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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  September 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ we have nothing left >> alabama was in the original forecast. >> there are some things you can't unsee. >> he was in a car accident earlier tonight. >> i'm so happy to be back. >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on this september 8th, i'm willy geist. we approach the 18th anniversar of the attacks of the september 11 president trump announcing he has called off a secret meeting with taliban leader at camp david this weekend after the
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group admitted to a car bombing that killed an american soldier. we will have the latest from the white house and chuck todd just ahead. then we will go live to the northern bahamas flattened by hurricane dorian. the island could be a mass graveyard, the fear. aid pouring in from around the world to help the survivors. and, later, we will turn to a sunday sit-down at home with sheryl crow on her extraordinary rise from a small town in missouri to a 25-year career full of hits, grammys, and more than 50 million albums sold and now her latest record, which she says will be her last. >> it feels good for me to say this is really the summation of my -- my whole life creatively. >> a sunday sit-down at sheryl crow's place. another life well lived later in the show. let's begin this morning with president trump's surprise announcement he had cancelled secret talks this weekend with the taliban. and that he is suspended afghan
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peace negotiations altogether. this after a car bomb attack killed an american soldier this week mike is at the white house with the latest. >> good morning. >> reporter: according to the president they were the secret negotiations to happen today at camp david with the taliban just three days before the september 11th anniversary and only the president cancelling the meeting last night an attack near kabul that killed 12, including a u.s. service member what kind of people would sill so many to strengthen their bargaining position the president wrote. talks leading to this moment between the trump administration and taliban going on on for months the president is facing pushback on those drawdown plans from usually reliable allies like lindy graham and his only national security adviser john bolton was said to be opposed
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after nearly two decade of war about 14,000 americans still serving in afghanistan willie >> mike, thank you chuck todd is district court of "meet the press. a great morning to have the secretary of state on your show as you have today. we knew the administration was talking to taliban we did not know the taliban had been invited to camp david what is the significance of this falling apart for the moment and what happens from here >> reporter: willie, i think the first question why go public with this? it's sensitive talks and everybody involved the united states, the afghanistan government, the taliban. the decision is one thing to decide to use the united states as a sort of a place to mediate this but why go public with it with if it's broken down this way and can you really repair it i mean, the implication earlier this week, willie, was that
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basically, they had agreed to all of the terms, they were just trying to figure out how to get it down on paper this appears to be we are now at least months away from anything. >> yeah. it happens a few days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11 chuck, i was away for a feud i came back. the country was still talking about a weather map, perhaps doctored by the president of the united states. a week ago he tweeted that dorian would reach alabama and the national weather service in alabama said that is not true. what do we talk away from this exhausting episode >> reporter: i think it's an episode that belongs in a time capsule. you want to understand the trump presidency, this incident did as much as any, right i guess his presentation of alternative maps is similar to the inaugural crowd size with alternative facts. but, you know, i guess to me the real world consequences are
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this -- is it any wonder why congress doesn't know what to vote on and they don't know what to support how do you take him at his word and how do you know if his word holds today? what we are seeing with afghanistan and his tweets or this with dorian i think it creates an environment nobody knows whether to take the president at his word background checks, immigration, taliban, weather forecast, you name it. >> we will see where it goes next you have a lot to you take about this morning on "meet the press. the topic is a matter of trust as chuck just referenced with president trump, among his guests secretary of state mike pompeo now to the bahamas, where some areas have turned from caribbean paradise to humanitarian disaster in the wake of hurricane dorian in the northern islands thousands are unaccounted for and those lucky enough to survive have loved everything and nowhere to go. kerry sander is on the ground in
