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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 31, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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traffic stop and the suspect took off and started shooting. later on the shooter hijacked a u.s. mail carrier truck, continued shooting at random. finally police confronted him outside a movie theater where three officers were shot. >> that's where the shooter also died. we're not sure if he took his own life. police say three at least five are dead, including the shooter, 21 people injured. police originally thought there were two shooters but owe business sa police say there was only one. officers don't know the motive at this point. we'll have updates for you throughout the evening. dozens of people had to be evacuated from a san jose hotel because of the dangerous hazardous materials situation. firefighters say initial reports were someone may have used chemicals in a suicide attempt. several people had to be decontaminated? >> reporter: that's right. i have to say, things have changed quite a bit. the street is back open after a
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very intense hazardous materials response out here today. as you said, several people had to be decontaminated and we have learned the chemicals were identified and taken care of. but because there's still a police investigation, officials did not say exactly what those chemicals were, but guests who were out are headed back in. in san jose, hazmat teams work to decontaminate nine people, mostly workers who were exposed to a chemical, and odors some said smelled of rotten eggs in the fairmont. >> some of them were complaining of feeling faint, heat leaded, short of breath. none of them appeared to be life-threatening at the time they were transported. >> reporter: an initial report was a possible suicide using chemicals. investigators did not confirm that but found one woman deceased on the 19th >> wee in a room, level 19, and all of a sudden we had -- we heard a sound alarm, aic
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m. t leave. >> reporter: caroline fuentes evacuated. >> it was a funny smell, almost like gas. >> reporter: her daughter recorded video of the alarms going off on the way out. >> they evacuated us quite quickly. >> reporter: outside they learned what happened. inside the hazardous materials team tried twice to enter the room. the second time adding protection and advance testing equipment. >> testing each individual chemical, once they've got all their chemistry done, they will releasing information to us. >> reporter: san jose police did confirm a short time ago that they are investigating this as a possible suicide. the 19th floor is still closed but three other floors are back open. because of the chemicals we're told there may be a slight odor but that's not dangerous and that the air inside is all being cleared out.
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if you or someone you know is struggling, there's help available. call this number any time. 800-273-8255. a dangerous night in downtown san jose. three police officers injured. after officers say a crowd turned on them. what's going on down there? a lot of people want to know. allie wolf is in downtown san jose with the details. >> reporter: police say that crowd assaulted those police officers as those officers were issuing citations to people who were drinking alcohol in number. sjpd says a crowd of 50 to 80 people approached the officers and got pretty aggressive.
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as things escalated as more officers showed up to try and break up the crowd, people started to go after some of the officers. police say one suspect ran away holding a gun, and as officers went to arrest that person, someone else tried to free that suspect. that's when officers tased that second suspect and took both into custody. three officers were hurt in the chaos, a total of 60 officers responded to this scene. the president of the san jose police officers association says what happened here is too common and something has to change. >> day to day across the country, we see the violence getting worse on officers. officers are getting assaulted more and theio up. and it can become very deadly in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: and police in says ac kro thery are trying to get support for federal legislation that would make it a federal crime to assault a
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police officer. they say this is an example of why that needs to happen. meantime the three officers that were there a salted here overnight are expected to be okay. we're told they had cuts and bruises and several people were arrested. reporting live, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. fire crews in alameda county put out a brush fire that was started by a car. the carroll fire burned 25 acres. you see some of those flames there. it sparked along eastbound 580 and flynn road near livermore. investigators say it started after a car caught fire and the flames spread to nearby brush. there were lane closures as firefighters worked to put out those flames but the lanes are open again. another fire in hayward. in was an attic fire above a business. they believe that business was an old's ngh clear how this fir started. a cigarette tossed from a
