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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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next at 11:00. right now at 11:00, a crime scene at the state capitol. tensions over a new vaccine law boil over. >> protesters attacked state senators by throwing some kind of liquid on them. two bay area senators were inside the chambers when this all went down. nbc bay area sergio quintana with the details. >> reporter: they have seen plenty of impassioned protests over the last several weeks.
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tonight, however, a woman yelled "that's for the dead babies" and then several senators were splattered with some kind of a red liquid. investigators are trying to determine if that was blood. in this picture shot from the senate floor, you can see red dots soaked into some of the books and documents on the desk. in another photo, a chp officer is scene taking pictures as evidence. east bay senator steve glazier is one of the people who was hit by the liquid. >> i'm sitting at my desk because we are deliberating over a bill when a woman screamed behind me up in the gallery and then a rain of liquid came down on top of me and my clothes and my desk. >> reporter: among the first lawmakers to take to social media was san francisco senator scott wiener. >> when you have people who are trying to harass and intimidate, even assault elected officials, that's not just an attack on us
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as elected officials, that's an attack on democracy. >> reporter: chp investigators are now testing the liquid to confirm what it is. dozens of anti-vaccination demonstrators have been converging on the state capitol to protest a new law that will make it harder for doctors to exempt children vaccinations to go to school. in dounsing tonight's incident senate republicans condemned the violent and unacceptable behavior that took place at the state capitol this evening. regardless of differences of opinions, there is no place for this in our america. no one was injured but senators had to delay. final night of their session because of the drama in the senate chamber. they reconvened in a smaller room to finish their work for the night. >> a crime was committed today, but the senate will not be deterred from conducting the people's business. >> reporter: now a woman has been arrested by the california highway patrol. she is facing several charges including assault, vandalism,
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and disrupting the state legislator. there is social media circulating that show what's seems to be a woman that has some red liquid on her hands and she is telling the crowd as they are leaving the senate gallery "their blood is on your hands. my blood is on the floor of the senate." reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana. >> we are going to continue to follow this story throughout the weekend. for more information on tonight's incident and the new law that sparked this protest go to our website now to our other top story tonight. the heat not even san francisco was immune to the sweltering conditions today. a lot of folks who live, work, or play in the city, they were surprised that the temperatures were so high and that they stayed high when the sun went down. some viewed it as an inconvenience. others as a rare treat. >> it's hot, man. it's sweltering. i didn't know it was this hot till i got off work. >> we complain when it's too hot and we complain when it's too
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cold. so i like to just embrace being able to wear a dress or wear shots and enjoy it. >> reporter: positive attitude. i like that. let's turn it on over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with what we can expect heading into the weekend. it sounds like maybe some relief. >> i really think so once we hit sunday numbers will gradually start to drop down. by monday some dramatic changes. some of the hottest today walnut creek up to 101. san francisco 94. and we are beginning to see a drop here. san francisco right now 69 and concord at 73. so one more day of these hot temperatures with high pressure sitting right on top of california could bring down a little bit of smoke from some fires off to the north. some unhealthy air quality for the east bay and the south bay. temperatures tomorrow morning uncomfortable. get ready for this. take a look. 71 in san jose. 82 possible in danville. 77 in antioch. by the afternoon instead of 100, we'll be in the 90s but not as hot as today.
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96 in antioch, 96 in concord. coming up we're still barely here holding onto the possibility of a few showers in the bay area. i'll have details on that in about ten minutes. >> and even when we're not on the air, we are always working. make sure to download our nba bay area app that gets updated frequently to get your weather alerts right on your smartphone, and it is free. tonight a dire warning from the santa clara county district attorney. several people have died in the south bay this year including four people in recent weeks. they took deadly painkillers bought off the streets containing fentanyl. one of the victims a high school girl. nbc ba's ian cull joins us. >> reporter: that 15-year-old girl took half a pill what she thought was oxycodone, but it s fentanyl and she died. the counterfeit drugs are circulating. and the d.a. wants every single family to pay attention to this warning. >> it's getting worse and it's killing a lot of people.
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>> reporter: these are pills meant to look like xanax, vicodin and percocet. but they are actually full on fentanyl and sold on the street. a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin. just two milligrams can kill a person. so far this year nine people died in the county after ingestingill they thought was a painkiller or anxiety drug. most of the victims were under 25 years old. >> and we have a group of young people who are experimenting with drinking alcohol, maybe taking a xanax and these oxy codons are part of that kind of social scene. so we have young people who just experimenting and they're dyeing and that's why we're here. >>ter: law enforcement from around the county have made busts. just this week 350 pills from seizures tested positive for fentanyl. this was the common one, a blue pill with m on one side, 30 on the other. it's not just one dealer or one area. >> if you buy drugs on the street, you do not know what's going to happen to you. you don't know if you're going to live or die.
