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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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today the test on this first business day for air travelers, as news breaks overnight for people flying overseas. out of office, we're trying to clear up confusion in contra costa county. all new, who is leading richmond police after a first of its kind no confidence vote. and congress returns, the key issues up for debate, as lawmakers get back to work in washington. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we're going to get you started with your monday morning here. mike is going to get us through that commute coming up in a bit but first meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the weather for us, coming off a great weekend. how are we looking today? >> looks good and our nice weather continues for today and tomorrow and after that, back to summer. let's get out the door this morning with a live look outside in dublin, with a clear start to the day and cool temperatures, mostly in the upper 50s there, and headed into the upper 70s by
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early this afternoon, make some extra time to get outside today with a look at our high temperatures around the bay area, mostly upper 70s and low 80s. so more on this and the heat-up in the forecast in a few minutes. mike has a look at the commute and so far it's been pretty good. >> pretty steady, kari. mostly green sensors on the big view of the map, where you drive here. i want to call out this new incident over here in hayward, southbound 880, so it is the direction where we see some slowing, and it's right around industrial boulevard, right about where we typically see the traffic start to lighten up. a crash reportedly bloking one lane. we will continue to track that, but so far, no major injuries reported. now if there is slowing or hearing about a crash, some folks may decide to use the san mateo bridge, if their choice is between san mateo and dumbarton bridge, but you see westbound does move very smoothly and getting down toward the bay bridge we have that little build here for the upper east shore. 21 minutes from highway 4. back to you. >> thanks, mike. more trying times for anyone flying into and out of sfo, as we begin this work week.
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here is a live look as you see right here, the control tower. hundreds of flights there were delayed or canceled over the weekend. this is at sfo, working to rebuild one of its busiest runways. thom jensen is live for us there. what are passengers saying about all of this, this morning? >> reporter: it's frustrating, as you might imagine for people trying to get home or get to work or get in to san francisco and finding their flights are canceled especially and some of them long delays. 65 cancellations already this morning, although most of that was prescheduled in, in anticipation of this runway work and as we look at the flight boards here in the international terminal, looks pretty good right now, but there will be more delays or canceled flights later on today. the runway in question, the work that's causing all this, is runway 28l. sfo is rebuilding a 1900 foot section of the runway that intersects runways 1r and 1l.
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that means during certain times two runways can be closed at the same time. and due to the work, there were more than 400 delays or cancellations both saturday and sunday. we just talked to a man within the last hour whose flight was canceled because of a mechanical problem and his mom unfortunately died just four days ago. her funeral is tomorrow. now he's trying to get home but because of the runway work, he's having trouble getting a new flight home to memphis out of sfo. >> 1:00 it was delayed until 2:22, and then we got on the thing and sat out there about two hours, and we had to deplane and i'm having to find another flight. i'm really trying my hardest. i hope i don't have to book with another airline. >> reporter: there are more than 1,000 departures and 1,000 arrivals at sfo every day, so more than 70% of the flights are on time or experiencing shorter delays. the $16 million construction project is supposed to continue
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through september 27th. back live that means over the next 20-plus or 20 days or so, make sure that you call the airport if you've got anybody coming in or planning on taking off. make sure that your flight is on time and hasn't been delayed or canceled. we're live at sfo, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> let's hope that man makes it home. thank you very much, thom. developing four crew members remain unaccounted for after this cargo ship overturned off the coast of georgia. it happened in the early morning hours yesterday when the crew was actually performing a turn on the st. simon's sound about 50 miles north of jacksonville but the ship started leaning toward its portside. 20 of the 24 crew members were safely rescued. to an update on the deadly dive boat fire in southern california. this morning federal authorities in southern california are widening that investigation. over the weekend, they searched the offices of truth aquatics, the company that owns the "conception" diving boat. it's believed they were looking
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for training, safety and maintenance records. bodies of all but one of 34 victims have been recovered but the search is currently suspended due to tough and rough weather. salvage crews plan to pull up the sunken boat later this week. >> 6:05 right now. a new surprise turn for the richmond police department, hours after a vote of no confidence in chief alwin brown. the "east bay times" reports he is no longer serving his role. brown is officially listed as "out of office" but it's not clear if that means he's resigned or on administrative leave. assistant chief french is taking over for the time being. last week 80% of the rank and file vote nod confidence in brown. the suspect in a recent sexual assault is facing new charges tied to another attack. authorities credit the alleged victim with helping crack the case. 22-year-old matthew han of half moon bay is facing charges tied to two attacks. investigators say in july he