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abaco island what are you seeing on the ground there >> reporter: we have the hurricane refuges lined up to get out. 2,500 have been evacuated but many as 5,000 more on the island trying to get off the island and make their way to nassau the official death toll stands at 43 but we know it will climb much higher because here at the port in marsh harbour there are cairns and those cairns have been loaded with dos of bodies this is where the death toll will climb what is believed to be a mass graveyard. the mud decimated by dorian and hit by 25-forty storm surge and 185-mile-per-hour winds. nothing is left. those who came looking for loved ones found bodies instead. among those heart broken,
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raymond saunders who sound his cousin. >> it hurt me to see him in that condition on the ground swollen and it really hurts me. >> reporter: there have been rescue teams searching this area but they have lost hope anyone is still alive now one week after the hurricane hit. >> it's hard to scan this area, but we are just doing the best we can. >> reporter: as donated supplies are trickling in, survivors turned refuges are now racing to get off great abaco island united states estimating 76,000 left homeless across the island. at ports large crowd are running high and survivors trying to get the message out to loved ones. >> right now, they are not sure if i'm living or dead, but if i can get out of here today, they would know today that i'm still quite alive. i survived. >> reporter: officials asking bahamians to be patient as more resources arrive >> rescue is not over until
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every single individual is cared for and rescued. >> reporter: for those staying behind, what do you smell? >> i smell death it's bad, very bad. >> reporter: a long cleanup and recovery still to come as the folks here orderly take their time now getting to the fer ferry, there is talk when will they be able to return and wondering about rebuilding but from what i have seen, there will not be rebuilding they will have to bring the bulldozers in here and scrape them clean and start from scratch building one of the big questions, what do you do with all of the debris you certainly just can't throw it into the waters here. those wonderful blue waters are a big part of what make the bahamas the bahamas. >> those pictures are just breath-taking. kerry sanders, thank you for your reporter there. residents of north carolina
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outer banks are getting first look of the damage that dorian left behind. roofs torn off buildings and pushed some of houses off their foundation a main road has buckled like an accordian as you see there north carolina's governor touring the damage saying food, water, and medical help are the top priorities on saturday. emergency rescue at sea is under way this morning off the southeast of georgia the cargo ship golden ray going down there the coast guard released this incredible photograph of the boat listing to one side the crew now is being evacuated. a shocker at the u.s. open tennis great serena williams favored to win a record 24th grand open lost to bianca and andrees andreescu. nadal looks to win today against
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his opponent football fans han circling today on the calendar the first full day of the nfl season major drama off the field with star receiver antonio brown forcing his way off the orked raiders with a series of outbursts and now he is headed to a new team with the greatest quarterback in nfl history now throwing him the ball. nbc jolene kent is a long vikings fan. >> the story is about antonio brown. he was supposed to take the field tomorrow night as an oakland raider now he is set to wear a different jersey he'll be catching passes from none organ tom brady >> reporter: this morning, star nfl wide receiver antonio brown is waking up a new england patriot. >> raiders free! >> reporter: the player celebrating after released from his three-year, $50 million contract with the oakland raiders saturday afternoon since joining the team in march,
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brown has been sidelined for one controversy after another. >> we tried every way possible to make it work. >> first, the player missing two weeks of training camp due to a cryo chamber mishap seen in hbo "hard knocks." then skipping practice as a fine for banning his preferred helmet by the nfl then a fight with the team's general manager and followed by a suspension and quickly revoked after the player's emotional plea. >> i want to apologize to my teammates, the organization. >> reporter: brown then posting this video on youtube friday, including what appears to be an edited phone call between him and raiders head coach jon gruden the team responding by slapping brown with $215,000 fine according to espn. voiding his contractual
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guarantee of $29 million once his cash was in jeopardy, brown asked the team to release him via instagram and the raiders did that within four hours, the new england patriots snapped up the star wide receiver brown tweeting a photo of himself minutes later suited up in a patriots jersey with the caption "god's plan. now brown is taking a pay cut to play with the patriots while he signed with a guaranteed $30 million with the raiders, the patriots deal is worth up to $15 million with a $9 million signing bonus included we can't feel too sorry for him here he is still making a lot of money playing his favorite sport but certainly some drama. >> a lot of drama but if anybody can make it work, it's belichick and brady and fascinating to watch. watch the patriots take on the pittsburgh steelers tonight. antonio brown will not play tonight.
