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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 14, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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support. >> a lot of love out there. >> we'll be back. >> at 6:00. see you then. breaking news tonight. the massive attack on the biggest oil processing plant in the world. a drone strike setting the saudi refinery on fire gas prices here may go up as much as 25 cents per gallon intriguing new details. osama bin laden's son dead the white house now confirms it was an american operation that killed him. what it means for the war terror. double hit the tropical storm impacting the bahamas right now, hitting the same areas decimated by hurricane dorian. the storm now going to hurricane strength we have its track. will he or won't he antonio brown on the road with the patriots tonight. and he could take the field for them tomorrow despite new rape allegations against him.wh you get closer o
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your goals the key is don't let them >> the sponsorship deal he is now losing. plus robocall revenge. our correspondent answered 100 calls in one day. >> your social security number has been suspended >> oh, no. >> what you need to know to keep your information safe >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening we begin tonight with what the secretary of state has called an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply one that has very real consequences for your wallet this was the scene overnight in saudi arabia at the world's largest refinery and oil field. you can hear the explosions, the result of a drone strike. the u.s. now blaming iran for the attack. the plant so critical to worldwide output any slowdown could send gas prices higher nbc's sarah harman has the latest
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>> reporter: the world's largest oil processing facility in flames overnight after a predawn drone attack on two saudi aramco sites. president trump spoke with crown prince muhammad bin salman to offer his support for saudi arabia's self-defense the extent of the damage is unclear. satellite images from nasa show the smoke visible from space the drone strikes shut down about half of the kingdom's crude oil output 5 million barrels, roughly 5% of the world's daily production >> the market expects that gasoline prices are going to go up 15 to 25 cents a gallon >> reporter: the attacks likely to inflame tensions in the gulf houthi rebels in neighboring yemen claiming responsibility but the secretary of state is pointing the finger at iran tweeting "iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply there is no evidence e saudi arabia, a u.s.
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ally, has been at war with the iran-backed rebels for 4 1/2 years. in the past the houthis have targeted saudi pipelines, tankers and other infrastructure the region's tensions now weighing on the global oil supply. >> sarah, when will we be seeing gas prices go up? >> reporter: it really depends on how quickly production returns to normal the u.s. has strategic oil reserves and tonight the department of energy has said they will use them if necessary. jose >> sarah harman, thank you very much. tonight, new details on the death of osama bin laden's son. the white house now confirming it was an american operation that killed hamza bin laden. nbc's pentagon correspondent courtney kube on what we know and what it means for al qaeda >> reporter: today president trump confirming an nbc news exclusive report from july that osama bin laden's son and heir apparent to al qaeda is dead. the white house releasing a statement saying that a
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laden was killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation in the afghanistan/pakistan region surrounded by jihad from a young age, hamza was just 7 years old when his father declared holy war on the u.s. and moved the family to afghanistan. he appeared in an al qaeda video soon after the september 11th attacks and was seen as the most charismatic, religious, and militant of osama bin laden's sons hamza was not at the pakistan compound when his father was killed by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s in may of 2011 still few details about how and when hamza was killed u.s. officials only saying it was sometime in the last two years. >> certainly it would appear that this was an individual that was killed in an air strike >> reporter: but earlier is year the u.s. state department announced a $1 million reward for information about his whereabouts. and a looming question tonight with the current emir of al qaeda ayman al
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zawahiri believed to be in his 70s, who will lead al qaeda next >> who leads the organization the immediate guess is that it will be al qaeda folks that are inside of syria right now. >> so courtney, how does this impact al qaeda? >> reporter: well, jose, while hamza bin laden was being groomed to be the face of the future of al qaeda, u.s. officials do not believe he was actually leading any operations when he died his death is significant in its symbolism because of his family name. beyond that the real practical impact it's likely to have on the terror organization is the turmoil of finding another leader who can rally support around the world. jose >> courtney kube, thank you very much. tropical storm humberto is impacting the bahamas right now, hitting the same areas devastated by hurricane dorian, jamie guirola from our >> reporter: relief mbto from hurricane dorian now crowding shelters thousands of survivors as the new menacing storm approaches
