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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 5, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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. good day everyone. we're coming on air to bring you the latest on hurricane dorian. the slow moving storm is bearing down on north carolina including the outer banks. dorian has been relentless since becoming a hurricane more than a week ago leaving unimaginable devastation in the bahamas. nbc's al roker has been following dorian every step of
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the way and has an update. >> this just in it's 60 miles south of myrtle beach still a category 2, 110 mile per hour winds moving north/northeast. we're looking at wind 55 miles an hour, upwards of 15 inches of rain. tonight and friday morning rainfall 8 to 12 inches and moves towards new england where we could be looking at strong winds heavy rain and coastal flooding. rainfall, anyer amounts of 10 inches and possible 5oneople without power. lester? >> kathy park is in charleston, south carolina for us. what are the conditions there? >> reporter: lester we're
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feeling the damaging blow from dorian, everything from intense wind to heavy rain. flooding is a major concern in downtown charleston as well as power outages. you can see how rough the water is right now. right now we are monitoring high tide. we're also bracing for the potential for even more coastal flooding. officials are saying if you don't have to be outdoors stay indoors. hunker in place. conditions aren't getting any better. lester? >> we'll of course continue to watch this storm closely. we'll come back on the air with updates as warranted. i'll be back with completegh i'm lester holt nbc news new right now on your midday news, a wild morning rush hour hundreds of chickens killed. the drama continues even through this midday hour.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have been watching this story unfold since early this morning when we were first on-air for "today in the bay." and beyond traffic impact on i-80, this is just a sad story overall. >> we've got team coverage for you. we're going to check in with mike. he's got a look at that traffic impact. but let's start out with nbc bay area bob redell live in san pablo. bob, quite a morning out there. so many east bay commuters experienced it. >> reporter: but we expect this mess to come to an end. chp just telling us that they expect all westbound 80 lanes here at san pablo dam road to be reopened within 30 minutes after it was shut down several hours ago. both drivers in this accident, we want to mention, they are going to be okay. what made this accident unusual, however, and so diffi clean up is that the big rig that caught fire was hauling hundreds of chickens on their way to be slaughte possible, which is one reason whycape. some ran into traffic where some, sadly, were run neaovysp
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rang wrangle all of these birds. animal control estimates there were at least 1,000 chickens in cages on the back of the flatbed that caught fire. animal controls believe about half died, the rest survived. you can see one being captured right here. a number of the survivors seem to be in okay condition, but we also know there are a number of who are injured but burnt, but still alive. it's very sad to see them suffering. pitman pharmacy out of fresno owns the birds. they'll be meeting at the animal control what to do with the healthy survivors. animal control will be suffering.g the birds that are >> we've never had anything like this. and this is really sad. we'll do what we can to salvage what we can and euthanize as quickly as possible the animals that aren't salvageable. >> we have reached out to pitman
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farms for comment. like i said, they're out of we're still waiting to hear back. the big rig was traveling on westbound 80 around 3:40 this morning when the driver hit the overpass and veered across traffic in the center divide. he hit a car, caught fire. the driver of the car wasn't hurt and the driver of the big rig was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. chp does not know what caused the driver to hit the overpass, but do not expect drugs or alcohol. you can see caltrans engineers were out here to inspect it and make sure that nothing severe was done to it. it checked out okay. and the issue right now is there's so much oil and g that spilled out on to the roadways that the caltrans workers, as you can see there in the foreground, they've been putting powder down trying to absorb it and try to get that material up, because the last thing you want is cars or motorcycles driving across that and slipping and sliding all over the place. reporting live here in san pablo, bob redell, nbc bay area
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news. >> understandably, yeah. swag sad situation out there, thank you, bob. >> ike inouye has been tracking the backup from this story all morning long. >> it's still not open. hopefully in the next half hour, if everything goes as planned, they're cleaning up the fluid and fuel spilled in the area, but the backup continues past hilltop drive. now, thankfully, this thursday morning has seen a lighter commute coming out of the north bay. that means folks coming off of the car queens bridge will be have only held up here through hilltop drive and taken to surface street san pablo avenue and richmond parkway. those were flooded this morning. a lot lighter traffic now, but still the slowdown. we see that traffic has rippled over into the contra costra county, walnut creek, 680, but things are moving smoothly and we hope it all clears up in the next half hour. as bob said, they should be reopening those lanes west near san pablo road. new video to show you this midday. jury selection suppo t her boyf of murder. our cameras caught video of tiffany lee heading to court.