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58 degrees to start right now in san francisco. we're going to remain cool once again through the afternoon. wind speeds pretty breezy. gusty conditions expected along the coastline. current conditions in san jose 58 degrees. also seeing some calm winds through some portions of the interior valley. san jose temperature trend by the afternoon expect to climb into the upper 60s, topping out into those upper 70s, a low to mid 80s for inland areas, the combination of sun and clouds. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including the boy who put off his dream for those in dorian's path then crime doesn't pay later with presidential candidates and leaders on both sides of the political spectrum, talking about reform to address the world's largest prison
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population norway is offering a new way to think about incarceration. >> like an animal, it be an animal if it treat with respect, he respect you back. >> this is all coming up on "sunday today. as we head to break, our photo of the week. the northern lights shining bright in the night's sky near leningrad, russia. the season running from late august to april with the season's wind. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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this is a surface laptop 2. and this is a real person named mackenzie book. hi, i'm mac book. so mac, which laptop lasts longer? surface laptop lasts longer. hmm, interesting. and which one's faster? this one's faster. really? amazing. which one has a better touchscreen? the surface has a better touchscreen. because it actually has a touchscreen. oh, right. macs don't have touchscreens. you should get a surface. trust me, i'm mac book. well, there you have it. mac book says, "get a surface." assess promise, jo ling kent is back with the highs and lows of the week. first tie to the good people stepping in to help as hurricane dorian has left death and destruction in its path this week one of them is a 6-year-old south carolina boy who had been saving for a birthday trip to disney world until he found a better use for that money. >> hi, everybody my name is jermaine bell and i'm
6:19 am
from south carolina giving out free chips, water, and hot dogs to people that are going to different place to live because of hurricane dorian. >> jermaine stood near the side of highway 125 in allendale, south carolina, with that homemade sign to flag down coastal evacuees so he could offer them the food he had for the money he had been saving to go to disney world he says he is now going to start saving again for that trip to disney >> the people that are traveling to go to other place, i wanted them to have some food to eat. so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they are going to stay at. >> you can imagine, disney caught wind of jermaine's story as it went viral we are told they are making arrangements for him to visit the magic kingdom. we want to wish today, jermaine, happy birthday
6:20 am
he is 7! today was supposed to do the day for his birthday trip but i have a feel is going to get there. >> what a way to be! we all need to be mere like jermaine. >> the first low to a low bar. one bride in nebraska may have regret set for her maid of honor's wedding attire when deanna asked her little letter sister christina to be the maid of honor, she had what should i wear? the bride said wear what you want so she did much to the delight of the internet this week here she is walking down the eyelid in one of those big t-rex costumes to her sister's wedding. she said she asked her sister for permission and the it made people smile and the costume was a statement against spending massive amounts of money to her wedding. christina said, i regret
6:21 am
nothing. i kind of like the move and the bride is okay with that. you don't have to pour that money. it's about the people who were there. let's talk about comfort as a bridemaid. i've been one many times it looks way more comfortable than a dress you have to snug yourself in to. >> pretty warm on a hot summer day. a baseball player got a call this week the culmination of a long and painful journey back to the big leagues. aaron barrett is a pitcher for the minor league senators and was drafted in 2010 by the washington nationals and appeared briefly for the major league team in 2014 and 2015 but his career has been spent mostly in the minors. he missed all of relative humidity 2016 and 2017 with career threatening elbow surgery and then a broken pitching arm barrett never gave up on that big league dream on tuesday, his manager at aa harrisburg matt lecroy had a big announcement for aaron
6:22 am
