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tv   Today  NBC  August 28, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we'll hop on facebook after this and talk about some of the talker this is morning on "today in the bay." you don't want to miss that, follow me on my facebook page, marcus washington nbc bay area. see you then. fuerza. estaremos allí en vivo, disturbing images. nbc news obtains new photos that show north korea may be building a submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles. so how will the white house respond? the survivors. nearly two dozen jeffrey epstein accusers get their moment in court. >> today is a day of power and strength. this morning, their emotional
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stories, their anger over epstein's death, and their demand for prosecutors to push on with the case. all that, plus, on alert. the rare cases of a deadly mosquito-borne virus that has many sounding the alarm. risky strategy. the ruling given to lori loughlin and her husband in the college admissions scandal. and comeback kid. 15-year-old tennis sensation coco gauff storms back for her first ever win at the u.s. open. today, wednesday, august 28th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. kristen welker in for savannah. hoda enjoys her final week of
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maternity leave. you had quite the field trip yesterday. >> i had quite the field trip. i went to the u.s. open. i saw naomi osaka play. she won her match. then went home and watched coco gauff on tv. boy, was that an incredible match. she is tremendous. >> her u.s. open debut would be great if she made a run there. more on the tennis in a minute. our top story, tropical storm dorian taking aim at puerto rico this morning, and there is growing concern now it could become a strong hurricane by the time it reaches the southeast. we will go live to puerto rico in a moment. first, al is standing by with the very latest on the forecast. al, what are we seeing? >> guys, we've got a very uncertain situation right now. we'll say that right up front. a lot going on, and a lot changing. let's show you what we have right now from the national hurricane center. we are talking about right now a storm that's 60-mile-per-hour winds, 85 miles southeast of saint croix.
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moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. the national weather center has finally got their radar up in puerto rico. you can see the rain bands are just starting to reach the eastern edge of the island. winds are picking up. we're going to start to see this. here's the path, it comes across puerto rico sometime this afternoon. eastern end of puerto rico. here's the problem, it doesn't come across the western part where there are mountains, and that could tear it up. it strengthens by friday to a category one storm. by early monday morning, labor day, it's a category two storm. look at the size of the cone. we're talking about from savannah down to miami, the cone of uncertainty. we're watching this. here's where the uncertainty comes, as we put the two tracks -- that was the national hurricane center track we showed you. here is the u.s. model. it doesn't even make landfall along florida. i makes its way up to the carolinas. the european model brings it across the midsection of florida and then out into the gulf. we don't have consensus yet, and it is still going to be a few days before that happens. the strongest impacts, heavy winds along the eastern end of
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puerto rico. by monday, we've got a very high likelihood of at least tropical force winds into florida. heavy rain, upwards of 5 inches to 8 inches of rain, centr florida. 10 inch or more into puerto rico. guys, this is a very changeable situation, and it is still going to be at least 24 hours before we start to see some consensus. also, as that storm gets closer to florida, it looks like it could start to enlarge. we've got a lot going on right now. >> al, thank you for that, for tracking it. now to the state of emergency in puerto rico as it braces for tsland'first tropical storm since the devastation of hurricane maria just two years ago. nbc's morgan chesky is in san juan for us. good morning, morgan. what are you seeing there now? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. is exactly right. we're feeling the first few bands of tropical storm dorian make their way into san juan with the high winds and overcast skies.
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people very preparing here the last several days. many telling me they learned a tough but necessary lesson with hurricane maria that they don't want to repeat with tropical storm dorian. this morning, puerto ricans on edge, as tropical storm dorian barrels across the caribbean, putting the still recovering island directly in its path. san juan's mayor says the fear here is very real after hurricane maria. do you feel your city is ready? >> we -- we are as ready as you can be. we're definitely much more than we were two years ago. >> reporter: the category four storm knocked out the island's power grid for months and damaged thousands of homes. this time, the city is stocking shelters with food, water, and medical supplies. >> it is ptsd. >> reporter: blue tarps still cover homes island wide. this woman is rebuilding the home she lost to maria. now, she's frightened she could lose it again. residents across florida and along the u.s. east coast are
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also keeping a close eye on dorian. florida recovering from hurricane michael that ravaged parts of the panhandle last october. 2017's hurricane irma damaging sections of south florida. >> everyone should have a stockpile of food and water and medical supplies. you know, we've been through this rodeo before. >> reporter: near orlando, tree trimmers cutting back branches that could become dangerous missiles in high winds. many florida businesses worry dorian might wash out the important labor day weekend. >> people just get nervous, antsy, don't know what's going on. only thing we can do is wait and see and listen to what the weather report says. >> reporter: so far, no signs of mass cancellations yet. right now, this morning, we're starting to see those telltale signs of dorian's arrival. the bending palm trees here on
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the beach in san juan. meanwhile, president trump has declared an emergency declaration for the island of puerto rico to hopefully expedite the emergency services when they need it. back to you guys. >> we can see the winds whipping up behind you. thank you for that. now a potential new threat facing the united states from north korea. is the regime building a dangerous new weapon? nbc's chief foreign correspondent andrea mitchell joins us with details on this story. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. there is new evidence today of what may be a major breakthrough in north korea's nuclear program. a submarine, capable of launching ballistic missiles, that could threaten the u.s. and our allies. a submarine that would be very difficult to detect. these satellite images of a shipyard inside north korea suggest kim jong-un's regime is constructing what could be a new ballistic missile submarine. according to an analysis provided to nbc by two national security experts, the images appear to confirm reports by north korea last month, showing
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kim inspecting what state media called a newly built submarine. the national security experts say the images suggest the regime is preparing for a possible test, it is not clear one is imminent. a sea-based ballistic missile program would mean a significant leap forward for the dictator's nuclear ambitions. >> when they have submarines, they can wander the pacific ocean and get closer to, for example, guam or hawaii. that puts the nuclear tip missiles in range of u.s. forces and hubs. >> reporter: it could also doom u.s. efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. despite three meetings with president trump, kim jong-un has not kept a single commitment to the u.s. even as the president lavishes praise on him. >> kim jong-un, who i have
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gotten to know extremely well, first lady had gotten to know kim jong-un, and i think she'd agree with me, he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential. >> reporter: the white house later clarifying the first lady has never met kim. despite a barrage of north korean short-range missile tests in recent weeks, all banned by u.n. resolutions, the president keeps downplaying the frequent launches. >> short-range missiles, we never made an agreement on that. i have no problem. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: what is now clear is that instead of getting rid of his weapons as he promised when he first met president trump, kim jong-un has used this diplomatic lull to improve and expand his arsenal into what could be his most threatening weapons yet. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. now to the presidential race and a new poll out this morning that could shake things up on the democratic side. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. good morning, peter. where do things stand for the democrats? what are you seeing?
