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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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could really cause massive destruction and do not put your life in jeopardy by staying behind. >> deadly serious, hurricane dorian pounding the bahamas overnight with 200 mile-per-hour wind gusts as the monster storm crawls toward the u.s. >> then to odessa texas, as seven lost their lives and 20 were injured. >> next, hong kong experiencing some of the most chaotic demonstrations in weeks with new police crashes. >> kevin hart is seriously
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injured in a car accident as his vehicle is crushed in a crash. >> on the economic front, the new china tariffs may end up hitting new the wallet to the tune of $1,000 a year. >> and warren buffet reveals the ultimate test of how you've lived your live. "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. hurricane dorian delivers a catastrophic blow to the bahamas. some homes are submerged on abaco eye lan. parts of paradise already completely devastated as the slow-moving storm threatens communities. the national hurricane center in miami says it ties with a 1935 labor day hurricane as the strongest in the atlantic. >> and it's looking like florida's fate lies in a handful of miles as dorian dances off the coast. at least 1 million people in the carolinas and georgia have been
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ordered to evacuate because of the category five storm. meanwhile, president trump made this surprising remark >> i'm not sure that i've ever even heard of a category five. i knew it existed and i've seen some category fours. you don't see them that much but a category five is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term, other than i know it's there. >> he says he's never heard of the term, but so far there have been four category five storms during his presidency, including dorian joining us live from miami nbc 6 is julia bagg. the beach evacuations are going to begin in the next few hours >> reporter: that's right, phillip. they're set to begin at 8:00 this morning we're now under a state of emergency here now, what that means, beaches are closed in fact, emergency managers are expected to keep them open until tonight. theychanged their minds and decided to do all of this much
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sooner, including those evacuations. so right now nobody allowed on the beach. the mayor here in jacksonville urging people to stay out of the sg intercoastal as well the bridges that lead to the beaches, they are expected to remain open through tomorrow, but once they close them, once things get bad,then they will remain closed until further notice now, as far as those evacuations, that means hotels are closing, people are going to have to leave all along the beaches here i do want to be clear, though, about those mandatory evacuations. police cannot actually force anyone to leave, but the risk for those who stay behind is should there be an emergency and you call 911, there is no guarantee that somebody will be able to show up and rescue them. so right now as they prepare for those evacuations, families who had perhaps hoped to spend a beach weekend out of the labor day holiday, that's no longer
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happening, and also schools that were closed today anyway are going to be closed tomorrow and wednesday here in the jacksonville area. >> hope the change of plans is as bad as it gets there. thank you so much. >> let's check in with meteorologist bonnie insidschne who has the latest. >> the latest advisory has the storm barely moving. remember, it's made three land falls already as a category five the movement is to the west and a category five located 120 miles to the east of west palm beach, florida maximum sustained winds have dropped a bit because there's an eye wall replacement cycle that's happening where will the storm go? the northerly turn is expected later on tonight or perhaps into early tomorrow but staying off shore, close to
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florida as well as the carolinas. by the time we get to thursday and friday we're still dealing with dorian. there's the threat of a landfall later this week, perhaps somewhere in the carolinas we can't let our guard down just yet, even though the immediate threat is for the bahamas. it's really unprecedented. >> it looks like something we're going to be dealing with until next weekend. >> bonnie, thank you terror along a ten-mile stretch of highway in texas. the shooting spree left seven dead and a dozen more injured. the gunman led police on a harrowing chase, opening fire on bystanders along the way nbc's vaughn hilliard is in odessa with the latest >> reporter: good morning. here in odessa and midland, this is your metropolitan area of
