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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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so just start small...get youth start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. ♪ an ace searching for clueses, trueing to if you goier out how a guide boat became a deadly inferno. >> family and community members mourning the 34 presumed dead. many vigtms are from the bay area i
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daughter from losality altos.of loves lost and leaving flowers and otherutems near the harbor. the ntsb is leading the investigation into how this boat caught fire and sank on labor day. tonight at the santa barbara harbore harborer, a diving trip came to a fiery end on the water. >> lighting each candle and sawing goodbye with each candle. >> reporter: they spent part of the evening examining vision.h . so f20 bodies have been recoverd from thewreckage. >> i was a diver formany years and in fact i've been on that boat before. >> reporter: as fellow divers
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now wonder what went wrong. >> i just know this could have happened to me or anyone at anytime. >> reporter: a group of experts arrived in santa barbara to lead the investigation. they will interview the five crew mem prz th cr members that skaupd and died. and how it killed one crew member and 34 passengers as they slept below deck >> it would be horrifing. and i think you'd have to be numbb to not feel something for these people. >> reporter: and identifying the vigtms will likely be a pretty complicated process. investigators will have to use dna samples from family members of the victims. meanwhile, the ntsb will be here for ove put saw it could take over a year for the ve --
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resultses of the investigation. >> now we are getting a better look and feel of the sleeping cabins aboard the conception. this posted to youtube last year. you can see how tight the sleeping quarters are and how difficult it would be for more than 30 people to evacuate during a fire, especially in the middle oof the night as they were sleeping. a fremont tooeacher and his daughter. so men a from the greater bay area. joins n who they were >> absolutely. many say the victims love to scuba dive. they know there are risks in the sport but this was wurn horrific accident they couldn't have imagined. >> they're always in the water. >> reporter: they were strangers on a duving trip. of the 34 presumed dead,b five
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are members of the same family from stockton. he took his wife and three daughters on the boat to sell brought a birthday. >> people missing. >> to hear -- >> to actually put the family to it, that's even worse. >> reporter: and today in santa barbara a mother forced to identify the body of her daughter, alley kirk. >> she was a go getter. following her dreams. >> reporter: a father and daughter who shared a love of exploring the ocean. scott and kendra chan. he was a teacher in fremont. he left his job untech to help students. he often visited kendra where she worked as a wildlife biologist. this was taken two years ago today. scott prepared for their adventurers at pacific scuba
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divers in sonny veil. >> he rented tanks and things like that. he frequents the dive sites in monterey and southernb california. >> reporter: losing one is a tragedy but 34 is hard to comprehend. >> it's hard to grasp the reality of so many divers you have known. >> and saying they're not sure they know any of the other divers because the full name hasaboha hasn't been released yet. and chan's brotherer says i'll miss all engthises about your you and your love outdoors. >> of course we'll continue to live stream the news conference. nbc bay area app is a great source. hurricane dorian flat pd
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thousands of homes and buildings in the bahamas but now it's up been the united but people in the carolinas are for paraing for the worst. bay area crews are on their way to help. at the oakland airport with the late details. >> reporter: the two crews from the bay area that headed that way were joined by the crew out of santarimento. you talk about emergency responders, they got four hours notice they could be deployed for three weeks. >> that's our destination, charlotte. >> reporter: help is on the way to potential victims of hurricane dorian. open fire war evening, the 45 members of of tack force four loaded up. and moved out for charlotte.
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their mission, search large disasters areas and water rescues. >> they will be going out with inflatable boats. search dogs. >> reporter: they come from fire agencies all over the east bay. they train year round and while they've seen the incredible destruction the hurricane did the bahamas, they head out not knowing how big a disaster it's rr going to be. >> this is definitely keeping everyone on their toes. >> reporter: he's better and fa than any human. >> any build being collapses, when they find a live scent, they will stay committed and bark that there's a live victim. >> reporter: tack force members from oakland and sacramentoo boarded an aircraft tonight off the charlotte to join other rescuers across the country to
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do whatever dorian throws their way. >> it's a team effort. >> reporter: all of those people have been told they have accommodations, a hotel room for the first night. after that, it all depends on what the hurricane does. >> thank you. we're going to find out what the hurricane looks like it's going to do. jeff, what are we talking about timeline now getting through florida and going through the carolinas? >> we figure getting to the kaur liepaus in a day 1/2. as we have been reporting is the pass is parallel along the eye of the hur cape. so e those 110 mile-per-hour with winds around it the eye of the storm will be veering off the north. the path as a category two into wednesday and thurz's forecast. winds of 100 to 110 miles per hour. you can see it maybe makes land
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fall as a category one/two hurricane, winds 100 to 110 miles per hour. even though this is not as strong as what the bahamas faced, there are still impacts for the it east coast. overall rainfall totals for the immediate beaches, two to seven inches and a storm surge of three to seven feet putensh ittal. we'll haveorerom bay area forecast and we'll talk about lightening moving close to us. the ghost ship trial continues after a break. last month you might recall the judge excused three jurors for misconduct. so the reviseds jury is hoping to mock decision by thursday because beginning next week some jurors have vacations and other scheduling conflicts.