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>> reporter: good morning. the democratic campaign is keeping a really close eye on the new numbers out just this morning. let's show them to you. this is good news for joe biden, the former vp maintaining an 18-point lead among the crowded democratic primary field. that shows biden up to 32% of the voters. elizabeth warren is in second place with 14%. bernie sanders there in third with 12%. the second poll also shows biden at 32%. and sanders at 15%. kamala harris and pete buttigieg filling out the top five in each polls. they erase the idea he was losing after a recent poll showed him, warren and sanders in a virtual three-way tie. >> peter, we know the debate stage is connected, at least in part, to the polls. what does the poll mean for the next debate? who is in? who is out? >> reporter: good question. this poll was critical for
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billionaire steyer and gabbert, both falling short to qualify for next month's debate. there's another national poll due out later this morning. here's what the debate stage looks like, just two weeks ago. here's your top ten with senator amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke, and businessman andrew yang rounding it out. turning to a long-awaited day in court for two dozen of jeffrey epstein's accusers. one by one, they came forward in a new york courtroom to share their stories. stephanie gosk joins us with the latest. steph. good morning. it was powerful. >> certainly was. good morning. the women who issued statements were thankful overall to the
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federal judge for giving them this chance to speak out, but they were also angry and frustrated. >> do i feel his death was an appropriate punishment absolutely not. >> reporter: though jeffrey epstein's suicide denied his accusers justice in a criminal court, they got to speak their minds anyway >> all i'm going to say is today is a day of power and strength >> reporter: accusers were invited by the judge to speak before epstein's case was dismissed. 23 women, 12 of them anonymous, detailed shocking stories of abuse. a woman identified only as jane doe number nine said she was 15 years old when epstein flew her to his new mexico ranch. adding, i was sexually abused for hours. >> all i could say was, no, please, stop >> reporter: outside the courthouse, davies, a former employee, describe td alleged rape by epstein on his private caribbean island. >> i ran as fast as i could to my villa, feet bloody from the rocks. i cried myself to sleep. >> reporter: after the hearing, she sat down with nbc news. >> the justice i needed was for him to hear my words
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no matter what, nothing is ever going to fix that. >> reporter: many of the dramatic court statements focused on calls to bring epstein's alleged co-conspirators to justice maxwell was mentioned by five different women during the hearing as having played a key role in what prosecutors call a sex trafficking ring. >> we need to get to the bottom of everybody who was involved with that, starting with maxwell. >> reporter: maxwell denied the allegations in the past and has not responded publicly since epstein's arrest in july she's not been charged with any crime. virginia giuffre had strong words for britain's prince andrew when asked about his latest statement, denying any role in the scandal. >> he knows exactly what he's done, and i hope he comes clean about it >> reporter: giuffre alleges
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epstein forced her to have sex with the prince when she was 17. prince andrew denied the allegations, saying in part, at no stage during the limited time i spent with him did i see, witness, or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction >> steph, epstein's attorneys were also in the courtroom, as we understand it what, if anything, did they have to say >> well, they took this opportunity to call the timing of epstein's death, in their words, implausible they also raise the theory that he was strangled though a medical examiner determined the cause of death was suicide, they asked the federal judge to look into the issue personally >> stephanie gosk for us thank you. >> thank you for that. the drug company accused of being partly to blame for the nation's opioid crisis appears ready for a settlement purdue pharma and its owner, the sackler family, offered $10 billion to $12 billion the company said, while purdue pharma is prepared to defend itself vigorously in the opioid litigation, the company made clear it sees little good coming from years of wasteful
7:15 am
litigation and appears purdue believes a constructive, global resolution is the best path forward. there's more to get to on this wednesday morning, including a new warning for residents of several states where mosquitos are spreading a very rare but extremely deadly virus. nbc's morgan radford is following this one for us. morgan, good morning. >> good rning. it is known as triple e, and it is deadlier than west nile virus, killing 30% of the people who contract it. infected mosquitos have been found in michigan and massachusetts. residents are told to stay indoors, starting at dusk. >> reporter: it is a deadly virus spreading to many states
7:16 am
>> she's fighting. that's all she can do now. >> reporter: officials in michigan are on high alert after a 14-year-old girl, savannah dehart, contracted eee from a mosquito >> i watched my daughter almost check out, we'll say, is the word we're using right now. >> reporter: michigan is investigating three other suspected cases there, as well while in massachusetts, nearly 30 communities are at critical risk health officials are warning residents to avoid any outdoor activity between dusk and dawn with many cities announcing curfews and cancelling events. the disease is only spread by mosquitos, killing around 30% of those affected many survivors suffering severe neurological damage. >> if they have that infection of the brain known as encephalitis, they may not act like their normal well, be confused, have a seizure, or sometimes be unresponsive. >> reporter: initial symptoms
7:17 am
include fever, headache, stiff neck, and lack of energy, before the person falls into a coma right now, there is no vaccine, direct treatment, or cure for the virus. laurie sylvia, a mother and wife, died over the weekend, a confirmed case of triple e. >> she was a sweetheart. never find a nicer person in the whole world. >> reporter: the family told "today" they are devastated and heartbroken, saying in a statement, in part, heaven has gained the most selfless, beautiful, genuine human being the family now joining state officials in warning neighbors cities spray pesticides from airplanes, trucks, and by hand leaving many residents on edge >> we are frightened it is like playing russian roulette when you go out >> according to her mother, that little girl we mentioned, savannah, is still in the hospital this morning, back on a ventilator and using a feeding
7:18 am
tube now, her mother says she's strong she's a fighter. she has a heart of gold. now, her community is raising money for her medical expenses meanwhile, officials in connecticut and new hampshire, delaware, they're all on high alert this morning because they've actually found mosquitos carrying the disease in the states >> it's scary. >> a lot to take in, especially in the summertime on the east coast. you wouldn't expect it. >> keep us posted. now to 15-year-old tennis sensation coco gauff she made her u.s. open debut yesterday, right here in new york she faced off against 18-year-old russian potapova gauff fell behind early, dropping the first set, but she rallied to take the next two in a row, picking up the opening round victory. it was awesome gauff will be back in action tomorrow on the men's side, three-time open champion rafael nadal was in action, beating the australian, john millman, in straight sets.
7:19 am
i'd never been to the u.s. open. i got to go yesterday. >> yeah. >> cool. >> it was a pinch me moment. there i am with chris jansing, my friend and pal at msnbc we had the best afternoon. we saw naomi osaka win coco gauff later in the afternoon, i watched her on tv if the two of them keep winning, they'll face off in the third round. >> fun fact, by the way, regarding kristen welker. >> what is that? >> played tennis. >> oh. >> played in high school that's right doubles. undefeated for one season, by the way. very proud of that it was neat to be there yesterday to see tennis at that level, by the way. al roker did not play tennis. >> no. watched tennis very good viewer of tennis let's show you your forecast around the rest of the country heavy rain moving into the northeast. that's due to tropical storm erin, which we'll talk about fire dangers out west, and more wet weather through the southwest. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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7:21 am
>> that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you. ahead, lori loughlin and her husband in court over the massive college admissions cheating scandal the stern warning they were given by the judge about their defense. also ahead, former nfl star rob gronkowski getting emotional as he talked about the injuries that led to his early retirement where he is now employed trying to get sports leagues to allow players to use cbd first, this is "today" on nbc.
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plus - all levi's 40 to 50% off! plus - take $10 off your $25 purchase!... plus - get $5 kohl's cash for every $25 spent!... plus - free amazon returns now at all kohl's stores! labor day weekend - at kohl's. a good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm i'm laura garcia. police in campbell investigating what led up to an overnight sanning san i stabbing at a gas station at the shell station on east hamilton just offof highway 17. in the last hour, police gave us an update. two cars pulled into the station at the same time. the drivers got into a heated argument. one man chased the other back outside stabbing him multiple times before taking off in his car. the victim is expected to survive. we don't know if police identified a suspect or motive.
