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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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border. >> president trump set to arrive in the next few hours after a rally in new mexico. his message on immigration and the oil attacks in saudi arabia. back in court, the updates we could get today on the condo attack. what is the difference betweenosol and vapor? >> what doctors are saying as they take new steps to stop an illness outbreak that claimed the life of a california man. today in the bay continues right now. a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we're getting you started with your day with a look at the commute coming up in a bit. first, we want to get a look at the forecast. >> it looks really great today. a live look as you get drid to head out the door. a lot of sunshine.
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but still it's going to keep it cool. we're going to be in the upper 40s in santa rosa and in napa. it's a cool start to the day with low 60 nz san francisco and 57 in the south bay. these temperatures are about 17 degrees cooler now compared to yesterday when you stepped you the door in napa. and heading up to 81 degrees today. so slightly warmer. we'll start out cool, warm up, but still be a really comfortable day. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead. mike, you're getting out on the roads with some minor issues. >> nothing major like yesterday. although over in the trivalley, 680. and the commute 680, livermore, that slows a tad bit. getting off 680 on to 84, that's right by presidethe nursery the.
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so we'll track that one part of that off ramp. had an early slowdown. the crashes are on the shoulder. a distraction. everything after that is just flying. back to you. happening today the homeless man accused in a violent attack will be back in court. >> reporter: good morning, all eyes will be on the issue of homelessness in san francisco. earlier today, we drove by this area and we saw more homeless there in the area going through the trash and sleeping on benches. the attack was caught on camera and went viral. police say the surveillance video shows him pushing the woman to the ground in the lobby of her building. this is next door to a navigation center that's being built despite protests from neighbors.
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the attorneys allowed him on bail, but the judge will see it a as a public safety risk. vincent will be back in court for the preliminary hearing at 9:00. reporting live, today in the bay. >> thank you. it's 6:03 right now. housing and urban development secretary ben carson will be in san francisco this morning. the trump administration focuses on the homeless problem. >> president trump will be arriving in the bay area in a few hours. here's a live look for you where the president will land. protesters say they intend to follow. this comes after trump held a campaign rally last night. tracie potts is live for us with more on the pitch to latino voters. >> reporter: it was in new mexico, a very greblue state wh it comes to politics, but a very
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green state when it comes to dealing with oil. this is a state that relies heavily on oil and natural gas production and given what's happening in the middle east right now, president trump is hoping to make that link and get them thinking about their economy when they vote. >> we will win the great state of new mexico. >> reporter: no republican has done that since 2004. president trump last night going after latino voters here ep hoping they will not only support a border wall. >> they don't want criminals coming across the border. >> he's hoping they will vote with their wallet. >> democrats want to completely annihilate new mexico's economy. >> oil rich new mexico watched oil prices spike 15% after saturday's attack on the largest processing facility in south
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dakota rab. the u.s. blames iran b, but democrats caution the president to back off his locked and loaded response. >> this is once again a little bit of a ram bow attitude that's really risky. >> we have no interest in getting involved. >> it would be a blunder of colossal proportions. >> the white house says military and other options are on the table, but first the president the wants proof iran launch ed the drone that started the fire. the u.s. is sure, but the british are not. they deny they are behind these attacks. a source familiar with the evidence that the u.s. has collected, including imagery, says that it's compelling and the understanding is that the administration may release that evidence, may declassify it at
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the united nations next week. back to you. >> we'll be watching for that. >> president trump will be here nor the area for his first visit since taking office. bob redell is live for us where air force one will land at 6:30. it's 6:06. new trouble for antonio brown who is the focus of new sexual misconduct accusations in a "sports illustrated" article. that's where female artists claim he walked up to her naked hold iing just a small land clo. brown hired her to paint a puerile at his home. she says she's not pursuing charges and doesn't want any money. an editor at the magazine says despite the claims, brown likely will not face disciplinary action from the nfl at this point without a criminal case against him.
