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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight -- several breaking headlines as we come on the air the shocking video of the suv plowing through a busy mall. >> this is not happening right now. >> the terrifying moment, shoppers running for their lives. the arrest caught on camera. the highway horror the crash in utah. four people killed and many more suffering critical injuries. the images just coming in tonight the surprise move by the new england patriots the team suddenly dropping antonio brown. the superstar facing sexual misconduct allegations. the intimidating text one accuser says he sent the growing disaster a new round of relentless rain on the flos coast. cutting off communities. the death toll rising.
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new water rescues. thousands pulled to safety children in a flooded school using a makeshift bridge and millions under flash flood watches. the new reporting tonight. allegations president trump pressured ukraine's leader eight times in a single phone call to investigate the son of rival joe biden. the call leading a u.s. intelligence officer to file an official complaint the president taking new aim at the whistleblower involved and walking out of class. millions of students demanding action on climate change >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone there are several breaking stories as we come on the air tonight, and we begin with the terrifyin scenes in a suburb of chicago where a man drove the suv of a main hallway of a shopping mall late stores and displays. frightening moments as they took cover
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in stores hoping the worst was over ron mott is there and has the late details >> this is not happening now. >> reporter: a black suv plowing through a busy mall smashing displays, terrifying shoppers. >> all of a sudden, a car came crashing through this window at sears and took out a bunch of clothes hangers and whatnot and went through sears, came out where rain forest cafe is, almost hit a bunch of kids on the train, on the little train. >> reporter: it happened in schaumburg about 30 miles northwest of chicago just after 2:30. the car drove through this entrance at woodfield mall. >> all of a sudden, the star starts careening down the middle of the mall. >> reporter: a mangled mass of metal and class. >> my goodness. >> reporter: put on lockdown, shoppers huddled instead stores. >> i went in hollister and took shelter and yelled at everybody not to go out there because there's a crazy guy driving with no sense >> reporter: police going store to store
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many inside feared the worst. >> i thought for sure we were getting shot at. >> reporter: police say there is no evidence of an active shooter. tonight one man is in custody. remarkably officials say there were no major injuries but a routine shopping trip turned into a frightening afternoon. the woodfield mall remains closed, heavy police presence tonight. now police have not identified the suspect nor have they said what the motive might have been behind this. in the meantime, at least one witness said the mall appeared to be busier than usual for a friday afternoon largely because of a new iphone release. >> amazing there were no serious injuries. ron mott for us, thank you. also breaking, late details coming out of utah from a horrific tour bus crash that's killed at least four people and left a dozen or more passengers badly hurt. several of the them critically near brice canyon national park our tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: it happened on remote stretch of highway 12 in southern utah not far from brice canyon. medics triaging victims on the
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highway. many ejected from the bus. at least 4 people dead, 15 in critical condition. the highway patrol says 30 people were on board the bus when it went off the road and hit a guard rail smashing the roof and tearing open the passenger compartment. witnesses rushed to help. >> i was imagining it would be something like a car bombing on the highway like we see in afghanistan it was just debris, suitcases, things all over the road. it's a terrible thing to see somebody holding their wife's head and they're passed >> reporter: no word on the name of the tour bus of where it's based. in the u.s. there are 3,000 motor coach carriers and now investigators looking into a fatal crash in utah. >> we'll look at the driver's background, looking for unsafe behaviors or patterns of unsafe behaviors. they will look at the bus itself to determine if there was an equipment failure. >> reporter: tonight, the ntsb launched a ten-member go team to investigate.
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a call has gone out in the county for any chinese speaking translators. a similar bus crash 90 miles from bryce canyon in 2010 killed 3 tourists and injured 11 lester >> tom costello, thank you. we're following a developing story near new orleans right now. one officer was killed, another injured in the shooting following a police chase in mandville. also breaking, one of the nfl's biggest and most controversial stars is out of a job. antonio brown dropped by the new england patriots late today after two women accused him of sexual misconduct we get more from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: tonight, antonio brown sidelined, released by the patriots hours ago after just one game. "we appreciate the hard work but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time." brown writing, "thank you for the opportunity." >> super grateful to be here. >> reporter: brown who
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had just broken his silence is catching trouble off the field, facing another claim of misconduct, which he denies. the accuser says brown sent her threatening text messages after her story went public. according to her attorney, the messages say she was making up some stuff for money calling her a super broke girl with a lot of kids. the woman hasn't sued brown and isn't asking for money. no comment from brown's attorney, the texts shared with the nfl. >> the intimidation was obvious and intended to keep her from coming forward. >> reporter: with no criminal charges filed against him, brown is also denying a rape allegation from a different woman. brown, who had not missed a step on the field, was also given the boot by the shoe company that sponsored him. antonio brown is not a nike athlete he had become a distraction. bill belichick would not address the controversy hours before brown was released >> i'm good. okay thank you. >> reporter: tonight a football star making headlines off the field, now forced to clear out his locker
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miguel almaguer, nbc news. let's turn to the mystery over that phone call between president trump and a foreign leader that prompted a whistleblower complaint after it was said the call was with the leader of ukraine. the president said that conversation was totally appropriate. hallie jackson with details. >> reporter: president trump now defiant and dismissive of the explosive whistleblower accusation against him. >> ridiculous story. it's a partisan whistleblower. it shouldn't even have information. i don't know the identity of the whistleblower. i hear it's a partisan person. >> reporter: late tonight, details about what is in that complaint with "the washington post" reporting president trump in a july call pressured the head of ukraine to more aggressively pursue an investigation into political rival joe biden according to two people familiar with the matter one source indicated there was not an explicit quid pro qu in the call. nbc news has not confirmed the report.