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prosecutors say 27-year-old keith green was killed back in 2016. lee is the mother of his two daughters. developing now, a crew member who survived the deadly dive boat fire off the coast of santa barbara suggested that fire may have started near a phone charging station. "l.a. times" reports the crew member says that the fire began where cell phones and cameras had been charging overnight. of course, ntsb investigators are looking into the cause of the fire that destroyed the boat and killed 34 people onboard, including a father and daughter from los altos. one body has yet to be recovered. meantime, there is a public vigil planned for tomorrow night in santa barbara. >>ap southern california, a wildfire continues to spread in riverside county. mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect in murietta, about 70 miles north of san diego. the fire started yesterday in a matter of just a few hours grew to torch a thousand acres. right now, 1400 acres have
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burned so far. the fire is only 7% contained. well, turning to your microclimate weather forecast, and this weekend, it's almost here. >> that's right. taking a live look outside from the east bay walnut creek, meteorologist kari hall tracking the weather as we head into the weekend. >> a lot of sunshine out there. we do have some nice conditions as you get ready to head out for lunch, this is a live look outside in dublin. if you're about to seeing a few moving by. the south bay temperatures will only make it into the upper 70s there in campbell. we'll see a few spots in the low 80s, but definitely much more of a breeze. and some slightly cooler temperatures and that will be the trend over the next few days. there'll be some warm spots like antioch, ukiah reaching into the 90s, but mostly the 70s and 80s. we'll take a look at the weekend coming up in the full microclimate forecast. new for you at 11:00, facebook is debuting a new feature to prevent the spread of
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antivaccine misinformation. the company says that educational pop-up window will appear when a user clicks on the vaccine-related page, hashtag, or search. the window provides a link to the u.s. centers for disease control for credible information on vaccines. users outside the u.s. will be connected to the world health organization. the launch comes as the measles is areak has hitquote, combatti a new bill centered around hared responsibility and vaccines for children now in the newsom. state senate. if you can't make it out, they're chanting, you have not represented california for all. state senators approved the bill, which would crack down on doctors who allow children to bypass vaccines. if the governor signs a bill into law, the state will start investigating doctors who give out more than five exemptions per year. new at 11:00, the drama continues. there are reports that antonio brown is being suspended by the
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team. espn reporting that brown and general manager mike mayot got into an argument on wednesday. the team now planning to suspend its star wide receiver. the raiders play the broncos on monday night football. coming up next, anti-semitic and satanic messages sprayed on a historicay pasinng scores just before graduation. we investigate, next. mory los?
