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tv   Today  NBC  August 21, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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after that. >> don't forget now we're jumping on facebook for after the show. you don't want to miss that. follow me there and do nbc bay area or follow me, marcus washington nbc bay area. see you then. good morning. on ice. president trump abruptly cancels a state visit to denmark overnight now that greenland isn't for sale. his blunt message to the danish prime minister and her reaction live from the white house. taking no chances. the dramatic moment police arrest a 15-year-old they say threatened to shoot up the school. s mother pleading with officers it was just a joke. >> he's a little boy. he is not one of those crazy people out there doing stuff. >> ahead, why police across the country are aggressively taking on online threats. storm threat. the risk of severe weather in the northeast today. nearly 50 million people set to
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face heavy rain, hail, and possible tornadoes. and that brutal heat wave not over. we'll have the latest forecast. all that, plus, survival story. a plane crash off the california coast, and the couple films the whole thing. >> there she goes. >> a rare, up close look at a remarkable rescue. summer of sharks. how a string of sightings in one of the most popular beach spots in the nation is taking a serious bite out of business. and hot and bothered. the major coffee chain rolling out pumpkin spice coffee drinks in the heat of summer. >> it is so good. >> i'm sweating my face off, and i don't want pumpkin spice. >> leaving a nation divided. today, wednesday, august 21st, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody.
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good morning. nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. at the top for us this morning, we have the story of the president deciding not to go to denmark after all. he called off his state visit there when he saw his interest in buying greenland rebuffed. that's one of several headlines out of the white house this morning. we have complete coverage, starting with nbc's peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the long-planned trip was scheduled for the beginning of next month while the president would already be in europe. overnight, president trump abruptly postponed it indefinitely. two days earlier, the president said buying greenland would be strategically important for the u.s. but it was not, quote, number one on the burner. all of a sudden overnight, he suggested it was the main reason for his visit. this morning, president trump is putting an upcoming trip to denmark on ice after the country's prime minister brushed off his desire to buy greenland. a self-governing country that's
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part of the danish kingdom. in a tweet, president trump said, while denmark is a very special country with incredible people, he's postponing his planned trip early next month with the prime minister sed on her statement that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of greenland. adding, the prime minister was able to save a great deal of expense and effort for both the united states and denmark by being so direct. >> essentially, it is a large real estate deal. >> reporter: just days ago, the president insisted his visit, after being invited by denmark's queen, was unrelated to greenland. >> we may be going to denmark, not for this reason at all, but we're looking at it. >> reporter: denmark's prime minister in greenland last week ridiculing the idea. of course, greenland is not for sale, she said. adding, thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is over. on monday, the president posting this photo of a gold trump skyscraper towering over a serene arctic village, appearing
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to write in jest, i promise not to do this to greenland. the president's decision to scrap the trip seemingly a surprise to the u.s. ambassador to denmark, who only hours earlier tweeted, denmark is ready for the potus visit. partner, ally, friend. an ally that fought alongside the u.s. in afghanistan, where more than 40 danish troops lost their lives, a friendship that perhaps now is a bit frayed. wrve are within the last hour denmark's prime minister said she found it regrettable. a former prime minister writing, is this a joke? deeply insulting to the people of greenland and denmark. savannah and craig? >> it is another dust-up brewing this morning, peter, as you know. the president under fire for comments about jewish-american voters. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the president returned his feud with the muslim congresswomen, talib and omar, yesterday. here's part of his response when
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asked about omar's suggestion that the u.s. reconsider its aid to israel, directing this startling message to jewish-americans. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> reporter: several jewish groups quickly condemned the president's comments there. some arguing it amounted to an anti-semitic smear. they have dual loyalty and are more committed to israel than they are to their own countries. savannah and craig?savannah andg >> peter alexander, thank you. now to the growing worries about the economy. faced with warning signs over what's to come, president trump says he is now considering tax cuts nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has that story for us. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the president insists the cuts he is considering are not linked to those growing economic concerns you mentioned, but keep in mind, how the economy is doing will be central to the president's re-election campaign so now, he's sharing a new idea
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to try and boost the economy, although it probably won't happen any time soon accusing his critics of a recession obsession, the president is downplaying a possible downturn in the economy. >> i think the word recession is a word that's inappropriate. certain people in the media are trying to build it up because they'd love to see a recession we are very far from a recession. >> reporter: but he is not dismissing the idea of cutting taxes to help save people money anyway. >> payroll tax is something we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that that very much affects the workers of our country we have a lot of workers >> reporter: only 24 hours earlier, the white house had said a payroll tax cut was not under consideration. according to the president, it is, although not imminently. >> whether or not we do it now or not is -- it's not being done because of recession >> reporter: so what is the payroll tax? it is the 6.2% you pay on what you make that funds programs like social security
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when president obama temporarily cut that tax back in 2011, it saved the average family about $1,000 a year. president trump last pledged to cut taxes back during the midterms. >> we're going to be doing a 10% tax cut. another 10% tax cut for the middle class we'll continue to cut your taxes. >> reporter: but congress would have to approve a new cut. house democrats almost certainly won't want to give the president a political win before next year's election. as president trump now acknowledges, it is americans who can feel the pain in the short term to get more leverage over beijing in the long term. >> the fact is, somebody had to take china on. my life would be a lot easier if i didn't take china on >> reporter: remember, while a payroll tax cut might mean you save some money in your pocketbook, it would have other financial implications it would mean a lot less money for social security, and it would also add to the already ballooning deficit craig? >> hallie, on another topic here, gun reform legislation, president trump had advocated perhaps stronger background
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checks repeatedly over the last few weeks. he appears to be backtracking now. what happened? >> reporter: that's for sure, craig. you'll remember right after the shootings earlier this month in ohio and texas, the president came out and emphasized the need for what he described as very meaningful background checks that was notable at the time since then, the president has softened his tone. he has also, by the way, had conversations with the head of the nra. now, the president says that we already have strong background checks he is putting the focus instead on mental health issues, craig. >> hallie jackson from the white house for us thank you. when it comes to gun violence, police departments across the country are taking a more aggressive stance now to prevent possible mass shootings. that was vividly on display during an arrest in florida. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story for us this morning. good morning >> reporter: good morning. newly released body camera video captures the emotional moment a shocked mother learned deputies were arresting her teenage son the sheriff's office in florida released the video to serve as a
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reminder that online threats are no joke. >> he's under arrest currently for making a threat to cause a mass shooting. >> reporter: this newly released body camera video shows the moment when a 15-year-old florida boy was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up his school. authorities say he made the threat in a video game chat room, saying he planned to bring his father's m-15 to school and kill seven people at a minimum he's now facing charges in juvenile court his stunned mother telling police, it was just a joke. >> he's a little boy he's not one of the crazy people out there doing stuff. >> we can't take risks we can't say, all right, we trust him. this guy isn't going to do it. then it happens and we say, we had a chance to stop it. >> i'm telling you, this is not my son. >> reporter: another sign of zero tolerance in indianapolis, where police tracked down a truck driver after a friend claimed he was planning to shoot up a church in tennessee in california, police arrested a
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15-year-old girl, accusing her of posting this image of snapchat, a photo of guns for sale, and the message, don't come to school tomorrow. police say she admitted posting it but couldn't explain why. the school's superintendent is now warning students >> whatever your choice might be, whether that's terrorist threats, sexting, vulgarity, all on social media is trackable back to you.>> reporter: these arrests come after police found other credible threats in ohio, florida, and connecticut in just the last week. authorities across the country are on high alert after mass shootings this month in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, left 31 people dead. police often aren't sure what the persons making the post are capable of doing, but with kids heading back to school across the country, they say they're taking every threat seriously and taking no chances, savannah. >> understandably, gabe. thank you.
