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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 11, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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and keep the public safe. breaking news this midday. the white house announcing just a short time ago it will force all vaping products off the market. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. scott mcgrew, that is coming from the secretary of health. >> an announcement in the oval office a short time ago. the obama administration had been lax about letting some of the vaping products on to the market. the intention was pure. at the time they hoped it would help adults stop smoking lit tobacco but kids starts picking it up. this morning a short time ago in the oval office the secretary of health and human services said
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action have to be taken. >> we have to remove these attractive flavored products from the market place until they secure fda approval if they can. >> so to be specific this is flavored e-cigarettes and enforced over the next few weeks. san francisco had banned the sale but that hadn't taken effect. this move to ban flavors is to combat the youth vaping. it is not directly related to the deaths from vaping. what is causing that is still a mystery. but we may see more bans ahead as they figure that out. >> scott, thank you. now to our other top story. happening now, a day many will never forget. >> today marks 18 years since the september 11th terrorist attack. all day long people from coast to coast will pause to remember the victims. many families whose loved ones were involved in the tragedy, it is far from over. >> from ground zero in new york to the bay area, our team is
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reflecting on this somber day. nbc bay area's chris pollone begins our coverage in new york. >> reporter: it has now been 18 years since terrorists carried out theeadliest attack on u.s. soil and in cities across america people are pausing to remember the nearly 3,000 people killed on that day. as usual, the major events taking place in the city's most affected, in new york city and pennsylvania where flight 93 went down and at the pentagon just outside of washington, d.c. even though 3,000 people died on that day, this tragedy is still unfolding. health experts say that in the coming years the number of people who die from 9/11-related diseases will surpass the number of people killed 18 years ago today. there are efforts to remember those first responders, police and firefighters, construction workers and paramedics who were exposed to toxic chemicals
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working on the rubble at the pentagon and here near the world trade center. just earlier this year they dedicated a new memorial blade on the site of the 9/11 museum in new york city trying to commemorate to remember all of the people who gave their lives because they came down with these 9/11-related illnesses. it has been 18 years for some, the memories are fresh and for others they are distant but as always it's a day to pause anz to remember and to reflect on where the country is going since that fateful day. in new york city, i'm chris pollone, now back to you. >> thank you. 9/11 certainly took a tremendous toll on the bay area. a number of people from our community died that day including those on flight 93 which was bound for san francisco. this memorial honors those lives lost in union city but for the
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first time since the attack the city is not having a ceremony. bob redell explains why. bob? >> reporter: well good morning, laura. the 9/11 remembrance ceremony here in danville, it will take place in front of the all wars memorial but south of here as you are mentioning, the city of union city, that community will not be holding its annual 9/11 remembrance at its flight 93 memorial. you could see we took the video a couple of hours ago and you could see this morning someone put a fresh rose on top of the 40 granite stones that represent the 40 passengers and crew members killed in pennsylvania. on board two people from oakland. three more from san rafael and san francisco and san jose. the mayor of that city announced that last year ceremonies in union city that the city would only host remembrances every five years starting 2021, on the 20th anniversary of attacks. the city tells us there is a small cost savings but not holding the event each year but
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that is not why the decision was made. [ bell ] >> reporter: this is the scene at 6:45 this morning in san francisco where all 47 fire stations rang their bells do remember the close to 3,000 people who died in the attacks, including more than 300 firefighters who responded to the twin towers that collapsed. in the 18 years since, more than 200 firefighters have died due to illnesses that stem from responding to the world trade center. here is san francisco mayor london breed. >> whaveredible public safety officials and we're a resilient city, a resilient country. we got through this and we'll never forget. >> reporter: and again here in the east bay it is a large remembrance, an annual remembrance at the all wars memorial at oak hill park in danville. tonight at 5:30 there will be a keynote speaker, fbi special
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agent john bennett who witnessed the towers come down and in new jersey and one of the first to investigate the terrorist attack and now the special agent in charge in san francisco. reporting live in danville, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> so many people affected there. thank you, bob into and on this day of remembrance, many people reflect on what happened 18 years ago in different ways. some use today to give back to help others just like so many people did that day. sharon katsuda live in san francisco with the food drive of how they're honoring the legacy of the victims. >> reporter: i'm so glad we got video of the area earlier today. because right now there is a shift change going on so it doesn't look like there are many volunteers here but they were filling up bags for meals with all of the oats and soy in all of the products and those go to those in need here in san francisco. now you could see volunteers had their hair nets on and they're
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aprons. they're making packages of instant oatmeal, part of a nationwide effort where volunteers will pass 3 million meals for three cities in need. >> i'm a new yorker and i was there for the tragedy that is 9/11. i think everyone would like to make it a more positive experience. rather than it just being the terrorists having the last say in it. we get to take it back and say this is for us. >> reporter: these meal packages will go to local children who are part of the free school lunch program. and back here live, volunteers will pack about 250,000 of these meals locally and they will go out to the children within the next few weeks. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> it is nice to see the efforts they're making there on the very somber day.