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welcome back. we uncover a cheating scandal at an east bay high school. students, it's the teachers and the administrators that are accused of breaking the rules. >> this is all behind teachers allegedly falsifying documents to boost students' grades. senior investigative reporter begach begachb bigad shaban joins us. >> we have the exclusive story now of a cheating scandal at a
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hoog in oakla high school in oakland where educators are being accused of giving failing students passing grades all to improve the school's graduation rates. each year at castlemont high, nearly 30% of students changing grades in order to make school of falsifying records and students eligible for graduation. >> i would pretty much describe it as just lying. and the only people that would have access to transcripts like that would be school counselors and administrators. >> reporter: this teacher, who doesn't want to be identified, submitted that complaint t she says at least eight students who flunked required courses, but somehow managed to graduate. >> they were given the grade of an "f," and when i went back into the database right before graduation, or some of them right after graduation, the credits were there and the
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grades were there. that they needed to get the diploma. >> reporter: students are able to take online classes to make up courses they've failed, but three former teachers tell us for at least the past five years, they noticed passing grades appearing on some students' transcripts for online courses they believed were never completed. >> they weren't actually enrolled in that online learning class for the amount of time that it would have taken them to complete the grades that they were given. it might take you anywhere from four weeks, if you're really fast and doing it every day to maybe a couple of months. and some of these students showed enrollment in the class for two days. i mean, mathematically, it's not possible. >> we are setting them up to fail. >> reporter: this teacher says she told school officials what was happening, but nothing was ever done. students she failed were still having their grades changed. >> we aren't giving them the opportunity to get the education
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that they deserve. grades that i had input for the first semester were changed the second semester. >> reporter: she says educators spearheaded other types of cheating, too. she tells us one of her fellow teachers, who was supposed to oversee online courses, gave test answers to dozens of kids before their exams. >> ultimately, we're all disadvantaged by it. our teaching practices can now be called into question, the school can be called into question. we're not doing anyone a service by changing grades or allowing students to cheat. >> we repeatedly asked to speak to both former and current school officials at castmont high as well as the superintendent for oakland unified, but the district told us no one is available. tonight, a spokesperson says we have not found any evidence of wrongdoing, but we are looking. now, on the heels of our investigation, oakland unified tells us it will soon hold a
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press conference to detail its plan to hire an outside investigator to look into how the district runs those online classes that are supposed to help students overcome a failing grade. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or nbcbay this morning, the search continues for anyone who spray painted anti-semitic and satanic messages on the historic church in downtown san jose. the staff of cathedral basilica of st. joseph discovered the tagging early sunday morning. these are pictures of the images. they have since been painted over. city councilman raul perez says olunteer at the cathedral and she was greeted by the hateful messages. many in the community, they're outraged. >> that's absolutely uncalled for and not the kind of spirit that we want to have in our city. >> it's definitely unfortunate to bring that into the community
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when we should be promoting kindness and not that hate. >> reporter: in the meantime, adolfo gomez who owns a restaurant next to the church says that tagging has become too common in that area, but murals could be a big solution. >> we're doing a mural in the next three weeks here. it's a call amongst muralists and graffiti guys. you have a nice mural, they kind of respect it. >> san jose police investigating the tagging of the cathedral. new details if you're thinking of the building a granny unit in san jose, there's a new preapproved builder. they're teaming up to make it easier for homebuilders to build tiny homes. this is what they look like. the builder says the 495 square foot units are fully customizable and they can be built in two weeks. the tiny homes start just under $200,000. a big piece of bay area music history goes away at midnight tonight. that's when kfog signs off.
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normal programming ended last night. all day today, the san francisco radio station bringing back old personalities and reairing segments of its one popular 10 at 10:00 show hosted by former dj dave maury. he left in 2008, that's when many longtime fogheads may argue kfognigh will reair kfog's firs hour 37 years ago. iteetr all right, switching gears for you right now, heading to our weather. the one thing we have missed around here is nice, cool temperatures without the humidity. >> so now the humidity is dropping. it's going to feel nicer and drier. so as we get a look outside at the golden gate bridge, the fog has rolled away and we are going to get some sunshine here. i wanted to take you to the north bay, looking from mt. tam, and it's a nice, clear view there, as you can see the fog way in the distance. and it's also helping to keep us cool, even the inland areas,
