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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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nti-semitic and satanic messages spray-painted on a historic bay area church. tonight at least one nearby business owner is taking action. >> nbc bay area's sergio quintana is downtown at the cathedral of basilica of targeted before. >> reporter: yeah, the tagging seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence in the area. church staff members discovered
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those images on the church wall here on sunday morning. they did try to paint over them as quickly as possible, but there are some church members who did manage to snap some pictures. here are the messages vandals left sprayed onto the back wall of cathedral basilica of st. skroefs. one is anti-semitic. the other satanic. >> that's absolutely uncalled for. and not the kind of spirit that we want to have in our city. >> it's definitely unfortunate to bring that into the community. we really should be promoting kindness and not that hate. >> reporter: these pictures were posted by city council member raul perales. in a sunday facebook message he said it's sad to see repeated acts of hatred in our community. my mother serves as eucharistic minister at st. joseph's and this morning she sent me these discouraging photos the congregation was greeted with. adolfo gomez owns a restaurant just behind the church. he says the graffiti usually shows up during long weekends like labor day because downtown is so empty. >> they've been doing the back. they've been doing this wall.
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but i think it's maybe the second time i see they physically go to the main building. usually they respect the church, you know, the way it should be. >> reporter: vandals have tagged the back wall of the face of the church more than 20 times over the years. he's going to have muralists help with the solution. >> we're doing a mural in the next three weeks here. it's going to be a mural. it's a code amongst muralists and graffiti guys. you have a nice mural, they respect it. >> reporter: a church staff said they did not want to go on camera tonight because they didn't want to give the vandals any added attention. they say they called police when they discovered the vandalism and then painted over those images. reporting live in downtown san jose, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, sergio. the top story this evening, dive teams have now recore o the 34 people who died in the ship blaze. the ntsb spent the day interviewing the surviving crew members and the boat's owner. we're talking about that dive
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boat near santa barbara. the feds are using sonar to map the wreckage to get as many digital images as possible before the charred wreckage is pulled from the water. a preliminary report will be released in fen days. and reality is quickly setting in for the many friends and family members across the bay area. they are now starting to plan memorials and funerals for their loved ones. >> among the victims we're learning about tonight, an apple employee from berkeley, and we're also hearing from a grieving los altos mother who lost both her daughter and her husband on the "conception." nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is. n >> names of the victims still coming out days after the boat tragedy, and neighbors here in berkeley are stunned that the friends are among the victims. there's a sign in front of dan garcia's home here in berkeley asking for privacy. neighbors reluctant to comment on his death are in shock. >> i feel so bad about it. i feel like i lost a part of my
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family. >> reporter: appleel confirminga was on the "conception" when it caught fire. a spokesperson saying "he was as passionate about his job at apple as he was about his love of diving." garcia's long-time partner, yalia krashinaya, is believed to have also been killed in the fire. >> i hope it was purely accidental. >> reporter: as neighbors here are trying to comprehend the loss, a los altos wife who lost her husband and daughter is speaking out. >> and i knew that was their boat. and then panic set in at that point. >> reporter: scott chan's wife of 35 years says her husband and daughter, kendra, were diving partners. >> the passion for life and exploring and getting out there and doing things, you know. just never wasting time. >> reporter: kendra was a wildlife bile gist with the u.s.
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fish and wildlife service. her father left the tech world to teach physics here at american high school in fremont. in grief vicki moore chooses not to focus on how her husband and daughter died but how they lived. as family and friends continue to grieve, it will be a long time before authorities figure out what caused this fire. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> there will be a preliminary report in ten days. hopefully we'll know more. thank you, cheryl. well, flags in santa cruz are flying at half staff tonight in honor of a local family killed in that fire. diana adamic, her husband steve salika and their daughter were among the victims. salika a senior manager at apple was also a diving instructor at adventure sports unlimited in santa cruz. the family went on that dive trip to celebrate their daughter's 17th birthday. >> he was an active scuba diver. he loved teaching scuba. he was one of the sweetest instructors i've ever known.
