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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 16, 2019 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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this strike is about us. it's about standing up for fair wages. >> we believe that we presented a strong offer to the uaw. >> on strike more than 50,000 general motors workers are now on strike as of midnight economy, and what it means for you. locked and loaded. president trump issues a stark military warning in response to the attacks on saudi oil facilities as prices spike right now. we're live in the region new details in the brett kavanaugh controversy, but how much did authorities already know and later today, the woman who alleges that she was raped by the informal's antonio brown
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will reportedly meet with league officials later today. well, remember lead singer of the rock group the cars dead at the ageof 75 and here comes humberto. the latest atlantic hurricane is churning big-time as we kick off your week. "early today" starts right now good monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm gigi stone-woods. we begin with some breaking news one of the biggest union strikes in more than a decade has kicked off. members of the united auto workers union at general motors. the largest automaker in the u.s. walking off the job, arguing that the employees are not making enough while the company brings in billions there are concerns this morning about the economic toll this protest could take nbc's jo ling kent has more. >> reporter: nearly 50,000 general motors workers at 31 plants across the country will walk off the job >> this strike is about us it's about standing up for fair wages. >> reporter: gm argued it
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presented workers with a solid new contract >> we believe that we presented a strong offer to the uaw. >> reporter: according to gm, that offer included over $7 billion in investments, and more than 5400 jobs but the union fired back saying they want better pay and lower health care costs after gm turned $35 billion in profits in north america over the last three years. >> what we're asking of general motors is simple and fair. >> reporter: it could cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. the 2007 strike lasted for two days and cost the automaker more than $300 million each day >> the stakes are high for both sides. >> reporter: the work stoppage comes just after the justice department implicated both current and former union leaders in a growing scandal involving the misuse of union money, including on a new year's eve steak dinner with crystal, costing over $6,500. >> i think some of this is the
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uaw leadership proving to its rank and file membership that it is negotiating in their best interests. >> our thanks to jo ling kent for that report. breaking news overnight. purdue pharma hasfiled for bankruptcy as the maker of oxycontin tries to protect itself from mounting lawsuits the move part of a tentative settlement purdue reached last week with states and local governments suing the company for its role in the opioid epidemic but the fight is far from over for the sackler family who owns the company. about half of the states have not yet signed on to the deal, arguing that the $12 billion payout is too low. several plans to fight the settlement and take the sacklers to court the bankruptcy means purdue will likely be removed from the first opioid trial scheduled to start in cleveland on october 21st oil crisis in the middle east after coordinated drone strikes cut into global energy supplies in saudi arabia president trump responded saying the u.s. is locked and loaded,
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claiming they know who the culprit is secretary of state mike pompeo blamed iran, but they're denying any responsibility instead, yemen houthi rebels are taking credit for the strike, saying they launched the attack with ten drones. joining us from tel aviv is nbc's chief foreign correspondent bill neely bill, what does this mean for negotiations with iran, these escalating tensions in the gulf? >> yes, good morning, gigi well, president trump tweeted that reports that he was willing to meet iran and talk to them without conditions are incorrect, but in fact he didn't rule out talks and on another tweet he didn't name iran. that was a rather threatening tweet saying there is reason to believe we know the culprit. we are locked and loaded depending on verification, but we're waiting to hear from saudi arabia as to who they believe was the cause of this attack and under what terms we would proceed.
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so certainly a veiled threat, a veiled military threat there from the president the u.s.'s mike pompeo has blamed iran for the attack on the oil facility iran has rejected this saying the u.s. is going from maximum pressure to maximum deceit saudi arabia obviously trying desperately to work out who was responsible. it was clearly a sophisticated attack the question is would yemeni rebels be capable of that? is it much more likely that iran was guilty whoever did this, there has been an overnight spike in oil prices up in the first hour by about 10%, and it's still there. that will obviously be passed on to the consumer. gas prices will go up. the president has released oil from the strategic reserve to try to keep prices down. but i think you will see an increase at the pumps. and the big question now is when the president says locked and loaded, what exactly will that mean going forward gigi >> yes, worrisome indeed
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bill neely, thank you for joining us supreme court justice brett kavanaugh facing new scrutiny this morning over allegations of sexual misconduct from his time at yale. nbc news has confirmed there was another alleged incident reported to the fbi last year but that it was not investigated now several democratic presidential candidates are calling for his removal from the bench. nbc's kelly o'donnell has more >> reporter: a divisive political fire re-ignited around supreme court associate justice brett kavanaugh. surrounding allegations that he denies a drunken sexual misconduct as a student in the 1980s against christine blasey ford an others. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever sexual assault is horrific >> reporter: a new book out tuesday examines past accusations against kavanaugh, describing witnesses who say they were not interviewed by the
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fbi beforekavanaugh's senate confirmation nbc news reported on claims made by deborah ramirez that kavanaugh exposed himself. the authors say in an exclusive interview to air in the third hour of the "today" show that they got further corroboration. >> with deborah ramirez, we had seven corroborating source, including two classmates from ramirez and kavanaugh's year at yale who remembered hearing about the event. >> reporter: and a separate allegation now made public nbc news confirms the book's reporting there was another alleged instance of kavanaugh exposing himself in college, which the fbi did not investigate. 2020 democrats called for kavanaugh's removal with multiple democratic candidates calling for kavanaugh's impeachment. >> impeachment is something you can look at, but you got to get the documents to be able to prove the case. >> reporter: president trump invokes justice kavanaugh at most rallies. >> boy did he get treated badly. >> reporter: and delivered a fierce defense on twitter.
