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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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ig now at 11:00, a rough travel day at s.f.o. flights canceled and delayed, but this has nothing to do with the weather. why it might be the new normal over the next few weeks. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks so much for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. frustrated fliers, it's day one of a big construction project at s.f.o. and travelers are feeling the impact. >> they sure are. nbc bay area's sergio quintana
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is live for us at s.f.o. with the test. sergio? >> reporter: yeah, tough travel day. 250 flights delayed, about another 100 canceled today. we usually don't see numbers like this unless there is a pretty strong storm that's hitting the airport. and unfortunately we're going to be likely seeing this the next three weeks or so as this construction project continues. on the runway tonight, you can see lots of flashing amber lights. that's because there is a major repair operation going on right now. the base layer of a 1900-foot stretch of runway 280 is being reinstalled. because at s.f.o.'s unique cross run ways configuration, only two of the airports four run ways are in use. the result is the leaderboard chockful of cancellations and delays. >> i think we had about half an hour delay, which was okay because we've got plenty of time for our next flight. >> reporter: esther is in good spirits as they head to their
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new zealand flight. he's feeling run down. he's been traveling from pakistan to seattle. it's taken nearly a full day to get here. then he got a message on his phone, his trip will take a few hours longer. >> when i was waiting at the gate i got a message, your flight is late because there is construction going on. >> reporter: this project has been in the works for months. the spot on runway 28 l has been showing wear the last couple years. in april a massive pothole even opened up there. the biggest carriers have been trying to pare down their flights for the 20 days of construction. united, alaska and air canada are even waiving change fees for passengers who want to alter itineraries. since this is a major hub, passengers have few options to flying to s.f.o. >> my flight to eugene, or o was canceled. i had to travel two hours north of where i live. that made us late. now i'm hoping my next flight
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will make it to chicago. >> reporter: and tonight's winds have also affected flight operations here at s.f.o. this construction project was scheduled for now because at the end of the busy summer travel season and it's just before the rainy season. asphalt cannot cure when it's wet. reporting live at s.f.o., i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks very much. bay area rescue teams dispatched to help with hurricane dorian are making their way back to the bay area. live pictures here. the county's search and rescue team arriving back from north carolina. this is a warehouse where they store their gear. live pictures, i was there when they took off on monday. thought they might be down there three weeks. came back early. good news down there. crews arriving just moments ago. 45 members of the team left the bay area headed to north carolina along with rescue teams from menlo park and sacramento. they were there to help first responders on the east coast.
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>> they had some tornadoes they had to deal with and, of course, there was some flooding and wind damage. fortunately for everyone involved, the hurricane just sort of skirted up the coast, stayed off the coast enough. plus we had beneficial tides during the time the hurricane came up, so it really didn't have the impact people were expecting. >> the team members will debrief tonight. their gear is being shipped separately so not much unpacking to do. that's nice. they get to head home. they get a 24-hour reprieve, rest, then back to their regular jobs on monday until the next time they're mobilized for the next disaster. >> dorian is no longer considered a hurricane, but it's still causing plenty of problems. it landed in nova scotia, canada. it landed on a building in nova scotia canada. near 100 mile per hour winds caused it to tumble. nobody was hurt. more than 330,000 people have
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lost power in nova scotia because of that storm. just in to the newsroom, a new warning for parents in pleasanton. police are investigating reports from a young girl who says a strange man tried to get her into his car. happened around 2:00 this afternoon near the corner of chardonnay and toriga drive. the man was driving a black sedan. pulled up next to her. asked her if she wanted to get into the car. she described the man as indian, in his 30s with a black beard, a black turbine ban and black long sleeve shirt s. >> in butte county, a fire burns out of control. the swedes fire scorched at least 400 acres. it's destroyed two structures. new images show flames glowing in the dark. this fire is burning near oroville. it's only 10% contained. it's already destroyed two buildings. the butte county sheriff says the fire started just before 3:00 this afternoon. people in the area are being