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sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl while she walked her dog on a coastside trail. but the victim fought off her attacker, then authorities say the teen recognized han's photo in the newspaper after he was arrested in a similar assault case last month. after a five-week break, lawmakers return to capitol hill today with plenty of unfunnished business, including gun safety legislation and a quickly approaching deadline to fund the government. craig boswell joins to us break it all down. busy one ahead, craig. >> indeed, laura. good morng. lawmakers have to agree on a continuing resolution. the house is expected to vote on that next week, that leaves the senate two weeks to get back. could be a time crunch on that. gun safety legislation more contentious issue. democrats are pushing the senate
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to take up house legislation that's already passed that would strengthen background checks on gun purchases. republicans say they're waiting on president trump to take the lead. take a listen. >> we're not going to vote on bills on the senate floor that the president's not willing to sign. the president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do. >> the odessa shooter failed a background check. our bill would make sure that state law enforcement is promptly notified when someone fails a background check. >> other issues a trade deal with mexico and canada, some health care issues, securing the 2020 election against russian interference, immigration, among all of these things, overriding that and on top of that is the push by many democrats for an impeachment inquiry and laura, actually in september, there's only 13 legislative days in the house before the house goes on another two-week recess. only 45 full legislative days for the house until the end of the year. 53 for the senate, and things
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don't move quick on capitol hill. back to you. >> don't we know that. craig boswell, thanks, live from washington this morning. it is 6:07. later this hour, analysis of the news out of washington continues. scott mcgrew has checks and balances at quarter to 7:00. also follow him on twitter and facebook. for thousands of dorian survivors left with nothing in abaco island, the goal really is now to simply find shelter. a mass exodus is under way. refugees are trying to get to nassau, the largest city in the bahamas. so far about 3,000 people have made it off the island, but it's believed that many people there never made it through the storm. >> i'm very grateful, thanks to god for allowing us it to see another day. >> a lot of people died and i thought i was going to be one of them, and i just, we just started praying and everything and we survived. >> right now there are 44
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confirmed deaths in the bahamas but that number is still expected to rise dramatically, with many still unaccounted for. and remember the iconic image when dorian swept through the south carolina coast last week? a couple that owns this red jeep wanted to get a closer look at dorian, they got stuck on the beach so they had to abandon their car. the images played out live for hours across cable news. the owners now asking for money, not for a new car but rather donations for hurricane victims in the bahamas, they already raised a couple thousand dollars. >> i guess they got some attention so they wanted to use it for good now. hmm, not so much the car though. >> i think you should give your money to a reputable organization like the red cross or something, they're already there. >> always a good advice. glue don't know what random people are going to do with that money. >> buy a new car. >> probably. here's a look at where dorian is now, so far to the north, it is extra tropical right now, but racing off to the
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north and east headed just south of greenland. this will not be a problem for anyone else, as it stays over the ocean. as we look at our start this morning, looking at san jose, it is a clear, beautul sunrise, and also very cool, some upper 50s as you head out the door. if you're going out to diridon station, expect the temperature at 7:00 to be at about 58 degrees and a slow warmup today, as it stays very comfortable and slightly cooler than normal. let's go through all of our microclimates and see how our day shapes up, with our 10:00 temperature at 66 degrees in livermore, cupertino at 68. lunch time we're all in the 70s, and it's going to be very comfortable, with a few spots inland reaching into the low 80s, and then gradually cooling off for tonight, with some breezy winds and mostly clear skies. we'll get a look ahead to some hotter temperatures in the forecast and mike, you're updating that crash in hayward. >> i am. where we see the unusual slow pattern. everything else pretty standard, you expect slowing for 680 for
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example through pleasanton and sunol. 880 south a typical pattern through hayward and focused on the area approaching tennison and that's the updated location from chp. they say it's around closer to tennison than to industrial, and it is in the middle of your freeway right now. so until they can move the vehicle out of the lanes it's going to be a lot more slowing. there may be a traffic break. we'll track that now. because of this backup getting toward the tennison exit we may have a problem. more folks might want to use the san mateo bridge to get over to the peninsula if that was part of their route headed to dumbarton bridge. north of there an easy drive to the bay bridge coming up. back to you. >> thank you. how was your weekend? >> great. >> really? a lot of people had a lot of great weekend. what about a date? >> maybe. coming up, how scott mcgrew's fared on facebook's new dating feature. whether he shut it off after friday's newscast. >> we'll look at that, your
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market, money, accusations against apple as well, a day ahead of their new iphones, all of that ahead when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now it's 6:14. let's get up and head out the door. we're going to have a great day with some slightly cooler than normal weather and we're going to have the morning start in the upper 50s and low 60s, headed into the low 80s in martinez. so i'll talk about some hotter
