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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we'll be back at 7:25 a live local news update. >> and more news at our midday show at 11:00. don't you miss it. see you then. have a great friday. enjoy the weekend! good morning, breaking overnight, catastrophic, a state of emergency in texas to deal with the historic flooding. 3 feet of rain in two days turning cities into islands. >> we're trying to get everybody out of here, trying to open up the roads the best that we can. >> at least two deaths now reported, thousands evacuated with the rescuesngoing. houston's airport temporarily shut down. the latest in a live report. new questions, no answers, growing calls for an investigation into predeump's p with the ukrainian leader that led to an explosive complaint from a u.s. intelligence
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officer. and overnight, the president's lawyer sends mixed messages. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no, actually, i didn't. >> but you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. >> of course i did. apology tour. >> what i did was inexcusable and wrong. >> canada's prime minister issues more apologies after new images and video of him in blackface emerge. >> i didn't understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day. >> he says he can't be sure more photos won't surface. could the scandal cost him his job. all of that plus nbc news exclusive, savannah sits down with the jeffrey epstein accuser who says she was also assaulted by prince andrew. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe that even royalty were involved. >> her first television interview as other accusers share their stories. missing birds mystery, 3 billion vanishing from north america over the last half century.
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this morning, the search for answers. and the rookie roar. >> minshew wide open for the touchdown. >> the young sensation taking the nfl by storm leads the jacksonville jaguars to a big win. today, friday, september 20th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on this friday morning. savannah is out with pneumonia. we are going to check in with her in a little bit. but if you look out at our crowd today, it kind of feels like summertime party crowd. the place is packed. it's 25 years of "friends." i know that we're going to be out there with a little music, but wowza. >> the rembrandts are here. a familiar face. >> it's a nice looking crowd but we will start with that flooding
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emergency in texas. this morning, entire neighborhoods still cut off and more people are still in need of rescue. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in the hard hit city of hampshire, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the amount of rain that has fallen here more than 30, even 40 inches of rain here in parts of jefferson county. now, we just saw a rescue team in a high water vehicle head down this road. entire neighborhoods are cut off and emergency shelters are packed. this morning rescuers are still scrambling to reach inundated parts of southeast texas after one of the wettest tropical cyclones on record. >> it's just going outside and seeing people begging for help. it was really scary. >> reporter: and around houston, there have been more than a thousand water rescues so far. overnight, a freeway shut down in baytown after rising waters caused several barges to break loose along the san jacinto river slamming into a bridge, officials concerned the barges
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may contain combustible liquid. other cities like beaumont and the small town of winnie devastated. >> the whole entire yard was covered with water, there was no way out. >> reporter: pregnant mom is now at an emergency shelter with her husband and children. >> starting over with what, because we don't have anything. >> reporter: the floods have turned deadly, 19-year-old hunter morrison was electrocuted and drowned while trying to save his horse. another man died after driving into this high water. the remnants of imelda drenching some areas with more than 40 inches of rain. ohio does it compare to harvey? >> the people we're rescuing saying they have more water in their houses than they did with harvey. >> reporter: so much water, the roof of this postal facility collapsed injuring three people.
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flash floods made it nearly impossible to get to bush intercontinental airport. hundreds of flights were delayed or cancell. the intensity of the storm caught many here by surprise. >> everything can be replaced. it's people i'm worried about. it's people an unfolding catastrophe prompting rescue after rescue, jim and leah tesno are grateful they escaped with their kids. all i heard, you're just going to get a lot of rain, but we didn't think too much of it. but as time passed, the water just kept coming, coming, coming. >> so much rain, gabe, and just coming down so fast. any hope that the flooding lets up at all soon? >> reporter: well, craig, thankfully at this location, we saw a bit of a break in the rain overnight but we could see more today. parts of i-10 are shut down in both directions. many roads are still impassable,
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and it's really been a challenge for rescue crews to get to some of the most affected areas, craig. >> gabe gutierrez there in texas. gabe, thank you. we're going to get to dylan's forecast in just a moment. meanwhile, we are learning new details this morning about that explosive whistleblower complaint involving a mysterious phone call between president trump and another world leader. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander is following this story for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are here on the white house south lawn where the president is preparing for a state visit. right now he is dealing with a growing crisis over his communications with a foreign leader. it appears we may be one step closer to knowing who the president was talking to. what remains unclear today is what they were talking about and what, if any, promises were made. this morning "the washington post" citing two officials familiar with the matter reports that a whistleblower complaint made by a u.s. intelligence official is centered around ukraine.
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nbc news has not confirmed the "post" report but a former u.s. official tells nbc news the complaint involves a phone conversation between president trump and an unidentified world leader. the "post" first reported that the complaint about president trump's interaction with the foreign leader included a promise that the intelligence officer found so troubling that they filed a complaint with the inspector general. two and a half weeks before that complaint was filed, president trump spoke by phone with ukraine's newly elected president vladimir zelensky. top house democrats are investigating whether president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani tried to influence the ukraine government to help president trump's election campaign. those democrats say one of giuliani's alleged targets appears to be former vice president joe biden and his family, including his son hunter who once worked on the board of a ukranian gas company. overnight, giuliani on cnn contradicting himself. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden?
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>> no, actually i didn't. >> you did ask. >> of course i did. >> reporter: the biden campaign declined to comment. the president blasting it has harassment. he said there was nothing said wrong, it was pitch perfect. joseph mcguire is defying democratic calls that he turnover that complaint to lawmakers. >> this involves an allegation of serious wrong doing. it is unprecedented for a director to withhold that information from congress. >> reporter: olympic choir overruling his agency's inspector general who called the allegation credible and urgent. >> we heard from the chairman of the intelligence committee, adam schiff there, democrats in congress hoping to pounce on this issue. what happens next? where does it go from here?