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stay with nbc as our live coverage of today's events continues on "nightly news" with lester holt. now we want to take a live look outside for you in san francisco. where you could see just a beautiful way to start this wednesday. what is coming to the afternoon. >> it is lunchtime. >> almost lunchtime for a lot of people. and so as you get ready to head out, you are not seeing any fog there and we know that could mean some warmer temperatures. and that is exactly what we have coming our way. looking at some sunshine in the south bay and then our temperature trend for martinez, we're going to make it into the upper 80s there and briefly hit 90 degrees. and we've had such nice weather but today we are going to warm up and we're back to summer with some of the inland temperatures in the upper 80s and even a few low 90s. oakland today stays in the upper 70s and we'll see upper 80s in napa. in san jose expect a high of 84 degrees. and we're still looking at mostly upper 60s in san francisco. but there will be some big
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changes ahead for tomorrow as we continue to heat up. i'll have a look at that and the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. new england patriots head coach bill belichick talked today in the wake of sexual assault allegations leveled against a newly-acquired receiver antonio brown. the former raiders turn patriot is being accused by the personal trainer. brittany taylor filed a civil suit yesterday in florida accusing brown of sexual assaulting her twice and raping her last year when he was with the pittsburg steelers. brown was never charged. it is still unclear if police investigated the accusations. the coach bill belichick said the organization takes these matters seriously. >> there are questions but i'm not going to entering into discussion about that today. >> brown's attorney released a statement saying in part, mr. brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. he will pursue all legal remedies to clear his name to but to protect other
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professional athletes. >> as a rape victim of antonio brown deciding to speak out has been an incredibly difficult decision. speaking out removes the shame i've felt for the past year and placed it on the person responsible for my rape. out but not down. plans to build an in-n-out fight is just beginning. we'll tell you how the fast food spot is moving on. and safe because of a message in a bottle. the california family thanking two hikers for coming to their rescue.
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. it is now nine days since the deadly southern california boat fire. salvage teams are still waiting to pull the sunken burned out boat up to the surface. the santa barbara county sheriff
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said 33 of 34 victims have been recovered and now 27 have been identified through dna. several were from the bay area and santa cruz. the search for the final victim is underway right now. developing now, parts of south dakota are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through sioux falls. drone video showing what is left of buildings in the city. take a look at that. one person is being treated for minor injuries. the tornado ripped through the area last night. at last check more than 10,000 people were without power. and just in a deadly plane crash under investigation in ohio. two people aboard were killed when it crashed into an auto business. that plane struck multiple vehicles causing a large fire. the plane had departed from millington regional jet port in tennessee. this is just outside of memphis. the pilot was preparing to land in toledo at the time of the crash. no word yet on what might have gone wrong. now to a follow-up amid harassment claims against drivers uber and lyft are adding safety measures. nbc's jake ward reports on how
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the ride share companies are trying to address the issue. >> sexual harassment is a very, very serious issue. >> reporter: and now uber and lyft are changing their platforms as lawsuits, prosecutions and social media complaints reveal accusations of sexual assault by passengers and drivers. lyft announcing new safety features similar to those rolled out by rival uber. they run the uber safety product team. >> we've been working on how to figure out how to use technology to make it better. >> for a passenger to put they are hand between my legs is not uncommon. within the four years and a couple of months of driving, i would say that it has happened at least 20 times. >> 20 times? >> i have the right to know what happened. >> reporter: bell said she reported being groped and uber has since updated proceduring. one new safety procedure they hope to help and demonstrated,
