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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 16, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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[light music] - ugh. ♪ [xylophone dings] the news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney and we begin with breaking news in downtown san jose, a very dramatic scene after firefighters say a possibly armed man entered an adult entertainment shop and started setting fires. moments ago we received an update on the situation and it's startling. the first reporter on the scene has the new developments tonight. >> reporter: just seconds ago we received an update from the fire captain. he told us after the fire was out firefighters went through the building and they discovered a body of a person in the basement of the building. now, that person has not yet been identified, but the person was discovered dead in the
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basement. we also learned that four firefighters were taken to the hospital with injury. as thick smoke poured out of the adult superstar on east santa clara street, san jose firefighters went inside knowing that flames and smoke may not be the only dangers they faced. around 5:30 tonight police were called out when a disgruntled customer or former employee at the business downtown was told to leave. >> he came back, entered the business and we believe he set fire to the business in multiple places. >> reporter: firefighters say police told them the suspect was likely armed so they carefully went into the burning building looking for him. the fire spread to interior walls forcing people on the second floor and surrounding businesses to evacuate. >> when they wept in, there was smoke just pouring out. >> it was scary because you never know how far it will
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spread. >> reporter: several witnesses thought it was gunfire but police say no shots were fired. firefighters just told us they believe that the man wuss inside the store who had been barricaded and set the fires was actually armed with a sledgehammer not a gun, but because of that they did end up entering the fire zone through the adjacent liquor store because they were worried about confronting this man with a sledgehammer. now firefighters say right now they're here mopping up and they're worried about flare ups so they'll be out here for several hours tonight keeping an eye on that. >> thank you very much for that. let's take you outside right now, take a look live at free empty. you see the american flag flying there in the wind? more of a breeze really. might have to take that flag down tomorrow because not supposed to let the fly in the rain and rain is in the forecast
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and could be impacting your morning commute as well. >> happening right now. so parts of the bay area including san francisco looking at around downtown you can see the top of the building disappearing with the low clouds and our storm ranger doppler radar located south of downtown. picking up on a little bit of that light rain as the low clouds are forced to rise over the coastal hilltops and peninsula, and that is enough to wring out a little bit of light rain and drizzle even though the main frontal boundary is just now approaching sonoma county. so let's give you a sneak preview of conditions for your commute between now and 9:00 a.m. most places picking up about .10 of rain or less. you combine the oil that's built-up on the roadways and chance of light rain and do expect some delays on the morning compute. temperatures in the 50s. coming up i'll let you know if you might need that umbrella in the afternoon and another chance
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arriving in midweek. a look at that coming up in our forecast in about ten minutes. >> be sure to download our free nbc weather app. you can even track the weather where you live. new information on that deadly boating crash in the delta this weekend. we've learned the woman who died is from contra costa county. 24-year-old kelly blake of discovery bay killed and two others injured when the boats collided. now they're saying the boat that left the scene was trying to get help for those who were injured. the crash happened last night near a popular area known as ski beach just east of discovery bay. boaters familiar with the area say waterways out there can be treacherous. >> you know, that's a pretty tight corner out there right by sea beach. people go out and have a good time. and if you are out nat water and see that corner it's a really tight corner where skiers and other boaters turn the corner and it's not the first time i've
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seen somebody go in there. >> investigators are looking into whether alcohol or speed may have played a role in that and people on both boats are cooperating with authorities. happening tomorrow a hearing in rome. one of the marin county teenagers being held for allegedly killing a police officer. the teenager on the right who putegzed to be released from prison police say he assaulted one officer while his friend stabbed another officer several times. both teenagers are bay area natives who graduated last year. a political mystery in the bay area. president trump is expected here in less than 48 hours, his first visit as commander in chief. but where's he going to be? details of his visit are being kept very secret. sergio quintana live with what we know. >> reporter: the last time the president was in the bay area
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was when he was running for office and there were clashes then. so organizers of tuesday's event is keeping the location a secret, prompting protesters to be creative and figuring out where they should show up. san jose, 2016, it's the last time then candidate donald trump visited the bay area and it got ugly outside after his speech. it's for that reason the location of tuesday's event is a secret. doou know where the venue is on tuesday just yet? >> i do not. but if i did, i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: details of any president's visit is always closely guarded. just a few months before the clash in san jose during the california republican convention in burling game mr. trump had to shimmy through a freeway barrier to get to the venue and avoid massive protests there. even the organizes of tuesday's event says she doesn't know where it's being held. if security wasn't such a big concern she says they could have hosted a larger event. >> and there's a ton of interest
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and ton of monetary and other support for him here. >> reporter: organizers who were planning protests tuesday say they're tracking information from federal agencies for clues about where to show up. >> we know that the faa advisory says 10:15 to 4:00 p.m., no flying around the center of actually las altos. >> they plan on flying a pair of trump balloons. coalition is working together to show how they feel about the president's policies. over the last few days there's been a number of cities named for the president's visit. so far none have been confirmed. now president donald trump is only scheduled to be in the bay area for a few hours after his lunchtime event. he's going to fly down to southern california to a fund-raiser in beverly hills and then continue on down through san diego.