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>> reporter: good question. the acting intelligence director, joseph mcguire, tells nbc news is citing the advice of the doj's legal counsel as why he wouldn't turn that complaint over. a top democrat, you saw adam schiff there, he is threatening legal action. mcguire is scheduled according to schiff to testify on capitol hill next week. the white house has not responded to our request for comment. craig and hoda. >> peter alexander from the white house, thank you. now to the growing firestorm surrounding canadian prime minister justin trudeau as a third instance of him in dark makeup surfaced. once again he is apologizing while vowing to continue his reelection campaign. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, his problem is not going away. with 31 days until election day in canada, prime minister trudeau's campaign has turned into an apology tour. these images are at odds with his established reputation as a champion for inclusivity. he doesn't want to put a number
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on how many times he appeared in brownface or blackface since he doesn't remember the instances that have landed him at the center of this explosive controversy. this morning canadian prime minister justin trudeau is answering for his past again. >> i have to recognize that i let a lot of people down with that choice and i stand here today to reflect on that and to ask for forgiveness. >> the leader holding his second press conference in less than 24 hours after a third instance of him in dark makeup was published by the canadian network global news. >> darkening your face regardless of the context or the circumstances is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface. i should have understood that then. and i never should have done it. >> trudeau's party confirming the video taken during the early 1990s. the prime minister's skin is painted as he sticks out his
7:11 am
tongue and waves his arms. who took the video and where it was taken is unclear. the clip surfaced hours after prime minister trudeau admitted and apologized for two other instances. one from an arabian nights themed party in 2001, the other from a high school talent show in the 1980s. >> i think the question is how can you not remember that. the fact is i didn't understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day. >> his mounting controversy coupled with a corruption scandal threatening to undermine the prime minister's bid for reelection next month. two of his opponents blasting trudeau thursday. >> i believe he's not fit to govern the country, and he's lost the moral authority to govern it. >> i think canadians will have questions about his sincerity. questions about who is the real mr. trudeau. >> trudeau is showing no signs of stepping down before the
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october 21st election. before the images of trudeau came out, this race was already tight, guys, and it's unclear what effect it's going to have on him. >> stephanie, thank you. now to america's vaping epidemic and sobering new statistics about the outbreak of a mysterious lung illness. the centers for disease control reports it's grown to new states with another death reported and more people are getting sick nbc's kathy park is following this story for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. hundreds of cases are coming in across the country, and health officials say they don't know what's causing all of these people to get sick the crisis is so serious, the cdc launched an emergency operations center this week for additional support this morning vaping related illnesses have reached an alarming new high. 8 confirmed deaths and 530 probable cases of lung illnesses in 38 states that is nearly a 40% increase from last week, according to the
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cdc. 2/3 of patients were between 18 to 34 years old, and all had a history of using e-cigarettes or vaping products. >> we are seeing severe cases, people sometimes in the intensive care unit and sadly, some even dying. and we don't know yet exactly what the cause is. >> this hazy haze all through both lungs that's very abnormal. >> a month after vaping thc, doctors say eli surrels ended up in the hospital, his lungs collapsing twice. >> i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. >> health officials say these patients are getting sick from chemical expose but they haven't identified any product behind the surge. meanwhile, the food and drug administration's law enforcement office has opened a criminal investigation.
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>> we are working 24/7 with state and local governments and with the fda to try to get to the bottom of it so that we can prevent further illness and death. >> the american vaping association writes, the evidence continues to indicate that poorly manufactured street vapes containing thc or other substances are to blame for these illnesses. amid the growing health concerns about the number of young people vaping, some tv networks announcing this week they're pulling the plug on e-cigarette ads, michigan and new york state have enacted bans on flavored e-cigarettes now, if you are an e-cigarette user and showing symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, weight loss or an elevated heart rate, the cdc advises getting medical help immediately the agency says you should never buy these devices off the street or try to modify them. >> more people getting sick. >> kathy park, thank you. there's some troubling new allegations against controversial nfl star antonio brown. we are also hearing from him for the first time since he was accused in a federal lawsuit of sexual assault nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has that story hey, miguel.
7:15 am
good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning, and in a locker room, antonio brown wouldn't address the sexual assault allegations threatening to derail his football career. he focused on playing for his new team the patriots, all comes as one of the women who accuses him of sexual misconduct claims the superstar is threatening her after she went public. >> this morning "sports illustrated" is reporting antonio brown sent harassing text messages to the unnamed woman who accused brown of sexual misconduct when he hired her in 2017 to paint a portrait at his home. the accuser telling the magazine on wednesday night a day after her accusations, she received a group of text messages that appeared to come from the same phone number brown provided to her in 2017. in it brown said she was making up some stuff for money, and called her a super broke girl with a lot of kids nbc news has not independently obtained the text messages or
7:16 am
spoken to the woman about them on thursday night, the woman's lawyer reportedly sent the letter to the nfl explaining brown is intimidating and threateng our client in violation of the nfl personal conduct policy the alleged incident was never reported to police and is denied by brown the woman has also not filed a civil complaint. in the letter to the nfl, her lawyer said the accuser was not seeking money from brown brown's lawyer told "sports illustrated" that he advised the football star not to communicate with the woman but declined further comment. after another practice with quarterback tom brady, it appears antonio brown will take the field again this sunday. on the day he was dropped by nike, the wide receiver finally breaking his silence as he faces sexual assault allegations that could sideline his nfl career. >> i'm super grateful to be here thanks to bill belichick and tom
7:17 am
brady. >> speaking briefly in the patriots locker room, brown did not address the loss of his shoe deal or the civil lawsuit he faces. >> i appreciate that question. you know, i'm just here to just focus on ball, and look forward to getting out there. >> reporter: a four time all pro receiver. >> caught by brown, touchdown. >> reporter: brown didn't miss a step in his first game with new england, but now he's fumbled his deal with the shoe company that would have made him millions today nike saying simply, antonio brown is not a nike athlete. the end of a relationship brown touted online. >> it's all good, we got nike. >> reporter: the nike tech trainer antonio brown was released in february but is no longer available on its website. the sneaker giant sending its own message as the nfl investigates claims of sexual assault. former gymnast britney taylor alleges brown raped her last year, suing in civil court, taylor accuses the athlete of three separate incidents of
7:18 am
sexual assault, all of which brown denies facing no criminal charges, the nfl met with his accuser for at least ten hours monday what the league will do next remains unclear. as we mentioned, brown faces no criminal charges, but the nfl could suspend him because of its player conduct policy but for now, the league hasn't publicly put a timeline on their investigation or what it plans to do next hoda. >> miguel, thank you. also from the nfl this morning, jacksonville's rookie quarterback made the most of his time in the spotlight on thursday night football. >> the one that forced it, play action, minshew wide open for the touchdown. >> that's gardner minshew making his second start for the jags. he threw a pair of touchdown passes as the jaguars knocked off the tennessee titans, 20-7 minshew filling in for the injured nick foles making quite an impression on teammates and jags fans.
7:19 am
on the other side of the ball, titans quarterback, marcus mariota, had a terrible night. he was sacked nine times nine times. >> all these rookie quarterbacks are going to get a shot maybe this sunday, right. >> a lot of veteran quarterbacks hurt too. we're going to turn to weather. dylan has the forecast. >> good morning, guys, we are going to see the rain continue through parts of texas, and i just want to put this into perspective. it was tropical storm imelda that produced 40 inches of rain, and now it is the 5th time we have seen this much rain due to a tropical system in the lower 48 states. harvey picked up 60 inches of rain and it just goes to show you, it doesn't matter what category this storm is, rain is rain, and that's what we have been seeing. right now, the heaviest of the rain has pushed over into louisiana. we're not in the clear yet with some sunshine today, pop up showers and storms because it's still very very humid, could produce up to 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour. so we're not looking at a lot of
7:20 am
additional rain but some of the storms this afternoon could produce enough to really exacerbate the flooding. as we go into tonight, the threat will wind down. then we'll keep an eye on the cold front that will move east through the day, and that could lead to popup showers and storms across the northern plains and upper midwest, and some of those storms could be severe with the chance of some large hail, damaging winds, and we can't rule out tornadoes as well as for additional rainfall, again, maybe about an inch or two. some of that could fall in an hour that could lead to more flash flooding, which is why we have watches in effect. farther north as the cold front moves eastward, we could see 1 to 3 inches of rain with flash flood watches saturday and sunday that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this? are you like some magical hilton fairy? it's just here on the hilton app. just available to the public, so...