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west texas it's a population of about 280,000 folks here and over the course of two hours on saturday afternoon, there was mass confusion and chaos, frankly, as what began initially as a traffic stop along the i-20 turned into two hours of essentially road rage from this gunman we now know the gunman is a 36-year-old white male, ultimately after about those two hours it all came to an end right here but along the way, there are now 15 active crime scenes, if you drive along that ten-mile stretch you'll see yellow tape in which authorities continue to investigate what unfolded. we now know that there are seven dead and there are 22 injured. among those injured includes 17-month-old anderson davis, who had shrapnel go through her chest and her tongue, her lips it knocked out her bottom teeth. again, 17 months old i want to let you hear from her parents who we spoke with last
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night. >> when i looked over at our daughter, she was just covered in blood, like so much blood i couldn't even tell where she had been hit. >> i feel joyful for our daughter that she's okay and we got to bring her home. we're very fortunate and grateful >> authorities tell us that this all began as what was a simple traffic stop over the failure to turn on a turn signal. but we also know from authorities that they say that an ar-style weapon was used, however they have not answered the question as to how exactly that weapon was obtained by the gunman. >> so many questions vaughn, thank you. >> and that community in west texas is coming together in the wake of the shooting hundreds attended a vigil for the victims on sunday. the first of several scheduled throughout the week. we have learned the youngest victim killed was 15-year-old leila hernandez. her older brother was also shot
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and is recovering. she says she was at a stoplight when the gunman pulled beside her car and fired. amazingly, she wasn't injured. >> i keep running scenarios in my head and i feel so lucky that -- i feel so lucky that i was not hurt i'm so sad inside. because i knew what was coming toward me, but i couldn't help. >> this was the second mass shooting in texas in a month, coming weeks after a gunman killed 22 people at a walmart in el paso. and coincidently, this weekend new state laws went into effect there to make it easier for people to carry guns garre garrett haake is in texas with more. >> reporter: guns now welcome in the pews unless the church puts
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up a notice like this one. am i more safe in your church if the person next to me is carrying >> in this church you probably are. >> we don't believe there's any place for guns in church. >> new laws going into effect will loosen the gun rules and will allow firearms to be stored in vehicles on school property, and block landlords from prohibiting guns on their property >> this is absolutely the wrong direction for us to take it's going to be measured in the lives lost, not in the lives saved. >> texas republican governor pushing back. >> what do you say to people who look at that and wonder if texas is going in the wrong direction to stopping more shootings >> some of these laws were enacted for the purpose of making our communities safer. >> other mass shootings are seeming to do little for the policy debate.
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>> we're looking at a lot of different things, concepts, it's been going on for a long time. background checks. >> the state with the most registered guns now making them more accessible. garrett haake, nbc news, odessa, texas. >> so news overseas now in some of the most chaotic demonstrations yet in hong kong. pr pr pr pr pro demock raes groups are ther setting fires. >> houston astros justin burr lander tossed his third career no-hitter. he struck out 14 blue jays on his way to becoming the sixth pitcher in major league history to throw at least three no-hitters he pitched his last in toronto as well. he's now the first player to throw two no-hitters as a visitor at the same ballpark.
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>> bonnie schneider is back with us with more on dorian. >> we are dealing with this incredible storm, because not only is it a category five but it's barely moving so the poor bahamas already had three landfalls and with the movement to the west, they're going to deal with more torrential rain. i want to point out that dorian is number four in terms of getting four years in a row of category five storms, which has never happened before. so dorian is breaking a lot of different records, including the second strongest storm when you're judging by wind speeds in the atlantic basin only tied with a storm that was back in 1935 so dorian, we're not done with it yet and it is going to work its way close to the u.s. coast line that beautiful.
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highs will be in the 60s with lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions dorian a record breaker on so many levels, but eventually we just want to get the storm out of here, but we have days ahead for that. >> it's going to be a long one for a lot of us. >> surveillance video captured what is called the quickest arrest ever. plus comedian keviha in rts hospitalized after his car veered off a road in los angeles. details in two minutes fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens. did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes?