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car led san rafael police to a much, much more serious offense. san rafael pd pulled over a driver who allegedly threw a lit cigarette out the window. the driver turned out to be a patr patrolee with a warrant out for his arrest. officers allegedly found more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and drugs in the car. the parolee was arrested for being a felon in possession of ammunition. the passenger was arrested on drug possession. a pitbull puppy stolen from a san francisco dog rescue has been found. we just got new video of that pitbull, huey. there he is, safe in the arms of a family dog rescue employee. a total of three puppies, two huskies on the left and then th huskies were found in hayward, reunited with employees of the rescue. today the pitbull puppy was
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found in a yard to oakland. two suspects have already been booked in connection to this crime. we continue to track a developing story, hurricane dorian. now a category 4 storm packing 150-mile-per-hour winds. this is satellite imagery of dorian which is threatening the bahamas with rain, dangerous storm surge, and extremely high winds. nbc's jamie guirola has the latest from pompano beach, florida. >> reporter: hurricane dorian a powerful category 4 and may strengthen. but its projected path has changed and the odds of a florida landfall are dropping. >> just because some parts of miami-dade are out of the cone does not mean we will not have hazardous weather. there is a 50% to 70% chance of tropical storm-force winds along with possible storm surges. >> reporter: dorian is staining life-threatening winds as ithe it's the first in dorian's path. dori ihow close it is to the fl
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coast will make a big difference of a possible landfall. >> some of these impacts far away from the center, a very powerful hurricane, still strong winds, rain, storm surge. >> reporter: the entire coast from central florida to the carolinas still needs to prepare for hurricane impacts. tankers full of fuel in tampa trying to keep up with demand. power crews from pennsylvania and texas are heading to the sunshine state as the strike zone shifts to include both carolinas and georgia. we are tracking dorian on the west coast as well. >> as you heard the trajectory of this is constantly changing and has significantly changed. passing by the northwestern bahamas, still undertorm surge and those hurricane-force winds. again, currently moving along the west at about 8 miles per hour. look at the winds, 150-mile-per-hour winds.
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again, the models changing the trajectory of this, avoiding landfall in florida, however, still passing along the coast moving that northerly direction. by monday night into tuesday, we're talking about a pretty strong punch in terms of winds. right now its direction is heading towards the carolina ins georgia where the threat of the storm surge will be a major concern. if you have folks that live in florida, reach out to them, don't let your guard down, play it safe, follow the official orders. please be safe out there. bringing it back home, temperature trend in san francisco 68 degrees. we hit a high of 76 and things are expected to get hot again tomorrow. i'll tell you all about your daytime highs coming up shortly. >> we'll be keep an eye on dorian throughout the weekend, updates on air and online at not just flames firing up in the amazon, look at this, guns as well. who traded gunfire with police as crews stop to try to stoop
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the fires. in one man decided to swim through garbage before stopping in san francisco.
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we're learning more about the fourth democratic presidential debate. the dnc has confirmed that debate is set for october 15th in ohio. the deadline for candidates to qualify is midnight, october 1st. there could be a second debate on october 16s if enough candidates qualify. what do danny glover and bernie sanders have in common? a lot when it comes to supporting unions. the actor and the activists will both be in oakland monday. glover is part of a bernie ndortfseng up to strike. it would be the largest strike in california in 20 years. the oakland event kicks off at 9:00 a.m. in moss park on
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webster street. a popular bakery closed its doors for good today. it was the last day to get pastries from the prolific oven. it's over. the bakery closed all of its stores, all three, palo alto, santa clara, sunnyvale. the cake looks so good. >> it really does. >> owners say the reason for shutting down, increasing prices and difficulty finding workers. customers who came by say they don't know where they're going to go now. >> i'm very sad. and now i want to change my diet no more pastcstries because this the best. >> prolific oven was in business for almost 40 messages, photos contacts, just a few of the thing that is hackers got from some iphone users. google released a report revealing a major security flaw that iphones to viruses. iphones are usually pretty secure devices but simply clicking on a link gave hackers access to the phones.