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book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. quoorng. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look outside in san francisco from our san bruno mountain camera. as you get ready to head out, it feels cool outside with mostly some mid-50s, but it will be a warmer afternoon, with our inland valleys reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. oakland today will see a high of 80 degrees and 85 in san jose. it will be slightly warmer today compared to yesterday, and our warming trend continues going into tomorrow. our hottest spots reach 94, and we'll have even hotter temperatures early next week. >> coming up, a bizarre mystery, why billions of birds here in the united states and canada seem to have vanished. then an nbc news exclusive, sannah speaks with six of jeffrey epstein's accusers, including the first ever television interview with the
7:22 am
woman who claims she was also abused by prince andrew, their emotional and candid conversations coming up, but first, this is "today" on nbc. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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still ahead, we are going to check in with savannah as she and her son recover from pneumonia. plus, what you can do to stay healthy as we head into flu season. also ahead, we're throwing a 25th anniversary celebration of "friends", a familiar face will be here, the rembrandts are here to perform that song after your local news hmm. exactly.
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. iphone fans today is your day. the new iphone 11 drops along with the new apple watch series 5. apple stores are supposed to open their doors early in the bay area at 8:00 a.m. nurses at three bay area hospitals representing two health care systems are holding a one-day strike today. nurses at alameda and san leandro hospitals are part of at lame da health system. nurses at san ramon regional medical center also on strike, among nearly 7,000 tenet health care nurses in four states are walking off the job today. kari has a look at the forecast for this friday. >> starting out with sunshine in the south bay, cool temperatures. a live look outside in san jose,
7:27 am
we're headed up to about 85 today, downtown, and in livermore we're going to see some upper 80s, so we'll be warmer today, compared to yesterday. concord reaching 90 while oakland will see a high of 80 degrees and 85 today in santa rosa, and then as we go into the weekend, our temperatures continue to heat up, we're up to 94 in some of our warmer spots tomorrow. sunday 90 degrees and then fall officially begins on monday. we'll be in the upper 80s and then get really hot by tuesday into next wednesday. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> they're moving well. it's friday, kari, so we expect a lighter volume of traffic, that is contributing to the recovery right now, west 580 just minutes ago, we got word they did finally clear that dump truck from the slow lane, and we're seeing speeds improving as you approach airway, a nice smooth flow out of the altamont pass. the rest of contra costa county shows a nice drive. slow for highway 4 slowing. there is a disabled vehicle around f reeitas parkway and 37
7:28 am
light out of vallejo. >> another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a good day. celebrity cruises takes you to the world's greatest places. while sailing on one of the world's greatest places.
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rain starts to fall i'll we are back, 7:30. i think you probably recognize that guy, tim cook hanging out in midtown manhattan he is at the big apple store this apple ceo surprising some fans there with his arrival for the grand reopening of apple's iconic 5th avenue store. just so happens to coincide with the release of the new iphones as well. folks already lining up. >> it's going to be open 24 hours, and i remember al roker used to visit that apple store at 3:00 a.m. to beat the genius. >> hanging out at the genius bar, sounds about right. we have a lot to get to in this half hour the remnants of tropical storm
7:31 am
imelda dumping historic amounts of rain on southeast texas this morning. some areas seeing more than 3 feet in and around houston, there have been more than a thousand water rescues so far a freeway was shut down in baytown after rising waters caused several barges to break loose along the san jacinto river slamming into a bridge flash floods made it nearly impossible to get to bush international airport. hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled dylan will be back in just a bit, and she'll give us the ts d or cancelled. latest there. millions of people are expected to join demonstrations today demanding action on climate change in cities all over the world more than 100,000 people fill the streets of melbourne, australia this morning demonstrations set to take place in london, new york, san francisco and seattle. many of the groups are involved in organizing the strikes include schoolchildren, environmental groups and employees of large tech companies. they're all calling for the same thing, reducing the use of fossil fuels to try and halt climate change.
7:32 am
now to an nbc news exclusive, despite being under the weather, savannah sat down with six jeffrey epstein accusers some sharing their very personal and emotional stories publicly for the first time >> the only solace for me is that when a group of people who have experienced trauma of this kind come together united against a common enemy, there's a very special bond between us all. >> a painful bond shared among these six women sitting together for the first time for an exclusive interview with nbc news >> i find it very comforting to be here. >> marika, sharing their stories about epstein for the first time on television. >> i think the nature of this kind of abuse means you're conditioned to be silent, to be
7:33 am
isolated, secretive and shameful >> i feel like, you know, it was a big game for him and we were the pieces of his game >> you're like i'm just not going to say anything because that's what he told me to do. >> the women all have familiar stories of grooming, promises, and then sexual assault. >> i can relate to pretty much every person sitting here next to me. >> virginia roberts giuffre said epstein associate ghislaine maxwell recruited her when she was working as a locker room attendant at mar-a-lago. in her first broadcast interview, virginia tells nbc news what she has previously alleged in court filings, that epstein directed her to have sex with a number of powerful men, among them britain's prince andrew. >> he was an abuser, he was a participant. >> virginia says she was 17 when this photo was taken with the prince in maxwell's london town home next to the bathroom where she says he sexually abused her.
7:34 am
>> what happened >> that first time in london, i was so young, ghislaine woke me up and said you're going to meet a prince today i didn't know at that point that i was going to be trafficked to that prince. and then that night prince andrew came to her house in london and we went out to club tramp. prince andrew got me alcohol it was in the vip section. it was -- i'm pretty sure it was vodka. prince andrew is like let's dance together, and i was like okay and we leave club tramp, and i hop in the car with jeffrey, and she says he's coming back to the house, and i want you to do for him what you do for epstein. i couldn't believe it. >> virginia says the abuse moved from the bathroom to a bedroom. >> he wasn't rude or anything
7:35 am
about it he said, you know, thank you, and some kind of soft sentiments like that and left i just couldn't believe it i couldn't believe that even royalty were involved. >> she says prince andrew abused her two more times, once in new york in epstein's mansion, and again at his virgin islands estate. >> prince andrew, of course, denies that this ever happened. >> he denies that it ever happened, and he's going to keep denying that it ever happened but he knows the truth, and i know the truth >> what do you say if people think this is about money for you, that you're trying to get money and have gotten money? >> well, unfortunately, there's this horrible law called statute of limitations, my lawyers said the way to get jeffrey epstein to be accountable, them saying i'm a liar, which i'm not. >> like all others she's named, prince andrew has denied the
7:36 am
allegations. buckingham palace telling nbc news in a statement, it is emphatically denied that the duke of york had sexual conduct or relationship with virginia roberts and any claim is false without foundation maxwell has not been criminally charged and has repeatedly denied the accusations against her. >> what does justice look like to you now >> justice now is holding accountable the perpetrators that helped him and participated with him and encouraging more people to come forward so we can try to put this puzzle together, and understand how it happened how did this happen for so long, how did he get away with it. >> these are questions many of these women have asked, especially now after epstein's suicide in jail awaiting trial on child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges >> i feel let down, you know, that he wale to commit suicide. yeah, it was really upsetting. >> they failed us before
7:37 am
don't fail us again. >> exactly >> that's all we're asking take us serious. we matter. >> you matter, and you matter, and you matter, and for all the girls out there, you all matter too. >> yes >> a message to other possible victims of epstein still waiting in the shadows >> jeffrey thought that we were disposable, and he threw us all away, and look who's still standing >> there's something about seeing the group of women together with those shared stories that is incredibly compelling as is virginia's story. >> the image itself is powerful, and the words even more powerful. >> you can see savannah's full conversation, a special "dateline," that is tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central, and by the way, we are going to check in with savannah in just a little bit, and see how she's feeling in our next hour she has come down with pneumonia, and we're going to talk to a doctor about what we can do with that.