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reporting live in san francisco, surge joaqu sergio quintana. "the washington post" says the housing and urban development secretary is set to visit san francisco on tuesday where he will discuss homelessness. now, we don't know where the president is going to have his fund-raiser but carson and president trump could be in the city together to show support for the idea of homeless opportunity zones. the zone program gives tax breaks to people who invest in low income communities. some hope for san francisco's teachers struggling to find affordable housing. a new plan is in the works, proposition e, hoping to find teachers housing that won't eat up a majority of their paycheck. near the city's expected first educator housing project. san francisco unified says more than 60% of teachers allot 30% of their income on housing.
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more than 15% spend more than half and they believe there's something that can be done. >> sometimes agencies have sites they no longer use but they're zoned to allow affordable housing kba housi housing or any housing. >> proposition a is also on the ballot. a $600 million affordable housing bond. it's going to be up to the voters in november on whether these propositions pass. a car fire in the south bay had neighbors jumping into action at 4:00 in the morning. it is a work truck that caught fire early this morning. it happened at an apartment complex in campbell. neighbors ran out of their homes to fight the flames until santa clara county fire crews could get there. no injuries reported. the cause of that fire still unknown. there are new allegations today against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. nbc news has confirmed there was another alleged snepts of sexual
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misconduct reported to the fbi but that allegation was not investigated. now democrats are calling for him to be impeached. tonight a divisive political fire reignited around supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. not about his conduct on the court but allegations that he denies of drunken sexual misconduct as a student in the 1980s against ford and others. a new book out tuesday examines past accusations against kavanaugh. nbc news reported on claims made by debra ramirez that cab nau exposed himself. the authors say in an exclusive interview to air in the third hour of the "today" show tomorrow they got further corroboration. >> we had seven corroborating sources including two classmate from ramirez and kavanaugh's year at yale who remembered
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hearing about the event. >> reporter: and another allegation now made public. nbc news confirming the book's reporting there was another alleged incident of kavanaugh exposing himself in college which the fbi did not investigate. today 2020 candidates calling for his removal. >> impeachment is something you can look at, but you've got to get the documents to be able to prove the case. >> reporter: president trump invokes justice kavanaugh at most rallies. >> boy, did he get treated badly. >> reporter: and today delivered a fierce defense on twitter. brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel. when does it stop? they're trying to influence his opinions. can't let that happen. just kavanaugh declined to comment on the allegations. well, you've heard it before. climate change is impacting future generations but now several bay area businesses are taking matters into their own hands. we debut with a look at how much pollution your car is emitting and what can be done to
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eliminate it. and a woman somehow swallows her own engagement ring. yes, she swallowed it and it was all part of a bizarre dream. we'll explain all that. and would you believe the weekend that began as a microclimate weather alert for heat is ending with storm ranger tracking some light rain showers
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a move to keep gas prices steady after that drone attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities and the united states is now accusing iran of responsibility. yesterday's attacks knocked out about 50% of the kingdom's oil production and that translates to 5% of the world's daily production. houthi rebels in neighboring
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yemen say they're behind the attack, but u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo says all evidence points to iran. while iran is denying any involvement in the drone attacks, the trump administration is putting tehran on notice. >> this president and his national security team, secretary pompeo, our nation's chief diplomat, keep many options on the table particularly when it comes to retaliating against maligned behavior. >> the market expects gas prices to go up 15 to 25 cents per gallon. president trump says he opening up strategic reserves to offset that drop in supply. that hadn't been done in eight years. we talk a lot about how climate change is harming the planet and tonight we begin a week long look how technology companies are helping the planet, changing the way we drive, eat and even dress. step one, tackling the pollution we pump into the air every time we drive. let's bring back meteorologist rob mayeda who has more. >> and we're tracking those carbon emissions specifically