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>> neighbors describe the salikas as a generous and openhearted family. we have much more coverage of that boat fire on our website including the video showing conditions the coast guard faced right after the boat caught fire. you can see it at nbc bay new at 11:00 tonight, check out that cash. all of it. the pittsburg police recovered from a security guard. police say a guard for the pittsburg transfer station was caught on camera stealing $4,000 from a cash box. when he returned to work the next night, police were there waiting for him. police say the guard admitted to stealing the cash and returned $3,000 of the money to them before they arrested him. three people were flushed from their apartment this evening after flames devoured two units in pleasant hill. you can see it burning there on the upper level. the fire started around 7:00 this evening at the two worlds apartment complex. nobody was in those units thankfully when it happened. no word yet on the cause. tonight hurricane dorian is gaining strength. it's been upgraded to a category
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3 he storm, and it's bearing down on the carolinas. there's also a desperate rush in the bahamas. what you're seeing here, after it left widespread damage there. thousands of people are stranded on the islands of abaco and grand bahama. about half the homes damaged or destroyed. the death toll has now climbed from 7 to 20 people, and there could be more victims. flooded airports are delaying the rescue and recovery missions. dorian is moving close to the united states coastline. people in georgia and the carolinas are now evacuating. bay area rescue crews are in the carolinas tonight ready to help with any type of hurricane relief. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now with the updated timeline and path. what are you seeing, jeff? >> this storm's been going strong now for at least ten days. indicator nt look at the on hurricanes whether they're weakening or strengthening is the eye of the hurricane. ife eye, the center sll have a
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here that's continuing to hold its strength. and there you can see the eye of the hurricane just offshore of georgia and south carolina. winds at 115 miles per hour. this will bring impacts. even though it is not nearly as strong as it was when it hit the bahamas. we're looking at a landfall maybe tomorrow near wilmington as the category 2 winds right around 105 miles per hour. then maybe an additional landfall near cape hatteras. also winds at 100. i'm seeing rainfall estimates two to seven inches. winds anywhere from 40 to 100 miles pr hour at the beaches and a storm surge of three to seven feet. we'll have your bay area forecast and the big change i'm tracking for this weekend. that's in about ten minutes. >> okay. an>> they say they were attacke, raped, and in some cases kidnapped and they're blaming lyft. 14 women are suing the san francisco-based rideshare company. they say lyft failed to conduct proper background checks on its drivers. and they say the company covered up sexual assault complaints. some of the women spoke out today i s francisco about their own experiences.
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>> my safety was violated and the consequences affect me every day. mentally, emotionally, and physically. >> in a statement lyft says it is committed to providing safe transportation and that it does screen every driver. she was known only as emily doe but now the woman sexually assaulted by former stanford swimmer brock turner is telling us her real name and her story. chanel miller is 27 and is releasing her memoir, titled "know my name." the book details the 2015 assault on the stanford campus. the trial and the national movement it sparked. >> in newspapers my name was "unconscious, intoxicated woman. ten syllables and nothing more than that. i had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. to relearn that this is not all that i am. >> that's miller recording her victim impact statement from the trial. advocates for sexual assault
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victims are praising her decision to come forward, saying it will combat the stigma that comes with reporting these types of crimes. well, in the east bay tonight people are up in arms over a plan to bring an amy's drive-thru restaurant to walnut creek. and that plan is pitting the health food crowd against people who fear that the restaurant would serve up a steady diet of traffic jams. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from walnut creek. here we go again, terry, but tonight do we have a decision on this one? >> kind of. kind of. the design review committee tonight told the owners of amy's drive-thru vegetarian restaurant here on north main and second avenue to really listen to what the complaints are from the community that they heard tonight and go back to the drawing board and come backitme community happier. >> you know it's a hot topic when this many people turn out for a design review commission meeting. >> my concern is the site circulation of this project in
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the parking and the cars come hg in and going out is you're going to have a backup of traffic. >> reporter: people living near the north main and second avenue site have formed a group called larky park neighbors united. they say just look down the street, that chick-fil-a, it causes big traffic back-ups all the time and so will amy's. >> do we really need another quick-serve restaurant? >> reporter: they told the commission its proposal is as nonsensical as the in-n-out drive-thru proposal they stopped out here several years ago. >> makes zero sense to have a drive-thru entrance and a line of cars from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on 2nd avenue. >> supporters pointed out's first of all that chick-fil-a down the street is twice as big as this proposed drive-thru and amy's means good healthy vegetarian fast food. >> i believe it's the best opportunities to be used at this site. >> and they add amy's would look a lot better than what's at the site right now. >> the project would give back to the community.