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>> the attorney released a statement denying new claims. the nfl investigators met yesterday with another woman accusing brown of raping her. brown made his debut sunday with the patriots. state health leaders confirming a a central california man has died from complicated due to e-cigarettes. the man's death is the 7th nationwide being connected to vaping. and the announcement comes as the governor just issued an executive order to spend $20 million on raising awareness. this morning they are answering questions about how vaping devices are delivering nicotine and other kem calls into people's bodies. >> what's the difference between aerosol and vapor? >> the big difference is is when people think it's harmless water vapor, it didn't. there's a number of other
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chemicals in there. hundreds of chemicals that you're breathing in. >> you can see nbc news full story as they follow up on how they pun point what's causing it. >> ahead of the planned strike next month, today's protest outside the executive office launched an important dead line. employees must agree to a final contract out there or lose the 3% pay increase. 92% of the union voted against the deal two months ago. a strike now scheduled to start on october 14th. and right here for you, a little weather whiplash in the sierra where drivers are seeing fresh know. those flurries triggered a traffic backup. currently the temperatures are
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in the 40s. >> nice cool temperatures a live look outside as you get ready to head out the door. we're in the upper 50s as you start out your tuesday morning. then going into the afternoon, we'll see a warm-up into the upper 70s and if you're planning to head out today, it will be a great day for a hike. we'll a at 56 degrees. at 10:00 we're a lot more comfortable with the sunny skies. breezy and comfortable with highs in the 70s. we'll talk about today's east bay temperature trend. >> there may be an incident in the background there as well. they haven't gotten around the
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one vehicle. we are looking at a pretty light volume coming into the area for tuesday. it's slowing over towards bailey. and the crash still blocked the slow lanes. >> while you were sleeping, a comedian and youtube sensation became a television first overnight. we'll show you part of the history-make iing moment. plus if you're tired of your iphone running out of batteries, we may have a solution for you.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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right now on your tuesday morning, let's get a look at our temperature trend. it will start out with some mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 50s. we're at 68 degrees. and only making it into the upper 70s today. it's going to be a great one. make plans to get outside. we'll talk about what we'll be heading back to air-conditioning. that's coming up in five minutes. right now as we speak, right here, this one tow truck has just moved over to block lanes. so the other tow truck can can push that disabled vehicle over here. we'll watch all the shuffling happening. hopefully no crashes at the toll
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plaza. american airlines fuel cost could get potentially expensive. it's a good example of taking a % hit. netflix will get access to "seinfeld" library. the gm strike continues. if they are not part of the uaw. it's the largest labor conflict in years and worth keeping an eye on. the san francisco company wework will suspend their ipo after questions the way the company is run. and indeed questions about how much it's worth. wework rents office space to
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small startups. jay powell, the chairman, likely to do what president trump wants and lower interest rates again. it's clear trump is winning the battle ofs will with powell. lower rates should increase the money supply. and lower the value of the american dollar. that's a good thing for american exports. in the top tweet there, will the fed ever get into the game? when president obama was president, donald trump did not want the fed to lower the value of the dollar. quantity tative easing is going to sink the dollar. it creates artificial numbers for short-term market gains. new iphones come out friday.
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they are turning in their reviews. it's fret much the same phone as the older phone. what they do love is the battery life. it runs youtube streaming all day. and you could easily take it off the charger and have it run all day doing everything you want it to do and pop it back opt the night stand. >> baa tbattery life is is realy important. new overnight, viewers say up late with lilly, she shared how what makes her historic is funny over and over again. >> i'm not your traditional talk show host. the media mentioned i'm a bisexual woman of color so much i feel i need to change my name. a little long, but it has a nice ring to it.
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she has 10 million followers on youtube. it airs a little after 1:30 in the morning. >> as you wake up this morning, waking up to cooler temperatures. >> it's going to be cooler as you head out the door. no need for the um br lel la, but we may be dragging it back out tomorrow morning. we'll have a lot of changes headed our way. we start out clear with a live look outside in san jose. and as we get a look at our school day forecast in the trivalley, a little towards danceville, 53 degrees so as you're walking to school, you're wearing a a jacket. later on today, you'll be comfortable with short sleeves as temperatures make it sboo the 70s by early afternoon. south bay high temperatures cooler than normal. only reaching about 77 downtown. and 79 in east san jose. we'll see some low 80s in the east bay. 75 in hayward.
