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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 9, 2019 3:00am-3:29am PDT

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a report of a cargo ship the vessel golden ray capsized with 23 persons on board in the vicinity of st. simon sound. >> a massive cargohip capsizes and catches fire near the georgia coast, sending crewmembers scattering we'll have the latest on the rescue efforts new details this morning on the breakdown overthe taliban as planned in the first place ahead of 9/11. desperation for tens of thousands of survivors of hurricane dorian, now faced with a massive humanitarian crisis as
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the search for the missing continues. to our special series justice for all, our kate snow on women now being allowed to raise their newborns behind bars an emotional win at the u.s. open for rafael nadal, and a big week one for the nfl a busy show ahead as "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. talks to end the bloodshed in afghanistan are at a stand still this morning after president trump called off a secret meeting with the taliban at camp david that was planned for yesterday. negotiations were canceled in the wake of a deadly attack that the taliban claimed credit for and now the administration is facing bipartisan backlash over the timing of the proposed talks. nbc's jennifer johnson has more. >> reporter: president trump making the surprise announcement on twitter, unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and simply the president of afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday, but the
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president canceled the talks after months of negotiations when the taliban claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in kabul thursday that killed 12, including a u.s. soldier. >> the taliban overreached they killed an american. in an effort to gain leverage at the negotiating table, and president trump said enough. >> reporter: the secretary of state said the u.s. has killed over a thousand taliban in the past ten days, but with no talks, the taliban is warning that now we will continue the ongoing jihad against foreign occupation, and we firmly believe in the ultimate victory. the afghan government is demanding an end to the bloodshed and wants direct talk. >> any process cannot guarantee a ceasefire, a halt to the violence could be harmful for all of the achievements that we've gain. >> reporter: but military experts say the terrorist group can't be trusted. >> we ask that they break with al qaeda since the bush administration they refused to do so they murdered 3,000 innocent people, citizens of 91 countries on 9/11.
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we should never forget that. >> reporter: 14,000 oops remain in afghanistan. president trump wants most of them out of there. but now there is no one in sight to america's longest running war. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington protesters in hong kong took to the streets this weekend to send a message to america. thousands rallied at the u.s. consulate, calling on president trump to liberate the chinese ruled city they waved american flags and sang the star spangled banner as they appealed for help for their pro-democracy movement matt bradley joins us from hong kong matt, what actions do these protesters want from washington? >> yeah, frances, this was an extraordinary sight. seeing all these american flags and singing the national anthem appeals directly to president trump and his vice president mike pence it was almost a bizarre scene here with so many people really directing their anger at the united states and their appeals to the u.s. government what they want is the passage of
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a legislation in congress called the hong kong human rights and democracy act. now this was introduced back in 2017 by marco rubio and some other congressmen. and basically, what it does is establish punitive actions for members of the beijing government in case they try to suppress human rights or democracy in hong kong it also could threaten to sort of delist hong kong from its special arrangement as far as the united states sees it, its separate commercial treaty with the united states. so it would sort of separate those two. now it's extraordinary to see this kind of violence still going on, because this is now the third month to the day since the first large scale rally on june 9th and so far, even though carrie lam, the chief executive made a major concession last week, withdrawis ethradition bill that started the whole protests, they seem to be going strong francis? >> matt bradley for us, matt, thank you. in the bahamas, hurricane dorian may be long gone, but the
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devastation is just beginning to unfold so far 44 people have died from the storm. that number is expected to rise as crews continue searching through the devastation. as many as 70,000 people are now homeless, waiting to be rescued from areas that were completely destroyed. meanwhile, bahamas paradise cruise line is helping evacuate bahamians. nbc's kerry sanders is there with the latest. >> reporter: phillip, it doesn't matter which direction you look, there are signs of mother nature's incredible power. most people this morning have decided to leaf this area, and those that have stayed behind are making plans to get out. after days of chaos and panic, an orderly exodus from the abaco islands for the weary and fatigued >> i can't wait to go on that to get out of here. >> reporter: what's it's been like the last couple of days in this nightmare >> terrible. terrible >> reporter: as relief ships