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carbon monoxide that's known as the greenhouse effect, the heat that rises up and gets trapped by that carbon dioxide and reradiates it back down to the earth's surface. it acts like a lighthouse or like windows in a parked car where the energy gets trapped and can't aska. when it comes to the carbon dioxide levels since the 1960s you can see that steady rise and the leading source of it is transportation. so what can be done about this? some bay area companies are trying to remove more of that co2 from the equation. and here's a closer look. >> well, cars are a big target when it comes to climate change and here's why. when we drive gas powered cars we put 9,000 grams of carbon dioxide into the air each year and that adds up. combined america pumps more than 4.5 metric tons of co2 into the airnnually and now bay area
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companies are fight back by going electric. to put it simply the cars we drive are hurting the planet. carbon dioxide by the ton polluting the air we breathe. the price paid by the earth for us getting around. >> transportation broadly whether it's cars, trucks, boats and airplanes is about a third of greenhouse gas emissions, so it's a big, big contributor. >> reporter: but silicon valley is fighting back with companies like tesla turn into something of a modern day motown, building electric cars that don't use any gas, lowering the harmful emissions to zero. >> there's been a lot of studies on overall cost and environmental pollution and the impact it has on the environment and it's shone electric vehicles are much better for the environment. >> reporter: but electric cars won't go anywhere without electricity. >> how can you make charging an
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electric vehicle better than having to go to a gas station? >> reporter: and that's the mission of silicon valley's charge point, trying to replace gas pumps with these. they've installed 100,000 charging stations so far. each one aiming to bring a gas powered car owner into the electric fold. >> i often tell people it's okay, there is infrastructure out there. and the charging infrastructure is actually keeping pace with the adoption of electric vehicles. >> reporter: a mission to convince drivers to go electric plugging in and cleaning up. and looking at some stats from charge point, they've charged 1.6 billion miles electrically so far and that according to them has avoided some 227 million kilograms of greenhouse gases, and that's up to this point make up just a fraction of what we're driving. >> all week long we're going to continue our look at the climate in crisis on-air and online. tomorrow we're going to have reports from carrie hall, jeff
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raniere, scott budman and rod himself during our show at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. in riverside county evacuation orders in juniper flats has been lifted. last night around 200,000 people were evacuated. the fires burned about 500 acres but so far everyone's okay and so are their homes. >> a disheartening crime in the north bay. someone stole four ipads from a ki ke ki kindergarten classroom. strike-out for several san francisco restrupts. baseball fans headed to oracle park now have fewer game day food options. restaurants are all located on king street and they includes pete's tavern, it's sister
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restaurant and the peaizzaria. the restaurants were packed with fans especially 2012, 2014, 2016 they got the playoffs. anyway, the team hasn't finished with a winning record since then. that appears to be impacting business as well as rides and rents. fans say they're going to miss the game day energy at the restaurants. >> these are great opportunities, part of this community. and it's great when you come down to these games and you get used to things that are parts of the giants tradition so when they're not here it's disappointing. >> nba preseason starts next month, almost here. the businesses didn't hang around to find out if the new crowds at the chase center would help them out. didn't happen soon enough to keep those restaurants open. drivers in san francisco should brace for some extra traffic this week. oracle open world begins tomorrow. the four day tech conference takes place at the masconi
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center. event organizers are asking the public to use alternate routes between 7:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the evening. that conference goes through ay.r bad news for one soon to be bride in san diego when a nightmare in her sleep becomes a nightmare in real life. this is crazy story. jenna evans said she dreamed she was swallowed her engagement ring when thieves were after her, and she really did swallow the 2.4 carat dime pd ring. >> every girl wants as big a ring you can get until you swallow it. >> evans went to urgent care. doctors decided not to let the ring pass naturally. they were able to find the ring in her intestines just beyond her stomach. sometimes, i don't know, reality
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is just like crazy. doctors were able to get it out and they got it back to her. and the couple plans to marry next year. >> can you imagine the doctors. >> well, you can almost top that story with the crazy forecast you've got. >> not quite as painful. we've gone from hot weather. we had a microclimateworth alert to start the weekend. now rain chances. in fact, it's more than just chances. happening outside for parts of the bay area. some drizzle and light rain. not so much for san jose right now. you've got some clouds at 68 degrees, some drizzle or a few light showers on the west slopes there near off mount hamilton. it may take some time for san jose to see some of that mist and drizzle. right now look at san francisco, 63 degrees, a sneak preview of your morning commute with those low clouds and storm ranger mobile doppler radar picking up a few of those sprinkles out there and drizzle at times.