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there will be no break today from the oppressive heat wave and severe storms that targeted tens of millions of americans this week. dylan is in for al once again. she's got the very latest. more heat. more storms, huh >> more heat, more storms, that is correct, craig. we are seeing the storms already firing up. north of syracuse, we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect currently we also have thunderstorms moving through southern vermont, into central massachusetts, also extending back through western pennsylvania that's round one round two develops later this afternoon and into the evening it affects most of new england, extends to new york and philadelphia, too. most of new jersey, as well. large hail, damaging winds we can't rule out a quick tornado with some of the severe storms but the thing with the storms, not everyone will see them this cold front will move in it combines with the heat and the humidity, and you see they're more pop-up in nature. while one town can be hit hard by a storm, the next town over might not see any storm at all keep an eye to the sky if you're outdoors today if you hear the rumbles of thunder, get indoors until the
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storms pass. this cold front will slide through the whole area into thursday that's the reason it will start to cool down by the end of the week it comes with more storms though, especially in the philadelphia area tomorrow afternoon. we might see some airport delays again, if the storms pop up in the boston area, across new york city, through pittsburgh, even st. louis, where another round of storms is developing. that could lead to airport delays that's something to keep in mind this afternoon now, we do also have the extreme heat the southwest, we have excessive heat warnings. also down through the south central plains, parts of tennessee. we have about 50 million people impacted under some sort of heat watch or heat advisory we are looking for temperatures once again to soar it'll feel like it is about 93 in new york city today it'll feel like 101 in philadelphia d.c. will feel like 98 degrees we are going to see some relief, again, by the time we get to the weekend. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. >> dylan, thanks lots to talk about there now to the remarkable rescue we mentioned at the top of the show a small plane crashed off the
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california coast, and the couple involved filmed the whole thing. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with the details on this. hey, miguel. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the pilot took off from san jose and was flying above half moon bay. his friend flying another plane nearby witnessed the crash and was filming at the time. moments after the aircraft went down, the downed pilot pulled out his phone, as well scary moments in the skies above california tuesday after a small plane crash just south of san francisco. authorities say the pilot, david lesh, and a female companion, were flying near half moon bay when his plane lost power. lesh's friend and fellow pilot was nearby in another plane, filming lesh's aircraft for a midair photo shoot of his plane. a single engine beach craft bonanza. this video capturing the moments lesh's plane hit the water. >> probably 3,000 or 4,000 feet agl. lost power did everything i could to get the motor going again.
7:14 am
wasn't happening so i put it into the pacific. >> reporter: minutes later, lesh and his passenger suddenly floating in the middle of the ocean without life jackets clutching to seat cushions and window shades. >> hopefully someone comes and picks us up soon >> reporter: lesh immediately began shooting video of the scene with a waterproof phone. the debris of the plane sinking beside them. >> starting to get a little cold out here >> reporter: the pilot of the other plane, owen, kept circling the crash site and radioed air traffic control. at first, he had no idea if lesh was okay >> your heart sinks. when you hear, mayday, i have no power, and then calls you ten minutes on the phone later i've never been so relieved in my life, to hear him on the phone. >> reporter: the pair were in the water 30 minutes when a nearby coast guard helicopter lifted them out of the water >> the coast guard was awesome the coast guard -- really, we would have been dead for sure.
7:15 am
if i was out there another maybe half an hour, i don't think i could have -- i don't think my muscles would have been working. >> reporter: a midair photo shoot gone wrong, but a picture perfect rescue leaving two people lucky to be alive incredibly, the pair was not hurt from the crash, but they were getting stung by jelly fish during the time. the faa and ntsb will now investigate the crash. >> incredible to see the images. miguel, thank you. >> always amazed at people's ability to take out their cell phones when they're in distress like that. >> yeah, i don't think i'd do that i'd be too busy crying. >> right. >> for my mom. >> bargaining. >> exactly if two-time world champ carli lloyd ever gets sick of soccer, might want to give football a try she paid a visit to the philadelphia eagles and baltimore ravens practices this week she turned some heads with her very impressive field goal kicking skills she made one of them from 55 yards out.
7:16 am
>> yes >> no easy task, by the way. we'll show it to you again there. lloyd, by the way, also a huge eagles fan she keeps that up, she might be an eagles kicker here. >> i love it she's an eagles fan. i knew i liked carli. >> do the uprights seem closer together >> no. >> not as wide, right? >> seemed official. >> oh. >> i meant it was even harder. >> oh, okay. >> it looked like it was skinnier. >> i don't know. she did great. >> you could probably kick a field goal. >> no, i couldn't. no. >> no? >> it'd just dribble right in front of me. that's about it. we've got some storms and heavy rain all occurring this morning across the interior northeast. it is a little stormy. also back through parts of the midwest, we are seeing some of that heavier rain this morning the heat continues down through the south, along the gulf coast. more scattered showers in florida. there's a chance of light rain across washington and into oregon, as well, as the cold front moves in it is still very, very hot with excessive heat warnings in the
7:17 am
southwest. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds (clown 1) sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry! (scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ food wednesdgood wednesday . i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look at the golden gate bridge we can see a thin layer of fog rolling in and we'll see that clearing out quickly. temperatures headed into the low 70s. inland slightly hotter reaching 86 in san jose and 91 in livermore. in napa today expect a high of 87 degrees. through the forecast we'll see more 90s headed our way and we'll see several days of some hotter temperatures, even extending into the beginning of next week.
7:18 am
>> that's your latest forecast >> we owe a correction and apology. >> we do first of all, dylan is very eagle eyed about the eagles practice field because the field goal was narrower. >> it is skinnier, okay. >> to your point, dylan, which craig and i are on like a 30-second delay, we didn't understand what you were saying, it was harder for carli. >> it's a tough target. >> you could be a sports broadcaster. >> based on that yeah >> good eye. ahead on a wednesday morning, an international custody battle after an american mother is ruled too western to rear her own daughter. what her family is saying to us about that case. plus, jeffrey epstein's brother spotted publicly for the first time since epstein's death. the new questions he is facing first, this is "today" on nbc. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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just ahead, the shark sightings and attacks scaring off business at some of the nation's most popular beaches.
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so, give that just saw a puppy look and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. a very good morning to you. it 17:7:26. owe pwn ends vowing to file suit after the white house unveiled a new plan to loosen detainment rules for migrant families. the plan calls for an overhaul of what's known as the flores agreement, a legal settlement limiting the time migrant families and children can be held even though critics routinely ignore the limits. the new plan would also allow more leeway when it comes to care for detainees. president trump has been fighting the current federal immigration standards ever since taking office. let's check the forecast with kari hall. >> we're starting out with some clear skies as we take a live look in san jose, also nice and cool temperatures but heating up
7:27 am
slightly hotter than yesterday, reaching 3 in antioch. 86 in san jose. 87 in napa. oakland topping out at 80 degrees. we'll see low 70s in san francisco. as we go through the forecast our inland valleys will be hot, reaching into the 90s and we'll see this lasting even in through the beginning of next week, and still looking at our san francisco temperatures remaining in the 70s, but we will at times see some clouds and fog drifting by, but a lot more clearing as we go throughout this afternoon. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> things are much more nicely in mountain view into palo alto. north 101 all lanes cleared about 15 minutes ago at san antonio, reinsdorf north of there. 237 and 101 jammed as they meet in sunnyvale and mountain view. the rest of the silicon valley commute shows a standard build. 280 through san jose, the san jose state exits that comes back into session starting today. meanwhile highway 4 clear at san
7:28 am
marcos, that's better as well through pittsburg and bay point. back to you. >> thanks so much. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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7:30 now wednesday morning. it is august 21st, 2019. would you want to go to a beach when you're greeted by a sign like that? shark sightings, as you know, have been quite the regular occurrence on cape cod this summer it's been a major challenge for local businesses, as well. we'll have more in a live report from cape cod in a few minutes. >> quite a graphic sign. big shark right there. we'll have that in a moment. let's get to the headlines of the morning the president has cancelled a state visit to denmark after that nation's prime minister said his proposed purchase of greenland would not be part of their discussion
7:31 am
in a tweet, president trump said, while denmark is, quote, a very special country with incredible people, he is postponing his trip for early next month with the prime minister based on her statement she'd have no interest in discussing the purchase of greenland. it comes after the president said his visit was unrelated to greenland. there was a shakeup in philadelphia on tuesday. police commissioner richard ross abruptly resigned amid new allegations of sexual harassment among members of the department. along with accusations of gender and racial discrimination, ross himself is not accused of harassment philadelphia's mayor says he believes the resignation, quote, is in the best interest of the department. heart-stopping moments in south carolina, where powerful winds ripped a giant tent from the ground, sending two men flying through the air it happened outside a sports bar in clemson on monday watch as that strong gust of wind uproots the tent. the two people attempting to hold it down tossed into the air.