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an alert like an unexpected stop. >> could i ask you to pull over in this park. now that we're stopped we'll see whether the system detected how weird the stop is and see whether it checks in with both of us to see if we're okay. i could call 911 or the uber safety line if i want to. report a crash. or i could share the trip with someone i've appointed as a trusted ally in order to alert them as to where i am. lyft will roll out a similar concept by the end of the year and both companies say riders who violate community guidelines may be kicked off the platform which is a big step for a company that z-- that dep on paying drivers. >> we have a series reporthere was physical touching that happened. >> reporter: investigators receive special training for these cases the most serious that uber gets. tracy breeden, a former police officer who now runs uber's global women's safety program said passengers and drivers are investigating using strict
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protocol. >> sexual assault, they're off the platform. but it may be something ler level like an inappropriate conversation but we're also going to attach that to their record. so that we can identify if there is any patterns. >> tt was jake ward reporting. many drivers and passengers use both services. the real test for the companies is going to be whether they are able to make the right choice and kick a serial harasser off the platform or even though he or she may be a paying customer. if you are near the water front tonight, be prepared. this is the second night mission bay area will have two events. the giants game starts at 6:45 and tonight eric clap ton takes the stage at the chase certainty at 7:30. and last night's first test, city leaders trying to get the word out to avoid the area because there is little parking in that but not everyone listened. >> driving around for about a
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solid hour and we couldn't find parking. we had to park two miles away and take an uber here. >> i would have stopped after 30 minutes. some say the gridlock could get worse because the giants drew sparse crowds. the start times were more than an hour apart and the giants game ended long before the concert. in-n-out burger may have to wait for the new location. on hamilton off of highway 17. many people live in that neighborhood voiced concerns. >> long, long lines. cars blocking local streets. lines in shopping centers blocking other businesses' parking, idling cars. >> this location could be used better. with any other kind of business. other than a drive-thru.
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>> in the end the planning commission voted 2-2 and now the family owned burger chain is asking for a review of the decision saying in a entertainment, quote, this vote came after two years of study and interaction with over 500 members of the public. countless meetings and agreement with the city as the campbell planning department over 50 thoughtful conditions of approval and 17 mitigation measures designed to minimize the impact of our footprint on our new neighborhood. there is no future meeting scheduled at this point. [ bell ] and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange with new york police and firefighters. as you could see right now, the dow is up 135 points. the dow rose 150 points today breaking above 2700 as apple leads the day. new for you at 11:00, a message in the bottle that saved the lives of a family in the arroyo river. >> they spent father's day
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backpacking in the river area and while hiking me approached an area surround by 40 foot high rock. when water current was too strong the family was stuck with no way out. they spotted a water bottle and placed a message in it and tossed it over the water fall when two hikers spotted the battle and alerted authorities. rescue teams found the family and brought them back to safety. pretty amazing. >> that is amazing. i wonder how long it took for the hikers to find the bottle. how long were they there? >> you don't want that message in a bottle for a long time. >> not at all. so we're starting out this morning still some great hiking weather. but you do want to make sure you take it easy the next couple of days. here is a live look outside in dublin. a lot of sunshine, temperatures just a little bit warmer than yesterday. but not by much. so we're still enjoying some fairly mild temperatures. a live look outside in palo alto. let's go through the rest of the day and take a look at temperature trend.