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>> reporter: after tonight the next move is up to the developer. in all walnut creek terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. we're back in 60 seconds with a terrifying scene out of southern california. a deputy tackled before a suspect grabs her gun. tonight, how police were able to subdue that person. a cheating scandal rocks a bay area high school. students with failing grades all of a sudden get passing scores just before graduation. we investigate next. numbers only down one to two degrees cooler at this hour. but i'll show you some major cooling on the way. we drop numbers even cooler in our forecast. i'll have details in about six minutes. halloween time is back in parks!...dalifornia e
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a dangerous close call. a san bernardino county sheriff's deputy fights for her life and it's caught on camera. it started when deputies responded to a domestic
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disturbance call in victorville. the suspect tackled the first deputy to arrive and started punching her. you can see it there in the video. while being on her back, he grabbed her gun and fired two shots. the suspect pulls it from the deputy's hands and fires at as she runs for cover. amazingly, she wasn't wounded. other deputies had arrived on the scene, shot the suspect, and then took him into custody. tesla is partially to blame for a crash involving a car on autopilot. that's according to a new finding from the ntsb. no one was hurt thankfully in last year's crash down in southern california, but the situation could have been a lot worse. you can see it there. at the time the driver put his car on autopilot and stopped paying attention. the tesla then crashed into that fire truck on the side of a busy l.a. freeway. a warning tonight in the east bay. deputies are looking for a man who tried to lure students into his car. happened two weeks ago two separate locations on heyer avenue in castro valley.
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students from creekside and canyon middle said a man drove up to the students and asked them to hop in to go get mcdonald's. none of the students did that. they all left. tonight we uncover a cheating scandal at a high school in the east bay. it's not the students. it's the teachers and administrators that are breaking the rules. >> they're accused of falsifying documents to boost students' grades. senior investigative reporter begad shah ban joins with us this exclusive story. >> reporter: just making the grade is one thing. making up the grade is another. tonight we have an exclusive story of a cheating scandal ate high school in oakland where educators are being accused of giving failing students passing grades, all to improve the school's graduation rate. eacher at castlemont high in east oakland, more than 30% of students fail to graduate. that's nearly double the state average. our investigative unit obtained a formal complaint that accuses school officials of falsifying records and changing grades.
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in order to make students eligible for graduation. >> i would pretty much describe it as just lying. and the only people that would have access to transcripts like that would be school counselors and administrators. >> reporter: this teacher, who doesn't want to be identified, submitted that complaint to the district. she says she knows of at least eight students who flunked required courses but somehow managed to graduate. >> they were given the grade of an f. and then when i went back into the data base right before graduation or some after graduation the credits were there and the grades were there that they needed to get the diploma. >> reporter: students are able to take onlineo ke up courses they fail. but three former teachers tell us for at least the past five years they noticed passing grades appearing on some students' transcripts for online courses they believed were never completed. >> they weren't actually enrolled in that online learning
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class for the amount of time that it would have taken them to complete the grades they were given. it might take you anywhere from four weeks if you're really fast and doing it every day to maybe a couple of months. and some of these students showed enrollment in the class for two days. i mean, mathematically it's not possible. >> we are setting them up to fail. >> reporter: this teacher says she told school officials what was happening but nothing was ever done. students she failed were still having their grades changed. >> we aren't giving them the opportunity to get the education that they deserve. grades that i had input for the first semester were changed for second semester. >> reporter: she says edurs spearheaded other types of cheating too. she tells us one of her fellow teachers, who was supposed to oversee online courses, gave test answers to dozens of kids before their exams. >> ultimately we're all disadvantaged by it.