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and that's not overstating things. we are seeing too many people die from taking this stuff. >> reporter: the office sent a warning to all school districts. >> we had a 15-year-old girl take half of one of these and it was a wrap. that was enough to kill r. >> reporter: high school parents like michael says he will alert his kids right away. >> concerning in a sense that it's not that far from being one step closer to them. and it's more of a reality than just something they see out on the street or something they see in a movie. >> reporter: and the d.a. hopes a lot of parent will have those conversations tornado. they are working on finding out who is supplying these pills. but they warn it is in so many places, if your doctor didn't describe it, don't take it. we are following some breaking news right now in san francisco. several lanes of the bay bridge are closed. what you're seeing here is a van on fire. this is happening on the eastbound lanes. the fire started about 45 minutes ago. we are told there are no injuries. but you can see the flames.
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you can see the smoke. again this is the bay bridge going toward the east bay. right now traffic is a mess as you can imagine. several lanes eastbound bay bridge are closed. we're going to continue to monitor the story, bring you more information as it becomes available. actress felicity huffman is headed to prison for her role in the college admissions scandal. today a judge sentenced her to 14 days in prison and a $30,000 fine. she will also have to complete a year of supervised release and 250 hours of community service. huffman pleaded guilty to paying a proctor to boost her daughter's s.a.t. scores and then read an emotional apology in court today. her attorneys want her to serve her sentence at a low-security prison in dublin known for its variety of recreation and leisure programs. the bureau of prisons will ultimately decide if that's where she's going to go. huffman must turn herself into authorities by october 25th. new at 11:00 this may look
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like a normal smash and graduation but fremont police say this one is different. the suv was targeted not because of what the criminals could see but what they could not. nba bay area's cheryl herd is live for us in fremont with the details. >> reporter: well, we all know when you get outside of your car you should take your valuables with you. but fremont police are telling me that they are seeing a different trend. they say that thieves are breaking into cars even if they can't see inside hoping to hit the jackpot. this person has tinted windows and a cargo cover to hide valuables. he knows it's not the best deterrent to keep people from breaking into his car. >> it is better to carry if you are carrying any valuable things instead of hiding them. rfrmgts fremont police officers are noticing that thieves are now targeting suvs with those tinted windows, cargo covers, and private screens. >> suspects were merely just taking available of the
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opportunity and looking to see if by chance the victim had values underneath the privacy screen being concealed. >> reporter: and that according to fremont police is taking car burglaries and vandalism to a different level. that's why they are releasing these pictures to show the public the type of cars thieves are now going after. >> we have made probably almost two dozen arrests as people who are committing these crimes. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows it takes just a few seconds to break a car window and steal what's inside. kevin burn says it's upsetting to know criminals are targeting cars even though they can see what's inside. >> i covered up my stuff in my trunk here. i guess they're going to have to smash it to find out what's under there. i mean, i hope they don't. >> reporter: in fremont cheryl rd, nbc bay area news.
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a woman in contra costa county who faces deportation says she is not leaving the country. we have been followinghis story for weeks. isabelle came to the u.s. for life-saving medical treatment when she was seven years old. she has a rare disease that requires weekly treatments that she can't get in her native guatemala. under new immigration laws imposed by the trump administration, isabella might get deported tomorrow. today she got her weekly treatments. isabelle says if she goes back to guatemala, she won't get the weekly treatments that she needs to survive. well, here it comes. president trump is scheduled to make his first visit to the bay area since becoming president. he is expected to be here next tuesday for a campaign fundraiser hosted by the republican national committee. sources tell us the president will be in atherton at a private home. tickets are a thousand bucks per person. if you want to sit with the president it'll cost you
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$100,000. we are back in 60 seconds with the decades old mystery solved that it was all because of what one man saw when he was looking at google earth. also reversing the trend. how administrators are looking to curb the use of vaping in south bay schools. storm ranger on mobile doppler radar is scanning right now. and of course dry conditions, but there are changes on the way. i'll show you when this storm could bring us some showers, coming up in about six minutes.