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told to leave as fire crews work to contain those flames. the evacuation shelter and animal shelter are set up in oroville. in lake county, firefighters getting the upper hand on the oak fire. stunning pictures from earlier today. evacuation orders have been lifted for the families. so far flames have burned about 50 acres and it's 50% contained, that fire is. it's burning near high of way 29 and cole creek road in kelseyville. cooler temperatures are helping firefighters there. >> the l.a.p.d. s.w.a.t. team looked for a man who kidnapped and raped a woman. happened after 2:00 in the afternoon on a house on willow street. police say the victim called 911 saying she was raped at gunpoint by this man. when officers arrived, they say cole ran to a home nearby. officers ordered evacuations as well as shelter in place. a better close-up picture of him. while the s.w.a.t. team searched
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for cole two hours later police were able to take him into custody. new details in the case of a bay area teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer. >> in july police arrested finnegan lee elder and gabriel natale hjorth in rome. elder is the one who stabbed and killed the officer. elder's lawyer is dropping the request for his release. he says the defense needs time to figure out exactly what happened that night. the hearing for the release of hjorth is set for later this month. now to the sports saga that continues to make headlines and continues to frustrate raiders fans, just a few months ago the raiders signed one of the best receivers in recent nfl history. but antonio brown will not suit up for them after all. maybe ever. team released him after a series of high-profile ennis departments. nbc bay area's christy smith has the story. >> we just have exhausted everything. >> reporter: raiders coach jon gruden said he's disappointed despite their best efforts to work it out.
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star receiver antonio brown short time with the team is over. >> i wish antonio nothing but the best. and i'm sorry that we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. very disappointing. >> reporter: while brown had not yet played a game with the raiders, their relationship made many headlines. saturday he posted on social media he wasn't mad, but wanted a chance to prove critics wrong and asked to be released. fans weren't surprised by the shake-up. >> the raiders weren't a good fit for him. it sounded good on paper. >> it would have been good if he played with us, but we end up losing him after all. so it was his decision. but the raiders have to go on. he posted this video showing reaction to being released by the time. >> ah! >> brown's time with the raiders included verbal disputes with the gm, and issues settling on an nfl helmet. players today reacted and tried to keep focused on the game. >> obviously antonio is a great
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player and someone that we wish we could have because he is one of the best receivers in the nfl. so we're going to miss him. but like i said -- >> maybe -- i hate to see him gone. hopefully he can get it cleaned up. he's a good football player. we're worried about monday. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> the raiders broke news releasing brown, we sent the app. get it down loaded on your smartphone whenever breaking news happens. >> standing strong, gilroy comes together in the wake of the mass shooting in july. today they held a fund-raiser. happened at the elks lodge. local bands performing this afternoon as well into the evening. there were auctions to raise money, a raffle, need and drinks. even a fun area with bounce houses for the kids. organizers are with the group gilroystronger. they are raising money to meet
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the needs of the victims' families. those who were injured and those who are still struggling with the trauma from it all. >> rent, medical bills, anything they need to get them through this time. it's hard for everybody. and whatever we can give we're going to give. >> the money that this group raises gets turned over to the gilroy foundation. before today they had raised $52,000. the daly city police department held a gun buy-back event today. the goal here was to cut down the number of unwanted guns in the city. people could get $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles and guns that meet the california definition of assault rifles were worth $400. buy-back program is anonymous which means people can turn in their guns, no questions asked. >> people who couldn't get to last night's metallica show at chase center still got to take in some of the festivities today. hundreds showed up outside the new home of the warriors for a block party. i guess this is going to be a
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thing, to place to hang out now. playing was the u.s. women's open title. they had face painting. >> face painting, yeah. >> sketching there. san francisco's new arena generating plenty of buzz from warriors fans for the upcoming season. >> bringing the warriors, steph curry, the whole team and uniting the east bay with san francisco. i think that is something awesome some something forward to -- something to look forward to. >> last night metallica played with the san francisco's symphony for the grand opening of chase center. warriors are going to play their first preseason game at chase center. can you believe it's coming up? it's coming up october 5th. >> we have extensive coverage of the chase construction, the opening, all on our website. head on over to >> still to come, taliban leaders invited then uninvited to america. the secret meeting at campav the president says was going to
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take place just days before the september 11 anniversary. >> plus an intense rescue under cover at night. we'll show you how two firefighters were saved after they were stranded in the wilderness. >> and if you were anywhere near the coast line, you probably noticed the wind certainly kicked up. not just for the coast. the hills saw upwards of 50 miles an hour. we'll show you sunday coming up.