7:32 am
one of them flew about 15 feet up, almost landed on the roof of a building fell just short and hit the gutter on the way down amazingly, he walked away with no broken bones. did need some stitches though above his left eye now a custody case making headlines around the world an american mother who lives i saudi arabia was ruled too western to raise her daughter. bill neely joins us with that story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone it is the mother of all custody battles unfolding in what is the most male-dominated society on earth. an american mom in saudi arabia faces losing her daughter, and she says, a ten-year travel ban and arrest, all because she was just too western to raise her child there. bethany vierra raised her 4-year-old daughter as a single mom since she divorced her saudi husband. reportedly described in court as abusive.
7:33 am
now, the court has decided zaina should be taken from her writing on her facebook page, bethany says, the judge ruled i was unfit to parent simply because i am a westerner saying, zaina is my everything, my purpose, my side kick, and my joy. zaina is having nightmares she cries every time she leaves the room bethany lost custody after a saudi judge ruled she was new to islam, is a foreigner in this country, and continues to embrace the traditions of her homeland we must, he said, avoid exposing zaina to tse traditions. bethany has a masters degree in islamic studies, taught at a saudi university, and opened a yoga studio. what is my crime, she asks, doing a handstand, not being saudi, not covering my body when i was on vacation in the united
7:34 am
states of america? >> it's like a nightmare that just won't stop. >> reporter: bethany's aunt says they are a big, loving family, with morals and values that's being torn apart. >> i think about that 4-year-old little girl. what she's going through she doesn't understand it. she sees her mom upset bethany will not leave her daughter she will fight for her daughter. >> reporter: saudi arabia has been changing. this month, for the first time, women there were allowed to travel abroad without a man's permission but not bethany. she says she was handed a ten-year travel ban. she loved the country, but now it has turned on her zaina deserves better than this, she writes please don't take my sunshine away. >> oh, my goodness that's a hard story. so as we understand it, little zaina is still with bethany for now. what, legally, bill, happens next >> reporter: yeah, she hasn't run out of options yet this week, she began her appeal to a higher court. that will take some time the family are still full of
7:35 am
hope, but saudi law does discriminate to ensure that children are raised in accordance with islam. so it will be a tough battle as you say, for now, she's in riyadh with her daughter, but they are both clearly suffering, as the family says it is absolute heartbreaking back to you. >> really quickly, is this unprecedented? has there been a case like this in saudi arabia before >> reporter:o. there have been court tussles before remember, saudi's effective ruler, bin salman, are trying to change things. the new law passed allowing women to drive, with passports there is a change on the law with divorces. this is almost a test case for his reforms and in this whole area it'll be really, really interesting and, of course, crucial for this family to see what happens >> yeah.
7:36 am
chief global correspondent. >> the fact she's speaking out, i wonder if it helps her or hurts. we'll see. >> thanks, bill. let's turn to dylan for a check of the weather. >> it is getting hot for everyone, i'd say, but we have some relief in sight right now though, we are going to see temperatures heat up once again. baltimore with the humidity. it'll feel like it is close to 100. atlantic city will feel like 92. cooler than yesterday. charleston, west virginia, will feel like 98 nashville will feel like 102 you go farther into the deep south, and that's where the temperatures are the hottest memphis will feel like 107 panama city will feel like 101 watch what happens tomorrow. this cold front will really clear out our heat and humidity. chicago gets up to 78 tomorrow same in detroit. cincinnati, 84 still warm across new england and the east coast this front continues to move through as we approach the weekend. temperatures will be a whole lot cooler richmond, west virginia, we go from 86 on friday to 79 on saturday new york city will only hit 77 on sunday. dare i say, it will feel a little fall-like as we go through the end of the weekend it is all because of this cold front which will produce storms
7:37 am
across the northeast today it is also producing h good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in oakland, with some sunshine to start out the day, and nice, cool temperatures. we are going to see our highs reaching up to about 80 there. 93 in antioch, and there will be a lot more 90s in parts of the north bay, with half moon bay staying cool at 68 degrees in san jose, reaching 86. our inland temperatures will be up to the low 90s going into the rest of the week, into the weekend and we're looking at slightly hotter weather to start out early next week. >> that's your latest forecast. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead here, medical mystery and the search for answers. what's causing dozens of e-cigarette users across the country to get sick. lauren bush lauren will join us with how her family is honoring the legacy of her late grandfather, george h.w. bush. are you ready to start thinking of the holidays already?
7:38 am
why signs of fall and signs of winter are popping up earlier than ever before. >> except for in the forecast. first, the new questions swirling around jeffrey epstein's brother this morning, as more women bring lawsuits against the epstein estate we'll have the latest right after this performance. highest in wireless network quality performance. highest in wireless network quality performance in the north central region. it's hard to know what to think. that's why sprint's doing things differently and offering a new one hundred percent total satisfaction guarantee. so, you can try out the network, see the savings and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just thirty-five dollars a month. for people with hearing loss, visit (man)n) go home. (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home.
