami dade mayor thanked those who identified it, adding our county has zero tolerance for racism. the tsa workers will remain on paid administrative leave until this investigation is complete lester >> morgan chesky, thanks still ahead as we continue this evening, the end of the road for an historic place in america's heart land
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it is a tough week in the detroit suburb of warren, michigan, as the candidates for president get ready to debate nearby the old gm transmission plant, y main stay for nearly 80 years, is shutting down this week, and many are asking what now here's ann thompson. couple >> it's been a hard couple of weeks. >> reporter: in her voice, you hear the toll of gm's warren transmission plant idling. the president of 177 united auto workers who must now relocate to a gm plant anywhere in the country or lose jobs that pay up to $28 an hour plus benefits if the economy is doing so well, won't it be easy to find another job for you and your members? members? >> yes, i could go out and i could get two >> yes, i could go out and i could get two or three jobs to make the wage that i make. but then i have even less time with my family why would anybody want to do thatr: the last transmis
2:30 am
>> reporter: the last transmission produced last week, and already the ripple effect visible in the empty tables at david's motor city sports bar and grill. is this something you planned for? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: tough times for some, but not all. demolition contractor derrick buchanan works 60 hours a week >> right now for me and my family, it is great. >> reporter: they have no plans to turn on the democratic debate who is better for business, the tigers, the lions or presidential politics? >> sports most definitely. >> reporter: like many here he focused on the gm uaw contract talks that will determine if the warren plant is resurrected or truly part of this area's past. ann thompson, nbc news, warren, michigan >> up next, as we continue tonight, terrifying moments, a toddler dangling from a balcony and we have the amazing rescue a balcony and we have the amazing rescue. can't imagine doing it any other way. this is caitlin dickerson from the new york times. this isn't the only case.
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finally tonight, about that toddler holding on for dear life, the dramatic moments and amazing rescue all caught on camera here is gabe gutierrez >> reporter: it is a heart-stopping moment. there in the distance six stories up, a toddler dangles from a balcony in china, clinging to life by china' this video, aired by china's state tv, captures the urgent rescue effort as people gather below holding a white blanket. seconds later the toddler loses his grip and plunges to the ground he falls to the blanket and surviveso the ground. he falls to the blanket and survives. my only thought was to keep him safe, one of the quick thinking on lookers who helped break his fall if he had fallen seconds earlier, he likely would have e been killed. instead tonight he's safe after suffering no injuries.
2:35 am
saved by the most incredible of catches now seen around the world. gabe gutierrez, nbc news >> what great teamwork on the ground there glad that toddler is safe. that's "nightly news." i'm lester holt. thank they may be identical twins -- steve: you want a little bit more identity? >> yes. steve: and you think you need to cope doing the twin thing? >> yes. announcer: but these two are one of a kind. steve: you can say on tv that she bought your hair? >> yes. steve: this is a makeover for reach. linleda and linda come on out. announcer: put your hands together for your host, steve harvey! [cheers and applause] ♪ steve: thank you very much. thank you.
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