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okay, this is a pretty bizarre story. a man charged wall street's famous charging bull statue, then he attacked it with a banjo. police say it happened afternoon. you can see the cuts. a little closer there. >> that's closer. >> at the base of the horns. it's not the first time the bull has been vandalized. police say paint was dumped on the bull in 2008 and 2017. >> new at 11:00, the president dropped a bombshell of an announcement on twitter tonight saying secret talks with leaders of the taliban have been called off. all of that was a surprise. president wrote that, unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leader were going to secretly meet with him for peace talks at camp david tomorrow, three days before the anniversary of 9/11. the president said he called off those talks after the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack in kabul that killed 12
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people, including an american soldier. inviting taliban leader to u.s. soil would be an unprecedented move. the war in afghanistan is the longest war in american history. 14,000 troops rain in that country. a new political storm over president trump's warning that alabama would most likely be hit by hurricane dorian. >> yeah, after a government agency took the president's side, critics say politics and science should not mix. nbc's hans nichols reports from the white house. >> reporter: tonight president trump trying to move beyond his warning last week that alabama was in hurricane dorian's path. >> i would like very much to stop referring to this ridiculous story, but the mainstream media won't let it alone. late afternoon tweets coming after the national oceanic administration reviewed the national weather service for this tweet lamb sunday. alabama will not see any impacts from dorian. the weather service chastised by
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noaa calling the tweet inconsistent with the best forecast products available at the time. critics say that reversal could undermine public trust in weather predictions. >> it's completely unprecedented and shocking frankly. >> it's essential to keep weather forecasting and out of politics and politics out of weather forecasting. >> reporter: mr. trump spent a week calling his map valid. and on the other side of the atlantic a new political storm is brewing. politico saying a plane refueled close to the president's turnberry resort where the crew stayed overnight paying more for gas. telling abc news, the pentagon isn't cooperating with the congressional committee trying to investigate the refueling stops. the pentagon declined to comment. >> a daring rescue caught on camera. take a look at helicopter video from the coast guard, saving
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firefighters from a wildfire. early friday morning coast guard went into action near canyon creek, the trinity alps wilderness area near redding. two crew members were hit by falling rocks trying to put out the middle fire. coast guard saved the injured firefighters, but the fire ten yards away from them. firefighters now recovered in the hospital, they have serious head, back and leg injuries. >> okay. cooler temperatures starting to feel like fall. >> it is. >> don't get too comfortable. >> we were talking about this earlier, our producer. we want to whip out the blankets and the candles and -- >> coats. >> i want more summer. >> i know, terri wants more summer. did you see the tweet he september me? >> i just asked you. >> terri sent me a tweet of the golden gate bridge and he was blaming the cloud cover on me. blame it on a cold front to the north of us, terri. that's what brought the cloud cover and cooler temperatures. now in san francisco, 61
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degrees. which had a high of 67. waking up to 50s, cooler weather. and equity to see the return of the cloud cover early on for tomorrow. but we have that trough, that dip down in, that's what kicked up the winds especially on the coast line. in the hill top areas. now in san jose, 64 degrees. we saw a high of just 72. definitely way below normal for this time of year. overnig overnight lows will be in the 60s. we wake up with cloud cover early on. don't be surprised. satellite raiddar, there is tha cold front which means a little drizzle on the coast, but no rain. we are not expecting any rain through tomorrow, but we will be keeping some of that cloud cover along with the cooler temperatures. at least for one or two more days before we see, once again, the return of those 90s. so right now let's talk about the wind speeds. we certainly saw that kicking up. look at san francisco, still at 20 miles per hour.
