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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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local lose newspaper jit. >> join us for the midday newscast. we'll have more on the president's visit as well as what to expect in the bay area. we'll see you then. gas prices set to skyrocket in the wake of that attack on key saudi oil fields new u.s. intelligence points at iran, but the president now playing down war talk. >> do i want war? i don't want war with anybody. i'm somebody that would like not to have war. >> we're live with the very latest. leveled, new images of the aftermath from the powerful explosion that destroyed a building in maine. a veteran fire captain killed. at least seven people hurt just ahead, the overnight vigil in their honor and where the investigation stands. new allegation, a second
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woman comes forward to accuse antonio brown of sexual misconduct on the same day his first accuser reportedly met with the nfl the latest on the growing investigations those stories, plus fired, snl's decision to drop its newest cast member over racist comments in his past in plain sight, an eye opening new look at america's vaping epidemic and how some teens are hiding the dangerous habit. and out of this world. >> station, this is brad, how do you hear me? >> brad pitt goes one on one with a space station astronaut, today, tuesday, september 17th, 2019 from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning savannah is under the weather so we recommend a lot of oj, stay in bed, sleep it off we hope that you feel better.
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>> feel better, friend let's get to our top story on a tuesday morning. some new developments on those attacks on crucial oil sites in the middle east that are driving up oil and gas prices and tensions between the united states and iran. we're going to get to the impact at the pump in just a moment first, nbc's peter alexander is at the white house, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. new this morning iran's supreme leader said on state tv that iran will not hold talks with america so long as the maximum pressure campaign continues, effectively killing the prospect of a historic first face-to-face meeting between president trump and iran's president rouhani at the united nations next week the president facing a high stakes dilemma, trying to avoid a military conflict while also projecting strength. following that brazen attack on one of the oil fields in saudi arabia, that sent prices skyrocketing president trump is all but blaming iran.
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>> it's looking that way we'll have some pretty good -- we're having some very strong studies done, but it's certainly looking that way at this moment, and we'll let you know >> reporter: u.s. intelligence indicates the weekend drone strike originated from iran according to three people familiar with the intelligence iran has denied it was behind the attack while iranian-backed rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility, the saudis insist initial investigations have indicated the weapons yoosds in t use in the attack were iranian, not launched from yemen. 24 hours after warning the u.s. was locked and loaded for a response, the president appeared to back away from any immediate against iran. >> do i want war i don't want war with anybody. i'm somebody who would not like war. >> reporter: at the same time touting united states military might. >> the united states is more prepared than any country in the history of -- in any history if we have to go that way. >> reporter: still some democrats are warning against
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it. >> why in god's name would anyone even contemplate the u.s. should go to war with iran to protect saudi oil? >> reporter: the president brushing off questions whether he's promised the saudis the u.s. will protect them. >> no, i haven't no, i haven't. i haven't promised the saudis that. we have to sit down with the saudis and work something out. >> diplomatic, military, what are president trump's options for a response here. >> reporter: national security experts say there are military options, though again there's no indication the president will choose that path the u.s. could strike iranian revolution guard sites or iranian ships or launch a cyber attack against the country president trump said monday any response would be in his words proportionate and that he will send secretary of state mike pompeo to saudi arabia presumably to discuss next steps. craig and hoda. >> peter alexander from the white house this morning thank you. now the question is how will all of this affect the price we pay at pump. nbc's tom costello has been talking to experts he's in bethesda, maryland.
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hey, tom, what do you think? >> reporter: yeah, about 10 to 25 cents within the next week or two say the experts. as we all know, oil shot up about 15% yesterday, very sensitive to what happens in the markets and what's happening geopolitically gas prices are sure to rise, but how much really depends on what happens next it may be a world away but the ripple effect may soon arrive at a gas station near you saturday's attacks took out 5% of the global oil supply sending world oil prices surging. within days experts predict pump prices will also start edging higher >> consumers could face steeper hikes than $0.o gallon and it could last to anksgiving. >> reporter: at the end of monday, gas was averaging $2.57, 30 cents cheaper than a year ago. if prices do jump by 30 cents, that would put prices back to where they were this time last year the u.s. is less dependent on
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foreign oithan ionce was todathe u.s. is the world's biggesprodt oil er with a whpinl total. saudi arabia produces 12%, followed by russia and canada. u.s. oil refineries have not been hit by a hurricane this year, and america is sitting on 645 million barrels of emergency l e. >> a few years ago, they would have been in a panic today we got a lot of oil. we got a lot of gas. >> reporter: another attack or prolonged conflict could send prices much higher a lot of folks say the extra few dimes per gallon can quickly add up. >> i live about 75 miles outside of the city. i'm driving every day, that's 150 miles back and forth, i'm always concerned about the price of gas. >> tom, you mentioned the strategic oil reserve there in the piece. president trump has said he would tap that reserve if necessary. walk us through exactly what that is, and how all of that would happen >> reporter: so the reserves
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have been there for the better part of 40 years now it's not something new they sit in caverns down in the south in texas and louisiana there's about 143 days worth of imported oil protection. if the president were to decide to tap the reserves in order to stabilize prices, it would take a while, a couple of weeks for that oil to then get into the market but just yesterday, energy secretary perry suggested it's premature right now to talk about tapping the reserves. >> tom costello in bethesda, thank you. a california man has become the 7th person to die from an illness related to vaping. health care officials in tulare county confirmed that death on monday the centers for disease control has activated the emergency operations center. it's going to coordinate the investigation into hundreds of cases of lung illness linked to e-cigarette use. at least 380 cases so far have been reported to the cdc by the way, in our next half
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hour we'll take a closer look at the epidemic and how some teenagers are hiding their habit in plain sight today marks day two of the first strike against general motors in more than a decade the walkout of 50,000 workers looking for higher pay and benefits halting production at dozens of factories nationwide nbc's anne thompson is at the gm technical center in warren, michigan, for us this morning. hey, anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the two sides talked throughout the night. tensions are rising. a source close to the negotiations tells us overnight gm moved to cut off the health care benefits for striking workers starting in october. the union says it will pick up that tab if the strike goes that long this morning, once again gm's 31 plants across the country are still, the quiet broken only by the sound of strikers. >> nobody wants a strike, but if you force our hand by trying to take away what's ours, we got to
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strike we don't have any other choice >> reporter: from the oval office, encouragement to reach an agreement. >> i'm sad to see the strike hopefully it will be a quick one. >> reporter: wall street punishing gm, sending the stock down 4%, after 48,000 uaw workers walked off the job, demanding better pay, job security and a share of gm's profits, nearly $12 billion last year >> i believe there is power in numbers, and that our movement will be felt. >> reporter: gm in a statement says its goal is to reach an agreement that builds a stronger future for our employees and our business among the obstacles, it decision to idle four plants in the u.s., including the detroit hamtramck assembly plant, where wily leads the union. >> what is it like working at a plant that's supposed to close in january >> well, morale is down because of uncertainty, you know, we have about 500 and some people
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just had to transfer to flint, because, you know, they had families and they were scared. >> reporter: now, another big issue is that of temporary workers. the union wants to shorten the period it takes for those temporary workers to reach full-time status and get those wages and benefits it says that that system of temporary workers actually hurts morale on the line hoda and craig. >> anne thompson for us in michigan thank you. now to a scene of utter devastation in maine where a building exploded on monday, killing a veteran fire captain and injuring at least seven others all that was left of that structure, just a large hole in the ground that you see there. meanwhile, overnight there was an emotional vigil that was held for the victims. nbc's ron allen has more on that and the investigation. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this is just an astonishing scene out here it's almost as if a tornado blew through. there used to be a small two-story office complex back there. it's completely flattened. the explosion was massive.