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in freeport deliveries delayed. and so are 20,000 meals. >> we just were not able to get on the ground there today but we will be getting there on the ground immediately as soon as the storm passes >> reporter: meanwhile, in abaco cleanup and recovery continues. nearly two weeks after hurricane dorian made catastrophic landfall here there's still no power, food, or water. some of the stranded and homeless are using damaged classrooms from this cathololic school for shelter >> this is where you sleep now? >> there i sleep there. >> reporter: this school bus was even used as a shelter for people right after hurricane dorian hit the area people had to hide from the elements and protect themselves from more nasty weather. so they made up makeshift beds here. they've got fofoodere. they basically took cover in this school bus to survive >> a lot of this was -- they came and just cleaned up >> reporter: and now a nearby church says it's getting ready to shelter up to 2,000 residents. residents who just
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can't get out or want to stay to defy dorian >> i'm not leaving >> reporter: why not >> i'm not going to leave until we finish abaco. >> jamie, how have relief efforts been impacted by humberto >> reporter: well, they have been significantly impacted a lot of food, water, supplies, and materials delayed going into freeport logistically because of weather earlier today a cruise ship from west palm beach was supposed to make it onto port. instead it will be delayed until tomorrow jose >> jamie guirola, thank you for that report that tropical storm is moving east and gaining strength, expected to become a hurricane within days. wnbc's dave price is tracking its path. dave, is florida in the clear tonight? >> we've got good news for florida. for the most part it is in the clear.solated coasta floodi and some light rain also some good news for the bahamas tonight. the eye of this storm, the center of this storm very hard to define it's ill defined and it's weak at this point but it is gaining strength still we have tropical
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storm watches in effect from rock sound to freeport and any rains which they have seen are complicating relief efforts which we have just heard about. now, at this point the storm located 70 miles to the north of great abaco island winds at 50 miles per hour and movement to the north-northwest at about 7. it heads towards the north and west and then it gains strength it hooks a right turn. and our next big concern is bermuda where by mid-week this could be a category 2 hurricane. jose >> dave price, thank you very much. in spain six people have died more than 3,000 have been evacuated as flash floods caused by record rain and heavy storms battered the southeastern part of the country. rescue operations have than 1,000 the rain fin nfl player antonio brown is in miami where tomorrow the patriots will take the field against the dolphins the big question tonight, will brown play just days after being accused of rape? nbc's morgan chesky has the latest
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>> reporter: less than 24 hours till kickoff and questions about the patriots' newest player looming over the entire league. >> whether the nfl likes it or not, when people look back at the 2019 season the first thing that is going to come to mind is antonio brown >> reporter: tonight the team staying silent after brown's former trainer, britney taylor, sued in civil court this week, accusing brown of sexual assault on three separate occasions. >> we're taking it very seriously all the way through the organization >> reporter: authorities say they have no record of a complaint and no criminal charges have been filed, making brown eligible to play >> it's really hard for the nfl to make a case to say yes, we believe a crime has occurred, with attorney says he denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit, adding any sexual interaction between brown and taylor was entirely consensual online the all-star wide receiver staying uncharacteristically quiet. only posting this video from tom brady's gym. >> they're going to try to bring you down when you get closer to your goals the key is don't let them
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>> reporter: fallout already on its way helmet maker xenith announcing they've ended their relationship with brown. tonight he's reportedly in miami ready for tomorrow's game, where fans are trying to focus on the football >> we'll wait and see. he's going to have to prove himself. >> in this country you're innocent until proven guilty. so i think he should be able to, you know, go out and play. >> morgan, what do we know tonight about the nfl's investigation? >> reporter: jose, the nfl says they've opened their own investigation into this matter. they plan into the view both parties involved, saying they will interview brown's accuser come next week jose >> morgan chesky, thank you very much. big papi is back former boston red sox star david ortiz tonight he is speaking out for the first time about the incident that nearly took his life more >> reporter: tonight david ortiz is speaking out after a shooting in the dominican republic this summer nearly killed him, telling
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"the boston globe," "i felt a burning sensation. i felt weird, like not myself, as i went down." this surveillance video captured the moment when a gunman opened fire on the beloved former boston red sox player the bullet striking his back before exiting through his stomach. "people need to understand this isn't a movie where you get shot in the street and you're back two minutes later. no i got shot and almost died i only have one life to live. his injuries so severe they required several surgeries. for weeks he couldn't swallow anything but melted ice chips police say the attack was a case of mistaken to investigate. "i'm not going to sit around and chill if there's somebody out there who wants to kill me. on monday, three months after the shooting, this ten-time all-star gave fans at fenway park a reason to cheer by throwing out the first pitch. >> i want to thank the red sox.