>> to say i want to recognize a winner on our team, you've been an inspiration to me, brother. an inspiration to the coaches and to these players and it's an honor that i got to manage you but it's more of an honor to tell you, you're going back to the big leagues! >> barrett credits his wife kendall for standing by him and being his nurse as he worked to get back to the big leagues. >> she has been my rock. not only her and my family but this organization has been incredible. >> last night, last night, the big moment came. barrett took the mound in the majors for the first time in four years with a strong outing in the fifth inning, he had one strikeout, no hits, no runs allowed. his teammates congratulated him as he went back to the dugout. barrett weeping into a towel on the bench knowing all it has
6:23 am
taken to get back to the big leagues. that a message to never, ever give up. >> maintain that hope and you'll get there. that is incredible. >> you got his stuff back too and looked good last night. the final low to the sinking feeling when you're committing a crime at the counter of a convenience store and you realize there is a uniformed police officer behind you in line a man was using a stolen credit to buy a red bull at a store in the wonderfully named madison hat alberta in canada. the message came up the card was stolen and he handed the slip to the cop in line behind the guy and the officer made the arrest! 35-year-old suspect was charged with possession of stolen property and fraud and was not being particularly sharp, i think fair to say. they hauled him off. >> never know who is watching. up dimension, our sunday sit-don at home in nashville with sheryl crow
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. a very good sunday morning toyou. you're going to want to turn and stop and take a look at this live look outside. isn't that a gorgeous start to our day overlooking san francisco and oakland from sutro tower. what a great start. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia, in for kira klapper. vianey has a look at that forecast. it looks like a gorgeous day out there. >> it is a great start, cool, comfortable, just like it was yesterday. look at this view from san jose, beautiful skies. we've got the ormg and pink hues through there right now. it's 58 degrees so you'll notice you might need a sweater as you head out the door. your microclimate highs for today is going to be another day of below seasonable
6:27 am
temperatures, similar to the temperatures we saw yesterday. san francisco expect a high of 70 degrees. san jose only topping out in the upper 70s. the warmer spots will be in through the interior valleys including concord 85, napa 81, santa rosa 82 and it's not going to be as cloudy as it was yesterday. it will get a little bit of cloud cover coming through, but overall it's going to be a little bit more sunny and enjoy the cooler temperatures, because by the middle of the week, we are expected to warm right back up again into the 90s, so i'll break down the timeline, what you can expect headed into your work week. >> summer is hanging on. thanks so much. in the news this morning, bay area rescue teams dispatched help of hurricane dorian are making their way back to the bay area. the search and rescue team arrived last night. 45 members of the team left the bay area last tuesday headed to north carolina, along with rescue teams from menlo park and sacramento so they could help first responders on the east
6:28 am
coast. >> they had some tornadoes they had to deal with and of course there was some flooding and wind damage. fortunately for everyone involved the hurricane just sort of skirted up the coast, stayed off the coast enough, plus we had beneficial tides during the time the hurricane came up, so really didn't have the impact that people were expecting. >> crew members get a 24-hour reprieve to rest and recharge, then it's back to their regular jobs tomorrow, until the next time they're mobilized for the next disaster. standing strong, the gilroy community coming together in the wake of the garlic festival, the shooting that happened in july. they held a saturday fund-raiser at the elks lodge. local bands performing in the afternoon into the evening. there were auctions to raise money, raffle, food and drinks, even a fun area with some bounce houses for the kids. the organizers are with the group gilroy stronger, raising money to meet the needs of victim's families, those who were injured and of course those still struggling from the trauma
6:29 am
of that afternoon. >> rent, medical bills, anything that they need to get them through this time. it's hard for everybody, and whatever we can give we're going to give. >> the money this group raises gets turned over to the gilroy foundation. before yesterday, they had already raised $52,000. coming up this morning on ed it "today in the bay," frustrations mounting at sfo. that plus the top stories, coming up at 7:00 and of course a look at that forecast. right now back to "sunday today" with willie geist. see you at 7:00.