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it was heard and felt for miles. homes in the area were also damaged. there was debris everywhere and a community feeling grateful more lives were not lost this morning, authorities sifting through wreckage and debris, trying to determine the cause of a devastating building explosion that left one person dead officials say firefighters were investigating a propane smell early monday morning at leap, a nonprofit that helps adults with disabilities minutes later, after staff had been evacuated, the deadly blast that some say felt like an earthquake the massive explosion heard and felt miles away. >> it took probably ten minutes before the whole town knew what happened, you know, word spreads fast here. >> i immediately thought that everybody was gone. >> reporter: these before and after images revealing the extent of the devastation. the office had recently reopened after extensive renovations. >> you know, i spent a year in iraq, and that's about the
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closest i can explain it, it was just total devastation. >> reporter: maine's governor, a resident of the town promising answers. >> we want to protect all other communities from this kind of thing happening, too, and make sure that we get to the cause and origin, and exactly what happened and why >> reporter: overnight, this small, close knit community comforting each other in a candlelight vigil. 68-year-old fire captain michael bell, a first responder investigating a reported gas leak, was killed when the building exploded. his brother, fire chief terry bell, among the others injured in the blast now, you can see the damage is just so extensive. there was debris found miles away from here, and all the stuff on the ground is just insulation from the building it looks like a snowstorm. several injured first responders remain hospitalized this morning in intensive care with severe burns. they're being called heroes, along with the office manager who smelled propane, and evacuated the building getting everyone out safely.
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as investigators here try to figure out, focussing on the propane system, what caused such a massive explosion. guys, back to you. >> thank goodness for that office manager ron allen, thank you. meantime, nfl star antonio brown is facing more off the field troubles this morning. just days after a woman filed a civil lawsuit accusing him of rape, a second woman has come forward with new mconduct allegations. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with details. >> the new allegation in which brown is accused by another woman he hired in 2017 could mean more trouble for him and for the nfl as they investigate this separate rape allegation. brown is not facing criminal charges but his future on the field could be in jeopardy >> reporter: after a breakout game with the patriots on sunday, this morning off the field, antonio brown is facing a new accuser who could sideline his career
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the woman, telling nbc news, the wide receiver crossed a line when he hired her in 2017 to paint a portrait at his home "sports illustrated" first broke the story. >> she turned around while she was in the middle of painting a wall in his house, she says he was naked with a hand towel covering his genitals. >> reporter: the alleged sexual misconduct was never reported by police and is denied by brown, the accusation surfaces on the same day brown's former trainer, gymnast brittany taylor, met with nfl investigators to tell them about three alleged accounts of sexual assault taylor filed a lawsuit saying brown raped her last year, but she never filed a police report. while brown faces no criminal charges and denies the allegations, the league could find him in violation of its personal conduct policy. "sports illustrated" also highlights what it says are disturbing patterning in brown's history with women and business
7:15 am
partners, describing domestic incidents involving police and multiple financial disputes with people who worked for brown. >> antonio brown seems to have a pattern of inviting people into his orbit, charming them, being nice to them, luring them into conduct business with him, and when the bill comes time to pay, he refuses to pay it. >> reporter: this morning, a troubling picture of one of the nfl's biggest stars as new accusations threaten to bench a promising career >> you mention in your story that brown was involved in some other incidents, what more do we know about these other incidents? >> some of them police were called to visit his home where he was having a domestic dispute with his partner police said there were no charges filed and in the other incidents, brown brought people into his orbit, had deals with them, but never paid them in the end, walked out on the deal. >> any time frame for the nfl investigation. >> they have not made that public but they need to act quickly. the headlines keep surfacing for the nfl, and it is not good news.
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one of the game's other high profile wide receivers in the spotlight last night on monday night football >> went to him on the last play. >> in stride, obj, he comes back to metlife and does this how about it odell beckham jr >> giants fans are cringing, there he is, obj, taking the pass, 89 yards for the touchdown there. odell beckham jr. finishing with 161 yards receiving. the cleveland browns would go on to beat the jets, 23-3 the jets, by the way, they are down to their third string quarterback after trevor siemian suffered an ankle injury starter sam darnold out with mono, so the luke faulk era is under way at the meadowlands >> there seems to be a lot of quarterback issues what about drew brees, ben roethlisberger, drew brees, drew brees. >> i know, he's going to have to
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have surgery on his thumb. he'll be back. your boy will be back. >> mr. roker is not gone just yet. he's got a check of the forecast for us. you bet. thanks for getting your first national weather from us we have this one tropical storm, a 90% chance of formation. not going to worry about that for about a week we have hurricane humberto we're talking about and this invest is going to be very very tricky first we look at what's going on with humberto, category 1. probably start to get to a category 3 as it moves away, threatening bermuda. for us, we're looking at rip tides from miami all the way up to nantucket, rough surf, dangerous waves. now, this system in the gulf, it doesn't even need to become a tropical system. it's going to cause a lot of misery this is the live radar from corpus christi to galveston, we're looking at rain. this will meander into the eastern part of texas, a slow drift, heavy rain, thunderstorms, one right after the other, increasing flash flooding threat into thursday, as this continues to push up more soaking rain on saturated
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land we are talking about generally anywhere from 3 to 8 inches of rain with hourly rainfall rates, 1 to 3 inches and storm totals of up to a foot or more. this is going to be a big story coming up in the next 72 hours we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? don't mess with my discount! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save from state farm. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside. we're starting out with sunshine and cool temperatures. today it's going to be really comfortable. highs reaching into the upper
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70s. we'll see a high of 81 in concorde as well as 81 in napa. san francisco in the upper 60s. going through the forecast, we will be starting to track a chance of some rain tomorrow morning for the north bay and then warming up as we go into the weekend. it's going to reach 90 this sunday. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to be talking about climate change, what record we just set coming up >> thank you, al. coming up, snl's newest cast member fired just days after he was hired amid an uproar over offensive remarks. what the show and the comedian are saying about that this morning. >> and as al mentioned, our climate in crisis. mr. roker exploring some of our iconic national treasures that are now being threatened by rising waters. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ex ing the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off
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just ahead with that news of another death overnight, we're going to answer all of your questions about this country's vaping epidemic. plus, houston we have a movie star brad pitt's interview with a nasa astronaut all that coming up after your local news ica. that's why the nfl chose verizon. because they need the massive capacity of 5g with ultra wideband, so more screaming, streaming, posting fans... can experience 5g all at once. this is happening in 13 stadiums all across the country. now if verizon 5g can do this for the nfl... imagine what it can do for you. take a moment. to unwrap, and unwind... with lindor. a milk chocolate shell with a smooth,
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♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ good morning, i'm marcus washington. in a few hours, president trump arrives in the bay area. this is video from a rally in new mexico. today air force one will land sometime around 11:00 this morning. the president will go straight to a roundtable discussion and luncheon. protesters plan to follow. this is the president's first visit as commander-in-chief. you may remember the last time he was here, protesters forced him to enter a campaign rally through a back entrance. this time the white house is being vague on where the president will go. right now, let's get a look at that forecast for you. kari hall is standing by.
