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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 19, 2019 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- chelsea handler, star of "the conners" actress, sara gilbert music from tove lo featuring the 8g band with yesod williams ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause that is wonderful to hear. in that case, let's get to the news during his congressional testimony yesterday, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski said he has, quote, no obligation to be honest with the media.
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many are calling the statement shocking, while fox news is calling it an audition [ laughter ] despite claiming at a rally this week, that nobody loves hispanics more than him, a new poll shows that trump's approval rating among hispanics is just 25% though it's not the first time trump's been part of a one-way relationship [ laughter ] the news service, reuters, has released a photo of president trump boarding air force one with cash sticking out of his back pocket. and you'll never believe whose pocket trump was in. [ laughter ] the merriam-webster dictionary added more than 530 new words this month, including "escape room," "fatberg," and "dad joke." sadly, none of these words made it >> susbes -- jurners. a lawmarkers the united shtasthes [ laughter ] >> seth: an upcoming episode of "keeping up with the kardashians" will feature an incident where kim kardashian's
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security team tackled her 63-year-old mother, kris, after mistaking her for an intruder in the backyard so i think i speak for everybody when i say, what time is that on [ laughter ] "the new york times" published an article yesterday entitled, women poop at work, get over it. [ light laughter ] and you could always tell when [ laughter ] the world's first vagina museum is opening in london's camden market still no word on where the clitoris museum is though. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause they gave me a map but i don't even know where north is [ laughter ] and finally, a california woman gave birth over the weekend in the back of her car in a jack in the box parking lot. and it is pretty clear who the father is.
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[ light laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause her documentary "hello privilege. it's me, chelsea" is currently streaming on netflix chelsea handler is here tonight, everybody. [ cheers and applause you can see her in the new season "the conners," premiering next week on abc sara gilbert is here [ cheers and applause and we'll have music from tove lo. so you're here on a great night. before we get to all of our wonderful guests, democrats are debating whether to move forward with impeachment as president trump awaits orders from saudi arabia for more on this it is time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: well, it is campaign season which means we'll all be subjected to endless hours of cable news speculation about every morsel of political news from every poll result to every fundraising report with panels of truly absurd numbers of people sitting around giant tables endlessly dissecting who is up and who is down in the race and i'm sorry but what is up with this weird horseshoe configuration?
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you couldn't find a table that looks less like the legion of doom [ laughter ] this is, of course, the time of year when cable news pundits speculate wildly and often wrongly. for example you might remember that when senator elizabeth warren announced that she was exploring a presidential run at end of 2018, many pundits proclaimed her candidacy dead on arrival because she had supposedly missed her moment by not running four years ago >> as elizabeth warren inches towards a possible presidential run in 2020, president trump is laughing her off does she stand a chance or has she missed her moment? >> in a new editorial, the "boston globe" writing, quote, warren missed her moment in 2016 and there's reason to be skeptical of her perspective candidacy in 2020. >> there are some who say that she missed her shot to run in 2016 for president >> perhaps 2016 was elizabeth warren's moment and she should have run then >> in 2016 she had so many people urging her to run >> she might have missed her moment that might have been her moment.