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they're facing 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each person killed in the warehouse fire. and a woman said she heard glass breaking outside her home in pleasanten. she stopped a car driving with its lights on, after a search police found stolen property from at least 12 different cars from that area. 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds arrested. six suspicious fires in three weeks. the sfpd is beefing up patrols near hate ash berry. jean. >> reporter: they are. a lot of concern up here. buena vista park is full of lots of tall tree dry underbrush. a fire here could really get
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moving and spread to nearby homes. so far the fire department has made sure that didn't happen. buena vista park regulars are onnage tonight, alarmed by recent fires set in the heavily wooded green space. >> several trees that have fallen down during last winter was storm and now they'rer burnt and it's sad to see. because this is great parg. >> reporter: they say since august 13th, it has responded to six fires in the park. you they arrested a man for lighting pineconeses on fewer. he has not been linked to the arson series. people nearby are concerned a fire in the park will talk off. >> not a small fire. i mean this is really crazy. tons of people and tons of animals and all the homes nearby, it's really scary. er >> and up high, those things
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really caught on fire, there could be embers and things that could blow pretty far from here and start firs. >> i think we should all be aware and be ready to call in if if we see anything suspicious. >> reporter: neighbors say people do live in bouena vista park. sfpday reporting live in san francisco, jean elliott. in the day time you have a kid doing the thing and when night comes, all that stuff comes to your neighbor woe're bh the prostitution problem in the south bah. and i think about what if the shooter came in right now i
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need to focus on spanish class. the look inside the $48 million school designed to stop active shooters. thunderstorms could be moving closer to the bay area tomorrow. that's in about six minutes. your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? comcast business gives you high speed internet. we also have solutions like powerful wifi that gives your entire business more coverage and automatic internet backup that can keep your business running. and it all starts with our gig-speed network. so give us 10 minutes. if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings
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than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars for your time. call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. beyond fast. new at 11:00 a neighborhood in san jose is fed up. when the sun goes down, they say the prostitutes come out. what'. >> reporter: san jose police are telling me they're unveiling a new program where people can report prostitution problems on a, site. people say they have been waiting for seven years for police action. right now they feel like prisoners in their own home. >> any given night five ear six girls on our intersection waiting to get picked up. >> reporter: he's lived in this
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neighborhood all of his life. >> next to a chuch, a middle school and a bunch of small businesses. >> children walking by needles, condoms and women's underwear. >> we've seen the girls get beat up by the pims. thats rr not right. >> that's why he's agreeing to talk to us without revealing his identity. he says bottles have been thrown at his home and they're scared. when we called san jose police they're launching the john program, it's online form where people can call and report this kind of activity anonymously. >> they say they're frustrated just like us but i can't imagine they are. >> reporter: they say they are
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frustrated. they're hoping this program will help them empower the community so the community can help them get rid of the problem. i'm cheryl hurd. in the east bay leaders are saying enough is enough they're making a public plea for thieves to stop stealing from their classrooms and vandalizing their school. this is from january. thieves have broken into a classroom at markm elementary in oakland and this time they stole about 60 google chrome books and damaged several classrooms. many of the students are low income and don't have access to technology at hom. luck tale was just a drill. sounds of gun fire and emergency crews echoing. that mock exercise unfolding on
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the campus set to be torn down. they acted as gun shot victims to help train the first responders. while they put their mass casually plan to task. >> it's an opportunity to make sure we coordinate and that we have an effective response as we can possibly have. >> now there will be more drills throughout the week. gilroy strong. the site of of last month's deadly mass shootings at the garlic festival. a moment of silence you can see was held for the people that died in the shooting. there's a memorial where they can pay their respektsz. new rules in place after that mass shooting in gilroy and the string of others across the country. the fsival will be completely fenced in with four intrnszs.