7:27 am
>> as we take a live look outside, skies are all clear and this is what we'll see throughout the day with cool temperatures and breezy winds. we're reaching the upper 60s there. oem oakland expect a high of 73 degrees. 77 in san shoez. some of the warmest spots reach the 80s. we're cooler than normal and by tomorrow, we'll have a reenforcing shot of some cool air, thbut that comes with a chance of rain. aes herbally for the morning hours. as we go through the rest of the forecast, it will be warming up. by the weekend, we're back to summer with highs in the 90s by sunday into monday. san francisco going from the 60s to the low 70s for the weekend. with more sunshine in the forecast. now let's head over to mike for a look at the commute. >> we have slowing on 101. the fast lane was delayed for the closure for some debris in the roadway. because of that crash continue ing at oakland road. that movement indicates they may be moving from the roadway now. but the build for 87 and 101
7:28 am
both feed in toward that area. so more slowing continues for san jose. the rest of the bay shakes out pretty normally for a tuesday. pretty smooth. slow across the bridge. >> we'll have more local news for you in 30 minutes.
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okay most important question, who controls the jam box. >> so we have a rotating play list we take turns. >> leave it to brad pitt to get to the bottom of music in space during his chat with the nasa astronaut on the international space station. that interview that you're seeing there is part of a promotion for his new movie, he even managed to have some fun at the expense of his pal george clooney as well. we'll have more on that coming up. >> imagine the astronauts, brad pitt is on the phone hello, all right. one of the big stories we are following this morning, drivers here in the united
7:31 am
states are bracing for a spike in gas prices following that weekend attack on oil fields in saudi arabia it took out 5% of the global oil supply spending worldwide, sending prices surging experts predict gas prices could soar by 25 to $0.40 per gallon meantime, u.s. intelligence says the drone strike originated from iran according to people familiar with that intelligence. iran has denied it was behind the attack. another story we're following this morning, a shake-up over at "saturday night live." the iconic show has dropped one of its newest cast members after he faced some intense criticism for some past racially charged and homophobic comments as well. nbc's stephanie gosk is following that story for us. >> "saturday night live" is a dream job, a chance to step on the studio at 30 rock that has kickstarted the careers of comedy legends this morning that job is gone for shane gillis just four days after it was announced that he was joining the show
7:32 am
>> it's "saturday night live." >> a show known for pushing boundaries >> looks like your ride is here. >> dad, it's just isis. >> reporter: is drawing the line "saturday night live" announcing it's parting ways with its newest cast member, shane gillis, four days after a video showed the comedian referring to asians with a racial slur and making homophobic jokes on his podcast. the videos from the past year quickly spread online, leading to fierce backlash especially given that the show, which has been called out in recent years for its lack of diversity, also announced bowen yang will make snl history as the first asian american cast member a spokesperson for loren michaels addressing gillis departure, saying we were not aware of his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days we are sorry that we did not see these clips earlier and that our vetting practice was not up to our standard
7:33 am
gillis posting, i respect the decision that they made, adding he's grateful for the opportunity. presidential candidate andrew yang who gillis joked about, defended him over the weekend saying gillis should get to keep his job. >> i believe our country has become excessively punitive and vindictive about remarks that people find offensive or racist, and that we need to try and move beyond that. >> but it wasn't enough to keep gillis on the show former snl cast member rob snider, i'm sorry you had the misfortune of being a cast member in this era of cultural unforgiveness. >> it seems like this is happening a lot recently a lot of comedians having to address past controversial jokes. >> yeah, the most recent notable one was kevin hart walking away from the oscars after homophobic tweets he made you had a writer for snl who was suspended for an offensive joke that she made on twitter about president trump's son barron,
7:34 am
you might remember that, and trevor noah, right before he took over "the daily show" people went back into his catalog of tweets and he had to answer for some of the things he tweeted. social media is a platform for comedians, it's also a record of what they say. >> i had forgotten about some of that >> thanks, steph. >> you're welcome. still to come, al has got his hands on the new iphones before they are in stores. he's out on the plaza. >> he also got his hands on a hoda cutout. i love it. >> good lord. >> first, though, we're going to answer your questions about vaping this morning. the mysterious illnet's ssha claiming even more lives and what some companies are doing to help people hide their habit in plain sight. it's a story that every parent should see this morning, right after this ♪
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( ♪ ) one, two, three. (singing) and many more. google nest hub max well, happy birthday, i miss you. by google nest. fight for blast offs fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens. we are back this morning we are back this morning with an in-depth look at america's vaping epidemic.
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>> as we mentioned earlier, the cdc has now activated its emergency operations center to investigate the mysterious illness that has sickened hundreds and claimed the lives of at least seven people nbc's vicky nguyen is here with the very latest and some things parents need to know. >> absolutely. we are hearing so much about the vaping crisis but what exactly is vaping and how do these devices work to deliver nicotine and other chemicals into the body this morning, those questions taking on greater urgency, so here's a vaping 101 as health officials try to pinpoint what's causing this outbreak. the vaping epidemic is growing, the cdc activating its emergency operations center to investigate. the team usually reserved for emergencies like hurricanes and even the water crisis in flint, michigan in a statement, the agency's director saying cdc has made it a priority to find out what is causing this outbreak of e-cigarette or vaping related injuries and deaths. >> my biggest concern is that we're really addicting a n
7:40 am
generation. >> dr. bonnie halpern-felsher is an adolescent psychologist at stanford university who researches teen vaping and prevention she says the term vaping is misleading. >> it's not really vapor, it's an aerosol. >> what is the difference between aerosol and vapor. >> a vapor is really just water. it's just water that's been heated and then emits into the air whereas an aerosol contains a number of different chemicals. when people think it's harmless water vapor, it isn't. >> rorter:he shows me a number of devices and the many forms make it easy for people to mask the habit people might be surprised to see how many different forms these vaping devices take. >> one of the things that you have to be aware of and that parents really need to be aware of is how easy it is to hide these products and how much something like this, for example, looks like a usb. this also looks like a usb these products here look a lot
7:41 am
like lipstick. you've got something like this one here that looks a lot like a highlighter. >> reporter: while they come in different shapes, the mechanics are the same the battery inside heats up an oil containing nicotine or thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, to temperatures of up to 450 degrees. that converts the oil into an aerosol which is then inhaled into the lungs many e-cigarettes are refilled with pods or cartridges which can contain flavors. >> the colors represent the flavor that's in there so, for example, green would be mint this would be what they call creme brulee >> reporter: over the weekend, new york, joining michigan as the second state to ban flavored e-cigarettes. >> vaping is dangerous, period. >> reporter: the american vaping association disagrees saying the vaping related illnesses are quote clearly linked to illicit street vapes some e-cigarettes can be modified allowing users to add
7:42 am
whatever they want, including thc, and now many of the popular brands have adopted a blend called salt-based nicotine. >> the salt-based nicotine makes it so you don't have as painful of a hit, and so you can inhale it easier, it's less painful and it gets absorbed by the body easier and faster. so basically you're becoming addicted a lot easier. >> reporter: dr. halpern-felsher says that cocktail of chemicals can be a dangerous combination >> the nicotine certainly has you become addicted to it but it's the other chemicals that are going to make you sick >> and here's the other problem, all the counterfeits that are out there. experts say it can be tough to spot the fakes you should only use products if you do vape that come in their original packaging and finally buy them from a licensed vendor. >> i finally getting vaping. the aerosol versus the vapor is the key to remember. >> we should stop using the term "vaping. >> yeah. >> seven dead so far, hundreds now sick, and what's the cdc recommending that we all do? >> well, we are seeing them take
7:43 am
a very strong stance saying people should stop vaping period, if you do vape, though, and you notice you're getting coughing, shortness of breath, heart issues, that's the time to talk to your doctor and be honest about what kinds of products you're using and what's in those products, if you know >> and if you're a parents you've got to look for all kinds of things, the lipstick thing, the highlighter thing, so many things you have to look out for. >> and the smell, too, that's what dr. bonnie is saying. if you go in your child's room, and it smells kind of fruity, maybe that's time to have a conversation, maybe that's not an air fresher or perfume. >> let's get a check of the weather. we have been talking about climate change, our climate in crisis all week, and we got frightening statistics in, the northern hemisphere is seeing the hottest summer on record the last five summers have been the five hottest, and this is the second hottest august globally behind 2016 add to that what's happened up in the arctic. we are talking about the sea ice. right now, it's 30% below
7:44 am
average. it's the second smallest mass of ice we have seen since august 2012, and look at this, this is where the ice should be. so you can see how much of that ice has melted way ahead of time, and now look at the lower 48, the hottest september on record to date for 19 cities from the west coast to the east coast, top five hottest cities, septembers, for over 24 cities 29 states, 57 million people will see heat indexes above 90 today. you can see today, atlanta, little rock, wichita, dallas, triple digits, same for tallahassee, and it extends all the way up to minneapolis, chicago, cleveland and nashville as well. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside at san jose with sunshine and cool temperatures to start. we're going to see the highs reach up to 77 degrees today in the south bay as well as much of the peninsula. the north bay expect a high of
7:45 am
79 in santa rosa while concorde will reach 81 degrees. there will be ano chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow morning. especially for the north bay. then as the sun comes out we'll see hhs in the 70s. our temperatures heat up throughout the weekend. and that's your latest weather. hoda. >> up next, what would you ask a real-life astronaut as they were orbiting the earth well, wait until you hear what brad pitt wanted to know right after this (p wireless network claims are so confusing. america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great, but don't just take my word for it. try it out and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. for people with hearing loss, visit
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7:49 am
tuesday morning with an out of this world interview involving one of our planet's biggest stars. >> brad pitt, he got the chance to chat with an astronaut who happens to be currently orbiting the earth. nbc's joe fryer joins us with more hey, joe, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, imagine getting this call.