7:38 am
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this morning on "in-depth today" what's being called a bird crisis. >> their numbers in the united states and canada have fallen by an astonishing 29% since 1970. in fact, we're talking some 3 billion birds. nbc's joe fryer has details on this one what's happening >> scientists say there are likely many causes, birds are vital to our ecosystem from controlling pests to pollinating flowers and helping to regenerate forests but when these birds disappear, oftentimes their former habitats are not the same billions of birds vanishing from the sky. scientists call this an ecological gut punch one in three birds, 29%, totaling nearly 3 billion disappeared in the last 50
7:44 am
years. >> birds are the quintessential ecosystem indicators, they are the canaries in the coal mine. when something is going wrong with birds, something is wrong with the environment it's not healthy. >> the analysis, the most exhaustive and ambitious attempt yet to learn what is happening to the populations, the steep losses among such traditional backyard birds as robins and american sparrows seeing the largest drop of any, nearly 750 million. the reason for declines, habitat loss, the disappearance of meadows and prairies, and the growing use of pesticides that kill insects, affecting the entire food chain. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> birds have been an object of endless fascination in pop culture from horror movies to hit songs. now researchers are hoping to get a handle on how the loss of so many birds flying in the sky will land our environment in the
7:45 am
future >> the good news is that nature is resilient, once given a chance, so if we as humans act on this, if we start to really value nature, value birds, these birds will respond, and respond rapidly, in five or ten years, we could easily see some of these species starting to increase it can happen that fast. >> so a lot of folks might be wondering what we can do to help out, avoid the pesticides, be careful about pollution, plastics, things that can kill s. if you can treat your windows, so there's less reflection, reducing the odds of birds running into them, and keep your cats indoors >> seems like a bigger problem >> but here's a theory, and i have nothing to back this up, joe. the proliferation of cellphone towers, i just don't think there's, you know --. >> all the things that we are building obviously contribute to this. >> joe, thank you. >> he was just teasing you, joe, you know he was teasing you.
7:46 am
ms. dylan, you have a check of weather. >> pretty funny there too, huh, craig. >> we are going to see a nice warmup across the northeast. if it's been feeling a little too falllike too soon for you, in luck. detroit will get up to 82 degrees. minneapolis even 83 degrees. charleston, west virginia, 85. 70s in across new york and new england, saturday we should make it into the 80s. milwaukee will start to cool down as we get into the first half of the weekend. louisville, 92 degrees, 14 degrees above average, and going into next week, we are going to start off the week in the 80s. sunday, 84 degrees in new york city 87 in raleigh, 90 on monday in atlanta, and more seasonal temperatures as we get towards good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look at the sun shining in oakland and a lot of people heading out the door. our temperatures there will reach up to 80 degrees and 86 in palo alto.
7:47 am
in san jose we're looking at a high of 85 and 87 in martinez. we'll have some warmer temperatures tomorrow, in some of our hotter spots, reaching 94 degrees. inland valleys up to 90 on sunday and for the first day of fall, upper 80s and then even hotter next tuesday. and that's your latest forecast. >> we are going to defend joe for a second you remember how you said cats and windows aren't killing birds. joe gave us this article from "usa today," cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds annually what are you eating right now. >> i'm not eating crow i want to verify the authenticity of that that's a lot of birds. >> that's a lot of cats. >> thank you, joe. >> guys, i don't know if you saw this yesterday but the cast of "friends" posted some throwback thursday tributes in honor of
7:48 am
the show's 25th anniversary, and if you are a "friends" fan, my goodness, there's no place else to be this morning we have some rather epic plans to celebrate as well, but first, these messages >> joe, thank you. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
7:49 am
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we'll get savannah on the phone. we're going to talk about her recovery from pneumonia. then we've got burgers, brats, bacon, all the ultimate food watching spreads, what we're going to eat today. >> we're going to eat. >> but first, your local news and weather. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
7:53 am
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good friday morning at 7:56, a clear start to the day. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and a nice cool start leading into a warmer afternoon. in oakland, expect a high of 80 while concord tops out at 90 today. livermore 89 degrees will be the high, while san jose reaches 85, and it gets hotter in the forecast for the last weekend of summer, fall officially begins on monday and we'll see our valley temperatures reaching the upper 80s and getting really hot for tuesday into next wednesday with some upper 90s likely. for san francisco, expect some low to mid-70s throughout the weekend, and into the start of next week, and then breezy temperatures and sunshine on tuesday and wednesday, we'll see highs there reaching into the upper 70s. we'll continue to watch this, along with the fire danger. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> looking live toward oakland
7:57 am
880 north on the right side, it's slow. we have high street as your demarkator on the top there. no major issues through oakland, where we see the focus of the commute. highway 4 bay point slowing west out of pittsburg. slow across the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge metering lights are on and the dumbarton bridge builds on the peninsula side. 580 westbound smooth past isabel and airway where the earlier disabled dump truck was there and cleared. still slow. students in the bay area joining students across the globe walking out of class today, protesting climate change. in the bay area, rallies are organized at the high school and college levels. many won't take place until later. check our home page for the full story. within the hour, president trump is scheduled to hold a joint news conference with australia's prime minister. we don't know at this point if the president will address the latest allegations tied to a whistle-blower report, but we will carry that news conference live when it begins.
7:58 am
another local news update for you in about half an hour. the j.
7:59 am
they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," search and rescue, residents in texas looking for dry ground after a deadly tropical storm hits the state with more than 3 feet of rain. >> i looked outside and our whole entire -- whole entire yard was just covered in water there was no way out >> the storm now moving inland dylan is tracking it. then get better soon, we'll get an update from savannah on how she and her son are doing as they recover from pneumonia. plus, how you can protect yourself as we head into flu season.
