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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is a guy with his wants to his knees defecating off the curb and pissing as if that's what you do. >> they're shooting heroin and smoking crack. >> mary ann says it's not worth to stay hope in this neighborhood. >> i they where i work and live i'm scared of this neighborhood. >> today mayor london breed noted the prospect for federal help. but noted that resources for the homeless have been cut. >> the decline in the a federal resources for affordable housing in san francisco and in california in general has been significant. >> reporter: according to the national low income housing coalition, this year the white house has proposed cutting the budget for housing and urban development by 20% while eliminating programs to help the poor and homeless. federal aid would be a big change. reporting from san francisco,
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mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, mark. >> another big move today by president trump, john bolton is out. the president fired his national security adviser and announced it on twitter. he said the two have had a string of policy disagreements including taliban negotiations and china trade talks. the president tweeted that he asked for bolton's resignation but bolton claims to have resigned on his own. the two men had a history of differences which the president acknowledged in the past. >> john bolton is absolutely a hawk. if it was up to him he would take on the whole world at one time but that doesn't matter because i want both sides. >> by next week president trump is expected to neighboring the fourth national security adviser in less than three years. >> and nbc bay area exclusive we have learned one of the most controversial judges in recent bay area history has a new job. recalled judge aaron persky is coaching tennis at a south bay high school. now% kay made national headlines a few years ago presiding over the brock turner case, the
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stanford swimmer found guilty of sexually assaulting a girl on campus. the judge got backlash for sentencing turner to a too lenient a sentence. now persky is the jv girls tennis coach at lind brook high school in san jose. in a statement to nbc bay area the school says persky was a highly qualified applicant who holds a high rating from the tennis association. firefighters in novato made quick work of a fire burned off brush today. at one point there were evacuation orders for residents. fire started just before 2:00 this afternoon across from the stone tree golf club. the nbc sky ranger captured calfire fighting the fire. no word on the cause. what's next from apple? today the annual product launch which drew journalists and vip's
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from across the world. but here is the changeup. the iphones are taking a back seat to apple tv and health care. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins from us the apple headquarters in cupertino. scott. >> reporter: apple showed off new phones with better cameras. >> the physics are incredible you have. >> and cool graphics. it's adding several health related features to the apple watch which is also getting a refresh. >> it will look at menstrual cycles. >> but the biggest cheer of the day was saved for in. >> it is just $4.99 per month. >> the monthly price for apple tv plus streaming service. undercutting netflix and disney, they're also getting into online gaming. offering a full year of streaming for free if you buy a
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iphone, ipad, apple tv or mac. >> you really have a feel that apple's first priority is to get the people in their base, the current users to have the most up to date devices. >> the devices are only slightly updated, however what plays on those devices could be game changer. all right how much does it cost? the iphone 11 pro starts at $1,000. goes to 1,100. the regular aphone starts at $699. in kurp toirn, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thanks, scott. well can san francisco handle it? the first time events happening at the same time at oracle park and the new chase center. live look of the chase center in the mission bay neighborhood where it will be happening tonight, a concert sky ranger over the neighborhood. you can see the surrounding streets actually look pretty good. another problem could be public
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vent yews share one muni line it's interesting to see how it plays out. but 280 and 1010 jammed up expected. at oracle park the giants take the mound against the pirates. thaen at 8:00 the stave matthew as band hits the stage at the chase center. our reporter will see what the situation is like. and a live report tonight at 6:00. a live look at san francisco airport the fourth day in a row flight delays and cancellations one of the four runways closed for construction. causing major problems. 300 flights today delayed or cancelled. the runway closed saturday and remains out of service until the 26th. travelers are asked to check with the airlines for flight updates. a celebration of china turns into a clash over communism on the peninsula. >> we are we remember. we remember. >> our cameras are there as the chinese americans gathered in
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millbrae to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china. a group of protesters tried to shout them down. coming up at 6:00 why the location of this celebration is at the heart of controversy. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> doing busy with santa clara county could get harder soon. because more than 10,000 county workers say they are days away from walking off job. today their threat to strike got some big support. nbc bay area's dam yan trujillo is live at the government center in san jose to explain what's going on. damian. >> janelle, last night the council voted to sanction any strike by 531 meaning they have the full support of every labor union in the county if it comes to that. while they are working on negotiations they are ready to work out. the signs are ready to go. thousands of them inside the
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office of of sciu local 521. >> you can see the picket signs here we're prepared to strike gelgt getting ready the members are ready to strike. they voted for the strike. >> the strike could come soon. a walkout would mean longer lines in many county offices. >> now serving 8, 622, at window number 20. >> potential delays in obtaining permits or getting other county services. both sides are still negotiating. but all indications are they are not close. >> we have some areas that we really are, you know, trying to work hard to get closer to in my department. >> sources tell me the county told supervisors for the to approve vacation plans for employees over the next two weeks anticipating a possible strike. the county executive overseas the negotiating team. today supervisor sandy chavez said there are contingecy plans in place in case there is a strike. >> these workers are doing work.