7:50 am
brad pitt finished filming his movie long ago but had a conversation that lasted about 20 minutes it was a chance for the mega star to promote his new movie and raise awareness about space exploration. brad pitt isn't an astronaut but in his latest role, he sure acts like one nasa actually reviewed an early script of pitt's latest flick and provided some images used in the movie. astronaut rick hague and his colleagues skreencreened the fi space. and monday - >> station this the brad how do you hear me. >> i've got you loud and clear. >> he got to speak with the star too. >> now that i have you all the way up at the space station, let's talk about me. how did we do? >> i got to tell you, it was really good. and the depictions, the settings, all as you can tell look very similar to the type of setting you've got, you know, i've got around me >> we're approaching mars.
7:51 am
>> reporter: pitt's film is science fiction and the scenes were shot here on earth. still the actor had several questions for hague ranging from his sleep schedule to mission experiments to living in zero gravity. >> i had read astronauts speak about looking back on the earth really being aware how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. >> you get a perspective that you know, you're away from the earth. that perspective really challenges you because now you're looking down at everything that you've ever known and you have this deep appreciation for how big the universe really is >> the conversation also took a lighter turn. >> okay. most important question, who controls the jam box >> we have a rotating play list. we take turns. >> pitt is generating oscar buzz for his recent performance in "once upon a time in hollywood." now with his new space film on the horizon, the actor couldn't help but ask how he compared to a good friend who starred in
7:52 am
another galactic pic, "gravity." >> last question and i need to call on your expertise, who was more believable, clooney or pitt >> you were. absolutely >> pitt also asked hague what it's like being away from his family for so long the astronaut said he is able to video chat with his children every weekend. pitt said he couldn't wait to brag to his own kids about their conversation >> that was pretty cool. >> joe, thank you so much. that was pretty cool speaking of out of this world, speaking of out of this world, look who is joining us right now. it's you, andy cohen >> good morning, everybody >> this is so cool. >> are you in the pop start chair. >> i am in the pop start chair. >> are you ready >> we've got some fun stuff coming up in pop start. >> what's popping? >> i'll tell you your glasses are popping. >> thank you >> what did you call him >> sally jesse roker >> more of that this morning more of that but first, some local news and some weather >> sally jesse roker
7:53 am
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good morning, right now at 7:56 let's take a live look outside in oakland. before you head out the door, we have sunshine and a nice cool temperature to start out the day. we have a nice day ahead with highs reaching the low 70s. we'll see low 80s for the high innen antioch and concorde. we'll see a high of 81 degrees with san jose reaching 77 degrees. we are going to stay clear today. there will be a chance of some rain in the forecast starting tomorrow morning in the north bay. we take it through the morning commute and we could see spotty showers moving through once again working through the bay area before noon and clearing out for the afternoon. temperatures stay a little cooler than normal for today as well as tomorrow. and then start to warm up by the end of the week as we return to some sunshine. our temperatures go back to summer by this weekend. let's head over to mike for an
7:57 am
update on the commute. >> doesn't look like your typical tuesday. we have minor flows through the cash lanes. fast track still built up. overall looking good. slow for 580. and across the san mateo bridge, we have a good amount of traffic. the south bay recovering from an earlier crash. happening now, keizer mental health workers are rallying today. some holding a one-day strike. today is the dead line for a union to accept a new contract. workers are unhappy with. a larger union involving nurses and technicians still plan to walk off the job next month. and the bay area today gets its first visit from president trump. this taking office nearly three years ago.
7:58 am
air force one is spoeds r supposed to land at 11:00. we'll have updates throughout the day. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
7:59 am
did you eat all of your treats?
8:00 am
♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone it's 8:00 on "today", coming it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, surging gas prices set to rise after that attack on a major oil field in the middle east what does this mean for you the next tu fill up. plus, climate in crisis. al takes a closer look at how rising sea levels are impacting our planet. >> why is it of concern? >> sea level rise, flooding of the coast has already begun, so little storms are starting to have a bigger impact. >> just ahead how some of our country's landmarks are feeling the effects. and reporting for duty, andy cohen takes over pop start this morning, and we'll catch up with him about life as a proud dad.
