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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. happy friday. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. raj and jessica are off tonight. a packed house at chase center. thousands there for the first big event at the warriors' new home in san francisco. that's metallica on stage, kicking off a new era in the city. tonight also a big test on the traffic flow in the mission bay neighborhood. nbc bay area's jean elle is there. she joins us live. jean, how is it going so far?
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>> well, janelle, metlica fans made it down here and got into the chase center very smoothly earlier tonight. they're just starting to trickle out right now. let's show you around a little bit. this is the ride share lane. you can see things are moving smoothly. there is lots of police around. let's take a look down the road here. lots of buses here ready to roll to get people out of here. police and muni workers are out in force tonight, hoping to keep this evening moving smoothly. ♪ metallica and the san francisco symphony rock the new chase center. ♪ putting on a one-of-a-kind show for the arena's first concert. metallica's lars ulrich says it's a thrill. >> metallica will be called a no-brainer. of course, for the city, for the bay area, and for the fans and for everything that this arena represents, this is the right thing to do.
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>> reporter: more than 16,000 metallica fans from around the world are more than thrilled to be here. cheering as they entered the new performance space. >> it's beautiful. there is nothing else like it. it's so unique. >> reporter: metallica fans put san francisco's transportation options to the test. thousands used their free muni ticket to get here. police and traffic control officers were out in force, keeping things moving. >> we took bart, and then we got on the muni and embarcadero. >> amanda douglas says her trip from pleasant hill took an hour, 15 minutes. >> it was crowded. i was shocked that there is only a one car train given the size of the crowd. but otherwise it was pretty smooth. >> reporter: the next test will be getting everyone home. and that test is about to begin. now you can see pg&e is here. that's because there was a power outage in mission bay earlier today that affected muni service. power was restored long before this concert got under way.
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but pg&e stayed here all night, just in case. a lot of just in case planning tonight because city staff want this to go smoothly. they are ready to escort 16,000 fans out of here, and they're hoping it goes off without a hitch. we're reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, so far so good. thanks, jean. our coverage continues online. we have extensive coverage of chase center's construction, the opening. it's all on our website, just go to to check it out. two big cats roaming the streets of san francisco. two confirmed mountain lion sightings in the city in the past two weeks. the latest one was spotted tuesday on the west end of golden gate park. a cougar was also seen on august 21st at lake merced. the rec and parks department says it's normal for mountain lions to come and go from these natural areas, even in san francisco, but some joggers, they're concerned. >> yeah, i've seen mountain lions before in the wild. not necessarily in the wild. just to the south of here and just to the north of here on
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different hiking trip. never here in the park. i can't even imagine. >> park officials say neither of the big cats showed aggressive behavior. as a precaution, though, people are warned to keep a close eye on small children and pets and avoid walking or biking alone in those areas at dawn and dusk. one day after the verdict came down, a verdict in the ghost ship fire trial is talking about how they reached their decision. millard billings was an alternate juror called up in the final days of deliberation after three other jurors were kicked off. he says the jury was very close to being hung on both defendants. the jury ended up acquitting defendant max harris, but they couldn't come to a decision on derick almena. >> the longer i saw those two kind of sad looking guys sitting there, and i saw those parents sitting there, and i thought no one's going to win in this thing. >> in the end, two of the 12 jurors did not think almena was guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but 10 did. a hearing next month could decide whether he will have a new trial or if there may be a