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that's the song that started it all for sheryl crow. the 1994 hit "all i want to do" off of her debut album. this single settled in near the top of the chart for weeks on end and turned a former backup singer from a little town in missouri into a household name. even in an era defined by nirva nirvana, crow spined off multi
6:31 am
albums and collecting an arm full of grammys along the way. there she started fresh adopting two boys and playing music with her friends, many of whom are featured on her latest album, "thread" which she says will be her last. sheryl and i got together at her home outside nashville for a sunday sit-down. ♪ sheryl crow spent her life making music and despite rumors, she's not giving that up any time soon. >> a lot of people heard that this is your last album and they freaked out. i am here on behalf of the american people to stage an innovation. we need you sheryl. you are not going to away? you are just going to stop
6:32 am
making entire albums. >> people really cherry picks on and make their own play list. it feels good for me to say this is really the summation of my whole life creatively and from here on out to put out songs out that i feel like this has meaning right now. and people can make their own choice. >> reporter: crow's latest album "thread," took three years to perfect. a creative product that's going away of cassette tapes. >> it used to be 15 tracks or whatever it is, is it something loss of not having as much of it anymore? >> it would be as if any writer wrote short stories and writing a novel at the beginning and the middle and redemption and all different experiences when a tweet is what people are going
6:33 am
to -- that's what they're going to take with them. >> it makes me sad. that's why this felt good to say i don't know how to follow this up. this is my statement. >> ♪ >> her statement unfolds over 17 tracks. he did collaboration with france. >> it is an all-star list of rock n' roll hall of famer. >> it started off right in the studio. >> it is just so profoundly. i found as we get older, it is what it is all about. getting to the heart of it. i just wanted more of that. >> "thread" was conceived and recorded here in a cozy studio at crow's home outside of nashville.
6:34 am
>> what do you love about making music right here? >> i love that it is at the end of my drive way and my kids get to witness it is work and there is work going into me walking out on stage and having people being excited and all that. they're not so up to argue their piano practicing now. they know it could lead to something cool. >> her sons have already joined the family business. this summer, they're going on the road. every show is brought out, guitar and they would go behind keyboard and playing percussions and everything. they got paid. that could be apart of it. >> what was their rate? >> $5 a gig. half way through the summer my nine-year-old says i am thinking that we can do a flat fee of 100 bucks. he's my little accountant. my other one wants to be a base player and wants to play in my band.
6:35 am
crow grew up in kenneth, missouri. her mother berniese was a piano teacher. >> my parents love music so much. they were playing with their friends. there was a point they didn't do it anymore and they wanted us to perform. i hated playing for everyone. i was never a front person in the band. >> that changed in college when sheryl became the front woman for a cover band called "kashmir." after graduation. crow became a music teacher in st. louis, making ends meet by singing jinglinges. >> i took my tapes out to l.a. and i found out an audition for
6:36 am
michael jackson. crow was hired to sing as a backup for michael jackson during his bad tour. more recently the source of sexual abuse allegation against jackson. >> my experience on that tour was i got to see the world. i have talked about michael and said all i would say about it. ♪ >> in 1993, crow at 31 years old released her debut album tuesday night music club featuring the single "all i want to do." the album went platinum seven times over and earned crow three grammys including one for best artist. >> it was kind of surreal. i was still naive and everything
6:37 am
in my life has been built on this idea. things really did change. >> she has not stopped in the 25 years since that grammy awards releasing hits. >> after hits, after hits. ♪ >> selling upwards of 50 million albums and earning nine grammys. >> you jubumped up against a lo of people who did not treat you well because you were a woman, how did you plow through that? >> i would say, i think i didn't stop. if you just keep, if you keep being authentic as to who you are and keep at least being open, you don't let it shut you down and you keep writing and doing that thing that you do,
6:38 am
you whine up being around as long as i am and you become a legacy. >> you just don't go away. i think that's apart of it. >> the headline was sheryl crowe not retiring from music. >> that's right, i am not retiring from music, it is the only thing that i do well. ♪ no, she's not going anywhere thank goodness. our big thanks to sheryl for opening her home to us. her final album "thread" is available now to hear sheryl talk about her early struggles living in l.a. and hoping for a break check out on our don't forget to subscribe to hear our entire interview with sheryl crowe. you can find it on our apple broadcast. a sit-down with maggie gyllenhaal on the new series
6:39 am
"the deuce" and looking after her brother. we've got a beautiful start in the city, a live look right out in in san francisco. not as foggy or cloudy as we were yesterday, and the current temperatures cool and comfortable. that's what we're expecting to remain through the afternoon. look at your daytime highs for san francisco, 70 degrees. san jose topping out in the upper 70s at 79 degrees, and mid 80s in through concord and livermore. expect to keep these cooler conditions at least through the start of your work week before we warm right back up. next on "sunday today," the maximum security prisons with private bathrooms and big screen tvs and what the united states may learn from it. we are back in just 60 seconds.