7:27 am
night now the forecast with meterologist kari hall. >> our typical weather pattern with fog and drizzle in san francisco to start and this will clear throughout the day but also feeling very humid as we go into the afternoon, our inland temperatures reaching still very hot, reaching 90 degrees in livermore. it's going to feel warmer than the temperature, with san jose up to 87 degrees. 77 will be the high in oakland and 79 in santa rosa. the rest of the forecast will dry out and our temperatures come down a few more degrees for the weekend. how is it looking on the roads now, mike? >> kari, this shot is thinning out a little bit over the last few. north 101 through san jose, 680. 280 travels north from there in the middle of the screen it is slowing around the 17 interchange, and the volume builds there. bottom of your screen 85 and 87, slowdown as well. recovery north 101 for mill wray and sfo. the crash did clear and finally
7:28 am
a little bit of recovery there, slowing through berkeley, but the earlier crash cleared at powell. no problem. back to you. >> thanks so much. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
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back at 7:30 now with what could be a significant new step toward manned missions to mars that is starhopper, an experimental rocket ship from elon musk's spacex completing a successful test launch and landing in texas. musk's goal is to eventually use a larger successor dubbed starship to transport up to 100 people to the moon and mars. would you go would you get in starhopper? >> no, thank you i'd like to hear how it goes if you went >> don't have to worry about that either. all right. now to today's other headlines puerto rico is bracing this
7:31 am
morning for tropical storm dorian, expected to make landfall there in the next few hours. schools will be closed today, and public workers have been instructed to stay home. dorian will be packing 70-mile-per-hour winds, up to 6 inches of rain is expected in some parts the storm could reach the east coast of florida by monday depending on its exact path. al is tracking dorian. he'll have the very latest in a few minutes for us. also breaking overnight, 23 people were killed, more than a dozen others hurt during a bar fire in the mexican state. it may have started from gasoline bombs the search is on for the suspect. the governor suggested a gang dispute was involved in the attack. we have an important recall to tell you about now just as kids head back to school 5.7 million of the kids cleanable water bottles are being recalled the silicon spout can detach,
7:32 am
posing a potential choking hazard the black base and black cover are the ones affected. they were sold at walmart, costco, and other stores natiwide parents are to contact the company for a free replacement. now the college admissions scandal. lori loughlin and her husband are one step closer to trial after an appearance on tuesday in federal court in boston nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer was inside the boston courtroom and is with us in the studio this morning good to see you. >> good morning. it was just under an hour. the actress and her husband next to each other, agreeing to share a legal team, though it is typically advised to take individual counsel this as we learn more about the legal strategy the couple may take >> reporter: walking hand in hand into federal court, hollywood star lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband, giannulli, looked serious, subdued, and businesslike.
7:33 am
a glaring difference from the last time loughlin was here. she stopped to smile and greet fans sworn in together on tuesday, the couple sat side by side, answering a series of yes and no questions, presenting a united legal front. the pair will use the same defense team, telling the judge they see no conflicts of interest as their case moves toward trial facing the possibility of years behind bars, after turning down a plea deal, the celebrity couple is accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into college through a side door. in court, their attorney saying they did not know the money was being used to bribe college officials. prosecutors say olivia jade and isabella posed as crew recruits, though neither girl rode competitively or planned to at usc. >> i don't care about school, as
7:34 am
you all know. >> reporter: olivia jade, an influencer with a massive social media follower, and isabella remain enrolled in school as the university conducts its own investigation. two years ago, loughlin spoke to page 6 about the pressures of getting her children into college. >> i never push my kids -- i say, do the best you can i was never that -- my husband, too, their dad, we were never, like, you have to get straight as we were never those parents. >> reporter: with loughlin potentially facing a long road ahead, felicity huffman will learn her fate next month. after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, the hollywood star accepted a plea deal for a reduced, recommended sentence huffman could get four to six months in prison loughlin could be sentenced to years if convicted, according to federal guidelines a real-life legal drama starring two big hollywood names.
7:35 am
>> miguel, we understand that felicity huffman and lori loughlin are looking at wildly different sentences. what's the difference between the cases? >> huffman pleaded guilty, looking for leniency loughlin is fighting the charges. prosecutors say she could face years behind bars. >> risky strategy. >> gamble indeed miguel, thank you. we want to switch gears and get a check of the weather with al we know you've been tracking dorian, but also another tropical storm, erin >> that's right. we told you about this yesterday. tropical depression number six now, it's become a full blown tropical depression. doesn't look to be making landfall it is moving north/northwest at 6 miles per hour however, the moisture from this
7:36 am
is heading up ahead of it, and it is going to be reinforced by this cold front that is pushing toward the east coast. the tropical moisture comes up here you can see erin pushing through. gets caught up in the cold front and moves off. in the meantime, it'll bring heavy rain, especially to the northeast and new england. by thursday, some areas could pick up 4 to 5 inches of rain. lesser amounts from 0.25 inch to 0.50 inch of rain along the 95 corridor fire danger out west more wet weather alongside the same front down through texas. that's what' good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a few more clouds moving through right now over the south bay, and looking a little hazy outside, as we start out with some low 60s and we're headed up to 87 degrees. expect another humid day with some passing clouds and our inland temperatures reaching into the low 90s. we are going to have a bit of a cooldown after today, with a high of 86 degrees expected tomorrow, and then as we lead into the weekend, we'll gradually warm up, going into sunday, with a high of 91. >> that's your latest weather. guys, in the next half hour, we have the update from the
7:37 am
national hurricane center at 8:00. >> oh, good. >> we'll look for that al, thank you. just ahead, is it time for you to forget three square meals a day? the newly revealed benefits of intermittent fasting and ways to make it work with your diet. we'll explain. then the clothing rental craze that promises to have you wearing designer fashions at discount prices. you could be surprised at who is jumping on the trend. do you know the song of the summer maybe not. the song that may not sit well with hoda. gronk's next chapter the beloved nfl's surprising support for cbd, as he gets candid about the injuries that derailed his career. we'll have that after these messages i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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which.... would be helpful.... right... about... now.... yeah, if you want all that, switch to chromebook. back now with in-depth today, as carson daly joins the table. >> you can add rob gronkowski's name to the growing list of sports stars voicing support behind the benefits of cannabis and cbd. joe fryer has more on this morning, joe what is this about >> after sustaining hit after hit on the football field and hockey ice, some pro athletes are taking a different hit for their pain hits of cannabis from cbd to oils, many are embracing it for recovery and mental well-being.