8:01 am
and "friends" forever. ♪ i'll be there for you >> we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic show with a look back at the memorable moments and a live performance from the band behind the theme song today friday, september 20th, 2019 >> bachelorette. >> celebrating caroline's sweet 16 >> it's our 25th anniversary >> best friends for 70 years >> it's corey's birthday. >> corey, happy birthday to corey, welcome back to "today. it is a beautiful friday morning. savannah will join us in just a little bit so we can wish her well. she's recovering from pneumonia, and we're going to get into that a little bit >> yeah, we're also going to get some helpful tips as we head into flu season as well. by the way, as we head into the
8:02 am
weekend, we've got some big things to tell you about with regards to next week carson's pal from the voice, gwen stefani is here, gwyneth paltrow is here, one republic. >> this is a fantastic show. have you heard about it? >> our opinion is biassed. >> i don't know. we're going to get to your headlines in today's news at 8. the remnants of tropical storm imelda overwhelmed the area with 3 feet of rain there have been more than a thousand high water rescues in the area crews are using boats to reach people stranded in cars and sometimes in their homes emergency shelters are packed and officials say at least two people have been killed. flash flooding virtually cut off bush international airport where hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed. now to the latest in that whistleblower complaint with president trump in a phone call with an unidentified world leader it was filed by a u.s. intelligence official troubled by a promise the president allegedly made "the washington post" reports that the complaint involves
8:03 am
ukraine. nbc news has not confirmed that, but the white house says the president did speak by phone with ukraine's leader weeks before the complaint was made. meanwhile, some breaking news regarding the 2020 presidential race, new york city mayor, bill de blasio announced a short time ago on "morning joe" that he is dropping out of the race. canadian prime minister justin trudeau issued another apology last night for wearing offensive makeup, and he admitted that he can't say how many times he wore blackface or brownface in the past. trudeau's reelection crisis intensified after a third instance of him in dark makeup was published. video was shot during the early '90s >> darkening your face regardless of the context or the circumstances, is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface. i should have understood that then
8:04 am
and i never should have done it. >> trudeau has given no sign that he would step down before the national elections, which are happening next month. the trump administration has pulled funding to ease the impact of climate change in guatemala despite its own evidence that global warming is driving record numbers of guatemalans to the united states nbc's jacob soboroff traveled to guatemala to take a closer look at the plight of farmers. >> reporter: this is the reality that a lot of small farmers deal with out here. not only is he saying you have to pay attention for rattlesnakes but you can drive as far as you can get and you have to hike this is elizabeth, we made it to her farm, and she's showing us what she grows here or more accurately, what's not growing here anymore this is corn and obviously this corn is dead >> a look at the relationship between climate change and
8:05 am
migration. it's a story you'll see tonight only on msnbc at 8:00 tonight we've got the news covered, i got it friday boost for you it's an update on a morning boost we had earlier this week an iowa state fan carson king held up a funny sign that was broadcast on espn. he was looking for beer money. the donations came pouring into his venmo account. he kept enough for one case of beer and donated the rest to university of iowa's children's hospital busch lite and venmo vowed to match the amount, and you know how much money is in that venmo account, $100,000, that means the hospital is getting $300,000 in donations and counting. >> what a great story. >> yeah. >> what a great story. >> i love that just ahead, savannah, she's going to tell us about the pneumonia diagnosis that has sidelined her this week. plus, we're going to give you an important pneumonia and flu 101 things you can learn. also ahead, joe fryer kicking off our "friends" celebration, and look who joe's
8:06 am
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[zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ we are back at 8:10 now with "today's" talk, and something that hits close to home for us. >> savannah has been out sick all week and she just learned that it is pneumonia here's the funny thing about savannah, she never calls out
8:11 am
sick ever. ever so when it was one day, two days, and three days, we knew it was something. nbc news medical contributor dr. azar joins us, and we're going to talk to our patient savannah when she gets on the phone. we have her. hey, savannah, you never take out sick ever, ever, ever, how are you feeling? >> i have a terrible case of guilt for missing the week and leaving you guys high and dry, but, you know, i just got diagnosed yesterday, which was sort of a relief because now i can have antibiotics and they say by saturday the fever should finally break, but, you know, i was talking to my mom yesterday, she's like savannah, you have not been this sick in your entire life, and it's really true i really have never been so laid out flat, and really in just a lot of misery, the fever is the thing, it's not a cold
8:12 am
i just couldn't get the fever to break, and so i've just been on around the clock medicine to keep the fever down and then i started getting this real bad cough. honestly i was shocked it's pneumonia, i feel like i breathe pretty well. i'm not wheezing or anything i was shocked that's what it was. i thought it might be flu. i had the flu test and it was negative every day i would tell our bosses or tell you, hoda, and craig you guys would text me, i'll probably be in tomorrow, and then i would have another night of like sweating and freezing and aching and horrible and yeah, so and charlie is sick too, so he's been with me. he's like a burning hot appendage, he wants me to carry him everywhere and he and i are in misery, and mike is wearing the hazmat suit. >> how contagious is this? >> it is, i mean, look, it depends, we don't know exactly
8:13 am
which bug savannah has but they're all contagious, i mean, coughing and sneezing and even the tissues that you use, you know, you have to throw them away and wash your hands. >> and savannah, weren't you saying, i remember you saying that vail had pneumonia a few days ago. >> he had it it was late summer she was very sick and i remember kind of thinking, wow, i can't believe charlie and i none of us got it and that's so great so it was like two weeks later, i never dreamed that it could be related but actually, my doctor says it could. it can hang around. >> the incubation period of some of them, something that's called atypical pneumonia sometimes, it can be from the time you're exposed to the time you get sick can be anywhere from one to four weeks, so the timing definitely could work there. >> what's the difference between flu and pneumonia. >> flu is a viral inflection, pneumonia typically is caused by a bacteria, although it can be
8:14 am
caused by viruses and fungi as well sometimes it's not that easy to tell the difference between a bad cold and flu, and a mild case of pneumonia because they are respiratory infections. >> savannah feel better. >> we love savannah. >> thank you, love you guys. >> hope to see you monday. >> get well. don't worry about that. >> what if she takes a z pack on tuesday. >> i think they did give her that class >> now that it's bacterial, you can take antibiotics. >> importantly and one reason why we're so proponents of the flu vaccine is people who develop flu can recover from the flu and then secondarily get a bacterial pneumonia, and you can also get a bacterial pneumonia following a cold >> dr. azar, thank you, as we head into flu season, useful information there. you know what we could use for a pick me up, how about we watch some reruns of "friends", this sunday marks 25 years since the pilot episode first aired.
8:15 am
>> joe fryer is back, he sat down with the show's creators for a stroll down memory lane. we could not be more excited for this one hey, joe. >> that's right. 236 episodes over ten seasons. "friends" was a major part of nbc tv's must see lineup, flanked by powerhouses like er and seinfeld, and thanks to syndication in netflix, the show is winning new fans of all ages. in that iconic fountain 25 years ago, a tv legend was christened when six "friends" made a big splash joey, monica, rachel, chandler. >> i'm chandler, i make jokes when i'm uncomfortable. >> ross. >> it tastes like feet >> and phoebe. ♪ smelly cat smelly cat what ar they feeding you ♪
8:16 am
>> a fictional friendship formed by creators marta kaufman and david crane, kevin bright, the trio met us inside the "friends" popup experience in new york >> the core of the show was always that it's about that time in your life when your "friends" are your family. >> was that a hard sell, what was the reaction to that. >> as simple as it was, it was something that was not on television yet, and i think that's what made it exciting. >> while the idea may have been simple, finding the right cast was not. it took months. >> we made an offer to courtney cox, we wanted her to play rachel, she wanted to play monica there was a readjustment there. >> remind us during that time, were these well known performers. >> matt leblanc was on his last $11 when he got the part. >> courtney cox shared this photo after they shot the pilot but before it aired. fame would quickly follow taking the actors by surprise, seen in this 1994 interview with katie couric. >> it's the number two new comedy.