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everything from janeters to counselors to social workers we want to make sure they can live in this expensive valley and make sure the county stays sustainable. >> no official strike date is set. but union leaders say they're prepared. now with just a few minutes a ago we received a statement from the county executive saying we support our employees and their respective union as they exercise their rights. we have been working, negotiating in good faith with sciu several months now and will continue to do so. both sides will return to the bargaining table at 8:00 tomorrow morning. live in san jose, damian, trujillo nbc bay area news. up next at 5:00, a high school swimmer win as big race but then gets disqualified for showing too much skin. we'll explain. and nothing is slowing this man down. well into his 90s a and continuing to make a difference in the north bay, one playground
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at a time. hisser to next on bay area proud. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri a comfortable 80 in walnut creek. i'll show you more about the dangerous heat on the way coming up in 10 mutes.
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a big step, a big milestone in the push to end hiv in francisco. today mayor breed announced a
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new record low at sf general hospital. they are working to become the first city in the u.s. to record no new infections. last year they had just 197 new hiv diagnoses. that's a record low. if you want to compare there were 227 new hiv diagnoses the previous year. >> not only have we dropped the diagnoses by 13%, but we have finally seen this number go below 200 for the first time ever. that is significant. [ applause ] >> the department of public health also announced an $8 million grant to help improve outreach to people are at highest risk of infection. santa clara county stepping up with the big check to help sexual assault victims. saying the state dropped the ball failing to bh money nextrape crisis centers. today the county agreed to spend $600,000 to make sure the resource remains available to anyone who is victimized.
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>> the sexual assault is so prevalent for both women, children, both male and female and some men is such a significant problem that at the very least we have to step up and address it. >> the rape crisis help victims for the moment they report the attack through the court hearings. it didn't work after testing a new gate system at the b.a.r.t. stations. they decided they didn't like it. the plates pop up like shark finishes once it was to stop riders from hopping the gates. but they say cheat remembers jumping the gates still and breaking the plates in the process. the cost to fix them is becoming a budget buster. at the richmond station b.a.r.t. is trying a different version and the gates are getting bettor results. they say the number has dropped about 6 oh% but they will discuss the gate testing at the meeting at the end of the month.
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a new debate over body shaming after a standout high school swimmer was disqualified for wearing a swim suit the revs say was too reveling. breckynn willis won the 100 meter race at her high school on friday but shortly after she was disqualified saying the swimsuit was immodest and violated national guidelines. but the suit -- swimsuit was provided by the girl's high school and was worn by every other swimmer on the team. tonight her coach claims the referee targeted willis bus her curvy figure. >> the rest of her team was wearing the same uniform. and she was the only one disqualified. it is my opinion that she has been targeted and singled out over the course of the last year. >> the story triggered an online daebt about how women are viewed willis's coach is expected to appeal the disqualification. well 92 years old might slow some tom down but not a napa
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man. >> creating a playful legacy. garvin joins us with the bay area proud. >> jim roberts owned a hallmark store in napa and retired 20 years ago and filled his time with so many volunteer opportunities it would be impossible to list them here. just like it's impossible to have a child in napa county and not benefit from one of them. >> anyway, here i've got a lot of pirngts. they were all catty watch us. >> inside his retirement home in napa jim roberts was kind enough to pull out old photos. >> this is me putting the block -- it's a block claimer. >> sharing all the play grounds this retired store owner helped build around napa over the past 20 years. it's quite an amazing number. >> 73 playground we built in napa county. here is another one of me with a ladder. >> and it's been a lot. of become breaking work. >> i was younger then carrying stuff. those days are gone.
