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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 10, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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developing overnight, a former senior russian official is living in the washington d.c. area under u.s. protection and spying for the cew a and during 120-degree temperatures the last missing sailer tapped the hull of of the ship to alert rescuers as he's pulled through a hole cut in the bottom of the massive cargo ship off the coast of georgia >> the simple thing you can do once orortwice a week to cut your chance of heart attack oeror stro i boston red sox faithful as big papi returns to fenway after being mistakenly shot in the dominican republic and annage ol biteer and ba
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it utuntil the wee hours of of the morning."early today" startw we start with breaking news overnight. a spy thriller playing out unour own backyard the former soonier russian official is loving in the washington area under u.s. protection he was an informant and extract frumd russia by the augance in the first year of the trump presidency cnn reported the cia are moved the spy after officials became concerned he was in danger of being caught and other key details at the request of u.s. officials who say reporting the information could endangerer his life. however he was living >> reporter: i wknocd on his door ient with back to suv with two g men comscreaming down the streets roilkt at mew car parked
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nose to nose and seemed to be in a hurry. it was pretty clear they were monitoring that house. >> reporter: two former fbi officials said they believe he's source referred to in the "new york times" reports and according to the "times" they were it key fin vladimir putin himself meddling in the 2016 election likely be moved in the interest of keeping him safe officials in the bahamas say the death toll has climed to 50 and the focus now is on helping people unneed of of shelter. >> hotels unflorida open their doors to evacuees free of charge >> i just couldn't leevl it, you know i couldn't believe they were really doing that for us
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>> reporter: for more here's dave goout yaurs >> reporter: plan by plane they're stream nothing to the capitol. a humanitarian exodus. >> because you don't know what to do. >> reporter: rose's home is gone in the hard-hit northern bahamas thousands have escaped by boat one ferry that went directly to fl florida quasi-tunched away because they said they were supposed to stop in naasz awe for visas which never happened >> i don't want people who weren't supposed to be in the bahamas to be in the unite head of cvb says the u.s. plans toocess to let hurricane victims in >> year going to we're dpoing th our lives from here on out >> reporter: humanitarian aid is sitting on the docks not needed because this island is a ghost town
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some of the private donations make little sense like eggs now sitting in the hot sun now the rush is on to get help to the people who need it most in puerto rico captain carlos and his crew loaded up food,generators and chain saws so far he's brought 18 thun rr pounds in five days. >> i'm giving everything that i got for the people of the good hommaus. >> reporter: we first met him after hurricane maria. saw i bod hurricane evacuees he saved up to viz lt disney world but decided to spend the mun ahe saved for a year on food and water for people fleeing the storm. he got the surprise off a lifetime when mickey mouse arrived at his house and awarded him with a vip disney get away
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a dramatic rescue optriegz save four trapped crew members is now over. after more than 36 hours the crew men with were the last of 24 people on board a massive south korean cargo ship. they capsized and kault fire off the coast of georgia sunday. three were trapped together twhul fourth was stuck in an engineering control roomapsid cp lief after a dramatic rescue. the ship mates appearing soaked from head to toe with temperatures reaching with un20 >> reporter: they were subject to tough conditions over the last day 1/2 >> reporter: two football-field long vsal toppled around 2:00 a.m. the first five crew members rescued by coast guard helicopter and the other 15 escapinging by boat, leaving four trapped >> the thirty-two were together unone spot and the fourth is
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stuck behind glass who's probably the greatest risk right now. >> reporter: shup was leaving the port, heading for baltimore before catching fewer. there have been multiple landings on the side of the ship first brunging in rescuers andrl taking place under a hot sun with tempertures in the 90s. workers rupeled down the side of the ship, pinpointed the crew members' location after hearing tapped on the side of the ship >> when i heard we had tap backs throughout the night, i think that really motivated the team >> reporter: and a rescue effort buoyed by the sounds of life and the coast guard says the it focus will shift to reopening the vital channel that leads the atlantic ocean >> thank you, ron.
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>> s political walgt in the tar heel state he made a last-minute stop in north carolina which some see as a bell weather for his chances in 2020. the presidenwi tip the scales or democrat dan creedy good morning >> repte president trump giving special attention to that special election in north carolina the president for the republican candidate in a very heavy republican district. and even a poor showing for a republican could spell trouble for the president's 2020 chances. and and take a listen. >> every leading democrat running for president pljs to band the energy that drives our economy and wage an -- if you
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look at what's going on. your wayassat bu these people. you got to go out and vote lot you go doing. >> put one is one of of these crazy people running our country again? >> president trump won by about 12 points in 2016. so a win with means republicans need pick up about 18 seats in the house to twin back a win or just a strong showing by democrat dan mcgreedy could mean democrats still have their momentum from the 2018 midterms when democrats flipped 40 seats and took control of the house. so a lot of oeyes on the special election today >> reporter: thank you dorian is finally out to sea, but controversy still swirling above d.c a new reportsies top cabinet official threatened to fire employees for disputing the president's claim it hit alabama. here with more
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>> reporter: political storm that's out lasted hurricane dorian is taking a new turner report wilbur ross threatened to fire top staffers at the national ooceanianic and atmospheric institution they say that's false the back and forth comes after one of noaa's offices contradicteded a comment and tweet about alabama's risk >> alabama's dpo aing to get a piece of it, it looks like >> alabama, please be careful also >> reporter: president later display add map with hot apoored to be a sharpy line around alabama. >> i know alabama was in the original forecast. >> reporter: the danger had passed the state day businessfore the president brought it up.