7:43 am
>> reporter: for pro athletes, it is the latest weapon in tackling chronic pain, cannabis. >> i'm advocating for cbd to be acceptable for all players to use for recovery. >> reporter: five-time pro bowler and retired patriot star rob gronkowski spoke out about cbd, the cannabis extract that does not make you high the beloved player known by fans as gronk and famous for his party boy persona, now teaming with the cbd products company, saying cbd healed his pain from nine brutal seasons of injuries and surgeries. >> first time in more than a decade, i am pain free and that is a big deal >> reporter: at times getting emotional about the pain the game has caused. >> i want to be clear to my fans, i needed to recover. i was not in a good place. football was bringing me down. i didn't like it i was losing that joy in life, like the joy i'm sorry right now, but oh,
7:44 am
dang, i mean, oh i really was >> reporter: gronk is not alone. >> it saved my life actually >> reporter: retired detroit red wings superstar and four-time stanley cup winner darren mccarty says after a career of endless impacts and brawls, he turned to alcohol and pills to treat his pain then a friend introduced his to weed mccarty said smoking pot and using cbd products has changed his life forever. >> i don't crave alcohol i was able to sleep so i didn't need anything -- any pills or anything like that. >> reporter: he joins a growing league of retired sports stars investing in companies selling cannabis products. >> just apply at the source of pain >> reporter: laws on cbd oil vary from state to state, but medicinal use of marijuana is legal in 33 states while experts say pot can have harmful health effects, smaller
7:45 am
studies show weed and cbd are effective in reducing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, and helping those addicted to opioids get off the drugs. >> there's no question that it's the future of medicine it's the future of sports medicine. >> reporter: former philly flyers star said cbd helped his brain recover from multiple concussions on the ice now, he's started a non-profit called athletes for care to promote the benefits of cannabis in sports. >> we're taking care of our players? the answer is no we have to change that >> reporter: most pro leagues ban the use of pot and cbd, but the nfl says it is reconsidering them as pain management therapies. as for gronkowski, he says the treatment is a game-changer. >> now, you can just call me mr. recovery you know you like that name. mr. recovery, baby >> reporter: the world anti-doping agency, which tests olympic and world cup athletes for drugs, has lifted its
7:46 am
prohibition on cbd, but the u.s. anti-doping agency still bans it it is important to note the fda does not regulate the purity of cbd in products, so even if the label says cbd infused, you may not know exactly what you're getting. back to you. >> fascinating joe, thank you for that. amazing how many athletes are getting on the cbd bandwagon. >> you use it sometimes. >> i've used it for a bad hip. i think -- >> did it work >> -- i had good results you know, i don't know whether it is a placebo or not >> on the pga tour, for instance, the players' usage of cbd is up a lot, but the tour officials, you know, are a little cautious about that, as everybody tries to figure out the wild, wild west of cbd, if there is thc in there or not a lot to come. >> clearly something happening, and fascinating to see gronkowski get to emotional talking about it. >> by the way, gronk also did not rule out a return to football. >> patriots fans are cheering about all of this.
7:47 am
>> mr. recovery. up next, we have big news about the new season of "saturday night live." which stars will be sticking around, and who it looks like might be moving on first, these messages. ensure max protein.
7:48 am
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turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. we are back now at 7:50 with word of a big change over at "saturday night live." >> the show has served as a launching pad for countless careers. with the 45th season weeks away,
7:51 am
one of the most recognizable stars has apparently taken her final bow. >> live from new york, it's saturday night >> a major shakeup on the "saturday night live" stage. >> hello >> reporter: leslie jones, one of "snl's" most popular cast members, is reportedly calling it quits. >> everybody is balling on the upper east side. >> reporter: the emmy-nominee is said to be leaving the iconic show and shifting her focus to stand-up comedy and film projects jones kicked off her "snl" career as a writer in 2014 before entertaining audiences in front of the camera. >> i spent all summer getting my body in a serena shape, so i'm going to play serena on tv >> reporter: keeping us in stitches with her dynamite delivery >> you are a gwn ass man >> reporter: jones' apparent
7:52 am
departure, which has not been confirmed by the comedian or the show, comes just weeks before "snl" kicks off its highly-anticipated 45th season two-time emmy winner kate mckinnon is officially coming back for her eighth season. >> you were making pottery with patrick swayze, meanwhile, beetlejuice got me on one of the byrd scooters. >> reporter: great characters and impressions promise to bring even more laughs ♪ the memory >> reporter: while mckinnon and the rest of the cast get ready for primetime, "snl's" first batch of hosts and musical guests are already making a splash comedy icon eddie murphy, who rose to superstardom as a cast member in the '80s, is returning to studio 8h in december, hosting the show for the first time in 35 years >> all right >> reporter: while superstar
7:53 am
artists like taylor swift, camilla cabello, and billie eilish will all be performing as the show goes live from new york again. >> if you're worried about not seeing leslie jones on "snl," see her on the big screen. she'll star with eddie murphy on "coming to america 2." >> a game show. >> indie projects, one with kristen bell and one with chris rock great for her career. >> boy, will i miss her on saturday nights. i love her fantastic. ahead, shocking video of a rhino rampage, after your local news you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
7:54 am
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good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56, we are seeing fog and drizzle in san francisco, but away from the coast, skies are clearing and our temperatures are starting to warm up. we're headed to 87 degrees in san jose, with a high of 90 expected in livermore. 91 in concord and 96 in clearlake. it will feel hot when you add in the humidity. the drier air will recur tomorrow with a high of 86 degrees in some of our warmer spots and more weather like that leading into the first part of the weekend. san francisco upper 60s today for that high temperature reaching 70 tomorrow. low 70s into the weekend. weuld s a little bit more sunshine but at times the clouds and the fog start out the day into the combination of the next week. let's get an update on the commute from mike.
7:57 am
>> we're holding steady in most spots. san jose has seen a lot of traffic, north 101 and north 87 so we are really kicking in on the south county area and in toward san jose, the al maden valley as well, typical timing, we're watching things sort themselves out. over here slow down the upper east shore freeway. improvement from speeds richmond, san pablo down to the berkeley curve and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza which look at this live picture getting better, holding steady with lighter traffic on the left approach and the overcrossing there. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, police investigating an overnight stabbing at a campbell gas station that sent one man to the hospital. police say the victim and his attacker first got into some kind of fight inside the mini part. the victim survived. a link to details on our twitter feed. tropical storm dorian appears to be on a direct path across puerto rico, still recovering from president maria. president trump approved a state
7:58 am
of emergency. we're tracking dorian which forecasters should make landfall any time now. another update in half an hour. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, on the move residents of puerto rico bracing for tropical storm dorian as it heads toward the u.s. >> everyone should have a stockpile of food and water and medical supplies you know, we've been through this rodeo before. >> al is here with the latest on the storm's path and just how bad it could be. plus, the fast and the curious. what a new study is revealing about the benefits of intermittent fasting the dieting craze everyone is talking about. so how does it work, and is it right for you? and song of the summer the biggest hit of the season has been revealed.
8:01 am
it may not be what you think ♪ yeah, i want to take my horse to the old town road ♪ >> today, wednesday, august 28th, 2019 ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> here celebrating our 20th anniversary. >> from alabama. >> to my sister in ontario. >> love you, auntie nana. >> hi to our friends in spokane, washington. ♪ i'm a sucker for all the subliminal things ♪ >> hi to our daughters. >> in lincoln, nebraska. >> hi from missouri. i want to wish my wife a very happy golden 26th birthday. >> 70th birthday >> welcome back to "today. we have kristen welker with us on a wednesday morning while savannah enjoys some time off. hoda wraps up her final week of maternity leave. can't wait for the entire "today" family to be reunited. it'll happen less than a week
8:02 am
from now, tuesday, september 3rd. >> cannot wait for that. >> band is back together. >> it'll be a little like back to school. >> yes. >> speaking of which, back to school, you took your son, del, to kindergarten for the first day. >> my wife and i. >> how was that? >> did it yesterday. there's the picture. >> awe. >> had a blast he loved it. had a great first day. was very excited about getting on the school bus. >> couple tears? >> tell them what you did. >> i'm not going to tell them. >> tell them what you did. >> i may have followed the school bus. >> just a few blocks. >> to make sure he got there okay. >> good dad. >> yeah. >> couple tears? >> maybe a few mom and dad. >> what a great day. >> thank you for that. thank you, al roker, for yet again embarrassing me on national television. >> it's what i do. puerto rico this morning in the bull's eye, and florida could be next, as tropical storm dorian builds toward hurricane strength al, what are we looking at now
8:03 am
i think we just got coordinates, right? >> the latest on dorian, it is currently a tropical storm 60-mile-per-hour winds 60 miles southeast of saint croix. moving northwest at 13 miles per hour as you look at the radar, you can see those rain bands are starting to make their way into puerto rico. here's the track of the storm. it comes across the eastern end of puerto rico sometime this afternoon, then continues on into the atlantic. by friday, it becomes a category one storm. it enlarges and becomes stronger by the time we get to early monday morning, labor day morning. it's a category two storm. look at the cone of uncertainty, from savannah to miami this is the official national hurricane track. now, we're going to put the european model and the american model in if you look at that, the american model curves up and then makes landfall in north carolina we're going to put the two models in. if you look at this, the american model comes up and makes landfall in north carol a carolina the european model comes across a little further south of the national hurricane track and out into the gulf.