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but you can see the main event here is lurking offshore even though the frontal boundary is weakening, you can see it here on the satellite view, it is making its way now into sonoma county and this is going to come through it looks like in time for that monday morning commute. what we're looking at here generally light rain total, but anything more than 0.05 of rain is going to make things extra slick. that morning commute, you're going to want to factor in some extra time. notice when i fast forward into the afternoon south bay right around lunchtime, about 1:00 we think that will be the window of opportunity to see more showers moving through san jose. the night begins with cloudy skies, 6:00 and 9:00 a.m., central bay and then around lunchtime perhaps san jose down into morgan hill. that should be the last of it as
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we pass lunchtime and the sky is clear and the evening commute looks a little more tame. so the morning begins with some light rain in a few spots. i think the best opportunity for it will be around 9:00 a.m. to about 1:00. low to mid-70s in san jose. close to 70 in oakland with clearing skies for the afternoon. peninsula temperatures mainly in the low 70s. san francisco in the mid-60s and north bay temperatures, just two days ago were in the upper 90s. tomorrow mid to upper 70s. so as that system clears on out tuesday looks like a mild day but watch what happens now. wednesday another system starts to drop in from the north. maybe not bringing the rain as far south, but for areas of san francisco northward i think as things look right now could be seeing a few more showers. so tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday, it's a fall preview in terms of the weather. notice san francisco should see 70s in time for next weekend, and a similar trend in the seven day forecast for inland
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locations. tomorrow the best chance of seeing rain this week, and then we get into tuesday and wednesday, rain chances start to make another come back late too tuesday into wednesday for the north bay. and next weekend looks pretty good. in fact it is the last full weekend of summer next weekend as fall arrives on the 23rd. just around the corner. >> how is storm ranger handling the end of its summer? >> i think it likes getting a little of that. a little light rain tonight. still ahead emergency on the field literally. look at this. on the field of an nfl game. we'll tell you what happened there. and thousand of auto workers hitting the picket lines in michigan, the nation's largest union not backing down. what they're now demanding fro ♪
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off the production line and onto the picket line. this is new video of general motors auto workers in detroit who just started striking about 90 minutes ago. locked in talks over new contracts since july, just not making much progress. and now tens of thousands of employees are working off the job. it is now the biggest union strike in more than a decade. >> we are standing up for fair wages. we are standing up for affordable, quality health care. we are standing up for our share of the profits. >> the union wants higher pay, more job security and better benefits and gm says it's already offered improved wages and health care benefits. obviously not enough and the strike is on. tennessee titans versus indianapolis colts game had a fiery start. it was not because of the players. pyrotechnics erupted into flames right before kick off. you can see the result of that
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fire right there. luckily crews were able to put out that fire pretty quick. colts beat the titans with the score 19-17. schools cracking down on vaping. the hi-tech t
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recapping our top stories now, four firefighters are injured after a fire in a downtown san jose business. we've also learned crews found a body inside that store. investigators say the disgruntled customer or former employee set fire to that building. president trump making his way to it bay area this week as this is the first time he'll be visit visit as commander in chief. hez he's going to be here tuesday for a fund-raiser but the details of that visit being kept hush-hush. a bizarre police chase and stand off shutdown started about
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6:30. a driver went right bast road closure signs. the driver nearly hit a chp officer and then led police on a high-speed chase until traffic stopped him. the man wouldn't get out of the car. finally they had to setoff a plash bang it looked like. the standoff ended when the s.w.a.t. team used those nonlethal tactics. a man in a walker accidently fell on the tracks and got stuck. happened around 2:00 this afternoon at the balboa station. he's now at a trauma center we're told our last update is he's in critical condition. former raiders wide receiver antonio brown made his debut with the patriots today when he was released by the raiders. brown deplayed despite a woman coming forward last week claiming he had raped her. now the nfl plans to meet with her. she filed a lawsuit last week