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>> she's, you know, maybe missed her moment in some eyes, back in 2016. >> seth: you know your political analysis is bad when you sound like you're quoting a kelly clarkson song. [ light laughter ] you know, well if she missed her moment and a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this also, can we go back to this part real quick. >> as elizabeth warren inches towards a possible presidential run in 2020, president trump is laughing her off >> seth: oh, i'm sorry, trump is laughing her off if laughing at somebody meant they couldn't be president then we sure as hell wouldn't have trump to deal with >> donald trump often appears on fox which is ironic because a fox often appears on donald trump's head. [ laughter ] [ laughter and applause >> seth: by the way, that is an interesting factoid. [ cheers and applause that comedian, right there, that's my son. [ laughter ] but anyway, there you go, the pundits said elizabeth warren missed her moment, and if there
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is one thing we've learned from the last decade of politics, it's that the pundits are always right. >> momentum growing for a surging senator elizabeth warren >> senator elizabeth warren surging in this latest poll. >> warren is surging >> she is surging. >> all eyes are on a surging elizabeth warren >> new polling shows warren's economic message is resonating with voters. >> just take a look at thousands, thousands of people who gathered in new york city's washington square park last night for warren's anti-corruption speech >> her campaign says the presidential candidate drew a crowd of 20,000 people to her rally in new york city last night. the biggest crowd of her campaign so far. >> warren bound to take a selfie with everyone who wanted one at the end. so that selfie line, for a crowd of 20,000, lasted for four hours. >> wow >> seth: she stood there and took selfies after her speech for four hours can you imagine trump doing that i mean, look at how much he sweats during his speeches [ laughter ]
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you know you're out of shape when talking is cardio [ laughter ] after four hours of selfies, he would just be a puddle with hair [ laughter ] a warren speech was not just - [ applause ] -- was not just about showcasing enthusiasm or posing for selfies, it was about hitting home a crucial point, a distinction she has drawn with one of her main rivals, joe biden. biden has basically said that once trump is gone things will go back to normal. warren, on the other hand, has stressed that trump is both the product and the symbol of a broken system. >> now when you see a government that works great for those with money and connections, and doesn't work for much of anyone else, that's corruption, plain and simple and we need to call it out for what it is. okay so, let's start with the obvious. donald trump is corruption in the flesh. now as bad as things are, we have to recognize our problems
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didn't start with donald trump he made them worse, bu need to take a deep breath and recognize that a country that elects donald trump is already in serious trouble [ cheers and applause >> seth: that is a very good point. it is like finding out your daughter is dating a deejay. getting rid of the deejay is fine but you still have to go back and examine the way you've raised your daughter [ laughter ] "what did we do? also, could we go back to this >> donald trump is corruption in the flesh. >> seth: the only part of that i disagree with is the idea that trump has actual human flesh i mean, look at him. his actual face is indistinguishable from a halloween mask [ laughter ] anyway, the rest of the point still stands trump is a symbol and the product of years of elite failure and institutionalized corruption a system which trump has both benefited from and made worse. even if you put aside the mountains of evidence in the
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400-page mueller report, and all of the obvious ways in which he's using the presidency to rich himself, this week trump threatened an illegal and unconstitutional war with iran because saudi arabia pays us money. >> we would certainly help them. they've been a great ally. they spend $400 billion in our country over the last number of years. $400 billion that's a million and a half jobs and they're not ones that unlike some countries where they want terms. they want terms and conditions they want to say, can we borrow the money at 0% for the next 400 years. no, no, saudi arabia pays cash >> seth: wait, they paid you $400 billion in cash [ light laughter ] how is that even -- i think they're scamming you, dude "they gave me $400 billion bills. and you know they're real because they had ivanka on them." [ laughter ] and, of course, as we've established on this show repeatedly, trump has all kinds of personal financial ties from
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saudi arabia from which he has personally profited both before and during his presidency. at one point he literally said straight up during the campaign that he likes saudi arabia because they give him money. >> i love the saudis many are in this building. saudi arabia and i get along great with all of them they buy apartments from me. they spend $40 million, $50 million. am i supposed to dislike them? i like them very much. >> seth: so, once again, that is the literal definition of a bribe. [ laughter ] and this is the problem with trump, he just confesses openly in plain sight, in front of the cameras, microphones on, so it doesn't feel like a confession but just imagine that exact same quote in a different context trump's in a police interrogation room with lennie briscoe and it's hour six of the interview light swinging over his head, sweat pouring down his face and the cops are screaming, "tell us what you know about the saudis!" trump's like, "fine, they buy apartments from me, $40 million, $50 million. am i supposed to dislike them? i like them very much. oh, god, what i have said? [ laughter ] since then we've learned that trump has registered companies in saudi arabia and saudi
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officials and lobbyists have spent money at his hotels. in fact, this week we got yet another example of saudi arabia spending money at trump's personal properties when "politico" reported that a large group of saudi royals had stayed at trump's golf resort in scotland earlier this summer, according to a staffer, a group of saudi royals stayed at the resort for about a week, at the tail end of extended travel. bringing a party of 25 people and more than 100 pieces of luggage. 100 pieces of luggage. you know, one bag for clothes, one bag for golf clubs and 98 bags stuffed with gold bars [ light laughter ] i'm just kidding they would never bring gold. >> saudi arabia pays cash. [ laughter ] >> seth: this is the kind of corruption that has been institutionalized in washington for years. it is just that trump came along and made it worse and more obvious. it's also blatantly illegal and unconstitutional, which is why more and more democrats are coming around to the idea that trump should be impeached. yet, once again, the pundits and the establishment who predicted that warren had missed her moment are now hand-wringing about the possible political consequences of impeachment.