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>> now to be clear, jim means he doesn't carry heavy stuff knollmaier any more. >> we just do the bottom panels, right. >> but build play grounds, he is not done with that. >> no, i wouldn't -- i won't quit until i can't do it anymore. i'm not quitting. oh, no. >> this past weekend jim and a whole bunch of fellow kiwanis built the biggest playground yet. >> i love seeing so many people. half the town is here for crying out loud. >> jim says it began years ago when while volunteer attention at a school he saw a young girl hurt while playing on outdated equipment. >> i said we have to do something. >> that something has turned in to a whole lot of play things. >> i never dreamt we would be at this point. it went be long and we'll have the number at 75. that's a biggy. >> what you need is a bolt. >> working with the landscape sculptures company he directs
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the hunlor playground and saving schools in the city thousands of dollars in the process. >> having somebody like jim everybody wants to come and help him. without him i don't know that would have happened. it was his vision. >> julie, anymore parts for you to put together? >> and after spending the day on the job site with jim. >> okay great, thanks. >> the only question outstanding is shoo has more fun with the play grounds, kids playing on them? or jim building them? >> it's so fun. >> i want to volunteer for him. >> yeah. >> 92? >> 92. when the originally first couple raised the pony and did the work that turned out to be a lot. but for the now what they do is provide all the volunteer labor. and you can imagine how much -- i mean there are 100 people out there working for many hours. how much mona saves the school and the city in case of the city park and make the play grounds possible when they might not have been possible. >> so fun all over napa you are say sfwlag the all over napa and the surrounding area almost up
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to 75. you can't swing a stick. >> i want jim to boss me around. so much fun love it thanks, jim thanks garvin. >> let's take you outside the nbc bay area sky ranger what a beautiful shot over -- beautiful shot of janelle as well. >> you look beautiful, janelle now to the second most beautiful shot chase center in the distance top of the screen is oracle park. so this is it. can we handle it in the giants ay at 6:45 and the dave matthews band at 8:00. that's a lot of people going into mission bay. >> don't blame the weather. there is no excuse. >> weather looks great. >> and you look great too i'll second that. >> way to go, janelle. >> all right. let's get to you the microclimate forecast on this tuesday night. and there is that beautiful blue sky over san francisco. if you are headed to the event at oracle park or chase center, you're going to see this very comfortable tonight might need a light jacket.