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accusing brown of rape and sexual harassment. taylor says she will cooperate with the nfl and anyone else who wants to talk to her. brown has strongly denied all the accusations. his attorney says the two had a consensual relationship. a sad day for the many, many fans of the band "the cars." the lead singer has died at the age of 75. they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2018. described as the perfect combo of new wave and classic rock. the band had 13 top 40 singles in a career spanning the 1970s and '80s. okasich married for nearly 30 years although they separated in 2017. the cause of his death has not been released. hundreds of young people taking part in a unique health screening in danville today organized by the heart project, a san francisco non-profit whose mission is to reduce sudden
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cardiac arrest deaths in children. 10 to 12,000 children day every year from cardiac arrest in the united states and many of them appear perfectly healthy. organizers say with screenings like these parents should be on the look out for a few symptoms. >> if your children ever complain of shortness of breath or feel faint or pass out, don't chalk it up to just anxiety, go get them checked out. >> about 400 people from 10 to 25 years of age were screened for heart conditions. this is the heart project's 14th screening. so far they've identified more than 50 people who have heart defects. a celebration of mexican independence on the peninsula this evening. a red wood city courthouse square, fans with a giant fiesta. crowds chanted viva mexico as they tasted authentic mexican food from local restrupts and took part in a flag ceremony,
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live mariachi band music and a lot of dancing. >> very important for our community because through this reenactment we try to bring back a little bit of home into the peoples heart. >> the official holiday, by the way, is tomorrow december 16th but everyone is going to be working then. it celebrates the 1810 cry of independence which started as a revolt against the spaniards. and our sister station helped make this event possible. keep an eye out for counterfeit merchandise if you go to raiders game. i.c.e. and homeland security officers seized fake merchandise totaling about $11,000. officials say the best way to know if the items you buy are authentic whereby shop at authorized locations such as official team stores. now to the vaping epidemic. washington is not the only place taking action amid growing safety concerns. schools are cracking down as well trying to get e-cigarettes
1:35 am
ought of the hands of children. unlike cigarettes vaping is odorless. nbc's vicky winn is showing us how a hi-tech tool is helping schools take on this very real teen epidemic. >> reporter: on campuses across the country students vaping in schools escaping detection in bathrooms and locker rooms. recent numbers from the cdc show a startling rise. in the past year use in e-cigarettes of middle school students spiked 17%. and high schoolers up 78 ers p1 in 4 admitting they vape. in all some 3.6 million teens reporting they use electronic cigarettes. neck teen use by those under 25 can harm parts of the brain that control attention, learning, mood, memory and impulse control. and now the mysterious lung illness linked to vaping. hundreds of possible cases and six confirmed deaths. >> this is learning environment.
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they come to school to learn, not to vape. >> reporter: he's the principal on long island new york. while the staff is taking an innovative approach to solving this problem. people traditionally don't think of a middle school as a hotbed for vaping. >> in the last year there's been a higher number of reported use. >> reporter: obviously you can't have security cameras in here. so they're relying on this device to be their detective. it's called the fly scent vape detector. censors in the device alert school administrators when they detect vapor from an e cigarette. we hired two actors to help demonstrate how it works. even in the bathroom they're using vape pens that don't contain nicotine but the moment they release the vapor the principal receives a text on his
1:37 am
phone. so this happens instantly and what do you do next? >> so next we'll be able to send a responder to bring them to my office and then we'll begin an investigation. >> reporter: students tell me they've seen kids as young as sixth grade vaping on campus. how many have you seen other students vaping? is it hard for kids to report other kids when they see them vaping? do you feel like you're being a tattletale? >> there's immense peer pressure and kids will get mad at you if you tell someone? >> are any of you worried about your privacy? >> no, because the text if you're vaping or not. it's not like a camera or anything. >> how many of you think these censors are going to help cut down on the number of kids that are vaping on your campus? all of you do. >> reporter: derek peterson is the fly sense ceo. >> in our devices there's absolutely no cameras, no microphones, no recording. think of it as a smoke detector or fire alarm in a bathroom.
