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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 6, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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i have to hold my baby up for like an hour or two just to keep her from drowning >> the victims of hurricane dorian deal with devastation and loss beyonmost people's comprehension as most parts of the bahamas have bun totally levelled and dorian striking with at least 100 miles per hour causing inland flooding and multiple tornados are popping up a american woman being caught by an overseas airport camera trueing to smuggle a six- day old baby on to a flight to
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the u.s. officials try to solve a mystery of what is in e-cigarettes that may be making hundreds sick. a climber tries to ascend faster than an elevator. it's friday and "early today" starts right now good morning >> the northeast is bracing for damage from dorian now a category 1 hurricane. new york city is closing beaches today and tomorrow officials ar tides and ocean swellsto has alh of destruction across the carolinas where it has spawned multiple tornados. >> my camper was tilting over and i said lord, what in the world and i had leaves all unmy house. i dont know if we've got a roof or not here completely destruxz out >> reporter: and now from wilmington it looks not so bad yet but
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that that's likely to change. >> reporter: we started the day with those vicious tornados north of here and finishing with about one inch of rain every hour here. a couple oof concerns that maybe are starting to ease up a little bit that storm surge we talk about, we've made it past high tide wilmington flooded a year ago during hurricane florence. and hoping they would have avoided that this time around. the power at least 24,000 customers are without power. duke energy has staged some 1500 trucks just north of here outside of raleigh once the sun comes up, police can get a look at the damage, clear road ways of any trees down, the trucks will get in and try to restore power for people bahamas, it's likely this part of north carolina has avoided
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the worst of this storm. >> it's such a relief to the residents here cal, thank you nbc meteorologist vanessa webb is tracking it for us. >> we're actually seeing portions hit the outer bank and the worst of the storm starting to impact atlantic beach to cape lookout. right now we're seeing sustained winds of 15 miles per hour but the difference this morning is dorian is starting to move a little bit quicker let's show you the latest out of the northeast. at sgan miles per hour we have not seen this storm system that fast here with the evolution of this storm. so sustained winds 90 rr miles per hour. will have a land fall earlier this morning, above sunrise.
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you're seeing the heavier bands right now and potential tornados will still impact that area. we didn't see the storm surge intensify but the flooding threat is still impacting north carolina with 6 million under a bridge >> a rough few hours to can come 70 thousander are in the bahamas with will need immediate humanitarian relief. they're sending 10,000 meals and a ship full of supplies to grand bahama island. and the company pledged a million dollars towards relief efforts. here with the latest >> reporter: good morning. we are here in bahamas where the search and rescue efforts have continues since the weather cleared up ever after it moved its way through the northern bahamas there are still hundreds if not
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thousands unaccounted for on abaco island >> reporter: it's the nonstop mission with no one in sight this family pulled one by one just in time rescues by air and sea, searching for people on the devastated abaco island. >> everything in abaco is gone >> reporter: thousands missing and the death toll rising. >> it was absolutely apocalyptic and that word i use deliberately >> reporter: people in shock >> i have to hold my baby up an hour or two to keep her from drowning >> reporter: those lucky enough to be rescued rushed to this nassau, hospital >> one saw her family wash away in the sea and has to deal with the emotional aspect and the physical injuries. >> i watched my friends die in front of me. >> reporter: leon saved his
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brother's life the two punched a hole in the roof where he clung to his brotherer who nearly slipped away >> if i let him go, he would have gone away with the surge. >> reporter: washed away the deadly storm surge over took everything >> the surge, you couldn't even look in the rain because it was burning your eyes, hitting you like pebbles >> reporter: still he considers himself one of the lucky ones. like so many others being reunited not knowing if they would ever see each other again. >> reporter: the can courage of people >> courage tested and courage countless others are trying to find and that death toll sits at 30 however they're quick to say that number will likely go up because there are so many areas
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devastated and are mote they're still trying to reach as a result of dorian's devastation >> former zimbabwe leader, robert mugabe is currently dead at 95. he announced his death overnight. he was a deeply divisive figure. he helped lead the campaign that helped end colonial rule harolded as a liberator, he mingle would with leaders like president clinton and dianna in the '90s but he dragged the nation to near economic collapse unhis brutal struggle to maintain power his 37 year reign was brought to an end in a bloodless military coup he was the world's oldest head of state when he funalinally std down >> reporter: happening today an american airlines mechanicic
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allegedly facing charges for trueing to steal a planen the man was accused of disabling a nat carrying 150 passengers because he was upset about stalled labor contract contract negotiations. the plane was taken out of service. they say alleged sabotage triggerered an alert the veteran employee told authorities he dud not want to harm anyone but wanted to cause a delay or have the flight cancelled in hopes of getting over time. he could face up to 20 years in prisonb. and a sober report on marijuana use by college students 43% say they use some form of pot in the past year that's up from 38 pr a year ago and the highest rate seen in 35 years.