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our teaching practices can now be called into question. the school can be called into question. we're not doing anyone a service by changing grades or allowing students to cheat. >> reporter: we repeatedly asked to speak to both former and current school officials at castlemont high as well as the superintendent for oakland unified. but the district told us no one is available. tonight a spokesperson says, "we have not found any evidence of wrongdoing but we are looking." now, on the heels of our investigation oakland unified tells us it will hold a press conference tomorrow to detail its plan to hire an outside investigator to look at how the district runs those online classes that are supposed to help students, raj and jess, overcome a failing grade. >> bigad, thank you. we will see what happens tomorrow. we will stay on the story. tough a story tip for bigad shaban give us a call.
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888-996-tips or visit our website, let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're starting to see temperatures just regulating themselves and not being too hot. >> starting to go down. and this weekend it's going to get even better for you if you want a nice sizable drop i've got it for you. let's bring you into that microclimate forecast and get you ready to go for, yes, thursday. just around the corner. and the thing i'm watching right now is this little area of low pressure. it's basically a weak system starting to move closer to us. and that's taking that humidity today in some of those thunderstorms and beginning to push it off toward the east. so less humid as we move through tomorrow. but thiw you tweather. keep your eyes right up here. this area of low pressure. this other weaker system that will drop our temperatures by the weekend. no rainfall with it but we'll go over those temperatures here in just a bit. i've got to get you ready for thursday's forecast first. so if you're heading out the door early on, do expect some fog right near the peninsula.
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also san francisco and 61, south bay at 63. into the east bay mid 60s. sf 57. and for the north bay 59 degrees. some patchy fog near the bay and also the coast. we'll get sunshine back as we move through the afternoon tomorrow. and numbers drop a couple of degrees. overall looking really good here. 84 in downtown san jose. 86 in los gatos. just a slight bit of humidity. the bulk of it once again would be heading off through the east. i do have warm 90 over to antioch, also pittsburg, danville 88 probably some of th best weather tomorrow at 78 degrees. chilly in half moon bay 62. and over to palo alto 80 degrees. san francisco bring the light jacket if you're headed there. we do have winds out of the west at 18 miles per hour and 64 here in the marina. 67 in the mission. 92 in clearlake. closer to the bay. mill valley 79 degrees.
11:21 pm
my extended forecast, you should be pretty happy with this. morning fog, afternoon sunshine in san francisco. got you down to 65 by saturday. sunday bump it back up to 70. and then more upper 60s to about 70 into next week. inland valleys, yes. we are looking a lot better as we move through this upcoming weekend. remember that weaker system i told you to keep an eye on out there in the pacific. the result has me dropping temperatures even more once we hit saturday. we're going to go from an average of 87 tomorrow down to 79 degrees. that's going to be nice. whatever you've got planned on the weekend. here we go again. go back up warmer on sunday to 87 degrees. and then we'll keep it pretty steady as you move through next week's forecast. i think all in all this is really good. i'm keying in on saturday. that's the day i'm going to be outside. sunday it's an inside binge watch kind of day going on. >> you told us earlier you had a lot of gardening to do. this is conducive to your gardening. >> saturday. >> jeff's always thinking about what others are going to do.
11:22 pm
for once we're hearing what jeff's going to do. >> you know. >> you deserve, it jeff, thank you. up next, put on your best outfit. we're taking you on the pink carpet. the opening night gala for the san francisco symphony. and how the symphony is taemg up with metallica. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. orlando bloom is here for water war. i'm not going to tell you who wins. constance wu, jack white and music from the raconteurs. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now, evacuations under way in southern california after a fast-moving fire erupted near murietta. that's in riverside county. more than 300 firefighters are battling the tejana fire. firefighters believe it start bid a lightning strike. we're back with more news in a moment.
