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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 16, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. gridlock after two trugs collide in the east bay. the story all morning long here on "today in the bay." we're live with more on the back-up and how to get around it. >> plus for the first time in months, rain fell across parts of bay area this morning. it made for a messy commute. there is a live look at radar. kari hall is tracking that as you could see the system starts to move out. good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura and marcus are off today. we start with the delays in the major artery. live team coverage as nbc bay area's roz plater is live near
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the scene and mike is tracking it. >> that is right. we've had quite an impact all morning. look at this. we still have northbound 680 from behind my name coming around the bend and this is the washington urban area. folks know that is where you turn the corner and come up toward the scene of the closure. folks heading toward mission and then taking up now canyon roadway, that is still jammed up. 680 jammed up. two lanes closed because of the spill. we still have the jam through castro valley through eastbound 580. if this doesn't clear in the next hours we'll have a problem because the commute starts at about 2:00 p.m. and all morning roz plater has been out there. what is the latest and the hope? >> reporter: well traffic is flowing. you could see that behind me here. a couple of lanes are open now but this is been almost a seven-hour nightmare here that started just before the morning commute.
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the worst possible time. let's show you video from the crash. all of this happened around 2:00 this morning. now here is what the chp tells us. a big rig lost control and struck the median and blocked the lanes of 680 and minutes later a second rig carrying fuel crashed into the first truck and punctured the tank and spilled fuel on the roadway. hazmat started the clean-up in the rain. traffic was backed up for miles leaving drivers stuck in cars and trucks for however. they couldn't get to work and some couldn't even get back home. >> going back to stockton, i work in san francisco as an uber driver. >> so you've worked all night. >> work all night. hopefully this will end and two more hours because i can't wait two more hours. i don't know -- this is horrible. >> it is hazmat so they have to take precautions to make sure -- >> absolutely. >> any kind of fuel that enters the dirlt -- dirt has to be
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cleaned to make it safe for motorists. it is a big job for sure. >> reporter: now that job was complicated by the rain which is pouring here for most of the time so it is difficult to contain and clean up that spill. chp also investigating whether or not the rain-slick roads might have played a part in the crash. we'll know more about that a little bit later. good news, only bumps and bruises for the folks involved in the accident. no major injuries and again at least two lanes open now. traffic flowing behind me here on 680 northbound. live in sunol, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. as soon as that accident happened, we sent out a push alert on the nbc bay area app. you could download that for -- for free to get updates. an 11-year-old boy was killed and his brother hospitalized after a boat accident near angel island. this happened around 7:00 last night. both were thrown overboard into open water. during the recovery the boat hit them. this is according to the marin
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i.j., the father was arrested for operating the boat under the influence. his bail has been set at a million dollars. it is not clear if either of his sons were bearing life jackets. happening now, the first rain of the season, now you see it is moving out of the bay area. live look outside at san jose and at the radar there. just checked with pg&e and there are still power outages, including at cal state east bay hayward campus. meteorologist kari hall is tracking this forecast. more rain than i thought we were going to get. you're not surprised but you said a little rain and there is a lot. >> yeah. so most of the bay area had about a tenth of an inch, up to about a quarter of an inch but in mt. diablo close to half an inch of rain so it is a good soaker as it continues to move through, we're now seeing some cooler air rolling in. look at that at the bottom of the screen. it is only 65 degrees and you compare the difference now to where we were on friday at this time. we were heading toward the triple-digits. this is helping to cool this off
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and then also brought in nice summer rain. so we're going to see this moving on out. but the rest of the day is clearing. and we are also going to be watching out for that chance of thunderstorms over parts of the central valley. but we're seeing those rain chances going down here. so as we get a closer look, still clouds across the south bay and the south county but the weather will continue to improve for the afternoon. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up in the full microclimate forecast. drivers in the bay area had to take it slow because of the rain. the conditions were pretty slick on the morning commute. nbc bay area's sharon katsuda is live in san francisco where it rained for about an hour and i know you said you saw folks hitting the brakes. >> reporter: that is right, kris. it is still crisp and cool out here. and take a look. this rain did not last long. only about an hour here. it started at about 6:30 and it was enough to take driver's attention and a night break from