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like this item from "politico" explaining the thinking of democratic leaders on impeachment. try to follow along and see if any of this makes sense to you this political pickle has come up in conversations with several democratic sources over the last few days if house democrats impeach president donald trump and he loses, they fear they could get blamed for a political hit job if they don't impeach him and he wins, they fear being blamed by the democratic base for not doing enough best case scenario, dems are left hoping they don't impeach him and trump loses on his own first of all, that is not the best case scenario the best case scenario is that trump sets his diet coke down on his computer and accidentally sends all texts with putin to the "new york times. then he has to flee to mexico but he gets his pants stuck climbing over his newly built wall and he falls bare-assed on the mexican side and that photograph is the only thing on cnn for, like, a year. [ cheers and applause that is the best case scenario second, the same pundits who speculated wildly about warren
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missing her moment are the same ones now insisting that impeaching a lawless, corrupt president could hurt democrats who knows what will happen in either case, but several things are clear. trump has broken the law and violated the constitution and judging from his rallies he's got some very serious problems especially - >> in the flesh. [ light laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with more "late night," everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. volunteerism. fundraising. giving back. subaru and our retailers have given over one hundred and sixty-five million dollars to charity. we call it our love promise.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back. this is very exciting -- very exciting news. one of our writers, karen chee just turned 24 years old to give you an idea of how young that is, the same year i had my first drink karen's parents had their first date [ laughter ] as a result, she has a much different frame of reference than a lot of us so we thought we'd find out exactly what karen knows about the past in a segment called "what does karen know? ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: this is one of my favorite things to do. to talk to you and find out exactly what things that were culturally significant when i was young, you have no idea about. >> yes >> seth: so are you ready? >> yeah, i'm excited >> seth: for your first thing, do you know, karen, who that is? >> no. [ laughter ] is this --
12:55 am
>> seth: based on the photo, who do you think it is >> okay, i think he's a singer >> seth: yeah. >> and either two of his fingers are broken and they've been splintered together. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> or he's like that's his n i don't really know what's going on >> seth: he was a rapper named two broke fingers. >> right [ laughter ] no you're joking. >> seth: no, i'm [ bleep ] with you. [ laughter ] this is vanilla ice. does vanilla ice mean anything to you >> yes, but i actually wonder if it's because it sounds like ice-t. >> seth: oh, okay. they're very different the vanilla being the main difference >> yes [ laughter ] >> seth: but, like, some -- stop, like, and collaborate and listen [ laughter ] so this is ice and he was back with, like, a brand-new invention. and like something it was never clear would grab ahold of him tightly. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> seth: and then -- it's hard to explain he would, like, flow, like, a harpoon. daily and night -- like, he rocked the mic extremely - yes. [ laughter ]
12:56 am
>> seth: -- like a vandal. and he would, like, light up the stage. >> wow >> seth: and wax a chump like a candle [ laughter and applause >> that is awesome, i mean - >> seth: yeah. >> good for him. >> seth: his name was vanilla. >> okay. >> seth: ice, ice, baby. [ laughter ] >> oh, i do know "ice, ice, baby." [ laughter ] that's what you were talking - >> seth: all right, ready? >> okay, yeah. >> seth: what's that >> oh, uh, i know what it does >> seth: okay. >> clearly, it holds, like, a cd >> seth: um, clearly >> no? is it now -- >> seth: no, it clearly doesn't. [ laughter ] do you not even know the shape of a cd? >> it is just looks large enough - >> seth: what came before cd >> cassette tape cassette tape. >> seth: yeah. that is great. >> and those are for your ears >> seth: yep [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you have done nothing impressive i feel like you're very proud of yourself you got this one and a half -- one and a half out of a possible ten points this is a walkman. did you ever hear about that >> oh, yes i do know what a
12:57 am
walkman is, yeah >> seth: a walkman they were -- they were great they were really fun to run with because you would have them, like, maybe on your waist. >> oh, got it. >> seth: and then because they were so heavy it would throw off your hips. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you would have -- >> i imagine your pants would slide down >> seth: yeah, your pants -- well, that was the thing in the 80s when people jogged, you just saw butts constantly [ light laughter ] what are these >> i mean, frogs >> seth: yeah. >> i crushed it. [ laughter ] they're frogs. >> seth: oh, wait, so you had frogs when you were growing up >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: these are -- these are commercial frogs for what product? >> water [ laughter ] rocks? >> seth: rocks and water has almost never had their own commercials. these were the budweiser frogs does that mean anything to you >> no, but last time there was a budweiser dog. >> seth: yeah. >> okay. >> seth: do you remember the name of the budweiser dog last time >> tom >> seth: tom [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry >> seth: for those of you who weren't with us last time, she remembers spuds mckenzie's name as tom >> i'm so sorry.