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#, protectkavanaugh. brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel when does it stop? they're trying to influence his opinions can't let that happen. a little more background on this additional allegation. at least some members of the senate judiciary committee were aware of this last year before confirmation it's just being made publicly known now. we also reached out to justice kavanaugh through the court, and he declined comment. senate majority leader republican mitch mcconnell also spoke out on twitter saying he expects to see the service of justice kavanaugh on the bench for years to come. and implicit in that he doesn't expect any effort to impeach him will be successful frances? >> all right kelly o'donnell for us, thank you, kelly "the new york times" issued a correction overnight noting the female student he allegedly exposed himself to declined to be interviewed, and friends say she does not recall the incident as the league investigates the rape and sexual assault
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allegations against antonio brown, the superstar wide receiver made his debut, playing for the new england patriots in miami. the nfl is set to meet with brown's accuser later today. brittany taylor says she will cooperate with investigators meanwhile, brown's attorney tells the ap they're planning to countersue on tuesday. morgan chesky has the latest. >> reporter: the most talked about player in the league happy to let his play do the talk. catching tom brady's first three passes and throwing in a touchdown for good measure facing allegations of rape, antonio brown made his patriots debut, giving many fans exactly what they wanted. >> this is awesome i love antonio brown i mean, i'm glad he is on the patriot, obviously he is a great player >> reporter: the star wide receiver playing after being sued by former trainer brittany taylor, who accused brown of sexual assault on three separate occasions. brown able to play under nfl rules since the suit's in civil
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court, and no criminal charges have been filed. >> we don't know if he's innocent we don't know if he's guilty we don't me anything as far as the end result of this so as long as he is eligible, he is going to play. >> reporter: brown's attorney says he denies each and every allegation in the lauit. the nfl now fast tracking their investigation, interviewing both parties, starting with brown's accuser on monday. after the game, the wide receiver was first into the locker room and out, not making any public statements. his new team stressing despite the controversy, the focus remains on food. >> it is what it is. we can't control what ever is talking:00, but we can control what we're talk about. what we've been talking about all week is the miami dolphins. >> one week there is a lot of things we can work on. >> reporter: right now is reporting that two people with direct knowledge of this incident say that brown and his accuser brittany taylor have been nelging for months to try to reach some sort of settlement and when that failed is when
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taylor decided to take these allegations public >> thank you the nfl rolled through week two, but first to atlanta for the battle of the birds. eagles and falcons on sunday night football the falcons take flight in the fourth quarter this fourth down pass soars in a long game-winning touchdown. the falcons clip the eagles win. atlanta win, 24-20 there are qb concerns in new orleans and pittsburgh this morning. saints quarterback drew brees did not return to the game after a rams defender smashes his hand brees is staying behind in l.a. to see a hand specialist and the nfc championship rematch to the rams 27-9 and it looks like trouble for the steelers as ben roethlisberger hurts his elbow on a throw he wouldn't return to the game after a noncontact injury. seahawks take advantage and win 28-26. things got off to a fiery
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start in tennessee a pyrotechnic machine used to introduce the titans, look at it, it caught fire before the game nobody was hurt and an employee was able to put it out but the blaze left quite a mark near the sidelines and let's look at some fantasy football standouts it is very rare a defense is a top scoring fantasy option, but the patriots wrack up tons of points patrick mahomes was on fire and lamar jackson put up his second straight huge fantasy performance. and now for a look at hurricane humberto with nbc meteorologist janessa webb janessa, what's going on >> we have a big storm system that has gained strength over the weekend. we've been talking about it all weekend long it was a tropical storm here now it has strengthened. it's over a large body of water where temperatures are in the mid-80s here and so that rapid intensification phase is really going to continue to happen. now the great news here, we're not going to see landfall in any
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sho shore areas really impacted by humberto sustained winds of 75 miles per hour moving out of the northeast at 3 miles per hour. but watching the track south today upper midwest, look at that, the upper 90s. so we're at the peak of hurricane season here. the good news with this storm system well offshore. >> we like saying that, the good news part of that system thank you, janessa we now turn to the wnba play-offs. the las vegas aces have made into it the semifinals after this nail biting moment. >> that's a dangerous pass >> the aces were down two points against the chicago sky with less than 10 seconds left on the clock when dearica hamby made
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that game-winning shot just ahead, british prime minister boris johnson hulks out. and remembering a rock legend a look back at the incredible life of the cars singer ric ocasek, next up. stay with us 'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life.