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some breezy winds along the coast we're in the 60s. and upper 70s in palo alto. and up to 81 in napa today with santa rosa reaching 79. a lot of elment tree pollen in the air. and we are going to see another thing that may help clear the air. we're going to see a chance of some showers moving in. it's right now over the pacific northwest as the storm system moves in and could drop more scattered showers. especially for the north bay tomorrow morning. and this will give us a reenforcing shot of some cool air before we head into the weekend when it starts to warm up. as we look at the sky cover conditions today, we're all clear. then into tomorrow morning, we start to see the system moving in that could bring in spotty showers. showing a few hit or miss light
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rain moving through parts of the north bay. it does look like it kind of breaks up as it moves through, but still a slight chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning before we get back to our very nice late summer weather. we're in the upper 80s and low 90s. it looks hot to start out next week. we're enjoying the cooldown while it lasts. san francisco in the 60s. you're tracking two crashes at two bridges. >> that's right. it sounds like a busy morning, but overall the maps look great for the speeds. 680 is open. we have the crash which does affect the off ramp. it's right by the nursery. i believe you're able to access the street, but you have to watch the direction and move around. highway 4, that crash did clear. that's what caused that
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no more traffic toward pleasant hill. as well as the bay bridge toll plaza out of oakland. we saw the disabled vehicle stuck in the the lane. i was very concerned. but as we showed you the crew arrive, now we have the lanes all cleared up. the activity in the parking lot not an issue. and actually it's just a fast track lane for the most part. winds off to the right. and over here, you see the cluster of light approaching the richmond side of the bridge. there's a crash there block iin the fast lane. ask that's restricting the flow. we'll check on the injuries. back to you. 6:20 for you this morning. >> coming up, sea levels rising as we continue our climate in crisis series. why experts say thousands of homes in the bay area may be under water. you're watching today in the bay.
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all week long nbc news and bay area are bringing you stories to highlight the impact climate change will have all around us. >> as parts of our series climate in crisis, you focus this morning shifts to a disappearing louisiana wetlands. it's a symptom of bigger problems we're all facing. >> thousands of homes in the bay area may be submerged in years to come.
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>> reporter: this morning, i want to look at one example of rising sea levels. let me stake you to the bayous of louisiana. there's real concern right now. this is an area where sugar cane grows abundant ly and oil is siphoned from the gulf. i dug into data from the geological survey. it says the louisiana wetlands could completely disappear in about 200 years. as of last year, noaa says sea level around the state is about 24 inches higher than it was in 1950. so what does that mean for us here? rising sea levels could bring its own set of consequences. a report by the union of concerned sdooinss says if the climate conditions continue in about three decades from now, homes are most at risk of flooding. 13,000 homes could flood every
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other week according to that group. so i spoke with the "today" show's al roker who has been in greenland reporting on the climate crisis and says this could be a matter of national security. >> the department of defense has said that on both coasts and also the gulf coast for this country, when you talk about climate change, it's the number one threat to homeland security. you look at any military installation along california's coast. they are subject to ocean level rise. are they hardened for that? probably not. >> let me give you one more statistic. by 2100, homes along the bay could flood as much as ten times per year. this animation shows sea level and how much rise we could see over the next several years flooding homes.
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as our series climate in crisis continues tomorrow, we'll talk about precipitation whiplash. i hadn't heard of it until i spoke with a climate scientist, what he says is is coming to california if we don't get our climate under control. >> before we get to that, al continues the climate in crisis coverage this morning. he'll show us how rising sea levels are affecting landmarks on the east coast. s. still ahead this hour, san jose is setting a new standard becoming the largest city in the country so far to take a certain step to fight climate change. we're live where the push stands across the bay area.
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plus concern over a gas pipeline. the new message from the fire department this morning. why pg&es insists it's safe. >> i'm super excited. >> democracy is in danger. people need to wake up. >> presidential visit, donald trump is set to arrive in the bay area for the first time as commander-in-chief. what to expect and what is planned. you're watching today in the bay. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfiets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. right now at 6:30, let's
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take a peek outside from the east bay. a nice day ahead. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get a look at what you can expect outside. kari hall has been track iing t forecast for pus. >> the sunshine looking outside from the peninsula looking at pennsylvania to ato. we do have some cooler temperatur temperatures. no clouds this morning. the highs reaching the 70s here. we'll be up to 77 in san jose. 81 in antioch. and in santa rosa today, 79 degrees. tomorrow another chance of rain. you're tracking the crash. >> over on the richmond side of the the bridge. you can see it's blocking part of your fast lanes here.
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so shifting to the right, slowing a bit for spectators and getting to the toll plaza. that meters the track a little bit. you see this slowing on the approach. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking lighter than at this time. i'll update this crash. we have one off ramp. back to you. >> thank you. happening today president trump comes to the bay area for a fundraiser. who arrive in just a few hours. bob redell is live outside the mountain view area where air force one will land later this morning. bob, this is a big visit for the president. >> reporter: this will be president trump's first by the vitt to the bay area since being elected to office. he will go directly from behind me here in mountain view to a roundtable discussion and luncheon in palo alto. staff is not disclosing his exact location.
