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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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keeping a close eye on the ty a. we're here in pittsburgh. we have hit the 100-degree mark. nmagine how hotlayers. but this sn to make sure player safe. you can see they're filling up water bottles. these players are taking frequent breaks. there's a gatorade station there. doing all they can to make sure these players stay hydrated and safe. >> the heat melts me. >> this 82-year-old describes how he feels when the mercury rises. >> it drains your energy, every ounce it. >> when it gets hot enough, the risk of heat exhaustion and
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>> reporter: triple digit weather can be extremely dangerous. when it gets this hot, it's best to stay inside. >> this can be life-threatening. when your brain gets to 107 degrees, it will start to dissolve and you'll be left with permanent brain damage. >> reporter: while the game is still taking place, the school is keeping tabs on the players. the district has plenty of water stations and a medical team on site to help keep players safe. >> if they feel dizzy, we tell them to talk to our medical staff right away. >> reporter: this is another precaution. they got the medical tent set up out here so when players aren't ton sidelines, they're coming here to cool off. there's a medical team here making sure that these players
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are safe. you can see this same thing is happening on the other side of the field. this game is just started about 30 minutes ago. they've got another couple of hours to go and then followed by varsity, hopefully it will be cooling down by then. reporting live in pittsburgh, jodi hernandez. >> thank you so much. even when we're not on the air, we're always working. you can download our app to get weather alerts on your smartphone any time. it's not a long sentence, but it sends a message to the other parents involved in the college admissions scandal. today felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison and the actress could be serving her time in the east bay. we're at the all-female federal prison. what's the attraction there? >> reporter: raj, this is where felicity huffman could be serving t two-week federal prison sentence. her own defense attorneys asked
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the judge to allow their client to stay right here. why this place? it is a low-security, all female prison, known for the variety of recreation a recreation it offers their inmates. actress felicity huffman can say good-bye to the red carpets of hollywood and could soon say hello to the concrete walls and barbed wire fencing of the federal correctional institution in dublin. a judge sentenced her to two weeks in federal prison. huffman showed no emotion a her attorneys asked that the disgraced actress and mother of two a serve her prison time here at fci in dublin. the facility houses more than 1,200 inmates. a prison spokesperson declined to go on camera, but a
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department of justice audit from 2017 offers some clues on what life is like behind these bars. inmates who were interviewed said prison staff were respectful and they felt safe at the facility. staff announced themselves before walking in so that inmates privacy is respected. the report also says the facility was found to be, quote, extremely clean and well maintained. the prison handbook says inmate must wear khaki clothing at all times. beds must be made by 6:30 a.m. expect for weekends and holidays. and huffman must also pay a $30,000 fine and serve a yea o . >> t santa clara county is seeing a major up tick in deadly fentanyl overdozes. they're blaming counterfeit pills. law enforcement has seized a
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large number of percocet pills that contain fentanyl. investigators say the pills look just like the real percocet. only on nbc bay area, it's an epidemic and new reports show it's killing people. leaders in the south bay met to talk about vaping and the growing number of kids who appear to be addicted. we're live at a skate park where vaping is one of the hot topics among teens after school. damian? >> reporter: it's popular with the kids, but nobody here is vaping, but if those numbers are correct from the county, 1 in 3 high schoolers tried electronic cigarettes or vaped. there's fears o f a mysterious lung disease and they're figuring out how to get the message out to kids. it's one of the hottest high school fads.
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>> mostly every day i see it around. it's a common appearance in bathrooms, locker rooms, and during passing periods. >> reporter: ava is a cheerleader at lincoln high school and admits to experimenting with vaping but says she quickly gave it up. >> i said no. >> reporter: health experts say far too many kids are getting hooked so they held a summit to address the concern. their hope is to use students like ava to help deliver the just don't do it message and sound the alarm among teens who vape. >> it is imperative to include youth in any of the work that's being done that they are the ones seeing these things on the ground and need to be part of the solution. >> reporter: especially when vapes are being disguised as school instruments, making them look like flash drives to fool teachers and parents. the superintendent says e-cigarettes come in 15,000 flavors, increasing their appeal and doing a lot of damage along the way. the state department of public health has identified 65
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potential cases of acute lung diseases among youth including one fatality. >> there's also an increase in anxiety and that young people may be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms during the school day because of the extended use. >> reporter: and health officials are applauding the president's efforts to ban flavored e-cigarettes nationwide. areaews. an antonio jose, nbc a woman who faces deportation says she's not leaving. isabelle came to the united states for life-saving medical treatment when she was 7 years old. she has a rare disease that requires weekly treatments that she can't get in guatemala. under new immigration laws she might get deported tomorrow. she got her weekly treatment today but she doesn't know if she'll get one again.
