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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 8, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the uproar over the secret meeting that wasn't. president trump calling off planned peace talks with the taliban, after inviting regime leaders on to u.s. soil just days before 9/11. >> this isn't a game show. these are terrorists. >> what both sides are threatening to do now. a dangerous rescue mission unfolding right now off the coast of georgia. >> vessel capsized with 23 persons onboard. >> crew members missing. the ship on fire. a busy port shut down. desperate hours, fleeing
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dorian's utter destruction. >> we lost everything. we don't have nothing. >> by air and sea, efforts ramp up to get residents out. missing hiker mystery, young man who vanished in hawaii. frantic family members and special search teams combing through miles of rain forests. and that hiker has been famous for rescuing his own mom years ago. pint-sized powerhousemaid history today, inspirational story about the true meaning of beauty. >> announcer: this is nbc ni"nb nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. the world learned of a surprise summit between the u.s., leaders of the taliban in afghanistan for tomorrow at camp david only when the president announced late last night that it was canceled. the secretary of state defending negotiations after bipartisan criticism over times of the planned meeting days before the anniversary of 9/11. hans nichols on the diplomatic developments and what it could
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all mean for troops in afghanistan. >> reporter: tonight, america is preparing to inflict more pain on the taliban. >> if you're the taliban, conditions have been worsening and they're about to get worse. >> reporter: top diplomat on all five major sunday morning shows, defending trump's plan to host the taliban and afghan government at camp david days before the 9/11 anniversary. >> it was a useful effort to try to get all of those parties in one place so we could have serious conversations about how to reduce america's risk. >> reporter: last night, the president dramatically called off the meeting after a car bombing in kabul that killed army first class sergeant, 16th death in afghanistan. how many more decades are they willing to fight, the president tweeted. but the u.s. has also been hammering the taliban, which harbored al qaeda. >> in the last ten days we've killed over 1,000 taliban. >> reporter: the plan to host taliban leaders at camp david angered some republicans.
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no member of the taliban should step foot there, ever, tweeted liz cheney, and democrats. >> you don't treat this like some kind of game show when you're dealing with terrorists. >> reporter: just last week, the president claims he could win the war in a week but at a cost of life. >> if i'm willing to kill 10 million people in the course of a week or two, we could win that thing very quickly. >> reporter: mr. trump has a history of restarting negotiation after calling them off. >> trump is a risk taker in that respect. >> hans is with us. what's the status of the 14,000 u.s. troops still serving in afghanistan then? >> reporter: the president has announced he wants to bring that number down to 8600. that was part of a peace deal. today that decision is being reviewed and mr. pompeo seemed intentionally ambiguous about how many troops would remain. meanwhile, a spokesperson for the taliban says they will continue to fight to put an end to the total occupation of
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afghanistan. kate? >> hans nichols at the white house, thank you. breaking news off the coast of georgia. crews are trapped inside a massive capsized cargo ship. rescue crews are being kept off the vessel because it's just too dangerous. sarah harman has details. >> reporter: nightmare at sea, four people still admission after this cargo ship overturned off the coast of georgia. tonight, the coast guard says it's too dangerous to keep looking for them. >> once salvage professionals have determined the vessel to be stable, we will identify the best options to continue our rescue efforts for the four crew members who remain on board. >> reporter: the golden ray on fire and listing heavily put out a distress call just before 2:00 a.m., prompting the coast guard to issue an urgent bulletin. >> all stations, all stations, united states coast guard. coast guard received a report of
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a cargo ship vessel golden ray capsized with 23 persons onboard. >> 20 were rescued overnight. the vessel had just left port on its way to baltimore when it overturned in st. simon sound. images show smoke billowing from the ship. >> the black smoke has ceased but we're unable to determine specifically without going inside whether the fire is -- has been completely extingui extinguished. >> reporter: investigation and rescue operations both taking a backseat to a more urgent task, stabilizing this massive 650-foot vessel, still listing off the coast of georgia. sarah harman, nbc news. an unimaginable crisis is unfolding in the bahamas tonight as thousands wait to be rescued from areas completely destroyed by hurricane dorian. hardest hit, great abaco island, less than 200 miles from miami. kerry sanders is there for us.
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>> reporter: after days of chaos and panic, today an orderly exodus from the abaco island for the weary and fatigued. >> i can't wait to get out of here. >> reporter: what's it been like the last couple of days in this nightmare? >> terrible. terrible. >> reporter: as relief ships organized by the bahamian government are offloaded in marsh harbor. >> women and children. >> reporter: those ships then become ferries to nassau, virtually untouched by the hurricane. >> we lost everything. we don't have nothing. my family and move on. >> reporter: tens of thousands of survivors are expected to make their way to the capital island, some to continue on to florida. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. my boy, he got u.s. citizen. >> reporter: you're going to go to the united states? >> yeah.