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organized by the bahamian government are off-loaded in marsh harbour -- >> women and children. >> reporter: those ships then become ferries to nassau that island virtually untouched by the hurricane >> it's very destroying for us you know, we lost everything we don't have nothing. my family and then move onto eventually make their way to the capital island, some hoping to continue on to florida >> i've got usa visa my boy, he got usa visa. >> reporter: so you're going to go the united states >> yeah, i want to go. >> reporter: by sea and now by air, delta airlines providing relief flights from marsh harbour. >> i think we're going to be doing this systematically for as long as necessary over the next several days to get people out and to safety. >> reporter: survivors fear life as they known it is over. >> abaco was my home and i was devastated, but i feel happy
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that we're going to a new place. well can rebuild. >> reporter: government officials say it remains difficult to get a clearer picture on how many survivors are still in the abacos and on granbahama vanity martin heartbroken. >> thank god for life, because a lot of my friends had died. >> reporter: they have refrigerated trucks that are now makeshift morgue, and they are filled already with dozens of bodies phillip? >> kerry sander, thank you breaking overnight, an urgent search-and-rescue mission is under way in georgia for four missing crewmembers. they were on a south korean tanker when it capsized just 80 miles south of savannah. 23 crewmembers and one pilot were on board. the 656-foot-long ship was carrying a shipment of hyundai and kia cars when it overturned and caught fire. >> 20 people were rescued but officials had to put that rescue on hold after the fire andke on
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have determined the vessel to be stable, we will identify the best option to continue our rescue efforts for the four crewmembers who remain on board. >> the ship was on its way to baltimore. it's unclear why the ship started capsizing. rafa reigns supreme after a glorious win at the u.s. open. nadal was pushed to his limits in an epic five-set match against daniil medvedev. he closed out the victory 6-4 in the fifth after a grueling five hours. the spaniard conquering his fourth u.s. open title and 19th major championship, just o serena gets slammed shut she was serving far court when bianca andrei barks canada's first grand slam champion at 19 years old.
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the nfl's 100th season kicked off with high scoring games and huge plays let's start in new england sunday night on nbc where the super bowl winning patriots unveiled their latest championship banner, and they played like a team ready for another one. tom brady tossed through touchdowns in the big victory over pittsburgh. got a little help from josh gordon here, who broke a bunch of tackles get to the end zone on that one. patriots crush the steelers, 33-3 now to miami where the ravens put down a historic beating on the dolphins baltimore quarterback lamar jackson counted for five touchdowns on the way to a 59-10 rout 59 points, most ever scored in a single game in ravens history. and the outlook is already so bleak in miami, pro football similar, they didn't stem's change the verbiage this year. he just got a big one here, jim. >> henry taking the pass with an open field, taking off down the left sideline with a blocker in front, davis going al
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>> 75 yard biggest upset of week one. high hopes for the browns entering the season. people talking about them winning the super bowl, but they got done by the titans, 30 points they lost by 43-13. all right. for all you fantasy football folks, let's look at points leaders. top scoring quarterback, you just saw him, lamar jackson from the ravens top scoring running backs austin ekeler from the chargers, and the panthers christian mccaff y mccaffrey. sammy watkins from the chiefs and philadelphia brought it back to desean jackson. here we are on a monday. a new workweek and school week ahead. let's get a check of our weather. what are you watching now, janessa? >> things are calm you forgot to mention them cowboys. we forgot about them >> beatdown on giant. >> definitely. temperature-wise hot and steamy across the south we're going to break some records this afternoon but overnight lows, this is the heat index new orleancu 97.
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so these advisories are going deep south this afternoon. a few showers continue for florida. also, a severe weather for the upper midwest. we'll talk about the severe weather coming up. >> all right janessa, thank you moscow celebrated their annual city day with a daring skywalk. a team of adventurist enthusiasts. >> oh, man. >> walked on this tightrope 803 feet between the city's two tallest skyscrapers. moscow residents raised their heads and held their breaths as they watched that. it marked 872 years since moscow was found. the skywalk masters came from russia, germany, france, and canada for that big event. making me nervous jussie
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(flight attendants) ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ (vo) get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps. leading the news, british airways grounded after an unprecedented strike hundreds of flights have been canceled for today and tomorrow, leaving thousands stranded it is the first ever strike by british airways pilots, and it's all over pay the pilots union say they're willing to get back to the negotiating table if the airline can put together a serious offer. a spokeswoman for the prime minister is urging both sides to end the dispute. the sister of clippers forwafoed kimiesha williams is one of two women accused of robbing and beating an 84-year-old woman to h officials say williams and the
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hello. >> "pennywise" is back it took the top spot, it chapter two earning $91 million in the opening weekend and second highest opening for a horror film ever. rounding out the top three, "angel has fall" and good boys. >> when pregnant women give birth in prison, that baby is usually sent to family or foster care, but a family of prisons have special programs for new moms, allowing babies to stay by their side here is kate snow in our nbc special series "justice for all. >> reporter: when moms and babies gather here, they talk about the kinds of things every new mom does.