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7:42 am
welcome back this morning on in-depth today, some new developments in the jeffrey epstein case. >> that's right. we're learning more about his vast fortune and where it may ultimately ended up. epstein signed a will just two days before his death and listed his brother as the lone heir anne thompson is here with all of that. good morning. >> good morning. all of jeffrey epstein's assets have been placed in a trust. as a result, his brother, mark, who has been keeping a very low profile, may not see any of it but several of jeffrey epstein's alleged victims are already filing lawsuits to make sure they get a piece of that very big pie. >> reporter: new pictures this morning of jeffrey epstein's younger brother, mark, in new york city. the photos obtained by show the 65-year-old in a white shirt and sunglasses walking to the subway from his apartment although jeffrey epstein named his brother as his single remaining heir in the will he signed just days before his
7:43 am
death by suicide in a federal jail, mark epstein may not get a cent because his brother's $577 million fortune has been placed in a trust mark, two years younger than jeffrey, and his only sibling, is himself a millionaire he is the owner of a real estate company, osso properties, and has been for the past three decades. in a 2009 deposition online, epstein admitted under oath he'd once flown on his brother's private jet in the late 1990s with donald trump before he was president. the president has recently said he has not been friends with jeffrey epstein for over a decade nbc news reached out to mark epstein for comment and was told by a man who would not identify himself that mr. epstein had nothing to say this morning, at least three new lawsuits filed by alleged victims of jeffrey epstein, identified only as kaitlin doe, lisa doe and priscilla doe are seeking assets from his estate
7:44 am
they allege a complex web of companies employed disciples to see epstein's sexual desires were met, even while serving time in a florida prison a decade ago kaitlin doe also specifically alleges that she was forced to lose her virginity to epstein. that epstein arranged for her to marry a woman described as a non-united states citizen, and recruiter of females, so that woman could remain in the united states and she was forced into engaging in commercial sex acts the details of which are too graphic and perverted to include in this public pleading. >> now, the new lawsuits are seeking unspecified damages, and with an untold number of alleged victims, it is very possible we could see much more legal action >> anne, thank you very much. up next, bad for business. a live report from cape cod on the toll that shark sightings has apparently taken on tourists and the communities that rely on them first, these messages.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
they've also let a number a families cancel trips to cape cod. kristen dahlgren has more on this. >> reporter: good morning, guys seeing this, imagine showing up to the beach, ready for your vacation, and seeing this, a shark warning might give you pause, right? that's what's happening. local business owners now worried this anxiety over sharks is going to take a big toll on the economy here along cape cod's scenic coastline, beachgoers unwinding in the sun have been ext cautious this summer. >> no way. >> reporter: with shark sightings on the rise, many are thinking twice about going in the ocean. >> oh, my gosh >> few people in the water, few paddle borders >> reporter: some are skipping the beaches and having fun in local ponds instead. >> you don't worry about the sharks here at all. >> reporter: the hundreds of
7:50 am
shark sightings this year are hurting the cape's vital tourism industry the sickday surf shop says the sharks have been bad for business. >> we've done surf lessons since we opened, but this year, we just didn't feel comfortable putting people in the water. we're -- we cancelled lessons this year. >> reporter: researchers say one of the reasons for the influx of sharks is the return of their favorite prey, gray seals. in 1972, the marine mammal protection act brought the seals back from the brink. since then, the seal population has exploded, luring sharks back to the area. while no attacks have been reported on the cape this year, officials are still stressing caution. there have been frequent beach closings this summer and warning signs like this one at beaches where dangers have hit close to home. >> report of an unknown shark bite, male party. >> reporter: last year, a 26-year-old was boogie boarding there when he was attacked and killed by a shark. the state's first shark-related fatality in more than 80 years. >> heard him screaming i saw a lot of blood in the
7:51 am
water. >> reporter: that deadly encounter in the busy waters making a normal day at the beach now anything but >> i'm always out there present with him i see parents now of older kids, teenagers, that would probably be sitting on the beach before because they're strong swimmers, out watching and standing in the water. >> reporter: the discussion over sharks here has grown contentious. some people calling for a change in the law so they can calm the seals and the sharks there is a firm called on to look at the sharks also, the highest activity for sharks here is september and october. we are just getting into that season >> that's interesting. >> heck of a warning sign behind you. >> i wouldn't go on the beach if i saw a sign like that. >> only thing missing is "jaws" theme music. >> thank you, kristen. ahead on a wednesday morning, ready to head back inside the "matrix"? big news about the return of one of hollywood's most successful franchises.
7:52 am
plus, much of the country is in a heat wave you can naturally reach for a pumpkin spice latte. what the early sign of fall that is dividing the nation this morning. when is it too soon for the hot, spicy fall drinks? >> now. it's too soon now. >> after your local news i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
7:53 am
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good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56, we're taking a live look outside in san francisco, all clear here, and our temperatures will be warming up today. we're in the low 70s there, with some upper 80s in napa. in oakland today expect a high of 80 degrees, and some low 90s in the east bay valleys. we'll also see a high of 92 in morgan hill today, with downtown san jose reaching 86, so some of our hotter spots will reach into the low 90s today throughout the next several days. no cooling here as we go through at least early next week, with san francisco staying in the 70s. we will at times see some thin layers of clouds and fog drifting by, but clearing out fairly quickly for some slightly warmer temperatures throughout the end of the week. into the weekend we're reaching 74 degrees by this sunday. we'll keep an eye on that. let's head over to mike for an
7:57 am
update on the commute. >> kari at the bay bridge we see traffic building up over the last half hour, ats lane off to the left they were very clear but now starting to build. look at the slowing coming into the area and through berkeley out of san pablo west 80 and merging coming off the bridge richmond bridge over there by golden gate field. another crash south 880 cleared through hayward. back to you. >> thanks so much. san jose state students returning to class for the fall term as news emerges about racist anti-immigrant hate-filled flyers found on campus. while school leaders are confirming the fliers were found we don't know who posted the fliers or where. link to the story on our home page. also if you haven't seen it yet, dramatic video of a small plane crash and rescue miles off the coast of half moon bay. two people on board had to wait in cold water to be rescued but they also filmed their entire ordeal. quite dramatic there. another local news update for you coming up in about half an hour. we hope you join us for midday news at 11:00.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, on ice. overnight, president trump cancels his state visit to denmark after the country's prime minister rejects his idea of buying greenland. >> essentially, it is a large real estate deal >> his decision just days after he insisted the visit wasn't about that purchase. where do things go from here plus, medical mystery. more than 100 people sickened. doctors saying the only thing that ties the cases together, vaping products. the search for answers just
8:01 am
ahead. ready, set, sip. believe it or not, pumpkin spice is back. with a heat wave gripping the country, not everyone is thrilled. >> right now, it is 90 and, obviously, i'm sweating my face off. i don't want pumpkin spice i don't want anything spice. >> we'll take a look at the great debate over what is in your coffee cup. today, wednesday, august 21st, 2019. ♪ it's never really over >> shoutout to my nbc family in the bay area >> hello urbandale, iowa. >> it is ellen's big day. >> my 10th birthday. ♪ just because it's over doesn' mean it is really over ♪ >> hi to our kids. >> in california, colorado, and jersey >> we're from greenfield, ohio ready for school to start. >> turning the big 5-0 ♪ just because it's over doesn' mean it's really over ♪ >> good morning.
8:02 am
welcome back to "today." it is wednesday morning, and we are so happy to see those folks on our plaza in case you missed the news yesterday, we're about to get the gang back together. >> family reuniting. >> hoda returns on september 3rd. carson will be here. everyone is going to be present. we cannot wait to get the band back together. >> yes roker is back from vacation, as well whole family will be here. by the way, you can always be a part of the fun, as well hashtag my today plaza all you have to do is tape a little video, put it on instagram or twitter send it to us. we'll put you on tv. let's start the news at 8:00 president trump abruptly cancelled a state visit to denmark after the nation's prime minister rebuffed his proposal to buy greenland, which is, of course, a danish territory the president announced his change of plans in a tweet despite insisting days ago the planned visit was unrelated to greenland. last week, denmark's prime minister stated clearly, greenland is not for sale. and added, thankfully, the time you buy and sell other countries and populations is over. 50,000 people live in greenland, which is rich with natural resources such as coal and uranium.