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weather in the forecast in less than five minutes. and just in the last five minutes, we had some slowing and some flashing lights. i saw at least one, maybe two chp vehicles traveling with all these tail lights. i don't see their flashing lights, i don't see reports of any problems, but i'll give you that upda the crash in the east bay, which may be affecting your flow as well. and good morning. very happy monday to you. wall street not quite sure what to do the jobs report that we got on friday. we'll talk more about that in a moment. jpmorgan chase creating an index that follows the companies that donald trump tweets about. we did that two years ago here on "today in the bay." bay area's docusign up 20% on financial reports, good once. apple unchanged on friday. an activist group released a new report sunday saying apple broke chinese labor laws at its enormous factory in shenzhen. technically it's a foxcon factory. apple does say it used too many
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contractors for too long. chinese law says contractors can't be more than 10% of your workforce, because they have fewer rights and benefits. tim cook -- apple says that report from the china labor watch is largely false, but won't tell us what's right and what's wrong. apple has gotten much better with worker rights since tim cook took over as ceo. though i should point out before he came to be ceo, he was actually in charge of apple factories. apple is going to show off the new iphone, we understand most of the improvements are going in be the camera, maybe some new colors like purple. my colleague david lee at the bbc says he expects apple is going to kind of wind these down. these are several time a year iphone updates. unless they come up with something really new, they're not coming up with much new. the announcements are kind of losing their bang. the other thing to watch today states attorneys general will announce investigations into google and facebook. we briefed you on this last week
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but today's the day. treasury secretary steve mnuchin just spoke with the press. he said there may be another tax cut proposal on the way. a reminder, we're dealing with the biggest deficit that we have ever seen. so back to you, over on the desk, laura and marcus. >> you stick around, come over to this desk because we're following up on an important story involving a member of our "today in the bay" team. if you were watching on friday you may have seen the story about facebook's new dating feature. one of us brave enough to set up a profile. i was teasing scott mcgrew you should set up a dating profile and you took my advice. >> and kari is like use the picture where you're against a wall. >> it was a team effort. kari told him to use that picture so here it is. >> yep. >> eligible bachelor number one! come on down! >> he likes puppies and -- yeah. >> how is it going? are you choosing to invest in
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anyone's love life portfolio? >> i had not checked it believe it or not. >> lie. >> facebook says once you set up your profile on this, it says "we aren't suggesting people in your area yet. when we do, we will notify you." >> oh, really? >> they're still asking people to create the profiles that we did. >> it is new. >> but they haven't activated yet. >> people haven't signed up yet for it. >> on a business point of view, i think this is a problem for facebook particularly getting men to sign up, because i'm on it. >> oh, everybody else doctrine -- >> like what would the point be? >> the competition is to steep. >> humility, remember that, too. i'm teasing you. it's going to turn out great. >> i got to get one of the hats, a cool hat in the picture. >> a cool hat. >> pretty suave there, my friend, pretty suave. >> maybe to be continued. >> yes. >> how about some first date weather today? >> it's going to be great. go outside, enjoy your weather, picnic in the park, something
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like that. >> first date. >> lunch outside today. it's going to be great. so let's get a look at our temperatures and our live view in san francisco this morning, it's a pretty nice start to our work week, and mostly clear here. we are seeing some fog rolling across the bay and going to stay nice, cool and breezy in san francisco. as you get ready to head out the door headed to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, low 60s, a few clouds moving by through about 9:00 and it clears out. check out this seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, even in san francisco, we're heating up as the week goes along and we start out with some slightly cooler than normal temperatures, only reaching 77 in cupertino and 80 in morgan hill today, and looking at still some upper 70s, low 80s for much of the east bay, fremont up to 72 degrees. we have some mid-70s today for san mateo, palo alto reaching 78 degrees, and some upper 60s and low 70s in san francisco, with
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the north bay up to about 85 in novato as well as sonoma. we have that cold front that swept through on saturday, it made the winds pick up, it was cloudy and cool. as we go into the next couple of days we're still holding on to those cooler temperatures, but as we go towards wednesday, high pressure builds in from the desert southwest and that's going to fight off our ocean breeze and the cooler air the inland valleys will heat up into the 90s by friday, and even on thursday we're going to be pretty hot. i know, whatever you're doing, just take a look at the seven-day forecast because you want to be prepared for this. we have huge changes ahead for the week. we're going from the upper 70s today and tomorrow to the upper 90s by friday. this weekend is much hotter than the weekend we just had. big changes ahead there as well as in san francisco, upper 60s the next couple of days and 08 degrees on friday. mike, you're giving us a look at the san mateo bridge. >> because unfortunately we saw