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meanwhile health officials in oregon have uncoved a second death. insad vape lab searching for answers to what's causing the outbreak nursing stud found out the hard way >> i didn't know what it was >> reporter: this summerer the 25-year-old was diagnosed with a lung injury tied to vaping and seen some cannibis vaping patients with a new form of pneumonia. he suspects it's caused by the oil used in cannibis vaping. >> when the oil is heated, it's aubl to travel into the lung from that hot initial temperature, as it cools, it can condense into the larger droplets and then stick to the walls and then coat the walls. >> reporter: so the lining of
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your lung could be coat woued w fat because you vape snd. >> that's the concern. >> reporter: and render your lungs useless. >> reporter: they fail he's trying to unravel the mystery. they are using this vaping machine to figure out just what the oil in cannibis products or e-cigarettes does inside the body health officials are zeroing ia cause with injury to the lungs trying to clear the air in this health emergency >> yikes wow. well, nbc meteorologist is here with another look at dorian the storm that keeps on going. >> reporter: we will have a land fall some time this morning. year seeing the outer wall
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impact atlantic beach and sustained winds up to 50 miles per hour it will go back out to sea clou across the deep south this afternoon. less humidity impacting the great lakes into ohio valley we're still in the mid-80s so that's our land fall. you would think would be over. we're going to continue into the weekend. in today's quick hits nike a has announced the latest building after nba champion lebron james it's the sixth new building and home to advanced innovation team >> we're getting our first look
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dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine. leading the news an american woman who was arrested nowilityn prison in the philippines. after being accuse otrying to smuggle a baby out of the country. they say she was arrested when she tried to board a flight out of the united states with a six-day old infant >> reporter: at the security check unmanila's airport, she put her kaury on through and then pulled a baby from her sling. >> a female national of america trying to slip an infant out of
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the country, a six-day old infant and the baby had no travel documents >> reporter: trying to board a flight back to the u.s., the 42-year-old was arrested on charges of human trafficking and kid can. thing. >> it was -- they did not see the baby because she was carrying the baby in a sling bag. >> reporter: at a press conference she said nothing and appeared to be crying. officials say she was trying to conseal the child whose birth mother is a 19-year-old filipino woman and connected with talbot online figh a hist era a now if ct could mean the rest of her life in prison. fight for piggyback rides
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fans will be able to explore several locations including central perk the opening fountain and they have props and costumes, things luike the rachl wig and the stare well ross tried to put the couch with. >> this is just crazy. a speed climber in poland has beat an elevator up 75 feet in war saw he rossed the elevator on the outside of the westen hotel and beating it ist who who's one of the best ski climbers and will his debut in olympics 2020. we'll go live to north
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far in as north carolina but i did talk to folk whose are never levers as they call themselves proudly people who don't want to leave for fear they're going to shut down the highway and be unable to get back. they say they're used to winds 50/60 miles per hour they did hunker down grocery stores, gas stations were open as i begin working back north when the storm moves on as we expect it , they'll look at that road and that is the lifeline to those communities and in storms like this, it's common for the road to be washed out by the ocean, by the sound and sea glass. and that can leave folks stranded for days and weeks.
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>> and hopefully that will not be the case. david, thank you let's check back in with janessa. >> some isolated moisture. now the storm surge has really gone down. we're still watching potential for inland flooding wheree have 6 million potentially with disastrous flooding unthat area. >> thank you >>up> next serena williams moved one step closer to making history at the u.s. open fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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sheryl crow e performs and sits down to talk to her about sexism in the music business and having her boys on stage. thqt the crowd of demonstrators marched into amazon's offices in cambridge. they supply data basises to support ageances they arrested protesters on tress passing charges. they've donated $2 million that will be split between two groups working to protect the groups off migrant children separated from their families and be used to advance social justice. "we realizedee have to do everything possible to foster more compassion and empaelgt in
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this world." check out announcers al michaels and chris collinsworth dressing like journalists from 1919 the legendary rivalries of the it bears and packers played out luke a game from back when the nfl started. aaron rodgers tosses the only touchdown in this defensebive battle williams looked dominant during her semifinal victory, moving so well to hit a cross court finisher she easily dispatched her opponent unstraight sets williams will have to beat 19-year-old canadian who was competing in her first u.s. open the stars of the guinness world record 2020 were revealed thursday, honoring a number of people that did things better than anybody else.
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lisa and chris from england hold a record for the most pine boards broken in one minute with one hand they smashed more than 500 blocks in a minute between the two of them. and a record for the fastest garden shed. his can move around at speeds up to 80 miles per hour >> always interesting to see how they come up with the categories "white man can't jump" actress, rosie perez and jeff foxworthy and jane curtain, foxworthy and jane curtain, roger ater, 76 and ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪
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picture of the oakland skyline. what a way to start our friday. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get things going. a nice weekend ahead? already jumping to the weekend, sorry. >> it's friday, looking ahead to the weekend, you want to get out the door this morning with a live look in fremont, rather palo alto, and we're going to see our temperatures in the lower 60s, a few clouds rolling by, low 70s by 11:00 and a slightly cooler day with our south bay high temperatures in the upper 70s downtown a


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