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plea deal. new at 11:00, the death toll is rising from a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping. the first california death reported in l.a. today. the cdc and a local health department now sounding the alarm about e-cigarettes. cheryl hurd is live in berkeley with reaction to today's warning. >> i'm here on uc berkeley's campus. a lot of young people around so, it wasn't too hard to find someone who vapes. they heard about the warning and tonight i'm getting a lot of mixed reacts about that warning. cassidy bold started vaping at 14. she's 19 now and says she's not worried about how it may affect her health. >> think about how many cases of bad health there are that came from cigarettes. you give me that many cases about a vape and then i'll be concerned. >> reporter: the centers for disease control is concerned. it's reporting 450 cases of serious lung illness in 33 states and the u.s. virgin
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islands. the cause is still a mystery. >> if you use a low dosage of 3 milligrams, or even zero nicotine, it's more of a placebo effect of inhaling something. >> reporter: officials think the illness comes from chemical exposure. it's not linked to a specific product or substance. most cases have been associated with e-cigarette products containing cannabis. vaping landed 18-year-old adam rader in the hospital. after vaping for a year and a half, doctors say he has a severe lung injury and needs a supplemental breathing mask. >> i didn't think that that little pod could do so much damage. >> reporter: the marin county health department issuing a warning advising people not to vape. some students we talked to tonight are listening to that warning. >> especially after hearing about the study. a third person died now. people dropping like flies. it's scary. >> reporter: in the state of california, there have been 57 cases related to vaping here in
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this state. that's up from 24 just two weeks ago. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, cheryl. well, there is a break in the case of a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. police arrested the man they say killed a bicyclist in the crosswalk last thursday. it happened on story road and jackson avenue around 2:00 p.m. police say 26-year-old jesse aguilar crashed his suv into a truck, then continued through the intersection, hitting and killing the cyclist. police say he then took off. on the peninsula, the search is on for vandals who targeted school maintenance trucks. it happened on wednesday night after the first day of school in burlingame. the vandals smashed the windshields, slashed tires, ripped out headlights. nothing was taken. superintendent says they are looking at surveillance cameras at the school to see if it caught anything. new details in a deadly south bay shooting. it happenein the middle of the day in the middle of a grocery store parking lot. nbc bay area's sergio quintana
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is live where he spoke with witnesses. sergio, what do they have the say about it? >> well, it did happen in the middle of the afternoon, and yet we haven't found anyone who happened to have heard those gunshots. however, there is an employee of the supermarket here who says that one of their security cameras got a clear angle on what happened. san jose police spent the evening meticulously collecting evidence. according to a food max employee, who didn't want to speak on camera, he and police officers wchedhe video from their security camera that faces the parking lot. the victim walked into the supermarket wearing a baseball cap, and then walked out 15 minutes later, and the video of the victim seems have an argument with someone as he stood next to this back nissan sentra, then the victim falls on the ground. police were called shortly after. >> they found an individual that was suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced deceased there. >> this is a shooting that happened in the middle of the day about 12:45. a large portion of the parking lot was cordoned off as a crime
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scene, making it tough for customers to get in to do their shopping. >> we drove by. we saw a body that was covered, and we drove into the one by the motorcycle, because that's the only entrance. and then everything else was blocked off. >> reporter: regular customers of the shopping center say there are lots of homeless people in this parking lot, but they've never felt threatened. one customer says he's concerned because a friend of his sometimes sleeps in his vehicle here. he couldn't get close to the car because it's inside the crime scene. >> it's my friend's car, man. i'm just trying to find out where he's at. >> and that man still has not made contact with his friend. the police have not released the identity of the victim in this case. reporting live in san jose, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sergio, for the update. well, for the second time in a week, thieves robbed an apple store on the peninsula. the latest theft happened at a store inside the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo. three men stormed the store and stole 40 items before hopping into a getaway car.