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the heat. >> caught me off guard and i'm glad i have the cover to protect myself. >> reporter: jorge chavez was glad to hear the rain packed and it would warm up again. others would prepare for a quick change in weather wearing hoods and enjoying the pitter patter of rain. >> the rain makes the city cleaner. i did have that thought as i walked down the hill. i saw the hill where you could see the whole city and it is really beautiful. >> reporter: jeremy silver had to be careful on his motorcycle with oil not mixing well with freshwater and he is looking forward to a change in weather. >> it feels nice. it is cool. the summer has been baking so i'm excited for fall. >> reporter: at at very least this is a good chance for drivers to get ready for the upcoming rainy season. and check their windshield wipers to make sure everything is running properly. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area
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news. >> nice to see that sunshine now. thank you very much, sharon. as you head out of the door. >> make sure to follow kari on facebook and twitter and instagram for on the go updates. an attack in the middle east in the saudi desert having a global effect as nbc's bill neely reports, a drone attack on saudi air oil refineries could mean higher gas prices and even a u.s. military strike. >> reporter: the fallout from the attack on the world's biggest oil production facility is growing. it is still unclear who did it but new satellite photos show multiple pinpoint attacks amid a plume of black smoke. secretary of state mike pompeo said iran is to blame. but offered no evidence. president trump didn't name iran, but tweeted what appears to be a threat of military action. warning, there is reason to believe we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification but waiting to hear from saudi arabia after who they
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believe is the cause of this attack and under what terms we would proceed. iran denies involvement. the foreign minister accusing the u.s. of moving from maximum pressure to maximum deceit. iranian-backed rebels from yemen released this propaganda video claiming ten of their drones hit the facility. president trump suggested he was open to talks with iran. >> i could tell you that iran wants to meet. >> reporter: the first opportunity in new york in just over a week when world leaders meet at the u.n. so rising military tension and rising gas prices. the soil price surged 10% overnight. one analyst telling nbc news, gas at the pumps could rise 25 cents a gallon. the president releasing oil reserves if needed for the first time in eight years to keep oil flowing at home. >> it is extraordinary. this was the biggest single hit ever on global oil supply.
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but the big question this morning is a military one. what will president trump do now as he says the u.s. is locked and loaded and who will the saudis blame. so far they have another named nor blamed their arch enemy iran. bill neely, nbc news, in the middle east into new details now. lawyers for one of two marin county teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer are dropping a request for a release. the teen on the right gabriel natalie is behind bars for his alleged role. his legal team said they need more time to study new evidence. police say he assaulted one officer while his friend finnegan lee elder stabbed another officer several times, killing him. both teenagers graduated from tamalpais high school last year and they said they didn't know the plain clothes officers were police. san jose police investigating a murder in the allen rock neighborhood. a shooting overnight near this
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convenience store along allen rock avenue new stewart just after midnight. first responders found a man in the road but couldn't save the victim. deputies say he died at the scene. investigators are not giving us much information about the shooter but say the suspect may be driving a dark-colored suv. we're still looking -- working to learn the identity of a person found dead during a chaotic fire at a san jose adult entertainment store on east santa clara street. authities say someone, possibly armed, entered the store and started setting fires. once firefighters put out the flames, they discovered a body on the floor. now it is not clear who that was. but we understand it wasn't the man setting the fires. investigators say the man who triggered the kayot w-- chaos ws a disgruntled customer or former employee and told to leave. the flames quickly spread forcing people on the second floor and surrounding businesses to evacuate. >> they went in and there was
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smoke just pouring out. and it was solid. >> it is scary because we don't know how fast it will spread. >> police won't say how the person found dead may be connected to the incident. san jose mayor said three of the four firefighters injured in the fire have been released from the hospital. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused this fire at the former island shipyard commissary building. they tweeted out this video novato. the fire started around 10:30 last night and it took about three hours for firefighters to put it out. the shipyard is a national historic landmark and was the first u.s. naval base on the west coast. firefighters say there was a known homeless encampment in the building. off the production line and on to the picket line. next on nbc bay area, the demands that gm workers are making as they go on strike. plus meeting with the nfl. the woman accusing star wide
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receiver wide receiver expected to talk to the nfl today. and the traffic impact oracle will have in san francisco and what you need to know to avoid commute headaches.