8:04 am
we don't have consensus yet, so we're going to have to watch this over the next several days and wait for the models to try to converge. we've got the risk of strong winds from puerto rico all the way to the florida coastline rainfall upwards of 10 inches in parts of puerto rico and upwards of 8 or more into central parts of florida guys, we still have a lot of indecision about this. we're just going to continue to watch the models as they progress. >> al, thank you for that. there is growing concern this morning north korea may be building a submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles national security experts analyzed photos of a shipyard inside north korea they appear to confirm north korean media reports of a newly built submarine inspected by leader kim jong-un just last month. sea-based missiles would be a significant escalation of the threat north korea poses to the u.s. and its allies. department of veterans affairs is investigating as many as 11 suspicious deaths at a va hospital in west virginia. one death has been ruled a homicide
8:05 am
82-year-old veteran mcdermott died days after being admitted to the va medical center in clarksburg in a claim filed last week, his family says mcdermott and others died from wrongful injections of insulin into their abdomens. west virginia senator joe manchin says a person of interest is under investigation. the misconduct doesn't involve any current employees at the medical center. now, a rhinoceros rampage caught on camera the rhino charges the employee's car, as you see here, using its powerful horns and body to flip it several times it is not clear what enraged the animal, but the officials say he arrived for a breeding program and is still adjusting to his environment. >> maybe the breeding isn't going well.
8:06 am
>> adjusting is an understatement we could use a little morning boost. ready? >> let's do it. >> family reunions are where old ties are renewed and new memories are created, right? well, this dad, his family held a summer reunion in illinois he holds her there, helps her hover around the dance floor she's learning to dance before she can even walk. just when you think it can't get cuter, he cuddles her into his arms and getting into fancier moves there. >> daddy's little girl, for sure. >> yeah. >> that's adorable she's going to be a great dancer once she starts walking. all right. just ahead, is intermittent fasting the ultimate recipe for long-term health the benefits just revealed, and ways that you can take advantage of that trend. also, why it could be a while before we see ed sheeran back on stage. first, these messages.
8:07 am
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♪make u say oh my god my drop drop♪ ♪make your jaw drop we are back with today's talker, as we welcome natalie morales. >> hi, guys. good to be with you. >> good to see you >> this is a big talker here we're talking about the newly revealed benefits of intermittent fasting. >> that's right. focus more on when you eat instead of what you eat. it's exploded in popularity across the country a study shows it can help with brain health nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres is here with more good morning. >> good morning. >> dr. john, good to see you >> this is a big talker. >> i have so many friends doing this i haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet. before we talk about it, let's get a big picture sense of this. there are three categories of intermittent fasting. >> you don't eat for a while, then you eat for a smaller time period, and that helps with the health benefits. there are three big ones
8:13 am
main one, 16/8 fast for 16 hours, eat for 8 hours. the next is 5/2. five days a week, you eat normally two days a week, they have to be separated, you fast. the one they studied was 36/12, the most extreme one. >> what? >> eat for 12 hours and fast for 36 hours that's the one that showed health benefits. the others do, as well. >> when you say fast for 36 hours, that means no food but you can drink tea and coffee >> right as they said, you can drink no calorie beverages, water, tea, coffee, to help you through the time period. most people say the first week or so is the hard part, to adjust to this once they get past the first week, they tend to do better, and it is natural for them it cuts down on the hunger and the hunger hormones. >> you talk about the health benefits besides the calorie and, obviously, people losing weight on this, what are some of the other things they saw? >> the study found it can control your blood sugar it can keep your blood pressure
8:14 am
under control, as well >> wow. >> it helped with weight loss and reducing your body fat importantly, people think that if you fast on the time when you can eat, you'll eat a lot. it actually helped control hunger that was one of the important findings they had out of the whole thing. the study also found it helped with thyroid hormones and brain health, like you were talking about. bdnp, it increased that hormone, which is what keeps your brain healthy. >> is this a fad diet, a weight loss thing, or is it in the health sector for a new lifestyle? >> i think it is a new lifestyle situation. the reason they looked into this is for cultural or religious reasons, people have been fasting for centuries. they found out during those periods, they're getting some healthy parameters they said, let's see what happens with intermittent fasting. if you can do it continuously, it can really help you out strictions, which are normal diets. you can get the same benefit, but people have a harder time doing that this, you don't have to count
8:15 am
calories or eat specific food. >> when you are eating, can i eat whatever i want? >> popeye's and -- >> 10,000 calories. >> i talked to a researcher in the field, and she said the main thing is you don't want to pig out on the time you can eat. >> right. >> try to eat as healthy as you can, and make sure you're eating healthy foods. but they let the people in the research just eat whatever they want to. it turns out, they ate 37% less calories than they would have normally, and they ate healthier foods. >> does it work for long-term weight loss? can you keep this going? >> it can work for long-term weight loss if you can keep it going. the 36/12 is harder to do. if people would restrict their eating to 10 to 12 hours a day, that'd help them out a lot. >> good takeaway right there that's manageable. >> i eat in my sleep though. this will be very difficult. >> i was going to say, i fast between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. hours of the "today" show. appreciate it.