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flashing lights traveling westbound, your commute direction with the tail lights. i saw a lot of traffic slowing but the flashing lights disappeared. i don't think off the bridge obviously. they turned their lights off and no reports over the last five to seven minutes of any incidents on the span. traffic maintains a smooth drive here on that westbound 92 span itself. just past the toll plaza that's where the cameras are. over here i'm concerned about this, a crash at tennison, or just shy of tennison, where you have middle lane blocks reported by chp and then another crash in the backup at whipple and sometimes when folks see the backup they look for any route out there and they'll take the san mateo bridge, even if they're ending up headed toward palo alto or mountain view and should have ended up headed south. we'll track that. right now it's just slowing in hayward and that's the big impact, you saw that san mateo bridge and the big amount of traffic there. highway 4 still held up with a similar slowdown through bay point. southbound at 680 the disabled vehicle turns out it's a flat
6:22 am
tire. the vehicle with two flats with only one spare tire and that could be a problem clearing that from the slow lane. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup and so does the richmond to san rafael bridge, there's 580. guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:22. next and new, the return of a former "today" show host ousted in scandal during the 2016 presidential race. then at 6:30, a possible relocation for b.a.r.t., the savings the transit agency says the move would mean over the next quarter century. 6:22 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, it is 6:24. today billy bush makes his television comeback from the tape that surfaced with donald trump. you may recall he lost his job on the "today" show after 2005 "access hollywood" tape came to light, in that tape bush is heard talking to trump who makes several graphic comments about women. 6:25 right now. it's a big day here on nbc bay area as well. >> miss independent herself kelly clarkson begins her new talk show right here this afternoon. let's just say it's so big that it might just throw a rock into your afternoon plans. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think they like you. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson will join clarkson for her big
6:26 am
debut today. if you're thinking it will be all talk and no tunes, you'd be wrong. the top selling artist plans to begin every show with a song. our own janelle wang sat down with clarkson ahead of today's premiere. clarkson says she wants her new show to be a place where everyone can have fun. >> would you like people to experience? >> the three words we were talking about, three words that i feel like exude my personality, which is a lot of heart, a lot of humor and a lot of connection. i like connecting with meme. i love like, we probably grew up very dimple but i love finding out what makes you tick and why you are where you are. i love that kind of stuff. >> we love it, too, kelly. "the kelly clarkson show" kicks off on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon, then catch "ellen" season premiere with special guests kris and kylie jenner. 6:26 for you right now. next and new for you this morning, inclusion and innovation. the defense "forbes" magazine is
6:27 am
giving for putting exactly one woman on the list of 100 top innovators. reaction, who is missing, and the bay area woman who made the cut. plus -- >> look at adam schefter, the raiders release -- oh! oh! >> a wild weekend for the raiders and the team hasn't even taken the field. next antonio brown's antics and today's reaction from fans, and the season opener at home. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a very good monday morning to you. 6:30 right now, monday is just flying by. we take a live look outside the east bay overlooking walnut creek. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we head over to meteorologist kari hall tracking the forecast for us. a good one today? >> a good one been we had a nice weekend, a beautiful sunrise not only of san francisco but across the bay area so open up the blinds, take a look out there and let's get this day started. as we get ready to head out the door headed to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station upper 50s as you step out, so it is a cool start. a little bit breezy and we'll have a very mild day, mid-70s by early afternoon. we'll talk about what's ahead with some much hotter temperatures in the forecast, and mike, you're updating the
6:31 am
crashes in high ward. hayward. >> two crashes on the nimitz freeway, a good flow of traffic and nothing unexpected except for one stretch where the red sensors are kicking in because of the very slow drive from 238 south on the nimitz down toward whipple, and then easing up as you approach dennison. the crash at tennison completely removed from the roadway. we have the crash at whipple which may be at least a distraction and also that traffic backup has rippled back again in to hayward out of san leandro. the rest of the nimitz moving nicely, this disabled vehic still reported there on the shoulder at least possibly sticking to the slow lane, 680 at treat and the build for the upper east shore freeway. we have the backup at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. back to you. >> thank you very much. got a live look at the coliseum this morning, where the raiders open the new nfl season, their last season in oakland, and even though the raiders didn't open like everyone else did on sunday, the team sure had a busy weekend. the will he, won't he with
6:32 am
antonio brown is resolved. he won't. the star wide receiver instead is joining the defending championships. bob redell is live outside the coliseum to explain how a.b. said see ya and what we can expect for the weekend. were >> reporter: his whole six-month tenure with the raiders, antonio brown's tenure was bizarre and came to a strange end saturday morning, when brown posted on social media that he wanted the raiders to release him and they obliged. >> look at adam schefter -- oh! >> reporter: that was brown's reaction to the news that he was released you can see he posted this video he posted online. within hours of that, the new england patriots signed brown to a one-year deal worth $15 million plus a $9 million signing bonus, this taps a tumultuous time with the raiders, started with an unusual foot injury that sidelined brown at the start of training camp.