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they're always looking out for me i want to thank all of you for all the prayers. >> reporter: the retired slugger also returned to social media, posting this happy photo with his pups on instagram. big papi appears to be back to his old self after a long road to recovery kathy park, nbc news still ahead tonight, the fallout from felicity huffman's sentence why some say it's not enoughcorrespondent answered what you need to know about the latest scam.
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we are back now with the intense reaction to felicity huffman's sentencing the actress must report to prison in the next six weeks to serve 14 days for her role in the college admissions scandal for some this case has always been about privilege. now many critics think the punishment is well nbc's blayne alexander has more after admitting she >> reporter: felicity sentence paid $15,000 to of a massive colle cheating scandal in the courtroom an emotional huffman told the judge, "i was frightened i was stupid and i was so wrong." speaking about the oscar-nominated actress the prosecutor said, "there's no paparazzi in prison. prison is the great equalizer. but for many the case
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is reigniting the debate over whether there really is equal justice for all. prosecutors pointed to the ohio case of kelly williams-bolar, a single african-american mother who registered her children for a suburban school district using her father's address rather than the dangerous neighborhood where she lived. in 2009 she was arrested, initially sentenced to five years in prison. later reduced to ten days and three years probation. >> what happened to her is all too common for black, brown, and poor people in ourtem. >> reporter: singer john legend noting the discrepancy tweeted "the answer isn't for x to get more. it's for both of them to get less. we should level down, not up." in addition to two weeks in prison huffman received a $30,000 fine, one year supervised release and 250 hours of community service. her sentencing comes as nearly three dozen parents await their fate, including actress lori loughlin, who pleaded not guilty
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to more serious charges. >> felicity huffman's sentencing is a wake-up call for lori loughlin, evaporating any hope she might have had that she wouldn't end up being sentenced to time in federal prison >> blayne, are we hearing from other people who think the sentencing is appropriate or too harsh even >> jose, in fact we are. in fact, some people including legal experts say that because huffman pleaded guilty, she took responsibility, she was remorseful, that this sentence is now,em asking for a month huffman was hoping for no time. and the judge essentially went right down the middle. jose >> blayne alexander, thank you very much. when we return, our correspondent answered 100 robocalls in one day what happens when he confronts the callers?
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back now with a frightening near miss on a highway in michigan a tow truck driver was at work when an suv crossed the white line take a look at that. narrowly missing him it did hit the truck, causing the suv to launch in the air and before landing miraculously, the suv driv survived. they are one of the biggest nuisances of modern life robocalls. our jacob ward decided to answer 100 of them in one day to figure out who's behind them and how you can protect yourself >> reporter: it was the ultimate in robocall torture >> hello >> hello >> hello >> thank you for staying on the line. >> yes, sir, are you the person responsible for the electric bill? >> reporter: 100 robocalls in one day
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funneled to my phone and me answering every single one of them >> i just need to ask you a few quick questions. >> the people on the other end of these robocalls are criminals. >> reporter: the goal? to determine what the scam really is >> the social security number >> reporter: their general playbook, start with an automated call >> press 1 now to speak with me. >> reporter: you press 1 to speak to an agent. >> how are you doing today? >> i'm okay. how are you? >> and once they think they have a live one they hand me off to another rep, the closer>> i'm kevin how can i help you >> i got connected to you. why would he connect me to you after i was talking to somebody else >> sir, we'll drop down your interest rate like 6% on your visa card. i can see you owe more than $3,000. right? >> reporter: we came across the credit card scam >> in order to activate the lower interest rate on your visa card can you verify what is the card going to expire >> do people often give you the expiration date right off the bat? >> i don't know, sir >> reporter: the energy bill scam >> but you don't have my account number?