12:58 am
>> seth: in the budweiser marketing meeting, they were like, "what do you think kids will like more, spuds mckenzie or tom?" [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: and these -- these frogs will go, "bud-weis-er. >> wow and that would make you want to drink beer >> seth: i don't want to stand up to this >> okay. [ laughter ] i don't want to defend it. all right, ready >> yes >> seth: who is that >> oh -- [ laughter ] she looks like - >> seth: i feel like that wasn't an "oh" of recognition >> no, she just looks like someone i would really like. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: her name was sally jesse rafael >> okay. >> seth: and you would -- when you were a kid, you'd would watch her if you had the flu [ laughter ] >> because she -- was on during the day time when you were at home >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah >> okay. >> seth: it wasn't a thing that, like -- as kids, we weren't -- we would never -- and you would never talk to other kids you would never say, "hey, did you see sally jesse rafael?" 'cause, ultimately, you would have to be someone else would have to have the flu at the same time as you. all right. that's -- i would say you did okay >> yeah, thanks.
12:59 am
>> seth: okay. >> i think i got zero out of four >> seth: i think that's accurate >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> i crushed it. >> seth: all right, is it my turn >> yes >> seth: okay. >> okay, i'm very excited. >> seth: okay. >> here is the first one >> seth: okay. oh, i -- is this "dance dance revolution?" >> yes, it is! >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause >> wow, well done. >> seth: thank you very much >> oh, my gosh that was very cool >> seth: thank you very much >> yeah, okay. i think you might know this boy. do you know this boy [ laughter ] you guys know this boy >> seth: is it "dragon ball z? >> no, similar it is an anime >> seth: okay, same, like, same genre? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: what is his name? >> ash like your son >> seth: oh, wow >> yeah. >> seth: okay, he's not named after this [ laughter ] >> if you knew - >> seth: and what is ash -- how would you describe ash >> i would say ash recently became a master. is that helpful. >> seth: like, recently -- like, how recently >> like, a week ago maybe.
1:00 am
after 22 years of working for it, he finally - >> seth: wait, this is, like, an active thing that's still going? >> yeah, it is for a lot of us >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] are these still being produced >> yeah, you absolutely know what this is >> seth: i don't know what it is >> can i tell you? >> seth: yeah. >> it is ash ketchum from "pokemon." >> seth: oh, i didn't -- i still didn't know -- [ laughter ] i literally thought we were done when you said he's name was ash. [ applause ] >> no. >> seth: so, okay. i -- see, i know that pokemon's a thing, but i didn't realize it was also, like, there was a story behind pokemon >> oh, wait yes. what do you think it was >> seth: i don'y know. like, a card game that's you'd be like, "hey, i got this pokemon. and you'd be like, "oh, i got this one." and then you'd be like, "should we go outside? and you'd be like, "no." [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. i mean, that's, like, all accurate >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. it's just -- you can stay inside >> seth: but what -- who -- what does ash ketchum do? >> so, he's the main - >> seth: i mean, i guess his name gives it away [ laughter ] >> yeah, that's fair he's the protagonist >> seth: okya, got you >> and he's, like, the main person, you know, if you watch, like, any pokemon movie -- >> seth: right >> he's the main person. >> seth: okay. >> and he -- do you know what a pikachu is
1:01 am
>> seth: i know -- yes that it is a kind -- >> that's -- he's pokemon. >> seth: oh, got you >> yeah. >> seth: none of this makes me want to engage with this world [ laughter ] >> okay. >> seth: look, i'm telling you -- >> it's very - >> seth: i grew up in a different time you had ash ketchum and i had this cool dude [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you know how he lost his fingers? a pikachu bit them off [ laughter ] hey, everybody, that's karen chee and this has been "what does karen know." [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with chelsea handler. >> bye [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how we doing? fabulous! ♪ i wonder how the firm is doing without its fearless leader. sure you want to leave that all behind?