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we'll be 76 degrees at noon. and then some low 80s into the early afternoon hours. and this is just a little bit warmer than yesterday. our warming trend starts today and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see how high we're going. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates as we take a look at temperatures. and we're starting to see a lot more yellows and oranges on here indicating warmer temperatures. by 3:30 in the afternoon concord is 89 and fremont at 81 and cupertino at 83 and mid-80s for much of the north bay and san francisco is in the low 70s and then quickly dropping back as the winds pick up going into the evening commute. so at 5:30 starting to see temperatures come down in a few spots. except for the inland east bay. this is where that heat lingers longer and then we're coming down to the low 70s by later on tonight around sunset. so we are going to have one last mild day. get out there and enjoy it. if you are going out to the giants game today, expect the
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temperatures to be in the upper 60s at first pitch. we'll be at 67 degrees at 7:00. and then mid-60s and skies clear throughout the evening. but we've seen clouds just to the north of us. with a storm system that continues to roll into the pacific northwest and we've seen a series of storms there. well, for us, we've been catching the cooler weather but that is about to come to an end. high pressure continues to build across the pacific and we're going to see that starting to nudge its way in. as it makes its eastward track it will be right overhead and high pressure starts to push down the air sinking and it is putting a high amount of pressure on the surface. so as that air sinks, it warms up. and so we're going to have major warming as that moves right over the bay area. especially on friday. when our temperatures will peak. but it does continue to move on. so we'll have a couple of days of some really hot weather and then we'll start to get that cooling once again. so our temperatures going up. so we're looking at some low 90s today. upper 90s in some of the hotter
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spots tomorrow. then up to 101 on friday. that is the day you want to make sure you have plans to stay in the air-conditioning and check on your friends and family who may not have air-conditioning. and then we're also going to still have hot weather on saturday, sunday reaching 84 degrees. now san francisco goes from the upper 60s up to about 83 degrees and that will be warm especially if you don't have air-conditioning and then going into the weekend feeling much better. low 70s and a breeze. but the real cooling comes early next week. not only for san francisco, but the inland areas as well. so just a spike in temperatures just to remind us that it is still summer, marcus and laura. >> sure is. we'll feel it. thank you. well going viral and warming hearts. you may have seen the video of the two toddlers running to each other hugging. but now the two bay area boys are re-making the touching moment. but first, how is it
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transportation security administration using facial recognition technology and are air travelers really ready for the real i.d. requirement next year? those are some of the issues the senate transportation committee is addressing. tsa has programs using facial recognition to verify identity but the main concern is about the real i.d. requirement that goes into effect next year. tsa said 50 of the 56 states and territories are complaint so far. we'll be back right after this break. it's on.
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our team is always on social media. check this out. this is raj mathai's daughter. he shared this on his facebook page. follow nbc bay area on facebook, twitter and instagram. so cute. so kelly clarkson's show continues the big premiere week here on nbc bay area news. >> today clark is sitting down with actress jennifer garner in addition to her work, garner raises chickens in her spare time. and clarkson may have a new name for one of them. >> we have heniver and then we're going to do helen dehenner he is. >> and i'm going to throw this out there. kelly clark works too. >> she will be a permanent member of the flock. tune in at 3:00 this afternoon here on nbc bay area news and set your dvr if you won't be home. now it new video to make you
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smile. rob mayeda sharing this on twitter, his two sons creating the viral moment of two hugging toddlers. the original clip has over 567,000 views. i love it. look at how genuine. other people shared. it has over 24 million news on the new york scanner twitter page. >> it is just that love and innocence. they love it. >> it is what i do when i see you every morning. >> i know. >> all right. so let's talk about the weather that is going to be heating up over the next couple of days. low 90s inland and then up to 101 degrees on friday. so it is going to be really hot. >> sticky hugs. >> blasting the air-conditioning for this weekend. >> oh, goodness gracious. summer is really hanging on there. well at least it is the weekend. we'll look forward to that. >> we'll take it. that does it for us for this midday. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> you could let -- you could get the latest information all
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right now on "california live," our special salute to all of the heroes of 9/11. and i'm doing what stone cold steve austin and i'm straight up ready to take him down. plus our fitness guru is here to tell us why you want to snooze to lose. >> i have the latest fitness gadgets that will help you sleep. and layla is about to enlighten us all with a little wisdom. >> i'm taking you on a psychedelic experience to a one-of-a-kind entertainment park. >> it is all happening right now on "california live" ♪ ♪


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