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unlock the cinnaverse with cinnamon toast crunch. the united states has more than 2.2 million adults locked up in prison. america's fourth largest city, houston. many inmates are repeat offenders, which raises the question of what we want out of incarceration? o looking at criminal justice reform, kelly cobiella is traveling -- >> reporter: new inmates are greeted the way i was with a handshake. >> nice to meet you.
6:42 am
>> reporter: drug smugglers and rapists all doing time in a maximum security prison that feels like a college campus. >> this is home? >> reporter: carson was convicted of killing a man in brazil. this is his cell block with a full kitchen, big screen tv and laundry room. >> do you have a key to your own cell? >> yeah, everybody has their own key. >> reporter: he and the rest of the prisoners are locked in. the rest of the time, they choose when to lock their door to their cozy cell with a tv and a private bathroom. >> there was a cell just a little bit bigger than this and it used to be 50 people in the same room. >> reporter: the point here to turn criminals into good neighbors. >> always have coffee on the go. >> thank you. >> reporter: rehabilitation says the prison governor starts oen day one. >> we take the freedom from them. here we try to help them to be a
6:43 am
better citizen. >> reporter: inmates have a normal workweek giving them routine and speedometeresponsibd training them to be car mechanics and graphic designers in the studio. learning skills like restaurant crafts where they are trusted to handle knives can help them get jobs on the outside. they have weekends off. a house available for over night visits with their family. >> welcome to the criminal record. >> reporter: richard is studying music. he's doing time for murder and served his first four years in swedish. >> i was hateful myself. i hated the guards and the guards hated us. do i feel like a different person now? yeah, i do. >> reporter: guards and tutors work side by side with inmates, playing chess or simply going for a walk. it is all about building relationships and trust even
6:44 am
with a prison bond. there are cameras and locks but no weapons and nearly half of the guards are women. >> do you feel safe? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: why? >> well, we get to know the prisoners well and we are with them all the time. >> reporter: $93,000 per inmate per years, three times more than the u.s. only 20% of inmates reoffend after two years. in the u.s., it is 60%. there is no death penalty and life sentences were banned in 1981. even mass murder who killed 77 people in the 2011 attack was given a maximum sentence of 21 years. that's extendible. conservative critics say norway has gone too far. >> what about the victims? the victims have to feel
6:45 am
injustice. >> reporter: it looks like a pretty luxurious lifestyle. >> most don't get to see outside the world for a long time. >> reporter: these men admit they have been helped her. >> before i think more like a criminal but now i start to think more like normal guy, you know? >> it is the truth. if we treat them like an animal, he'll treat you like an animal. if you treat him with respect, he'll treat you with respect. >> reporter: lessons that we could not understand here beyond these walls. from sunday today, kelly cobiella, norway. >> kelly, thank you very much. you can see more in-depth reporting across our nbc platform including a special town hall "justice for all"
6:46 am
moderated by lester holt tonight. next on "sunday today," the new york police department cast with stopping crimes and terrorism fights a different kind of foe in the streets. >> when you guys were little and dreamt of being police officers, did you think honey bees would be involved? >> absolutely not. >> later, a life well lived. >> later, a life well lived. the son of immigrants i knew my daughter could be at risk of certain cancers later in life. >> later, a life well lived. the son of immigrants from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew that hpv could lead to certain cancers. i knew her risk for hpv increases as she gets older. i knew there was a vaccine available that could help protect her before she could be exposed to hpv. i knew. so i talked to my child's doctor. now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait.