6:33 am
and then he had a fight with the nfl over his helmet, fined for missing a practice and walk-through and fined again for getting into an argument with the raiders general manager. as a result of that second fine, the raiders are no longer obligated to pay brown $29 million in contract guarantees which led to saturday morning, and brown's request to be released from the team. >> i wish antonio nothing but the best, and i'm sorry that we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. very disappointing. >> the raiders just wasn't a good fit for him. it sounded good on paperwork. >> it would have been good if he would have played with us, but we end up losing him after all. so it was his decision. the raiders have to go on. >> reporter: it's worth noting antonio brown only trained with the raiders, never actually played for the raiders in a game and apparently never will, now that he signed with the patriots. the raiders take on the broncos tonight here at,'first football game of the season, kickoff at 7:20.
6:34 am
laura and marcus, as you were mentioning this is the start of the last season for the raiders in oakland before they head off to vegas. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> oh, yes, that big reminder. thanks a lot, bonn. >> starting out with the bay, all right, 6:34 for you right now. developing for you in san francisco, police are trying to track down the gunman who shot two people in a car, leaving one of them dead. this happened in the city's crocker amazon neighborhood. responding officers found the victims still in the car around 9:00 last night near mission and geneva. the man in that car died but the woman is expected to survive. investigators say right now, they have little to go on. in the wake of the pg&e bankruptcy filing, the city is upping its push to get into the electricity business. mayor london breed and the city attorney dennis herrera releasing a short statement saying in part, "the city has submitted an official offer letter to the utility company includes $2.5 billion for the acquisition of assets that serve san francisco." this is not the first time the city's tried to do this but
6:35 am
now the utility is in bankruptcy, and facing liabilities for wildfires. state senator jerry hill supports the move. >> i'm really pleased that san francisco is making the offer. now is the best time to do it, since they're in bankruptcy. certainly they could use the money. >> pg&e put out a statement saying in part, it doesn't believe what it called municipalization is in the best interests of its customers. a new "forbes" list of the most innovative leaders is sparking an uproar. there are hundreds of people on the list but only one woman. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us here with some reaction, a look at how it happened in this day and age. >> right. the editor of "forbes" says their lists are not opinion, they are driven by data and methodology but how they use that data was flawed, i came up with one woman, barbara representler, who leads dublin based ross stores. "forbes" didn't provide a picture, but she is known for
6:36 am
growing the discount chain's revenues to four times the worth of macy's as of 2017. she really doesn't like a lot of press. as soon as the "forbes" list posted on saturday, people started commenting about the lack of women on the list. "you know women follow you, right" one of the comments, "seems like the male list, a list of men created by men" and "forbes is woman blind." here is how "forbes" explains which leaders can be considered for the list. they have to be the ceo or the founder of their companies, they have to lead public companies worth $10 billion or more, and ranking includes data on quantitative reputation, social capital, publicly traded track records. you can see it's a pyramid and narrows at the top. "forbes" response is that methodology turned out to be flawed. according to the editor of the magazine. this pool ultimately proved the problem, women as we all know are poorly represented at the top of the largest corporations, just 5% of the s&p 500, and fare even worse among
6:37 am
growing public tech companies. in other words, for all of our carefully calibrated methodologies, women never had much of a chance here," from the editor which speaks to why silicon valuey is so well represented on the list but not just by its women leaders, the "forbes" editor said they should have used that opportunity to have that part of the conversation. >> that becomes part of the story. >> and perhaps they could reconsider how they qualify those leaders for consideration. >> exactly. they couldn't be considered to be at the top of the list because there's not that many there. >> it's innovation, we talk about silicon valley all the time and the one woman who made the list is from a not from traditionally innovative type company. >> right. >> did a great job. >> a lot of women, not a lot of minorities either. >> exactly and that was another point. you could just scroll through the comments, they go on for days and that was one of the other points, there are no people of color. >> leadership there.