3:19 am
>> i think that, you know, he has a fever, feel him, is he warm >> reporter: but this playdate is hath happening at washington's state center. ten moms walking their strollers behind a barbed wire fence natalie's baby adelynn was born 13 months ago. >> up until the point of coming here, i didn't have control over my life. i'm just very thankful that i did get this opportunity to be in the program and make it whole completely 180 of what i was doing. >> reporter: studies show moms who keep their babies in prison are less likely to return, and the kids do better in life dedree is an accountant, sentenced for two years for embezzling from clients already a mom, she started serving her sentence while pregnant with stella, her fourth child. in the morning she takes stella to day care so she can work. >> i would have never had this opportunity to watch every tooth
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grow, every little thing >> reporter: every milestone. >> every milestone >> i need you to chew that up. chew, chew, chew. >> i think it's important to stop incarcerating men and women the same. >> reporter: program supervisor sonya allie says the program promotes essential bonding if people see this and think babies in praise >> i understand th and the child has a right to be with their mother. >> reporter: for those who already have kids, it's a chance just hearing natalie's story, r really got to bond with my other two kids because i was -- i was on drugs too. having this opportunity to bond with, you know, my child for really the first time getting that bond, it really did save our lives. >> reporter: the kids can leave any time and visit family. their mothers' sentences must be under 30 months. and when mom is released, they
3:21 am
go home with her do you think being in this program has made you a better mom? >> i think so. i told my kids, my other kids that -- sorry. i was like, you know, sorry >> it's okay it's okay. >> i told them i was one thing i know i'm not going to do to you guys is i'm not going to yell at you anymore. it hurts me to think about when i would say stuff like that. >> reporter: her release date is approaching. >> i know that i'm a changed person i know that i will never be back here again my journey is going to begin october 2nd. >> rep >> 700 new moms have gone through that program in washington since it was founded 20 years ago they hope it will be a model for other states as llwe up next, any volunteers for the prettiest room in america? and yes, it is free, courtesy of our national parks stay with us the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis.
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(blender whirring) ♪ (baby laughing) ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. ♪ do you ever daydream what you would do if you were retired? for some people that fantasy has become a reality thanks to a program actually letting you
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live for free in one of our nation's national parks. nbc's steve patterson has more >> reporter: cradled by the might of the colossal teton mountains, a stunni inning expao nature is preserved in the sprawl of grand teton national park not a bad day at the office for sheryl and tim hayden. >> do you see the bears? got really lucky. >> reporter: the haydens are doing what so many o dream about there. >> are some creeks down there. that's where the moose was. >> reporte r: the great outdoors. >> rv may seem small, but we have this huge backyard. we don't feel cramped at all. >> reporter: for the last three summer, sheryl and tim, both retired left their home in missouri to actually live inside the park, for free >> grand tetons! >> reporter: in exchange for volunteering what is the appeal of this >> it's just an incredible opportunity to get to live here and just be in this beautiful place all the time
3:27 am
we get to see wildlife all the time. >> reporter: the pair now part of the park's wildlife traffic , bear management, wildlife management >> reporter: bear management >> yep. >> reporter: volunteer coordinator jessica erwin says the bear managers get great perks. the volunteers in parks allo housing fo 32 hours a week out of about 300,000 vipall par nationwide, close to 4,000 actually get to live onsite. a spectacular second act for many >> it's competitive, you know. people want to volunteer here and work here, spend their summer here because it's such an amazing spot >> reporter: erwin says the training is intense. >> you're going to be too close to the bison >> all of our volunteers have to go thrhrough hours and hours of traini just so they are specialized in dealing with people, traffic, and wildlife. >> reporter: when they're here in the shadow of that tallest
3:28 am
peak, there is an undeniable freedom of being part of something bigger. >> it's just a way for us to give back to something that we really love. >> reporter: living the dream e. steve patterson, nbc news, grand teton national park. >> well, it's just beautiful living the dream it is celebrating a birthday today, michelle williams turns 39 grammy winner michael buble is 44 adam sandler turns 53. love actually actor hugh grant is 59. halof fame
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it's very destroying for us, you know we lost everything we don't have nothing. abaco evacuations. dorian wiped out everything for tens of thousands. now survivors are facing a new life that is nothing like they're used to. explosive new allegations surrounding the case of harvey weinststein and just how critic
3:30 am
gwyneth paltrow was in bringing allegations against him forward. congress is back in session today with a full agenda, including impeachment on the docket we've got a preview. overnight, a tweet storm between president trump and power couple john legend and chrissy teigen gets more than just a lilligly. an education that hits close


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