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heading over towards sunol. only 68 degrees right now. so we are going to see our temperatures gradually warming up. we're right now at 76 in brentwood, while 63 in half moon bay. san francisco at 65 degrees. and look at the difference today compared to yesterday. you combine that with the drier air, it feels so nice. in santa rosa, it is 13 degrees cooler now compared to this time yesterday. in livermore, it is 11:00 degrees lower. as we go through the rest of the day, here's our timeline and our hour-by-hour outlook for all of our microclimates. at 2:00, fremont is at 77 degrees. san mateo at 77 degrees. and that's the best we'll do for many areas. i'll be reaching into the upper 80s with a few spots hitting the low 90s, but we are coming down from some high heat we had earlier this week. into 6:00, more people heading out for dinner, going out for a walk. we'll be at 80 in danville and novato, 76 degrees. and the south bay starting to cool off as well. for the earning, we're all
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dropping back into the lower 60s. and here's what's happening as we look at our weather set-up. so we are seeing a few more clouds near the coast and it approaches a storm system for the pacific northwest. we'll bring us more clouds. this is a look at saturday. so as the cooler temperatures arrive, we will also see our coolest day on saturday, as that storm system passing just to the rt picks up pretty strong. we will have some sun filter ee by the clouds and we are looking at next week with our temperatures gradually warming up once that storm system moves away. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might want to check out the chase center block party happening on saturday. we're only going to see temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. and you'll also be able to watch the u.s. open. so maybe that's your chance to get out there and see the chase center. now, our temperatures inland will reach into the mid-80s. we'll cool down on saturday to the upper 70s in some of the inland valleys. and then some nt
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week, with san francisco in the 60s throughout much of the forecast. only a couple of days with some low 70s. >> thanks, kari. coming up, are you ready for some football? >> yep, yep. >> well, thursday night football is returning. and guess what, marcus, you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. we'll show you who's more excited than anyone else. >> me! but first, happening now, major automakers are uniting to develop technology to fight the problem of hot car deaths. general motors, ford, fiat, chrysler, and toyota are announcing a commitment to make rear seat reminder systems standard equipment on almost all passenger vehicles in the u.s. by the 2025 model year. so far this year, 35 children have died after being left in overheated cars. nissan, hyundai, kia, and subaru are already offering rear seat reminder systems, an option or models. we're going to have more news for you right after the break. ♪
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welcome back to you. so, look at this. how much do you pay for your car wash? scott mcgrew can't believe the price at his spot. 35 bucks, the cheapest! you can follow scott on social media and tell him how much your car wash costs. are you ready for some football? there's one person who is. betty white.
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>> one hundred years of nfl history. the packers and the bears. there's only one thing more badass than this year's kickoff. and you're looking at her. >> that's the character, golden girl, betty white among those getting fans ready for tonight's nfl season opener. aaron rodgers and the green bay packers take on the chicago bears as the nfl kicks off its 100th season. the game airs right here on nbc bay area. >> you know what? a lot of bay area kids know about this, heading back to school. it turns out that not even royals are spared from this. take aook here. 6-year-old prince george and he's a pro at this. but the younger sister, youee her. she's like, mom, i don't want >> she looks better now. school, so you can see, look at that's all good. so the royals are heading back to school for you. >> not only the pressure of having all the cameras around you, too. >> yeah. everybody's like, oh, you're the king-to-be, hmm. we have all been waiting for the start of the new kelly clarkson show.
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>> here's a look at what you can expect when that show starts on monday. >> monday! >> welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! >> it's the premiere of "the kelly clarkson show." >> you hadn't actually planned on being here. your baby brother, kevin hart, was supposed to be here, but he was in a car accident. >> everything is good. thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat. i'm only kidding. we spoke to the pediatrician and he says -- >> plus, the community comes together to help one of their own. >> okay, so it's funny. i like that. >> yeah. "the kelly clarkson show" starts on monday. you can see it right n bay area at 3:00 p.m. a final look at what we can expect today with this weather. >> very nice. all across the bay area, we'll be cooling off with our coolest day on saturday. >> looks good. see you tomorrow morning, right? >> yeah! we'll be here! >> and for midday, as well. have a great day.
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right now on "california live." kim is kicking up sand in santa monica. >> the most iconic hotel in all of santa monica is offering everybody to cruise on by and pop into their living room and their rose bar. then -- >> why are you here? >> i invoke attorney/client privilege. >> kimberly paisley is live in studio. and ross is shaking things up in the bay. >> it's milk shake madness and a competition you don't want to miss. plus, we're taking you to a tiny slice of heaven hidden in echo park. >> i am going to try the best find in los angeles. >> reporter: it's all happening right now on "california live." ♪ ♪
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