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we saw gusts 40 miles per hour. especially in the hill top areas for the east bay. oakland right now breezy winds, sustained winds are the ones that are continuous and the gusts are the ones where say you're having the picnic and plate falls off the table and slides off. that is a a that's a gust. comfortable, 75 degrees for oakland. 83 for livermore. concord will be a little warmer. 85. san jose 80 degrees. and let's talk about your weather set up for the next 7 days because we enjoyed a much cooler weekend. we'll continue to see that through tomorrow. once we head into tuesday and wednesday, we've got slight heat upcoming through. the reason for that we've got high pressure starting to take over, but it's going to be less windy. it's going to warm us up, dry us out and concern for fire danger always kicks in especially when we get the temperatures creeping into the 90s. plenty of dry brush out there. any time you mix high temperatures with dry brush t' dangerous, but less windy. the next seven days, 80s in the
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inland areas. terry, your summertime temperatures will return by thursday. 93. >> appreciate that. >> through go, terry. >> i just happen to, whatever. >> there you go. >> all right, thanks very much. carlos, i know a lot of things happened today in sports. we all know you're goiknow what you're going to talk about, right? >> crickets. if you bought an antonio brown jersey and don't know what to do with it? sorry, can't help you out. we can tell you about him leaving and signing up with the patriots coming up. my experience with usaa
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antonio brown came, didn't play a single down for the raiders and left. he's now in new england and his former teammates have to say about it. >> i mean, maybe the situation -- hate to see it
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happen. still love him as a teammate. but other than that, we're worried about monday. >> antonio is a great player and someone we wish we could have because he is one of the best receivers in the nfl. and so we're going to miss him. but like i said, next man up. >> he didn't want to be here. we tried to support him. at the end of the day, the rest of the guys in here think the team first. obviously that's the type of mentality is not going to work out. >> that's right. the raiders play on monday. but the 49ers open the season tomorrow playing the tampa bay buccaneers. kickoff 1:25 p.m. stanford and usc not great to be hahn effort. it was close at halftime. 24 trojans, then cardinals shutdown. 21 unanswered points by usc in the second half. trojans win 45-20. a phenomenal game for usc. let's go to dodgers, division
11:24 pm
rivalry. bases loaded for kevin pillar. not pretty. he scores, and that was it. 1 should not 0. he allowed just four hits in five innings. the bullpen was perfect. giants win it 1-0, dodgers. i guess the dark side was trying to recruit the oakland a's today. i'm guessing that's what happened. but the force is strong. very strong with marcus. very strong, the short stop. yeah. base-dropping triple, a's take this 10-2. time to say good-bye. i'm carlos ramirez. adios and good night. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control
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one family is now a whole lot bigger after bringing in 12 new additions. they're not children. they're raccoons. yes, there we go. veterinarian and her family just moved to a farm in southern
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russia. on the farm, family found 12 dou domesticated raccoons that had been abandoned by their previous owner. since the raccoons couldn't survive in the wild, they had all been domesticated. they only wanted their bellies rubbed, they took them in. they built a shed for the critters so they could find a loving family to look after them. >> i have never had that sort of belly rubbing experience with any raccoon i've encountered. >> those are not domesticated. >> you know what? i have no idea. >> did you say southern russia? >> yeah. >> raccoons just go for it, i feel. they go for what they want. rain or shine, clouds or not. but tomorrow we will keep a little cloud cover through the early morning hours. it is apartments going to be a solid combo of sunshine peeking through the cloud cover still, but it will be less windy and through the evening 85 degrees and then notice by the middle of the week around wednesday and thursday, those temperatures climb back up into the 70s.
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>> we'll take it. thanks so much for joining us. saturday night live -- >> is coming up next. it's good raccoon weather tomorrow, right? >> and football, too. >> yeah. >> we don't want that.
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[ nbc theme plays ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "meet the press." i'm chuck todd, and i'm still


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