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investigators say they're trying to work with apple and other stores to better secure the merchandise and to try the make it harder for thieves to grab and go. >> apple puts out products that are extremely popular. it makes sense if criminals are going to target products, they want things that they know will be attractive and popular when they go to try to sell them. >> an apple store in burlingame was also hit last week, and that robbery was caught on camera. the suspect descriptions in that case are similar to those in san mateo. an outpouring of grief and support in santa barbara tonight. the community came together for another vigil to honor the victims of the conception dive boat fire that happened on labor day. organizers included the city and county of santa barbara and the institute for collective trauma and growth. meanwhile, we are learning new information about this investigation. the sheriff says it appears all 34 people killed died from smoke inhalation. they were sleeping in tight quarters beneath the deck when the fire broke out above, and they were trapped. investigators have moved a barge and a train into place to bring up the burned boat once
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conditions are calm enough. a mysterious death in a san jose mobile home park. a disabled woman died in her home when it caught fire early this morning. it happened at the west winds mobile home park near 237 and zanger road. neighbors expressed concerns. they say the onsite caretaker was gone when the fire started, and they think materials the caretaker kept at this home is what started the fire. one neighbor said he tried to save the woman when he saw the flames. >> but it was literally a torch that was shooting up in the sky on the right side only. and when we ran to the back door, it was only black smoke. that's why we couldn't go in there. >> the san jose fire department continues to investigate, and there have been no arrests in this case. well, after a deadly ten-day journey, hurricane dorian is winding down. but it delivered one more parting blow to the carolina coastline with powerful winds and a deluge of rain and knocked down tree, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. on ocracoke island, around 800
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people who ignored evacuation orders were trapped when the storm surge rose seven feet in just two hours. >> did it scare you? >> yes, yes, mostly scary for my daughter. >> north carolina's governor says there are no reports of serious injuries or death there's. well, we are back in 60 seconds. the college scandal that rocked the nation. tonight how much jail time actress felicity huffman could face for her role in the scandal. did pg&e impede an accident investigation? our nbc bay area team investigates possible safety lapses that left one worker injured. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog is rolling back into san francisco with 58 right now. we'll show you what else is c l cooling us down saturday, and that big drop in temperatures. how low we'll go, coming up in about six minutes.
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a miker got disoriented and lost off the tail. a friend called for help. people on the ground found the hiker near stinson beach. >> we recommend you know where you're hiking before you head out, because sometimes you're going to lose service. we also recommend that you have a gps on you. >> they also recommend hiking with a friend. governor newsom and lawmakers are fine-tuning a new bill limiting medical exemptions for vaccines in california. governor newsom plans to sign it but wanted changes first. the bill cracks down on doctors who sell fraudulent exemptions. critics worry this could create a rush for new vaccine exemptions. actress felicity huffman could be facing jail time. in may huffman pleaded guilty to fraud charges in the college admission scandal. she admits paying someone to change her daughter's answers on the s.a.t.
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prosecutors want her to serve a month in jail and pay a $20,000 fine. huffman's attorneys are requesting no jail time just community service. she will learn her fate next week. tonight california regulators are accusing pg&e of hindering an accident investigation. they say it took nearly five years for the company to reveal apparent safety lapses that left a san jose city worker badly burned. investigative reporterder bekkee story. >> reporter: today it's just an asphalt patch covering a trench, but five years ago, robert pena could easily have died here. >> we thought it was line that had a lot of roots in it. >> reporter: pena remembers one of his first jobs as a new maintenance worker. he was using a power saw to sever tough roots. >> i started cutting, and the next thing i know, i seen a big
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old orange flash, and it exploded right in my face. luckily i didn't get electrocute. >> reporter: the explosion through pena five feet. he narrowly escaped the trench before a second explosion hit. it turned out that bundle of roots concealed a high voltage power line that was improperly installed across the sewer pipe. a crew with the 811 team was supposed to locate and mark the line so nobody would cut into it by mistake. but they missed it. the public utilities commission fined pg&e $450,000 for the errors. normally, that would have been the end of it. but this year a pg&e insider blew the whistle on the 811 program arranged the utility then turned over this report it commissioned on the san jose incident. showing those 811 workers failed to follow company rules. they didn't bring in a skilled electrician to help locate the buried line and then falsified this document to indicate they had. >> it seems that pg&e can't determine whether a person is
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qualified or not qualified, and they put our lives at risk because of it. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill says he agrees with regulators who now say pg&e impaired and delayed their probe, leaving them unaware of larger safety concerns. >> they knew what the answer was. they just didn't want to tell anybody about it. and that's criminal. that's wrong. it's unsafe and irresponsible. >> stephen weissman is a former public utilities commission regulator. he suggests having state regulators set up an office inside pg&e's corporate headquarters to make it tougher for the company to keep secrets. >> if the utility cannot be trusted because it's not being forthright, then you have a serious problem. >> reporter: we reached out to the utility, and they said in a statement that pg&e took and continues to take corrective actions to meet our regulatory requirements, and the moves include overhauling management, hiring more crews, and upgrading training, audits, and tracking of underground lines.