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apple says it fixed the problem earlier this year. google has not released details about which websites caused this breach. a new court ruling says travelers can sue tsa if they've been mistreated during airport screenings. the u.s. court of appeals made that decision yesterday. in the past tsa agents were generally immune from lawsuits of this kind because conducting screenings are part of their job. the new ruling lets travelers take action against tsa agents if agents damage people's property while searching bags or act inappropriately while searching the traveler. a long-distance swimmer sfim through la comte swam through a part g gate bridge, finishing his 300-mile journey. la comte says the garbage patch
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was not what he expected. you think that it's going to be a big floating island of plastic, but it's not the case. it's just a high density of micro plastic and that's what we found throughout the way. >> micro plastic. he hopes that the swim will bring awareness to the problem of how much pollution humans dump into the ocean. it's been just a beautiful time to go swimming. maybe not through -- >> that's where you want to avoid. i'm not much of a swimmer. >> look how beautiful that is, no clouds. that is postcard stuff. this is what you come to the bay area for when you're visiting from out of down. take your photos, share them with us, and we might share them on air. south bay 83. the paengs 76. comfortable. stilltrivalley, bright. san francisco, loohereow anothet shot of the golden gate bridge. this is a view from our sutro tower cam shot.
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77 in the east bay. the north bay a hot 87. it's going to remain hot today, tomorrow, and through labor day. ocean breeze, 23 miles per hour right now. this is why i say that's where you want to head if you want to get away from the heat, because notice our inland temperatures in concord, livermore, san jose. rained about 8 degrees warmer at this hour. our temperatures are above seasonable for this time of year. that's all things to some high pressure that's building over southern california in through central california and is going to affect us up here in northern california. if you're driving down to l.a., down through the grapevine, you're going to experience triple-digit heat this forecast. let's go into your daytime highs for tomorrow. morgan hill 93. san jose 91. los gatos 90. in through the east baknd for tomorrow. walnut creek 94. concord 96. pleasanton 94. fremont 89 along the peninsula.
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expect some low to mid 80s for redwood city, 84. san francisco mission, 76 degrees. we're going to start with fog and any sort of cloud cover will eventually burn off making way for sunshine tomorrow. expect fog to roll around top night as well. santa rosa 91. if you're heading to pacifica, your temperature trend is going to be really cool and comfortable. 62 degrees overnight and those 60s will tear in through tomorrow. if you're going to be heading out to that napa, wine tasting, make sure to drink a lot of water when you pair that wine. temperatures are hot in the 90s. enjoy it responsibly over the next seven days. that high pressure will continue to linger in the bay area in through monday and tuesday. we keep those 70s in the forecast. it's going to be warm all week. and then we start to see a little bit of a cool-down into the upper 80s by tuesday and wednesday. really this is summertime right here. this is what it's all about.
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not sign of fall. i've been seeing halloween costumes in stores. it doesn't feel like we're there yet. >> you're right. still to come, a different kind of pride parade. we'll show you how this played out next.
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wildfires continue to rage across the amazon this weekend. yesterday authorities had to handle a brand-new threat, suspected illegal loggers opened fire on police. it happened in brazil. dramatic video showing the officers taking cover behind their truck. in the end no one was hurt. the men got away but police were able to destroy their equipment. illegal logging, farming, mining
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a big problem in the amazon. that's the equipment they were using and it's gone now. cops got rid of that, destroying thousands of square miles of forests every year. clashes continue in hong kong. police fired tear gas and water cannon as pro-democracy protesters threw petrol bombs and bricks. the violence is being called china's worst political crisis in decades. police fired round after round uh tear gas trying to disperse the protesters. the water cannon fired blew dyed water, used to make it easier for police to identify the protesters later. the clashes come on the fifth anniversary of a decision by china torish colony, which returned to china in 1997. a 911 dispatcher in arkansas scolded a woman for driving into floodwaters before she drowned. deborah stevens was delivering newspapers during a storm earlier this week when her car was swept off the road. she called ft. smith police in a
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panic saying water was up to her car windows. instead of receiving help, 911 dispatcher donna renault told stevens to quote shut up. >> you're going to have to shut up, okay? this will teach you next time, don't drive in the water. >> first responders had trouble getting to stevens. she had already drowned by the time they removed her from her car. that dispatcher no longer working for ft. smith police. a straight pride parade through downtown boston today. police had to escort the marchers separating them from counter protesters when denounced the event. organizers say they believe straight people are an oppressed majority and deny the event is about hate. many lgbtq groups say it's not correct. last weekend the same scene played out in modesto. crowds in london are gaining momentum against prime minister boris johnson. a new wave joined the protests today galvanized by johnson's decision to shut down parliament
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for several weekth when a debate about brexit plans had been expected. johnson's plan is also being opposed by some who want to introduce legislation this week to try to prevent a disorderly departure from the european union. the shutdown of parliament is being challenged in three court cases as well. sports now, a preview of what's next. >> the niners and raiders make their 53-man roster cuts, and stanford opens its season today. plus a's look to keep it rolling against the yankees.