8:03 am
two people were miraculously rescued unharmed after their single engine plane crashed in the ocean near san francisco here is video that was shot above the craft as it tumbled into the sea near half moon bay after losing power the pilot and passenger are seen floating in the ocean without life jackets the pilot shooting this video as they treaded water, waiting for help to arrive a coast guard helicopter rescued that pair in 15 minutes. an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way. this morning, the cdc is investigating a mysterious illness that could be linked to e-cigarettes more than 100 people in 1 states are seriously ill with lung damage and difficulty breathing. all of the patients used vape products according to authorities. however, it's not clear if the products had been tampered with. morgan radford has a closer look >> reporter: this morning, a medical mystery is growing from coast to coast nbc news learning of at least 127 cases of people with confirmed or suspected
8:04 am
vaping-related illnesses in 15 states no deaths have been reported, but some patients have developed severe lung disease and need help breathing patrick degrade believes vaping put his brother into a coma. >> lungs were filling with fluid, his heart was failing, lungs were failing, whole body was shutting down. >> reporter: dillon bought a cartridge that turned out to contain thc. the active ingredient in marijuana. he is still recovering doctors unsure if he'll have permanent damage the american vaping association saying in a statement, the evidence points to street-bought cartridges containing thc or synthetic drugs being the cause of the illnesses adding nicotine vaping products are made of a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes. the popularity of e-cigarettes is exploding, especially among teens. according to the food and drug administration, nearly 4 million
8:05 am
middle and high school students used e-cigarettes last year. some cities are now trying to ban flavored e-cigarettes. like aspen, colorado, whic outlawed all flavor nicotine products starting in january vaping advocates argue a ban on flavored products would put most e-cigarette sellers out of business >> let's regulate these produc, t ban them >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, new york all right. 8:05 now good time for a boost. >> i think you'll like this one. it is about a young boston red sox fan who became the source of inspiration for a major league baseball player who happens to play for a rival team. back in april, baltimore orioles first baseman, chris davis, had the longest hitless streak in major league baseball history. 9-year-old henry wanted to encourage him. he wrote davis a heartfelt letter saying, you are incredible and we're rooting for you. davis was so moved and inspired by the letter, he carried it with him the entire season >> i just wanted to give him a
8:06 am
hug. i think a lot of times, people don't really realize how much they impact us certainly with something like that at that moment in time, going through what i was going through, to get a letter that was that encouraging and from a 9-year-old, it was pretty special. >> guess what? the hitless streak came to an end right after davis received henry's letter the two had a chance to hang out last weekend when the red sox and orioles played at fenway park i might have a couple chills there. so sweet just ahead here on a wednesday morning, today is the return of pumpkin spice, ladies and gentlemen. we are going to talk about how soon is too soon for stores to push those fall flavors. that's right after this. [upbeat music ♪] you got this.
8:07 am
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is skincare from around the wobetter than olay? olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything. mom, how far is the moon? hey google, how far away is the moon? ghh: the moon is 238,900 miles from earth. far! google nest hub hey mom... by google nest. mom? well, this morning on today's talker, something that has everyone asking, where did summer go? >> well, ready or not, pumpkin
8:10 am
spice and other signs of the season are beginning to slowly nudge summer off the calendar. many are saying, too soon. joe fryer joins us with more i guess, i mean, if you love pumpkin spice, you're a happy camper today. >> reporter: this is a good time, guys starting today, dunkin donuts is selling its fall lineup, including pumpkin-flavored drinks and different food items, like this stuff here starbucks just announced its pumpkin spice latte returns next tuesday. that's the earliest date yet to many, it is fall's version of christmas in july. without a hint of fall foliage on the trees or flannel on our limbs, autumn's opening act is taking the stage like it -- >> i wait for it every fall. >> reporter: -- or not. >> it is 90 and i'm sweating my face off i don't want pumpkin spice i don't want anything spice. >> reporter: today, dunkin goes pumpkin. the chain is serving fall-inspired drinks, plus
8:11 am
pumpkin and apple cider donuts. >> it is perfect i love it. >> reporter: never mind the fall equinox is 33 days away, or that a heat wave is gripping parts of the country. >> nobody is thinking, oh, a hot summer day, let me drink a pumpkin latte. >> reporter: some will never get bored of this gourd. you'd be fine with july, june. >> reporter: with whatever i'd be fine with pumpkin on the menu all the time. existing forever you know, 1,000 years of pumpkin, i don't care. >> reporter: starbucks dramatically unveiled its date for the latte. a drink so iconic, it is best known for psl. the psl debuted in 2003 and is starbucks' top seasonal beverage the company has sold about 424 million of them. according to a recent report in the "new york times," even special counsel robert mueller, quote, an early riser, was known to be fond of starbucks pumpkin
8:12 am
spice lattes it is a craze that in 2014 drew a rebuke from john oliver on his show >> pumpkin spice is just eggnog for morning people, okay i will be subject to its tyranny no longer. >> reporter: five years later, the mania is still spreading, now to the canned meat world with hormel announcing pumpkin spice spam will be on sale next month. for some, the early release of the products is the latest example of holiday creep. >> there is halloween candy out already, and we're not even in september. >> reporter: with halloween treats, even holiday decorations already hitting store shelves. >> it's not even labor day yet. >> i think that they are rushing the season and that people aren't ready for it. it is just too nice out to be thinking about october
8:13 am
>> reporter: but change is brewing as fall's pumpkin spice prelude begins to percolate. >> so good it is so good. why wouldn't you want it all year round >> reporter: again, we realize it feels early, but dunkin donuts is only introducing its pumpkin products six days sooner than last year starbucks will bring back the psl on august 27th that's just one day earlier than last year. >> i love it when you say psl, like it is just giving me life, joe. >> are you a psl guy you enjoy that stuff >> maybe two or three a year i'm a pretty traditional iced latte, no frills, no syrup guy every now and then, you walk in and you're like, i want that today. >> we'll have to let craig have a moment here. you're busting with this all day. >> it annoys me to no end. >> yeah. >> why are they killing summer >> i don't know. it is good roker is out of the country. >> he'd be up -- >> nobody hates the pumpkin spice latte with a more burning fire than al roker. >> who makes these decisions
8:14 am
who decides to make it earlier every year >> it is the same way christmas sales start in october >> pumpkin beer i'm okay that can be year round. >> who is eating pumpkin beer? who in their right mind is buying and eating pumpkin beer >> that's where they're going too far. spam is delicious without extra flavors in it. thanks for getting us worked up, joe. how about pop start? >> will it calm you down >> yeah. >> "matrix," 20 years after the original film changed action movies forever, a fourth film in the franchise has officially been announced it starts shooting early next year get this, both keanu reeves and carrie-ann moss are returning. the news shocking fans since both characters died in the third movie from 2003. the films earned more than $1.6 billion worldwide. >> that's why they're making them. >> that's true next up, will smith. he turned down the role of the "matrix" for "wild wild west." >> i did not know that. >> he did. he is fresh off the role as the genie in "aladdin," having him sing "a friend like me." we are seeing how he filmed the
8:15 am
scene. shockingly, he is neither blue or dressed like a genie. he did give his co-star a pep talk after a line flub take a look. >> killing it out here, yeah i was just playing with him. i whispered in his ear man, you mess this next one up, we'll have another dude in here that looks just like you in ten minutes. then he got it right it's like, i inspire that's what i do i keep the energy, the inspirion, the encouragement ♪ i'm in the mood to help you, dude ♪ ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> he looks like he is dressed up like a nintendo controller. >> you're right. >> can you imagine acting in an outfit like that it is all special effects. amazing. reese witherspoon. with kids heading back to school, the "big little lies" actress is sharing savvy advice. posting a throwback, she writes,
8:16 am
mom tip, send your kid to school with a candy necklace to share with her friends cute idea. seems gross but, yeah, that's some advice. >> why is that gross >> kids are nibbling on the necklace all day. >> well -- >> yeah. >> m&ms make friends remember that? >> do you have tips as your kids go back to school? >> we're sending our kids to kindergarten for the first time. do you have any tips >> i don't. >> who has tips for us no one >> kleenex. >> don't bring it up with my wife she's upstairs you mention the first day of kindergarten -- >> getting weepy >> yeah. >> a lot of people feel that way. >> she'll have cute little things in the lunchbox. >> a lot of moms are like, yes they're going back to school >> that's right. >> i'm free. >> pumpkin spice latte finally, the williams sisters and their mom. sheinelle had the chance to sit down with the matriarch of the tennis family for her digital series, "through mom's eyes.