6:32 am
this is what happened last time in 2015 for a campaign rally. hundreds of people protested outside the venue. they delayed trump's arrival forcing him through a back sbrns. protesters are gearing up for the arrival this time. this is video from yesterday. you can see them testing out the inflatable trump chick b. some have been looking on the peninsula for a location of this fundraiser so they can stand outside and make their presence known. >> we will not forgive or forget those people at the fundraiser. >> what does that mean? >> we will boycott their businesses. >> i'm super excited that president trump is holding a campaign event here in california. i have a number of friends who are attending the event. >> president trump does not have any public appearances scheduled for his short stay here. the white house says he will only be here for a total of three hours before he leaves for los angeles.
6:33 am
reporting live here in mountain view, bob redell, today in the bay. >> our team will be covering this president's visit all day long. starting the moment he arrives. head to for up to the minute information. it's 6:33 right now. the city of san jose may be ready to make a big move to cut emission. it's a move to change the way we heat our homes and cook our meals. we have details on the move to go electric. >> san jose mayor wants to ban natural gas in new construction going forward. and force builders to use electricity instead. this is all an effort to cut greet house gas emissions. it would ban the natural gas. it would apply to new construction and we would expect it apply to single family homes and smaller unit house lg.
6:34 am
the city of berkley did the same thing requiring electricity and residential construction starting next year. but with the promise to ban natural gas in commercial and large residential developments in the years to come. according to the advocacy group, the natural resources defense council about 25% of greenhouse gas in california. this could mean higher heating costs with electricity. the mayor will announce specific plans at 12:15 this afternoon. there are a number of large cities considering this including san francisco. today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest. happening today, south bay housing advocates plan to discuss how rising costs of living affects teachers.
6:35 am
it have the second worse when it comes to affordability. a teacher mid-career has to spend more than 63% of their pay to get housing. you may know they recommend you only spend 30%. tonight the supervisor will moderate a panel to talk about possible solutions. the town hall begins at 5:00 at the office of education. it's 6:35. a followup now on an exposed gas pipeline that's raised concerns among activists. the group showed us that pipe last week. now the deputy fire chief is is reportedly responding. he tells the east bay times he's concerned about the pipes in part because it's located in a high fire hazard zone. he also believes someone walking on the pipe could weaken it.
6:36 am
they insist the pipeline is safe. there's no cause for concern. >> leaders in pleasant hill are asking supervisors to keep the old library open until a new one can be built. >> they are asking to hold off on demolishing the current library that sits on county owned land. developers would build about three dozen new homes and a park. a plan neighbors support. the new library will not be ready for two years and neighbors would rather not be without one. >> it's the most heavily pop t populated library in the county. we have people not only from pleasant hill but from walnut creek. >> that's because the final stay still rests with supervisors. the wait is over for shark fans. hockey is back. tonight the puck drops. sharks will take on anaheim.
6:37 am
they are led by a new captain this year. he's replacing his favorite who signed with dallas. faceoff before the game tonight at 7:30. >> looking over here at the south bay, we're looking at so far at a good smooth ride through the town taupe area. 87 shows the build. 101 a crash in oakland road. i think it's out of the roadway. and any general the rest of the pattern slowing. that's closed because they are trying to get a car from the bushes. you have to follow it north to move around. 84 in livermore. keep driving.
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>> let's go. who is driving? >> i want to keep today's temperatures. >> in the upper 80s and low 90s. and that's after a nice cool start to the week. san francisco, we're going to keep that sunshine and highs reach iing a about 74 degrees o sunday. wheal have the warm weather reaching up to 91 on sunday. if we're going to the sierra, it looks great. we had snow on the higher elevations. we'll see the highs reaching up to 76 degrees on saturday.
6:39 am
and 77 degrees on sunday. make sure you're following me on social media. and i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. kelly clarkson may be an american idol, but also using her new talk show to help audience members meet their idols. >> a woman is getting that opportunity today. kelce sitball recent knee is meeting her number one fan face to face. sometimes your nerves get the best of you. >> if you could ask one question. i'm putting you on the spot. >> you requested a song and kelly clarkson sang it. >> tune in to see it all unfold. don't forget to set your dvr for art an all-new ellen.