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i want to go. >> reporter: by sea and now by air. delta airlines providing relief flights from marsh harbor. >> i think we'll be doing this systematically for as long as is necessary the next several days to get people out and into safety. >> reporter: survivors fear life as they've known it is over. >> abaco is my home. it's devastated. i feel happy we're going to a new place, we can rebuild. >> reporter: government officials say it remains difficult to get a clear pkt on how many survivors are still in the abaco and on grand bahama. heartbroken. >> a lot of my friends have died. >> kerry, i hate to ask, but is there any update on how many perished? >> reporter: the official count remains at 43, but we do know that that number will climb. they've brought in refrigerated trucks. they're being used as makeshift morgues and are currently filled
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with dozens of bodies. kate? >> so awful. kerry, thank you. to an nbc news exclusive. russia is flexing its military might. this time in the arctic. kevin tibbles was given rare access to nato's eyes and ears. >> reporter: they fly where american fighter jets do not. norway's aging f-16s on 15-minute alerts, 24/7, above the arctic circle. front line for the u.s. and nato. pilots scramble each and every time russian planes are detected. a rare look at the intercept videos they bring back, nuclear-capable russian aircraft flying in international air space. norway shares a border with russia, but they say russian aircraft fly the full length of their coastline. after the soviet union fell,
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virtually none. now, norway says, they're back. >> what's it like to come up behind one of their aircraft? >> it is exciting. >> reporter: major general larsamad. >> think they're sending a message. >> reporter: as the arctic melts, russia is flooding the region with military economic resources, signaling the top of the world may become the next big strategic battleground with the west. the pilots who fly these f-16s call themselves the guardians of the north. >> present day, there have been rumors scrambled. >> reporter: norway's foreign minister says russia is readopting a cold war tempo. >> large exercises, exercising to some extent attack patterns
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and many of these are activities we haven't seen since the mid '80s. >> reporter: norway, key nato ally, first to see the russians, now spotting them with increased regularity. kevin tibbles, nbc news, norway. explosive new allegations surrounding the case of harvey weinstein and just how critical gwyneth paltrow was in bringing those allegations against him forward. >> reporter: before sexual abuse allegations surfaced publicly against harvey weinstein, one of his most prominent performers, gwy inform eth paltrow was working behind the scenes to expose her mentor as a predator. an explosive new book set for release called "she said" by jodi cantor and megan tooey. interview cbs sunday morning, reporters discussed paltrow's
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role in building the momentum, sharing her own story and recruiting other actresses to speak. that momentum resulted in criminal charges against weinstein, who goes to trial early next year in manhattan. >> she played a much more active role than anybody has ever known. it was hair raising for her, because harvey weinstein had been such an important influence. >> reporter: telling radio show host that weinstein sexually harassed her in a hotel room in 1995 and how her boyfriend at the time, her actor, brad pitt, confronted the producer. >> he leveraged his fame and power to protect me at a time when i didn't have fame or power yet. >> reporter: another detailed revealed in the book, according to the times two years before the bombshell accusations against his brother, bob weinstein also confronted him, pleading with him to get medical treatment for his misbehavior, writing in a letter, you have brought shame to the family and your company through your misbehavior.
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if you think nothing is wrong with your misbehavior, then announce it to your wife and family. weinstein mistakenly viewed his brother's problem as a sex addiction and abandoned his attempts to intervene. >> have we heard from bob weinstein? >> we have. harvey told bob, apparently, he would seek some help but apparently never did. he said bob never knew about these allegations of nonconsensual sexual behavior until they became public. >> ron mott, we'll be hearing a lot about it this
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ack now with a missing hiker mystery. a distraught family is praying for any sign of their son tonight after he disappeared in hawaii. joe fryer has more. >> reporter: a growing number of volunteers are descending upon the big island in hawaii, searching for missing hiker kyle br britton. >> knowing he's out there is killing me. i was up at 3:50 this morning, praying we can find him today. >> reporter: his father, steve, tells us kyle, who is 27, has been hike since he was 3. nine days ago, kyle set off on his own. >> he called and said i'm going to go up the z trail by myself. i said i don't know if i like that idea. >> reporter: his car was found but no sign of kyle.