8:17 am
the two talk about price's favorite moments with serena and venus. surprisingly, they have nothing to do with tennis. >> favorite moment >> favorite moment >> with serena, there are a gazillion. >> when the baby was born, that was my favorite moment when my baby had a baby. >> venus >> she hasn't had one yet. >> that'll be on the third hour of "today," and the whole interview will be on >> sheinelle said it was a good one. let's get to the daly click. this is a warning for the parts of the country where severe storms are expected. check it out we've all had moments like this. caught in a rainstorm. the umbrella just completely throws in the towel. others are taking cover in buildings. this woman has somewhere to be,
8:18 am
and she is going to get there. >> wow >> she does eventually join a group of people huddling to the side hopefully she gets a new umbrella. >> it is like a flag at that point. >> why is she still bothering to try to hold it up? >> throw it out. >> once you're wet, you're wet nothing you can do about it. >> very good segue to weather. that's right i have to do that. >> yes. >> we are going to see a lot of rain today across a good part of the country. make sure you bring along that umbrella have a backup. it is going to get windy, too. your first one might break 46 million people at risk for strong storms across new england, extending to philadelphia, new jersey, and delaware, too. in this zone, we could see damaging winds, large hail we can't rule out a quick spin-up tornado. keep an eye for the dark clouds and listen for thunder if you're outdoors across the northeast. we'll also see a lot of rain, torrential downpours could produce quick amount of rain 1 to 3 inches of rain possible in some areas. that could lead to flash flooding and ponding on the
8:19 am
road watch out for hydroplaning another area we could see rain is eastern kansas to west central missouri, where we could end up with 3 to 5 inches of rain a lot of that rain is falling now. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. here's a live look outside in san jose, and it's a nice, clear and cool start, but we will be heating up. and it will be slightly warmer this afternoon, reaching 86 degrees. we'll be up to 80 in oakland and 92 in santa rosa. some low 90s in the inland east bay and 90s in south county. we will start to see those 90s back in the forecast today. it continues over the next several days. no cooldown headed our way. in fact, it gets even warmer the start of next week. we're happy to have lauren bush lauren here she has exciting news and a new way she is honoring her late grandfather, former president george h.w. bush
8:20 am
first, more on the renaissance woman, both in the fashion and the political world. >> reporter: lauren bush lauren, designer, philanthropist, and mom. a member of not one but two iconic families. the granddaughter of former president george h.w. bush and daughter-in-law of ralph lauren. determined to tackle the world's hunger crisis, she started the handbag collection feed in 2007. proceeds from the sale of the bags go towards feeding the hungry in nations around the globe. the company providing over 100 million meals is so far. >> the issue of hunger really is massive and overwhelming and very abstract. why not combine this love for design and entrepreneurship with a really tangible, meaningful way to give back >> reporter: when she isn't giving back, lauren is caring for her growing family married to david lauren, an executive in his dad, ralph lauren's, fashion empire, the couple has two sons, james and max. last december, lauren delivered the first reading at her
8:21 am
grandfather's moving funeral. >> nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. >> reporter: now, she's launching a new george h.w. bush points of light award, honoring her late grandfather's memory by celebrating individuals changing the world. lauren bush lauren is here good morning it is so good to see you. >> morning >> we're having bush withdraw. jenna is on maternity leave. >> glad i could be a stand-in. >> tell me about this award, the points of light award. >> yeah. so we're starting the first ever george h.w. bush points of light award. my grandfather, over 30 years ago, started points of light, and basically every day, did a daily point of light that almost until his passing he'd personally sign. it is something he truly cared about. >> volunteerism, giving back. >> shining a light on those who are lights themselves and giving
8:22 am
back to their community. we thought it was an opportunity to shine an extra light on a few individuals making the world a better place. >> you'll do two well-known people and people from everyday walks of life. >> we really want people of varied ages, varied work globally, and also here in the u.s. yeah, it is going to be really special. >> you know, i was just looking at this, the footage of course, you did the reading at your gampy's funeral. people talked about him and his life one of the things was his humility and service what are your memories >> i mean, so many i think what was such a standout during his passing, but always in being around him, was just how kind and how empathetic and how he really made a point of going out of his way to be kind and make those gestures. to write that letter that was meaningful to someone. to say hello to a waiter to ask them about their family >> i read that he had a kind of -- not a secret, but not many people knew he had a pen pal relationship with a little boy in the philippines. >> that was a total shocker.
8:23 am
it is exactly that it was so illustrative of those kind, amazing gestures he did. even just quietly. i mean, you probably remember when he shaved his head in solidarity with the boy who had cancer >> oh, yeah. a boy he didn't know until that moment. >> yeah. very, very, very special person and human. we miss him a lot. but i think are trying now, as best we can, to sort of carry on in his example this award is definitely a way to do that. >> well, i have a big exclusive this morning i know one of the recipients we can announce. >> yes. >> is -- >> garth brooks. >> garth brooks. why did you choose garth >> we chose garth because he is beyond being extremely talented singer/songwriter, a major philanthropist teammates for kids, his foundation, raised over $100 million for kids causes.
8:24 am
he and his wife, trisha yearwood, go out often and participate in habitat for humanity. >> building houses. >> hands-on volunteers and doing a lot of good. doing it in a way, too, that is humble i think in a way my grandfather would have appreciated. >> to give quietly, not necessarily when everyone is watching garth gave us a statement. he said, the fact this award is a reflection of 41, his beloved barbara, and the work they believed in is the greatest honor. an award is only as good as its recipient. my hope and goal is to make the bush family and honorary chairs proud. garth brooks is the first name on this award. it is cool he mentioned your grandmother, too they were a package deal. >> they were a package deal. though my grandfather's name is the one on the award itself, in my mind, they're just forever interlinked. she herself, you know, she carries on in terms of her philanthropy with literacy and family literacy. she was a very bright point of light.
8:25 am
obviously, a support to my grandfather. >> lauren, thank you so much it is good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, savannah. >> good to see a bush family member all former living presidents are honorary chairs. >> they are. it's special. >> thank you, lauren we'll send it out to dylan. >> we have a lot more coming up, including jill's special steals and deals on hot fall fashions plus, look who else is here. valerie bertinelli, who is going to share a hit recipe. i'm excited for it she was explaining it, and you are going to love it that's after your local news
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. opponents are already vowing to file suit after the white house this morning unveiled a new plan to loosen detainment rules for migrant families. the plan calls for an overhaul of what's known as the flores agreement. that's a legal settlement limiting the time migrants' families and children can be held even though critics say i.c.e. already routinely ignores those limits. the new plan would also allow more leeway when it comes to care for detainees. president trump has been fighting the current immigration standards ever since taking office. we want to look at that morning commute for you.
8:27 am
mike? >> folks, this is northbound 280 coming toward us. it typically jams around highway 17, but northbound is the push. you'll see more slowing there, but coming off of 680 southbound around the bend, it really jams up around 10th and 17th streets. san jose state starts construction today. that's why there will be more focused traffic as they sort out their enrollment. haywood around whipple, still slowing there today. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we'll have more local weather in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now on a wednesday morning. we made it to the hump day, midweek. that means just two days from now, our citi summer concert series, ladies and gentlemen, lizzo will be here lizzo on the plaza a lot of folks excited for this performance. if you're in the area, be sure to join us friday, right here on the plaza. do not send me more emails or text messages. >> come early. i think we'll have a huge crowd for lizzo. >> huge crowd. it is always funny how you start tofrom pple. >> yeah, exactly
8:31 am
old friends from decades. >> hey, i want to see lizzo. how about a crowd moment >> let's do it. >> i'm looking for the beams family is this the beams family all right. wow. five beams or four beams >> four beams. >> where are you from? >> franklin, tennessee. >> franklin, tennessee and i'm told that this was a surprise trip? >> it was. yes. >> what are we celebrating >> my birthday, the big 5-0. >> you don't look 50 >> thank you >> happy birthday. what is your name? >> nancy. >> your name >> sage. >> ridge. >> john. >> john, i was told to ask you about your itinerary oh, john is the kind of guy that travels with a laminated itinerary. wow. this is very detailed, john. wow, breakfast at 8:00 9:30, you have the tour. welcome. you can check that off what else are you planning what else is on the itinerary?