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an incredible story about the power of technology. google earth helped solve a mystery in florida. a man who used to live in a gated community was looking at his old house on a 3d satellite on google earth. as he zoomed in, he saw what appeared to be a car sub merged in the pond. now when a police dive team pulled it out, officers found a
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body of william molt who disappeared in 1997. >> you never know what you're going to find, what's in your neighborhood when you move in. >> reporter: how that body ended up there is still unknown. well, when guerilla marketing goes bad, twitter used chalk and stencils to write tweet on sidewalks in the tender loin. the vandalism sparkd outrage on twitter with people calling out the company for its actions. where the company put tweets all over the walls. they got permission to do that but not for what they did on the sidewalks. >> they have no permission to do this. they are not going to get permission to do this. nor is any other company going to be able to come and use our sidewalks for their commercial purposes. had a statement twitter apologized and they will be forced to pay for the cleanup. only on nbc bay area, it is an epidemic, and new reports showing it's killing people.
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vaping and the growing number of kids who appear to be addicted. nbc bay area's damian trujillo reports. >> reporter: it's one of the hottest high school fads. >> mostly every day i see it around. it's a common appearance in bathrooms, locker rooms, and during passing periods. >> reporter: ava is a cheer lead at san jose's lincoln high school and ad miss mits to experiencing with vaping but gave it up. their hope is to use students like ava to help deliver the just don't do it message and sound the alarm among teens who vape. >> it is imperative to include youth in any of the work that's being done that they are the ones seeing these things on the ground and really need to be part of the solutions. >> reporter: especially they say when vapes are beingisguised as school instruments making them look like flash drives, even highlighters to fool teachers and parent.
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the county superintendent says e-cigarettes come in 15,000 flavors increasing their appeal and doing a lot of damage along the way. the state department of public health has identified 65 potential cases of acute lung disease among youth who have vaped in california including one fatality. >> but there is also an increase in anxiety and that young people may be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms during the school day because of the extended use. >> san francisco streets are notoriously dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. well, today people gathered in the tenderloin to call for a drastic solution. banning cars on certain streets. the protest at the corner of golden gate and levenworth, a 12-year-old boy was hurt there this week. supervisor matt hainey supports
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including safe areas. >> where it's like a public plaza like atmosphere where you don't have to dodge cars. you know you're safe to walk down those streets. >> reporter: critics say it's already hard to drive the citys. fewer streets would make it harder for drivers. well, he was born in nothing but he became a rock and roll legend when he moved to berkeley in the late 1960s. tonight the music world is remembering fodly eddie money. "two tickets to paradise" makes you feel good. two tickets to paradise was just one of his many hits. money whose real name was edward mahoney revealed last month that she had stage four esophogeal cancer. today his family said he died peacefully this morning. he is survived by his wife and their five children. some star power in the south bay. shark tank celebrating 25 years
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with some big names. the ♪ >> there he is, country music super star blake shelton hit the stage tonight to kick off the weekend festival. now tomorrow night it'll be some of the biggest names in hip-hop including snoop dog, ice cube, and warren g. >> the celebration began earlier this morning at an outdoor festival right across from the shark tank. music, food boths and games all to celebrate. >> it's a hot venue. every seat in the house is good. >> it is. and soon they will be putting down the ice for the sharks. the festival goes on through the weekend. it's open from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. eem day. here's the best part. it's free. >> there you go. >> well, not the snoop dogg. the outdoor part is free. >> if you look closely, you can see the sweat on people's foreheads. it was hot today.
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>> and tomorrow as well, right? >> yeah. sunday is going to be a lot more comfortable for anybody heading out to that. but it was certainly scorching for a lot of the bay area. let's also take you to a mainly western event. that is the full moon, the harvest moon happening if you didn't check the calendar today. >> it was friday the 13th. so a little bit ominous here. but nonetheless it's beautiful. after a show you definitely want to head out and check it out. here's the reason why we will not see a full moon on friday the 13th until august of 2049. so in a couple minutes in our commercial break, that will be your chance. okay. let's bring you into the weather forecast. i am looking at some big time changes on the way. i wanted to direct your attention right out here to the pacific. you can see this comma-shaped cloud here. that's actually the storm system, the cold front that eventually will make it down to the bay area, drop our temperatures, even bring us the possibility of some showers. now we have to wait a little bit before that gets here. one more day stuck with this
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area of hot high pressure to keep temperatures up and possibly a little bit of smoke drifting in from fires just off to the north. so this means as we begin tomorrow morning, it's going to be mild for us. 75 in the tri-valley, 70 for the peninsula and 72 in the south bay. mostly clear skies. no fog expected in san francisco and 69 and right here for the north bay, 72. now i do think temperatures will drop a couple of degrees tomorrow instead of low 100s, we are going down into the 90s. it's going to be a warm day though. that's just a minimal drop. 97 in morgan hill. 98 in gilroy. bigger differences in cupertino and downtown san jose 91. low 100s dropping down to 95 here in pleasan ton. hot here though in pittsburg. over to oakland, we'll have you at 83. the beaches back down to reality from the 70s today down to 68 tomorrow. then over to palo alto, 87.