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody and give it up for the 8g band, right over there [ cheers and applause joining us again tonight, he's the drummer for a fantastic reggae rock band from kona,
1:06 am
hawaii, pepper be sure to check out their latest album "local motion" which is available now on law records. yesod williams is here, everybody. thanks for being here. [ cheers and applause >> thank you -- seth all right. >> seth: our first guest tonight is a very funny comedian and best- selling author and her new documentary "hello privilege. it's me, chelsea" is streaming on netflix let's take a look. >> okay, so with this film i'm learning that it's important to find out the ways in which someone like me can help and how people can chip in, and i don't have a concrete answer so - >> ilws say that can't just be black people advocating for black people because to be honest with you, the way this country is moving, they don't really care what black people say. so we need everybody's voice talking in their own communities. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend, chelsea handler, everyone. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
1:07 am
>> seth: welcome back. [ cheers and applause >> thank you thank you. >> seth: so you made a documentary about white privilege. >> i did my own specifically. >> seth: your own specific white privilege. and this is was an idea you had post 2016 election >> postmortem, i -- yes. and in 2016, i don't know if you guys know, there was an election >> seth: yeah. >> a pretty a big one. i didn't like the way that went. >> seth: yeah. >> so i had a hard time with it. and, you know, before the election, like my biggest decision was whether i was gonna build a slide that came out of my bedroom balcony for adults that went straight into my pool. [ light laughter ] that was, like my biggest stressor and then the day after the election i was running around my neighborhood passing out water bottles to mexican workers like, "we love you. you're here, you belong here." they're like, "we're legally here so back off, bitch. [ laughter ] so it was a confusing time >> seth: yes >> and i was very upset, and i dug deep and i went to therapy for the first time >> seth: yeah. >> the first real time in my life at the tender age of 42 i
1:08 am
think. [ light laughter ] and i got real aboy entitlement, about being spoiled, about what it's like to look outside of yourself get your head out of your own ass. you know and i started to look around and realized just how bad, like, how bad shape we were in and how little i knew about it. so i got educated. >> seth: and with white privilege, this is something that is it safe to say you were, a little, just oblivious to before you had this, sort of, introspection? >> yeah. like, i thought, "oh, i'm super talented and i work really hard. that's why i'm successful. it's like "whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." you start to read books, it's like a person of color wouldn't have had the career i've had wouldn't have gotten away with the things i got away with, and i had no accountability for that so for me it is a deep dive into just understanding what it's like to be a person of color in this country, as good of an understanding as i can have, because obviously, i can't understand but i wanted to do something that wasn't about me collecting a paycheck it was about communicating and just contributing something, you
1:09 am
know, in a more thoughtful way so i started with my own ridiculous privilege and lifestyle, which is, you know, absurd so i learned a lot and we have to really pay attention to people that are unlike us. >> seth: and i think, you know, i feel similar to probably to you, which is, you know, you as a white person, you succeed and it felt very hard, you know, when you are in it and your perspective. and you just need to realize like, "oh, i'm not saying white privilege doesn't mean it is easy for you, it just means it can be so much harder for people that don't have the first step in the door. >> absolutely. it means that when i get pulled over by the cops i don't have to worry about it being a life or death situation. >> seth: which is a huge difference >> exactly, so - >> seth: you mentioned -- one of things you talked about is shoplifting; how that is something you did which then becomes a slap on the wrist as opposed to what it could be for someone else >> yeah, i mean, my ex boyfriend's in the documentary he's a black man named tyshawn, i dated when i was 16 and i know everybody knows i dated 50 cent and my friend said, "oh, great now people are gonna think you only like black guys and you discriminate against your own
1:10 am