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the cop and wait to get the drink a little bit later actor kevin hart and another man were hospitalized after being involved in a serious car crash in malibu. officials say they were driving in a 1970 barracuda when it went off the road here's sara harman. >> kevin hart in a car with two others you can see the aftermath from tmz. they were driving the extremely wind eye mulholland road in los angeles when they went over an embankment and rolled down a hill this photo shows just how crushed the car was. hart and the driver, 28-year-old jared black were rushed to hospitals. the california highway patrol reports both suffered, quote, major back injuries. hart is one of the biggest comedians in the country, the
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highest paid stand-up comedian of the past two years. >> you do the same thing every day. >> and the star of blockbuster "ride along" the car they were driving was a 1970 pli mugt barracuda seen here in a video posted earlier in the day according to tmz, it was a gift he gave himself for his 40th birthday in july according to highway patrol, the driver was not under the influence. sara harman, nbc news. >> wish him a speedy recovery. in el salvador, some locals get together once a year and they throw fire at each other check it out they ball up rags, drench them in gasoline, light them up it's the celebration of the annual fire ball festival, a tradition that dates back to 1658 after a volcano erupted and hit the town with lava and that
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twitter ceo jack dorsey's official twitter account was hacked the hackers tweeted more than a
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dozen racial slurs, anti-semitic tweets and offensive comment and some of the tweets were left up for 30 minutes before being taken down. >> lebron james has filed a trademark request for the term taco tuesday he uses the phse for social media and for a show >> and they are launching a follow-up holiday to labor day it's called back to the grind day. the company is offering 50 cent espresso shots. >> the trump tariffs on china have taken full effect and watch your wallet, because it will soon -- we'll all soon feel the effects. we have the details. steve, good morning. >> good morning, happy labor day to both of you this is coming from "the new york times" which has had its own battles with the administration, but very interesting. it says across the income spectrum, tariffs may cost up to
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$970 for a wealthy american households that's according to research here in london and the london school of economics. meanwhile, what is the ultimate test of how you have lived your life well, warren buffet who is 89 years old on saturday, he said when you get to my age, the measure is how many people you want to love you actually do love you and elsewhere, the employees who are happiest in america. apparently people under 35 are happiest with their paychecks. i didn't know gen-x, i didn't know they were working yet back to you. >> thank you, steve. >> the latest on hurricane dorian is just ahead here, plus supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg on her road to recovery price. these'll work.
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hurricane dorian continues to ravage the bahamas. the storm is one of the most powerful ever and is expected to move from the islands toward the east coast president trump's mar-a-lago resort taking no chances it is boarded up in preparation for the hurricane dorian joining us is jay gray you were in florida last week and the carolinas weren't even in the cone here, but they're definitely taking it seriously >> reporter: no, they absolutely are. everyone looking at this in fact, the governor of south carolina overnight issuing a mandatory evacuation order for this island.
3:57 am
concern really growing at this point across the potential strike zone. >> reporter: dorian, battering the bahamas with violent winds 185 miles an hour sustained, gusting to over 200. soaking some areas two stories high you can hear the panic of residents as it rushes in. >> please play for us, play for abaco. >> the hurricane tossing and tearing apart almost everything in his path. dorian is the second most powerful atlantic storm ever right now the forecast track keeping it just off the florida coast. >> mandatory evacuation as of 1:00 p.m. >> evacuations have started. the governor warning dorian doesn't have to make landfall to cause major problems. >> this storm at this mag nie tud could really cause massive destruction. >> states of emergency stretch from floored through the
3:58 am
carolinas. residents stocking up food and water. some boarding up, others packing up and pulling out all with the same hope >> it could turn east and go north so people won't die. >> fears and emotions shared by millions along the east coast right now. >> you know, this has been a very unpredictable system. florida could begin to feel some of the effects of the storm this evening, and if it were to make landfall in this area, it would likely come mid week, wednesday night into thursday morning. >> it will be a very long week for those that are going to be impacted jay, thank you. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg spoke about her radiation therapy. >> this audience can see that i am alive >> it's the fourth time she's been treated for cancer.
3:59 am
she went on to tell the audience she loves her job and she puts her mind on her work rather than her aches and pains. still going at 86 years old. thanks for watching "early today" on this labor day i'm phillip
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the ocean waves are crashing on the shoreline winds are howling like we've never, ever experienced before >> category 5 dorian is right now hurling wind gusts of over 200 miles per hour it lashes the bahamas causing life-threatening storm surges up to 23 feet with the outer bands already hitting florida. >> in odessa, a vigil is held to remember the victims of saturday's mass shootings as texans wake up to new gun laws allowing more freedom and loosening restrictions o


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