8:16 am
mr. roker, another check of the forecast >> food-o-clock. in florida and the rest of the country, we have heavy rain in the northeast. fire danger out west sunshine through the plains. that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san jose as the skies clear. we are also feeling a little bit more humidity than we're used to and it's still going to be a muggy day, reaching into the 80s with our high temperature starting to come down. we'll have high temperatures in the inland east bay, as well as the north bay. reaching up to 96 in clear lake while san francisco stays in the upper 60s. going to the forecast, we'll start to see much cooler temperatures with a drop in humidity by the weekend. baby boom. the birthrate in this country has reached a new low. >> that's right. natalie, you've been exploring the reasons why. >> yes, guys
8:17 am
from beer to breakfast cereal, real estate to relationship, millenials, it turns out, are changing things up across the board. the latest, they're getting the blame for the declining birthrate. why are millenials putting off having children? we spoke to a few of them to find out >> i thought i'd be married with kids at 25 i'm now 27 the thought of having children honestly scares me. >> reporter: it is a familiar idea for many millenials today a new study shows birthrates fell for nearly all age groups of women under 35. with fertility in america at a 32-year low. jonathan, susan, mike, heidi, and julie, all millenials, ages 27 to 37, and all are in relationships, choosing for kids to come later. why? one reason, millenials are drowning in debt they have a staggering total debt that exceeds $1 trillion. 27-year-old heidi is one of them. >> i graduated college in 2014 with a ton of student loans. i'm still paying them off. so even thinking of, you know,
8:18 am
getting married in my early 20s, i've been with someone for five years. we have to have a lot of money to get married and buy a home. you have to have a lot of money to raise a kid. >> reporter: is it scary with all that debt? >> it is scary to have a kid, not knowing when i can pay for a home, pay off the student loans. it is pushing me back. >> reporter: many millenials are focusing on their careers first, like 29-year-old jonathan. it seems like career has been a big part of your life right now, too. jonathan, you're an entrepreneur, you know, delaying getting married perhaps even and having children. >> absolutely. it's been a hugely influential choice that i made eight years ago that influences my choices today. both as i think about the financial situation, lifestyle choices. >> everybody tells me things change when i have kids, and i
8:19 am
believe them. >> reporter: susan and mike married four years ago but are holding off on starting a family. >> reporter: has that been a pressure for you, thinking about children and next phase of life? >> i feel like we considered it briefly shortly after we got married, and we were like, let's enjoy being married and enjoy our time together. maybe we'll do the kid thing, and when the time came for us to assess, like, okay, let's do the kid thing, we were both like, it's good right now. we're enjoying each other, enjoying life. >> reporter: these millenials say, no surprise, social media plays a role julie, who is 35, feels the pressure from multiple angles. >> i think in one way, like some people experience instagram like fomo, fear of missing out, by looking at pictures of people's kids and being like, i'm behind. i need to get on that. some people experience it like, oh, so and so is on a tropical vacation, and they're working abroad they left their job, and they're freelancing. i feel like it kind of works in both ways. you're seeing the people who are like, i want a kid, or you're like, i want an adventure. >> a third-party looking into the friends on the apps, there
8:20 am
is a tendency to have children later on in life because you're always swiping for the next potential fit. maybe that's the perfect one maybe that's the perfect one if you're not willing to settle down with anyone specifically because you always think the next one is going to be even better, that'll push back your timeline, as well. >> reporter: once they are ready, will it be worth the wait do you feel you all will be better parents when you do have children, or if you have children, because you waited >> i'm not done growing. i'm still developing i think that if i'm able to consciously choose when i have children, i'll have more to give i started this whole new career, and i kind of have to flush it out and see how far i can go i think if i interrupted that right now, i'd have that nagging sense of, did i leave something on the table >> i agree with what susan said here for me, it is very much, there
8:21 am
are promises i made to myself, and i feel like if i give up on those too soon, i will live with that question mark. >> maybe i'll backpack the world with my kid under my arm, but probably not for me, making sure it is something i am ready for and i want, and i've accomplished some of the things that aren't feasible necessarily with a child. >> i want to make sure when i have a child, everything is as perfect as it can be i'll thank myself in the future because i'll be able to build that and plan and be conscious about having a kid >> as you can see, a well-spoken, thoughtful group of people we rented the apartment space from susan and mike, not knowing they'd be perfect for this, because they are choosing to wait until they have their family we invited them to be a part of our discussion, as well. as you see, a lot of them are hamstringed by debt. that's a big concern. >> yeah. >> they feel they can't really live their lives until they're in their 30s already at that point, that's when they feel like, okay, i've worked on myself, then it is time to start my family. >> fascinating conversation. it makes sense in terms of the debt >> they feel they have more options when it comes to
8:22 am
fertility advances and adoption. a lot of them said, we'd be open to adopting. >> that's great. >> it is great. >> you have to wonder where we are 10, 15 years from now. if this is where we are now. >> what the grandparents are saying about all of it. >> they're putting the pressure on for sure. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you, natalie. >> stick around. we're going to get something else out of you later on. >> geez. >> what is happening [ laughter ] >> i'll give you everything i've got, craig how about pop start? >> you want to handle pop start, nat mo you can do al's weather. go to the control room and direct the whole thing >> you're good >> ed sheeran. he has been on a massive world tour, the divide tour. ♪ i'm on my way ♪ driving at 90 down those country lanes ♪ >> now, after two and a half years and six continents, ed sheeran is closing out the huge
8:23 am
tour, but not without breaking an impressive record reporting his world tour is the highest grossing world tour of all time. think about that $775 million it brought in that beats the record holder, u2 u2 had it, and ed beat it by over $40 million what is ed doing next? probably sleep, i'd imagine. >> yeah. >> he reportedly is going to be taking a well-deserved break, spending time with his wife. great for ed. >> fantastic. next up, spotify's song of the summer you'd think it'd be a no-brainer, right? i imagined lil naz's "old town road" would be it. we loved it. we hated it. record on billboard. spotify's data is saying, apparently, this is the song of the summer ♪ i love it when you call me senorita ♪ ♪ i wish i could pretend i
8:24 am
didn't need ya ♪ >> couple glasses of wine, natalie morales, this is your karaoke go-to jam. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. shawn mendez and camilla cabello. spotify saying it is the most streamed song worldwide this summer they counted it june 1st to august 20th. "old town road's" success wasn't necessarily counted in that. nick jonas' wife wasn't at the vma awards when the jonas brothers won their award in the picture, you see his brothers with their wives. nick was sitting there not leaving her man hanging,ed image to instagram priyanka posted this, i'm always with you
8:25 am
check out this duet of tim mcgraw and his daughter, gracie. "what kind of fool." apart ♪ ♪ leaving me pain and ♪ >> wow >> holy moly. >> what a great song haven't heard it in years. >> that's a hard song. >> how good is she >> girl has pipes. >> he added the caption, dang, this girl can sing looks like gracie could definitely get into the family business >> i'd say so. amazing. >> get her on the "voice." get some chairs turning. >> great pop start a lot of everything. >> thanks, buddy i try. ahead, the growing trend of renting your everyday wardrobe midland performing live on
8:26 am
the plaza. first, your local news good morning, 8:26. i'm marcus washington. fremont police are investigating e a deadly accident near auto mall parkway. they're advising people to avoid that area. that's where a man struck and killed a boy on a bicycle. police are not providing details on exactly what happened, but we do know the driver of the car stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. shortly after the accident, police say they expect to run detours through that area until at least 9:00 this morning, maybe even longer.
8:27 am
mike is tracking the traffic around there. >> if you have a service appointment, you're able to get to those auto appointments but watch the activity. south 101 right where our camera is, the crash again moved to the shoulder. that's the only one we found with our camera there. the metering lights still on but started to ease a little bit in walnut creek and oakland. steady with slowing through san jose but not as severe. starting to push over into cupertino and santa clara. back to you. >> we'll have more coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back at 8:30 on a wednesday morning. august 28th, 2019. we've stepped outside to join the crowd on the plaza in rockefeller center we lost somewhere. where did natalie go >> i told her to do something.
8:31 am
>> i'm riding in like a prom queen. i'm with the band, midland, of course, taking a little detour from their grammy nominee. joining us for a quick little spin on our plaza. giving us a great performance today, as well we're excited. this is amazing. you know how to come in in style, for sure. >> that's what we do >> you know how to treat a lady. that's for sure, guys. they're going to give us a performance on the plaza coming up >> love it >> that's going to be fantastic. >> ready for a crowd moment? >> got one for us? >> i'm looking for jodie and dave from birmingham birmingham, michigan hey there, guys. >> hi. >> welcome. >> good to see you >> good to see you this is your 15th anniversary? >> yes. >> celebrating on the plaza.