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prompting this tweet "alabama will not see any impacts "now an uproar after ever the national office scolded birmingham for speaking in absolute terms inconsistenl cowards. an forecasters receiving a show of support and a standing ovaugz. noaa's chie calling it a dachger to public health and safety and investigating whether it violated public it standards >> meanwhile it appears the trump 20 twbt campaign is cashing in on this they're selling the official fine point markers with the tag line -- >> and holding its annual product unstraling event in california we're expect tootds gelt news on three iphone models.
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there is also a new version of the apple watch and for the first time kroul rr be able to watch the apple ntonogle >> year a few months away from people waiting in line to get whatever is next good morning. pretty serious storms. i'm sure waking people up in the middle of the night. and the northern plains, the only action. brutally hantmany areas of the south. and south dakota to minnesota and also through wisconsin that's where year going to have numerous rounds of storms. and not so lucky in oklahoma city and souwards is
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brutefully hot it and a lot of people wondering when the relief is coming. i can't promitous for all. i'll give you the details coming up in today's quick hits mattel is releasing the first collectible day of the dead barbie honorered the 3,000-year-old mexican ritual and available tomorrow at target, walmart. no word on the roles once played by lucas cage and john travolta frrks and iconic set could fetch one of the top prices. an estimated 450,000 bucks and a. you may kiss the bride. awwww. oh, get your birdseed ready.
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in today's news by the numbers wendy's plans to roll out breakfast next year. and a career day unsix cities next tuesday the state of of iowa's faums hula hoop tree we will be up for debate it's been a local tradition but some with worry it is a road hazard leading the news a story you'll likely appreciate if you're up at this hour there's newly released evidence that taking a nap could be life saving ann thompson explains. >> reporter: to sleep, a chance to dream or your health. napping once or twice a week may cut your risk of a heart attack or stroke in half. at arianna huffingten's start up aimed at reducing stress and burnout, she's created a zen inviermtd to promote day-time
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zs >> it's game changing. improves your alertness, decision making and your health. >> reporter: but doesn't it go against inidea of proddic tuvty? >> onb the contrary. if you get a 20 or 30-minute nap when you're sleep deprived, you will be fwen if thes >> reporter: whether five minutes or an hour there were no been if thes for those that nap morthan three time as week >> pucking a time at theened of the day with had you turn off your phones and charge them outside your bedroom >> turning off the world to recharge even frb a few minutes. >> no one's going to argue with a nap. >> especially up this hour and a double dose mdaofony got the munchies
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every year the victims off of the 9/11 attacks are honored when this trubute in light a recent study found the beams of of light indauchger with up60,000 birds a year. nay flock to the memorial and seem unable to veer away they fwrauch the number of birds to reach 1,000 and they then
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it was a double dose of monday night football. let's go to new orleans for a crazy finish between drew brees' saints and desean watson's txens. deep and in stride to the newly acquired kenny stills. texans up by one and a couple quick passes down the middle and that was set up a game-winling 58-yard field goal with 10 seconds left saints win a wild game and last season opener in oakland taking on the bronk eos. scored two touchdowns. raiders win 24-16. we'll be right back. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean.
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legendary red sox glover made his day return to legendary fen way park the legendaryial first pitch, it's bigafter undergoing three s for his injuries sgl a teacherser decision to give instead of receive during a school supply drive gave one single mom the surprise of a lifetime she saw a facebook page who saw
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a single motherer with trouble getting kwids around without a car. so johnson donated a car to nicholls the incredible act of kindness left everyone with feeling really emotional what a tart sthoo year does create a video. now to a boy in florida who was teased for making his own sports t-shirt and it was remarkable. ellis has the story. >> reporter: this is what turned a florida fourth graderer 92 a sensation. the young man of the university of of tennessee didn't have an official shirter for school's college colors day so he made one and proudly pinned it on his t-shirt his teacher wrote he was va andrying asked for hem contracting the university hundreds rallied
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>> woov arer got emails, tweets, phone calls. >> reporter: yunlversity sentb a care package, a jersey the campus icon is painted would the boy's drawing and now turning the boy's home made logo into a a opilgs it t-shirt >> that's the way to do it right there. >> it's cute put the kid was in florida florida and tennessee couldn't be bigger rivals and so that's obviously not cool -- >> all the haters though >> it is a cool t-shirt what they made of of if sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers, even if you're arsquirrel. stop to sniff light yellow daisy. took a reported 500 snaps buteneded up with three final good ones.
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after the shoot he apparently ate the flower. but you have to take a guzillion pictures. >> and totally worth it. wow with, that was great
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welcome to tuesday morning. it's september 10th. a cool shot, a live look out over san francisco. >> back and forth. it's on repeat. >> like a movie, gotham or something. good morning. hope you're waking up. >> we have the forecast for you this morning, kari? >> nice weather, the fog is part of the reason why. a live look in palo alto there's something going on. we're going to talk about the weather, as we are seeing some of those cool temperatures staying with us. we are going to see low 60s as you get ready to head out the
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door. upper 60s at 11:00 with high


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