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next one of our top stories for you this morning. we could get an update on the condo attack. take a look at it there. we have been following this in san francisco. >> a major bay area roadway may soon be renamed for president obama. we'll tell you where it is and why leaders say the change represents the community. president trump is on his way us to the bay area, but so too is secretary carson. i'll tell you why you should keep an eye on that coming up. keep an eye on the big board. the bowe dow is moving slightly lower. fds
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. good morning, right now it's 6:43. let's get a live look outside in the south bay. as we check out san jose, we are going to see more sunshine and a cool start in willow glen preponderance 56 degrees. it's 65 and leading into some mid-70s today. this is going to be cooler than normal, but we also have a chance of rain and then a heat up in the forecast. we'll talk about those changes in less than five minutes. >> these folks are backing up as you're approaching a crash in the middle of the freeway. it's the middle of the roadway is just it's flashing lights and
6:44 am
passers by. around the right, we'll see what's going on. a woman outside her womcond who was attacked is want anded in court this morning. it happened last month. police say it shows austin vincent pushing the woman to the ground in the lobby of her building. a judge denied him bail last month calling him a public safety risk. the chp is investigating a deadly accident on highway 92. somebody was walking along the roadway and was struck and killed. this happened a little before midnight. near a construction closure. the victim died at the scene and the driver is cooperating with investigators. still not clear why that person was walking on the highway. and a deadly family boating accident on the bay. this left a businessman in
6:45 am
custody. after falling out of the boat, similar to the one in this photo you see here. this was struck by a boat near angel island. the other son also fell in the wart and was also hit by the boat. he suffered leg injuries. authorities not only believe was behind the wheel, but he was operating it while intoxicated. >> this was an unusual horrifying tragedy. we have a duty we're sworn to enforce the law. and that's what we did as painful as that sometimes is. >> it comes from a wealthy family in mexico. he's a develop r who owns multiple restaurants and hotels. a high speed police pursuit ends in gunfire. you might find this video disturbing.
6:46 am
chopper visdeo overhead shows te chase. it happened yesterday morning when police responded to a hit-and-run. the mini van at times traveling speeds topping 100 miles per hour. police eventually fired at that van. when officers surrounded the vehicle and removed the suspect. he was shot several times, but is expected to survive. people in one san jose neighborhood are demanding changes to an area where they say car crashes are becoming all too common. that area runs along pro avenue between downtown and willow glen. there's been at least 11 crashes there in the past few years. the speeders have taken out cars or fences. they put up slowdown signs and they are now asking the city to step in and help out. >> we don't go six months.
6:47 am
>>. >> on the agenda for the city council today, renaming a major road after president obama. one reason why the road leads to the sunny hills community and that's one of the first integrated neighborhoods in america. the former president is a hero for many americans along with people who live there. >> the name change will be a a part of tonight's meeting at city hall starting at 7:00 p.m. 6:47 right now. president trump is on his way to the bay area. >> the president has been talking about making changes in california. >> he wants the fed's to step in and solve the homeless problem
6:48 am
because sfruk and los angeles haven't. here's the president in new mexico. bob redell is covering the president's arrival in mountain view. we have been talking about that. now we don't think the president will make any kind of speech or announcement in the bay area. but the white house has been telegraphing some kind of upcoming big move on homelessness. "the washington post" was the first to report it's looking for a legal justification to raise homeless encampments. ben carson will also be in town traveling separately from the president. the announcement could colt from his office. he is the head of housing and urban development. the white house may be running the optics and the ball is with carson. the president is in a tough place on saudi oil production. he says the u.s. is locked and loaded. he also said he wants out of the middle ea.
6:49 am
he was waiting for instructions finanor the kingdom of saudi ar. we're waiting to hear. and under b what terms we would proceed. u.s. congressman from new jersey said it's obviously wrong to allow saudi arabia to dictate our foreign policy. the president doesn't seem to be aware of how sub misive he is. two other things to watch today. the "new york times" says they have subpoenaed the state tax returns and business records looking for falsification tie tied to the agent of stormy daniels. and kory louen dough skit will testify today. in what is fundamentally an impeachment hearing in theory. so lots to pay attention to this morning. i'll be doing that and tweeting about it. >> stick around for this one.