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the police department keeping its eyes and ears on 8.5 million residents and even through all the tv shows and movies about nypd. there is one unit that i bet you have not heard about. >> reporter: this probably is not what comes to mind. >> captain, how are you? so good to see you?
6:50 am
>> reporter: meet the officer. the title that sometimes amazes even them. when you were little, did you think honey bees would be involved? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: both turned bee keeping hobby into the busiest part of their job. how often do you get called? >> four or toofive times a week. >> a 4:00 call we got and we had a 7:00 game and the doors open at 5:00. >> reporter: you had to get it done fast. >> who could forgot the times square hot dog last summer, the rescue life stream around the world. >> i had the whole world watching me. >> reporter: while it was not always painless. how many times have you been stung? >> 400 times.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the bees are used to make a move. >> it is hard to find a home especially in manhattan. they are sucked into a special vacuum that keeps them safe and relocated. some end up here at the top of the 104th precinct. if they are not in the mood for us, we'll put the lid back on and go to the next side. >> yeah, that's when i run. >> don't run, just walk. >> reporter: they say don't ever swat. o >> one of the most important things touyou want to do is introduce yourself to the bees. >> i am kristen. >> reporter: i am clearly not one of new york's finest. the bees did not bother us at all and lelitting us see a glime of royalty. >> that's her right there. >> oh, that big one. >> reporter: queen victoria, after the queen of the precinct, captain victoria.
6:52 am
>> i had no idea we had all these bees on the roof. >> reporter: she's their biggest fan. >> i love the fact that she constantly work and inspires me to do more and bridges us between the public and nypd. >> and the honey. >> yes. >> reporter: the biggest perk, fresh from the hive honey. >> enough honey to share with co-workers. that's a pretty sweet gig. from "sunday today." new york. >> kristen, thank you very much. the nypd does it all. a life well-lived. a son of immigrants, a photographer. orlando was born in new york city in 1925. his father was a nightclub manager from cuba. orlando suero, he was 14 when
6:53 am
his dad gave him a camera and he began obsessed of taking pictures. suero was a teenager in 1983 when he was joined the marine core. orlando was discharged in 1945 and attended the new york institute of photography. in a book released suero calls photography his escape for more. his break through came when mccall magazine sent him to spend five days with john f. kennedy and his wife jacqueline. this picture of an elegant jackie candy lighting candles before a georgetown dinner is suero's most famous image. paul new man and michelle
6:54 am
phillips sharing a joint in new mexico bathtub. suero had a shot taken alongside charlie chaplin. orlando suero died last longmont in los angeles, he was 94 years old. he survi ♪
6:55 am
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jo is back to help us with our mail. >> what is a good man for a fantasy football show, jo?
6:58 am
>> it ruins the game for me. my team name is passive guac. >> we are going to win today, geist almighty. our next question from charles in alabama. if you have 11 item in your shopping cart, would you go through the ten items or less line? >> heck yeah. >> it feels good to get it off my chest. >> there is a limit though. >> teresa in north carolina asks, how do you feel about everything pumpkin spice. >> too much and too soon and too early. i only allow myself twice. >> i don't know why people get worked up about pumpkin spice. we got more of your "sunday today" mug shots. thank you, happy belated birthday to you melissa.
6:59 am
send us a photo of your
7:00 am
good sunday morning to you. 7:00 right now. taking a peek outside, what a nice start to our day. a live look at the bay bridge along the embarcadero. makes you want to get out, maybe go for a nice jog, have a morning brunch or something. thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia in for kira klapper this morning. hopefully i'm not throwing people. >> don't freak out. it's not monday. it's still sunday. >> this is not monday just yet. we'll still enjoy the weekend. looks like a nice day. it's great to be here. >> you know, and it's going to be a gorgeous day, so once you head outside, you're going to notice it's a lot clearer in san francisco. we do have some areas of fog, but overall the sun ista


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