8:32 am
>> billie joel tonight. >> very good i also understand that, dave, she has a crush on somebody. >> yes, she does >> who >> mr. carson daly. >> well, nothing says 15th anniversary than carson daly. >> nice to see you. >> nice to meet you. >> dave wants a picture of the two of you together. >> thanks for being here pleasure to see you. >> such a pleasure thank you so much. i've loved you since trl >> i'm blushing. thank you. >> get in there, carson. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you going to see billie joel >> if you get out to la, i'll give you my seat to "the voice." >> love to. >> happy anniversary. >> get your information, and you can hang with blake and i backstage. >> that'd be great >> nice to meet you. >> you, too. >> it is a great 15th, isn't it? >> congratulations >> that was nice, carson. >> my pleasure. >> making dreams come true out here on the plaza. well, that was great also ahead, the trick to expand your wardrobe without needing extra closet space we'll explore the clothing rental trend that has customers signing up in droves. >> this has become all the rage. >> yes. then a wellness expert who has had to overcome a lot is
8:33 am
here to teach us about the power of green she has good, creative ways. if you have kids, you need to find creative ways to sneak more veggies into their diet. >> timely advice. on the third hour of "today," how lego is turning one man's idea into a reality, and it could be something that is really going to be a huge game-changer for a lot of kids >> that's one to watch for parents. al, first a check of the weather though >> let's show you what we have going on we're talking about refreshing and less humid air from the plains down into texas, with temperatures dropping below average. in fact, from rapid city, buffalo, down to nashville, tomorrow on into springfield, temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees below average. temperatures are nice and mild really right into the weekend. duluth all the way to st. louis. cincinnati in the 80s. same in d.c. and providence. that's what's going on around the coun good morning, i'm
8:34 am
meteorologist kari hall. we have some drizzle coming down now in san francisco. and this will linger for a little while longer with the fog near the coast and high temperatures in the upper 60s. across the bay more sunshine in oakland with a high of 77 and reaching 90 in livermore. san jose up to 87 and some hot and humid weather across the bay area. the humidity drops tomorrow, our temperatures come down a few more degrees and a nice start to this holiday weekend. >> that's your latest weather. mr. melvin >> like the hat, by the way. and the vacation goatee. >> i don't know how long it'll last coming up in a few minutes here, guys, inside the booming business of clothing rental. we'll give you a firsthand look at the hottest trend in fashion. now major retailers are jumping on board, as well. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back this morning on today style, one of the hottest trends in fashion, and it could save you a lot of money nbc's kristen dahlgren is here to explain. >> morning, guys for millenials and gen z, owning your stuff is last season. why buy when you can rent everything from home decower to decorto clothing >> reporter: call it the world's biggest closet close to a million pieces of clothing, everything from shirts and skirts to dresses and denim that anyone, anywhere in the country, can borrow for a fee. >> this is like some mythical dream closet here. >> it is incredible. we think of it as willy wonka for clothes. >> reporter: welcome to rent the runway's 250,000 square foot warehouse, just minutes outside new york city. how do you keep track of all of this
8:38 am
>> the incredible technology powers this facility. >> reporter: the company coo. >> everybody has a custom id that helps us track where it is. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of garments, sizes 0 to 22, processed, cleaned, and shipped out to customers around the country. >> it's fun to think about all of the places these clothes are going to go. and all of the women that are going to get to wear them. >> if these clothes could talk, right? >> exactly >> reporter: rent the runway isn't talking about how many times each piece is worn but making sure it is perfect before it goes out again is key to business turnaround takes just one day. >> what if someone wears it, it tears slightly, they spill coffee on it, what happens >> most rips or stains or tears we can repair. there is no stain that we have not yet encountered. >> reporter: it is part of a proprietary system with special
8:39 am
cleaning solutions they've developed for anything >> there's world-class spotters. it is an art of detecting what a stain is and figuring out the right cleaning method. >> reporter: i heard this is the world's biggest dry cleaning facility >> we think we are the world's largest dry cleaner. no one has challenged us on this yet. >> reporter: there are challenges from other companies. retailers like ann taylor express and urban outfitters inc. offering rentals. the industry could reach $4.4 billion by 2028. armoire started three years ago. data and technology drive purchases. >> we drive to watch what is trending in our inventory. it is really important to us that we focus on what she wants versus what fashion is telling us is cool. >> reporter: today, the seattle startup has thousands of customers, ages 17 to 87 >> on average, about 15 different women will wear a single piece of clothing anything that is non-reparable and doesn't look new before it
8:40 am
gets packed gets pulled. we donate it >> reporter: it is not just women getting in on the rental game companies like thread tread, the mister collection, and the black tux, offering men monthly subscriptions. what many see as a culture shift. how are things changing with the way people own or don't own? >> really access is the new ownership. and the ability to have freedom and really kind of remove that burden of ownership, i think, is a appealing. >> three of urnial would rather spend money on experiences. full disclosure, a lot of us here use the rentals. >> i use black tux when i go to the emmys. >> it is perfect. >> perfect. >> exactly. >> wait, is that a service that provides dress clothes for men >> yes
8:41 am
black tux does a month by but also do one off. i did a tux. it is delivered. they send it it is so easy. you send it right back, and it is not in your closet. >> the future is here. >> it is access. >> this is what people are doing. >> access is the new ownership. >> great for young professionals. >> i like it. >> thanks, kristen. >> is that rent the runway >> it actually is. >> look at her head to toe gorgeous. >> i took this tie from craig's dressing room. >> kind of like rent the runway. >> you know what happened, i think that is my tie. >> kristen, thank you for that for more on the clothing rental trend and services, go to a creative way to sneak vegetables into what your family eats, and it is personal for our next guest she'll tell us about her long journey to good health first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back at 8:43 with today wellness. we are back at 8:43 with today wellness this morning, one woman's journey to good health after battling cancer. >> this is right natalie is back with that story. >> guys, dawn russell's road to recovery led her on a lifelong mission of healthy living. we'll talk to her in a moment and get some ideas for improving your family's diet first, here's her story. >> reporter: two decades ago, a 25-year-old dawn russell was fighting for her life. >> in 2000, i was diagnosed with stage three out of stage four cancer it felt very abrupt. >> reporter: when a post-op infection took over her left leg and she could no longer receive chemotherapy and radiation, she set out on a mission to heal herself. >> when you're desperate, you'll do almost anything there was a guru in france i was in brazil. i was in australia i was in germany i spent time in china, researching acupuncture. you name it, i feel i went there.