8:32 am
>> i think we're going to hopefully go to u.s. open fan week. >> savannah guthrie, u.s. open fan week >> roger federer or nadal. >> you and savannah have that in common. >> you love roj? >> yes. >> he is going to be here for the u.s. open. love it. >> beams, welcome. enjoy the city enjoy roj. happy birthday. >> have fun. just ahead, more of our special back to school series this morning from sleep to studying and eating, how to get your kids back on track after months of summer month. then looking ahead with jill to fall. steals and deals this is a special one for the season's top new fashion trends. we're also going to do some cooking. valerie bertinelli is in the house. she's making a simple chicken dish, and she's going to take it to the next level. there she is we're going to have some chicken thighs she'll give us pro tips, as well. >> nothing better. if you're planning one final summer trip or a fall getaway, on the third hour, creative travel hacks for your next vacation. willie and natalie have a great morning planned on the fourth hour. first, a check of your weather. >> craig, this is your kind of
8:33 am
weather. >> 95 out here. >> it is like south carolina again. >> it is very hot, very humid. we will see thunderstorms today. if we take a look at the tropics, we have our third named tropical system of the season. it is tropical storm chantal it is not going to do much, staying over the water it is moving east and will fizzle out the tropics still have a little activity elsewhere, we are going to see a chance of stronger storms in the northeast today. large hail, damaging winds isolated tornadoes those are all a threat for the northeast. keep an eye out for the storms later on today we're starting with heavy rain, continuing through the midwest it is going to stay hot and humid. oppressively hot so stay hydrated in the south. southwest, it'll be brutally hot, as well there is a chance of showers, especially in the pacific northwest through washington and good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
8:34 am
we are starting out with sunshine. a live look outside in san jose. our temperatures will be heating up and pretty fast today, reaching into the mid-80s in the south bay, low 90s in the tri-valley and up to 87 in napa. 90 in clear lake, and in san francisco expect a high of 73 degrees. some of our hotter temperatures today reaching the low 90s and we'll see more of that extending into the weekend. even early next beweek, we're still looking at some pretty hot weather. this morning on back to school today, the dreaded transition from summer mode to school mode, how to make it more successful for your family. >> here to help us get through all of us, relationship therapist, dr. wilson. always good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> these are the days a lot of
8:35 am
parents start to dread getting their kids back into that routine. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. listen, we've got some screens, right?we have things we can do p in the only the parent but help our kids. >> three scenarios one of the biggest issues is the sleep schedules change over the summer you'll put up a scenario for sleeping, and we're supposed to figure out what's wrong with this. >> i see one immediately. >> one is glaring. >> smartphone is right next. >> that's good what else? >> that's right. >> anything else >> maybe it is a little bright the computer, too, you want to turn off >> there you go, excellent >> what'd we miss? >> let's go to the screens the next screen. blinds you didn't miss anything the blinds make the room dark. >> yeah. >> dark blinds or dark curtains. >> even for big kids i do it for my babies. >> even for big kids, unless they're afraid of the dark you might have a little night light or something like that. >> all right. >> you also saw the computer it's going away. no tech in the room. >> no tech in the room. >> no tech at all. >> what if you had a computer?
8:36 am
you can't move the desk. >> i say have a basket on the back if you can't move it, close it down also, you saw the little phone. >> yeah. >> if the kids say, i need my phone to set the alarm, get an old-fashioned clock. you don't need the phone set the alarm. >> where do they put the phone >> in a basket outside the room. set a precedent for the fact that this is going to be a room that's for peace and serenity for you to get good sleep. >> basket with a padlock for teenagers. the next issue is brain drain. kids aren't studying, so they forget what they learned what are you seeing? >> is that a nintendo switch >> okay. what else do you see >> i don't know. i don't see -- >> you can't get rid of the dog. >> what's wrong with this picture? >> the dog looks like he has brain drain. there is nothing going on, and that's what happens in the summertime nothing going on we move to a schedule. everybody has to have a schedule kids need predictability, structure, and consistency the best model is for the parents to be on a schedule, too. you can walk the dog, clean up the room you can do some things to kind of help you to move into that -- >> start the schedule now before school starts.
8:37 am
>> exactly before school starts, maybe two weeks before, so you get practice what you do in the game is what you do in practice maybe have a word of the day with some cue cards. >> oh. >> practice the words of the day for inspiration. when the kids get off kilter in the middle of the day, they may need something to anchor them. then exercise. you have to move run up the stairs. maybe have a game where you run to the car, run around maybe do some jumping jacks. exercise you have to move it allows blood to pump through the veins. >> for our next scene, we'll talk about eating habits here. i guess we'll look at a kitchen. >> tell me what you see. >> wow >> looks delicious sugary cereal, pizza, cookies, a regular day at my house. >> that would be a no, right >> yeah. >> that'd be a no. the early breakfast wins the game breakfast, maybe oatmeal, cereal, good cereal. >> that is a big breakfast, too.
8:38 am
>> if they're not interested, put it in a bag so they can have it later early is heavier, and lighter later. the heavier meal so they can process the food lighter later. at night, you don't want to have food right before you go to bed, right? when your kids ask you for the cookies and the chocolate milk, resist the urge to give in >> to be clear, we're not suggesting padlocks on the fridge. >> no, don't put padlocks but just have a regimen. >> you're not suggesting we don't eat dinner >> no but make it light. don't have them drink a lot because they have to go to the bathroom. >> this is good advice for anybody. >> if we're productive in the morning and less stressed, the parents will be less stressed. it'll be a good day. >> doctor, thank you good luck as you get back to school just ahead, it is not just pumpkin spice lattes but scarves out on the plaza jill has a new batch of steals and deals, and they'll get you excited for the fall >> yay are we excited for fall? >> first, this is "today" on
8:39 am
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8:41 am
we are back on the plaza with a new steals and deals, giving you a jump start on fall fashion. jill martin joins us with everything we need to start the season off right good morning. >> good morning. i feel i'm the bummer because it is like we're talking fall already. >> no. this will get you excited. >> the good news is, we have the essentials, and we have them steals and deals style there's still two weeks of summer. >> we have a little breeze out here i'm getting excited about this >> i know. it may be a little bit -- we'll start with an essential, which is a scarf that can double this is all you need right now out here. >> yeah. >> it can double as a scarf. they're april maren, beautiful $68, sold at nordstrom and bloomingdale's you can use it as a wrap, as a scarf. >> great for travel. it is always cold on the airplane. >> super versatile
8:42 am
the fringe you'll see on everything this fall the retail, $68. the deal, $30. 56% off. >> wow good deal. it is really soft and pretty i like it. it is 90 out here, so i'll take it off what's next? >> the am sam edelman activewear you'll see lace on workout wear and everything camo is all over the place high waisted leggings. we have a lot of styles on retail, $35 to $59 the deal, $12 to $16 per piece 73% off. >> okay. it is not a set. it is per piece. >> per piece. >> got it. >> all right. >> we need some sunglasses sun is shining in september. >> essential for fashion week. >> where'd you find these? >> retail, $99. >> those are good. >> christian siriano sunglasses, and they're really bold. what is great when you can buy something at a clearance price or something that is steals or deals, you want to go for
8:43 am
something you wouldn't normally wear i like the first ones better they make a statement. they go into fall with a new look the retail is $99. the deal is $19. >> wow. >> 81% off. >> that's fun. when you say i like the first ones better, that's your way of saying, those don't look good on you. >> i like them but they're not the best. >> you have to get the best. >> everyone is going to flip over this. jennifer miller jewelry. it is 14 karat gold plated gold or white you get the choice of a bangle, which you can layer. >> i love layering. >> or this necklace, one of my favorites. it is the larger stone with the smaller one. what i do is i layer it with what i already have. >> pretty. >> everything is here. you can get it in the gold or the silver again, gold plated or white plated the retail, $295 the deal, $59.95 that's 80% off >> wow. >> these bangles are great gifts if you're stocking up. i know it is a little early to talk holidays. >> not for jilly. >> that's right.