8:01 am
"today" tuesday, september 17th, 2019 from michigan. >> celebrating mom and dad's anniversary. >> hello, paducah, kentucky. >> georgia >> celebrating 30 years. >> with this great guy. >> i just retired. >> and we're just fired. >> welcome in everybody, welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning. got a nice crowd outside we are going to go out and say hello to them. savannah is a little under the weather. my mom texted me and said she had a great remedy for her i texted it to savannah. hopefully it's some medicine she thinks works. >> you know what else would make savannah guthrie feel better, a shoutout from you. record your short message use the hash tag #mytodayplaza, put it on instagram. we have a must see interview you're going to love
8:02 am
it is tomorrow on "today," sheinelle got to sit down with celine dion for one of the singer's most raw and revealing interviews ever. she opens up about how she's doing three years after her husband rene's passing and finding the strength to push forward with a new album and tour without him it's a revealing interview catch their exclusive conversation we'll have that tomorrow right here on "today." >> looking forward to that. right now, though, your news at 8:00 president trump is weighing his options after all but blaming iran for that attack on a major saudi oil facility u.s. intelligence indicates the weekend drone strike originated from iran, according to three people familiar with the intelligence the president said u.s. forces are prepared but seemed to back away from any immediate military action. >> do i want war i don't want war with anybody. i'm somebody that would like not to have war. >> the drone attack caused world oil prices to skyrocket. experts are predicting that americans will soon see gas prices soar by $0.25 to $0.40 a gallon. investigators are searching
8:03 am
for the cause of a devastating explosion yesterday that leveled an office building in farmington, maine. vigils were held overnight to honor a veteran fire captain killed in that blast seven other people were hurt including first responders officials say the firefighters were investigating a possible propane leak at a center for adults with disabilities fortunately a manager got everybody out of the building just moments before the blast. >> there were apparently no breakthroughs in overnight talks to end the strike against general motors the walkout by nearly 50,000 united autoworkers is now in its second day the union is demanding better pay, job security and their share of gm's profits. gm says its goal is to reach an agreement that quote builds a stronger future for our employees and our business the company says it has enough new vehicles on hand to keep showrooms stocked for another two and a half months. losing your job is never a laughing matter. one guy made the best out of it
8:04 am
when he was about to be laid off by an advertising firm in new zealand. josh thompson brought a clown to his termination meeting, an emotional support clown he said. the clown put on a sad face as the paperwork was handed over. he made balloon animals to lighten the mood josh paid $200 for that clown. said it was worth it his firing did become a viral sensation, and thanks to all the publicity, josh got a new job. >> genius. >> that could have been a boost but you have another morning boost for us. >> i've got another one for you. american sarah thomas has just become the first person to swim across the english channel four times nonstop she completed the 84 mile swim this morning after 54 hours in the water. and this was not just a feat of endurance, it was a victory of her spirit because sarah is a breast cancer survivor she was diagnosed less than two years ago. having a goal, she said, helped her get through that treatment she dedicated her achievement to those just starting their cancer journey and to survivors and to everybody in between >> that's a fantastic story.
8:05 am
>> hats off to her. >> check it out. all t. andy cohen, 's harat work, very busy. pop start doesn't just write itself okay he's going to share all of his hard work with us in just a moment. also, coming up, our climate in crisis series continues al roker takes a look at the toll that rising sea levels, the toll that they're taking on some historic landmarks on both coasts but first, these messages. ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ (dog barking)
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that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪ we are back, 8:09 now with more of our new series, climate in crisis. >> al, you took us to greenland yesterday. this morning you are exploring the warming planet's impact right here at home >> not too far away for a lot of folks. experts say, climate change, it's already here, and it's causing our sea levels to rise that is threatening some iconic american landmarks climate change is causing sea levels to rise higher and faster than ever before a huge factor in sea level rise is happening right here in greenland. more heat waves are causing billions of tons of ice to melt directly into the ocean. >> the other component is ocean expansion. it's warming together, oceans are rising
8:10 am
about an inch every eight years and it's starting to add up. >> it's concerning because more water means more flooding. >> it's really coming through now. the water is breaching we're getting a lot of activity as far as flooding is concerned. >> when people talk about sea level rise, why is it of concern? >> sea level rise, flooding of the coast has already begun so little storms now are starting to have bigger impac a rise of 6 inches can actually mean a lot. >> 6 inches, that's half ha foot, that doesn't sound like much. >> one foot of sea level rise by 2050, we're really talking about big problems at that point >> the impact of those rising sea levels are already being felt up and down the east coast from boston, new york city, to norfolk and miami >> sea level rise is impacting several of our major installations, norfolk, for instance. >> the u.s. naval base in norfolk and its surrounding communities are already being affected by increased storms and nuisance flooding. a recent department of defense report suggests that more than
8:11 am
half of u.s. military installations are vulnerable to sea level rise is that going to mean we're probably going to have to divert money to harden these installations from the rise of the ocean? >> it will mean something needs to be done they're critically important obviously for national defense. >> the department of defense tells "today" in part the effects of a change in climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to department of defense missions and, quote, works to ensur installations and infrastructure are resilient to a wide range of challenges including climate. >> the tide's going to go where the tide wants to go. >> the tide is also creeping towards the launch pads in cape canaveral florida. rising sea levels will have an and verse impact on important landmarks like this active launch pad here at the kennedy space center at the rate we're going, climate researchers predict a future where major cities including our nation's capital could look like this a lot of our landmarks, a lot of
8:12 am
our history is along t coast, lady liberty. >> a lot of landmarks like the statue of liberty like historic jamestown are located in critical areas of our country. >> jamestown, virginia, is at risk of being washed away. >> jamestown as an island is very low-lying property, and that's part of the reason the colonists chose to settle here but for us today the peninsula where this island is sinking and affecting those sacred resources that are the beginnings of our nation. >> the winds right now gusting at over 55 to 60 miles per hour. >> as the ocean creeps up, the waves start attacking the shoreline, the erosion becomes more noticeable and the beaches are disappearing >> research suggesting many parts of the east coast no longer have a stable shoreline. >> we can see through history how technology and society coming together can lead to rapid changes. >> so in a way, you're talking about a climate moon shack >> that's right, we have to hope
8:13 am
we're never too late we have to engage fully to reduce emissions and to prepare for those climate changes that we're locked into. >> now, some areas are looking at building sea walls, physically moving landmarks when possible they moved the cape hatteras lighthouse in north carolina's outer banks about 20 years ago. >> and not just landmarks and lighthouses, actual homes. >> homes in nantucket, they are digging up huge homes, moving them away from the shoreline, and it may be a little too late when you talk about building sea walls, putting in wetlands and marshes to try to mitigate this. i think the window is fast closing. >> when you see that artists rendition what's going on in d.c., it hits you hard to see those monuments under. thank you so much. by the way, more of climate in crisis at while we're here, mr. roker, how about a check of the weather let's take a look and we'll show you again, we're talking about this system, that is a tropical system but may not become a defined storm
8:14 am
a low meandering up and bringing a lot of rain. the good news is they are in drought deficits from san angelo to houston to corpus crispy. it doesn't matter how dry that soil is, it could not handle it if we get this heavy, heavy rain, anywhere from 3 to 7 to 8 inches of rain some places, though, could get up to a foot rest of the country, heavy rain moving into the pacific northeast as a cold front comes in there record highs down through the south and into the mid-atlantic states strong storms firing up in the plains good morning, i'm kari hall. a live look outside here in san francisco. a nice breeze kicking up today. our high reaches 67 degrees. san jose and palo alto looking at 70 degrees. as we go into tomorrow we're
8:15 am
tracking a chance of rain in the morning hours and it will dry out and warm up in time for the weekend. by the way coming up tonight on nbc nightly news with lester we're going to be looking at how a way of life may be disappearing for lobstermen. >> i'm enjoying your series. >> me too, al. >> it's eye-opening. >> it is pop start and that means andy cohen is here whenever you show up, a crowd shows up and that's no joke, but even harry smith wanted in. >> my buddy. >> fun fact, for everybody who doesn't know, you two are connected. what was the relationship here >> i started as intern that was my last day on the morning show at cbs, became a producer, senior producer, i have all black hair. harry has no hair still. >> how was he as an intern >> the best ever. >> was he? >> harry wasn't it fun competing against the "today" show that was fun >> every editorial meeting at
8:16 am
10:00. >> what year was that picture? >> that was '97. it was in '90s we could win a trivial pursuit 90s game. >> take us to pop start. >> buckle up. taylor swift, as if the music star isn't already having the biggest year of her career, she's going to be popping up on the newest season of "the voice" as a mega mentor coaches john legend and blake shelton having fun with the big news >> we have a mega mentor >> i don't know who it is. i know it's supposed to be a big star >> i think the person is like one of the most successful people in music. >> that's true, but i can't be because i'm a coach. >> you're already here. >> thanks for saying that, though. >> hey, taylor. >> hey, guys. >> hey, tay. >> i have no idea, i wonder who, wait a minute. >> taylor swift. >> cute. >> you can expect to see taylor
8:17 am
mentoring contestants on the voice when the knock out rounds begin in october >> cool. next up, mandy moore, singer, that's right, the "this is us" actress has been back in the recording booth and we have her first original song in more than ten years here is the music video. wow. ♪ a little lost, a little rough ♪ ♪ your lack of answers all add up ♪ ♪ to who we are ♪ nobody's looking ♪ nobody's looking >> i am here for this. a long way since her candy days. that's good. >> did carson ever date her in the day? >> whoa, wait a minute >> wait. >> who did he date >> aguilera? did he date aguilera >> no! >> i'm not playing this game who do you have next for pop
8:18 am
start. >> let's play who didn't carson date i'm just kidding next up, me, you didn't think i would write pop start and not put myself in here i got the chance to fulfill a childhood dream where i improvised a little brady bunch play check this out this is so surreal >> mom, dad, dad he's not in there. shut up, greg. oh, i'm going to kill you. hello? oh hey sam yeah, she's here hold on. alice, alice sam's on the phone >> honestly, i truly could have done that for hours. they kind of had to kick me out of the house i went in every -- i opene everything you could open in
8:19 am
this house >> i wish i knew you when you were a kid >> you do. i haven't changed. >> the man does not grow old >> yes, yes. it was so fun, and finally, miss hoda kotb, look what we have here, literally hot off the press, this is hoda's new book "i really needed this today. it's a collection of 365 sayings and quotes, and hoda writes a personal note alongside each one. it comes out october 15th. it's available now for preorder. hoda, what are you hoping people get out of this book >> i don't know. i feel like it's a pick me up. it's a one a day bite sized thing. they're all quotes from people i love and stories you all are in it, most of you >> i love waking up to your motivational quotes on twitter. >> that's kind of what it is, andy. >> this is from september 17th, today, you were born to be real, not to be perfect. and then you tell a story. >> about shaquille o'neal.