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...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. welcome back. happening today, national football league executives will meet with the woman who recently accused tar wide receiver antonio brown of sexual assault and rape. brown made his debut yesterday with new england, the team he signed with shortly after the raiders granted his request to be released. last week brown's former trainer brittany taylor filed a civil suit. she claims he sexually assaulted and raped her several times over two years during his time in pittsburg. brown calls it consensual. police say the victim never told
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them about the alleged crime. happening now, nearly 50,000 auto workers are now on strike at dozens of gm factories all across the country and it could be the largest walk-out for gm workers in more than a decade. nbc's ann thompson has the latest from detroit. >> reporter: factory workers walking off the job at 31 plants nationwide. angry that the company they say has not made a good-ith coract offer. after the union helped lift it from bankruptcy in 2008 to nearly $12 billion in profits last year. in a highly unusual move, gm made the offer public. promising $7 billion in investments, including eight facilities in four states. 5400 jobs, wage or lump sum increases in each of the four years of the proposed contract and solutions for some of the unallocated plants. but union leadership said the current offer doesn't do enough
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for the workers. >> we're standing up for our share of the profits. >> reporter: the strike comes as the union faces troubles of its own. a federal corruption probe with current and former leaders. the justice department investigating alleged embezzling of hundreds of thousands of union dollars that includes a nearly $6,600 steak dinner complete with four bottles of kristol, the champagne alone totaling more than $1,700. depending on how long this strike lasts, it could cost gm a lot of money. during the last strike in 2007 it is estimated that work action cost gm some $300 million a day and it only lasted two days. the two sides are back at the negotiating table today. i'm ann thompson in detroit, now back to you. on capitol hill new allegations of sexual misconduct
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against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. a new book by two "new york times" reporters summarized in an op-ed claims cavanaugh exposed himself to a woman 30 years ago but however shortly after the op-ed was published "the new york times" updated to reveal the woman who was assaulted declined to be interviewed and friends say she doesn't remember the incident. nonetheless some presidential candidates are calling for impeachment and others are more cautious. >> you special counsel to get the documents to prove the case. >> if the facts lead us there, i think impeachment is on the table. >> the other key revelation in all of this, the fbi was aware of the allegations, but did not investigate. this despite the fact that was asked to investigate by congress ahead of the confirmation hearing. you may recall christine blasey ford a palo alto native claimed brett kavanaugh assaulted her when they were teenagers.
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breet has denied any conduct. and president trump is making his way to the bay area. the first time he's visiting as president. he'll be here tomorrow for a fundraiser. but the details of the visit are being kept quite hush-hush. the markets are lower this morning. the dow industrial falling about 100 points on that news of the oil -- strike on the oil refinery in saudi arabia. general motors is down about 3%. we talked about the strike earlier. the fcc is asking cell phone companies to detail how they plan to continue service when pg&e shuts off electricity because of extreme fire danger. the press democrat reports that letters were sent to all major carriers including at&t, sprint and verizon and that they have committed to study communications during disasters. the fcc is asking for specific details on theontingency plan and it is asking for those responses within ten days. drivers in san francisco could brace or should brace themselves for extra traffic
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this week. oracle open world begins today as we reported earlier. four-day tech event happens at moscone center, 60,000 people will be there and howard street will remain open, some lanes and surrounding streets could be closed. event organizers are urging drivers to use alternate routes between 7:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the evening. the conference lasts through thursday. we have visitors to san francisco. and what kind of weather will they see? they saw rain. people from other parts of the country didn't think that was -- >> they're like, oh, okay. >> what is this? what is this rain stuff? >> but it is going to be nice the rest of the day. so that is the good thing. for the rest of the afternoon, this storm system moving on out of here. and it was pretty much a quick one and done as it moves toward the central valley and watch out for the potential of them getting thunderstorms bu-- but r us lingering clouds behind the system thousand bringing us cooler air and we're only in the mid-60s as we still see a few