8:17 am
>> really? >> yeah, did you know that >> from the beginning, the question sewn into the fabric. >> we were on a break. we were on a break we were on a break >> would ross and rachel get together >> i, ross. >> i ross. >> take thee emily. >> take thee rachel. did she get off the plane? >> the answer finally came in the series finale. >> i got off the plane the creators say as the show evolved, it steered them in the right direction. >> we didn't really know that chandler and monica were going to end up together until even after that episode in london where they wake up in bed together >> do you think he knew i was here >> with 236 episodes. >> they don't know we know we know we know. >> it's hard to pick just one. >> look at me, i'm chandler, could i be wearing anymore
8:18 am
clothes? >> or even ten favorite punch lines. >> pivot, pivot. pivot. >> we may have written the word pivot, but david schwimmer made them come alive. >> and matthew perry screaming in that moment also made it come alive. >> shut up, shut up, shut up. >> the show's success made it a revolving door for big guest stars, including brad pitt, tom sellick, and julia roberts, not to mention quirky side characters like gunther and of course janice. >> oh, my god. >> when the show finally ended in 2004, the cast told "today" was hard to say good-bye. >> we hate talking about it, we hate thinking about it >> it's just all so unbelievably surreal, and yeah, it will be hard. >> it's ten years. it's a longer time than you spend in, you know, high school, college, those relationships
8:19 am
combined. whole new generation of fans since it started streaming on netflix. >> we live in this era of reboots right now, you probably get asked all the time, will this show ever come back again >> watch my face. >> it's there every day, wasn't that the comeback. we got it right, lightning in a bottle, all that, you'll never repeat that. why try. >> should we get some coffee >> sure. >> where >> even after 25 years, the show's loyal fans refuse to take a break. >> all right even though there will be no reboot, we still ask the creators where they think the characters would be today. marta kaufman thinks one of the characters would have six kids by now, who do you think she was talking about? >> probably monica. >> i think monica. >> you'd say rachel? >> she thinks joey
8:20 am
she thinks deep inside joey was a family man with six kids >> huh. >> i like that. >> by the way, we put the ll interview with the show's creators on gunther is here, james michael tyler. what do you think of the setup, you liky >> this is pretty convincing, honestly, there's no coffee of espresso machine otherwise i'd make you one. >> i have to say i was looking over here, and i was like, wait, is that gunther, so you bleached your hair for the show, that's not your normal coloring, right? >> no, during the 20th anniversary five years ago, i did bring gunther back one more time, but i retired him, and i finished a film in june, so i had to keep a beard, because i'm doing one in december, and they want a bigger beard, so it's kind of surreal walking around and nobody knows who i am. >> when you were regionally cast as gunther how many episodes were you supposed to be in. >> i wasn't cast i came in as an extra the first season as a matter of fact, this
8:21 am
jacket, this is my own wardrobe, for the first six episodes they didn't create gunther until mid way through the second season. >> how about that tie? >> the tie is actually from the final episode, and if you can see it's signed by all of the cast members, and the creators of the show, they signed it during the wrap party. >> that's cool >> thank you for coming to see us. >> james michael taylor, thank you so much, and our "friends" celebration far from over, the rembrandts getting ready to perform that iconic theme song. >> oh, yeah, but dylan, first you got a check of the weather. >> who knew there was a weather wall in central park it's all the way over here let's take a look at what's going on we have active tropics, we might as well point out hurricane jerry, a category 2 hurricane. winds at 100 miles per hour, but watch as it stays well north of puerto rico. well north of the dominican republic, then it takes this
8:22 am
turn towards bermuda it would be the area we need to watch for the storm as another category one hurricane could pass close to that storm elsewhere across the country, a chance of severe storms ac good morning, i'm kari hall, we have sunshine in the south bay and it is starting out nice with cool temperatures and a warm eer afternoon as our high temperatures reach 89 degrees. we'll see also a high of 86 in napa today. our inland temperatures reaching up to 94 tomorrow with mostly sunny skies it will feel like summer on sunday as fall officially begins on monday. we will get even hotter for the middle of next week. and that's your latest forecast >> thanks, dylan. >> time for that friday edition of pop start. >> let's jump right in neil patrick harris is up first, he can sing, act, he's a
8:23 am
magician, what can't this man do this weekend's sunday sitdown with willie, he chats about his latest installment in his magic misfit book series, and willie couldn't help but ask for a magic demonstration. >> do you have a card trick in you? i'm not good with these. they're shuffled >> are they? >> that's the first problem. >> watch this. fancy, right look, i can mix them up. like just totally botch the deck up, and you just say like, magic. and then they all wind up back in the same order. >> what did you just do. and how did i miss it. >> blew your mind. >> mind blown. catch that entire interview this weekend on sunday "today" with our buddy willie geist and finally my incredible wife is gearing up for a big spring because that's when she's going to give birth to our newest member of the daly family. that's right she's pregnant i love you
8:24 am
that's pop start have a great weekend, everybody. >> wow. >> how long have you been sitting on this? >> well, like, you know, 12 weeks, i guess >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> this is fantastic >> i told you i love my kids thank you. you're next, buddy >> no, no. >> should hug siri, not me, i have done very little in this situation. >> that's awesome. >> i prefer to be pregnant when someone else on our team is pregnant this works out great. >> it's always the girls that sniff the other girls out with the no drinking thing. >> this is fantastic. >> congratulations, wow, that was awesome. >> six >> there you go. >> straight ahead, it's hard to top that but football feast this is going to be good for you. you're going to have lots of feasts at your house. >> i hope there's a beer. >> the best of l.a. and the midwest in honor of sunday night's big game and in honor of our big news here for carson. >> congratulations, carson >> all of that after your local news
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26, i'm marcus washington. nurses at three bae area hospitals at health care systems are holding a one-day strike today. nurses at the hospitals are part of the alameda health system. nurses are also on strike among nearly 7,000 health care nurses in four state that's are walking off of the job. iphone fans, today is the day the new iphone 11 drops along with the new apple watch. m mike, a lot of people are probably driving to get to the
8:27 am
stores on top. >> we don't want those new iphones to b dropped, get the insurance. in the east bay we have this, a crash west 588 at keller. there is a crash there in the lanes. closer to 24 a motorcycle is down as well. concern about that traffic metered by the first crash, a tough drive for 580 getting toward 513. the recovery and a stall in walnut creek this morning, of course. >> thanks, mike. we'll have more local news coming up for you in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
8:30 am
we're back at 8:30 we've got a huge crowd we've got the rembrandts, they're going to perform their hit from "friends" in just a bit. we've also got new music to tell us about as well this is quite a crowd. >> i know. >> just so i know we're going to
8:31 am
do a crowd moment in a second. just happy birthday. >> i love you so much. >> we love you too happy birthday, heather. >> happy birthday, heather. >> coming up, the football spread to end all football spreads. >> yeah, we're going to eat. we're talking sandwiches with spicy sauerkraut, burgers with fancy sauce, i saw some beer, i saw some bacon, i cannot wait. >> that sounds awesome. >> and coming up on the 3rd hour of "today," mary louise parker is here to tell us about her suspenseful new role on broadway. and fashion designer getting noticed by big stars, including michelle obama herself. >> how about a check of the forecast here. >> if it's been too falllike for some of you, it's going to warm up as we go into the weekend temperatures should get back into the mid-80s, especially in the mid atlantic, we have to watch for some severe storms, though, right through the middle of the country with this cold front that's slowly moving eastward it's not moving east too quickly. sunday, same areas could see more heavy rain. texas will begin to dry out. we could see scattered showers on sunday.