race." so i would like to say that i'm available to white men, too. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's very nice of you to say >> okay? i want to clear that i don't discriminate against white men [ applause ] >> seth: that is very sweet of you. >> even though, you know, you guys know what you did [ laughter ] but -- wait, what was the question sorry. >> seth: shoplifting >> shoplifting well he and i got caught, a, with three dime bags when we were 16, he was 18 every time, they let me go and every time, he got arrested and he ended up spending 14 years in jail and i never thought about that at the time my the director of this documentary made me go back there and revisit that i was like, "no more ex boyfriends." like, "i've met up with a couple and it doesn't go well." so i wasn't that into it but it was important and, you know, there are examples i mean, i've walked into an airport. you know how annoying the airport can be, and the slowness of the transaction with the person behind the counter or at a hudson bookseller. i mean, i've definitely walked in, looked at her and looked at the slowness of the transaction of what it was going to take, taken a book and just waved
1:11 am
twenty dollars up at the -- up at the camera -- the security camera and be like, "yeah, i'm taking this and i'm leaving. i can't deal with the slowness of this. and when i was talking to her about that, i go, "is that white privilege? she's like, "no, white people aren't even doing that." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> she was like, "you just have problems." [ laughter ] so it was -- >> seth: yeah, don't pin that on our race [ laughter ] >> right >> seth: that is very specifically a chelsea thing >> i was like, "yeah, it turns out it is very specifically a chelsea thing. >> seth: you - >> a lot of my issues are very, you know, centered around my own experience >> seth: -- you were -- you were arrested when you were 21. what was that for? >> i got a dui but my sister, who's in my dressing room, my mother had given me her i.d., like as one mother does -- as a mother does, so that i could drink earlier than i was legally -- >> seth: yeah, sure. >> -- you know, legally able to. >> seth: good parenting. yeah [ light laughter ] >> my mom was just like, "whatever you need to get the hell out of this house." like, "if you need a fake i.d., take it. anyway i got pulled over and i forgot that i was 21 at that point 'cause it had only been a week and i gave them my sister's i.d. and apparently my sister had reported me to like the fbi
1:12 am
or something so i had to - >> seth: for stealing your i.d.? >> she -- she was mormon at the time >> seth: oh, gotcha. yeah >> so, she was really just like, out to get me 'cause - >> seth: yeah, they call the fbi left and right >> -- yeah [ laughter ] you know how mormon's are. it's - >> seth: they -- on speed dial yeah [ laughter ] >> it's like they are in bed with the fbi basically no, so i ended up spending, like 48 hours in this -- in l.a. county women's prison. and then i had to go to this class where you had to get up and tell your dui -- you had go to dui school, which is basically a school you go to for like eight to ten weeks where they teach you how to get out of your next dui. >> seth: okay. >> they're basically like, "don't ever admit. i'm like, "what kind of class is this?" [ light laughter ] but when i got up to finally tell my story about my experience - >> seth: were you nervous about telling your story >> yeah, i had diarrhea. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> like i had diarrhea -- every time i went to that class, the fear of getting called on i had diarrhea >> seth: yeah. oh, wow. >> i was like -- public speaking was the scariest thing you could imagine and i was like, "there's no way i can do this i can't talk publicly." but when i did get up, i couldn't get back down
1:13 am
i couldn't stop talking 'cause the audience was like with me and they were listening to me. and my story was ridiculous. i called the cop a racist. he was white i mean, none of it made sense. and when i got off somebody's like "you should do stand-up comedy," and i was like, "yeah, that actually makes sense. me talking and nobody could interrupt." so, that's kind of how i got into stand-up. >> seth: so, i guess what you're saying at any young, potential stand-ups out there is get that first dui. >> that's right. >> seth: get in front of people. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> seth: you know, work it out in front of an audience. yeah >> yeah, and if you could steal someone's i.d., go for that too. why not? [ laughter ] >> seth: congratulations on the documentary. it's always so great to see you. >> thank you >> seth: give it up for chelsea handler, everybody [ cheers and applause "hello privilege. it's me, chelsea" is streaming on netflix. we'll be right back with sara gilbert [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ (classical music playing throughout)