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>> i can say it was a totally appropriate conversation it was actually a beautiful conversation. >> reporter: but the president today would not say whether he brought up the bidens. >> it doesn't matter what i discuss, but i will say somebod ought to look into joe biden's statement because it was disgraceful. >> reporter: rudy giuliani suggested biden tried to stop an investigation into a ukrainian company that named his son into the board despite the evidence of no wrongdoing. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no, actually i didn't. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did >> reporter: biden today. >> not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion >> reporter: house democrats still demanding details from the trump administration about the complaint. >> this was about wrongdoing and the idea that that complaint, which was intended for congress should instead end up in the white house is disturbing beyond belief. >> reporter: in a new statement late
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tonight, former vice president biden is calling on the white house to release any transcript of the call in question adding, there is no willingness to abuse his power. lester >> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. let's turn to the relentless and deadly flooding disaster in texas after two days after dramatic rescues, hundreds of homes are left under water. our gabe gutierrez is there with the latest >> reporter: in vidor, texas, the water reaches the rooftops this is one of the communities cut off by tropical storm imelda. across the region many roads are impassable for rescue teams that evacuated 1,700 people in one county alone. the coast guard hoisting others to safety by air. animals also rushed to higher ground. did you expect there to be this much water? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: authorities confirmed
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at least four deaths. near houston a major highway shut down after rising water forced barges to break loose. at this flooded elementary school, a teacher built a makeshift bridge the rainfall is historic the seventh wettest tropical system on record houston's rainiest september day on record one bayou rose 20 feet in an hour and today another downpour for communities already inundated. family after family evacuated by boat. >> everybody needs help, and everybody is devastated they didn't expect this. >> reporter: this same neighborhood had been ravaged by hurricane harvey two years ago deja vu for susie pitts. >> i got chills when we walked up here yesterday and today. they are, they are losing absolutely everything. eep. in virtually the exact same spot in this neighborhood two years ago after harv lester, i was standing
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must decide whether to rebuild again. lester >> gabe, tough to see that again, thank you. the streets of cities around the globe were filled today with students taking part in a massive climate change protest. and tonight, the 16-year-old activist at the center of it all speaks out to kelly cobiella >> reporter: across america -- >> we have to change the world. >> reporter: -- and around the world, millions walked out of classrooms today demanding action on the climate. >> climate change is real. >> reporter: all following the lead of a shy swedish teenager. >> we'll do everything in our power to stop this crisis from getting worse. >> reporter: 16-year-old gret thunberg i met her in england before she sailed to new york. >> i'm vegan. e anetporter: all for she started a movement when she stopped going to school on friday. >> our house is on fire, and we should get angry.
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>> reporter: her blunt talk going viral and her image on magazines worldwide. why do you think your voice resonates? >> when a child says you're stealing my future, the people feel very guilty they listen in a way that maybe they haven't done before. i was never a normal teenager. >> reporter: bullied at school and diagnosed with aspergers when she was 11, she sees the climate crisis in black and white with a million species now threatened with extinction. >> we need to understand the scale of what is happening, and we need to tackle that crisis. >> reporter: greta and her millions of followers want more than just the world's attention. they want action kelly cobiella, nbc news. now to the fight against isis a u.s.-led campaign successfully destroyed the terror group's
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so-calledical fate -- caliphate, but there are fears abou thousands of isis supporters now held in detention camps. richard engel got rare access inside. >> reporter: tonight, s.intelligence officials warned isis is trying to make a comeback after a successful u.s.-led campaign dismantled the terror group's so-called caliphate, tens of thousands of isis members were taken to prisons and camps. this week isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi called to release their detained brothers and sisters in the camps where are you from >> russia. >> reporter: over the last several months, nbc news has been given access to the al hol camp in syria here around 70,000 people, including wives and children of isis fighters are loosely guarded with nothing to do. many still fiercely loyal to isis.