8:32 am
back behind that front, temperatures become more seasonal as highs drop back into the 60s and 70s. that's a loo good morning, i'm kari hall. here is a live look outside in the south bay. as you get ready to go out the door you could still need a light jacket. later today all jackets off as we reach into the mid 80s. 86 in palo alto. martinez looking to about 87. our inland temperatures will be as warm as 90 degrees and getting warmer tomorrow. next week we will have some really hot temperatures, especially on tuesday and wednesday. and sunday night is my favorite night of the week because it is football night in america. who do we have this weekend, well, we've got the rams taking on the cleveland browns. the champs taking on the browns, but the browns, you know, they're the team to watch this year partly cloudy, 75 degrees by game time. it is going to be a warm one
8:33 am
feeling more like summer that's sunday night starting at 7:00 eastern right here on nbc craig. >> should be a good one. thank you, dylan quick note about our digital series, dad's got this, this time around we're introducing you to one dad inspired by his own personal pain to help a lott of new moms. >> my daddy is my biggest he because when my mommy was in the hospital, the other hospital didn't believe my mommy so then he wanted to make a hospital that believes everything he wanted to change the world. >> i knew that there needed to be a safe place for moms and babies and families to get the care they deserve. it changed from poor alexis, poor me, poor adriana to there's a huge problem here and it need poor me, to be fixed. and this is going to be alexis' legacy. >> find out more about how that
8:34 am
father is helping so many moms out there deal with postpartum depression it's at up next, richard engel is here, he's got a remarkable story about the women of isis, his shocking look inside their world up next. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:35 am
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8:36 am
what will you find? welcome back on this friday morning, nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us with an eye opening look at the women of isis. you have spent a lot of time covering isis over the years, but this is a new look. >> this is a new look. the lot of people think of the women of isis, if they think about them at all as people who were perhaps forced into the organization or they were brought to the isis caliphate by their husbands, the so called jihadi brides, we have an hour coming up on isis and the rise
8:37 am
and fall of this organization, and one of the big things we looked at was the role of women. and same way in a lot of families and a lot of societies, in isis as well, it was the women that held this group together it was the women that made some of its worst crimes possible. and we met a lot of the women. we met a of its worst crimes possible and we met a lot of the women. we met a lot of isis supporters who have been herded together in this refugee camp in northern syria and when we went there, we learned some pretty extraordinary things. >> the camp in syria is home to around 70,000 people the families of isis fighters are kept here until their home countries figure out what to do with them. but their governments don't want them back. so they languish here, poorly guarded with nothing to do >> where are you from? >> from russia. >> from russia >> i came to the alhole camp to find out if isis still poses a threat and to learn more about the women of the world's most brutal terrorist group i heard a young woman was at the
8:38 am
camp who said she was american. >> i'm richard engel from nbc. >> raised in alabama, the daughter of a diplomat from yemen. >> i'm just as american as any blond hair blue-eyed girl and i was like to stay in my country and do american things. >> instead, age 20, she left her comfortable, even privileged life in the u.s. to join isis. she was an ardent believer and used her twitter account to incite americans to commit murder >> there's one tweet in particular where you talk about calling on americans to do drive-by shootings, to rent a truck and drive over people, spilling their blood and you say memorial day, veterans day, go out and do it. >> my mother told me not to speak about these things. >> she claims she is filled with remorse, but she was literally wedded to the cause. >> so you were married three times. >> yeah, three times.
8:39 am
>> two were killed, and one divorced and how were these men killed >> on the battlefield. >> did you ever get any military training >> women didn't really have a role there other than being a housewife. >> that's just not true. isis had a women only brigade of enforcers called the hansa brigade. in a safe house in southern turkey, i met three of them and asked a woman named dua what her role was. >> we were a female police force, she said, we would tour the markets, take part in raids, and take women who were violating the dress code to our headquarters for punishment. what may be even more disturbing is that isis women allowed their own children to be turned into murderers. the so-called isis cubs were isolated, indoctrinated and given military training. they went from playing soldiers
8:40 am
to being soldiers. in the camp, signs that indoctrination hasn't gone away. the children here recently made an isis flag, flew it, and chanted that isis lives on. >> richard, you had some incredible access, wondering like how that came to be still tens of thousands of isis supporters who were in that camp that i went to they are loosely guarded they have nothing to do. if you go there, you can meet them they are starting to get restless they want to organize, and just a few days ago, the leader of isis who is in hiding, he's trying to make himself a little bit of the new osama bin laden figure, he was calling on his supporters the pentagon estimates there are about 18,000, upwards of 18,000
8:41 am
isis members still at large. those who are not even in that camp, to liberate the camp they want to reform the group, so isis is definitely trying to make a comeback. >> chief foreign correspondent richard engel, thank you, and congrats on your new bundle of joy, as well. >> seems like a lot is happening in this building a lot of babies. >> what's this little one's name. >> theo, theodore. >> congrats again. you can see more on assignment with richard engel, the rise and fall of isis, that is this sunday, 9:00 eastern, only on msnbc. mr. daly. >> there's a theme today, richard congratulations. we're going to switch gears, food network chef, we have david rosen in the house we have a football feast that's next level, cleveland, l.a., we're going to eat, drink and be merry, but first, this is "today" on nbc
8:42 am
8:43 am
all right. we're back with "today," food loves football, getting you prepped for the big game on
8:44 am
sunday night l.a. rams heading into cleveland. they've got things going now, will take on the browns. what are you going to serve if you have a little party. thank goodness we have food network chef, david rose, let's get right into the cooking, man. >> cleveland, midwest. >> tailgating in cleveland. >> bratwursts, if you go to the midwest, all about the bratwurst. i like a little spice in my life anybody that knows me, we're making a homemade spicy sauerkraut i'm taking a shortcut. we have some caramelized onions going right there, get the nice sweetness out of there, and you're going to add some store bought sauerkraut, dump that in bought sauerkraut, dump that there like so. >> what kind of spices you got in there salt, caraway seeds, salt, paprika, cayenne pepper. toss that in there like that go ahead, and give that a stir
8:45 am
for me, sir. >> i will do that. >> so this is elevating the sauerkraut right here. >> from store bought to the nice spicy delicious sauerkraut and what goes with a sauerkraut and bratwurst. >> i don't know. >> beer. >> so you hit that with some beer right there, nice brown ale, really really tasty, and you braise that down, let that go to about a half reduced by volume, and at that point, you're cooking the alcohol out but getting the flavor if you're tasting it. >> we are. >> that's why i like to stand over it, so i get a whole thing there. >> so you're multitasking. >> don't like to waste, david. >> delicious, the caraway seeds. >> what do you do with the brats? >> we'll get to that in a second, the thing that ties it all together, carson, like the rims on a nice car is this mustard sauce right here. >> i see what you're doing, you're pitching this brat. i got it
8:46 am
>> heavy cream to that, you're going to add sugar to that sweetness, a little bit of grey mustard mustard sauce, got to have mustard, and you bring that up to a boil, let that simmer until it gets nice and reduced and creamy, and then. >> boom, cheese. >> when in doubt, add cheese, sharp cheddar, you'll find that in there. >> the more sharp, the better. >> the cheddar the better. you asked about the brats, the right, right here. >> hot dogs, sausage brats, real regional. >> i'm just like you my friend, very regional. i'm a jersey boy. >> from cleveland, though. >> i grew up on hot dogs. >> how is the brat >> delicious >> it's the rims, right. >> it's the rims >> so you sear off the brats right here, get a nice brown, a nice crispy kind of edge on there, and more beer. >> i'm going to drink this.