8:20 am
he was in the studio we talked about that anyway, it's kind of fun thank you, andy, for that. >> you know this tv thing, i think it might work out for you. >> you got a future? >> you got a daily click >> today's video is perfect for anyone having a little trouble getting going this morning this is a little girl named arlie, she showed up to the swing set, the actual act of swinging proves to be too exhausting, her dad posting that cute video to instagram. >> oh, wow. >> we all feel like that some days. >> excellent job, andy, you killed it. >> andy cohen. last week we told you about apple's new iphones, they are not available friday for the public but we have all three new phones right here this morning, and we have katie lindenhall to tell us about this we're very excited about this. so what's the big difference between these iphone 11s and all
8:21 am
the other previous generations >> the three biggest features off the top, everyone very excited about the battery life just compared to last year's model, if you take the xr, for example, up to five hours extra of battery life, in addition, so you get through that 3/4 of the day, and you see that red battery thing. >> don't they say that with every phone. >> can i tell you, 12, 14 hours. consistent i was pretty darn impressed. battery life huge. i'm going to get a little nerdy for a second the processer 813 bionic chip, why is that important, speed, power, efficiency. harry is loving this one >> speed, power and efficiency. >> that's my motto >> when you look over your kid's shoulder and he's playing those intense games. how is that possible we take this for granted now power inside the new chip. smartest chip inside a smartphone, apple touts, and last, everybody is raving and rightfully so about the cameras inside these iphones, they are incredible i have to say on the pro max,
8:22 am
there are now three cameras, you can go ultra wide, wide, and telephoto, and we'll show you three pictures we took outside just this morning. >> look at that handsome man. >> standing right in the same spot, how wide and diverse these pictures can get which is really neat also great low light photography and upgraded front and rear cameras. love that. >> everybody is talking about the slow mo selfie what are they calling it >> the slofie. >> and i actually took a slofie in my office, and i'll show you a little bit of what that looks like have a look. >> i wanted to show you a slow motion selfie, what is now known as a slofie. >> oh, my god, that is so good i always have balloons with confetti, you know. >> you and me both, andy, right, all the time >> that's cool >> it is cool. >> is it enough to make us upgrade? >> yeah, that's the biggest question that's the question i'm getting nonstop. for the every day consumer, it's
8:23 am
starting at around 699 for the iphone 11, and the most you could spend is 1,500 bucks i grew up blue collar, that's a lot of money to ask somebody to spend. are last year's versions great, of course. are they going to be upgrading every year you know it. but if you have the extra budget, it is worth the spend. >> but the 699, isn't that a little cheaper than last year's model. >> it is it's not too bad comparatively. >> does the 699 have the cool camera. >> it does not so you're going to get that on the pro, the three cameras but it does have a really cool camera baked in. i don't want to sell it short. >> how much is the one with the camera. >> starts at a thousand. the pro starts at 1,000. the pro max, 1,100 >> those baby pictures are going to look great. >> what do you use your phone for the most, the camera. >> and do we each take one of these? >> i'm going to hand one over, andy, here you go. >> you get a stand with it. >> you know what else is cool, those glasses, those are hot. >> i'm just keeping up with al.
8:24 am
>> one last question, are they the same size as the ones we had before for cases and adapters. >> if you notice, you got the new camera system, so you need a new case. >> of course what a surprise. >> and new plugs and adapters. >> same adapters >> oh, and by the way, it comes with a quick charger on the pro. so 50% charge. >> i like the extra charge. >> who doesn't we all do. >> you guys, i mean, katie, thank you, thanks for hanging with us. you know who else is here. we have so many people i can't handle it. we have andy, harry smith, and john goodman. >> the pride of st. louis missouri. >> the pride of st. louis and the pride of new orleans. >> yes. >> the guy is loved in so many places >> i'm bicoastal >> he's got a great new show we're going to talk to him about. john, we can't wait to speak with you in a little bit would you get one of these phones, by the way, what do you think? >> lovely parting gift. >> everyone is stealing this morning. >> we'll have a lot more after your local news. >> that was a great pop start, andy cohen.
8:25 am
>> strong. >> hi, andy. >> hey, john >> how are you >>
8:26 am
good morning. san jose leaders may be ready to make a big move to cut greenhouse gas emissions. developers would be required to use electricity instead. the natural resources committees say they e met 25% of gases. they say it would translate to higher heating costs. if san jose became green it would be the first of it's kind to unroll this kind of a program. >> we have some emissions unfortunately because of these cars, but they're moving smoothly. we see good movement past the
8:27 am
coliseum. this is why we have this in oakland. the volume, moving toward the freeway. and starting to ease up, it looks great so does the upper east shore freeway. we have a couple crashes at the richmond side of the bridge. they cleared nicely. a little slow there getting over to the northbound, and in the south bay that is where you see the orange and red. a couple crashes here right around allen rock and oakland road. the second of the crashes has been reported just a few minutes ago. sounds like debris in the roadway. a little more slows north of the 101. watch for that.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
it is 8:30 on a tuesday morning, september 17th, 2019 happy to say hello to all of these smiling faces. >> we've got an outstanding crowd, you guys. >> that's right. they're outstanding here >> they love to see al roker but where are alley and amy from chicago. ally and amy from chicago. now, i know you love craig and i know you love al, but i think you love somebody a little bit more >> we love you >> but who do you really love, on three we're going to say his name. 1, 2, 3.