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which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. ♪ uh-oh it's marriage it's magi when i'm with you ♪ >> breaking news out of new york rock & roll hall of fame r ric ocasek has died. they found him unresponsive in a manhattan town house sunday afternoon. no word on cause of death. ocasek founded the cars in boston in 1976 the group has 13 top 40 singles, including "my best friend's girl," "good times roll" and "just what i needed. the cars were inducted into the hall of fame just last year. fans like billy idol, bette
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midler, all paid tribute to the singer on social media ric ocasek did at the age of 75. leading the news, avengers star mark ruffalo is throwing major shade at british prime minister boris johnson after he used a metaphor to compare both himself and brexit to the incredible hulk. johnson said hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound he seemed to be, and that's the case for this country. well, ruffalo, who stars as the hulk said in part boris johnson forgets that the hulk only fights for the good of the whole. the hulk works best when he is in unison with a team. ruffalo getting into politics here >> yes. all right, police in england are trying to solve a major case of lavatory larceny. it is a fully functional golden toilet there it is. it was stolen from blenheim palace over the weekend. burglars broke in overnight and ripped the art installation out
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of the wall, causing significant flooding the 18 karat commode is valid at more than $5 million it was previously housed a the guggenheim museum in new york city a man has been arrested in connection with the theft of the toilet has yet to be found i hope that golden throne is not being used >> had their eye on it wow. still ahead, winter comes for the creative eysmm "game of thrones" reigns supreme at the awards ceremony, next on "early today." back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics (bubbles popping) and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. panera's new warm grain full of flavor, color,.
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nike's most polarizing at featuring colin kaepernick really paid off. snagging an emmy for outstanding commercial at the 2019 creative arts emmy awards it was released last year just days before the start of the nfl season. >> the award honored some of the best and brightest one of the biggest winner, "game of thrones." the hbo show won ten emmys, including best special visual effects and outstanding stunt coordination one of the most honored people in tv history, norman leer became the oldest person ever to win an emmy award, setting the record at 97 years in 49 days. he won the variety special award for abc's "all in the family." bradley whitford won for his
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oh, that is a heartwarming moment students greeted their classmate who just returned from visiting the bahamas where he survived hurricane dorian the 3-year-old's mother says her son thinks of dorian as a monster, and now he has nightmares but she says the storm inspired him to be brave. he put on his spider-man vest and said i have to go save the children so out of something that's so, so tough and horrible to happen to a family, at least we see this >> and how sweet that all his friends were there to support him. now it often feels like there is nothing more fleeting than the days of summer
3:27 am
but joe fryer found something even more beautiful that's even more temporary oregon's windswept shoreline is spunning enough to be the star of a painting. but on this day, the coast is the canvas >> i'll tell you what, i'm going to put a big meander out here. >> reporter: and bennie is the starstruck artist. so what you making >> it's called my dream field. it's one continuous path, no dead ends, no returns. >> reporter: denny descends on the shoreline in the early morning hours, joined by volunteers who help bring his labyrinth to life. >> hi, i'm linda. >> hi, linda. >> reporter: he calls the project circles in the sand. he does it about 60 times a year. >> where i work, it's a tough office, but somebody's got to do it. >> reporter: within two hours, the artwork is finished, but it's not just for admiring >> so we just want you to share as much love as you possibly can. >> reporter: denny wants visitors to walk through his
3:28 am
creation the entire labyrinth is about 200 yards wide, but the path winding through it is actually half a mile long >> it just gives you such a feeling of peace and comfort leave your troubles on the sand. >> reporter: and that's why denny does it. >> at first i thought i was tricking people into meditating, but i think they're wise to me by now what did you think >> that was amazing. i cried when i walked up and saw this. >> reporter: why >> why it's so beautiful. it's such an act of love >> reporter: visitors realize they better hurry. sands move quickly through this hourglass. within a few hours, the rising tide will wash it all away is there ason in that? is there something we can take way from the fact that this does wash away and you do it again? >> every hour is a new hour. every day is a new day the past doesn't really affect us this is here right now it's beautiful >> reporter: a grain of wisdom washing up on the tranquil
3:29 am
coast. joe fryer, nbc news, bandon, oregon >> i love that teaching you to you enjoy.e moment and make sure >> a meditational trans. just looking at those are cool thanks
3:30 am
no deal. workers at some 31 general motors plants are now officially on strike. it is the biggest american work stoppage in over a dozen years we've got the latest. oil prices spike as world leaders watch and wait to see what president trump does after warning the u.s. is locked and loaded following attacks on saudi oil fields. then fat shaming on a grand scale as one late night host attacks another in a back-and-forth that's starting a national conversation. plus oxycontin maker purdue pharma files for bankruptcy overnight. we'll have the latest. i wa


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