6:38 am
thank you very much. the sunrise is incredible, i can't get over it. it's a good morning. you're always sunshiny, kris, thanks a lot. also talking about b.a.r.t., soon getting some new headquarters. much the agency says the lease for its current downtown oakland spot ends in 2021 and the rent may nearly double. on thursday board members will vote on buying a building also in oakland but leaders say the deal could save b.a.r.t. $150 million over 25 years. a lot of people take that transit there to get to work here and there, mike. >> no delays for b.a.r.t. that's good news. one section delays over in the east bay. as we look at the south bay which starts to build, northbound through san jose, now pushing into the rest of silicon vall valley, southbound 880 slowing toward "a" street. we have a smooth flow of traffic but things are slower than you might like. the earlier crashes looks like they cleared from the area. tennison cleared with recovery
6:39 am
there. circling up here at vasco, there's a disabled vehicle, second one for the morning but this time diablo familiar intersection brentwood toward 580. 580 moves nicely and 680 with slowing. there may be a crash near vernal and this is the bay bridge wait. toll plaza i mean. >> there you go, the monday morning blues for some people. but looking forward to the weekend. >> we don't have to wait for that forecast. >> if you like it hot. >> if you like it hot, because this past weekend was our break, felt like fall. we thought we were headed into fall but summer is about to make a comeback. look at how our temperatures go up as we go through the week, upper 70s today and then by friday, we're peaking at 98 degrees, and still some 90s for the weekend. san francisco will be coming down from also some warm temperatures, looking at some low 70s for saturday and sunday. if you're going to be in the tri-valley, heads up, friday we're up to 100 degrees.
6:40 am
we're still hot on saturday, as those temperatures come down, and then on sunday, it's feeling much better, 86 degrees. in the sierra, we have a nice weekend ahead with some upper 70s on friday and saturday, reaching about 72 degrees on sunday, and half moon bay we're going to keep it cool here, with some low 70s on friday. that's probably the best day to go to the coast. we're looking at upper 60s on saturday. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend, that's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good, thanks so much, kari. next for you, a growing controversy of one east bay school, the explanation being offered after one found an apparent noose near an elementary school. i just got a message your flight is delayed because of i think there is construction going on. >> runway repairs are frustrating people at sfo. today the test on this first business day for air travelers as news breaks overnight of a new mess for people flying overseas. and later, the steps california's republican party is
6:41 am
taking to help president trump avoid a primary challenge. over the weekend, president trump astonished everyone saying he invited and disinvited the taliban to the united states. let's take you out to the big board, the dow industrials drip -- dripping? drifting slightly higher on this monday morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. right now at 6:43, and it's a beautiful sunrise. if you haven't seen it yet, just take a look out the window. we're starting out with some cool temperatures. fremont in the upper 50s this morning, and then headed into the upper 60s at 11:00. we'll be at 74 at 1:00 today and it's still going to be cool, but
6:44 am
hotter weather in the forecast. more on that in less than five minutes. >> and look at the bottom number here, south 880 still has a little extra slowing from 238, and toward about whipple an earlier crash is out of the lanes but we have more slowing there. on this side of the bay the peninsula moves nicely. planning to fly out of sfo you may face some turbulent times. the next three weeks or so, this is a live look at the airport this morning. so far more than 80 flights have been delayed or canceled just this morning alone. the airport is working to rebuild one of its busiest runways, talking about the 1900 foot section that intersects runways 1r and 1l. today marks the first business day since that runway shut down. passengers are certainly frustrated. we spoke to one man whose flight was canceled this morning because of mechanical problems. sadly his mother's funeral is
6:45 am
tomorr tomorrow. because of the runway work he's having trole getting a new flight home to memphis. >> 1:00 it was delayed until 2:22, and then we got on the thing and sat out there about two hours, and we had to deplane and i'm having to find another flight. i'm really trying my hardest. i hope i don't have to book with another airline. >> at times during construction at least two runways will be closed at the same time. british airways passengers need to check their flights for sure because a pilot strike is grounding many flights today. happening today, the debate over a homeless center in san francisco's embarcadero is headed to the courtroom. opponents filed suit to stop the city from opening the navigation center. this morning, a judge will hear from both sides, opponents cite that recent assaults and trouble in the areas around those centers as the reason for stopping the waterfront project. police have already beefed up patrols but once the shelter opens, the department says that two officers will be dedicated to patrolling that area for ten hours a day.