1:38 am
>> reporter: it's installed in a thousand schools across the country. the principal agrees. >> we want to assist in helping our students make the right choices, no vaping. coming up, it's a booming business in the real estate world, and for the last few years thousands of people have taken advantage of house flipping. it sounds so easy but you know what, tha
1:39 am
low interest rates, tight inventory and a strong economy have all been a boom to the thousands of people every year who flip homes buying and selling them for a quick profit. that could be about to change as we hear from scott cohen as
1:40 am
cnbc's american greed. >> reporter: house flipper scott made it look easy, but by 2014 he was in over his head and tried to keep his business going by lying to lenders and investors to the tune of $30 million. the story told on cnbc's "next american greed." >> everything that was tied to scott was taintsed with some sort of fraud, some sort of lies. >> reporter: experts say it's a cautionary tale for anyone playing the real estate market. it's easy to get overextended. flipping houses is risky. the hotter the housing market the riskier it can be. even riskier when the market hits it peak. >> we're certainly reaching the top of the bubble. >> reporter: smart flippers have enough money to weather the unexpected like renovations that go over budget or a slow down in the market, and they have a plan b. >> you should always have a backup plan to be able to
1:41 am
represent the home if you're not able to sell it for what you are expecting to pea able to sell it for. >> reporter:-good advice for traditional home buyers as well. there's still money to be made but proceed with caution. >> you can see how real estate reality star scott flipped his successal house flipping career into a web of lies. watch on all new episode of american dpregreed tomorrow 7:00 p.m. on cnbc. >> an inspiring heartwarming story. a little boy gets a second chance at life all thanks to a stranger and a facebook post. coming up next in our bay area proud segment. and we're seeing some fairly big changes in the weather right now. some drizzle around the bay area and rain showers. here looking off sheer the impact on tomorrow morning's
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sometimes facebook can save your life. tonight a story about an amazing gift from one stranger to another. garvin thomas explains how one post brought two families together. >> reporter: this is the story about a search for a kidney. the family of the boy who needed it said for the search they had to put a lot of faith in god, in the kindness of strangers and, well, facebook. we hear a lot these days about the ills of social media. but every once in a while in the
1:45 am
hands of someone like suzy leroy it can be just the opposite, a lifesaver. though suzy is much too modest about it. >> i'm just a piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: suzy is a mother of three. last fall she spotted a facebook post from a local mom desperate to find a kidney for her 2-year-old son. >> and just remember shaking my head, okay. >> reporter: suzy never really thought she'd be a match but getting tested seemed like a nice gesture. >> i never thought, oh, i'm going to be the one to donate the kidney. that was never my intention. i just was a mom, you know, out on social media thinking, man, that's -- you know, i want to be praying for them, i want to be following them and find out what happens. >> reporter: well, a lot of praying and testing later and suzy was a match. but still, could she really follow through with it? >> would i give a complete stranger my kidney?
1:46 am
would i do this? and i kind of figured, well, if it was my child of course i would do this. if it was my nephew, yes i would do this. and i went through my neighbor -- i was literally driving thinking all these people, if it was their son would i do it, yeah. >> reporter: so suzy messaged kaleb's parents with the good news. >> i was putting kaleb to bed when i saw that and instantly started crying because i was like who is this. >> getting to tell her was a great moment. i'll always remember that. >> reporter: kaleb had been born with a condition, one of his kidneys had already been removed and the second just about to fail when suzy came to the rescue. the surgery took place in may at lucile patrick medical stanford
1:47 am
and was a success. suzy and kaleb as you can imagine are no longer strangers. suzy now believing it never really was her kidney to begin with, she was just holding it for kaleb, waiting for a sign or in this case a post to let her know he needed it. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> couldn't be so cool when kaleb gets a bit older and understands the story a bit and gets to talk to that woman to say thank you so much. here with a crazy week coming up. >> hard to believe we were worried about heat on saturday. >> i was enjoying it. >> legitimate heat, nice evening for some. if you did want like the heat we've gone in completely the opposite direction. you've gotten drizzle and at times we think tomorrow some brief rain. right now our storm ranger picking up on some of the heavy mists falling in san francisco. but the regional radar view shows you more widespread echoes here offshore.