6:50 am
trending this morning, kamala harris had a late night. she even helped slow jam the news with jimmy fallon and the roots. >> that's why i'm committed to passing a green new deal creating clean jobs and finally putting an end to fracking once and for all. >> mamala kamala just don't give a frack. >> he talked about plans and promises to focus on climate change. she isn't the only politician to slow jam t news. president obama and mitt romney also made appearances. >> that name could stick. >> as we get ready for school this morning and getting ready to head out the door, we have a beautiful sunrise underway right
6:51 am
now. let's get a look at our camera over the south bay as the sun comes over the hills. we'll see a lot more of this throughout the day. sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, as we get a look at what you'll feel as you head outhe door. it's cool in the north bay. we're down to 47 right now in napa while liver more is at 52. it's 57 in san jose. some of these temperatures much cooler than yesterday at this time. and we know why. we had some clouds and some rain moving through. so right now it's 17 degrees lower now compared to yesterday. so as we're getting the kids ready for school, you need a jacket. and as we get ready to head off for lunch, throughout the day we're going to warm up. and low 80s for the inland areas. this is cooler than normal as liver more reaches 78.
6:52 am
concorde reaches 81. 73 degrees in san jose. that's a live look in san jose. so if you're getting dressed and maybe you're about what to wear today, long sleeves will be comfortable. i'm tracking the next chance of rain as the storm system moves in from the northwest. it will bring in another quick shot of early morning showers. especially for the north bay. it does look like this time a lot of that rain will break up before it makes it into the rest of the bay area. so once again our north bay will have the highest chance of some of the showers moving in. and it's basically on the saim time line as the rain we had on mond monday. hit or miss showers moving through. and then after that, we're going to warm up. we're back to summer this weekend. the valleys reaching to the 80s. you're tracking a number of crashes out there.
6:53 am
>> one fewer now because this crash just cleared a few minutes ago westbound 580. all the activity over off to the parking lot. so now we have things starting to move better over here. and getting on to the the bridge itself. a mild build. and some slowing sorting itself out. recovering some bay points. earlier crashes there. now concorde and walnut creek to the bulk of that. traveling southbound towards 580. no problems for 580. but there's the south bay. two other crashes we're tracking. the one over here, westbound 92 on the right side. we're watching that. reports of three vehicles that never cleared. we are on the right shoulder. west 92 slows a bit. the dunbar bridge a little
6:54 am
clearer. and locking to really stack up with another emergency vehicle. the crash further north, i hope that guy was safe as he passed by the crash. that's the mid-slowdown. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:54. happening now, nbc universal announcing major details of our network planned streaming service. it will be called peacock with 15,000 hours of programming. it will be reboots for "saufed by the bell." along with classics like "phr e "frazier," and "the office." it launches next year in april. next for you here, a quick look at the top stories including the last check of the weather and traffic before you go. then at 7:00. >> what is the difference between aerosol and vapor?
6:55 am
>> on the "today" show, what doctors are saying about the cdc as they take new steps to stop the illness outbreak tied to vaping that claimed the life of a california man. we're back with more news right after the break. you're watching today in the bay.
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welcome back. 6:57. before you head out door, here's
6:58 am
the top stories we're covering on today in the bay. >> in just a few hours, president trump arrives in the bay area. here's a live look at the field where the president will land. trump held a campaign rally last night. the team is covering the president's visit all day long starting the moment he arrives and wherever he travels. head to in between for up to the minute information. >> housing and urban development secretary ben carson will be in san francisco. this as the administration focuses on the city's homeless problem. >> a live look over san jose this morning. the city may be ready to make a big move to cut greenhouse gas emission. city leaders will consider a ban on natural gas when it comes to new construction projects. crews would use electricity instead. the natural resources council says buildings emit 25% of the
6:59 am
gases in california. opponents say electricity would translate to higher heating costs. >> this morning, waking up to nice, cool temperatures. >> it's going to be a nice day, morning, after, into tomorrow. there will be another system dropping in. we will be heating up in time for the weekend. >> in the meantime, mike is tracking a crash in san jose. >> it will take longer. we'll show you the live camera at north 101 it's jammed up. but good news is the ror ri should start there. even though there's the build overall. the crash clear ed. no major injuries. we're seeing a little more traffic. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
local lose newspaper jit. >> join us for the midday newscast. we'll have more on the president's visit as well as what to expect in the bay area. we'll see you then. gas prices set to skyrocket in the wake of that attack on key saudi oil fields new u.s. intelligence points at iran, but the president now playing down war talk. >> do i want war? i don't want war with anybody. i'm somebody that would like not to have war. >> we're live with the very latest. leveled, new images of the aftermath from the powerful explosion that destroyed a building in maine. a veteran fire captain killed. at least seven people hurt just ahead, the overnight vigil in their honor and where the investigation stands. new allegation, a second


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