6:46 am
and for the second time this school year a rope resembles a noose has been discovered on the campus of an oakland school. >> we have a picture of the rope attached to a batting cage at a baseball field near chabot element tear school. in a fence last month a child says he threw the rope to get it out of the way and it got stuck on the fence. some parents are concerned about the latest case. >> obviously it's very distressing as a parent. obviously you always want to be cognizant and not blow things out of proportion. obviously it's a very turbulent times that we live in. >> the fbi was notified about the incident. the agency says so far neither incident is being treated as a hate crime but a letter did go home to families and anti-hate vigil is being organized for this friday. 6:46 and now to decision 2020, and despite california's
6:47 am
deep blue history, state's gop is doing what it can to help president trump get reelected. it has approved a rule change amid, at sending delegates to the republican national convention, even if the president is kept off california's primary ballot, this comes after governor newsom signed a law in july requiring presidential candidates to publicly release their tax returns. up until now president trump has not done that. president trump is on his way to north carolina to look at the damage from hurricane dorian. >> scott mcgrew, there's a special election there, at the very same time. >> indeed there is election redo after fraud a political operative accused of rigging ballots for the republican candidate for congress the first time around. president trump will be in the outer banks. about 57,000 north carolinians without power mostly inity barrier islands.
6:48 am
later this week, president trump will travel to baltimore, maryland, to meet. fellow republicans. he's previously called baltimore disgusts, a rat infested mess and the worst city in the united states. congress gets back to work today after its long august break. guns will be a topic and there will be a new investigation. elijah cummings who is from baltimore will lead his house oversight committee's investigation in to the air force suddenly using an obscure airport in scotland to refuel planes. it's an airport that's near trump's doral golf course. you can spot this kc-135 on google maps at that small airport. in one case the flight crew stayed overnight at the golf course, billing the air force. the air force says it, too, is going to look into the matter, points out there the per diem that's given to flight crews, the money they're allowed to spend on hotels well covers the stay at the relatively inexpensive golf course. they could have stayed at more expensive places and stayed within the rules.
6:49 am
president trump caught everyone off guard including some of his own staff by revealing over the weekend he invited the taliban to come to maryland for peace talks. camp david. but then the president called off those talks after an american soldier was killed in afghanistan. camp david has been the setting for peace talks before, most famously the camp david accords for which president carter won a nobel prize. to have the taliban in the united states just three days before the anniversary of the 9/11 attack would have been quite a surprise to americans, particularly those who lost loved ones. president trump before he was president criticized president obama for talking to the taliban at all. "while barack obama is slashing the military he's negotiating with our sworn enemy, the taliban, who facilitated 9/11." we're watching everything that's happening in washington as we said, congress is back to work, that should be interesting. i'll be tweet being it. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> all right.
6:50 am
the 49ers back to playing as well, off to a great start, opening the nfl season yesterday in tampa. and for the most part they were good. jimmy g. did one epic mistake an interception that went on for a touchdown. came back strong with his own touchdown pass and two pick sixes for the niners, helped them to key that 31-17 win. after the game, jimmy g. called it a team effort. >> i mean this whole game it's complimentary football. defense gets a turnover, what do we do with it, and them helping us, us helping them, special teams mixed in there, everyone plays a role. i think we did a good job. >> the niners don't come home this week. instead they'll fly to ohio where they'll stay all week before they take on cincinnati next sunday. so football in america is back. >> do not know it. i was on the couch all day yesterday. i was everywhere else, out with the kids shopping, all that stuff. >> i wonder if retail sales go up during football season?