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67 degrees but the fog doesn't look that thick. down to of 3 at 8:00 p.m. at 11:00 p.m. dropping down to 61. . that brings us to the morning forecast. i don't see a whole lot in the way of thick fog on the morning commute. a little bit near the pensz la with patchy fog and 60. looking booed good in the south bay with 68. tri-valley at 53. early fog in san francisco and 5 a. through the east bay at 61. wednesday morning commute, i think we'll be all good. then as we head through the day home i do see numbers warming up. but it's the transitional day we're kind of in between. starting to get warmer but it's not uncomfortable just yet. so tomorrow got to get outside if you haven't been out recently and just kind of soak it up. you'll see instead of 70s in he. 84 in downtown san jose. 87 in i will gilroy 9 concord. 90 in danville. 91 in antioch by the bay elbowed
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up to 78 degrees. the peninsula very comfortable with you but notice poolt 84. san mateo 79. san francisco, a polite picture here i have 70s from the embarcadero down to the mission. to the outer sunset at 67. the north bay 86 here in sonoma. 82 in mill valley. tomorrow as i mentioned the transitional day, then once we hit thursday and friday, that's when we see big time changes. . is basically going to move right on top of california, park itself there for two days. and that will bring the heat. but the other change we are seeing down at the lower levels is a wind direction change. so i want to bring you off to the north near chico. we have two different fires at least larger burning a total of three. and what we'll see happen on thursday is the win change. coming more out of the east with a little bit of a normal component. at cld actually bring the fires down close to the bay
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area. now it doesn't look like a lot of smoke on thursday but maybe around napa and fairfield we could see that moving in. this is a dryer wind. and notice what the windows temperatures. in san francisco we're up to 77 on thursday. friday 83 bang down to 60s on sunday. the back half of the weekend much more comfortable weather move offing in. inland valleys 90s many top 98 on thursday. microclimate weather lrlt likely hot 101 on friday. dropping back down to i soo see it on sunday, monday, also into tuesday's forecast. so that is going to be the good news moving back to the fost but it's going to be get uncomfortable on friday's forecast. >> thank you for the warning. you okay with tha>> melt but. >> you got a/c now. >> at least it's the weekend so, yeah. >> thank you, jeff. up next at 5:00 a silicon valley
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49 - nothing! woo! it continues to happen. this time another east bay city saying goodbye to plastic strus. leaders in union city voted to ban them last night. this should reduce litter and cut down on plastic getting into the water. however, some business owners say they are concerned about the cost. the city is giving them one year to switch from plastic to kpoftable straws. >> one fast food giant thinks it may have the answer to a seamless drive through experience. mcdonald's is acquiring a mountain view based start up. apresenta specializes in technology used in drive
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throughs. the software can understand languages and accents. mcdonald's saying having this system will make the drive through system easier for commerce. available by the enof the year. soccer world champion meghan rapinoe is coming to the silicon valley at the key snoet note speaker she is an advocate for gender equality at the san jose convention center. not until february 11ing. but if you want to go registration is this thursday. tickets will go fast. rapinoe led the u.s. women's soccer team to the world cup title in july. tickets will go really fast. >> for sure. up next take the we hadding to a new high. we'll show you. stay with us. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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starting at $4.99. . ton at 6:00, a spot for rvs. an east bay city looks at transforming an empty lot into place for homeless. but some neighbors wanted to make it a no parking zone. that story and more at 6:00. >> finally at 5:00. love is in the air and so is cannabis in the bride l bow kay. coming from a shop in mesa, arizona. the florist makes the bouquets
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at the dispensary. there are a lot of rules for the special arrangements. the brided needs a valid medical marijuana card that's the rule and the marijuana in the bouquet need to stay under the legal limit. the bride can replant the stems we when the wedding is over. it's like a reusable kind of thing. >> wow! . it looks pretty. bouquets. >> it's nice. it's a thing. >> apparently it's getting popularity okay. >> before we go take us outside how are we look. >> beautiful right now. the extended forecast has 90 tomorrow. here comes the heat, 9 on thursday. we could see smoke from the fires burning up near chico. redding, red bluff towards beau not that thick but negotiating about bay could get a entity bit of mechanic hanging onto heat on saturday. dropping down on sunday, monday and tuesday. last blast of summer. >> very nice. and before we go a beautiful
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shot of the chase center. dave matthews band performing for the first time dual events. the giants game a few blocks away. see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. the bombshell shake-up at the white house. john bolton out as president trump's national security adviser. the president firing back in a tweet. bolton pushing back saying he resigned the two repeatedly clashing behind the scenes. tonight the drama inside the administration the move catching many by surprise at a critical time for national security. also breaking, the alarming new headline on vaping yet another death linked to e-cigarettes the patient dying just a week after vaping for the first time. new cases of illness across the country. teens and young people hospitalized. >> i haven't heard my son's voice in well over a week. >> the fda taking action to stop the epidemic the fiery crash forcing homes and a school to evacuate


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