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san francisco low 90s, 80s, that's going to be moving on out. and you're at 69 degrees. and the north bay going to wine country, nappa, sonoma, santa rosa, all of the hot spots will be in the upper 80s and low 90s tomorrow. so what about the cooling? let's spend some time on that extended forecast, and you will see once we hit sunday morning fog run, we will be at 67 in san francisco and by monday we are still holding onto the possibility of a few spotty showers and some drizzle. so that's going to be a big change for us down at 64 degrees and then sunshine for the rest of the week. inland valleys a dramatic difference. check it out. 96 tomorrow. 83 sunday. high clouds passing on by and, oh, yes, by monday down to 76 degrees with a chance of some spotty shochers and some drizzle. better bet is well off to the north of us. but once again for us the chance of some spotty showers. we have storm ranger scanning.
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it's the only one in the bay area, only one of six in the world gives us live realtime data. any showers get close and of course we will be tracking it. so nice changes moving in. i love work, i love going to work every day. but monday is always kind of slow. [ laughter ] but with that cooler weather i'm ready to go. >> he's been working hard too, tracking that radar. it's all in a day's worth. >> all the credit goes to you. >> thank you, jeff. all right. up next here's a question for everyone. what does 31 million bucks buy you? how about this for steph curry this new mansion on the peninsula. we are going to show you more. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. kendall jenner is here for "pour it out" [ cheers and applause ] music from tanya tucker featuring brandy carlisle. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now new video into our news room of that van on fire on the bay bridge.
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several lanes are closed. this is all happening on the eastbound lanes. and the fire started about an hour ago. so far no injuries reported but we will continue to monitor this story for you, bring you the latest on air and online as soon as we get it. >> we'll be right back. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase.
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make more of what's yours®.
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a load of grapes didn't make it to the winery. instead they ended up in a ditch. early this morning a big rig hauling those grapes flipped over in manteca. you see it right there, which is in the central valley. truck driver lost control on a left-hand turn. the truck and the trailer fell into an irrigation ditch can you seeing it to roll over. fortunately though the driver is expected to be okay. the warriors have left the east bay and so has steph curry. the curry family has a new crib or home. >> or mansion. [ laughter ] it's 31 million bucks. the mansion sits at the end of a
11:26 pm
cul-de-sac. the house is gated and has three levels. >> and we can't see the inside because it wasn't even on the market. >> it was never officially listed. >> must be nice. we are back in a moment with the giants and the a's today. stay with us. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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plenty of people celebrate their birthdays at giants' games but tonight's birthday party was a little different. >> some baseball legends in the house. orange friday at oracle park. hello to orlando sapeda, felipe on the left. >> it was supeda's 82nd birthday party fl the only run of the game buster posey with the rbi single. tyler beede pitches a shut-out. giants beat the marlins 1-0 your final. bruce bochy had a busy day for a good cause. he was hanging out with our very own janelle wang. bochy and 4,000 walkers were at the embarcadero plaza the city to raise awareness and raise money to fight heart disease and stroke. by the way he walks to the ballpark every day from his home. his retirement is right around the corner. >> that's how he stays young.
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>> the swinging a's, they have a slim lead in that wild card race go every game counts. khris davis with an opposite field 3-run homer. he is starting to heat up. >> it was his second homerun of the game. the a's beat the rainers 14-9. >> he wasn't a star player, but he was a very important part of the warriors' dynasty. now shaun livingston is retiring. >> after 15 nba seasons he made the announcement in an emotional instagram post. five seasons with the warriors and he comes away with three rings on his hand. the warriors saying he still wants livingston to be a part of the organization in some capacity. very good call. okay. up next, sir elton sar nading the chase center. we are going to show you. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes?
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melting glaciers, rising sea levels and warming waters. >> monday we kick on of a special series looking at the climate. >> what our response did to ease one man's struggles. from good-bye yellow brick road to good-bye bay area, elton john tlild fans tonight in what will be one of his last shows here. ♪ >> ooh, betty and the jets.
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elton john did what he does best. this concert ended just 30 minutes ago. he is playing his heart out at a packed chase center. ending a remarkable 50-year career. his final bay area show by the way will be sunday at chase center. so if you don't already have tickets try to borrow money from a friend. >> they're expensive. >> it's going to be pricey. but, man, what a chance to see. >> and is a farewell tour ever really a farewell tour? >> the rolling stones did a farewell tour like 15 years ago. >> thanks for joining us. we made it to the weekend. have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is, y


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