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pena has recovered from the third-degree burns to his face and arms, but he says he'll never forget what state accident investigators told him. >> they said give your wife and your kids a hug, because you got saved. you shouldn't be there with them right now. >> reporter: he says he wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> what if someone dies as a result of it? you're gambling with someone's life, someone's family, someone's children. >> nbc bay area news. in other news, firefighters have joined crews fighting a fast-growing wildfire up north. it continues to burn north of chico and west of red bluff. it's believed to have been sparked by lightning yesterday afternoon. it's burn in order than 7,000 acres and is 7% contained. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for parts of tehama county. no thunderstorms here, but hopefully cooler weather for that part of california and here. hopefully it will help firefighters. >> i definitely think it will. that will be really great news as we head throughout saturday's forecast. we still have hotter weather
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ahead, but most immediately tomorrow, this will be excellent news to keep our fire danger down. so what are we looking at? it's all about this trough of low pressure. i'm tracking it right now, starting to edge closer to the bay area, and it's important because as this sets up tomorrow, it's going to help to keep this cold air funneling right across the state. it will be a short-lived event. saturday is going to be the day to get outside if you do want to enjoy this 5 to 10-degree drop in temperature, and we'll also get some fog along with it. the god thing about the fog as we start out tomorrow morning, it will be a little bit widespread. might help you to sleep in a little longer on that saturday morning, get the coffee, the paper, or maybe just stay in bed an hour or two extra. you can see that low cloud cover here at the coastline, and that fog extending also over to contra costa, alameda counties. maybe back out as far as concord and livermore as well. we'll clear out to more of a partly cloudy day tomorrow with that sunshine trying to peek through some of the clouds in the east bay, south bay and peninsula. what about the temperatures? we'll start off cool tomorrow
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with upper 50s to about 60 here for the south bay peninsula in the tri-valley. down to 59 in the east bay. 57 san francisco and the north bay at 56. it's the afternoon numbers that is going to feel amazing here for september. after some mid-90s earlier this week, even a few upper 90s, it's going to feel downright good. 75 in san jose. 77 in mortgagan hill. no more upper 90s in the east bay. check it out. livermore 75 degrees. ah, yes, your ac getting a break. 77 in martinez, and 70 over to hayward. right up to the coastline, a chilly 63 in half moon bay. over to redwood city, 73. look, if you're out in the peninsula, want something to do, check it out in mountain view. the art and wine festival. low 70s. might need a light jacket as the sun starts to set tomorrow. wind kicks up. could feel a little cool for you. going to be a good day for this. as you move back into san francisco, it will be breezy.
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winds out of the west at 24, and 66 along the embarcadero. and right through wine country, 79 in napa. 78 in sonoma right up to ukiah at 80. extended forecast. sunday 70 degrees. and then we're in the upper 60s to low and mid-70s as we transition through next week. so a little bit of heat here for sf by next thursday and friday. inland valleys. we've been advertising it as this one-day event. tomorrow is going to be the best day to get outside and enjoy it. 79 degrees on saturday. bump it up to 87 on sunday. and eventually, yes, we do have 90s coming back by next thursday and also friday. check the two-week rain outlook, and there's no big chances of rain over the next two weeks. so enjoy the sunshine for now. i got lots of gardening to do tomorrow. >> yes. you're going to be busy. perfect day for it. >> sure. >> if you're going out of town,
11:22 pm
a warning. the work being done at sfo that could impact your flights. and with is rejimmy. >> jimmy, what's coming up on the show tonight? >> hey, guys, ryan seacrest is my guest, plus magic from daren brown and thank you notes. it's a great show. do not change the channel. >> and happening now, out in force, oakland police beefing up patrols looking for illegal sideshows. this is from last weekend in oakland. police say they're going have eyes in the skies too with helicoptering patrolling from the care. anyone caught joining in on a sideshow could be cited or arrested. we'll be back with more news. ♪
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limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday. new tonight, the justice department has launched an investigation into four automakers that signed a deal with california on vehicle emissions standards. the deal between california and ford, honda, bmw and vw was announced in july. the companies agreed to reduce