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clouds across the south bay. and then outside in san francisco, shaping up to be shally beautiful but i wanted to you how much rain we measured. this is the first time we've had measurable rain since may 26th. well santa rosa got about a tenth of an inch of rain. less in brentwood and san francisco, about .7 and berkeley hills .3 and concord about .10 and los gatos about a quarter inch and half an inch for mt. diablo and then in livermore at about a tenth of an inch. more in half moon bay and in san jose a tenth of an inch. so we normally don't get a whole lot of rain in the month of september so it is nice to see. into the rest of the afternoon, santa teresa will see temperatures cooler than normal. we should be hitting the low 80s but nowhere near there for downtown san jose. reaching 74 degrees. 77 in gilroy. for the east bay reaching into the mid-70s today. and then for palo alto expect a
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high of 73. mostly 60s in san francisco. so do you have to keep your jacket on all day and then in santa rosa up to about 76 degrees. we'll have more changes as we go through the week. there will be another storm system moving into the pacific northwest which will help reinforce this cool air but may also bring another shot for the north bay to see rain on wednesday. so i'll be watching out for that. and then once that passes, we'll start to get more warmer air moving in for the weekend. we'll start off the week with mid-70s and then the chance of rain on wednesday but other than that it looks good. a lot of sunshine. and then by thursday in the low 80s. some upper 80s by the weekend. so we're going back to summer and not done with the warm temperatures just yet. while san francisco mostly in the 60s this week will have at times gusty winds. and then over to mike, still tracking the changes for the traffic alert. >> that is right. unfortunately not much of a change except 680 is more crowded now. i think some folks held off in
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the morning thinking the lanes must be clear by now but they are not so we are jammed up from mission boulevard all the way up 680, all the way up to vargas. that fuel spill still blocks the right lanes and we have no update from which chp hopes to reopen or when they think they will reopen. we're still seeing slowing off niles canyon roadway and that could be a huge issue as the morning continues into the afternoon where we typically see this section start to build getting in toward the tri-valley. as early as 2:00 for slowing on some days so we'll watch this build. this may again send more folks up north, 880 and through castro valley where it is still slow. late for the back-up but folks did take the re-route to avoid the blackup and north 680 closed for four miles of back-up approaching vargas. back to you. >> thank you. warriors star steph curry is secretly on the move. next on nbc bay area, not changing teams. looking inside of his new
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multimillion-dollar home. but first happening now, purdue pharma has filed for bankruptcy. collapsing under the weight of thousands of lawsuits alleging the company helped fuel the nation's opioid crisis. last week the maker of oxycontin struck a tentative deal to resolve cases with two dozen states as well as lawyers for 2,000 cities and counties and others. several other states are opposed or haven't committed to the deal. we're back after the break.
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you could always find us on social media. this is what i posted last week. damian trujillo's wife sent me hats and chili peppers, if you know you know. and follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. trending now, it is off-season for warriors' star steph curry and he and his wife brought a new property. according to variety magazine they purchased an off market home for $31 million in june. ever since his arrival in the bay area he's lived in the east bay closer to oracle, maybe no surprise he's relocating across the bay with the warriors playing in the san francisco chase center. kelly clarkson is starting week two and welcoming a big name in pop music. >> former coach of the voice christina aguilera and that is a job kelly now has.
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both music divas agree no matter how famous they get, their kids bring them down to earth. >> my daughter will be like, shh, trying to sleep. >> my daughter does that to me. let's sing and then go, shhh. >> the hand to me too. >> and i'm like, people pay for this. >> give me the hand. >> they don't care. it is kind of awesome. >> don't forget to catch the kelly clarkson show at 3:00. kelly is pulling double duty because after that she goes on to the "ellen" show. remember if you can't be home, set your dvr. a check of weather with kari. rain has moved away. >> so we're going to be heading outside this afternoon to enjoy sunshine and highs in the mid-70s and then look at the bottom of the screen, only at 65 now. i'm excited about the cool weather because it is going to put me -- put me in the food for fall. >> it is that time of year. >> thanks for joining us. our next news cast is at 5:00.
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right now on "california live," you think you had a good weekend. well look who kim's hanging out with. >> hey, california live, welcome to the international gala. and then malou is blowing it up in the bay with mr. science. >> whacky science. we're having fun with mr. science. and ladies, get your butts up. red brick is in the house and she has a booty body challenge for all of us. plus agt funny man finalist shares his special brand of humor. >> that will help you lose weight in a hurry. >> if you were fortunate to be born with wrists. >> and beware. one of the stars of the righteous gemstones has a warning just


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