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when i asked a group of women and children if isis was finished, they hur and water bottles at me and held up a single finger representing the one true god in the camp i met an isis bride who claims she now opposes isis what happens to all these other people in the camp do you think they are still dangerous? >> it's obvious who are still radical, who are still dangerous. >> reporter: today president trump says he wants isis members here returned to their home countries mostly in europe but their governments are refusing to take them back. >> they could try them, do what they want, and at some point i'll say i'm sorry, take them back or i'll let them go at your border. >> so richard, whether the president can in fact empty the camps, there is real reason to be concerned about them >> absolutely. this is a ticking time bomb you ha t committed to the isis ideology herded together, nowhere to go, no hope for their futurewell
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>> all right richard engel, thank you. you've got more reporting we want to point out this sunday on msnbc on assignment, "the rise and fall of isis" at 9:00 p.m. eastern. there is much more ahead here tonight including new video showing the terrifying moments when the deck of a house came crashing down and the frantic rescue effort. also, a big announcement on e-cigarettes by the nation's largest retailer as the epidemic of vaping related illnesses grows. stay with us
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we're back now with new video of a terrifying moment a deck collapsed in wildwood, new jersey the images show it coming down on people sitting below. also new body cam video of a frantic effort to rescuevictims, inclug
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children trapped in the rubble over 20 people were hurt also tonight, the major move by walmart announcing it will stop selling e-cigarettes as deaths and illnesses linked to vaping surge across the country. blayne alexander has more for us and, blayne, what is walmart saying about this >> reporter: lester, this is the largest retailer to announce it will no longer carry electronic cigarettes the retail giant explained the move in a statement citing the growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty regarding e-cigarettes now this comes after an eighth person died this week from what health officials call a vaping-related lung illness. the cdc warns that number is expected to se president trump recently announced his administration will ban flavored e-cigarettes walmart and sam's club will stop sellin e-cigarettes when their current inventory runs out. lester >> blayne alexander with that, thank you we're back in a moment with a final act for a nuclear
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plant with a notorious past the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with
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misleading health claims.s puino overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. a sad note tonight on the passing of suzanne whang. she was the familiar voice of the hit tv series "house hunters" for nine seasons on hgtv whang had acting roles in many other tv shows including "las vegas," "general hospital," "without a trace" and "nypd blue." she died after a 13-year battle with breast cancer. suzanne whang was 56 news tonight about an infamous place in america. 40 years ago a partial meltdown at the three-mile nuclear facility in pennsylvania turned the nation against nuclear power. today three mile island closed down here is andrea mitchell. >> reporter: the end
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came at noon today for three-mile island. the surviving nuclear reactor with the iconic cooling towers shutting down for good. >> time has run out on three mile island. a plant with many years of operating life that is closing prematurely. >> reporter: local officials bemoaning the loss of jobs, a $60 million annual payroll that towered homes and businesses for decades. the local community has been divided ever since. it was just panic. it was fear. it was all these emotions wrapped up into one >> there wasn't enough radiation released from t a effects >> 300,000 workers will remain for now. removing the radioactive spent fuel could cost a billion dollars and take decades. andrea mitchell, nbc
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news next for us, catching up with some old friends, 25 years later.
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finally, they have been there for you for 25 years, and this weekend marks a quarter of a century since the premiere of "friends." joe fryer sat down with the creators. ♪ >> reporter: back in 1994, the catchy theme music and the actors were strangers to us before long, though. >> how you doin' >> reporter: they became our friends the creative minds behind the series were kevin brice, marta kaufman and david crane. what do you make of the fact 25 years later, it really is
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such a big deal to people >> the show is comfort food. >> they like it because it harkens back to a simpler time where people just sat around and talked. >> we always said if the show took place today, it would be six people on the couc doing that the whole time. >> reporter: tickets for a "friends" pop up experience in new york sold out well in advance. >> part of everything i imagined. >> the popup allows fans to take a walk down memory lane and ino troducl the show's iconic moments. and there were many. >> what is chandler bing's job >> reporter: spread across 236 episodes. central to the plot, a question that burned for a decade >> we were on a break. >> reporter: will ross and rachel get together >> i got off the plane. >> reporter: 15 years have now passed since
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the show said good-bye >> do you realize at one time or another we all lived in this apartment? >> reporter: yet for loyal fans their friendship with "friends" lives on joe fryer, nbc news, new york. >> can't believe it's been 25 years. that's "nightly news" for this friday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc continues to happen tonight, calling for action on climate change, the worldwide protest that has bay area students pouring on to the streets. plus was it quid pro quo, we investigate. >> the bay area software engineer beaten to death. now decades later his family is concerned about his killer's release. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being us. >> keep a convicted killer in
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prison. that is the plea tonight from the bay area widow. a parole panel decided to release timothy wilson yesterday. he served a quarter century behind bars for beating a bay area father to death in the '90s. the widow feels he'll hurt someone again. it was the everyday ritual in the home while carroll fixed dinner, her husband john tended to their seven kids. story time with dad immortalized in this painting. >> i don't want anyone else to go through what we've been through. >> his killer, timothy wilson was a 23-year-old from san francisco. >> when he first murdered john, he had what i called dead eyes. >> according to prosecutors, wilson


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