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emissions by 3.7% per year starting with 2022 models. the issues are the standards are more stringent than what president trump wants. all four automakers are reportedly cooperating with investigators. a live look at sfo where repair work is about to begin on one of the runways. starting tomorrow one of the two main runways will be closed for almost three weeks. travelers are warned to expect delays and cancellations. the airport says the delays will begin after 9:00 a.m., so you might want to choose an early morning flight. nbc bay area's investigative unit first reported that the runway were cracking and sinking in february. unsettled ground at sfo and increased runway traffic are to blame. coming up after the break, the oakland raiders saga just got weirder. we're going to show you the video antonio brown dropped on social media tonight that has raider nation talking. my experience with usaa
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and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. 40 to 50 year old men and women with chronic diseases ♪ and mental health issues, often untreated and ignored. it's incredibly rewarding when a patient sees that i care. i'm a nurse at wellpath. along with over 8,000 doctors and nurses, we provide healthcare in jails, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and treatment centers.
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all with a single mission, to be there for those who need us most. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. tense game right here on nbc bay area. the giants taking on the dodgers in l.a. pregame, the dodgers honored giants manager bruce bochy, who only has a few weeks left before he retires. let's go to the fifth now. the top of the fifth, the giants
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have the bases loaded. giants go up 3-1 and hang on to win 5-4. rare night at the oakland coliseum. the a's versus the tigers. before tonight's scheduled game, they finished up a game that was suspended due to rain four months ago in detroit. top of the ninth, a's get a two-run shot from chad pinder. they win 7-3. in game two it went into extra innings, and top of the 11th, willie castro bangs a double into the right field corner, bringing a run home. a's lose, 5-4. the antonio brown saga continues to get stranger and stranger. tonight the embattled wide refer posted a new video that is posting a lot of attention. he posted it on instagram and youtube hours after he got the green light to play in monday's opening game. the video contains audio that appears to be a private conversation between brown and someone who sounds like raiders coach jon gruden. in the video brown talks about his doubters and how he is working harder than anybody to
11:30 pm
getdy for the season. it's unclear when that conversation took place and if brown had permission to record it. if you want the back story of the antonio brown drama, we'll try to sum it up. earlier this week there was a reported altercation between brown and the raiders' gm. today brown giving an emotional apology at a team meeting while oakland may suspend brown, coach gruden announced this afternoon that brown will play in the season opener on monday. >> antonio is back. today we're really excited about that. ready to move on. he's had a lot of obvious time to think about things, and we're happy to have him back. the raider is nation is excited than too. all right? >> antonio brown also missed time during training camp over a foot injury suffered in a cryogenic chamber and because he didn't like his new helmet. we'll be right back with more news. stay with us. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer.
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a north bay woman experiences a lot of drama with her dinner theater tickets so, she called us. >> the action the consumer team took. >> and full congress be l be back in session for a listening list of controversial issues to take up. new announcements overnight. >> monday 4:30 to 7:00. a massachusetts farm is paying tribute to a three-time super bowl champion. west end creamery created this corn maze to honor rob gronkowski. he recently retired. the gronk maze, wow, very
11:34 pm
elaborate opens later this month as part of the farm's fall festival. it features his post touchdown spike along with the phrases thanks, gronk, and go pats. gronk announced his retirement in march after nine seasons with the nfl. oh, that's fabulous. >> yeah, that's intricate. >> i'd be so scared to go through that at night. >> to get from one end to the other, that would be pretty complicated. >> that's huge. it's like a work ou. jeff, perfect day to go for a hike? >> it's beautiful. anywhere across the bay. you know when you have inland temperatures on saturday at 79, you go inland to the coast. it's amazing. warms up sunday, but we can handle that. >> yes. thanks for joining us. have a great night. have a great weekend. bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is, jimmy fallon


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