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okay. here's the deal. you have to look spectacular and
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you have to bring your listening ears. it's a san francisco tradition. >> make sure the tie's good and the dress is beautiful. >> black tie. >> the san francisco symphony's opening night gala -- do you say gala or gala? >> it's either. >> tomato or tomato. hundreds of people getting the pink carpet treatment. even cal's marching band playing for everyone as they filed in for the big event. it's a picture perfect event raising a lot of money for local educational programs. it also kicks off the final season for famed conductor michael tilson thomas. and think of this as really a preparty for friday night's big event when the symphony performs with metallica at the new chase center. >> it's a perfect night. beginning of the symphony. amazing food, amazing music. >> it's a mix of quiet and loud. and you know, there's nothing wrong with that. >> yeah, the marching band. >> very chic. a chic event. >> very elegant. dinner, drinks, and the symphony. can we go next >> we need to prepare.
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>> we're back in a minute with the big night at the coliseum for an a's rookie. stay with us. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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the fans. >> more exhausting for us. a runs. otfrustration. but in the end smiles. in st. louis the bruce bochy retirement tour continues. best thing to get boch, wine. >> really? >> loves wine. top of the eighth inning kevin pillar had four hits tonight. this was the biggest. a game-winning two-run homer as the giants beat the first place cardinals. how about that? 9-8. at the coliseum what a special night for this kid, the rookie. this is 24-year-old sean murphy. his first major league at-bat. he hits a home run. >> that's fantastic. >> those are his parents watching him. how amazingld that be? watching your son do that. a's beat the angels 4-0. the a's hold on to that second wild card spot. dream come drew for hundreds of students from the non-profit group girls inc. they got a surprise visit from steph curry. they were at the chase center promoting girls' equity and equality. and in walks steph.
11:30 pm
joined in on a discussion about financial health, then took some time to take some pictures and work out with the girls. >> if you love doing what you're doing, and i'm blessed to say i found that for me, and for each and every one of you you can find that too. sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do and that's a part of life. but finding something that you love to do is important. >> curry says he hadn't actually been at the chase center in four months and he was excited to see the warriors' new home for himself. there he's doing like some -- >> doing his workout there. and he didn't just come in for a minute. he actually hung out. wow. look at that. >> whoa. >> that's pretty cool. up next, a very nice gift from a former bay area quarterback. we'll tell you what he did for a local high school. stay with us. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations.
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disaster. the emergency alert tests happening tomorrow in the north bay. plus: package delivery complaints adding up! our consumer unit will show you the surprising rights you have when unwanted merchandise ends up at your front door. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. listen to this. former cal quarterback aaron rodgers is giving back to the community where he grew up. >> this is pretty cool. rodgers donated 375 football helmets to some local high high, chico high, and his alma mater pleasant valley high, all in butte county. now, paradise high's coach says it was a meaningful gesture, especially for the people of paradise, which of course that small town leveled by last year's fire. and speaking of aaron rodgers,
11:34 pm
we will see him tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area. it's the nfl kickoff. the packers and the chicago bears. here you go. tomorrow night on nbc bay area. kickoff at 5:20 pacific time. that's 8:20 eastern time. of course we go 5:20. >> of course. that's going to be fantastic. football already. >> it's fall. it's here. >> we need to get a storm in here with some rain. >> don't say that. we're enjoying this. >> not winter, jeff. >> could be fall. 79 on saturday. that is the day. hold off on the rain for now. >> what did i do to deserve that? >> it's all good. >> have a good day tomorrow. [ knock knock hey, orlando >> hey jimmy how are you, man >> jimmy: i'm doing great, man i'm just working on one of >> what's that mean? >> jimmy: it's a thing people do on twitter where you say a thing about you and then another thing also about you that undermines the first thing


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