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: you know our next guest from her portrayal of darlene on "roseanne. she also created and co-hosted "the talk" on cbs. she now stars in "the conners. the second season premieres september 24th on abc. let's take a look. >> could you do me a huge favor and run down to the coffee shop and get me another cup of coffee with agave >> and on the off chance that cup o' mutt doesn't have agave, is there another exotic plant you'll accept? [ light laughter ] >> yes, i'll take black tar heroin >> got it. >> seth: please welcome to the show sara gilbert, everyone. ♪ [ cheering and applause >> seth: hi, sara. how are you? >> hi. good, how are you? >> seth: good. congratulations on another season of "the conners." >> thank you >> seth: this is, of course, a spinoff of "roseanne" which you
1:20 am
started -- you did nine seasons on -- beginning when you were 13 years old. >> that's right. >> seth: that is -- you were a very young person. and grew up in front of all of us >> i was a very young, awkward person it is hard to have your teenage years in front of everybody. >> seth: yeah. in a weird way it's almost better to start when you are 7 than 13. like, that is -- >> right >> seth: -- a trippy time to get in front of people >> because then they saw you cute before it went weird. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, right >> right >> seth: at 13 it's basically, like, take quick look because it is about to get weird right today. >> yeah, exactly >> seth: and were you aware of that i mean, being that age, could you even comprehend that, "oh, this is a very strange place to be growing up. >> not really because my family was in entertainment so i think it was, for me, it was weird not to do it >> seth: sure. >> as soon as i started, i was like, "okay this feels correct." >> seth: this is where you're supposed to be >> yeah. >> seth: you're suppose to be on a set as a 13-year-old >> yeah, which is weird but -- >> seth: but then -- and, of course, you're also getting an education. is that mean doing homework on set? was that a big part of it? >> yes so i was always jealous because the older cast members would get
1:21 am
a break when they didn't have a scene. and the kids would have to go to the schoolroom and sit in a little room and do work. so -- but now my kids on the show, it's so interesting, because i'm used to, you know, "oh, yeah, it's time for school." their scene will end and i's time for school. and i'm like, "oh, bummer. and ames, who plays my son, is like "oh, great. school." [ laughter ] and i'm like, "what kind of imposter child is this?" [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> right like, "who is this person? but he's so brainy i mena, i look up to him >> seth: do you reflect back on yourself and wonder, "why wasn't i more into school?" >> no. >> seth: yeah, i see [ laughter ] just put it totally on him >> yeah. >> seth: you -- believe john goodman was here just yesterday and he -- it used to be called scruffy or scuffy? >> scuffy. >> seth: scuffy. what was the nickname scuffy for? >> so that was -- because i was a teenager, i would kind of come in tired with my shoes not fully on, slowly scuffing the set. >> seth: got you >> so they would say, "oh, here comes scuffy," because they
1:22 am
would hear me sort of scuffing in >> seth: oh, so you were sort of just a teenager -- >> yeah. >> seth: like, tell tale stuff >> you know, happy >> seth: yeah. yeah, you were happy was it surreal walking back on the set after so many years away >> it was crazy. i was there for pre-production so i was there while they were putting up the set so the first wall of the utility room went up which is like the back room that we didn't even shoot into that much where the washer and dryer are and it was just one yellow wall. and i -- it blew me away just seeing this one tiny wall that was a few feet and then the whole set of course went up. >> seth: i mean, i guess it would be that -- it would be as if someone just rebuilt your childhood home for you to go live in again. and just watching it slowly go up it must have been such a trip. >> yeah. >> seth: and then i heard, is it true that the couch is not -- is the one thing that is not the same couch >> it is not exactly the same couch. we actually found the original couch. some guy has, like, a tv museum. people think it's in the
1:23 am
smithsonian. it was there for a brief time, but it's no longer there >> seth: and then this guy stole it >> this guy stole it >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: he nic caged the "roseanne" couch from the smithsonian. >> it's -- by the way, it is easy to get a couch out, right >> seth: right, exactly. >> to sneak out. no, so he has a bunch of memorabilia. he had the couch and, for me, it was really important to me to get the original couch i thought that's, like - >> seth: yeah, it's -- >> you have to, right? >> seth: obviously, like, the fact it was in the smithsonian tells you this - >> sure. >> seth: -- was an iconic piece of - >> but then in order to get the couch, there were so many rules that we had to have thousands of dollars of extra insurance if we wanted to have the couch on the set. it could only be there when we were shooting, not on days where we were just rehearsing. and then it had to be taken out. it had to be cleaned and had to have its own security guard, essentially >> seth: really? >> yeah, and i was like, "this couch is more important than i am." >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> like, this is like -- so we thought that might be too much >> seth: that might be too much. >> i still was like, "should we? i don't know." >> seth: well, i think everything i know about actors and their egos, you don't want to have a piece of furniture