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>> no, sir >> reporter: the medicare scam. >> i am, yeah. i'm on medicare. >> okay. for verification purpose can i have the date of birth? >> reporter: and the ever popular social security scam. >> your social security number has been suspended >> oh, no. >> we would request you to get back to us. >> reporter: many just want to coax your personal information out of you >> can i have your first and last name so i can easily pull up your file? >> reporter: once we provided fake names and birthdays and social security numbers they had what they needed and they hung up. >> really?were getting along s well >> reporter: no more robo is a company that tracks and helps block robocalls. they're the ones funneling these real robocalls to me. >> these guys are really good at what they do. they know human psychology they know fear tactics. and they are really good at stealing money from unsuspecting american consumers >> reporter: at the other end of the line we did find some humanity >> how do you keep your voice from falling apart? i don't think i could talk that much over the course of the day. >> it does dry out that's why you keep fluid and cough drops
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next to you. >> reporter: but only so much. >> if your grandmother was called and gave away her number, wouldn't you feel terrible >> yeah. >> right so why do you do this? >> sir, this is my job. okay >> he says that's his job, jose? well, here's our job now. rather than do what i did, don't answer numbers you don't recognize. ask your phone service provider what blocking services they provide. and maybe use software like hiya or youmail or nomorobo to block what else gets through. phone like you do your home don't let strangers in to hang around jose >> jacob ward, thank you very much. when we come back, th moment this man makes it back to the mountaintop years after a serious injury
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finally tonight, a story of a group of women and men who do the seemingly impossible, hike some of this country's most rugged terrain in andeterminan on top it takes to get back >> reporter: steve deon is on a journey he never quiteho >> reporter: after an accident left him paralyzed nearly 20 years ago. >> my spinal cord injury made me want to say yes more >> reporter: yes to traveling into nature again. >> here we go. >> reporter: thanks to a group making adventures like this a reality. now he's mastering maggie's peak in lake tahoe. we met him halfway >> for me being in nature is the place where i really began my recovery. so to continue to be
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immersed in these spaces is really important. >> reporter: it's a journey provided by fellow adventure lover alvaro silverstein who made it his mission to map locations across the globe making them accessible to those with mobility challenges growing up in santiago he and best bud camila navarro loved hiking exploring the worl was the victim in a drunk drrecreational life very limited. >> reporter: but alvaro is not the kind of guy to let anything stop him in 2016 he became the first person to complete patagonia's infamous w trek in a wheelchair >> it made me feel very empowered right? like i can do things that anyone else >> reporter: sharing that feeling with others like steve became his life's work >> whoo! >> reporter: it's the core motivation behind wheel the world, an accessibility-based travel company co-founded with camilo in 2018. >> we realized there's a huge gap for people with disabilities when they want to travel. >> reporter: in just a
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year they've helped nearly 1,000 clients access 22 destinations, from machu picchu to maui but the best part might just be this >> unbelievable. >> reporter: blazing a brand new trail and empowering others like steve, grateful for the view >> it feels like this is what it f no limits. steve patterson, nbc off road, on wheels, news, lake tahoe i'm jose diaz-balart reporting from new york thank you for the privilege of your time and good night
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right now at 6:00, an east bay man trying to do his job when he was kidnapped and shots fired. the lyft driver talks about his terrifying order deal. thank you for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. >> anoushah rast. >> reporter: he is indeed having second thoughts but police already have that suspect in custody. first we will let you hear from the driver who says all of this was so fright inniening he thoue might not get out alive. he says he picked up the fair in north richmond thursday night and the trouble began right away. >> he stepped up in my car and
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hijacked me. >> reporter: about five minutes in, he told him to pull off richmond parkway to p.m. store to get cigarettes. that is when the driver began plotting how to get away. he hesitated when he realized he had to toss


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