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they'll need to carry things in clear bags. if the chairs are too tall, you won't be able to bring them in and no coolers at all. hardly strictly is set for next month in golden gate park. >> this is the best time of year. >> that's a lot of pressure. we'll pull through for fleet week this upcoming weekend. as we bring you into our microclimate forecast, weal start aoff with our weather headline. i know what a lot of you are saying at home but it's important to the weather pattern overb the next several days. that's basically going to keep the hot 100s away as we head through the next few days and it's going to help to pull up southererly moisture.
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we had thunderstorm activity today. it was going we move through tomorrow, we ke could see a little bit closerer to a slight risk of a dry lightening. our chances are very low. we'll have the doppler ray going. you can count on me to track that for you. so the only ajszment i've made is increasing the cloud cover. 60s ovthe it south bay peninsula and the try valley. san francisco where some fog. and overall not a bad started as we go through day tomorrow, i don't note asbig adjustment on temperatures. we might once again see a right here san jose it's a cool 83. 89 liver more, beauty of of the
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bay you head to east bay hillsx down to 78 in hay withward. san francisco 67 through the embarcadero and through the north, 85 in sonoma and wo 85 in santa rosa. similar in san francisco. 70s into sunday and monday. inland valley forecasts. remember the weak systems on the first map? i know you're going to like the result after recent hot weather on again, off again. 82 here on saturday. and on sunday down to 85. a few more degrees as we head to next monday. let's get you the latest on hurricane dorian. this is still going to take a path parallel to florida and georgia. category two sto.
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we could see this make another land fall by thursday and friday. winds might be up to about 70 miles per hour at the beaches along the eastern seaboard in the carolinas and still rainfall totals up to about seven inches. so this is hanging on. and we'll continue to monitor it over the next few days. up next what is $1.3 billion get you now adays? this. the vip grand oope.ipening of c center. and we have jimmy. >> so it's me, lester holt and you can watch more of m"the tonight show". looking into the comp an's they opened investigation on the same issue. we will have updated information.
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we're back with more.
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it is a shockingly painful sign of of the times. a school designed to keep students safe in case of apactf shooter on campus. $40 million projict is the first school in the country specifically built to deter an attack. building hallways and ere are b and a special system to lock down particular portion oz of the school. students say they like the new safety measures. >> ib can just focus on, like, spanish class. >> construction isn't done yet. it's expected to be finished by 2021. facebook is changing the way friends tag friends in photos.
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people got noticed to turn on or off the new setting. facebook has been using facial recogition into help people tag friends in photos. illinois facebook users sued the company saying it didn't get their permission to uses the facial recognition technology.g. you'll have the option to turn on or off the it facial recognition. today it with became a reality. the ribbon cut the governor newsom and they honored mayor l died nearly two years ago. metallica plays with the san francisco symphony. >> we like both the symphony and metallica. we got to be there. show you what the a it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. . okay. this is when the fun begins. less than a month to go and the a's are in the middle of the playoff race. don't spoil it. >> the coliseum, nice hat. a's hosting the angels. bottom of the third. matt chapman, us krs a three-run homer. his 31st oof the the season. holy toledo. that's the sign. game tied at five.
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seth brown, a's rookie, with the rbi triple downb the left-field line. a's beelt the ampgs and are now tied for the second wild card spot. there's the wized of oz.louis l looked like it looks like a bottle of of wine. hits a ball off his bat. somehow the ball territory and have no idea hoy that happened. alex rodriguez only made one mistake. that'ser the only run of the game. giants lose a tough one, 1-0. they've now lost four straight and seven of their last eight. from murin catholic to a multimillionaire in the nfl. jared goff signed a contract extension worth $134 million
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a heart warming rescue in san francisco today. police officers came across a pelican with something strange attached to his food. he couldn't fly or walk properly. you can see the officers just cradling the pelican as they cut a piece of plastic off of it. once they finished the bird was able to fly again off safely with a nice little thank you as it left. >> jeff ranieri back with us to talk about our wednesday forecast. we're moving along. this week is quick with the three- day weekend. >> a little bit of humidity tomorrow. a slight chance of dry lightening, with a chance of thunderstorms over the seerrorau. no complaints for the weekend. o
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your hair. >> stay on the lookout. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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