8:31 am
>> andy cohen. >> i think he left, you guys oh, wait, no, he did not >> my people i have people too? >> by the way, you have more people than anybody, so what do you love about this guy right here >> just bravo, everything bravo is our life. >> i watch your late night show every night. >> i love your hats, your shirts, i love your spirit >> you want to take a picture with andy, i'll do it for you. >> should we take a slow mo selfie a slofie >> here we go, andy. 1 -- why am i in it? here, i'll get out that's better. >> thanks, ladies. >> hoda, i'll see you at ten >> 10:00. >> okay. love you, andy andy will be with me at ten today. >> all week, right
8:32 am
>> yeah, all week. coming up today, we've got the great john goodman he's sitting down with us talking about his new hit show, the righteous gem stones, it is fantastic. >> is he yawning. >> it is a solid show, by the way. >> we keep them riveted. >> a solid show. coming up in a few minutes, tag along, this was a fun one, so we're going to reveal our mini masterpieces live we went for a little painting set, and then you get to decide who's the best with the brush. >> because of course we have to make it a competition. >> everything. >> everything. coming up we have jenny mccarthy wahlberg will be here >> who else do we have jesse palmer >> jesse >> jesse palmer, of course the host of the syndicated show "daily mail tv" which, oh, by the way, happened to win the 2019 daytime emmy for outstanding entertainment news program for it second -- there you are. >> you do not win an emmy on season two. >> thank you, guys i think it's really a testament to how hard everybody works on
8:33 am
the show it's nice that those people can be recognized for that thank you. >> a lot of people look at you, i see that guy talking about football, i see him talking about all this stuff >> showing up on the "today" show. >> how do you like this? >> i'm following after all you guys, i know you're busy as well it's great for me, i'm anxious to work, and i get to talk about things i love. very blessed. >> what are we looking forward to in the next season. >> kicked off yesterday with roseanne barr, talking about her stand hitch up tour that she's doing with andrew dice clay out on the east coast. she's got a unique obsession with the kardashians which we get into, and she talks about whether or not she's ruling out a return to television we also have an emotional sitdown with sean king in our show today she has been married to larry king 22 years. they're going through a divorce. she talks about her relationship with him she's putting up their home for sale in california, so that's an emotional sitdown we have on our show today as well >> "daily mail tv" check your local listings to figure out where it is in your town
8:34 am
we're cheering you on. thanks for hanging with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> how about a check of the forecast, sir. great idea, happen to be here anyway, so we'll show you for today. we have humberto off the coast it will be moving away our friends in bermuda have to worry about that. heavy rain in the pacific northwest, a flood threat in texas with the system coming in. tomorrow, more rain in texas, parts of louisiana as well unsettled in the pacific northwest, plenty of sunshine, gorgeous day today and tomorrow in the northeast, mid atlantic states and on into new england th good morning, i'm kari hall, a live look outside in san jose, sunshine and also still some cool temperatures. we're going to reach up to 77. normally we're up to the low 80s and we're all a little cooler than normal thanks to that front that moved through yesterday. some of the warmer spots reaching 81 degrees today. tomorrow another reinforcing shot of cool air. another chance of rain for the cooler hours. after that we're heating up as
8:35 am
our dry weather returns for the weekend. and that is your latest weather, craig. >> mr. roker, up next, one of our all time favorites here the great john goodman are you ready? it's going to be an intense interview, some crying, some laughing. >> i'll be right back. but first, this is "today" on nbc ♪
8:36 am
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up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? john goodman's hits have spanned generations from "raising arizona" to cult classics ke "the big lebowski," and "monster's inc." >> he is taking on another larger than life role starring as the patriarch of a world famous megachurch family in hbo's "the righteous gemstones." take a look. >> don't talk about amy lee. >> i'll talk about her whenever i want to. she's my sister. you ain't the only one who misses her i think about her every single day. >> you should have done that
8:38 am
while she was still alive. you're trying to cash in on a name you were nowhere to be found when she needed you most. >> i had my hands tied with the whole christian cruise ship thing. i was at sea it was impossible to get back for her. >> that nonsense never got off the ground, you know it. >> i was busy pricing vendors. >> you're a two bit conman. >> why did you invite me back in the fold, then. >> because i felt sorry for you. >> john goodman, good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, i love your accent that was the first thing that struck me, and i think i know where you got that southern accent where did you get it >> cartoons. >> was it? for real >> deputy dog, stuff like that. >> is that real? >> no. >> i don't know. >> it's just soaked in over the years. >> well, you playing this role seems like, i don't know, it just seems like it fits. when you saw the description, did you say, i think i can do that or i should do that >> i wanted to do it, because
8:39 am
gee, maybe i get to preach some. it's a really overlooked performance art. >> yeah. >> really. >> it's a solid show. >> did you find the role easy to play >> like falling off a log. it's so easy because there's such a great cast on it, and we support each other, but we laugh our hineys off every day >> it's not a comedy but you find yourself laughing through a lot of it. you don't play the funny guy, you play kind of the straight guy. >> i'm the straight guy, yeah, i got to set everybody up. >> do you like that? >> i'm the mean guy, mean dad. yeah, it's just watching these people work, they're amazing a great cast. >> is it true you took this role because you didn't think that the connors were going to -- fired -- they shut the show down about two daore got this script i said, well, i'm out of work. >> might as well take this.
8:40 am
>> and this is perfect, so, yeah. >> how is thcoor hs life there >> great, yeah we're shooting now, we shot saturday, and i go back to work next week. and have fun there >> do you walk on that set and, i mean, do you miss rose anne every time. >> sure i do, yeah yeah, because it's a different relationship with all the characters now and all the people all i had to do was hang on and prod her every once in a while, and she always made me laugh, but yeah, it's a different dynamic with everything. >> do you guys stay in touch how is she doing >> no, i don't k >> this is something funny about you, which i didn't know, bu you were standing offstage and you were about to do our teases. and i was looking at the notes and it said that a guyike you who's an actor, who's always in front of people, it seems like, has a little bit of stage fright sometimes. >> it's paralyzing. >> paralyzing? >> oh, no, i still get it, sure, but you want to use that energy
8:41 am
for good >> so you just kind of push >> on mething like this where i'm not reading lines and they don't have the teleprompter going, i don't know what to say. i always come off trying to sound smarter than i actually am >> well, i feel like i've known you for a long long time because when i lived in w orles, you were part of like the fabric and the framework of that place. and what is it about thaty th you fell in love with >> i wish i could tell you i wish i could bottle it it's just everything it must be in the air. the first time i went down there, i was sold, and that was in college >> and i mean, you bought a house, you have a residence there? >> i just got off the roseanne show, and was looking to relocate, and my wife could be near her family if we lived in new orleans, and i had to go on the road my daughter was brought up and happy birthday to anna beth. >> it's your wife's birthday today? >> yeah, yeah.
8:42 am
>> how many years have you two been married >> 30 years in october >> around the time your book comes out. >> by the way, you mentioned this show, your new show is filmed in my home state, south carolina, charleston >> you can't beat the people and the locations and everything about it is just wonderful >> it's a solid show congrats on season two. >> john, thank you so muor hanging with us. we appreciate it. >> you can catch "the righteous gem stones" sunday night, hbo. coming up next, harry smith is back with a remarkable story behi the art world's new sensation. but fist, this is "today" on nbc. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it.