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the young man made headlines five years ago, called a hero after rescuing his mom from a fire. >> i saw smoke coming out of my m mom's room. >> reporter: now he's the one in need of rescue, combing through dense forest for any sign of kyle. >> pretty thick brush. >> reporter: javier is one of the people who found amanda eller, after 17 days in a hawaiian forest. >> i have the most gratitude and respect. >> reporter: some of the searchers who found eller have been looking for another missing woman who was visiting maui when she disappeared in july. surveillance video from her last known location, hertz. she rented a car, later found abandoned at a state park. >> we love you. >> reporter: her family offering a $10,000 reward to bring her home. joe fryer, nbc news. joe fryer, nbc news. up next, a uniqu e great presentation, tim. joe fryer, nbc news. up next, a uniqu could you email me the part about geico
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women behind bars, sky rocketing 750% since 1980. when women enter prison pregnant, that baby is usually sent to family or foster care. a handful of prisons now have programs allowing babies to stay by their sides. >> when moms andabies gather here, they talk about the kinds of things every new mom does. >> i think that. more. >> correction senator for women, ten moms who are nonviolent offenders are in the residential parenting program, walking their strollers behind a barbed wire fence. natalie's baby was born 10 months ago. >> up until the point of coming here, i didn't have control over my life. i'm very thankful i get the opportunity to be in the program and make it a whole completely 180 of what i was doing. >> reporter: study shows moms who keep their babies in prison are less likely to return and the kids do better in life.
3:51 pm
an accountant, sentenced to two years for embezzling money from clients. already a mom, she started serving her sentence while pregnant with stella, her fourth child. she takes stella to daycare in the morning so she could work. >> i never would have had this opportunity to watch every tooth grow, every little thing, every single possible -- every milestone. >> i need you to chew that up. chew, chew, chew. >> it's important to stop incarcerating men and women the same. >> program supervisor sonya ali says it promotes essential bonding. >> people see this and think babies in prison. >> i understand the opposition. to me it's about the child. and the child has a right to be with their mother. >> for those who already have kids, it's a chance to do better this time. are you okay? >> hearing natalie's story is kind of like my story. i never really got to bond with my other two kids because i was
3:52 pm
on -- you know, i was on drugs. so having this opportunity to bond with, you know, my child for like really the last time, getting that bond. it really did save our lives. >> the kids can leave any time and visit family. their mother's sentences must be under 30 months. when mom is released they go home with her. do you think this program made you a better mom? >> i think so. i told my kids, my other kids that -- you know -- sorry. >> it's okay. >> i told them, you know, one thing i know i'm not going to do to you guys, i'm not going to yell at you anymore. it hurts me to think about when i would say things like that. >> reporter: her release date is approaching. >> i know i'm a changed person. i know that i will never be back here again. my journey is going to begin october 2nd. >> and your baby goes with you? >> she goes with me.
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>> 700 new moms have gone through that program in washington since it was founded 20 years ago. they hope that they're a model for other states. and we continue our justice for all report tonight, starting at 9:00 eastern on nbc, beginning with dateline and then lester holt goes inside one of america's most notorious prisons. lester? >> hi, kate. as you know, criminal justice reform has become a bipartisan topic in recent years. for the first time, we're going to take that conversation from the inside out. we hosted a town hall meeting here, bringing together experts on the subject, victims and incarcerated people here in the prison to talk about some of these issues. among those joining our panel, john legend, who has a foundation called free america, that focuses on criminal justice reform. you can hear the entire conversation in an msnbc special tonight. kate? >> lester, thanks. we'll lkoo i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending,
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>> davy dmitri is a model from england and model of determination, first double amputee. we caught up with her before the show. what would i do with my hands? >> keep them straight. >> she endured numerous surgeries. at 18 months old, both legs are amputated. >> as a father, to see your daughter go through pain, it's heartbreaking. >> daisy's outlook on life, even with prosthetics, changed her dad's life. >> she was doing cartwheels, right there and then. >> reporter: together they started working out, they both got stronger and daisy got an idea. >> she said she wanted to be a super model so regardless of whether she's got legs or not she's going to be a super model. >> reporter: already on her way, walking at london fashion week,
3:58 pm
commercials in spain. in austria. a business built on perfection, daisy is redefining it. the perfect message from this show is what? >> to come away with a broader mindset, diversity, inclusion. what is it like having so many eyes looking right at you? >> it's actually kind of frightening, but then to get excited about proud of yourself. >> reporter: one little girl, a model for the rest of us. rehema ellis, nbc news. >> "nbc nightly news" on this sunday. the latest episode of my digital series "the drink" is with kyle penn, talking about his unusual past from acting to working in the white house. i'm kate snow. thanks so much for watching. have a great night. my experience with usaa
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