6:51 am
>> probably so. >> never thought about that. >> it's going to get hot. >> going to be so hot. we had a break and we thought it was fall but now we're headed back into summer. i wanted to show you this beautiful sunrise, this is a look at the sunrise this morning, it is gorgeous. so we're starting out with some cooler temperatures, some breezy winds, also clear sunrise in the south bay, as you get ready to head out in san jose, and then in campbell, we are going to see our temperatures at 58 degrees. a few clouds through about 10:00, and then starting to warm up, and we're reaching into the mid-70s by early this afternoon, we're actually going to be a little bit cooler than normal, after that cold front swept through this weekend. so we're up to 80 in antioch today. 82 degrees in napa. san francisco staying in the upper 60s, and in san jose, we're reaching 76 degrees. our weather setup continues today with some cooler than normal temperatures, and then by tomorrow, it's still breezy and
6:52 am
nice, but by wednesday, high pressure starts to nudge in from the desert southwest and we're not going to have our cool ocean breeze continuing, and it's going to really crank up the heat for those inland east bay valleys as well as the north bay valleys. here is a look at how our temperatures go. so even though it's looking good today, we have some upper 70s by wednesday. we're up to about 83 degrees, which is about normal, but then we spike on thursday and friday, up to the upper 90s, and it's still going to be hot this weekend. we're reaching up to 92 on saturday and 85 on sunday, and it's also going to be a cool start to the week in san francisco, but warming up there as well, by friday reaching the low 80s and then the weekend in the low 70s. mike, you're checking in now on that south bay commute. >> that's right, which is checking in right now. looking at northbound 101 through san jose north of 680, things start to slow down, same thing you see on the sensors. we had that slowdown for 101
6:53 am
that continued the last half hour. the build at capital expressway 101, the bay shore freeway as well as 87, guadalupe parkway. mild where 850 joins with 101 mountain view. sunnyvale a splooth flow of traffic. slowing southbound 680, things are calming down after the crash at the shoulder at vernal. a spot around ruby hill, nothing big from what i understand but whatever activity is going on off the roadway may be an issue for folks coming past ruby hill where we see a little slowing there. the rest of the bay shows a nice smooth flow. a couple of crashes in hayward causing similar slowing south of 238, but headed north westbound at 580 as well, moves nicely toward the bay bridge toll plaza. a stall on the upper east shore not presenting much of a problem to pinole or san pablo. coming from the same area westbound traffic the build from the richmond to san rafael bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. today singer kelly clarkson
6:54 am
starts her new show. >> some people wait a life time for a moment like this. >> this is very exciting for me. i apologize in advance if i can't talk for a few minutes -- that's a lie. i can talk all the time. that never happens. >> clarkson admits she wondered if she was up to the task of hosting a talk show. >> i grew up watching oprah and crying with her and being inspired by her guests and all that, so you know, i had a high bar. >> her self-titled talk show pro meres at 3:00 right here on nbc bay area. "ellen" premieres after that at 4:00. her guests are kris and kylie jenner. good afternoon for you. 6:54 in the morning right now. happening now, california is celebrating admission day. on september 9th, 1850, california officially became a state. due to the holiday, several county and city offices are closed, includes oakland and santa clara city offices. hayward city hall will also be closed today. >> next a look at the beg
6:55 am
stories on "today in the bay." do the silicon valley giants abuse their influence? plus analysis of recent warning by the cdc telling everyone to consider eliminating vaping from your life. dr. john torres is in the studio and the first 15 minutes of the "today" show. it is 6:55 for you right now. we'll be back with more news right after this. welcome back.
6:56 am
6:57 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door t is 6:57. top stories on "today in the bay." state attorneys general in more than 40 states will announce anti-trust investigations into google and facebook. they want to look at whether the companies are crossing the line and harming consumers to
6:58 am
maintain their dominance. the texas attorney general will lead that investigation into google. a company spokesperson says google continues to work constructively with regulators including attorney general in answering questions about its practices. a new surprise turn for the richmond police department, hours after a vote of no confidence for chief alwin brown. the "east bay times" reports is he no longer serving as role, officially listed as out of office. not clear if he resigned or on administrative leave. assistant keach french chief frg over for the time being. the union announcing more than 80% of the rank and file voted no confidence in brown. the raiders open it'sson tonight against denver it's the coliseum. antonio brown was cut with the team saturday and then signed with the patriots. never played a single down for the raiders. >> started with a bang, ends with the super bowl.
6:59 am
weather wise it's pretty nice today. >> it's going to be really nice today. we keep the cooler temperatures, beautiful sunrise. as we go throughout the day we're reaching the upper 70s in some of our warmer spots and we're going to continue that tomorrow, but look at what happens by the end of the week, our temperatures go way up, we're going to reach into the upper 90s by friday, and san francisco going to see a nice 68 degrees for that high temperature today. >> all right, in the meantime, traffic holding steady across san mateo bridge? >> it is. we were concerned about that because of a couple of crashes in hayward but they cleared and things held steady. look athe live shot, not what you want to see. you see tapping of the brake lights away from us, west 92 moves smoothly once again, over to the peninsula side. westbound the bay bridge we have the backup at the toll plaza there and the golden gate bridge you see what i see? fog and cars. standard. >> looks good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> we'll see you again at midday
7:00 am
right here with much more. have a great monday morning. good morning, breaking overnight, race against time, the search intensifies for four crew members missing after a massive cargo ship overturns and catches fire off the georgia coast. nearly two dozen others pulled to safety. the ship grounded and still smoldering just yards from shore this mning we're live at that scene. cancelled, president trump abruptly calls off secret peace talks with taliban leaders outrage this morning, he had planned to meet them at camp david days before 9/11, what is


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