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dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. and we're back with one of the hottest newcomers in the art world, only she's not so new. >> harry smith is back to explain. >> you know, i have a great job. you guys all have great jobs i have a really really cool job, and we get to go to really interesting places, meet really
8:45 am
interesting people this woman we're about to introduce you to, she may be really close to the all-time great list >> wow >> take a look >> ryan good had a dusty job to do, to catalog the stored canvasses of the late artist lee mulligan >> there were objects that were unsigned or i didn't think were attributable to lee, and maybe only one in 20 were signed lh, and i wondered what they were. >> good became increasingly convinced that the art he was uncovering was a find, like hidden treasure, so he asked mulligan's widow about the mysterious. >> she said that's me. >> good asked if he could put her art on display and what did you think >> i thought why not what a good idea and we had a show, and it was
8:46 am
reviewed but he gave me a scrumptious review, wonderful review, and it started. >> kaboom. >> the explosion heard throughout the art world was the overnight success of the 99-year-old artist named luchita hurtado. >> people got it instantly there was an incredible reaction, we sold out the show. it was amazing >> that's pretty cool. >> did you ever expect in your life that anything like this would happen >> no, not at all. and i still don't believe it, to tell you the truth >> paintings that are alluring, very much alive, and very much like the artist herself who came to america as a small child, a poor immigrant from venezuela. >> i was born with this kind of appreciation and so it's a good world. and i'm a very happy citizen in it
8:47 am
>> so do you think that's the key to -- >> happiness i think so i think that if you don't feel comfortable in the world, how are you going to be ever happy. >> do you think that your attitude, this attitude of -- >> joy. >> -- joy, is reflected in your art sn >> yes. >> yeah. i think it's a diary, my art is a diary. and it is what i'm living. the '20s, it was very different from what i'm doing now. now i'm very concerned with air and water and earth. things then. i thought about, you know, prince charming coming to carry me off. >> yeah. did he ever show up? >> several times >> i hadn't thought of it that way.
8:48 am
people are going to see this story, and they're going to say we want what you have. >> no one's keeping them from having a life, you know. >> there's so much joy in here that just comes through you. >> yes, yes. >> picked as one of "time" magazine's people of the year, her work is on display at the certain teen gallery in hyde park, london on the cusp of her 100th year, her lust for life is in no way diminished >> what do you want to do on your 100th birthday? >> dance i know what i want to do i want to dance a real fast rumba. and why not. i want to dance. >> how much do you love her? >> you undersold how awesome she is >> exactly >> that's amazing. >> everything she said was like a quote to live by
8:49 am
>> right so you go in, you do these stories, you do your read up and whatever, and what's interesting about her life, she was married to two different artists over time she always painted she said she sold some paintings when she was younger to make a little money, but she always painted, she was in group shows. she never really like pursued this as a career well, now these paintings are flying off gallery walls. >> did you get one >> she's -- i can't really afford them. she's made some millions of dollars in the last couple of years. >> i love when you asked her other people are going to want what you have and she was like they can have that, they can have a life. it was brilliant she's brilliant. >> stunning, stunning. >> wow >> so this crazy life, and you meet somebody like that, and you walk away like, i got no issues, i got zero issues. >> that was amazing. >> thank you. >> still a prolific piece. that was awesome >> great find, we are back in a moment
8:50 am
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♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. we are back with mr. roker and, al, we're not going to be seeing al for a little bit, just a week or two. >> my family wised up. >> but you do have something that's coming up >> yeah, tomorrow i'm going in to get a hip replacement i have been kind of all of a sudden in the last three months, my left hip has been deteriorating and decided, you know, let me go get it taken care of, so going in tomorrow, and with any luck, i'll be back in a week and a half or so. >> haven't you done several other surgeries? >> i have. i'm slowly replacing this body >> don't you get like a card, like you can punch. >> in fact, i'm getting my hip replaced on groupon. i'm doing it with a friend it's a two-fer, it's fantastic. >> al is one of these guys, and i learned a lot from al, when he's in pain, he doesn't talk
8:53 am
about it when you talk about it becomes the one thing everyone talks about 24/7, it gets in your brain, and that's how you live your life. roker will walk in here dragging his leg and say i'm good >> i watched al do this for years, and i was always amazed by it. i don't know what kind of excruciating pain you're in. >> it's not like i'm crying at night, but it hurts. >> that's the derek jeter way. you don't talk about it. >> yeah, you don't talk about it >> a lot of folks watching, a lot of folks have had hip surgeries, hip replacements. what led to i, do they know? >> it's arthritis, osteoarthritis, and my sister lisa is having both of hers done, so we got a family plan going. >> when are you back >> i hope no complications, maybe by september 30th, so two mondays from now >> so you go in, get it done. >> and they get you up the same day. in fact, we're going to be documenting it, and we'll share, because a lot of people are
8:54 am
getting this done. >> and by the way, when you're walking around in greenland on those boulders. >> that didn't help. >> that was not bueno. >> what i really needed was somebody to carry me in a baby carrier. that would have been just great. >> before you get that new hip, do you have time for some birthdays? >> absolutely. let's spin the smuckers jars maybe these folks can lend me their hip. happy 100th birthday to sadie mccray, a proud grandma from fayetteville, north carolina how about this sadie's mom was featured on a smuckers jar back in 2010 when she turned 110 wow. >> whoa, that's good genes >> joe flores of temple, texas, served in the navy in world war ii we salute your service, sir. happy 100 to eddie goldfarb married to his high school sweetheart nearly 70 years >> john bans, 100, volunteering since he was 98. edith gordon of homer, illinois
8:55 am
is 100 edith and her husband are celebrating 74 years of marriage this week. but wait, there's more warren is also turning 100 this month, congratulations and happy birthday to the two of you, and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to vanilla bean that's her name! >> you're making this up. >> she's a fashionable lady from washington, d.c., known for her makeom made hats, as she still them today i love that. that's a good church going hat. >> vanilla bean. >> thank you as always, we have more stories that you're going to love at day, including how to pick the best shape wear for your wardrobe. plus, we are going to debunk some common cooking myths. coming up next on the 3rd hour, we are gearing up for tokyo 2020. >> what? >> that's right, someone to watch, bmx racer, alise willoughby >> andy cohen will join me at 10:00, hang with me today, so it's going to be a fun
8:56 am
wednesday. >> we'll watch what happens live >> bye, everybody. >> feel better, savannah. >> nice talking to you. >> first your local news and weather. good morning, a short time from now president trump is supposed to arrive in the bay area in is video from a rally last night in new mexico. today air force one will arrive around 11:00 this morning. the white house says the president will go to a round table discussion and luncheon and protestors plan to follow.
8:57 am
the president is making his first visit at commander and chief. protestors forced him to enter a proclaim rally through the back entrance. this time the white house is being vague on where the president will go. >> happening now our crews are in other locations where the president is supposed to travel this morning. housing secretary ben carson is also expected to be in the bay area. coming up on midday news we'll have full coverage at 11:00. also, a home less man is accused of an attack. the attack happened last month, you might remember that video. he was targeting a woman walking into the condo building and the video went viral. news, weather, live tv, download the nbc 10 bay area
8:58 am
happen. 96.5 koit. ♪ our climate in crisis series continues tomorrow with something called precipitation whiplas whiplash. and well have more. tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00.
8:59 am
today on "california live" a new race car experience in the heart of beverly hills. >> and the breakout star of zombieland will join us.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the 3rd hour of "today," i'm dylan, here with the whole gang. >> what did your calm act say this morning? >> be a force of loving kindness in this world. >> wow, policy change. >> i like that. >> i did the one this morning. it's really good. >> where did you do it? >> i do it in the morning. >> before you come to work. >> is that why you're late? >> maybe, but i come in calm. this morning it's about gate keeping. anyway. >> just the ten minute one.


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