8:45 am
>> reporter: russell returned around the world only to return home and start from scratch. >> it was a natural progression for me, to think, okay, nutrition, it's what i'm putting in my body every day let's start at zero. that's what i did. >> reporter: she started with basic nutrition, fueling her body with fruits and vegetables, stripping away foods that didn't make her feel stronger. >> it was reactive for me immediately. greens were the first thing that not only stayed in me but actually could get me to 1:00 p.m. that was really where everything began. i literally would like go to local farmer markets and see, you know, the person with the most dirt in their hand, that you thought was picking the greens the week before in their own farm what i like about greens is it gives you energy but in a calm, steady way it'll help you detox it'll help with immunity. >> reporter: now a mom of two young boys, she's on the mission to share the power of greens
8:46 am
through her company. >> 87% of americans don't get the minimize amount of greens. that's about a cup of greens a day. that's chilling to me, given i know what greens do for people they call me the green queen, which i find funny there is nothing new about greens i'm trying to make them easier to get and take. >> dawn joins us now with something we can all use tried and true ways to get our kids to enjoy their greens good luck, dawn. my kids are very picky. >> i'm ready for the challenge. >> this is a powerful story. nutrition and your love of greens really is, you feel, what cure you of your disease of cancer. >> absolutely. i mean, greens are it for me it wasn't like i sought out -- you know, i didn't have this passion. it was out of necessity, obviously. yeah >> let's take a look at the items you brought along. >> love to where do you want to start. >> the smoothie. >> so everyone kind of has their smoothies, i'd say nothing new to a smoothie. what is nice, if you add avocado, it is a healthy fat some are concerned because it is
8:47 am
a high calorie, but it is a good healthy fat. you have chia seeds in there >> doesn't taste like there is avocado. it creates the smoothness. >> you can taste the chia seeds. it is sweet but not too sweet. >> reset smoothie. >> yeah. >> with the chia seeds, if you soak them in water overnight, they digest in your belly the following morning. the fruit is not only good with antioxidants but it makes it taste better. >> what about this >> the zucchini bread, i use felt flour it stays moist it doesn't -- you know how some flours, alternative flours, make it really kind of flat >> right. >> it doesn't have any different taste or texture. >> well, you'll see. what's really nice about felt flour -- >> really good. >> yeah. it has 17% more protein. there's a lot of fiber in there. there's good healthy fat
8:48 am
it is a good flour to consider. >> this is excellent. >> really good. >> amazing. >> thanks. >> your two boys love this >> they love all of this >> yeah? >> if we can go to the spinach soup. >> my kids would be like, no, thank you. >> this was no small feat. because of the herbs, you have spinach, garlic, onion my 5-year-old asks for it. >> wow. >> spinach can be bitter. >> yeah. >> that's not bad. >> it is pretty good. >> how long does it take to make >> five minutes. >> really? >> it is really quick. put it in a blender. we put it in mugs. cheer to each other and drink it up it is easy with onions, by the way, if i can give a quick tip because i don't know if a lot of people know this, with onions, you keep the top layer. the top layer has 75% of the nutrients. when we're cooking, we peel it off to get it clean. that's 75% of the nutrients. keep it whole.
8:49 am
>> a pro tip. >> excellent. >> zucchini bread. >> helpful tips for going back to school. >> exactly mr. daly, what's happening out there? >> sorry talking with the boys of midland. congratulations, by the way. what a ride. we have a live performance from them in a few minutes. they have a brand-new record out. so much has been happening for them the last couple years we'll chat more with the boys in midland. first, this is "today" on nbc. here's one you guys will like.
8:50 am
show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv,
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xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi since the debut of their first album, midland hit the road and have two grammy nominations and an acm award for new vocal duo or group of the year they released their new album, "let it roll," on the 23rd of august
8:52 am
we're thrilled to have mark, cameron, and jess on the citi concert stage. things have been happening for you. congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> another little breaking news story, the cma nominations came out this morning, and you have been nominated, cma new artist of the year. congratulations. >> yeah. >> you didn't know that, did you? >> no. >> thank you >> that's what this thing is for. they give me all the good information. congrats we'll get right to your performance. what are you performing for us >> the first single on our album called "mr. lonely." it's the lead single from the new album "let it roll."midland.
8:53 am
>> take it away, midland ♪ we got debutantes and socialites and mamas from the pta ♪ ♪ we got bachelorettes dressed up in white and little black dress divorces ♪ ♪ long live the blues, they're keeping me in business ♪ ♪ some wanna dance, some wanna party ♪ ♪ whatever they need, they call me ♪ ♪ mr. lonely, mr. good time ♪ mr. one you're gonna want on saturday night ♪ ♪ when you're lonely, lying in the dark ♪ ♪ i'm the number that you know by broken heart ♪ ♪ no, i ain't mr. right, i'm mr. right now ♪ ♪ the one all the girls are talking about ♪ ♪ the one and only, mr. lonely >> >> make some noise ♪ yeah, some are in from out of town just looking for some fun ♪ ♪ for a couple of hours or more
8:54 am
yeah, i can be the one ♪ ♪ long live the blues, i'm booked up to november ♪ ♪ you can find me in the book o on a bathroom wall ♪ ♪ when they all want a rendezvous, they call mr. lonely, mr. good time ♪ ♪ mr. one you're gonna want on saturday night ♪ ♪ when you're lonely, lying in the dark ♪ ♪ i'm the number you know by broken heart ♪ ♪ no, i ain't mr. right, i'm mr. right now ♪ ♪ the one all the girls are talking about ♪ ♪ the one and only, mr. lonely >> play some guitar, boys. ♪ ♪ if you got a girl, you better treat her right ♪ ♪ better never tell a lie, better never start a fight ♪
8:55 am
♪ cause when she hangs up on yo guess who is on the other line ♪ ♪ he's never hard to find ♪ mr. lonely, mr. good time ♪ mr. one you're gonna want on saturday night ♪ ♪ when you're lonely, lying in the dark, i'm the number that you know by broken heart ♪ ♪ no, i ain't mr. right, i'm mr. right now ♪ ♪ the one all the girls are talking about ♪ ♪ the one and only, mr. lonely ♪ the one and only, mr. lonely ♪ ♪ long live the blues ♪ long live the blues >> give it up for midland, ladies and gentlemen appreciate it. nice work, boys. congratulations on the nomination >> that was great.
8:56 am
>> congratulations on the success. pick up "let it roll." third hour of "today" is straight ahead fourth hour right after that check out for even more stories. going back to the open tonight >> not today on the tv. i'll be cheering them on on tv. >> we're back after your local news. >> have a great day. good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. police in campbell right now are investigating what led to an overnight stabbing at a gas station. it happened about 1:00 in the morning at the shell station on easth hamilton off highway 17. police said two cars pulled into
8:57 am
the station at the same time. both men walked into the mini mart and got into some kind of exchange. that's when one followed the other and stabbed him multiple times before taking off in his own car. the victim is expected to survive. we don't know if there was a possible motive but we know investigators are looking at surveillance video. bob riddell is following this report by police. he'll have an update in our live news coming up. puerto rico is still recovering from hurricane maria, and president trump is declaring a state of emergency. it appears they will reach hurricane strength. we're tracking dorian which could make landfall in puerto rico any time now. the clear the rack sale is on at nordstrom rack.
8:58 am
♪ find the brands you love from nordstrom and take an extra 25% off red-tag clearance. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. clear the rack is happening this friday through monday ordstrom rack.
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from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. i'm sheinelle here with craig and dylan. how are you guys doing this morning? >> i'm well. >> didn't you wear that tie last week >> i did i like the tie >> nice tie. >> i will say, it is funny, you can tell we're getting close to a holiday weekend. everybody's social media feeds, instagram, facebook, even the mood just feels like we're heading into a time to push a pause button. >> holiday move. >> it's the last hoorah before everybody is back in school. >> around the country. >> don't kill


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