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>> i'm happy that today she's getting her treatment. hopefully next week she'll be able to get her treatment. >> if she goes back to guatemala, she won't get that weekly treatment that she needs to stay alive. turning now to decision 2020. health care and gun control, that's what candidates got most heated about in the third democratic debate. they squared off in houston last night. president trump obviously a frequent target and at one point, an exchange between joe biden and julian castro turned into verbal jabs. >> yes, we're going to take your ak-47s. >> the candidates aren't the only ones who are debating what should be done with gun theount. you havemericans who say they back a mandatory buy back for assault weapons, 46% of
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americans oppose it. it pretty much evenly divided. >> president trump also chiming in saying he thinks former vp joe biden could end up being the nominee. the bay area is rising to the challenge of combatting its housing crisis. new information shows san jose is increasing apartment construction nearly 300% this year. it will be building more than 6,000 new units. oakland is said to end 2,000 new units by the end of the year. san francisco is fourth. the numbers come from rent cafe which analyzed new apartment construction in about>> antonio playing this sunday for the new england patriots. he postedt from out in new england. he's planning on playing against the dolphins on saturday.
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he says he won't let the devil bring him down. his personal trainer said he raped her last year. the nfl is investigating and could suspend or deactivate antonio brown. how to make san francisco safer for pedestrians. some now say the answer is simple, car-free streets. we're going to tell you which neighborhoods. >> the reason there's still problems at sfo. >> we are out a hundred thousand dollars. >> we're proud to put millions of back in consumers pockets. smile. >> we've wonbig. thank you nbc bay area responds. >> it's nice that we have a voice, somebody that will fight
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for us. >> thank you, thank you, thank you.
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let's take a look at sfo. it is fog free, but there's still a lot of headaches. this is day six of the runway construction. 294 flights have been delayed today, 38 flights canceled. there's good news here. construction is ahead of schedule, so the runway renovation was scheduled to go until september 26, but it should end sooner. if you're flying in or out of the airport this weekend, check your airlines for updated times. san francisco streets are not safe for pedestrians. some say there's a simple solution, ban cars. and a supervisor says he's considering it for some of the city's most dangerous streets. we're live in san francisco with more on what some are calling a
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drastic proposal. >> reporter: the city was already going to look into the idea of where car-free streets might work. but matt haney, said if they go anywhere, they need to go in his district because too many people have been hit there. and community activists hit the streets too saying it's dangerous and something needs to change. >> no more traffic deaths. >> reporter: at golden gate, community groups took to the streets to point out that too many pedestrians have been hit here. >> you don't know if it's going to happen to me or any one of our community members. >> reporter: this intersection is where a 12-year-old boy was hit earlier thi week. that driver was arrested on suspicion of dwu. protestors held the name of people killed on the streets and talked solutions. >> we can add some speed bumps right through this residential neighborhood. >> matt haney joined for calling
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for improvements and some streets should be car free. >> the city has been talking about making some streets car-free and we want the tenderloin to be at the top of that list. >> it's too early to say which streets might be best suited for pedestrians and public transportation only. the city is analyzing it. advocates say bold action is needed. >> we're in a desperate situation. we've seen so many people, we've already had four fatalities and numerous injuries. >> reporter: a commuter says she understands the safety concerns but thinks car free isn't the answer. streets who ride their bikes. however, it would really negatively impact drivers who, you know, commute. >> we've been doing this again and again where people have been hit and killed. we need to make some changes here. >> reporter: now, the superior said again the idea is not to ban cars all together, just limit them on certain streets. he understands that drivers do
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need to get buy and at this point it is still in the discussion phase. reporting live in san francisco, k christie smith. no cable cars for the next ten days. they will be out of service for gearbox maintenance. we had this report yesterday as well. today tourists were caught off guard. >> we're not being nice to our tourists. >> that's our main form of income. it's okay because people can walk up the hill. >> you can walk and look at some stuff. it's not the same. ten days. that's what it's going to be. buses will run along those same cable car lines. the giants will be playing at oracle, elton john will be playing at the chase center. it's part of the city's plan to
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keep traffic moving with muni. they're also oering free rides. they will no longer divert service to bolster shuttles. >> at the american heart association's heart walk, 4,000 walkers were at embarcadero plaza. the first of five heart walks in the bay area. it's aimed to raise awareness. the giants manager is a big supporter of the american heart association. >> heart disease hits home for me. my father died from heart disease. i've had to deal with it. i've had good friends who have had a by pass. >> his retirement also just around the corner.