1:48 am
that's what we think is going to be sweeping midway through the commute which means areas of light rain and on the approach to the bay area should have just enough left to it to give us a chance of seeing the most widespread rain potentially since late in the spring. so that's the view. as you can see here the totals are coming down a bit. what typically happens with these weakening fronts is that most of the bigger rain totals are hung up here over the coastal hilltops, and that seems to be playing out here in our future cast and the timing of it should be late morning to maybe around lunchtime. here you go for the morning commute from midnight to about 6:00 a.m. you can see a few of those rain showers passing on by, and that may fall before you wake up tomorrow morning but you could encounter some wet roads which might be a little extra slick. and notice by noon areas san francisco northward kind of seeing the sunshine. what's left of the showers should start to push out by midafternoon. the evening commute looks just fine with breezy conditions, clearing skies that should take
1:49 am
us into tuesday. for the morning cloudy and should see the light rain. by the afternoon highs in the 70s closer to san francisco, tuesday a bit of break in the action. look what happens on wednesday, another early season trough dropping down the west coast at this point maybe not as far south so we might not see much south of san francisco but that will be the trend. and we'll see those temperatures trying to rebound a bit. for tomorrow we'll see a chance of light rain, drizzle already for san francisco. we'll get another chance on around wednesday. and notice the trend for the second half of the forecast, chance of north bay showers and clears on wednesday. i want to show you next weekend if you want the warmer weather, next weekend it looks like we're going to get there. back to coast, that forecast just for you, terry. last weekend, by the way of summer officially will be next weekend as fall arrives just
1:50 am
like that september 23rd next monday. but the upper air pattern trying to shift around a bit as we get closer to the start of fall. >> thanks very much. and still ahead the 49ers and 2 and 0 for the first time since the last time they went to the super bowl. highlights next.
1:51 am
1:52 am
all right, everybody, dave feldman here. it last time the 49ers started the season 2 and 0 with back-to-back wins on the road was in -- first quart game tied, second and four, jimmy garoppolo
1:53 am
with a short pass and he does the rest, 49 for the touch down. 259 rushing for the 49ers, their most as a team since 2014. so the offense was great, defense was pretty good, too. second quarter bangles have a second and five at the 46. yard line. but dalton feels all kinds of pressure and throws it where alexander is, he's on the wrong team. 49ers begin the season 2 and 0 for the first time since 2012. >> i thought our guys were juiced today and came out with a lot of energy. did want take us time to wake up. and when we did face adversity like the turn over, we got it right back and guys never blinked. >> everybody knows the ability jimmy has and he's shown it. it's a guy who has talent, who's played in games and shown everybody he can play at a high level. the more he's out there the better he'll get even he makes
1:54 am
mistakes and can learn from them. and being able to do that on the run game really helps be balanced and takes a little bit of pressure off in the past game and gets you a cleaner look. as a team they all did a lot better and obviously jimmy did, too. >> got after him early and got after him often. it makes everything easier when they own the last scrimmage like that. those guys dominated up front. you've got to tip your hat to those guys. >> chiefs and raiders in oakland. first quarter raiders up 3-0. derek carr, zips one down the middle to wide open, terrell williams for a 4-yard touch down. raiders extend their lead to 10-0. patrick mahomes was brilliant, brief and connecting with the rookie. kansas city takes a 14-10 lead. chiefs go onto win 28-10.
1:55 am
raiders are one and one. >> a barrage of plays in about a five minute period that really turned this game around. it's a diffilt game on a short week for us. i'm proud of our team. we did not quit. we turned the ball over a couple of times in the second half. we had some pre-snap penalties on both sides thatre inexcusable. we had a break down in one coverage i know that, but a couple of those were just incredible throws and catches also. you've got to tip your hat to them. we let mahomes move around back there and cot his arm. and when he gets an turnt to do that he can drop them no matter where they are. but i tip my hat to them and got to do a better job next time. >> it raiders head to minnesota next sunday. and on the diamond giants and a's both winners on sun
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
we're following breaking news out of vallejo. massive flames shooting out of this building. firefighters say this is the old commissary building. firefighters on the scene trying to put out those flames. right now it's not clear how that fire started. firefighters trying to knock it down. we'll bring you updates online and today in the bay starts at 4:30 goes to 7:00. we'll have the latest on that fire and all the day it was news. thanks for joining us. have a great night and a great week.
1:59 am
2:00 am
this sunday, the democratic divide. joe biden -- >> for a socialist you've got a lot more cfidence in corporate america than i do. >> -- faces off against leaders of the party's progressive wing. >> i've actually never met anybody who likes their health insurance company. >> i who wrote the damn bill if i may say so. >> at the top of the democratic field, with trailing candidates still trying to break into the top tier. this morning i'll talk to former texas congressman beto o'rourke. >> hell yes we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. >> and senator cory booker. >> we have systemic racism that is eroding our nation from


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