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and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i'm bonnie-jill laflin. the oakland a's had the yankees' number, beating the pinstripes four times in a row this year, looking to make it five on saturday. a's and yankees in the bronx. top of the fourth, yankees up one but not for long.
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holy toledo, matt olsen blasts a two-run shot, his 27th of the season. a's lead 2-1. now going to the top of the seventh, tied 2-2. matt chatham rips it down the left field line for an rbi double. a's up bottom of the eighth and it's judgment day. for joakim soria. the solo shot is tied by the 11th. still 3-3. d.j. lamehieu, it's a walkoff, his 24th of the season. a's lose 4-3. >> run some pretty good pitchers out there too. we left 15 on. you know, it comes back to bite you at some point in time. you know what? came back, we had a lead, one pitch away from getting in nint. chappie's balls went -- unless you've got a ten-foot outfielder in right field, you know, it probably goes out if he doesn't catch it. it's a game of inches today.
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they finally got the big hit. the 49ers needed to release 26 players today to cut the roster to 53. some of the bigger cuts include joshua garnet, jeff wilson, and adrian colbert. also some really tough news for the niners. jared mckinnon was placed on injured reserve. the running back has not been able to play a single game in his first two seasons in san francisco. the silver and black released marvel ate man, jason ka bin de, anthony rush, key lan do is. stanford and northwest, secoj. costello finds michael wilson for the two-yard touchdown. stanford up seven. stanford ends up holding on to win 17-7. we're getting closer to the official opening of chase center. the ribbon-cutting ceremony live tuesday at 10:30 a.m. live on nbc sports bay area. we'll have highlights for
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good news for "this is us" fans. >> the new trailer for the upcoming fourth season. >> it's so strange, isn't it? how just like that a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story. >> very well delivered as well. >> very well. >> very well delivered. the show returns september 24th.
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nbc says there's going to be new characters but don't worry, the main characters are coming back. certainly could be a twist. in the trailer it says, if you think you know what's coming next, then you don't know us. >> they always do that. >> anybody who watches this show religiously describes it, it's not predictable. >> it's emotional. >> i don't want to interrupt but we'll be back at 11:00. ♪ bigad shaban: you're watching an nbc bay area news special report. [gunshots] candice marquez: if we would've screamed, he could've turned and shot us 'cause he was ned up with us. bigad: a gunman opens fire at the gilroy garlic festival. tonight, we remember the victims. alberto romero: my son had his whole life to live and he was only six. bigad: and honor the heroes. brynn ota-mathews: i'm so happy that i was taken in by
6:30 pm
this hospital and i was given just the best treatment i could ask for. bigad: and we're learning more about the 19-year-old gunman who crossed a creek and cut a hole in the fence to sneak into the festival with an assault rifle. we'll tell you about the bizarre items found inside of his car and why law enforcement is investigating the attack as domestic terrorism. john bennett: the fbi has opened a full domestic terrorism investigation into this mass shooting. bigad: plus, how bay area communities are taking guns away from some people in an effort to prevent future tragedies. marisa mckeown: if somebody says that they intend to do a shooting-- [screaming] marisa: we should act. bigad: and we investigate just how much money is being funneled from both sides of the gun debate to lobby lawmakers. bigad: do you see this as some in congress putting money above lives?


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