1:24 am
around that people are being nicer to than the actors >> right >> seth: yeah. >> no, that's true >> seth: they would just spin about. >> but the otherhing tt was funny to the cast, we were like, "the couch that we ate cheetos on and had our dirty feet on is so" -- you know [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, it's unbelievable but, i guess, there you go it's a piece of americana history at this point. >> i guess so. >> seth: you also -- you created the show "the talk." you left recently to work on some other things. when you leave a place like that you've been for a long time, and, obviously, i assume you're very close with the people you work with there. do you stay in touch with everybody? >> yeah. i think they must be thinking like, "please leave us alone." because i left but i didn't really leave i'm texting, "how did it go this week what is happening? who's there? >> seth: yeah. >> you know. >> seth: that's all right. when i left "snl" i did the same thing. i was so -- i still wanted to be super invested in that place and then i realized they were -- they basically had to eventually tell me -- >> they move on. >> seth: yeah, and they're also like, "you know we're working, right? this is a workplace and we don't need to tell you all day, like, how work it. >> yeah. >> seth: well, congratulations on the show. it is so lovely having you here. >> thank you
1:25 am
>> seth: and looking forward to a new season of "the conners." give it up for sara gilbert, everybody. [ cheers and applause season two premieres september 24th on abc. we'll be right back with music from tove lo [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ (paul) wireless network claims are so confusing. america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great, but don't just take my word for it. try it out and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. for people with hearing loss, visit
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: performing "sweet talk my heart" from her new album "sunshine kitty," give it up for tove lo, everybody [ cheers and appuse ♪ ♪ tell me you love me tell me you're mine tell me i know it don't need a sign ♪ ♪ but i feel different know you don't lie but i want attention commitment intertwined ♪ ♪ what are your dreams give me the details all in-between just let me know ya ♪ ♪ we can go far
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♪ the taste of all those promises that pulls you in for good ♪ ♪ can't get enough put your top moves and run with it sweet talk that ♪ ♪ so good i can be yours i can be yours now i can be yours ♪ ♪ i can be yours now i can't get enough put your top moves on and run with it ♪ ♪ sweet talk that so good sweet, sweet, sweet ah, sweet, sweet, sweet ♪ ♪ talk my heart sweet sweet sweet sweet ah, sweet, sweet, sweet talk my heart ♪ ♪ sweet sweet, swee i can be yours sweet ah, sweet, sweet, sweet ♪ ♪ talk my heart sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet ah, sweet, sweet sweet talk my heart ♪ ♪ ♪ yea i can be yours, yeah sweeter than love is
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the taste of all ♪ ♪ those promises that pulls you in for good can't get enough ♪ ♪ put your top moves and run with it sweet talk tha so good ♪ ♪ i can be yours i can be yours now i can be yours i can be yours now ♪ ♪ i can be yours i can be yours now i can be yours sweet talk my heart now ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: tove lo, everyone "sunshine kitty" is out on friday we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause 2♪ >> seth: every wednesday and friday we release a podcast edition of "late night" so you can catch up on the go it's audio from the show and includes "a closer look," comedy bits, and guest interviews
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to chelsea handler, sara gilbert, tove lo, everybody [ cheers and applause yesod williams, and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "a little late with lilly singh." we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," i sit down with tracee ellis ross, st of "black-ish" and "mixed-ish." >> yup >> lilly: tracee, i noticed that all of your shows end with an "ish." >> oh, yes i have noticed that. yes. >> lilly: mm-hmm no, i feel like i could have, like, a hundred "ish" shows. >> really? >> lilly: "brown-ish." [ laughter ] "gay-ish," "famous-ish," "youngsh


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