8:47 am
>> cheers to you >> some for the pot. >> this is the way to cook. >> some for me. >> i want a beer so bad. >> i got you here you are >> she's pregnant. >> she's pregnant. >> for the lady. >> oh, never mind. hoda, for you. my bad okay so we have beer. >> one minute left. >> slide down, l.a., l.a., you got the bacon, the sauce, onions, both, here, whenever i go to l.a., i always got to get an in-n-out burger, it's a must. i'm like a meercat we have bacon jam in there, we have maple syrup, we have bourbon, we have coffee. >> bourbon >> toss that in there. and a little bit of coffee, bourbon, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar for acidity, put some bacon in there, reduce that down until it's nice and jammy. >> no shortage of flavors. >> we have our burgers, salt >> really good. >> don't touch the burger, let the burger do its thing, nice
8:48 am
hard sear. >> flip it once, right. >> bacon jam, boom. >> got to get these recipes, bacon, boom, cheesy burger, boom. >> more importantly catch rams, browns, coverage starts at 7:00 eastern. we're going to be right back to wrap up our "friends" celebration. live performance from the rembrandts, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> you can't talk about "friends" without mentioning that iconic theme song it was performed by the rembrandts and of course it was also released 25 years ago >> well, guess what, the rembrandts are phil solom, and danny wild and they have a new album out called via satellite we're so excited you're here. >> how many times have you
8:51 am
performed the song >> this will be our 1,015,000 times. >> the cast was in the video, what do you remember about the video? >> it was at "snl" that's where we shot it. >> i didn't know that. how does it feel when every person you meet knows every single word. that's what is happening with this crowd. >> but they don't know the collapse there's so much controversy about the collapse >> how many claps. >> four claps. >> one of my favorite songs of all time, and they have a new record out, so we encourage people to get that, thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> guys, take it away. you ready? hold your horses we got the horses parked out
8:52 am
back ♪ so no one told you life was gonna be this way your job's a joke, you're broke your love life's doa ♪ ♪ it's like you're always stuck in second gear when it hasn't been your day your week your month or even your year ♪ week ♪ but i'll be there for you whe the rain starts to pour i'll ber there for you ♪ like i've been there before i'll be there for you cause you're there for me too ♪ ♪ you're still in bed at ten an work began at eight ♪ ♪ you've burned your breakfast
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you you yeah ♪ ♪ it's like you're always stuckl in second gear when it hasn't been your day your week your yo month or even month or even your year ♪ ♪ i'll be there for you when th rain starts to pour i'll be there for you like i've been i' there for you like i've been there before ♪ ♪ there before ♪ ♪ i'll be there for you cause you're there for me too ♪ ♪ i'll be there for you i'll be ♪ i'll be there for you i'll be there for you i'll be there for you cause you're there for me
8:55 am
you cause you're there for me too ♪ too ♪ >> the rembrandts, yes yes. >> that was amazing. >> we are back with the 3rd hour of "today" in just a few minutes, but as we go to break, can you play a little bit of the new song what's the name of the new song? >> "how far would you go". >> "how far would you go" all right. ♪ she was deadhead bound for arizona the days are longer and the nights are warmer don't lose that girl.e nights are warmer de
8:56 am
♪ she was staying with a friend of her sister, a college kid boy i sure do miss her don't lose of her sister, a college kid b that girl don't lose that girl t ♪ how far would you go to see her smile would you drive for a million miles how far would you go ♪ ♪ how far would you go how far would you go there's not a thing in this world ♪ good morning, i'm marcus washington. nurses at three hospitals representing two health care systems are holding a one-day strike today. nurses at alameda and san loreda hospitals are part of a alameda health care system. nurses at san ramone are also on
8:57 am
strike among nearly 7,000 nurses in four states walking off the job. ie phone fans, today is the day the new iphone 11 drops. apple stores around the bay area opened early today to accommodate the early customers. bob redell is getting reaction from some of those customers and he will have a full report at midday. and students are joining student ais cro across the globe walking out of class. links are on our homepage to more. president trump wrapped up a joint news conference with the australian prime minister. he addressed new sanctions against iran and the new report about the whistle-blower allegations.
8:58 am
white house whistle-blower controversies. >> will the temperatures fall? we have an eye on your forecast. >> join us monday morning 4:30 to 7:00. today on "california live"
8:59 am
getting spicy. learning to salsa. >> and the secret behind the perfect pepperoni pizza pie. that is happening this morning on nbc bay area. ok, what's the situation? she's been searching for hours. she's suffering from search-itis. ok, elevate her feet, what's her name? carol. carol, you have the x1 voice remote. just ask it, "what should i watch"? oh! of course. and she's back. search easily with the xfinity x1 voice remote. do i consider myself a hero? that's not for me to say. that's for you to say. now that's simple, easy, awesome. easily find the entertainment you love
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with the x1 voice remote. search netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. find your favorites today. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." good morning, and welcome to the 3rd hour of "today," i'm sheinelle, here with craig and dylan. al as you know is recovering if his hip surgery so wll certainly keep you posted on that, and we have carson with us this morning. good morning to you, because he just dropped some huge news on us this morning. >> breaking news. >> my wife is pregnant, we're expecting our fourth child and we thought we would -- thank you -- we thought we would make it the final segment of pop start and let the cat out of the bag.


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