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he says he's going to miss his teams, fans and hopes to finish the season on a good note. win some games, have some fun. he's been touched by all the tributes. >> he gave us three world series titles in these last several years. if you have the opportunity, wish him well. go out to the game this weekend. there's only one more home stand after this. >> great for you to contribute your time today. >> so much fun. >> was it hot? >> we do have some relief coming your way. if it was too hot for you today across the bay area, let's bring in that microclimate forecast and we'll get you good to go. hang with me here on this for a second. we do have one more day, that's it, one more day of this hot weather. it's high pressure, it looks like it's going to linger into saturday and the thing high pressure is going to do, as it sits is force some heating down
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to the surface. it's like a big shoe stomping down on the bay area. it takes all of the pollutants and pushes it down to where we live. the fires to the north will give us unhealthy air. you might need to limit your outdoor exposure as we roll into our saturday. and the other thing with that hot weather, it's going to be uncomfortable, but the good news coming in is that by sunday and monday's forecast, it will be a lot colder to start. one more mild morning here to start and i think you're going to be okay after that. 70 for the peninsula, 75 for the east bay. closer to the water, 69 and out there, 69, and the north bay at 72. we will see numbers drop a couple of degrees mo going to be warm to hot. the category here is more in the
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90s but this may have you staying inside. 91 san jose jose. instead of low 100s in the east bay, we're trying to drop it down for you. 95 pleasanton, closer to the bay i think the changes will be more substantial. 83 in oakland. the beaches, hopefully you got out there when we had some 70s. it's going down to 68 in half moon bay. over to redwood city, 85. san francisco a mixed bag. 78 degrees mission. and for the santaa.ges, let's go ahead and get to it. on my extended forecast, sunday, we're down to 67, with that f beginning to become a little more thicker. by monday we're seeing a slight chance of some spotty showers and some drizzle with 64 degrees
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and we'll have some sunshine next week and plenty of 60s. inland valleys, this is where it's going to be a lot more dramatic for us. we're going to go from 96 tomorrow, to 83 on sunday, that will be a lot better for you and 67 here on monday. let's get a closer look at this and the best chance of rain is off to the north right now. we still have more updates to go as we head through this weekend. but i want you to be readythat e bit of like a major stat a swing in temperature and weather. >> it's going to feel good. >> thanks, jeff. the unique solution to crl. the extreme steps some students are taking to get the classes they need. >> and use it or lose it. the reason movie pass customers need to get to the theaters tonight. ♪
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school is back in session at cal but not everyone is in class. many students are on the wait list for required classes and they're willing to pay to get in. this is an email offering 100 bucks to the first five people who drop a class. the student needed the class to graduate and said the advising office was no help. say good-bye to those discounted movie tickets. today movie pass announced it's officially shutting down. they got a lot of attention when it first came out with its movie subscription service. more than 3 million people subscribed for ten bucks a month, they got unlimited access
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to movies. it got hit with lawsuits from users who said it wasn't following through with promises for access to unlimited movies. he was born to new york but made his name right here in the bay area, eddie money has died and will be remembered for so many hits. "two tickets to paradise." he revealed last month that he had stage four esophgeal cancer. he's survived by his wife and five children. >> he's a bay area legend. >> he did so many shows here. >> and a lot for charity as well. up next, steph curry, the curry family has a new home and it's on the peninsula. we'll show you. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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okay. ready for this. the warriors have left the east bay and so has steph curry. they have thecrib. how much? 31 million bucks. the mansion sits at an end of a
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cull dee sack. it has three levels. what do you think? >> it's okay. >> the property taxes. tonight at 6:00, there's a new problem on the streets of san francisco. it's not needles or human waste. this time it's word. the ad campaign that has 31 million? >> differently. split it up. >> have an inlaw unit, maybe. >> different homes in different places. but i don't have 31 million, so it doesn't matter. >> lester holt is next with nightly news. >> we'll see you at 6:00. ♪ breaking news tonight.
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actress felicity huffman headed to prison. the first parent sentenced in the massive cheating scandal and the drama in the courtroom what she said to the judge. husband william h. macy by her side as she left the courthouse tonight, what her fate signals for lori loughlin and the other parents charged. also breaking, the tropical depression just forming and gaining strength florida on alert the new track tonight. the deadly crash, a truck slamming into the emergency room a hospital worker inside killed. >> i looked over and i saw this black truck just barrelling right into the information desk. >> authorities say they believe it was intentional will he play


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