8:44 am
not for jilly. it is great gifts. >> cute. i've added it to my wrist already. tell me about this shape wear. this is a good staple. >> especially going into fall, we have all the fall clothing and we want everything to lie nice the robert matthew shape wear. $49.99 we couldn't show all the different ones, but they are on now, shape wear is really coming with whatever you're wearing, there is a strap that adjusts. there is adjustable snaps in the back everything can fit you you can take a strap off >> is this one piece >> this is two pieces. >> okay. >> it is just to show you you might have a dress that you might need something particular for. >> yes. >> active wear, they're making high waisted, everything is fitting something you might need. >> great. >> retail, $49.99. the deal, $17.99 that's 64% off. >> definitely stock up go online. the colors are there >> all the different ones. >> finally, what is fall without a new handbag? >> right always super popular the retail is $498 all leather. i'll show you the inside for the organization
8:45 am
this is sort of your carry-all bag. it has two pockets on one side the zipper pocket on the other side the leather trim on the inside comes in all these colors. retail, $498 the deal, $99. happy summer i don't want to rush you. >> you have a nice screaming deal scarves from april maren the active wear from sam edelman. christian siriano sunglasses jewelry from jennifer miller robert matthew shape wear. handbag from onna ehrlich. >> to find the bargains head to >> "today" will make a small share of revenue from your purchases. coming up next, the recipe for a delicious chicken and veggies dinner who is giving it to us ms. valerie bertinelli first, this is "today" on nbc. >> so good.
8:46 am
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this morning on "today" food, a fast and fabulous
8:48 am
chicken dinner your family will devour since her last visit to our studio, valerie bertinelli took home not one but two daytime emmys for her show "valerie's home cooking." "kids baking championship" and "family restaurant rivals" recently debuted on food network. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you had a golden globe back in the day, but these are your first emmys. >> i can't believe it happened it is still crazy. i'm super grateful. >> all these years later. >> it is crazy i've been doing this since i was 12 years old. i get to win for doing something that i really, really love to do. >> well, you have created such a following and done so well on the food network tell me about this dish. as i understand it, this is one of most popular ones you've ever posted. >> this is something -- i like telling people, if you want to make something easy on a week night, make these thighs
8:49 am
what i did, i salt and peppered them i'll put them in skin down. >> all right. >> this is going to be the easiest thing you ever cook on a week night. >> what is in the pan, oil and butter >> a little oil, a little butter. >> i thought it was one. >> i like the flavor of butter but the oil helps the sear. >> how hot is the pan? >> a little over medium. it's hot the other sides were salt and peppered, so i'll salt and pepper the other side. this has olives and an heirloom garlic, which is a little different. sometimes you can't find it, which is okay. it is a tiny sweeter >> okay. >> a little more mellow. >> here's a dumb question. will i say heirloom garlic at the store? >> it should you can usually get it at a farmer's market. >> any garlic will do. >> any will do. >> the chicken will tell you when it is ready to come up. >> how >> it releases, like here. it comes up easy >> oh. >> look at the beautiful, crispy skin this is what i look for and what i want
8:50 am
once you get all these guys turned over, you'll add in a little bit of the wine. >> okay. >> what you want to do is avoid getting any of the skin wet because you just got that beautiful sear and you don't want to ruin it. >> okay. >> then you add the garlic, shallots. >> i like shallots but can you use any red onion? >> you can the nice thing about shallots is it is super mellow i don't want anything to overtake the flavor of the thighs. >> what is this? >> thyme >> these are all peeled? >> peeled. use a pan that won't melt down in the oven. >> that's why you started with the cast iron skillet. you can put it right in the oven. >> yes. >> do you have a secret for cutting shallots i see they're here is there a special -- >> the easiest way, these are full >> yeah. >> what you want to do, always
8:51 am
get just a little steadiness down there >> oh. >> then you can cut them nice and thin. >> oh. >> or what you can do is get a mandolin out i have taken part of my finger off doing that be very, very careful. >> you have to be a pro for that one. >> yes. >> this goes in the oven for about an hour, little over an hour. >> i only have the bone left >> that's an amen. >> one of the most flavorful things i have maybe ever had >> really? >> flavor is amazing. >> super good. >> depending on the olives you like, any olive that is pitted. >> did you put it in late in the oven >> i didn't -- >> but we were supposed to >> yeah. the olives are supposed to go in see, it happens, you didn't see it. >> i'll try some tell me about the spinach dish we have a minute left. >> this is brown butter i like to make with the dish. what it does, you let the brown butter go from just regular butter and it gets darker, but you have to keep an eye on it. >> oh, my, this is so good oh, my god. >> you're letting the butter --
8:52 am
>> told you. >> you're getting all the moisture and the water out of the butter >> i'm dying. >> let the milk fat really get a super beautiful brown. >> okay. >> you have to be careful. it can go from not done to burnt really quickly stay over it i have a little garlic >> any garlic. >> any garlic. if you have extra, use that. a little onion a little salt. >> yeah. >> can you swap from the spinach, valerie >> yes, over here. oh, can you swap the spinach >> yeah. >> cauliflower broccoli, broccolini, broccoli rabe, you can do that. depending on the size pan, you can put all this in. you have a nice big pan in here. >> okay. >> what you want to do is just get a little in at a time. >> okay. >> grab -- >> tongs >> tongs >> oh, that one is dirty here. >> thank you i like to wait for the bottom leaves to wilt in the butter,
8:53 am
and then turn them over. keep turning them over as they all start to wilt, you add a little more in there until it is all the way done. >> okay. this gets a little tlc in the pot. >> right this is a dinner that will take no time at all once it is in the oven, you can do anything else hang out, help the kids with homework, which is a fun thing to do once school starts >> 8:53, and i've already eaten dinner for the day >> it is one of the best chickens i've ever tasted on this show. this is why she is an emmy winner, right? >> well-deserved. >> amazing >> most popular chicken dish you've ever done. >> i'm so glad you like it. >> love it. >> valerie, thank you. the spinach, too catch more of valerie on the food network for recipes, go to we're back in a moment we're back in a moment
8:54 am
8:55 am
...6, 7, 8 we're back in a moment ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. we love it. valerie, this has been so
8:56 am
we love it valerie, this has been so fun. are these thighs telling me to turn them over yet >> yes oh, no, well -- >> kind of, sort of? >> be sure to join us on the third hour you have a lot to come today all day on dot com. great stories. >> third hour straight ahead >> craig's wife is here, joining us on the third hour. >> lindsey czarniak. >> talking about the new show. >> i was about to say, my favorite melvin. oh, but we do love her first, your local news . good morning. i'm marcus washington. stanford university starts the fall term this morning, but it starts with racist flyers found on campus. they're not saying where they were discovered or if they know
8:57 am
who posted them. the flyers were removed immediately. school leaders say they're already ramping up efforts to have dialogue about anti-racist messages. students right now are arriving on campus. also at midday, the fight on immigration is heating up. the president wants to overhaul how migrants are detained at the border. the new rules would allow them to be detained for a longer period of time. opponents are already planning to sue. there is a video of a small plane crash and rescue miles off the bay. we'll have the whole story on our home page. i'm marcus washington. more news for you in the next hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
and a list of things to help keep your parents from getting scammed. it's all happening on "california live."
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> and a good wednesday morning, everyone welcome to the third hour of "today." craig here alongside sheinelle and dylan. hump day. >> it is wednesday >> halfway there >> kind of like our tuesday. >> it is a special wednesday for you. after this week, you're done >> for a few days. >> have a big trip >> brother-in-law is getting married. >> this is like a vacation >> here's the thing -- you just dress it until you get there. i was going to take fake it until you make it, but that didn't work. dress it until you get there didn't work either t


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